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William C. Carr papers, 1941-1962
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Box 53, Folder 1

Correspondence with various California state and local officials concerning the persecution of the Japanese. 1942-1944.

Scope and Content

Officials include Walter C. Peterson, Los Angeles City Clerk; Roger Jessup, Member of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors; Assemblyman Lloyd W. Lowrey; Governor Earl Warren; Fred N. Howser, District Attorney; Los Angeles Mayor Fletcher Bowron; and Assemblyman Chester F. Gannon, Chairman, Assembly Interim Committee on Japanese Problems.
Box 53, Folder 2

Correspondence with and records of statements made by Congressman Carl Hinshaw. 1942 January -1944 February.

Scope and Content

Hinshaw (California’s 11th District) was a friend of Carr’s but diverged in his opinion regarding the wartime treatment of Japanese Americans and endorsed their evacuation.
Box 53, Folder 3

Correspondence with the War Relocation Authority (WRA). 1945.

Scope and Content

Letters regard activities for assisting with the resettlement of Japanese Americans, including a speaking tour by Captain George H. Grandstaff.
Box 53, Folder 4

Correspondence with administrators concerning the discrimination of the Japanese. 1944-1945.

Scope and Content

Correspondence are with the manager of the Hibernia Underwriters Agency and the president of the University of Pennsylvania. Both denied accusations that their institutions took discriminatory measures against those of Japanese ancestry.

Resettlement assistance.

Box 53, Folder 5

Statements of the Friends of the American Way. 1942-1945.

Box 53, Folder 6

Bulletins, publications, and meeting minutes of church groups concerning the Japanese American evacuation. 1942-1946.

Scope and Content Note

Also includes the Directory of Protestant Ministers and Missionaries Engaged in Work among Japanese in the United States
Box 53, Folder 7

Official statements, reports, and leaflets from various chapters of the Committee on American Principles and Fair Play. 1941-1944.

Box 53, Folder 8

Pamphlets on how to help returning Japanese Americans. 1943-1944.

Box 53, Folder 9

Records of the Hostel Committee of the Council for Civic Unity of San Jose, California. 1945-1946.

Scope and Content

Includes a resume of the work done by the committee, handwritten minutes of its 19 meetings held between May 15, 1945 and March 6, 1946, as well as 2 letters.
Box 53, Folder 10

Programs and policies established to offer economic assistance to returning evacuees. 1945 and undated.

Scope and Content Note

Includes the Cooperative Farm Project for Alien Resettlement plan and a copy of a letter circulated by the Federal Land Bank of Berkeley calling on bankers to permit loans to loyal Japanese American citizens.
Box 53, Folder 11

Clippings, pamphlets, and statements in defense of democracy and racial tolerance. ca. 1942-1944.

Box 53, Folder 12

An address to the Sheriffs of California by Robert W. Kennedy, Attorney General of California. 1945 March 16.

Box 53, Folder 13

Statistical information and memorandums on the Japanese American evacuation. 1942.

Box 53, Folder 14

Educational pamphlets and bulletins on the evacuation. 1942-1944.


Anti-Japanese propaganda.

Box 53, Folder 15

Correspondence, documents, clippings and other materials relating to the American Legion and its local posts. 1943-1945.

Scope and Content Note

Viewpoints on the Japanese issue varied greatly amongst the different posts. Some were sympathetic while others were openly hostile towards the Japanese.
Box 53, Folder 16

Correspondence of private individuals expressing strong racist sentiments towards the Japanese. 1942-1945.

Box 53, Folder 17

Correspondence, bulletins, publications, and ephemera relating to organizations that advocated the Japanese exclusion. 1943-1945.

Scope and Content Note

Organizations include the American Foundation for Expulsion of Japanese, the American League of California, the California Citizens Council, the California Federation of Women’s Clubs, the California Real Estate Association, the Council on Alien Relations, the Home Front Commandos, the Japanese Exclusion Association, Lomita Post No. 1622 of the Veterans of Foreign Affairs, the Native Sons of the Golden West, and the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce. Also includes two pamphlets from the Eugenics Society of North America.
Box 54, Folder 1

Materials relating to John R. Lechner. 1943-1945, 1961.

Scope and Content Note

Lechner served as the executive director of the Americanism Educational League from 1926 to 1941, and generated propaganda against the return of Japanese American evacuees through his lectures and publications during the war. He was also a member of the American Legion, but was censured by its executive committee for his unauthorized representation of the organization.
Box 54, Folder 2

Magazine and newspaper articles relating to anti-Japanese sentiments. 1943-1945.


War Relocation Authority (WRA) reports and publications.


Statements and reports relating to the evacuation and resettlement of Japanese Americans. 1942-1946.

Box 54, Folder 3

WRA statements and pamphlets explaining the relocation program. 1943-1945.

Box 54, Folder 4

WRA, Notes on Occupational Status of Japanese Workers in the United States. 1942 December 29.

Box 54, Folder 5

WRA, Quarterly Report. 1942.

Scope and Content Note

Contains 3 volumes: March 18-June 30, July 1-September 30, and October 1-December 31.
Box 54, Folder 6

WRA, Semi-Annual Report. 1943 January 1-1946 June 30.

Box 54, Folder 7

WRA memorandums and lists prepared in anticipation of the resettlement of evacuees. 1944-1946 and undated.

Box 54, Folder 8

WRA administrative instructions on the departure of evacuees from relocation centers. 1942 July 20 and November 6, 1943 July 20.

Box 54, Folder 9

Information bulletins for evacuees on resettlement procedures. 1943-1945.

Box 54, Folder 10

Bulletins of the WRA Human Relations Committee. 1945 October 30-December 29.

Scope and Content Note

The Committee was established to speed the coordinate with interracial and interreligious groups in the fields of Housing, Education, Religion and Retail Trade to assist with the resettlement of returning Japanese American veterans.
Box 54, Folder 11

WRA statistical and anecdotal reports on evacuees leaving the centers. 1945.

Box 54, Folder 12

Reports on problems with resettlement. 1945 June.

Scope and Content Note

Includes reports of instances in which returning evacuees were met difficulties in resettling back into their homes.

Statements and reports regarding the question of loyalty amongst Japanese Americans. 1943-1945.

Box 54, Folder 13

Statements providing evidence of patriotism among Japanese Americans. 1944-1945.

Box 54, Folder 14

Reports of achievements of Japanese Americans in the US military. 1943-1945.

Box 54, Folder 14

WRA Reprints of newspaper articles on Nisei soldiers, Japanese evacuees and their resettlement. 1943-1945.

Box 55, Folder 1

WRA responses to statements made by representatives of the House Committee on Un-American Activities (Dies Committee). 1943.

Scope and Content Note

Includes the Committee’s Minority Reports and the WRA’s response to them defending its relocation program, noting evidence of patriotism among evacuees and the legal implications of detaining innocent U.S. citizens.
Box 55, Folder 2

War Department statements and reports concerning Japanese Americans. 1943-1944.


Reports from the Community Analysis Section. 1943-1946.

Box 55, Folder 3

WRA, Community Analysis Section. Weekly Summary, nos. 1-30. 1944 December 17-23-1945 July 8-14.

Box 55, Folder 4

WRA, Community Analysis Section, Trends in the Relocation Centers, II & III. 1945 March 1 & 1945 September 26.

Box 55, Folder 5

WRA, Community Analysis Section, Community Analysis Report, nos. 1-12. 1942 October- 1945 May 14.

Box 55, Folder 6

WRA, Community Analysis Section, Community Analysis Report, nos. 13-19. 1945 June 6-1946 June 30.

Box 55, Folder 7

WRA, Community Analysis Section, Community Analysis Series, nos. 1-15. 1943 February-1944 April 1.

Box 55, Folder 8

WRA, Community Analysis Section, Community Analysis Series, nos. 16-20. 1944 April 19-1945 February 7.

Box 55, Folder 9

WRA, Community Analysis Section, Community Analysis Series, nos. 21-24. 1945 February 22-1946 February 20.

Box 56, Folder 1

WRA, Community Analysis Section, Community Analysis Notes, nos. 1-15. 1944 January 15-1945 July 18.

Box 56, Folder 2

WRA, Community Analysis Section, Army and Leave Clearance Registration at War Relocation Centers. 1943 June.

Box 56, Folder 3

WRA, Community Analysis Section, Community Analyst Letter, nos. 2-13. 1943 May 8-1945 February 13.

Box 56, Folder 4

WRA, Community Analysis Section, Community Analysis Relocation Studies, no. 1. April 1944.

Box 56, Folder 5

WRA, Community Analysis Section, An Analysis of Requests for Repatriation & Expatriation. 1944 November 18.


News releases. 1943-1945.

Box 56, Folder 6

WRA press releases. 1943-1945.

Box 56, Folder 7

Releases from the WRA Los Angeles office. 1944 December-1945 December.

Box 56, Folder 8

Releases from the WRA San Francisco office. 1944 June-1945 December.


Reports and publications relating to the relocation centers. 1943-1945.

Box 56, Folder 9

Bulletins, forms, and order sheets from Central Utah Relocation Center, Topaz, Utah. 1943-1945.

Box 56, Folder 10

Reports from Poston, Arizona. 1943 August 7 and undated.

Box 56, Folder 11

Publications in the relocation centers. 1943-1944.

Box 57, Folder 11

Gila News-Courier, Gila Relocation Center, Rivers, Arizona: Second Year at Gila..

Physical Description: (46pp., mimeographed)
Box 57, Folder 11

Samuel Nagata [Pamphlets], vol.1, 3. Published in the Heart Mountain Relocation Center, Wyoming.. n.d..

Scope and Content Note

  • vol. 1, The Japanese Evacuation and the Minority Problem, n.d. (7pp.).
  • vol. 3, O California, Dear California, n.d. (10pp.).
Box 57, Folder 11

Documentation Section, Reports Office, Granada Relocation Center, Amache, Colorado: Granada Relocation Center.. April 1943.

Physical Description: (24pp., mimeographed)
Box 57, Folder 11

Pictorial Edition. Manzanar Free Press, vol. IV, no. 1.. September 10, 1943.

Box 57, Folder 11

American Red Cross, Poston Relocation Center, The First Year: Story of the Red Cross in Poston, Poston, Arizona.. September 1943.

Physical Description: (26pp.)

Scope and Content Note

Also, Soritsu Isshunen kinen [characters] (Japanese Edition), 8pp., mimeographed.
Box 57, Folder 11

Rohwer Outpost, Rohwer Relocation Center, Lil Dan'l: One Year in A Relocation Center, Rohwer, Arkansas.. 1943.

Physical Description: (27pp., mimeographed)
Box 57, Folder 11

All Aboard, published by the evacuees in the Central Utah Relocation Center, Topaz, Utah.. Spring 1944.

Physical Description: (54pp.)
Box 57, Folder 11

Citizens Committee of Topaz and Community Council, Topaz Relocation Center, Reinstitution of Selective Service.. June 1944.

Physical Description: (30pp., mimeographed)
Box 57, Folder 11

Historical Committee of the Volunteers for Victory, Topaz Relocation Center, Fighting Americans, Too! 2nd edition.. April 1943.

Physical Description: (16pp., mimeographed)
Box 56, Folder 12

Correspondence and reports on the All Center Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah. 1945 February 16-22.

Scope and Content Note

Includes WRA Comments on Recommendation of the All Center Conference and a report containing meeting minutes from every session of the conference.

Final reports and materials used for their preparation. 1943-1946.

Box 56, Folder 13

Manuscripts for 2 final reports..

Box 56, Folder 2

The Community and the Management, 1944-1946, Poston, Arizona.. May 1944 (?).

Physical Description: (29pp., carbon copy)
Box 56, Folder 2

T.H. Hass, Narrative Report, Community Government, Colorado River Relocation Center, Poston.. December 1943.

Physical Description: (70pp., carbon copy)
Box 57, Folder 1

WRA instructions on the preparation of published final reports on Japanese evacuees and relocation centers. 1946.

Box 57, Folder 2

Three WRA final reports. 1946.

Box 57, Folder 2

WRA: A Story of Human Conservation.

Box 57, Folder 2

Wartime Exile: The Exclusion of the Japanese Americans from the West Coast. 1946.

Box 57, Folder 2

Token Shipment: The Story of America's War Refugee Shelter. 1946.


Disposition of materials. 1945.

Box 57, Folder 3

WRA instruction on the disposition of its records and reports. 1945 October 12.


Final report from the War Agency Liquidation Unit (formerly WRA). 1947.

Box 57, Folder 4

United States Department of the Interior, War Agency Liquidation Unit (formerly WRA). People in Motion: The Postwar Adjustment of the Evacuated Japanese Americans. Washington, D.C.. 1947.


Publications on the Japanese American evacuation and resettlement.

Box 58, Folder 1

Magazine and journal articles on the Japanese American evacuation and resettlement. ca.1942-1955.

Box 58, Folder 2

Clippings from Japanese American newspapers. ca.1942-1946.

Box 58, Folder 3

Articles relating to the Nisei in the U.S. military. ca.1942-1946.

Box 58, Folder 4

Photographs of Nisei GI's and their families. ca.1942-1944.

Box 58, Folder 5

Anthropological articles written on Japanese Americans. 1943-1955.


Five large scrapbooks of clippings on the Japanese American evacuation and resettlement.

Box 250

Scrapbook. 1941 December - 1942 May.

Box 253

Scrapbook. 1942 May-1943 October.

Box 268

Scrapbook. 1943 November-1944 December 15.

Box 278

Scrapbook. 1944 December 17-1945 September.

Box 304

Scrapbook. 1945 September-1947 March.