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Register of the Schweitzer (Jeffrey) Collection, 1887-1983

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Title: Schweitzer (Jeffrey) Collection,
Date (inclusive): 1887-1983
Collection number: Mss174
Creator: Duff Chapman
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Schweitzer, Jeffrey (1885-1979)
Chapman, Duff
Wilson, Ellen
Sibbald, John

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Alma Mine (Amador County, Calif.)
Amador King Mine (Amador County, Calif.)
Argonaut Mine (Amador County, Calif.)
Butte Mountain Mine (Amador County, Calif.)


Calaveras County (Calif.) -History
Amador County (Calif.) -History -1850-1950
Amador County (Calif.) -History -1846-1850
Mines and mineral resources -History -California
Mining claims -California
Mining districts -California
Mining engineering
Manganese mines and mining
Copper mines and mining -California
Platinum mines and mining
Mercury mines and mining -California
Gold mines and mining -Nevada
Gold mines and mining -Arizona
Gold mines and mining -California
Mines and mineral resources -Nevada
Mines and mineral resources -Arizona
Mines and mineral resources -California


Mining Engineer Jeffrey Schweitzer (1885-1979) graduated from the University of California School of Mines (1907). From 1908, he did free-lance work investigating mines and writing reports on them for various western mining companies. He was particularly well-informed about mining activities in Amador County, California. Most of the individuals with whom Schweitzer corresponded were active in the mining industry. Two of these men, John J. McSorley and James E. Davis, were associated with mines in Amador County. Schweitzer maintained friendships with McSorley and Davis for over fifty years. After he retired (1958) Schweitzer settled permanently in Jackson, Amador County. There, he became active in various local history projects. He oversaw the town of Jackson's acquisition of the Kennedy Mining & Milling Company Wheels as a city park. He was also the first Director of the Amador County Historical Society. During his last years, Schweitzer met amateur historian, Duff Chapman. Chapman was a long-time Amador County resident who wrote about the Jackson area. Jeffrey Schweitzer left his papers to Chapman, who, in turn, gave them--together with his own--to the University of the Pacific.

Scope and Content

The Jeffrey Schweitzer Collection contains papers, pamphlets, maps, photographs and books. With the exception of Series IV: Duff Chapman Papers, most of these materials relate to mines and mining practices in the first half of the twentieth century. Schweitzer's mining papers consist primarily of mining reports and brief letters to interested parties regarding the status of mining properties. For more than a decade he was Secretary of the South Jackson Mining Company, Amador County (1912-1925) and the affairs of this mining concern are amply represented in his papers. A complete listing of Schweitzer's books and maps is available on-site.

Container List






1.1.1--Alma Mine: Business Correspondence


a-JS to C.P. Vicini, SF, 9-27-30.


b-Ralph McGee to JS, 10-4-30.


c-John J. McSorley to JS, Mokelumne Hill, 11-9-33.


d-W.S. Weymouth to JS, Oakland, 4-5-39.


e-Ralph McGee to JS, Jackson, 11-4-39.


f-L.A. Smith to C.W. Merrill, SF, 12-5-39.


g-John J. McSorley to JS, Mokelumne Hill, 5-26-41.


h-E.A. Stent to JS, Jackson, 7-23-39. [2 pgs.; report; 4 copies]


1.1.2--Alma Mine: Reports to Management


a-JS. "The Alma Mine...," 1930. [5 pgs.]


b--Do. [9 pgs.; incl. notat.]


c-Do., 1934. [7 pgs.; 2 copies]


d-Do. [6 pgs.]


e-Do. [4 pgs.; 4 copies]


1.1.2b--Alma Mine: Reports to Management


a-JS. "The Alma Mine...," 1930; rev. 1945. [5 pgs.]


b-Do., 1949. [5 pgs.; 2 copies]


c-Do. [8 pgs.; incl. vertical section]


d-Do. [10 pgs., photocopy; incl. 2 vertical sect., 2 maps, letters from JJ McS (11-9- 33) & EA Stent (7-23-39) above]


1.1.3--Alma Mine: Other Documents


a-"Trenchell Shaft/Alma Mine/Jackson, Calif.," 1948. [vertical sect.]


b-Vertical section, n.d.


c-Gutman Shaft, vertical section, n.d. [pencil]


d-JS. "The story of a prospect," n.d. [8 pgs.; informal acct. of JS relationship w/ Alma]


e-"Alma Mine/proposed expenditures," n.d.


1.1.4--Amador King (Rhetta) Mine


a-J.L. Bryson. "Report of J.L. Bryson of Amador King Mine, Plymouth, Amador County, California," 1913. [3 pgs.]


b-Albert Burch. "Letter of Albert Burch on the Rhetta Mine," 1914. [2 pgs.]


c-James E. Davis. "Report of James E. Davis on the Rhetta Mine," n.d. [2 pgs.]


d-"Rhetta Henry Kaiser," [pencil; notes on Clift Hotel stationery]


e-Mine yield inventories [?] [2 pgs., Clift Hotel stationery]


1.1.5--Argonaut Mine


a-[JS] to Warren Taylor, 2-22-69.


b-"The Argonaut Mine," n.d.


c-Argonaut Mining Co., Ltd., Annual Report, 1937.


d-Do., 1939.


e-Do., 1940.


f-"Argonaut Mining Co., Ltd., Reports:...," n.p., c1944.


g-JS. "The Argonaut Mine," n.d. [2 pgs.]


h-Vertical section, 1940. [pencil on 3 x 5"]


i-Do. [pencil on tracing paper]


j-"Argonaut 1936 net $187,539," SF Chronicle (3-24-37).


1.1.6--Butte Mountain: Assay certificate, Mother Lode Assay Office, Jackson, 4-20-14.


1.1.7--California Mine Group: General Reports (1927-31)


a-JS & Thomas V. Reeves. "The California Mine Group...," August 1, 1927. [26 pgs.; incl. 3 maps, 1 section]


b-Do., January 10, 1931. [12 pgs.]


c-[JS] to Daryl Gilbreth, 10-5-72. [re lease]


d-List of acreage of Cal Mg Gp mines, n.d.


1.1.8--California Mine Group: General Reports (1931)


a-JS. "The California MIne Group...," May 19, 1931. [12 pgs.; 2 copies]


b-Do. [11 pgs.]


1.1.9--California Mine Group: General Reports (1932-66)


a-JS. "The California Mine Group...," 1932. [11 pgs.]


b-Do. [12 pgs.]


c-Do., 1966. [7 pgs.]


1.1.10--California Mine Group: California Mine


a-"California Mine, Drytown, Amador County," 1930. [incl. sections, interviews w/ W.S. Weymouth & Allen McWayne]


b-C.H. Thomas. "Report on the California Potosi Mining Property," 1907. [2 pgs.]


c-Do. [5 pgs., ink]


1.1.11--California Mine Group: Pochantas, Seaton, etc.


a-W.C. Weymouth. "Report on California & Pocahontas Mining Property," 1907. [3 pgs.]


b-Do. [7 pgs., carbon]


c-"Copy/State Mining Bureau/Field Report," 1914. [on Pocahontas Mine]


d-Henry A. Meyers to E.S. McCurdy, Plymouth, 1916. [re Seaton]


e-"Copy/State Mining Bureau/Field Report," 1914. [re Seaton]


f-"Seaton & adjoining gold properties, Amador City, California," 1916. [8 pgs.]


g-"At the deep mines of Amador County today...," n.d. [pg. 12 of a report]


h-"Cosmopolitan work done about 1889-91," n.d. [pencil, note on Sunset Mg. & Dev. letterhead]


1.1.12--Central Eureka Mine


a-John Van Becker. "Mining Co. 39 report surprises," SFCall-Bulletin (2-16-40).


b-Central Eureka Mining Company, Annual Report, 1939. [3 pgs.]


c-Do., 1940. [3 pgs.]


d-Do., 1941. [2 pgs.]


e-Central Eureka Corporation, Annual Report, 1953.


f-"Jan 17 - 15/2 machine clamps..." [pencil; note on graph paper ident. ink as "Central Eureka"]


g-L.A. Norman, Jr. "Central Eureka Mining Company/Description of Operations at the Old Eureka Mine (w/ Maps)," 1939. [2 pgs.]


1.1.13--Copperopolis : Francis Howard Riggs. "A home in Copper," Las Calaveras 27:4 (Jul 1979).


1.1.14--Hardenburg Mine :George D. Garland to JS, Oakland, 11-21-33. [2 pgs., ink]


1.1.15--Ivanhoe Mine :"The Ivanhoe L.M. being in the..." [pencil; note on yellow paper]


1.1.16--Kelly Mine


a-"Kelly Mine, Amador County," 1916.


b-"1916--/East vein--..." [pencil on yellow lined paper]


1.1.17--Kennedy Mining & Milling Co.


a-J.R. Knowland, President. "To stockholders of Kennedy Mining...," 5-19-41.


b-Assessments & Dividends, 1887-1940. [2 copies]


c-H.L. Slosson, Jr. "The Kennedy Mining & Milling Co./Dividends, Assessments," c1940. [photostat; lists by yr.]


d-"Kennedy Milling & Mining Co., List of Shareholders," 1947. [2 pgs.]


e-"Bullion & concentrate/production," c1941. [pencil]


f-"Kennedy Claim located by Andrew Kennedy in 1856...," n.d. [pencil]


g-"Kennedy - Reports VIII, pp. 66-70...," n.d. [pencil]


h-Michael Raffety. "Those mines in Jackson are through," n.p., n.d. [re Kennedy Mine]


i-JS to Editor, Amador Dispatch, n.d. [re Kennedy Wheels, Jackson]


j-"Kennedy Mine, Amador Co., Vertical section, 1940. [pencil on 3 x 5"]


k-Do., n.d. [blueprint]


1.1.18-Lincoln (Union) Mine--Correspondence & Histories


a--George D. Garland to [JS?], Sutter Creek, 4-22-25. [2 pgs.]


b--Ira B. Joralemon. "Lincoln Consolidated Mining Co., Sutter Creek...," 1931. [9 pgs.; a history]


c-Do. [7 pgs.]


d-[Ira B. Joralemon]. "Lincoln Consolidated Mining Co., Sutter Creek...," n.d. [8 pgs.]


1.1.19-Lincoln (Union) Mine--Reports & Misc.


a-JS. "Report on the Lincoln Gold Mining Company...," 1930. [10 pgs.; 2 copies]


b-from George T. Clark. Leland Stanford, 1931, 69-70. [typscr.; re LS involvement w/ Union Mine]


c-"Lincoln East Cross Cut," n.d. [pencil on pink 3 x 5"]


d-"West Cross Cut," n.d. [pencil on pink 3 x 5"]


1.1.20-Mikado Mine


a-JS. "The Mikado Mine...," 1962. [3 pgs.]


b-Do. [4 pgs.; incl. sect.]


c-Do. [1 pg. only; pencil notat.]


1.1.21-Moore Mining Company--Correspondence & Reports


a-James E. Davis to JS, Copperopolis, 2-10-27.


b-Lewis R. Robins to Frederick M. Rindge, Dec. 1927. [6 pgs.]


c-H.E. Wollenrich to Stockholders, SF, 1-15-30.


d-Oscar H. Hershey. "Geological Report on Moore Mine," 1925. [5 pgs.]


e-Do. "Report on development work in Moore Mine," 1925. [2 pgs.]


1.1.22-Moore Mining Company--Frank A. Moss. "Geologic Report on the Property of the Moore Mining Co.," 1926. [18 pgs.]


1.1.23-Moore Mining Company--Reports


a-Frank A. Moss. "Geologic report on the property of the Moore Mining Co.," 1926. [9 pgs.]


b-Oscar H. Hershey. "Report on Development Work in Moore Mine," 1927. [2 pgs.; 3 pgs., 2nd copy]


c-Do. "The Main Fault in the Moore Property...," 1927. [6 pgs.; incl. vertical sect.]


d-H.G. Perry. "Report on the Moore Mine Faults," n.d. [9 pgs.]


1.1.24-Nevill Mine---John J. McSorley. "Nevill Mine," 1935.


1.1.25-Pioneer Mine---Notes, various sources, n.d. [6 pgs.; pencil; found in W.B. Tucker. Mines & Mineral Resources of Amador County...]


1.1.26-General Information on Amador County Mines


a-[JS] to Adolph Knopf, 9-8-29.


b-Adolph Knopf to JS, 9-26-29.


c-JS. "Outcroppings & ore-bodies along the Mother Lode in Amador County," 1940. [7 pgs., incl. 2 maps; 2 copies]


d-Note on stamp mills in Amador, 1858. [found in W.B. Tucker. Mineral Resources of Amador County, Calaveras County, Tuolomne County]


1.1.27-South Jackson Mining Company---Business Corresp.


a-C.P. Vicini to James S. Campbell, Jackson, 3-30-12. [2 pgs.; re stock]


b-A. Ginnochio to JS, Jackson, 4-27-12. [re stock]


c-Edward S. Bailly to C.P. Vicini, SF, 5-2-12. [re stock]


d-"George N. Drayen..." [ink on 2 x 4"; address]


e-"Edward W. Hahn..." [ink on 2 x 4"; address]


f-J.M. Moran to M.A. Rusher, SF, 6-24-12.


g-W.F. Marten to Thomas Boro, 7-8-12. [re stock]


h-Harron, Rickard & McCone to SoJack Mg. Co., 7-13-12. [re order]


i-Do., 8-12-12. [re order]


j-Edward S. Bailly to JS, 9-1-12. [re stock]


k-JS to Edward S. Bailly, 9-4-12. [re stock]


l-JS to H.A. Boutell, 11-29-12. [re stock]


m-JS to California Cap Co., 12-5-12.


n-Harron, Rickard & McCone to SoJack Mg. Co., 12-13-12. [re order]


o-W.J. Standidge to JS, Berkeley, 2-14-14. [re stock]


p-Harron, Rickard & McCone to SoJack Mg. Co., 12-24-12. [re order]


1.1.28-South Jackson Mining Company---Reports to Mgmt.


a-R.S. Rainsford. "Report on the Property of ...," 1912. [6 pgs.; 2 copies]


b-JS to Maurice Schweitzer, SF, 1-9-12. [2 pgs.; report on SoJackson Mine]


c-Do. [4 pgs.]


d-James E. Davis to Maurice Schweitzer, Sutter Creek, 1-9-12. [4 pgs.; incl. 2 sect.]


e-James E. Davis to Maurice Schweitzer, Sutter Creek, 1-9-12. [3 pgs.; 3 copies]


f-JS. "Report on the Property of ...," 1914. [3 pgs.; 2 copies]


g-Henry W. Turner. "The Property of ...," 1928. [13 pgs.; incl. photo, vertical sect.]


h-"The Property of the ...," n.d. [11 pgs.]


i-"Vertical section of ...," n.d. [blueprint]


j-"The ore body...," n.d. [portion of report]


1.1.29-South Jackson Mining Company---Moore Mng. Co. takeover


a-C.P. Vicini to JS, Venice CA, 6-12-25. [2 pgs.]


b-Do. [2nd letter]


c-JS to C.P. Vicini, SF, 6-13-25. [on back of above]


d-JS to C.P. Vicini, SF, 6-13-25.


e-JS to James E. Davis, SF 6-15-25.


f-C.P. Vicini to JS, LA, 6-16-25.


g-JS to C.P. Vicini, SF, 6-19-25. [on back of above]


h-William G. Snyder to JS, Jackson, 6-15-25. [re Frederick Rindge takeover Moore Mng. Co.]


i-JS to William G. Snyder, SF, 6-18-25.


j-JS to C.P. Vicini, SF, 6-27-25.


k-2 clippings announcing takeover


1.1.30-South Jackson Mining Company---Stockholders Reports and Lists


a-JS. Report of the Superintendent, 1912. [5 copies]


b-C.P. Vicini. Report, 1915.


c-Announcement of Moore Mining Co. takeover, 9-15-25. [5 copies]


d-List, 1912. [2 pgs.]


e-List, 1-1-15. [2 pgs.; 2 copies]


f-List, 1943. [4 pgs.]


g-List, 1959. [4 pgs.]


h-viz. also Ledger (1911) in JS Collection: Books, Box 1


1.1.31-South Jackson Mining Company---Assay certificates, recpts., bills, orders


a-Assay cert., Reggio's Assay Office, n.d.


b-Do., C.M. Ball, 1945.


c-Recpts. [3], Pacific Hardware & Steel Co., 8-9/10-12, 7-18-13.


d-Bill, R.S. Rainsford, 1-10-12. [2 pgs.]


e-Order, Pacific Hardware & Steel Co., 8-3-12.


1.1.32-South Jackson Mining Company---Tax forms, leases, deeds


a-Corporate Income Tax Return, 1917.


b-Capital Stock Tax, 1917, 1922, 1923, 1924, 1925, 1926


c-Lease agmt., 1956.


d-Bond for Deed, E.E. Sager, 7-8-11. [11 pgs.; pencil notat.]


e-Deed, South Jackson Mng. Co. to Moore Mng. Co., 6-12-28. [10 pgs.; 2 copies]


1.1.33-South Jackson Mining Company---Other (letterheads, notes, etc.)


a-Drake Lock-Nut Co. [letterhead]


b-"The South Jackson Mg. Co. used two Ingersoll-Rand BC-26...," n.d. [re work done at mine]


c-Cost estimates, n.d.


d-"1. 659.100 shares...," n.d. [ink on Hoffman, Rothchild & Co. form]


e-"1922/Capital Stock Tax," n.d. [ink on Hoffman, Rothchild & Co. form]


1.1.34-South Jackson Mining Company---Passbook, 1912.


1.1.35-Wildman Mines


a-William A. Parish. "Report on Property of Wildman Gold Mng. Co.," 7-1-01. [13 pgs.]


b-"Memoranda of measurements of latest work done at Wildman Consolidated Mines," 1906. [3 pgs.]


1.1.36-Zeile (Zeila) Mine---Business Correspondence


a-Marcus L. Hurley to Fred Wise, NY, 1-28-33. [2 copies]


b-JS to Mrs. Robert E. Cranston, 8-31-33.


c-Graham Cranston to JS, San Rafael, 9-2-33.


d-JS to Graham Cranston, 9-4-33. [back of above]


e-JS to Marcus L. Hurley, SF, 9-5-33.


f-Marcus L. Hurley to JS, NY, 9-11-33.


g-JS to Marcus L. Hurley, SF, 9-15-33. [on back 9-5-33]


h-JS to John J. McSorley, SF, 9-15-33.


i-JS to Fred Wise, 9-30-33.


j--Fred Wise to JS, Reno, 10-10-33.


k-JS to John J. McSorley, SF, 10-11-33.


l-JS to Breitung & Co., 10-20-33.


m-JS to Fred Wise, 10-21-33. [on back 10-10-33]


n-JS to Fred Wise, 10-30-33.


1.1.37-Zeile (Zeila) Mine---Business Corresp.


a-JS to John J. McSorley, 8-23-40.


b-JS to Breitung & Co., SF, 8-27-40.


c-JS to John J. McSorley, 10-28-40.


d-John J. McSorley to JS, Mokelumne Hill, 10-30-40.


e-JS to John J. McSorley, SF, 11-3-40.


f-JS to John J. McSorley, SF, 11-17-40.


g-JS to John J. McSorley, SF, 12-1-40.


h-Fred Wise to John J. McSorley, Redhouse NV, 1-18-41.


i-[JS] to John J. McSorley, SF, 1-19-41.


j-John J. McSorley to JS, Mokelumne Hill, 1-20-41.


k-John J. McSorley to JS, Mokelumne Hill, 1-21-41.


l-[JS] to John J. McSorley, 1-22-41. [back of above]


m-JS to John J. McSorley, SF, 1-24-41.


n-John J. McSorley to JS, 1-27-41.


o-JS to John J. McSorley, SF, 1-31-41. [on back 1-24-31]


p-John J. McSorley to JS, Mokelumne Hill, 2-11-41.


q-JS to John J. McSorley, 2-17-41. [on back 10-28-40]


r-John J. McSorley to JS, 2-28-41.


s-JS to John J. McSorley, 3-4-41. [back of above]


1.1.38-Zeile (Zeila) Mine---Business Correspondence


a-Nettie [McSorley] to JS, Mokelumne Hill, n.d.


b-JS to John J. McSorley, SF, 3-17-41.


c-JS to Nettie McSorley, 3-21-41. [back of n.d. from Nettie McS]


d-John J. McSorley to JS, Mokelumne Hill, 3-26-41.


e-John J. McSorley to JS, Mokelumne Hill, 3-29-41.


f-JS to John J. McSorley, 3-31-41. [back of above; re P.C. Vicini land]


g-John J. McSorley to JS, Mokelumne Hill, 4-9-41.


h-John J. McSorley to JS, Mokelumne Hill, 4-14-41.


i-JS to John J. McSorley, 4-16-41. [back of above]


j-JS to John J. McSorley, 4-21-41. [on back 4-9-41]


k-John J. McSorley to JS, Mokelumne Hill, 4-23-41.


l-JS to John J. McSorley, 4-24-41. [back of above]


m-John J. McSorley to Kennedy Mng. & Mlg. Co., n.d. [requests option on Zeile]


n-John J. McSorley to Bd. of Dir., Kennedy Mng. & Mlg. Co., 3-19-41. [requests lease on Zeile]


1.39-Zeile (Zeila) Mine---Reports & Miscellany


a-"Synopsis of final report on Zeile Mine...," 1914. [5 pgs.]


b-"Zeila Mine/Jackson, Amador County, California/Synopsis of Final Report by/R.E. Cranston...," 1914; 1933. [7 pgs.; 2 copies]


c-"Fred Wise, General/Superintendent..." [pencil; note on scrap]


d-"Breitung & Co./Limited..." [ink; note on scrap]


e-"Zeile Mine/Jackson, California," 1927. [2 pgs.]


f-Map of Zeile property [pencil]




1.2.1-ARIZONA: Mojave County---Bonanza Mining Property:"Bonanza Mining Property...," n.d.


1.2.2-ARIZONA: Mojave County---Lester Mining Company: Mining option, C.E. Finney, 12-2-14.


1.2.3-ARIZONA: Mojave County---Vivian Mine: Albert E. Kern. Vivian Mining Company, 1941. [3 pgs.; report to stockholders]


1.2.4-ARIZONA: Mojave County---Unidentified


a-"High grade ore from the bonanza...," 1935. [note on 3 x 5"]


b-[JS] to W.S. Weymouth, 1-21-36.


c-W.S. Weymouth to JS, Oakland, 3-28-39.


d-[JS] to W.S. Weymouth, 3-31-39.


e-W.S. Weymouth to JS, Oakland, 4-2-39.


f-[JS] to W.S. Weymouth, 4-5-39.


1.2.5-CALIFORNIA: Alpine County---Mogul Peak Cinnabar Mine, Report, 1939.


1.2.6-CALIFORNIA:ButteCounty---Southern Cross Mine:"Southern Cross Mine/Forbestown Mining District...," 1936.


1.2.7-CALIFORNIA: Calaveras County--- Banner Mine: "Banner Mine/Calaveras Co., Calif....," n.d. [c1937]


1.2.8-CALIFORNIA: Calaveras County---Dolclothe Mine: H.A. Bunn. "Dolclothe Mine/Calaveras Co., Calif., 1936. [4 pgs.; 3 copies]


1.2.9-CALIFORNIA: Calaveras County---Enterprise Mine


a-Fred P. Plagemann to John J. McSorley, 10-10-35.


b-Charles M. Heron. "Report on Enterprise Mining Property...," n.d. [13 pgs.; incl. 3 sects., 1 map; 2 copies]


1.2.10-CALIFORNIA: Calaveras County---Gold Bar Claim: "Notice of location of quartz claim," 1911. [Arthur Deeren, Harry Werthman at Angels Camp]


1.2.11-CALIFORNIA: Calaveras County---Gwin Mine


a-JS to W.P. Fuller (Ed., Las Calaveras), 7-26-74.


b-Bill Fuller to JS, San Andreas, 8-15-74.


c-JS to Will [?], 8-20-74.


d-JS. "The Gwin Mine/Lower Rich Gulch...," 1933. [11 pgs.]


e-W.P. Fuller, Jr. "The Gwin Mine at Paloma," Las Calaveras 16:2 (Jan 1968).


f-JS. "Once in a thousand times," n.d. [4 pgs.; JS tale of how he owned Gwin by accident; 2 copies]


g-JS. "A million dollar mine ! A gift ?" [8 pgs., ink]


1.2.12-CALIFORNIA: Calaveras County---Heckendorn Mine


a-John J. McSorley to JS, Mokelumne Hill, 12-4-36.


b-John J. McSorley to JS, Mokelumne Hill, 12-16-36.


c-"Heckendorn Mine/Calaveras County, Calif.," n.d. [2 copies]


d-"Heckendorn/1872--Vol. 25 page 68 X..." [pencil]


e-"Heckendorn Mine/Calaveras County, Calif," n.d. [c1936] [4 copies]


1.2.13-CALIFORNIA: Calaveras County---Infernal Triangle Mine:Deed to Rough Diamond Tunnel, Green Mt. Ext., Infernal Triangle Mines...," 1937. [11 pgs.]


1.2.14-CALIFORNIA: Calaveras County---Nassau Mine


a-Charles A. Liddell to JS, Tonopah NV, 10-13-25.


b-JS to Charles A. Liddell, SF, 10-18-25.


c-"Assays of shipments made by Nassau Copper Co...," c1914.


1.2.15-CALIFORNIA: Calaveras County---Rich Gulch (Foote & Tompson Mine): John J. McSorley. "Foote & Tompson Mine/Rich Gulch...," 1932.


1.2.16-CALIFORNIA: Calaveras County---Union Mine: William R. Logan to JS, Ft. Bidwell CA, 6-1-36.


1.2.17-CALIFORNIA: El Dorado County--- Cambrian Gold Property: Charles E. Doane. "Cambrian Gold Property," n.d. [c1940]


1.2.18-CALIFORNIA: Humboldt County---Trinidad Copper Mine


a-J.P. Bauder to JS, Trinidad CA, 10-6-20. [4 pgs.; ink]


b-JS to J.B. Bauder, 12-31-21.


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1.2.21-CALIFORNIA: Tuolumne County---Confidence Mine


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1.2.24-CALIFORNIA--- General


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1.2.27-NEVADA: Esmeralda County---Nevada-Palmetto Mining Group--correspondence


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n-JS to Gerald B. Hartley, SF 10-29-24?]


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1.2.29-NEVADA: Esmeralda County---Nevada-Palmetto Mining Company--Deeds, Assays


a-Deed, Nevada-Palmetto Mining Company, 10-11-06.


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1.2.30-NEVADA: Nye County---Myra Mine


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b-Recpt. for 155,000 shares Myra Mining Co., 1935.


1.2.31-NEVADA: Washoe County---Antelope Group: Lease Agreement to Antelope Group of lode mine claims Lone Pine Mining District...," 1961. [4 pgs., photocopy; poor quality]


1.2.32-NEVADA: Washoe County---Comstock Lode: F.C. Calkins. "Outline of the Geology of the Comstock Lode District, Nevada," 1944.


1.2.33-NEVADA--General or unidentified


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1.2.34-IDAHO: General---"A preliminary study of certain platinum occurences near Coeur d'Alene, Idaho," 1923.




a-JS to C.H. Vivian (Editor, Compressed Air) 3-24-45. [re JS article]


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f-Do. [13 pgs.]


g-Do. [14 pgs.]


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d-Chart [of crystalline formations ?] [ink on lined paper]




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a-J.E. Davis to JS, Jackson, 1-13-13. [telegram]


b-"(The vein in the level north)...," n.d.


c-"7.10/6.40...," n.d. [pencil on scrap]


d-Recpt., M. Cohn of M. Schweitzer, $250 for 25% of all mining sites found by him, 11-1-04. [ink]


e-"660/800 .825..." [pencil, list on Clift Hotel letterhead]


f-Unidentified Section of mine


g-"Rosebud strike," n.d. [ink sketch map; 2 copies]


h-"500 $450 $1.50 sul slate & schist..." [found in W.B. Tucker. Mines & Mineral Resources of Amador County...]




Dutch-Sweeney Mining Company flow sheets








a-JS to Wm. W. Logan, 6-3-36.


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o-The Ratzer Map of New York City, n.d. [photocopy]


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q-3 "humorous" postcards [male chauvinist humor]


r-Albert M. Schweitzer/representing manufacturers/SF,3, c1948 [business card]


s-Committee to Elect Dan Parises [campaign circular]


t-Public Auction/Mendon, Michigan..., n.d. [docs. & furniture for sale]


u-Consent to assignment of lease, A. Ensley to Annie Day, National Hotel, Jackson, 3-7-13.


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y-"Do./Face Brick," c1929. [2 copies]


z-"Do./Common Brick," c1929.


aa-JS to Lester S. Koritz (Ed. California Highways & Public Works), 8-10-64. [re JS hwy. photos]




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b-JS to Standard Oil, 11-26-73.


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o-W.H. Walter to JS, 1-25-74.


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q-W.H. Walter to JS, 1-30-74.


r-JS to W.H. Walter, 1-31-74. [on back above]


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z-W.H. Walter to JS, 3-19-74.


aa-JS to W.H. Walter, 3-23-74. [on back above]


bb-H. Bryce Parker to JS, Dallas, 4-9-74.


cc-W.H. Walter to JS, SF, 5-24-74.


dd-Everett S. Layman, Jr.... [business card incl. w/ above]


ee-JS to Atlantic-Richfield, n.d. [ink corrects.]


ff-Plat map of NV T8NR42E




a-"The boom was on !" [2 pgs., pencil]


b-"It surely was a beauty." [6 pgs.; 2 copies]






3.1.1-LEDGER, SOUTH JACKSON MINING COMPANY, 1911. [152 pgs., last entry pg. 9; contains shareholder names & accts.:


3.1.2-CORRESPONDENCE & NOTES BOOK, 1908-19. [152 pgs., unused from p. 61; table of contents, pp. 1-2; info on copper, zinc, oil, and gold prospecting]


3.1.3-FIELD NOTEBOOK, c1915-19. [ink & pencil, 1.5 x 4" lined paper; incl. notes on: Standard Mg. Co.; Colossal Copper Claims NV; Burns Mine; Lone Tree Mine; Abbott Ranch, Sunol (Alameda Co. CA) [manganese]; Hot Spring Peak, Winemucca (Humboldt Co. NV); and, JS' photos]


3.1.4-PLATINUM CLIPPINGS SCRAPBOOK, 1923-25. [201 pgs., unused from p. 80; newspaper & trade journal clippings re platinum mining; most dated, no source]


3.1.5-SAN FRANCISCO MUNICIPAL RAILWAY SCRAPBOOK, c1925-32. [paper covers, no pag.; incl. "letters to the editor" from JS]








a-William B. Meek Stewart to "Duff," June 12th, [no year].


b-"The Customers," n.p., n.d., pp. 9-10-19. [photocopy]


c-"October 1850..." [2 pgs., photocopy; grocer's acct. book, mentions Ellen Wilson]




a-"John Sibbald kills himself," Humboldt Star (8-25-13).


b-"Mr. Sibbald was..." [ink; continuation of above]




a-"The Mother Lode is...," n.d. [2 pgs.; 1 pg. ink notes from Rodman Paul's California Gold]


b-"The Mother Lode is a precise...," n.d. [3 pgs.]


c-"The Mother Lode of California," n.d. [3 pgs.]


d-"By wearisome definition the Mother Lode...," n.d. [3 pgs.]




a-Arlen [Hansen] to DC, Stockton, n.d. [6 pgs.; re DC essay]


b-"Deep shadow, little substance," n.d. [10 pgs., photocopy; essay critiqued by AH above]


c-"New: Pilgrim vs. Tourist !," n.d. [ink; notes on yellow]


d-"The pseudo-native=poseur !...," n.d. [2 pgs., ink; notes on yellow]


e-"By the late 1940s...," n.d. [4 pgs., var. sizes]


f-"In late January of 1848...," n.d. [6 pgs.]


g-"The tourist or 'pilgrim'...," n.d. [3 pgs.]




a-"Prostitution, gambling and high-grading...," n.d. [4 pgs.]


b-"J'accuse !," n.d. [5 pgs.]




a-Glossary of mining terms, n.p., n.d.


b-Bayard Taylor. At Home & Abroad..., 1871. [5 pgs., photocopy; title pg., contents, pp. 50-53, 62-63; re Missouri emigrants to CA]


c-"Henry Bain has a small...," Central Humboldt County, n.d., pg. 79. [photocopy]




4.1.8: KIT CARSON---"From letter to Judge J.R. Smith of San Andreas to J.A. Wilson," [1924].




a-Carl Briggs to DC, Salinas, 7-1-80. [2 pgs.; re DC article]


b-Env. for above


c-"Elisabeth" to "Duff," King's Beach CA, 9-2-83. [2 pgs.; family news]


4.1.10: AMADOR COUNTY: ANECDOTES & TRIVIA---DC to Lawrence A. Cenotto, 8-13-73.