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Inventory of the Charles Shatto Collection, [ca. 1931-ca. 1978]
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Box Box 1

Biographical materials, photographs, programs, etc., including file of correspondence on missing mss. Inventory V-1-604

Box Boxes 2A-B

Editions of Mr. Shatto's music edited by David Zea (listed at the end of this register)

Box Box 3

Categories A, C, and D. Inventory V-1-608

Box Boxes 4-5

Category B. Inventory V-1-602

Box Box 6

Categories E and F. Inventory V-1-601

Box Box 7

Categories G and H. Inventory V-1-606

Box Box 8

Categories I and J. Inventory V-1-605

Box Box 9

Sound Recordings. Inventory V-1-609

The Musical Works Of Charles Shatto


I. Manuscripts


Vocal Solo (A)


1. Accompanied

Additional Note

(Piano Accompaniment unless otherwise specified)
item A-1

A Thankful Heart (Robert Herrick) (1957)

item A-2

Christmas Morning (Elizabeth Madox Roberts)

item A-3

Do You Know? (Jocelyn Vollmar)

item A-4

God Hath Not Promised Skies (Anonymous)

item A-5

Hands (Jocelyn Vollmar)

item A-6

How Cruel to Love (John Egilsrud) (See F-4d)

item A-7

I am the Wind (Zoe Akins)

item A-8

Illusion (A. E.)

item A-9

Kamakura Buddha (Jocelyn Vollmar) (See H-2)

item A-10

Life Is Ever Lord of Death (John Greenleaf Whittier)

item A-11

Prayer of the Unemployed (Raymond Kresensky)

item A-12

Requiem (Robert Louis Stevenson) (Written in conjunction with Dale Brown)

item A-13

Rilke Cycle (Rainer Maria Rilke)


a. Can You Still Play the Old Songs?


b. Childhood


c. From an April


d. Remembering


e. Birth of Mary from "The Life of the Virgin Mary"

item A-14

San Francisco (Jocelyn Vollmar) (See H-5)

item A-15

Spring Day (John Egilsrud) (See F-4h)

item A-16

Song from Fruit-Gathering (No.67) (Rabindranath Tagore) (Flute Obbligato -- Catherine Urner [see K-46, Urner Catalog])

item A-17

Song from Fruit-Gathering (No.39) (Rabindranath Tagore)

item A-18

Sunset (Sidney Lanier)

item A-19

The Dark Hills (Edwin Arlington Robinson)

item A-20

The Face of a Friend (Henry van Dyke)

item A-21

The Hippogryph (Edward Doro)

item A-22

The Shepherd Speaks (John Erskine)

item A-23

The Sky (Elizabeth Madox Roberts) (See F-4b)

item A-24

The Sun (Jocelyn Vollmar)

item A-25

To the Astronauts (James H. Smalley)

item A-26

To the Moon (Percy Bysshe Shelley)

item A-27

Two Short Songs


a. To A. D. from Echoes (William Ernest Henley)


b. My Star (Robert Browning)

item A-28

Tumbleweed Rolls and Goes (Marky Davis)

item A-29

Voices (Jocelyn Vollmar)

item A-30

Waiting (Archibald MacLeish)

item A-31

We Are Never Old (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

item A-32

When I Went Down to Germantown (Edward Doro)

item A-33

Yet I Doubt Not through the Ages from "Locksley Hall" (Alfred Lord Tennyson)


2. Unaccompanied

item A-34

Let's Go Up to the Hillside (Unable to locate author)

item A-35

Lullaby (Meta Bruce) (Same music used in D-13, D-24k, and H-3)


Choral (B)

item B-1

Daniel Boone (Arthur Guiterman) -- Cantata for Children's Chorus with Bass and Soprano Soli (Piano Accompaniment)

item B-2a

Mass for Mixed Chorus (SATB) (Organ Accompaniment) (1964) [PARTS AVAILABLE]


I. Kyrie


II. Gloria


III. Credo


IV. Sanctus & Benedictus


V. Agnus Dei

item B-2b

Same as B-2a, Accompaniment Arranged for Orchestra (1964) (Scored for 2 Flutes [Piccolo], 2 Oboes, 2 Clarinets in B-flat, 2 Bassoons, 2 Horns in F, 2 Trumpets in B-flat, 3 Trombones, Tuba, Piano, Organ, Strings)[PARTS AVAILABLE] except Tuba, Piano, Organ ("Credo" available, "Gloria" not available)

item B-3

Messe des Funerailles (TB [or Baritone]) (Organ Accompaniment) [PARTS AVAILABLE]

item B-4

To the Terrestrial Globe (By a Miserable Wretch) from The Bab Ballads (W. S. Gilbert) (SATB) (Piano Accompaniment) [PARTS AVAILABLE]

item B-5

My Mother (Margaret MacLeod) (SATB) (Organ Accompaniment) [PARTS AVAILABLE]


Operatic (C)

item C-1

The Falling Leaf (Libretto by Dexter Allen) (Unfinished) 3 complete arias, 2 (1 Soprano, 1 Contralto) with Piano Accompaniment); 1 (Tenor) with Flute, Clarinet in B-flat, String Quartet and Piano Accompaniment available


Piano Solo (D)

item D-1

Adagio for Zelda (April 28, 1959)

item D-2

Allegretto Scherzando

item D-3

Fantasy (April, 1932)

item D-4

Fifteen (15) Little Pieces


a. Andante cantabile, rubato


b. Allegretto


c. Andante grazioso


d. Allegretto scherzando


e. Tempo rubato con espressione


f. Tempo di marcia ma con moto


g. Allegetto cantabile (Canon)


h. Allegro quasi campane


i. Molto moderato cantabile


j. Andante cantabile, con moto


k. Moderato quasi roundelay


l. Valse elegante, tempo molto rubato


m. Allegro gioioso


n. Allegro alla giga


o. Largo espressivo

item D-5

Five-Seven Nine Two (5-792)

item D-6

For C. G. (Valse Lente)

item D-7

For Piano

item D-8


item D-9


item D-10

Iphigenia (Dance Score for Piano)

item D-11

Legend (c. 1944-1945)

item D-12

Linga Sharira

item D-13

Lullaby for "Sandy" (See H-3) (See also A-35)

item D-14

Morning at Bird Rock (c.1938)

item D-15

Nocturne (February 29, 1932)

item D-16


item D-17

Rhapsody No. 1 (January, 1932)

item D-18

Rhapsody No. 2 (July, 1932)

item D-19

Scherzo (April, 1932)

item D-20


item D-21

Soliloquy (Revised April, 1975)

item D-22

Theme and Variations in E minor (September, 1948)

item D-23

To a Poinsettia (December 25, 1948)

item D-24

Travel Sketches (From San Diego to Paris) (1951)


a. 1. Leaving


b. 2. A Look toward the East at Cardiff-by-the-Sea to a Bright Sun and Austin Faricy


c. 3. Missing?


d. 4. Missing?


e. 5. Desert Sunset -- Between Barstow and Needles


f. 6. Scotch Interlude


g. 7. Albuquerque -- New Mexico


h. 8. Night Trip from Kansas City


i. 9. Title?


j. 10. Missing?


k. 11. Lullaby for a Very Good Little Black Girl on the Train from Saint Louis to New York (See A-35)


l. 12. Missing?


m. 13. Missing?


n. 14. Missing?


o. 15. Title?


p. 16. Title?


q. 17. Title?


r. 18. Missing?


s. 19. Through Normandy [t. sketches along the way: from San Diego to Paris (ms.)]

item D-25

Two Preludes


a. No tempo, 4 flats


b. Lento, no key signature

item D-26

Two Short Piano Pieces


a. No tempo, no key signature (December, 1931)


b. No Tempo, 1 sharp (December, 1931)

item D-27

Waltz for the Left Hand Alone


Organ Solo (E)

item E-1

Academic Fanfare, Serenade, Chorale and Finale (1948 -- Revised 1978)

item E-2

Andante Cantabile

item E-3

Cabrillo Bridge

item E-4

Chorale in G minor

Physical Description: (2 copies)
item E-5

Fantasy on Choral Themes of Catherine Urner

item E-6

Five Trios for Organ


a. 1. Alala (Pedrell II 214)


b. 2. I Gave My Love a Cherry


c. 3. Ca' the Yowes


d. 4. I Know Where I'm Going


e. 5. Shenandoah

item E-7

For Jon

item E-8

Introduction and Fugue (G minor) on a Subject of Charles Koechlin (See H-1)

item E-9

Joyous March

item E-10


item E-11


Physical Description: (2 copies)
item E-12

Mr Jenkins' Maggot (See E-17)

item E-13

Nocturnal Mood = Nocturne in f minor, for organ

item E-14


item E-15

Passacaglia (c.1944) (See H-4)

item E-16

Pastorales -- 3 Trios


a. I. 6/8, no key signature


b. II. 12/8, 1 sharp


c. III. 6/8, 1 sharp (See F-4f)

item E-17

Poem (PUBLISHED as Issue 20 [December 1964] of The California Organist ©1965 by the Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Pasadena & Valley Districts Chapters of The American Guild of Organists) (This music is also known as "Mr. Jenkins' Maggot" [E-12])

item E-18

Revery -- Dialogue (A Romantic Conversation) (See E-28)

item E-29

Rosemary's Waltz: for Organ [computer-printed score]

item E-30

Rosemary's Waltz: for Organ [manuscript]

item E-19

Rosemary's Wedding Waltz

item E-20


item E-21

Scherzo Cantabile

item E-22


item E-23

Sonata No. 1 in A minor

item E-24

Suite -- Sketches of Balboa Park


a. Sunrise from the California Tower


b. Swaying Yucca Bells (See H-7)

item E-25

Symphonic Fantasy

item E-26

Trio Suite


a. 1. Prelude (On a Melody of Catherine Urner)


b. 2. Chorlae (On a Melody of Catherine Urner)


c. 3. Fugue (On a Subject of Catherine Urner)


d. 4. Benedictus (On a Melody of Catherine Urner)

item E-27

Two Short Organ Pieces


a. I. 3/4, 1 flat


b. II. 4/4, 2 flats

item E-28

Wedding Music for Junya (Same music as E-18)


Chamber (F)

item F-1

A Sentimental Song for Flute and Piano

item F-2

Barcarolle for Violin and Piano [PARTS AVAILABLE]

item F-3

Cassation (Sacred) (Unfinished)


a. In Nomine for Trumpet, Violoncello, Harp (or Piano), and Organ [PARTS AVAILABLE]

item F-4

Cassation (Secular) for Soprano, Flute, Violin, Harpsichord (or Piano), and Harmonium (or Organ of any kind)


a. I. Sinfonia (See H-6)


b. II. The Sky (Elizabeth Madox Roberts) (See A-23)


c. III. Organ Point


d. IV. How Cruel to Love (John Egilsrud) (See A-23)


e. V. Recitation: Of course I Prayed -- (Emily Dickinson)


f. VI. Bird Stamping Dance (See E-16c)


g. VII. Vocalise (Melody, Catherine Urner)


h. VIII. Spring Day (John Egilsrud) (See A-15) [PARTS AVAILABLE]

item F-5

Chorale-Fantaisie for Trumpet, Piano, and Organ [PARTS AVAILABLE]

item F-6

Duo for Violin and Viola [PARTS AVAILABLE]

item F-7

Elegy for Viola and Piano (July 4, 1932) [PARTS AVAILABLE]

item F-8

For Viola sola ("...and remembering") for Viola Sola, String Quartet, Bass and Piano [PARTS AVAILABLE]

item F-9

Gigue for Violin and Piano

item F-10

Quimbombo for Violin and Piano

item F-11

Sonata for Viola and Piano 1. Allegretto con motto 2. Adagio 3. Moderato con grazia [PARTS AVAILABLE] except last 2 movements, Piano Score

item F-12

Sonata for Violin and Piano (c.1943) 2nd movement only -- Andante [PARTS AVAILABLE]


Orchestral (G)

item G-1

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (1 movement work) (No tempo, present orchestration incomplete and rejected by composer)

item G-2

Fugue in G (Scored for 2 Flutes [Piccolo], Oboe, English Horn, 2 Clarinets in A, Bass Clarinet, 2 Bassoons, Contrabassoon, 4 Horns in F, 2 Trumpets in C, 3 Trombones, Tuba, Timpani, Bass Drum, Suspended Cymbal, Triangle, Gong, Harp, Piano, Strings)

item G-3

Procession (Short Score complete; Full Score incomplete)


Arrangements (H)


1. Original Works of Charles Shatto - Arranged by Charles Shatto

item H-1

Fugue (G minor) on a Subject of Charles Koechlin (Arranged for Orchestra -- Full Score not quite complete; scoring so far calls for 3 Flutes, 2 Oboes, English Horn, 2 Clarinets in B-flat, 2 Bassoons, 4 Horns in F, 3 Trumpets in B-flat, 2 Tenor Trombones, 1 Bass Trombone, Tuba, Strings) (See E-8)

item H-2

Kamakura Buddha (Arranged for Vocal Quartet [STAB] with Piano Accompaniment) (See A-9)

item H-3

Lullaby for "Sandy" (Arranged for Organ) (April 1972) (See D-13) (See also A-35)

item H-4

Passacaglia (Arranged for Orchestra -- Full Score not complete) (Scored for 3 flutes [Piccolo], 2 Oboes, English Horn, 2 Clarinets in B-flat, Bass Clarinet, 2 Bassoons, Contrabassoon, 4 Horns in F, 3 Trumpets in B-flat [C], 3 Trombones, Tuba, Strings) (See E-15) (With commentary by Koechlin)

item H-5

San Francisco (Arranged for Vocal Quartet [STAB] with Piano Accompaniment) (See A-14)

item H-6

Sinfonia from "Cassation (Secular)" (Arranged for Organ) (See F-4a)

item H-7

Swaying Yucca Bells (Arranged for Violin and Piano) (See E-24b) MULTIPLE COPIES OF SCORE AVAILABLE

item H-8

Theme and Variations for Piano Solo (Arranged for Chamber Orchestra) (Unfinished) (Scored for 2 Flutes, Oboe, 2 Clarinets in A, 2 Bassoons, 2 Horns in F, 2 Trumpets in C, 2 Trombones, Harp, Strings) (See D-22)


2. Original Works of Charles Shatto - Arranged and/or Harmonized by Others

item H-9

For C. G. (Valse Lente) (Arranged for Flute, String Quartet and Piano by Frederick Andrews) (See D-6)


3. Works of Other Composers - Arranged and/or Harmonized by Charles Shatto

item H-10

Beloved America (Words and Music, Marcia Masters) (Originally Arranged for Piano and Voice by Alice Bredesen; Arranged for Solo Bass Voice and Organ by Charles Shatto) (May, 1961)

item H-11

Choral (Melody, Catherine Urner; Harmonized and Arranged for 2 Clarinets in A and 2 Bassoons

item H-12

Hymn Tune, "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" (from Lyra Davidica [1708]) (Arrangement for Organ [Trio Style])

item H-13

Le jardin du cottage Amerique (No. 45) from Le portrait de Daisy Hamilton, op.110:45 (Charles Koechlin) (Arrangement for Organ)

item H-14

Martin Luther King (Melody, Peggyrose Urner) (Harmonization)

item H-15

Offertory (Harmonization)

item H-16

Oh! Lemuel! (Stephen Foster) (Arrangement of Piano Accompaniment)

item H-17

Prayer (Melody, Catherine Urner; Harmonized and Arranged for Organ) (Reworked -- September, 1978)

item H-18

Renaissance (Words and Music, Marcia Masters) (Originally Arranged for Piano and Voice by Alice Bredesen; Arranged for Solo Bass Voice and Organ by Charles Shatto) (May, 1961)

item H-19

Sarabande from The Aylesford Pieces (George Frederick Handel) (Realization)

item H-20

Seven Harmonizations of Gregorian Chants


a. Agnus Dei XVI


b. Alma Redemptoris Mater


c. Communio


d. De Profundis


e. De Profundis Clamoir


f. Kyrie XVI


g. Sanctus XVI

item H-21

Six Chorals on Themes Used by Johann Sebastian Bach (Harmonizations)


a. F Major, 4/4


b. A minor (very modulatory), 4/4


c. E minor, 4/4


d. F minor, 4/4


e. A minor, 4/4


f. E-flat Major

item H-22

The Purple Bamboo -- A Lullaby (Translation, Mrs. W. A. Young of Mukden, Melody from an anthology of songs current in various parts of China among her people, complied by T. Z. Koo, Songs of Cathay) (Harmonization for R. Low)

item H-23

Trio for Organ on an Urner Theme (Melody, Catherine Urner; Harmonized and Arranged for Organ)

item H-24

Trios on Faure Themes for Organ (Melodies, Gabriel Faure; Harmonized and Arranged for Organ)


a. 1. (April 15, 1939) (F Major, 4/2)


a. 1. (Alternative Version) (F Major, 4/2)


b. 2. F Major (April 16, 1939)


c. 3. G Major-E minor (somewhat modal) (April 17, 1939)


d. 4. (April 18, 1939) (A Major, 4/2)


d. 4. (Alternative Version) (A Major, 4/2)


e. 5. G Major-E minor (somewhat modal), 3/2 (April 19, 1939)


f. 6. A minor (somewhat modal) (No Date)


g. 7. A minor, 3/2 (No Date)

item H-25

Same as H-24a (Alternate Version) and H-24d (Alternate Version) (Arrangements for 2 Clarinets in A and Bassoon)


Exercises (I)

Additional Note

(Categories I and J revised by John A. Emerson April, 1984)
item I-1 to I-36

Counterpoint and fugal exercises by Charles Shatto with many corrections, rescorings, and annotations in the autograph hand of Charles Koechlin. Items I-34 to I-36 are three letters (dated 1937) from Charles Koechlin to Charles Shatto regarding some of these exercises.

Physical Description: 66 leaves.

Drafts And Sketches (J)

item J

Unsorted drafts and sketches of musical compositions by Charles Shatto.

Physical Description: 316 leaves.

II. Editions

item A.

Printed editions of Charles Shatto's works, prepared by David Zea of the F. Eugene Miller foundation, and Robin Escovado (indicated by *). Works are composed by Charles Shatto unless otherwise marked.


Academic fanfare, serenade, chorale & finale for organ


Adagio for Zelda for piano solo

Physical Description: (7 copies)

Allegretto Sherlando for piano

Physical Description: (7 copies)

Autumn barcarolle for violin & piano

Physical Description: (5 copies)

Chant for piano, Shatto/Urner

Physical Description: (3 copies)

Choral-Fantasy, for trumpet, piano, and organ, score *


Choral-Fantasy, for trumpet, piano, and organ, parts *


Choral in D minor, Shatto /Urner joint composers


Chorale in g minor for organ

Physical Description: (6 copies)

Fantasy for Piano *


Fantasy on choral themes of Catherine Urner for organ solo (missing 4/96)


Five Student Works for piano, Iphigenia, Nocturne, Scherzo, and Two Short Pieces *


Five trios for organ

Physical Description: (2 copies)

Le jardin du cottage d'Amerique: no. 45 from le portrait de Daisy Hamilton/arr. for organ by Charles Shatto, composed by Charles Koechlin.


Humoresque for piano

Physical Description: (5 copies)

Impromptu for piano *


Introduction and Fugue for organ *



Physical Description: (3 copies)

Linga sharira for piano

Physical Description: (2 copies)

Madonna's lullaby from Sonata Noel for 2 pianos by Catherine Urner, arr. for organ by Charles Shatto

Physical Description: (12 copies)

Morning at Bird Rock

Physical Description: (2 copies)

Nocturne for organ


Nocturne in f minor for organ

Physical Description: (4 copies)

Passacaglia for organ


Pastorales: 3 trios for organ

Physical Description: (3 copies)

Poem (for organ) -- signed by composer [American Guild of Organists -- not Zea ed.]


Prayer for organ, Shatto/Urner


Requiem for soprano or tenor and piano *


Secular Cassation in eight movements for soprano, flute, violin, harpsichord (or piano), and harmonium (or organ of any kind), score *


Secular Cassation in eight movements for soprano, flute, violin, harpsichord (or piano), and harmonium (or organ of any kind), parts *


Seven piano pieces, Valse Lente, "For Piano," Poem, Serenade, Soliloquy, Two Preludes *


Sketches Along the Way: from San Diego to Paris, for piano *


Sonata in a minor, in one movement, for organ *


Song for fruit-gathering for voice & piano composed by Charles Shatto with flute obligato by Catherine Urner

Physical Description: (3 copies)

To a poinsettia for piano


Trio Suite, on melodies of Catherine Urner *


Trios on Faure themes for organ

Physical Description: (2 copies)

Two Rhapsodies, for piano *


Two short songs for voice & piano: To A. D.; My Star

Physical Description: (4 copies)

Waltz for the left-hand alone

Physical Description: (3 copies)

15 little piano pieces

Physical Description: (2 copies)
item B.

Folder of xeroxes of manuscripts (some with working notes by editor David Zea)


III. Folder Of Shatto's Personal Playing Copies


Academic Fanfare, Serenade, Chorale, and Finale, Adagio for Zelda, for Chant, Choral in D minor, Comme une Berceuse, Fantasy on Choral Themes of Catherine Urner, Legend, Linga Sharira, Morning at Bird Rock, Nocturne in F minor, Pastorales, Prayer, Song from Fruit-Gathering, To a Poinsettia, Trios on Faure Themes, Two short songs, Waltz for the Left Hand Alone, Waltz for the Left Hand Alone (arr. for organ), 15 Little Piano Pieces


IV. Compositions By David Zea


Echoes for piano


V. Sound Recordings


Three cassettes -- 2 cassettes contain pieces by Shatto performed in a concert on 30 August, 1981. Donated in 1987 by R. H. and G. Jakob (289 Tamalpais Ave., Mill Valley, CA 94941).


Five 7 1/2" reel-to-reel tapes


1 disc and a cassette dubbed from disc -- Four sketches by Shatto; performed and recorded on 13 September, 1940. San Diego.