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Register of the Schweitzer (Jeffrey) Collection, 1887-1983
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1.1.1--Alma Mine: Business Correspondence


a-JS to C.P. Vicini, SF, 9-27-30.


b-Ralph McGee to JS, 10-4-30.


c-John J. McSorley to JS, Mokelumne Hill, 11-9-33.


d-W.S. Weymouth to JS, Oakland, 4-5-39.


e-Ralph McGee to JS, Jackson, 11-4-39.


f-L.A. Smith to C.W. Merrill, SF, 12-5-39.


g-John J. McSorley to JS, Mokelumne Hill, 5-26-41.


h-E.A. Stent to JS, Jackson, 7-23-39. [2 pgs.; report; 4 copies]


1.1.2--Alma Mine: Reports to Management


a-JS. "The Alma Mine...," 1930. [5 pgs.]


b--Do. [9 pgs.; incl. notat.]


c-Do., 1934. [7 pgs.; 2 copies]


d-Do. [6 pgs.]


e-Do. [4 pgs.; 4 copies]


1.1.2b--Alma Mine: Reports to Management


a-JS. "The Alma Mine...," 1930; rev. 1945. [5 pgs.]


b-Do., 1949. [5 pgs.; 2 copies]


c-Do. [8 pgs.; incl. vertical section]


d-Do. [10 pgs., photocopy; incl. 2 vertical sect., 2 maps, letters from JJ McS (11-9- 33) & EA Stent (7-23-39) above]


1.1.3--Alma Mine: Other Documents


a-"Trenchell Shaft/Alma Mine/Jackson, Calif.," 1948. [vertical sect.]


b-Vertical section, n.d.


c-Gutman Shaft, vertical section, n.d. [pencil]


d-JS. "The story of a prospect," n.d. [8 pgs.; informal acct. of JS relationship w/ Alma]


e-"Alma Mine/proposed expenditures," n.d.


1.1.4--Amador King (Rhetta) Mine


a-J.L. Bryson. "Report of J.L. Bryson of Amador King Mine, Plymouth, Amador County, California," 1913. [3 pgs.]


b-Albert Burch. "Letter of Albert Burch on the Rhetta Mine," 1914. [2 pgs.]


c-James E. Davis. "Report of James E. Davis on the Rhetta Mine," n.d. [2 pgs.]


d-"Rhetta Henry Kaiser," [pencil; notes on Clift Hotel stationery]


e-Mine yield inventories [?] [2 pgs., Clift Hotel stationery]


1.1.5--Argonaut Mine


a-[JS] to Warren Taylor, 2-22-69.


b-"The Argonaut Mine," n.d.


c-Argonaut Mining Co., Ltd., Annual Report, 1937.


d-Do., 1939.


e-Do., 1940.


f-"Argonaut Mining Co., Ltd., Reports:...," n.p., c1944.


g-JS. "The Argonaut Mine," n.d. [2 pgs.]


h-Vertical section, 1940. [pencil on 3 x 5"]


i-Do. [pencil on tracing paper]


j-"Argonaut 1936 net $187,539," SF Chronicle (3-24-37).


1.1.6--Butte Mountain: Assay certificate, Mother Lode Assay Office, Jackson, 4-20-14.


1.1.7--California Mine Group: General Reports (1927-31)


a-JS & Thomas V. Reeves. "The California Mine Group...," August 1, 1927. [26 pgs.; incl. 3 maps, 1 section]


b-Do., January 10, 1931. [12 pgs.]


c-[JS] to Daryl Gilbreth, 10-5-72. [re lease]


d-List of acreage of Cal Mg Gp mines, n.d.


1.1.8--California Mine Group: General Reports (1931)


a-JS. "The California MIne Group...," May 19, 1931. [12 pgs.; 2 copies]


b-Do. [11 pgs.]


1.1.9--California Mine Group: General Reports (1932-66)


a-JS. "The California Mine Group...," 1932. [11 pgs.]


b-Do. [12 pgs.]


c-Do., 1966. [7 pgs.]


1.1.10--California Mine Group: California Mine


a-"California Mine, Drytown, Amador County," 1930. [incl. sections, interviews w/ W.S. Weymouth & Allen McWayne]


b-C.H. Thomas. "Report on the California Potosi Mining Property," 1907. [2 pgs.]


c-Do. [5 pgs., ink]


1.1.11--California Mine Group: Pochantas, Seaton, etc.


a-W.C. Weymouth. "Report on California & Pocahontas Mining Property," 1907. [3 pgs.]


b-Do. [7 pgs., carbon]


c-"Copy/State Mining Bureau/Field Report," 1914. [on Pocahontas Mine]


d-Henry A. Meyers to E.S. McCurdy, Plymouth, 1916. [re Seaton]


e-"Copy/State Mining Bureau/Field Report," 1914. [re Seaton]


f-"Seaton & adjoining gold properties, Amador City, California," 1916. [8 pgs.]


g-"At the deep mines of Amador County today...," n.d. [pg. 12 of a report]


h-"Cosmopolitan work done about 1889-91," n.d. [pencil, note on Sunset Mg. & Dev. letterhead]


1.1.12--Central Eureka Mine


a-John Van Becker. "Mining Co. 39 report surprises," SFCall-Bulletin (2-16-40).


b-Central Eureka Mining Company, Annual Report, 1939. [3 pgs.]


c-Do., 1940. [3 pgs.]


d-Do., 1941. [2 pgs.]


e-Central Eureka Corporation, Annual Report, 1953.


f-"Jan 17 - 15/2 machine clamps..." [pencil; note on graph paper ident. ink as "Central Eureka"]


g-L.A. Norman, Jr. "Central Eureka Mining Company/Description of Operations at the Old Eureka Mine (w/ Maps)," 1939. [2 pgs.]


1.1.13--Copperopolis : Francis Howard Riggs. "A home in Copper," Las Calaveras 27:4 (Jul 1979).


1.1.14--Hardenburg Mine :George D. Garland to JS, Oakland, 11-21-33. [2 pgs., ink]


1.1.15--Ivanhoe Mine :"The Ivanhoe L.M. being in the..." [pencil; note on yellow paper]


1.1.16--Kelly Mine


a-"Kelly Mine, Amador County," 1916.


b-"1916--/East vein--..." [pencil on yellow lined paper]


1.1.17--Kennedy Mining & Milling Co.


a-J.R. Knowland, President. "To stockholders of Kennedy Mining...," 5-19-41.


b-Assessments & Dividends, 1887-1940. [2 copies]


c-H.L. Slosson, Jr. "The Kennedy Mining & Milling Co./Dividends, Assessments," c1940. [photostat; lists by yr.]


d-"Kennedy Milling & Mining Co., List of Shareholders," 1947. [2 pgs.]


e-"Bullion & concentrate/production," c1941. [pencil]


f-"Kennedy Claim located by Andrew Kennedy in 1856...," n.d. [pencil]


g-"Kennedy - Reports VIII, pp. 66-70...," n.d. [pencil]


h-Michael Raffety. "Those mines in Jackson are through," n.p., n.d. [re Kennedy Mine]


i-JS to Editor, Amador Dispatch, n.d. [re Kennedy Wheels, Jackson]


j-"Kennedy Mine, Amador Co., Vertical section, 1940. [pencil on 3 x 5"]


k-Do., n.d. [blueprint]


1.1.18-Lincoln (Union) Mine--Correspondence & Histories


a--George D. Garland to [JS?], Sutter Creek, 4-22-25. [2 pgs.]


b--Ira B. Joralemon. "Lincoln Consolidated Mining Co., Sutter Creek...," 1931. [9 pgs.; a history]


c-Do. [7 pgs.]


d-[Ira B. Joralemon]. "Lincoln Consolidated Mining Co., Sutter Creek...," n.d. [8 pgs.]


1.1.19-Lincoln (Union) Mine--Reports & Misc.


a-JS. "Report on the Lincoln Gold Mining Company...," 1930. [10 pgs.; 2 copies]


b-from George T. Clark. Leland Stanford, 1931, 69-70. [typscr.; re LS involvement w/ Union Mine]


c-"Lincoln East Cross Cut," n.d. [pencil on pink 3 x 5"]


d-"West Cross Cut," n.d. [pencil on pink 3 x 5"]


1.1.20-Mikado Mine


a-JS. "The Mikado Mine...," 1962. [3 pgs.]


b-Do. [4 pgs.; incl. sect.]


c-Do. [1 pg. only; pencil notat.]


1.1.21-Moore Mining Company--Correspondence & Reports


a-James E. Davis to JS, Copperopolis, 2-10-27.


b-Lewis R. Robins to Frederick M. Rindge, Dec. 1927. [6 pgs.]


c-H.E. Wollenrich to Stockholders, SF, 1-15-30.


d-Oscar H. Hershey. "Geological Report on Moore Mine," 1925. [5 pgs.]


e-Do. "Report on development work in Moore Mine," 1925. [2 pgs.]


1.1.22-Moore Mining Company--Frank A. Moss. "Geologic Report on the Property of the Moore Mining Co.," 1926. [18 pgs.]


1.1.23-Moore Mining Company--Reports


a-Frank A. Moss. "Geologic report on the property of the Moore Mining Co.," 1926. [9 pgs.]


b-Oscar H. Hershey. "Report on Development Work in Moore Mine," 1927. [2 pgs.; 3 pgs., 2nd copy]


c-Do. "The Main Fault in the Moore Property...," 1927. [6 pgs.; incl. vertical sect.]


d-H.G. Perry. "Report on the Moore Mine Faults," n.d. [9 pgs.]


1.1.24-Nevill Mine---John J. McSorley. "Nevill Mine," 1935.


1.1.25-Pioneer Mine---Notes, various sources, n.d. [6 pgs.; pencil; found in W.B. Tucker. Mines & Mineral Resources of Amador County...]


1.1.26-General Information on Amador County Mines


a-[JS] to Adolph Knopf, 9-8-29.


b-Adolph Knopf to JS, 9-26-29.


c-JS. "Outcroppings & ore-bodies along the Mother Lode in Amador County," 1940. [7 pgs., incl. 2 maps; 2 copies]


d-Note on stamp mills in Amador, 1858. [found in W.B. Tucker. Mineral Resources of Amador County, Calaveras County, Tuolomne County]


1.1.27-South Jackson Mining Company---Business Corresp.


a-C.P. Vicini to James S. Campbell, Jackson, 3-30-12. [2 pgs.; re stock]


b-A. Ginnochio to JS, Jackson, 4-27-12. [re stock]


c-Edward S. Bailly to C.P. Vicini, SF, 5-2-12. [re stock]


d-"George N. Drayen..." [ink on 2 x 4"; address]


e-"Edward W. Hahn..." [ink on 2 x 4"; address]


f-J.M. Moran to M.A. Rusher, SF, 6-24-12.


g-W.F. Marten to Thomas Boro, 7-8-12. [re stock]


h-Harron, Rickard & McCone to SoJack Mg. Co., 7-13-12. [re order]


i-Do., 8-12-12. [re order]


j-Edward S. Bailly to JS, 9-1-12. [re stock]


k-JS to Edward S. Bailly, 9-4-12. [re stock]


l-JS to H.A. Boutell, 11-29-12. [re stock]


m-JS to California Cap Co., 12-5-12.


n-Harron, Rickard & McCone to SoJack Mg. Co., 12-13-12. [re order]


o-W.J. Standidge to JS, Berkeley, 2-14-14. [re stock]


p-Harron, Rickard & McCone to SoJack Mg. Co., 12-24-12. [re order]


1.1.28-South Jackson Mining Company---Reports to Mgmt.


a-R.S. Rainsford. "Report on the Property of ...," 1912. [6 pgs.; 2 copies]


b-JS to Maurice Schweitzer, SF, 1-9-12. [2 pgs.; report on SoJackson Mine]


c-Do. [4 pgs.]


d-James E. Davis to Maurice Schweitzer, Sutter Creek, 1-9-12. [4 pgs.; incl. 2 sect.]


e-James E. Davis to Maurice Schweitzer, Sutter Creek, 1-9-12. [3 pgs.; 3 copies]


f-JS. "Report on the Property of ...," 1914. [3 pgs.; 2 copies]


g-Henry W. Turner. "The Property of ...," 1928. [13 pgs.; incl. photo, vertical sect.]


h-"The Property of the ...," n.d. [11 pgs.]


i-"Vertical section of ...," n.d. [blueprint]


j-"The ore body...," n.d. [portion of report]


1.1.29-South Jackson Mining Company---Moore Mng. Co. takeover


a-C.P. Vicini to JS, Venice CA, 6-12-25. [2 pgs.]


b-Do. [2nd letter]


c-JS to C.P. Vicini, SF, 6-13-25. [on back of above]


d-JS to C.P. Vicini, SF, 6-13-25.


e-JS to James E. Davis, SF 6-15-25.


f-C.P. Vicini to JS, LA, 6-16-25.


g-JS to C.P. Vicini, SF, 6-19-25. [on back of above]


h-William G. Snyder to JS, Jackson, 6-15-25. [re Frederick Rindge takeover Moore Mng. Co.]


i-JS to William G. Snyder, SF, 6-18-25.


j-JS to C.P. Vicini, SF, 6-27-25.


k-2 clippings announcing takeover


1.1.30-South Jackson Mining Company---Stockholders Reports and Lists


a-JS. Report of the Superintendent, 1912. [5 copies]


b-C.P. Vicini. Report, 1915.


c-Announcement of Moore Mining Co. takeover, 9-15-25. [5 copies]


d-List, 1912. [2 pgs.]


e-List, 1-1-15. [2 pgs.; 2 copies]


f-List, 1943. [4 pgs.]


g-List, 1959. [4 pgs.]


h-viz. also Ledger (1911) in JS Collection: Books, Box 1


1.1.31-South Jackson Mining Company---Assay certificates, recpts., bills, orders


a-Assay cert., Reggio's Assay Office, n.d.


b-Do., C.M. Ball, 1945.


c-Recpts. [3], Pacific Hardware & Steel Co., 8-9/10-12, 7-18-13.


d-Bill, R.S. Rainsford, 1-10-12. [2 pgs.]


e-Order, Pacific Hardware & Steel Co., 8-3-12.


1.1.32-South Jackson Mining Company---Tax forms, leases, deeds


a-Corporate Income Tax Return, 1917.


b-Capital Stock Tax, 1917, 1922, 1923, 1924, 1925, 1926


c-Lease agmt., 1956.


d-Bond for Deed, E.E. Sager, 7-8-11. [11 pgs.; pencil notat.]


e-Deed, South Jackson Mng. Co. to Moore Mng. Co., 6-12-28. [10 pgs.; 2 copies]


1.1.33-South Jackson Mining Company---Other (letterheads, notes, etc.)


a-Drake Lock-Nut Co. [letterhead]


b-"The South Jackson Mg. Co. used two Ingersoll-Rand BC-26...," n.d. [re work done at mine]


c-Cost estimates, n.d.


d-"1. 659.100 shares...," n.d. [ink on Hoffman, Rothchild & Co. form]


e-"1922/Capital Stock Tax," n.d. [ink on Hoffman, Rothchild & Co. form]


1.1.34-South Jackson Mining Company---Passbook, 1912.


1.1.35-Wildman Mines


a-William A. Parish. "Report on Property of Wildman Gold Mng. Co.," 7-1-01. [13 pgs.]


b-"Memoranda of measurements of latest work done at Wildman Consolidated Mines," 1906. [3 pgs.]


1.1.36-Zeile (Zeila) Mine---Business Correspondence


a-Marcus L. Hurley to Fred Wise, NY, 1-28-33. [2 copies]


b-JS to Mrs. Robert E. Cranston, 8-31-33.


c-Graham Cranston to JS, San Rafael, 9-2-33.


d-JS to Graham Cranston, 9-4-33. [back of above]


e-JS to Marcus L. Hurley, SF, 9-5-33.


f-Marcus L. Hurley to JS, NY, 9-11-33.


g-JS to Marcus L. Hurley, SF, 9-15-33. [on back 9-5-33]


h-JS to John J. McSorley, SF, 9-15-33.


i-JS to Fred Wise, 9-30-33.


j--Fred Wise to JS, Reno, 10-10-33.


k-JS to John J. McSorley, SF, 10-11-33.


l-JS to Breitung & Co., 10-20-33.


m-JS to Fred Wise, 10-21-33. [on back 10-10-33]


n-JS to Fred Wise, 10-30-33.


1.1.37-Zeile (Zeila) Mine---Business Corresp.


a-JS to John J. McSorley, 8-23-40.


b-JS to Breitung & Co., SF, 8-27-40.


c-JS to John J. McSorley, 10-28-40.


d-John J. McSorley to JS, Mokelumne Hill, 10-30-40.


e-JS to John J. McSorley, SF, 11-3-40.


f-JS to John J. McSorley, SF, 11-17-40.


g-JS to John J. McSorley, SF, 12-1-40.


h-Fred Wise to John J. McSorley, Redhouse NV, 1-18-41.


i-[JS] to John J. McSorley, SF, 1-19-41.


j-John J. McSorley to JS, Mokelumne Hill, 1-20-41.


k-John J. McSorley to JS, Mokelumne Hill, 1-21-41.


l-[JS] to John J. McSorley, 1-22-41. [back of above]


m-JS to John J. McSorley, SF, 1-24-41.


n-John J. McSorley to JS, 1-27-41.


o-JS to John J. McSorley, SF, 1-31-41. [on back 1-24-31]


p-John J. McSorley to JS, Mokelumne Hill, 2-11-41.


q-JS to John J. McSorley, 2-17-41. [on back 10-28-40]


r-John J. McSorley to JS, 2-28-41.


s-JS to John J. McSorley, 3-4-41. [back of above]


1.1.38-Zeile (Zeila) Mine---Business Correspondence


a-Nettie [McSorley] to JS, Mokelumne Hill, n.d.


b-JS to John J. McSorley, SF, 3-17-41.


c-JS to Nettie McSorley, 3-21-41. [back of n.d. from Nettie McS]


d-John J. McSorley to JS, Mokelumne Hill, 3-26-41.


e-John J. McSorley to JS, Mokelumne Hill, 3-29-41.


f-JS to John J. McSorley, 3-31-41. [back of above; re P.C. Vicini land]


g-John J. McSorley to JS, Mokelumne Hill, 4-9-41.


h-John J. McSorley to JS, Mokelumne Hill, 4-14-41.


i-JS to John J. McSorley, 4-16-41. [back of above]


j-JS to John J. McSorley, 4-21-41. [on back 4-9-41]


k-John J. McSorley to JS, Mokelumne Hill, 4-23-41.


l-JS to John J. McSorley, 4-24-41. [back of above]


m-John J. McSorley to Kennedy Mng. & Mlg. Co., n.d. [requests option on Zeile]


n-John J. McSorley to Bd. of Dir., Kennedy Mng. & Mlg. Co., 3-19-41. [requests lease on Zeile]


1.39-Zeile (Zeila) Mine---Reports & Miscellany


a-"Synopsis of final report on Zeile Mine...," 1914. [5 pgs.]


b-"Zeila Mine/Jackson, Amador County, California/Synopsis of Final Report by/R.E. Cranston...," 1914; 1933. [7 pgs.; 2 copies]


c-"Fred Wise, General/Superintendent..." [pencil; note on scrap]


d-"Breitung & Co./Limited..." [ink; note on scrap]


e-"Zeile Mine/Jackson, California," 1927. [2 pgs.]


f-Map of Zeile property [pencil]




1.2.1-ARIZONA: Mojave County---Bonanza Mining Property:"Bonanza Mining Property...," n.d.


1.2.2-ARIZONA: Mojave County---Lester Mining Company: Mining option, C.E. Finney, 12-2-14.


1.2.3-ARIZONA: Mojave County---Vivian Mine: Albert E. Kern. Vivian Mining Company, 1941. [3 pgs.; report to stockholders]


1.2.4-ARIZONA: Mojave County---Unidentified


a-"High grade ore from the bonanza...," 1935. [note on 3 x 5"]


b-[JS] to W.S. Weymouth, 1-21-36.


c-W.S. Weymouth to JS, Oakland, 3-28-39.


d-[JS] to W.S. Weymouth, 3-31-39.


e-W.S. Weymouth to JS, Oakland, 4-2-39.


f-[JS] to W.S. Weymouth, 4-5-39.


1.2.5-CALIFORNIA: Alpine County---Mogul Peak Cinnabar Mine, Report, 1939.


1.2.6-CALIFORNIA:ButteCounty---Southern Cross Mine:"Southern Cross Mine/Forbestown Mining District...," 1936.


1.2.7-CALIFORNIA: Calaveras County--- Banner Mine: "Banner Mine/Calaveras Co., Calif....," n.d. [c1937]


1.2.8-CALIFORNIA: Calaveras County---Dolclothe Mine: H.A. Bunn. "Dolclothe Mine/Calaveras Co., Calif., 1936. [4 pgs.; 3 copies]


1.2.9-CALIFORNIA: Calaveras County---Enterprise Mine


a-Fred P. Plagemann to John J. McSorley, 10-10-35.


b-Charles M. Heron. "Report on Enterprise Mining Property...," n.d. [13 pgs.; incl. 3 sects., 1 map; 2 copies]


1.2.10-CALIFORNIA: Calaveras County---Gold Bar Claim: "Notice of location of quartz claim," 1911. [Arthur Deeren, Harry Werthman at Angels Camp]


1.2.11-CALIFORNIA: Calaveras County---Gwin Mine


a-JS to W.P. Fuller (Ed., Las Calaveras), 7-26-74.


b-Bill Fuller to JS, San Andreas, 8-15-74.


c-JS to Will [?], 8-20-74.


d-JS. "The Gwin Mine/Lower Rich Gulch...," 1933. [11 pgs.]


e-W.P. Fuller, Jr. "The Gwin Mine at Paloma," Las Calaveras 16:2 (Jan 1968).


f-JS. "Once in a thousand times," n.d. [4 pgs.; JS tale of how he owned Gwin by accident; 2 copies]


g-JS. "A million dollar mine ! A gift ?" [8 pgs., ink]


1.2.12-CALIFORNIA: Calaveras County---Heckendorn Mine


a-John J. McSorley to JS, Mokelumne Hill, 12-4-36.


b-John J. McSorley to JS, Mokelumne Hill, 12-16-36.


c-"Heckendorn Mine/Calaveras County, Calif.," n.d. [2 copies]


d-"Heckendorn/1872--Vol. 25 page 68 X..." [pencil]


e-"Heckendorn Mine/Calaveras County, Calif," n.d. [c1936] [4 copies]


1.2.13-CALIFORNIA: Calaveras County---Infernal Triangle Mine:Deed to Rough Diamond Tunnel, Green Mt. Ext., Infernal Triangle Mines...," 1937. [11 pgs.]


1.2.14-CALIFORNIA: Calaveras County---Nassau Mine


a-Charles A. Liddell to JS, Tonopah NV, 10-13-25.


b-JS to Charles A. Liddell, SF, 10-18-25.


c-"Assays of shipments made by Nassau Copper Co...," c1914.


1.2.15-CALIFORNIA: Calaveras County---Rich Gulch (Foote & Tompson Mine): John J. McSorley. "Foote & Tompson Mine/Rich Gulch...," 1932.


1.2.16-CALIFORNIA: Calaveras County---Union Mine: William R. Logan to JS, Ft. Bidwell CA, 6-1-36.


1.2.17-CALIFORNIA: El Dorado County--- Cambrian Gold Property: Charles E. Doane. "Cambrian Gold Property," n.d. [c1940]


1.2.18-CALIFORNIA: Humboldt County---Trinidad Copper Mine


a-J.P. Bauder to JS, Trinidad CA, 10-6-20. [4 pgs.; ink]


b-JS to J.B. Bauder, 12-31-21.


c-JS to J.B. Bauder, 2-2-22.


d-J.P. Bauder to JS, Trinidad CA, 5-25-29. [2 pgs.; ink]


e-Agmt. betw. JS & D.R. Douglas, 7-16-29.


1.2.19-CALIFORNIA: Mariposa County---Mariposa Estates: "Mariposa Estates Mines," n.d. [4 pgs.]


1.2.20-CALIFORNIA: Siskiyou County---Great Northern Quicksilver Mines: W.A. Hutton. "Great Northern Quicksilver Mines, Inc. Properties," n.d. [3 pgs.]


1.2.21-CALIFORNIA: Tuolumne County---Confidence Mine


a-Charles A. Frank to JS, Silverberg NY, 7-20-21.


b-C.W. Terry. "Report on Confidence Mines," 1906. [8 pgs., carbon]


c-"Longitudinal Section, Confidence Mine," n.d.


d-Key to "Longitudinal Section," n.d. [2 pgs.]


1.2.22-CALIFORNIA: Tuolumne County---Dutch-App Mines Company: "Large milling plant to be built by the Dutch-App Mines Co.," SF Chronicle (1-22-16).


1.2.23-CALIFORNIA: Tuolumne County---Penon de Oro Mining Company:Z.B. Hartley. "Penon de Oro Mining Company," 1931. [14 pgs.]


1.2.24-CALIFORNIA--- General


a-"The Mother Lode--what is it ?" [2 pgs.]


b-Charles G. Yale. California Gold Product... [1848-1904], c1905. [a table citing figs. 10 experts]


c-Do. Bull. no. 40...showing mineral production of California for 18 years... [1887- 1904], c1905. [table]


1.2.25-NEVADA: Churchill County---White Cloud Mine:James A. Marsh. "Geological report on the White Cloud Mine, Churchill County, Nevada," 1961. [17 pgs.; incl. maps]


1.2.26-NEVADA: Esmeralda County---Diamond Triangle Mine:Diamond Triangle Mining Company of Goldfield, c1906.


1.2.27-NEVADA: Esmeralda County---Nevada-Palmetto Mining Group--correspondence


a-Isaac McConnell to Maurice Schweitzer, Palmetto, 9-18-11.


b-M.J. Bell, Auditor & Recorder, Esmeralda Co., to Matthew Kyle, U.S. Surveyor General, 10-25-11. [re 11 loc. N-P operations]


c-M.J. Bell to Maurice Schweitzer, 10-25-11.


d-Charles A./ Liddell to Maurice Schweitzer, Battle Mt. NV, 12-8-11.


e-H.C. Shober to Maurice Schweitzer, 2-19-12.


f-Do., 2-28-12.


g-Matthew Kyle to Maurice Schweitzer, Reno, 3-2-12.


h-H.C. Shober to Nevada-Palmetto Mig. Co., 3-18-12.


i-Ralph C. Howland to Mr. Jackling, 1-8-17. [2 pgs.]


j-JS to Gerald P. Hartley, 10-15-24.


k-A.L. Gump to JS, SF, 10-19-24.


l-Gerald B. Hartley to JS, Goldfield NV, 10-24-24.


m-JS to A.L. Gump, SF 10-29-24.


n-JS to Gerald B. Hartley, SF 10-29-24?]


o-JS to Gerald P. Hartley, SF, 1-2-25.


1.2.28-NEVADA: Esmeralda County---Nevada-Palmetto Mining Company--Reports


a-Charles C. Derby. "Report Palmetto Claims," 1907. [6 pgs.]


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d-Do. [6 pgs.]


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f-Description Nevada-Palmetto Group, n.d.


g-Report of the George A. James Co. Assayers, SF, n.d. [re veins in N-P mines]


1.2.29-NEVADA: Esmeralda County---Nevada-Palmetto Mining Company--Deeds, Assays


a-Deed, Nevada-Palmetto Mining Company, 10-11-06.


b-Assay certificate, Ellsworth & baumgartner, Goldfield NV, 1906.


c-Assay certificates [3], George A. James Co., SF, 1907-08.


d-Assay certificates [10], C.A. Luckhardt Co., SF, 12-21-09 to 12-1-11.


e-Notice of location--quartz claims, Palmetto Mining District, 1904. [11 copies]


f-List of N-P Mg. Co. assays, n.d.


1.2.30-NEVADA: Nye County---Myra Mine


a-"The Myra Company, a Nevada Corporation," 1931. [9 pgs.]


b-Recpt. for 155,000 shares Myra Mining Co., 1935.


1.2.31-NEVADA: Washoe County---Antelope Group: Lease Agreement to Antelope Group of lode mine claims Lone Pine Mining District...," 1961. [4 pgs., photocopy; poor quality]


1.2.32-NEVADA: Washoe County---Comstock Lode: F.C. Calkins. "Outline of the Geology of the Comstock Lode District, Nevada," 1944.


1.2.33-NEVADA--General or unidentified


a-Ellsworth & Baumgartner Assayers, Goldfield NV, Book of Assay Tags, 1907-08. [entries for B. Blease]


b-JS to Judge J.P. O'Brien, SF, 2-27-28. [re unnamed claims in Esmeralda Co.]


c-JS to Judge J.P. O'Brien, SF, 2-27-28. [do.]


d-Market Letter, Zadig & Co. [Virginia City NV] 58-9,61 (10-16-16; 11-15-16; 1-15- 16; 4-15-16). [2nd copy #58, photocopy]


e-Geological reconnaissance map of Nevada south of the 40th parallel..., n.d.


1.2.34-IDAHO: General---"A preliminary study of certain platinum occurences near Coeur d'Alene, Idaho," 1923.




a-JS to C.H. Vivian (Editor, Compressed Air) 3-24-45. [re JS article]


b-C.H. Vivian to JS, 3-29-45.


c-Do., 4-10-45.


d-Do., 6-7-45.


e-Do., 7-10-45.


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j-"followed a drift to another shaft (the Gover)...," n.d. [pt. of longer essay]




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d-"What year was the first gold pen...," Bakersfield Californian (12-26-25). [2 pgs.]


e-JS "Amador City, 1907," n.d. [7 pgs.]


f-Do. [13 pgs.]


g-Do. [14 pgs.]


h-"In the Second Report of the California State Mineralogist...," n.d. [re large California nuggets of 19th c.]


i-Prices of silver per ounce from the Revolutionary War, c1920.




a-"The principal rocks (Le Conte)," [ink]


b-"Guide for the systematic examination of minerals in four sections," n.d.


c-"Page 300 under Geocronite...," n.d. [ink; notes on rare minerals]


d-Chart [of crystalline formations ?] [ink on lined paper]




a-PLATINUM: S.C. Lind, et al. "Platinum assays and platinum promotions," 1923. [21 pgs.]


b-PLATINUM: Engineering & Mining Journal-Press 120:20-26; 121:1-2 (11-14-25 through 1-9-26). [loose pgs. containing articles dealing w/ platinum only]


c-PLATINUM: 5 newspaper clippings on platinum (1920s)


d-MANGANESE: U.S. Bureau of Mines. "Manganese Ore Industry in 1939...," c1940.


e-MANGANESE: Do. "Production shipments, stocks & imports of Manganese ore in the U.S. during November 1939," 1940.


f-MERCURY: U.S. Bureau of Mines. "Mercury consumption, production, and stocks in November 1939," 1940.




a-J.E. Davis to JS, Jackson, 1-13-13. [telegram]


b-"(The vein in the level north)...," n.d.


c-"7.10/6.40...," n.d. [pencil on scrap]


d-Recpt., M. Cohn of M. Schweitzer, $250 for 25% of all mining sites found by him, 11-1-04. [ink]


e-"660/800 .825..." [pencil, list on Clift Hotel letterhead]


f-Unidentified Section of mine


g-"Rosebud strike," n.d. [ink sketch map; 2 copies]


h-"500 $450 $1.50 sul slate & schist..." [found in W.B. Tucker. Mines & Mineral Resources of Amador County...]




Dutch-Sweeney Mining Company flow sheets








a-JS to Wm. W. Logan, 6-3-36.


b-Grace E. Pickens to JS, Tionesta PA, 10-10-51. [re JS photo of Ms. Pickens' hotel]


c-JS to Ed. Saturday Evening Post, 8-30-57. [submission letter for article, "Amador City, 1907"; on back of "followed a drift..." Ser.I:2, Fol. Unident.]


d-Curt Gentry to JS, SF, 10-27-68. [re JS writing aspirations]


e-JS to Curt Gentry, 10-29-68.


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h-William B. Clark to JS, 5-15-78. [re JS article on 1907 Cal Mining School fieldtrip to Tonopah NV]


i-"Personal," Mining & Scientific Press (12-21-07). [photocopy; JS' lst job announced, Keystone Mine, Amador Co.; 5 copies]


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k-Millie Robbins. "A fanciful fair's fare," SF Chronicle (12-13-67). [re Mechanic's Pavilion, SF]


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m-Michael Raffety. "Here's the man who knows how much gold remains," Amador Progress-News (3-22-78). [article on JS]


n-"Amador made legal at last," n.p., n.d. [c1978] [incl. photo of 94 yr. old JS]


o-The Ratzer Map of New York City, n.d. [photocopy]


p-Shell Road Map of Arizona & New Mexico, 1939.


q-3 "humorous" postcards [male chauvinist humor]


r-Albert M. Schweitzer/representing manufacturers/SF,3, c1948 [business card]


s-Committee to Elect Dan Parises [campaign circular]


t-Public Auction/Mendon, Michigan..., n.d. [docs. & furniture for sale]


u-Consent to assignment of lease, A. Ensley to Annie Day, National Hotel, Jackson, 3-7-13.


v-"Dept. of Commerce, Washington/Census of Manufactures 1927-Common Brick," c1929. [6 pgs., pencil notes]


w-Continental Clay Products Corp. to Preferred Stockholders, 7-16-29.


x-"Dept. of Commerce/Washington/Census of Manufactures/Sand-lime Brick: 1928," c1929.


y-"Do./Face Brick," c1929. [2 copies]


z-"Do./Common Brick," c1929.


aa-JS to Lester S. Koritz (Ed. California Highways & Public Works), 8-10-64. [re JS hwy. photos]




a-JS to Albert H. Fay, SF, 9-22-20. [6 pgs.; re AHF glossary of minerals]


b-Albert H. Fay to JS, Washington DC, 9-28-20. [re JS contributions to AHF glossary of minerals]


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f-Wilder Bentley (UC Press) to JS, 10-12-34. [re JS inquiry about new ed. Newton's Principia]




a-JS to Elmer H. Evans, Jackson, 5-15-58.


b-JS to Standard Oil, 11-26-73.


c-J.J. Anders to JS, 12-6-73.


d-JS to W.H. Walter, 1-8-74.


e-W.H. Walter to JS, 1-9-74.


f-JS to W.H. Walter, 1-11-74. [on back above]


g-W.H. Walter to JS, 1-15-74.


h-W.H. Walter to Atlantic-Richfield, 1-15-74.


i-W.H. Walter to Union Oil, 1-15-74.


j-JS to W.H. Walter, 1-17-74.


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l-JS to W.H. Walter, 1-19-74. [on back above]


m-JS to Herbert S. Harry (Union Oil), 1-19-74.


n-K.J. Robertson (Union OIl) to W.H. Walter, 1-23-74.


o-W.H. Walter to JS, 1-25-74.


p-David L. Jordan to W.H. Walter, 1-28-74. [photocopy]


q-W.H. Walter to JS, 1-30-74.


r-JS to W.H. Walter, 1-31-74. [on back above]


s-W.H. Walter to JS, 2-5-74.


t-JS to J.K. Robertson (Union Oil), 2-11-74.


u-K.J. Robertson (Union Oil) to JS, 2-19-74.


v-JS to W.H. Walter, 2-24-74. [on back of 2-5-74]


w-JS to David L. Jordan, 2-22-74.


x-W.H. Walter to JS, 3-2-74.


y-JS to W.H. Walter, 3-6-74.


z-W.H. Walter to JS, 3-19-74.


aa-JS to W.H. Walter, 3-23-74. [on back above]


bb-H. Bryce Parker to JS, Dallas, 4-9-74.


cc-W.H. Walter to JS, SF, 5-24-74.


dd-Everett S. Layman, Jr.... [business card incl. w/ above]


ee-JS to Atlantic-Richfield, n.d. [ink corrects.]


ff-Plat map of NV T8NR42E




a-"The boom was on !" [2 pgs., pencil]


b-"It surely was a beauty." [6 pgs.; 2 copies]






3.1.1-LEDGER, SOUTH JACKSON MINING COMPANY, 1911. [152 pgs., last entry pg. 9; contains shareholder names & accts.:


3.1.2-CORRESPONDENCE & NOTES BOOK, 1908-19. [152 pgs., unused from p. 61; table of contents, pp. 1-2; info on copper, zinc, oil, and gold prospecting]


3.1.3-FIELD NOTEBOOK, c1915-19. [ink & pencil, 1.5 x 4" lined paper; incl. notes on: Standard Mg. Co.; Colossal Copper Claims NV; Burns Mine; Lone Tree Mine; Abbott Ranch, Sunol (Alameda Co. CA) [manganese]; Hot Spring Peak, Winemucca (Humboldt Co. NV); and, JS' photos]


3.1.4-PLATINUM CLIPPINGS SCRAPBOOK, 1923-25. [201 pgs., unused from p. 80; newspaper & trade journal clippings re platinum mining; most dated, no source]


3.1.5-SAN FRANCISCO MUNICIPAL RAILWAY SCRAPBOOK, c1925-32. [paper covers, no pag.; incl. "letters to the editor" from JS]








a-William B. Meek Stewart to "Duff," June 12th, [no year].


b-"The Customers," n.p., n.d., pp. 9-10-19. [photocopy]


c-"October 1850..." [2 pgs., photocopy; grocer's acct. book, mentions Ellen Wilson]




a-"John Sibbald kills himself," Humboldt Star (8-25-13).


b-"Mr. Sibbald was..." [ink; continuation of above]




a-"The Mother Lode is...," n.d. [2 pgs.; 1 pg. ink notes from Rodman Paul's California Gold]


b-"The Mother Lode is a precise...," n.d. [3 pgs.]


c-"The Mother Lode of California," n.d. [3 pgs.]


d-"By wearisome definition the Mother Lode...," n.d. [3 pgs.]




a-Arlen [Hansen] to DC, Stockton, n.d. [6 pgs.; re DC essay]


b-"Deep shadow, little substance," n.d. [10 pgs., photocopy; essay critiqued by AH above]


c-"New: Pilgrim vs. Tourist !," n.d. [ink; notes on yellow]


d-"The pseudo-native=poseur !...," n.d. [2 pgs., ink; notes on yellow]


e-"By the late 1940s...," n.d. [4 pgs., var. sizes]


f-"In late January of 1848...," n.d. [6 pgs.]


g-"The tourist or 'pilgrim'...," n.d. [3 pgs.]




a-"Prostitution, gambling and high-grading...," n.d. [4 pgs.]


b-"J'accuse !," n.d. [5 pgs.]




a-Glossary of mining terms, n.p., n.d.


b-Bayard Taylor. At Home & Abroad..., 1871. [5 pgs., photocopy; title pg., contents, pp. 50-53, 62-63; re Missouri emigrants to CA]


c-"Henry Bain has a small...," Central Humboldt County, n.d., pg. 79. [photocopy]




4.1.8: KIT CARSON---"From letter to Judge J.R. Smith of San Andreas to J.A. Wilson," [1924].




a-Carl Briggs to DC, Salinas, 7-1-80. [2 pgs.; re DC article]


b-Env. for above


c-"Elisabeth" to "Duff," King's Beach CA, 9-2-83. [2 pgs.; family news]


4.1.10: AMADOR COUNTY: ANECDOTES & TRIVIA---DC to Lawrence A. Cenotto, 8-13-73.