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Guide to the Auerhahn Press records, 1959-1967
BANC MSS 71/85 c  
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Key to Arrangement

Box 1:

General correspondence

Scope and Content Note

Arranged chronologically, incoming and outgoing letters interfiled. 1959-1967. Undated items have been placed in the last folder. A partial list of correspondents is included with the report.
Boxes 2-7

Author files

Scope and Content Note

Including correspondence, manuscripts, galleys, publicity material, etc. Arranged alphabetically. A detailed list follows.
Box 2

Antoninus, Brother, 1912- (William Everson):

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, 1963-1964, including letters from Jim Lowell of the Asphodel Book Shop; typescript (printer's copy), corrected page proof, title page, announcement, cost accounting data, type order, orders and mailing lists for The Poet Is Dead.

Artaud, Antonin:

Scope and Content Note

Translation by L. Dejardin entitled "General Security --The Liquidation of Opium"; galley for Exodus.

Bathurst, William:

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, 1963-1965; manuscripts of poems and journal entries.

Bremser, Ray:

Scope and Content Note

Poems, with accompanying letter, Sept. 26, 1960

Brown, Geoffrey:

Scope and Content Note

Letter, Mar. 21, 1967; Xerox copy of typescript of The Weather of the Unconscious; manuscripts of miscellaneous poems; broadside of poem, Tending Bar at the Fillmore Auditorium.

Burroughs, William:

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, 1959-1961, including letter by Brion Gysin; manuscript, galley proof and announcements for The Exterminator (in collaboration with Brion Gysin); manuscripts, some by Brion Gysin.

Deemer, Bill, 1945- :

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, 1962-[1964]; manuscripts of poems, including This in Which the Remains of Love, Potpourri and others; biographical sketch; photographs; cost accounting data for his poems. See also broadside printed on occasion of his marriage, 1966, in oversize portfolio.

Di Prima, Diane: Correspondence, 1961-1964,

Scope and Content Note

Including letters from Michael Malce; corrected galley, page proof, corrected proofs (second set), dummy, announcements, estimates, type orders, orders etc. for her New Handbook of Heaven.

Dorfman, Ellie:

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, 1959-1961, concerning the distribution of Auerhahn Press publications in the east.

Duncan, Robert:

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, 1962, including letter of Jess Collins; estimates, mailing lists, orders, correspondence concerning orders and refunds, announcements, etc. for A Book of Resemblances. This book was not published by Auerhahn Press. See also oversize portfolio.
Box 3

Gardner, Lew:

Scope and Content Note

Manuscripts of poems.

Ginsberg, Allen:

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, 1959-1965

Ginsberg, Louis, 1895-:

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, 1960; biographical sketch; clippings; comments on his poems; and jacket for The Everlasting Minute.


Scope and Content Note

Untitled manuscript

Hatter, Richard:

Scope and Content Note

Manuscript (printer's copy), directions for printing, and commentary by Norman Mailer for Confessions of a Marijuana Smoker.

Hoyem, Andrew:

Scope and Content Note

Letters, 1961; orders for Blood Orb; dummy and page proof for Chimeras; manuscript (printer's copy), announcements, orders and mailing lists for The Wake, miscellaneous poems and drawings etc. N. B. There are letters from Hoyem in many other files.

Johnson, Kay:

Scope and Content Note

Letters, 1960-1964; manuscripts of poems.

Johnson, Ronald:

Scope and Content Note

Letters, 1961-1967; galley, cover and partial printed version of A Line of Poetry, A Row of Trees.

Jordan, Larry:

Scope and Content Note

Manuscript and mock-up of An Open Letter on the Cinema.

Kandel, Lenore:

Scope and Content Note

Poems, with accompanying undated note, and postcard, Apr. 26,1966.

Lamantia, Philip:

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, 1959-1963; manuscript (printer's copy), dummy, cost estimates, etc. for Destroyed Works.
Box 4

Lamantia, Philip (cont.):

Scope and Content Note

Manuscript (printer's copy), sample page proof, page proof, announcement for Ekstasis; manuscript (printer's copy), dummy, galley and ads for Narcotica; clippings, etc.

McClure, Michael: Letters, 1959-1962

Scope and Content Note

Including a letter from Bruce Conner; manuscript (printer's copy), corrected proofs, announcements, etc. for Dark Brown; manuscript, partial proof for Hymns to St. Geryon; manuscript for Mad Sonnets; manuscript with note from McClure, estimates, dummy, note from Bruce Conner for Mandalas; mantras printed by Auerhahn Press; poems, etc. See also drawing for Hymns to St. Geryon, and proofs and final unbound printed version of Mandalas in oversize portfilio.

Magowan, Robin:

Scope and Content Note

Printed copy of Voyage Noir.

Marshall, Edward H.:

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, 1960-1961; manuscript (printer's copy) and announcements for Hellan, Hellan; mail held for Marshall by the Auerhahn Press.

Matson, Clive:

Scope and Content Note

Letters, 1966; poems.

Meltzer, David:

Scope and Content Note

Printed copy of We All Have Something to Say to Each Other.

Montgomery, John:

Scope and Content Note

Letters, Mar. 27, 1962 and n. d., and printed poem, Five for Vera.

Moore, Daniel:

Scope and Content Note

Letters, 1963-1964, poems and drawings.

Olson, Charles:

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, 1961-1968; manuscript with foreward Michael McClure,cost schedule, unbound copy of book, for Maximus, from Dogtown, announcement for Human Universe.
See also another announcement in oversize portfolio.
Box 5

Page, David:

Scope and Content Note

Poems, including proof and printed broadside for Baby Whipland.

Patchen, Kenneth:

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, 1960-1964, including letters from his wife, Miriam, and copy of 1961 program, San Francisco Tribute to Kenneth Patchen.

Plymell, Charles:

Scope and Content Note

Manuscript, galley, proofs and dummy for Apocalypse Rose.

Reps, Paul:

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, 1960-1963, including many letters from Tuttle who printed Gold/Fish; dummy, partial proof, paper sample, mailing lists, accounts, announcement for Gold/Fish; printed picture poems; articles; photographs, etc.

Rosenthal, Irving:

Scope and Content Note

Letters, 1960, many re John Wieners.

Ryder, Albert Pinkham:

Scope and Content Note

Letter, Jan. 8, 1962, from Andrew Hoyem concerning possible publication of Ryder's poems; clipping.

Sorrentino, Gilbert:

Scope and Content Note

Typescripts of poems.
Box 6

Spicer, Jack:

Scope and Content Note

Manuscripts (two copies), dummy, estimates, galleys, unbound printed copy for The Heads of the Town up to the Aether.

Van Buskirk, Alden, 1938-1961:

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence concerning the posthumous publication of Lami, including letters by Clive Mats on, John Ceely and David Rattray; manuscripts, estimates and corrected galley for Lami.

Vaughan, Eric:

Scope and Content Note

Manuscript of his translation of Racine's Britannicus.
Box 7

Vaughan, Eric (cont.):

Scope and Content Note

Dummy, type orders, corrected proofs, and announcements for Britannicus.

Welch, Lew:

Scope and Content Note

Letters, 1960-1963; manuscript for Wobbly Rock, with drawing for the poems by La Vigne, and printed untitled poem.

Whalen, Philip:

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, 1959-1966; dummy, and manuscript for Memoirs of an Interglacial Age; proof and cover for Self-portrait from Another Direction; miscellaneous writings, including printed broadside of his poem, Goddess.

Wieners, John:

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, 1958-1966; manuscript, page proof, printed copies, including first edition expurgated text, mock-up of cover, announcement, and statement of royalties for Hotel Wentley Poems; miscellaneous poems.

Williams, Jonathan:

Scope and Content Note

Newsletters and correspondence, 1960-1966; manuscript and dummy for In England's Green
Box 8:

Miscellaneous records


Accounts, 1959-1964


Proposal for the Development of the ... Press


Haselwood, David L:

Scope and Content Note

Deposition... Feb. 17, 1960 (with extract from the deposition) re the history of the Auerhahn Press.

Auerhahn bird symbols


Announcements and advertisements for the Press. (See also Books in Print, 1964 and announcement, 1966, in oversize portfolio)


Auerhahn Press catalogs, 1959, 1962


Printing Jobs:


Batman Gallery announcements




Book Club of California announcements


Koshiro Onchi Catalog (estimates, lay out, proofs, etc.)


San Francisco Arts Festival announcements


Spatsa Gallery announcements




Miscellaneous announcements


Clippings, mainly re Auerhahn Press publications


Miscellany, including advertising rates, copyright information, drawings and prints, poems, postcards, etc.

portfolio Oversize portfolio

Transferred to Printing Ephemera


Actors Workshop programs


Auerhahn Press:


Books in Print, Jan. 1964


Announcement, 1966


Blaser, Robin:

Scope and Content Note

Apparitors, 1963 (broadside) Poem, with woodcut by Fran Herndon

Bock, Marianne:

Scope and Content Note

Beauty Is a Frame of Mind (broadside)

Conner, Bruce:

Scope and Content Note

Blank contract

Davis (RG) Mime Studio:

Scope and Content Note


On the occasion of the Marriage of Toby Jo Murray to Bill Deemer, Mar. 4, 1966 (broadside)


Duncan, Robert:

Scope and Content Note

A Book of Resemblances -announcements

Haselwood, David L.:

Scope and Content Note

Untitled poem, 1960 (broadside)

Hoyem, Andrew:

Scope and Content Note

Poems (3 broadsides- Happy Birthday, Lafayette Park Place, 666) and announcements

LaVigne, Robert:

Scope and Content Note

Poster for Poetry Reading and a drawing

Maxwell, Lucien L.:

Scope and Content Note

The Velvet Cry (broadside)

Kyger, Joanne:

Scope and Content Note

The Fool in April (broadside) Poem. 1966

McClure, Michael:

Scope and Content Note

Hymns to St. Geryon: Drawing


Scope and Content Note

Mandalas: Proofs and final printed version

Magic Theater announcements


Mills College programs


Olson, Charles:

Scope and Content Note

Announcement for his Human Universe

Welch, Lou:

Scope and Content Note

Two untitled poems (broadsides)

The Revolving Barges ...


San Francisco Maritime Museum:

Scope and Content Note

Announcements, etc.

San Francisco Tape Music Center:

Scope and Content Note


Snic-Snac Food Package Program promotional material.


Whalen, Philip:

Scope and Content Note

Memoirs of an Interglacial Age: Announcements

Williams, Jonathan:

Scope and Content Note

Cover for Genoa, published by him.


Partial List of Correspondents


Abbe, George


Letter, Nov. 30, 1959 (Box 1)


Aldine Publishing Company


Letters, Jan. 29 and Feb. 12, 1962 by Alexander J. Morin (Box 1)


Allen, Don


Letters, June 23, July 28, Sept. 1 and Nov. 20, 1959, re distribution of Auerhahn Press publications. (Box 1)


American Poetry Publisher


Letter, Dec. 21, 1959 (Box 1)


Andres, Sheila


Letter, Mar. 17, 1966 (Box 1)


Antoninus, Brother, 1912- (William Everson)


Letters, etc. (Box 2).


Aronowitz, Alfred G.


Letters, June 15, 1959, Jan. 22 and Feb. 18, 1960, Dec. 28, 1961 (Box 1)


Artaud, Antonin

see Box 2


Barker, Reb


Letters, June 18 and Sept. 21, 1962 (Box 1)


Barton, Rick


Letters, Sept. 9 and Oct. 29, 1962, Aug. 12, 1964 (Box 1)


Bathurst, William


Correspondence, etc. Box 2


Berrigan, Ted


Letter, n. d. (Box 1)


Big Table [magazine]


Letters, Feb. 21, July 28, Nov. and Dec. 1959 (by Albert N. Podell), Feb. 5, 1960 and n. d. (by Paul Carroll) (Box 1)


Bivona, Francesco


Sept. 28, 1962 (Box 1)


Blaser, Robin


Letters, Sept. 25, 1962 and Nov. 28, 1963 (Box 1)


Boer, James Den


Letter, Aug. 8, 1967 (Box 1)


Bowering, George


Letter, Nov. 6, 1962 (Box 1)


Brakhage, Stan


Letters, July 6, and Oct. 1966 (Box 1)


Branaman, Robert


Letters, Nov. 26, 1965, Mar. 22, 1966 and n. d. (Box 1)


Branaman, Susan


Letter, July 7, 1966 (Box 1)


Bremser, Ray


Letter, etc. Box 2


Brewer, Robert C.


Letters, Feb. 12 and Aug. 28, 1962 (Box 1)


Broughton, James


Letter, Sept. 22, 1963 (Box 1)


Brown, Geoffrey


Letter, etc., (Box 2)


Brown, Hillyer, Jr.


Letter, Sept. 18, 1962 (Box 1)


Burning Deck [magazine]


Letter, Aug. 28, 1962, by Bernard Waldrop (Box 1)


Burroughs, William


Correspondence, etc. (Box 2)


Carpenter, Don


Letter, Oct. 13, 1962 (Box 1)


Carroll, Paul

see Big Table


Ceely, John


Letters, Sept. 26, 1965 and Aug. 13, 1966 (Box 1)


Chase, Dean


Letter, May 25, 1962 (Box 1)


Clements, Marshall


Letters, Sept. 14 and Nov. 5, 1964, Aug. 5, 1965 (Box 1)


Combs, Tram


Letters, Dec. 18, 1960, Feb. 20 and Aug. 25, 1962, Apr. 6 and July 31, 1963 (Box 1)


Congdon, A. Kirby


Letter, Aug. 16, 1962 for The Plumed Horn (Box 1)


Conner, Bruce


Letter, [1962 ?], birth announcement for child, Sept. 30, 1962


Letters, Feb. 10 and Apr. 12, 1963, Dec. 29, 1965


Invitation and letter, undated (Box 1)

See also blank contract in oversize portfolio.


Cowen, Walker


Letters, Aug. 10 and 15, 1962 (Box 1)


Creely, Robert


Letters, Feb. 1, 1962 and [Mar. 1963] (Box 1)


Davey, Frank


Letter, Dec. 13, 1961 (Box 1)


de Batz, Georges


Letter, Dec. 11, 1962 (Box 1)


Deemer, Bill, 1945-


Correspondence, etc. (Box 2)


Di Prima, Diane


Correspondence, etc. (Box 2)


Dorfman, Ellie


Correspondence. (Box 2)


Dowden, George


Letter, Apr. 28 and July 1, 1966 (Box 1)


Duncan, Robert


Correspondence, etc. (Box 2)

See also announcements in oversize portfolio.


Dushkin, David A.


Letter, May 19, 1960 (Box 1)


Eberhart, Richard


Letter, Nov. 30, 1959 (Box 1)


Edwards, Sam P.


Letters, Aug. 1, 1961, (19627); Feb. and July 22, 1962. Some for Second Coming. (Box 1)


Eigner, Larry


Letters, Sept. 27 and Nov. 23, 1962


Element [magazine]


Letter, Mar. 9, 1960, from Robert Vaughan (Box 1)


Evans, Henry H.


Note, n.d. (Box 1)


Evans-Wentz, W. Y.


Letters, July 6 and Sept. 28, 1962 (Box l)


Evergreen Review [magazine]


Letters, July 9, 1959 and May 8, 1964 (Box 1)


Fainlight, Harry


Letter, Nov. 21, 1964, with copy of his Mescalin Notes (Box 1)


Ferlinghetti, Lawrence


Letter, Apr. 6, 1962 (Box 1)


Ferrini, Vincent


Letter, May 2, 1960 (Box 1)


Gill, John J.


Letter, July 24, 1963 (Box 1)


Ginsberg, Allen


Correspondence. (Box 3)


Gardner, Lew


Manuscripts of poems (Box 3)


Ginsberg, Louis, 1895


Correspondence, etc. (Box 3)


Goodell, Larry


Letters, Nov. 18, 1965 and Jan. 30, 1966 (Box 1)


Greene, Jonathan


Letter, n.d. (Box 1)


Greenspan, Beth


Letters, Apr. 11, 1964 and July 22, 1965 (Box 1)


Gresser, Seymour


Letter, Apr. 15, 1962 (Box 1)


Grinberg, Miguel D.


Letters, May 26 and Oct. 24, 1961 (Box 1)


Hall, Barry


Letters, Sept. 24, 1962, Jan. 15 and [Sept. ] 1963 (Box 1)


Hall, Donald


Letter, Dec. 24, 1962 (Box 1)


Haselwood, David Lee, 1931-


Copies of letters throughout Boxes 1-7; "Deposition" (Box 8)


Hawley, Robert


Letters, Aug. 14, Sept. 16, and Oct. 9, 1965, and Mar. 28, 1966 (Box 1)


Hatter, Richard


Mss. (Box 3)


Head, Robert


Letters, Aug. 24 and Sept. 5, 1962 (Box 1)


Henga, Robert


Letter, Feb. 22, 1960 (Box 1)


Hirschman, Jack


Letters, Aug. 3, 1961, [Aug. 1961] (2), [Dec. 1961], Dec. 20 and 22, 1961, [Jan. 1962?], [1962?](3), and [Feb. 1963] (Box 1)


Hoffman, Richard


Letter, Oct. 14, 1966 (Box 1)


Hogan, William


Letter, Mar. 15, 1960, for the San Francisco Chronicle (Box 1)


Hollo, Anselm


Letters, May 1960, Sept. 28, 1961, Apr. 13, 1962, [Dec. 1962], Jan. 20, and June 21, 1963 (Box 1)


Hoyem, Andrew


Copies of letters throughout Boxes 1-7.

See also folder of Hoyem letters, poems, etc. in Box 3.


Jacobsen, Mimi


Letter, May 14, 1964 (Box 1)


Gysin, Brion

See Burroughs, William, Box 2


Johnson, Ronald


Letters, etc. (Box 3)


Jones, Le Roi


Letters, July 5 [1960?] and n. d. (Box 1)


Jordan, Larry


Letters, etc. (Box 3)


Kandel, Lenore


Poems, etc. (Box 3)


Kherdian, Dave


Letters, Dec. 30, 1965, Jan. 30, 1966 and n. d. (Box 1)


Kinter, W.


Letters, Oct. 1962? and Oct. 3, 1962 (Box 1)


Koller, James


Letters, Sept. 6, 1959, Mar. 18 and 28,1963; Mar. 8 and Sept. 18, 1964


Kulchur [magazine]


Letter, Apr. 8, 1963, (Box 1).

See also Schleifer, Marc.


Kyger-Boyce, Joanne Elizabeth


Letter, Apr. 19, 1966 (Box 1)


Lamantia, Philip


Correspondence, etc. Boxes 3-4.


Lerner, Margaret


Letter, Oct. 27, 1966 (Box 1)


Linde, Carl


Letters, July 16, 1962 and [Aug. 1962?] (Box 1)


Lipton, Lawrence


Letters, Jan. 29 and June 8, 1964 (Box 1)


Loewinsohn, Ron


Letters, Nov. 9, 1959 and June 8, 1966 (Box 1)


Lowell, Jim


Letter, July 1, 1963 (Box 1)

See also letters, in Brother Antoninus folder in Box 2.


McClure, Michael


Letters, etc. Box 4.

See also material in over size portfolio.


McLaughlin, Patti


Letter, Oct. 3, 1962 (Box 1)


McNeill, William


Letter, Nov. 2, 1965 (Box 1)


Magowan, Robin

See Box 4.


Major, Clarence


Letters, Nov. 29, 1959 and May 19, 1960 (Box 1)


Malanga, Gerard


Letter, Jan. 22, 1963 (Box 1)


Manganotti, Donatella


Letters, Apr. 23 and Oct. 28, 1962, Feb. 16, 1964 (Box 1)


Maron, William


Letter, Apr. 2, 1962 (Box 1)


Marshall, Edward H.


Correspondence, Box 4.


Martin, John


Letters, Aug. 17, Sept. 10, 11, 22, and Oct. 19, 1965. Letter of Sept. 11, 1965 is enclosure to letter of Robert Hawley, Sept. 16.


Matson, Clive


Letters, etc. Box 4.


Mathieu, Bertrand


Letter, May 7, 1963 (Box 1)


Medeiros, John


Letters, Aug. 8 and Sept. 11, 1962 (Box 1)


Meltzer, David

See Box 4.


Millward, Pamela


Poem, At the Glass House, Golden Gate Park, Jan. 23, 1966 (Box 1)


Mondragón, Margaret (Randall)


Letters, [ Dec. 1962 ?] and June 25, 1964, for the Plumed Horn. (Box 1)


Montgomery, John


Letters, Mar. 27,1962 and n. d., and poem (Box 4)


Moore, Daniel


Letters, etc. Box 4.


Moser, Norman C.


Letter, [Feb. ? 1961] (Box 1)


Moskovitz, Jack


Letters, June 11, 1960, Dec. 11, 1961 and Jan. 16, 1962 (Box 1)


Mottram, Eric


Letter, Aug. 12, 1963 (Box 1)


Neish, Alex


Letters, July 22, Aug. 24, Dec. 3, 1959, [1959?][Mar. 1960 ?]; Apr. 11, May 5, 21 and 23,1960 ; (Box 1)


New Directions


Letters, July 31, Aug. 29 and [Oct. ] 1962 by James Laughlin, and Mar. 1, 1963 by Edwin Erbe (Box 1)


Olson, Charles


Correspondence, etc. Box 4.


Oppenheimer, Joel


Letter, n. d. (Box 1)


Ossman, David


Letter, May 1, 1960 (Box 1)


Orlovsky, Peter


Letter, Mar. 21, 1960 (Box 1)


Paetel, Karl O.


Letters, Aug. 9, Sept. 20, Oct. 23 and 28, Dec. 6 and 9, 1959, and Nov. 5, 1962 (Box 1)


Page, David

See Box 5.


Parkey, Jones


Letter, Mar. 30, 1966 (Box 1)


Parkinson, Tom


Letters, June 30, 1959, May 7 and July 10, 1960 (Box 1)


Partisan Review [magazine]


Letters, June 10, 1959 and July 14, 1960 (Box 1)


Patchen, Kenneth


Correspondence. Box 5.


Penguin Books, Ltd.


Letters, June 29, and July 6, 1965 (Box 1)


Pivano, Fernanda Sottsass


Letter, Dec. 20, 1962 and Christmas card, 1964 (Box 1)




Letter, June 12, 1959 (Box 1)


Plymell, Charles

See Box 5.




Letters, Apr. 8, 1960, Feb. 21 and May 10, 1962 and Nov. 17, 1964. 1962 and 1964 letters by Henry Rago. (Box 1)


Reps, Paul


Correspondence, etc. Box 5.


Rexroth, Kenneth


Letter, Feb. 9, 1963 (Box 1)


Ridge, George Ross


Letter, May 13, 1963 (Box 1)


Rosenthal, Irving


Letters., Box 5.


Ryder, Albert Pinkham

See Box 5.


Schaff, David S. S.


Letters, Oct. 3 and 5, 1962, [Oct. 1962], Jan. 22, [1963] (Box 1)


Schleifer, Marc


Letters, [1960 ?] (3), July 31, 1960, Feb. 14, 1961 (Box 1) Re distribution of Kulchur.


Schulman, Howard


Letters, Aug. 16, 1960, Mar. 9, 1961, Sept. 1, 1962, [Oct. 1962?], Feb. 19, 1963 (Box 1)


Second Coming [magazine]


Letter, Aug. 1, 1961 by Jack Rennert. (Box 1)

See also Edwards, Sam P.


Sinclair, John


Letter, Oct. 29, 1966 (Box 1)


Sorrentino, Gilbert

See Box 5.


Spicer, Jack

See Box 6.


Stern, Gerd


Poem, [1962?]; letter; Jan. 8, July 20 and Oct. 10, 1962. (Box 1)


Trace [magazine]


Letter, Mar. 10, 1960 (Box 1)


Van Adstyn, Ed


Letter, Oct. 5, 1964 (Box 1)


Van Buskirk, Alden, 1938-1961

See Box 6.


Van Aver, Philip


Letter, Jan. 17, 1966 (Box 1)


Vaughan, Eric

See Boxes 6 and 7.


Villiers Publications Ltd.


Letters, Feb. 17, 1960 (James B. May) and [1962?] (Box 1)

See also Trace.


Wagner, Geoffrey


Letter, Feb. 10, 1960 (Box 1)


Wallrich, Larry


Letters, Aug. 18 and 23, 1960 (Box 1)


Ward, Tony


Letter, Sept. 1, [1959?] (Box 1)


Wassall, Irma


Letter, May 8, 1961 (Box 1)


Webb, Jon Edgar


Letters, [ Dec. ] 1960, and Sept. 23, 1962. 1962 letter for The Outsider. (Box 1)


Welch, Lew


Letters, etc. Box 7


Wenning, Henry W.


Letters, Oct. 21, and 30, Nov. 7, and Dec. 18, 1962 (Box 1)


Whalen, Philip


Correspondence etc. Box 7.


Wieners, John


Correspondence, etc. Box 7.


Williams, Jonathan


Correspondence, etc. Box 7.


Wright, Dion


Letter, Oct. 27, 1966 (Box 1)


Wyman, Peter


Letter, Sept. 16, [1964] (Box 1)