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Register of the Herbert Hoover Oral History Program Interviews 1966-1973
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TRANSCRIPTS, 1966-1972

Scope and Content Note

Typewritten and mimeographed transcripts of oral history interviews with persons who knew and were associated with Herbert Hoover. Arranged alphabetically.
Box 1

Adams, Charles F. (father was Sec. of Navy in the Hoover Admin.--interviewee had little personal contact with H.H.)


Aiken, George D. (Senator from Vermont; Second Hoover Commission)


Akerson, George E., Jr. (father was a secretary to H.H.; re: H.H.'s relations with the press)


Albright, Horace M. (Director of the National Park Service under H.H.; re: parks and Camp Rapidan)


Albury, Calvin (fishing guide)


Allen, Mrs. Ben S. (husband was Stanford University alumnus, journalist and friend of H.H.--primarily social contact)


Allen, Robert S. (journalist)


Anderson, Jack Z. (Congressman from California and Republican Party activist)


Anderson, William B. (re: H.H. birthplace, West Branch, Iowa)


Andrews, T. Coleman (Second Hoover Commission)


Angell, James B. (carillonneur at Stanford University and engineer--only one contact with H.H.)

Box 2

Anthony, Edward and Esther (aide to H.H. during the 1928 presidential campaign)


Antle, Vincent K. (FBI agent in charge of H.H. in Florida)


Arentz, Samuel S. (friend; includes a description of H.H.'s meeting with Adolf Hitler)


Barclay, Thomas S. (Stanford University political science professor, in Paris in 1919-- relatively little personal contact with H.H.)


Barker, Burt Brown (friend during H.H.'s adolescence in Oregon)


Beatty, (Alfred) Chester (mining associate)


Behrens, Earl G. (Political editor, S.F. Chronicle, and Stanford University alumnus)


Benson, Ezra Taft (Sec. of Agriculture in Eisenhower Admin. and acquaintance)


Berlin, Richard E. (newspaper executive and friend)


de Beughem, Vicomtesse (Belgian citizen in Brussels during World War I)


Binns, Joseph P. (hotel executive, Waldorf Astoria)


Blocker, James and Bowers, Don (Key Largo Anglers Club)


Blumenthal, Morton (New York state political activist)

Box 3

Bodkin, Edward O. (Key Largo Anglers Club)


Boone, Admiral Joel T. Parts I-IV (friend and personal physician)


Boris, Mr. and Mrs. Kosta (Mr. Boris was H.H.'s valet)


Bowman, Mrs. Edwin (social secretary and friend)


Brooks, Katurah and Phillips P. (maid and messenger)


Brouha, Elizabeth Shaler (father worked with C.R.B.)


Brown, Mrs. John A. (husband President of Mobil Oil Co.; neighbors at Waldorf Astoria)


Brown, Milton W. (C.R.B.)

Box 4

Brownell, Herbert (Attorney General in the Eisenhower Administration; Second Hoover Commission)


Brumback, Ellen (research assistant for H.H.)


Burland, Elmer Granville (A.R.A.)


Butler, General Frederic B. (Asst. Dir. of Public Buildings and Parks in Washington, D.C.; involved with Mrs. Hoover in White House refurbishment project)


Camp, Loretta L. Francis (secretary to H.H.)


Campbell, Allen (and Mildred Hall Campbell) (father Gov. of Arizona and head of Civil Service Commission in the Hoover Administration)


Campbell, Mildred Hall (2nd copy) (worked with L.H.H. with Girl Scouts)


Campbell, Mrs. J. Clinton (Key Largo Anglers Club)


Cannon, Charles A. (New York Life Insurance Company Board of Directors with H.H.)


Caro, Frank (art dealer; re: the Hoover's collection of Ming blue-and-whites)

Box 5

Catledge, Turner (reporter and editor, New York Times; re: Mississippi flood relief)


Chandler, Loren R. (Stanford University alumnus and fellow Bohemian)


Chapman, John, Thyrza Turcott and Reuben Maury (staff of New York Daily News)


Chennault, Mrs. Claire L. (reporter with Central News Agency in China--social contact)


Clark, Birge M. (architect; re: Hoover home on the Stanford University campus)


Clark, Fred G. (oil industry; Chairman, American Economic Foundation; fellow Bohemian)


Clark, General Mark W. (Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Occupation Forces in Austria, U.S. High Commissioner; re: post-World War II economic and political reconstruction)


Clay, General Lucius D. (Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Forces in Europe, U.S. Military Governor in Germany; re: post-World War II relief)


Coates, Charles B. (Assistant to the Chairman and Director of Public Relations, Second Hoover Commission)


Coberly, William B., Jr. (Stanford University alumnus and brother-in-law of Allan Hoover)


Cole, Albert L. (President, Boys' Clubs of America)


Considine, Bob (sportswriter and author of articles about H.H.)


Creighton, Robert E. (Stanford University student with Paul Sexson, who was a secretary to both L.H.H. and H.H.)

Box 6

Crossette, George (father was a mechanical engineer who worked with H.H. as a research associate)


Curtice, Arthur A. (oil and mining associate of H.H., Jr.)


Davie, Eugenie M. (Republican Party activity--little personal contact)


Davis, Joseph S. (Director, Stanford University Food Research Institute; involved with post-World War I food relief)


Davison, F. Trubee (Asst. Sec. of War in the Hoover Administration)


Dell'Agnese, Fio (Manager, Waldorf Towers)


Dempsey, M. Elizabeth (secretary)


Denton, Robert H. (newsreel photographer, covered H.H.'s trip to Latin America)


Derby, Harry L. (chemical industry executive and Chairman of the Tariff Committee of the National Association of Manufacturers; re: Smoot-Hawley Act and other economic issues)


Dewey, Charles S. (worked in the Treasury Dept. under Sec. Mellon; re: World War I Foreign Debt Commission)


Dewey, Thomas E. (Governor of New York and Republican presidential candidate)


Dickie, Mrs. Jean Kellogg (father, Vernon Kellogg, was a Stanford University biologist and a close friend of H.H.)


Dill, Hon. Clarence C. (Congressman and Senator from Washington while H.H. was Sec. of Commerce)


Douglas, James H. (Asst. Sec. of Treasury in the Hoover Administration)


Doyle, Morris M. (Stanford University Board of Trustees in late 1950's)


Drescher, George C. (White House Secret Service during Hoover Administration)

Box 7

Dulles, Eleanor Lansing (sister of John Foster and Allen Dulles; re: World War II relief and reconstruction)


Durno, Ruth Steadman White (secretary during Hoover Administration)


Dutro, Elmore Raymond (U.S. Army and post-World War I European relief, Reparations Commission)


Dyer, Susan L. (fellow student and "lady-in-waiting" to Mrs. Hoover in the White House)


Edison, Charles (son of Thomas A. Edison, who was a friend of H.H.)


Eisenhower, President Dwight D. (re: the Second Hoover Commission, appointed by President Eisenhower, and the Bonus Army--General Eisenhower was an aide to General MacArthur, Chief of Staff during the Hoover Administration) RESTRICTED SECTION(2 pages):closed until 2017


Evans, Ralph (worked in the Interior Department in the Roosevelt Administration, owner of radio and television stations in Iowa and member of the Herbert Hoover Foundation; re: H.H. library and birthplace)


Falter, John (artist and fellow member of the Bohemian Club)


Farley, James A. (Chairman of the Board, Coca-Cola Corp.; Second Hoover Commission)


Farrar, Fred (art director of an advertising agency who helped H.H. design his books; Hoover Institution Advisory Board)


Fayne, James A. (newspaperman and friend of Joseph P. Kennedy, who was a friend of H.H.)


Fellers, General Bonner (friend; re: World War II and General MacArthur)


Ferguson, Homer (Senator from Michigan, judge, U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines; Second Hoover Commission)

Box 8

Fields, Alonzo (White House butler)


Fisher, Charles W. (friend and Republican Party activist)


Fitzgerald, Dennis A. (Dept. of Agriculture, post-World War II food relief, World Food Commission)


Fleming, Harold M. (A.R.A.)


Flickinger, Victor W. and Elizabeth A. (Iowa State Park system; re: Hoover birthplace)


Folger, J. Clifford (Ambassador to Brussels during 1958 World's Fair, which H.H. attended)


Folliard, Edward T. (newspaperman, covered 1928 campaign)


Francis, Clarence (President and Chairman, General Foods, friend and government advisor)


Franklin, John C. (friend of H.H., Jr.)


Fraser, Bernard H. (worked with the Commission for Polish Relief, the National Committee on Food for the Small Democracies, and UNICEF; re: relief agencies during World War II)


Friendly, Edwin S. (newspaper executive and friend)


Fuller, Adaline W. (sorority sister of Mrs. Hoover, who also worked with the Food Administration during World War I)

Box 9

Fuller, W. Parmer (son of Adaline Fuller and fellow Bohemian)


Funston, G. Keith (President, New York Stock Exchange, and friend)


Goldberg, Rube (acquaintance)


Goldwater, Senator Barry (U.S. Senator from Arizona, friend of H.H., Jr., Republican Party activist and presidential candidate)


Gordon, Hope Brown (H.H. helped her son, John Wade Gordon, with a loan and a job during the Depression)


Gordon, Kari (Mrs. John Wade Gordon)


Gould, Alan J. (journalist)


Grady, Paul (accountant and partner, Price-Waterhouse & Co., post-World War II advisor to the Navy and Defense Depts.; Second Hoover Commission)


Green, Joseph C. (C.R.B.)


Green, Joshua (casual friend)


Greene, Virginia (Key Largo Anglers Club)


Grimm, Peter (friend)

Box 10

Groves, General Leslie R. (casual friend, post-1948)


Halleck, Charles A. (House Majority and Minority Leader; re: First Hoover Commission)


Hamilton, John D. M. (Chairman, Republican National Committee--social and political contacts)


Harding, Charles B. (President, Board of Governors, New York Stock Exchange, and fishing chum)


Harnischfeger, Walter (construction, mining and industrial equipment manufacturer--social contact with H.H.)


Harrington, George P. (A.R.A. in Russia)


Hatfield, Senator Mark O. (graduate study on H.H.)


Hazlitt, Henry (journalist--social contact)


Healy, James A. (C.R.B.--social contact)


Helm, Harold H. (banker, fundraiser for the Hoover Institution and Hoover Institution Advisory Board)


Hicks, Harry H. (social contact)


Hill, John W. (public relations counsel--social contact)


Hill, William H. (newpaper publisher and Republican Party activist; the interview is a photocopy of a newspaper interview which relates to the 1928 presidential election)

Box 11

Hinds, A. Boyd, John Gleason and Edward J. Stapleton (Boys' Clubs of America)


Hoffman, Calvin (Marlovian scholar)


Holifield, Chet (Congressman from California; Second Hoover Commission)


Hollingsworth, James E. and Mildred H. (banker; First Hoover Commission)


Hollister, Solomon Cady (Second Hoover Commission)


Hoover, J. Edgar (FBI Director, recommended for that job by H.H.; Boys' Clubs of America Board of Directors)


Hopkins, William J. (White House staff during the Hoover Administration)


Hoving, Walter (corporate executive and casual friend)


Hoyt, Marguerite Rickard (daughter of Edgar Rickard, one of H.H.'s closest friends)


Humphrey, George M. (Sec. Treasury in Eisenhower Administration, and Republican Party activist)


Huneke, Lydia Murray (father was a Stanford professor and Quaker who led meetings in Palo Alto and Washington, D.C.)


Ingalls, Admiral David S. (Asst. Sec. of Aeronautics in the Hoover Administration and manager of Senator Robert Taft's presidential nomination campaign in 1952)


Jepson, Harry (fishing guide)


Johnson, President Lyndon B. (acquaintance)


Judd, Nina E. and H. Lee (fishing chums; SEE ALSO: interview with Charles B. Harding)

Box 12

Kaltenborn, Olga V. (wife of journalist H.V.--social contact)


Keller, Deane (portrait artist)


Keller, Edward A. (Director of the Bureau of Economic Research, Notre Dame University and a research associate with Orlando Weber, a neighbor and friend of H.H.)


Kemp, Arthur (editorial and research assistant to H.H.)


Kennedy, Mrs. Joseph P. (wife of Joseph P. Kennedy, who was a friend of H.H.)


Ketchum, James Roe (curator at White House, 1963-1970; re: Mrs. Hoover's efforts to refurbish the White House)


Keyston, George N., Sr. (President, San Francisco Stock Exchange; Mrs. Keyston worked with Mrs. Hoover in the Girl Scouts--social contact)


Kienzle, T. C. (U.S. Public Health Service; re: Mississippi flood relief)


Kiley, Mark (librarian at the University Club, New York City)


Killion, George (casual friend)


Kirchhofer, Alfred H. (journalist and publicity editor for 1928 campaign)


Klumpp, Theodore G. (physician, pharmacy executive; Second Hoover Commission)


Kluytmans, John (Dutch citizen during World War I; some involvement with A.R.A.; later the chef on H.H.'s yacht)

Box 13

Knight, James L. (Key Largo Anglers Club)


Knowland, William F. (Senator from California and Republican Party activist)


Krock, Arthur (journalist and friend)


Kuhn, Irene C. (journalist)


Lawrence, David (journalist and friend)


Leach, Charles N. (administrator in C.R.B.)


Leach, Paul R. (journalist) RESTRICTIONS: permission to quote required from interviewee or authorized representative of the estate, if available


Leavitt, Van Ness Hoover (Mrs. Leavitt was H.H.'s niece--family contact)


Lee, Reginald G. (mining superintendent)


Lee, Russel V. (substitute physician for Hoover family in Palo Alto)


LePore, Michael J. (consulting physician during H.H.'s final illness)


Lillick, Ira S. (Stanford University Board of Trustees with H.H.)


Lincoln, Gould (journalist and acquaintance)


Lipman, Ruth F. (secretary to Mrs. Hoover during part of White House period)

Box 14

Livingston, Walter R. (editorial assistant)


Lochner, Louis P. Vol. I-II (journalist in pre-World War II Berlin)


Loomis, Frederick C. (college roommate and friend)


Lord, Mary P. (social worker, U.S. delegate to the United Nations General Assembly, UNICEF official; First Hoover Commission)


Luhrs, George, Jr. (Stanford University alumnus, hotel owner, Phoenix, AZ)


Lutz, Ralph H. (Stanford University history professor; Hoover Institution collection team, post-World War I; Director, Hoover Institution)


Lyons, Eugene (biographer and journalist)


McCloy, John J. (Asst. Sec. of War during World War II, provided informal briefings for H.H. during the war)


MacCracken, Sallie L. L. (husband was Asst. Sec. for Aviation in the Commerce Department under H.H.)


Machold, Earle J. (father was Republican State Chairman of New York in 1928-- minimal personal contact with H.H.)

Box 15

McLaren, N. Loyall (fellow Bohemian and Hoover Institution Advisory Board)


McLean, Charles A. (Mrs. McLean was H.H.'s niece)


McMullin, Mrs. Dare Stark (father was a mining associate of H.H.; Mrs. McMullin lived in the White House, was a secretary to L.H.H. and helped with the White House refurbishment project)


McNamara, General Andrew T. (Quartermaster General, U.S. Army in Eisenhower Admin.; re: First and Second Hoover Commissions and recommendations--not well-acquainted with H.H. personally)


MacNeil, Neil (journalist and friend)


Manasco, Carter (Congressman from Alabama; Second Hoover Commission)


Mansure, Edmund F. (Administrator, General Services Administration in Eisenhower Administration, Republican Party activist and friend)


Mardikian, George D. (involved with post-World War I food relief, restaurant owner, friend and fellow Bohemian)


Mason, Frank E. (newspaper executive; Mrs. Mason was L.H.H.'s friend)


Massenburg, Carrie B. (father was Hoover family's handyman; interviewee was one of Mrs. Hoover's maids)


Meserole, William H. (A.R.A.--little direct contact)

Box 16

Meyers, Marvin (Republican Party activist in Nebraska; acquaintance)


Milbank, Jeremiah (very good friend)


Milbank, Mrs. Jeremiah (friend)


Milbank, Jeremiah, Jr. (family friend, Republican Party activist; Boys' Clubs of America)


Miller, Bernice (secretary for many years)


Mitchell, J. Pearce (Stanford University professor and acquaintance)


Mitchell, Mrs. Sidney A. (husband was in the Food Admin. and both Hoover Commissions)


Moley, Raymond (journalist and professor, advisor to Pres. Franklin Roosevelt, Assistant Secretary of State in the Roosevelt Admin.; re: economic crisis and the transition period difficulties between the Hoover and Roosevelt Administrations


Montgomery, George G. (friend of Bert Mattei, a friend of H.H.; Hoover Institution Advisory Board and other Stanford University activities)


Moran, Hugh A. (friend of H.H.'s brother, Theodore)


Moreell, Admiral Ben (Second Hoover Commission)


Morley, Felix (journalist and educator)


Morris, Robert (internal security investigator and counsel to the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee)


Morris, Thomas D. (First Hoover Commission)

Box 17

Moses, Robert (New York state and municipal planning official and Republican Party activist)


Mowry, Virginia (father was a Republican Party activist involved in H.H.'s 1928 presidential campaign)


Mullendore, William C., Part I-II (Counsel to U.S. Food Administration and the A.R.A.)


Nash, Bradley D. (secretary to H.H. in the Commerce Dept.)


Nichols, William I. (family friend)


O'Donnell, Madeline K. (secretary to H.H.)


Oreamuno, J. Rafael (Costa Rican Ambassador to United States)


Packard, David (Stanford University Board of Trustees)


Parker, Jameson (son-in-law of Mark Sullivan, who was a good friend of H.H.)


Parker, Sydney S. (daughter of Mark Sullivan)

Box 18

Parks, Lillian R. (maid on White House staff)


Pawley, William D. (Ambassador to Peru and Brazil and friend; re: foreign relations, particularly with Latin America)


Peale, Norman V. (acquaintance)


Penney, James C. (department store executive and acquaintance)


Pennington, Levi T. (re: Minthorn house, Newberg, Oregon, where H.H. lived for many years as a boy)


Petti, Michael J. (podiatrist)


Pew, John G. (oil executive and acquaintance)


Phleger, Herman (lawyer consulted by H.H. about a possible libel action against the American Mercury for an article relating to the American National Red Cross and the A.R.A.)


Pike, Thomas P. (Second Hoover Commission, Trustee, Stanford University; Asst. Sec. Defense in Eisenhower Administration)


Platt, Philip S. (C.R.B., A.R.A. and American Child Health Association)


Pratt, Marie Louise W. (secretary to H.H.)

Box 19

Price, Byron (Chief of Washington Bureau, Associated Press, during Hoover Administration)


Price, Don K. (Executive Assistant, First Hoover Commission and friend; includes memoranda and reports relating to the First Hoover Commission)


Prior, Frank O. (friend of Bert Mattei and fellow Bohemian)


Probert, Alan (mining engineer)


Pryor, Helen B. (physician and Stanford University professor who worked with Mrs. Hoover on social and health projects)


Quinn, Cyril J.C. (A.R.A.)


Quinion, George H. (owner of fishing resort)


Reed, Justice Stanley F. (Supreme Court Justice; served on Federal Farm Board during Hoover Admin.; re: Hoover Admin. economic policy)


Requa, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence K. (mining associate)


Richardson, Gardner (C.R.B.)


Richardson, John (A.R.A.)

Box 20

Ringland, Arthur C. (C.R.B. and CARE)


Robertson, Walter S. (investment banker and acquaintance of H.H.; re: World War II and post-World War II policy toward China)


Robinson, Edgar E. (Stanford University history professor--little personal contact)


Rodriquez, Daniel (waiter for H.H. in the Waldorf Towers)


Rogers, General W.W. (officer in charge at Rapidan Camp, H.H.'s presidential retreat)


Roosevelt, Nicholas (author and journalist, with the State Dept. in Europe post-World War I--little subsequent contact)


Rowe, James H. (First Hoover Commission)


St. John, Fordyce B. (consulting physician to Herbert Hoover)


St. Lewis, Roy (Assistant Attorney General in Hoover Admin. and acquaintance)


Scheyven, Baron Louis (Belgian Ambassador to the U.S.; re: C.R.B.)


Schullinger, Rudolph N. (consulting physician to Herbert Hoover)


Schwengel, Fred (Representative from Iowa involved in Hoover birthplace)

Box 21

Selvage, James P. (A.P. reporter; re: Finnish relief and Republican Party politics)


Shafroth, Will (A.R.A.)


Shockley, May Bradford (husband was a mining engineer acquainted with the Hoovers in London)


Shoemaker, Perry M. (Second Hoover Commission)


Silvercruys, Baron (Belgian American Educational Foundation; acquaintance)


Silvercruys, Suzanne (daughter of Baron Silvercruys and worked for the 1928 Hoover presidential campaign)


Simpson, John L. (C.R.B.)


Sioussat, Helen Johnson D'Oyle (CBS broadcaster and friend) RESTRICTIONS: permission to quote required while living


Slack, Nadia DeKanel (A.R.A. in Russia)


Smith, Henrietta Tyler (secretary to Rep. James H. MacLafferty, who was a friend of Herbert Hoover)


Smith, Truman (acquaintance)


Snell, Jane (acquaintance)


Snyder, Edward H. (mining associate)

Box 22

Staton, Ruby P. (friend of Mrs. James H. MacLafferty--no personal contact)


Steelman, John R. (Assistant to President Truman; re: First Hoover Commission)


Sterling, J. E. Wallace (President of Stanford University and also on the Board of the Huntington Library with Herbert Hoover)


Stevenson, Louise Hoover Dunbar (niece of Herbert Hoover)


Stewart, J. Harold (First Hoover Commission; casual friend)


Stewart, John K. (fellow Stanford University student and friend of Allan Hoover)


Stockton, Gilchrist B. (C.R.B. and A.R.A. administrator)


Storey, Robert G. (Second Hoover Commission)


Strauss, Lewis L. (A.R.A. administrator and very good friend of Herbert Hoover)


Stravalli, Cosimo (barber)


Strench, Mary M. (daughter of Dr. Minthorn, H.H.'s uncle, who adopted him as a young boy)


Stuart, Graham (Stanford University political science professor, Hoover Institution Advisory Board; acquaintance of Herbert Hoover)


Stump, Admiral Felix B. (friend of Herbert Hoover, Jr. and acquainted with Herbert Hoover, Sr. through Bohemian Club)

Box 23

Sullivan, Mark, Jr. (father was very good friend of Herbert Hoover)


Surface, Anna B. (wife of Frank M. Surface, Assistant Food Administrator, A.R.A.)


Swain, Robert C. (neighbor and friend of Allan Hoover)


Swim, Dudley (Republican Party activist; Hoover Institution Advisory Board)


Sworakowski, Witold S. (Associate Director, Hoover Institution)


Taft, Robert, Jr. (son of Ohio Senator Robert Taft, who worked with Herbert Hoover in post-war food relief--political contact)


Terman, Frederick E. (Stanford University enginering professor, fellow Bohemian and friend of Herbert Hoover, Jr.)


Thayer, Hanford (nephew of Rep. J.H. MacLafferty)


Thomas, Lowell (casual friend)


Thompson, Mrs. Leon (maid to Mrs. Hoover)


Tierney, Nicholas A. (physician in Florida)


Timmons, Bascom N. (biographer of John Nance Garner, Minority Leader and Speaker of the House during Hoover Administration)

Box 24

Torrey, Clare M. (C.R.B. and Finnish relief)


Treat, Payson J. (Stanford University history professor and acquaintance)


Trohan, Walter (casual friend and fellow Bohemian)


Trueblood, J. Elton (Stanford University philosophy professor and fellow Quaker)


Tuck, Hilda Burge (Mrs. W. Hallam) (Belgian whose father and husband both worked with the C.R.B.)


Turner, Scott (mining engineer, friend of T.A. and Edgar Rickard, the latter a very close friend of Herbert Hoover)


Tuthill, Marshall W. (A.R.A.)


Tyson, Robert C. (Hoover Institution Advisory Board)


Vaughan, Gen. Harry H. (aide to President Truman)


Wah, Gue Gim (cafe owner in a now-defunct mining community/company in which Herbert Hoover was a major stockholder)


Wall, Robert W., Jr. (FBI agent on Latin American trip)


Wallace, Lawrence H. (Executive Secretary, American Engineering Council)

Box 25

Waltman, Franklyn (journalist and Public Relations Director, Republican National Committee--minimal acquaintance)


Wampler, Cloud (Republican Party activist and casual friend; re: Taft presidential candidacy)


Warner, Albert L. (journalist, New York Herald Tribune, during Hoover Administration)


Wedemeyer, General Albert C. (occasional White House aide during Hoover Administration, briefed Herbert Hoover on World War II military strategy; fellow Bohemian)


Weeks, Sinclair (Secretary of Commerce during Eisenhower Administration, Republican Party activist)


Wellington, Laurence C. (C.R.B. and A.R.A.)


Wells, Kenneth D. (President, Freedoms Foundation, of which Herbert Hoover was Honorary President)


Wheeler, Maynard (consulting physician)


White, William L. (journalist and friend)


White, Helen H. (parents were at Stanford University with the Hoovers; interviewee later became a secretary to Mrs. Hoover)

Box 26

Wickes, Francis C. (C.R.B. and A.R.A.)


Wickett, Fred A. (Mrs. Wickett's parents were friends of the Hoovers; the Wicketts lived in Palo Alto and Mr. Wickett was involved with New York Life Insurance Company)


Wilbur, Dwight L. (son of Dr. Ray Lyman Wilbur, close friend of Herbert Hoover; Second Hoover Commission)


Wilbur, Ray L., Jr. (son of Dr. Ray Lyman Wilbur)


Willis, Mildred Hoover (niece of Herbert Hoover)


Wilson, Richard (journalist and fellow Bohemian)


Wolfe, Henry C. (A.R.A. in Russia; author who occasionally discussed international relations with Herbert Hoover)


Wolfe, Preston (journalist whose father and uncle were active in the 1928 presidential campaign--minimal personal contact)


Yeager, Naomi (secretary to Herbert Hoover)


Young, Clarence M. (Asst. Sec. for Aeronautics in Commerce Department under H.H.)

Tape cabinet

PHONOTAPES, 1965-1968.

Scope and Content Note

Sound recordings of interviews and a speech by President Lyndon Johnson. Arranged alphabetically by name of speaker.
Reel 1

Clark (Birge) interview 1968 July 2

Scope and Content Note

Birge, an architect, talks about the Herbert Hoover family and Stanford University. Use copy reference number: xx028_a_0008069
Reel 2

Clark (Esther) interview 1968 July 30

Scope and Content Note

Dr. Rita R. Campbell interviews Dr. Clark concerning Herbert Hoover at Stanford University, and the Hoover home. Use copy reference number: xx028_a_0008068
Reel 3

Johnson (President Lyndon B.) remarks at the signing ceremony for the Herbert Hoover Historical Site 1965 August 12

Scope and Content Note

Johnson speaks in the Rose Garden on the occasion of his signing into law the bill for the Herbert Hoover Historical Site, West Branch. Johnson gives his thoughts about Hoover as a man, as a president, and as a presidential adviser. Use copy reference number: xx028_a_0008067