Register of the Allied and Associated Powers (1914-1920) Inter-Allied Food Council records

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Title: Allied and Associated Powers (1914-1920) Inter-Allied Food Council records
Date (inclusive): 1917-1919
Collection Number: XX008
Creator: Allied and Associated Powers (1914-1920) Inter-Allied Food Council
Collection Size: 21 manuscript boxes, 1 oversize box (10.5 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Minutes of meetings, reports, correspondence, and statistics, relating to the coordination of Allied food supply and regulation during World War I.
Language: French, and English.

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Food supply.
World War, 1914-1918.
World War, 1914-1918--Food question.

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Box 1

Inter-Allied Scientific Food Commission (Commission Scientifique Inter-alliee du Ravitaillement: C.S.I.R.)


Proces-Verbal de la Seance du 29, 30 April 1918 and 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 May 1918


Proces-Verbal des Seances 22, 23 Bruxelles (May, 1918) Resolution et Projet de Convention relatifs a la Creation d'une Commission Scientifique International de l'Alimentation, Bruxelles, May 1919


Rapport General: Les Resources et les Besoins Alimentaires des Pays Allies


Premier Rapport Paris - July 1918


Premier Rapport (avec Annexes). Approuve par la Commission. Paris - Oct. 1919 (some annexes in English)


Troisieme Rapport (with annexes). Approuve par la Commission. Rome - Dec. 1918

Box 2

Proces-Verbal de la Seance 3-8, 10-13 June 1918


Proces-Verbal de la Seance du 25-29 March 1918, et texts des resolutions adoptees. Reunion de cloture de la Conference le 30 March 1918

Box 3

Proces-Verbal de la Seance 14-19, 22, 23 Oct. 1918


Rapport Sommaire des travaux de la C.S.I.R. reunie a Paris du 14-23 October 1918, presente par le Dr. Kellogg


Provisional Report of the Proceedings of the Commission at their meeting held in Paris from 14-23 Oct. 1918 (English/French)


Report of the Proceedings of the Commission at their meeting held in Paris from 14-23 Oct. 1918 (English/French)


Proces-Verbal de la Seance du 10, 11, 12, 14 Dec. 1918


Memorandum report on the meeting held at Rome and Naples, Dec. 9-14, 1918, by L. B. Mendel and H. P. Armsby of the American Delegation


Provisional Report of the 5th Session held at Rome and Naples, Dec. 9-14, 1918, drawn up by Professor E. H. Starling (English/French)


Copies of the General Reports of the First Report (Paris, October 1918) and Second Report, Rome, December 1918

Box 4

Miscellaneous correspondence




International Food Control





Box 22

Inter-Allied Council on War Purchases and Finance

Box 5





Great Britain




United States




Inter-Allied Tin Executive


Military Board of Allied Supply


Wheat Executive. Minutes of Proceedings


VIII Nov. - Dec. 1917


IX Feb. - Mar. 1918


XI May - June 1918


XXII July - Aug. 1919


Royal Commission on Wheat Supplies. Statement Tables 82, 83 (13, 20 July 1918), etc.


Royal Commission on Sugar Supplies


Sugar Programme Commission

Box 6

Royal Commission on Wheat Supplies. Purchases


Committee of the Wheat Executive. Minutes of meetings (March - August 1918). Incomplete


Purchasing Committee. Weekly Report (14 Sept. 1918 - 31 May 1919)


War Missions Board


Royal Commission on Wheat Supplies. Miscellaneous


Wheat Executive


Minutes of Proceedings, 1-22 Dec. 1916 - August 1919 (more details on folder)

Box 7

Minutes, 7 November 1917 - 28 July 1919 (Multigraphs) Incomplete


Minutes, miscellaneous loose


Finance Committee

Box 8

Tables No. R.A., 15 March 1918 - 17 May 1919 (R.A., R.A.F., R.A.G., R.A.I., R.A.L., R.A.U.K.)


Tables - miscellaneous


Tables - miscellaneous 1917-1919

Box 9

Freight Commission. Minutes of meetings, 3 April - 28 August 1918


Series of "Weekly Reports on Labor Conditions" (Requested by War Department and War Industries Board, 1918-1919)

Box 10

London Conference of Food Controllers. July - August 1918.


Minutes (not complete) of Meetings


July 24, 26, 29, 30, 1918


August 12, 13, 1918


Inter-Allied Food Council (I.F.C.). Committee of Representatives. Minutes of Proceedings. I-IV, July - Dec. 1918 (91 pieces)

Box 11

Dups of the following:


Inter-Allied Scientific Food Commission


Inter-Allied Food Council. Committee of Representatives


P.T.L. ( Provisions to Load) Tables 1-24

Box 12



Committee of Representatives


Agenda, Minutes and Documents. September - December 1918


Freight Committee. Minutes and Agenda. September 1918 / January - February 1919

Box 13

Food Controllers Conference. Miscellaneous Tables I.F.C.


Committee of Representatives


R.A.F. Tables (1918)

Box 14

Purchase Commission


Recovered Territories Commission


Statistical Council


Meats Executive Committee


Oil Seed Committee

Box 15

Inter-Allied Munitions Council (small areas committee)


Inter-Allied Wheat Executive Commission (4 folders)



Box 16



Freight Committee

Box 17

Freight Committee


Inter-Allied Scientific Food Commission


Provisional Report, 9-14 December 1918


Set of Minutes for Meetings of Scientific Food Commission, May - June 1918


Inter-Allied Council on Armaments and Munitions. A.E.F. Reports, etc., 1918

Box 18

I.F.C. Committee of Representatives. Freight Committee. Minutes October - December 1918; January - March 1919


Skinner, J. H. - correspondence with Herbert Hooover, etc. March - September 1918. (Skinner was the U.S. Food Administration Representative on the Inter-Allied Council for War Purchases and Finance.)


Miscellaneous letters, memos (State Department, re German capitulation, reconstruction plans, etc.)




Report on department "Manche" and "Cotes du Nord" (Simpson), 13 July 1918


Report on department "Isere, Rhone, and Loire" 1 July 1918


Miscellaneous I.F.C. Committee of Representatives






Memo relating to Inter-Allied Organizations (19 June 1918) 5 pages


Memorandum, "Allied Cereal Supplies and Requirements," 13 May 1917


Miscellaneous memos on grain exports


Herbert Hoover, drafts on Allied Wheat Commission


Exports Council


Cereal supplies (9, 11, 12 May 1917)


Untitled memo: "The food problem in U.S...." 6 May 1917 (12 pages)

Box 19

Food Controllers Conference


Minutes and Documents. 24, 26, 29, 30 July; 12, 13 August, 1918 (37 pieces)


Note sur le ravitaillement francaise. London. July 1918.


Plan for Supply of Cereals to France (1917 -1918)


Complementary note 1918. E. Vilgrain


Miscellaneous French material




Resolutions, cables, etc. 1917-1918


Committee of Repesentatives. Statistical tables


Consumer's Council. Meeting held at Palace Chambers Westminster. 24 July 1918. Minutes of proceedings and reports (July - December 1918)


I.F.C. Addresses and Personnel


"Paris. Agricultural Conference. March 1919" Subject of cable (U.S.F.A. #425) 20 February 1919

Box 20

Commission Internationale d'Alimentation (30 pieces)


Inter-Allied Agricultural Conference. Paris. 11-14 February 1919 (71 pieces)


Allied Maritime Transport Council (Part I, 1918 and Part II, November 1918-April 1919)


Inter-Allied Oil Seeds Executive


Miscellaneous (185 pieces)


Minutes of Proceedings 1-23 (26 July 1918 - January 1919)


Resolutions passed by an Advisory Conference called by the Inter-Allied Oil Seeds Executives (December 7-11, 1918)


Allied Maritime Transport Council (235 pieces)


Allied Maritime Transport Executive


Rapport de la Delegation francaise de la C.S.I.R. sur la situation Alimentaure & L'etat sanitaire du nord de la France (4 pages) Paris, 20 Nov. 1918