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Inventory of the Ernest Quinan collection, 1923-1932
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item 1.

Collection of 11 pieces for piano (23 pp.).


1. Miniature.

Dedication: To Tatiana.

Date: Paris, June, 1926.


2. Prelude in B major.

Dedication: To Tatiana

Date: Paris, June, 1926.


3. Adagio.

Dedication: To Esther Johnsson.

Date: July, 1927.


4. Prelude in E b minor.

Dedication: To Frederic Hart.

Date: Paris, September, 1930.


5. Saraband.

Dedication: To Marian Farquhar.

Date: Paris, July, 1930.


6. Lied: Free harmonization of a Schumann melody.

Date: Paris, June, 1926.


7. Pedal prelude: Miniature.

Date: Berkeley, 1924.


8. Miniature.

Date: Berkeley, 1924.


9. Dorian I.

Date: Berkeley, 1924.


10. Dorian II.

Date: Berkeley, 1924.


11. Miniature.

Date: Berkeley, 1924.

item 2.

Collection of 8 pieces for piano (duplicates of item no. 1)


1. Miniature (as item 1 above).


2. Prelude in B major (as item 2 above).


3. Adagio (as item 3 above).


4. Miniature (as item 8 above).


5. Dorian I (as item 9 above).


6. Dorian II (as item 10 above).


7. Miniature (as item 11 above).


8. Pedal prelude (as item 7 above).

item 3.

Adagio, for piano (as no. 3 in item 1).

Ink, 3 pp.

Dated: July, 1927.

Remarks: no dedication.

item 4.

La Coquille, for piano.

Ink, 1 page.

Inscription: Les Adieux à mon maitre Monsieur le Roi (Allen)

Dated: April 24, 1923.

item 5.

Down South, for violin and piano.

3 copies (one titled " Negro Spiritual")


Dated: Berkeley, March 29 & 30, 1925.

item 6.

Lento e cantabile, for piano.

Ink, 9 pp.

Date: March 8, 1925.

item 7.

Melody 1: Complaint, apparently for violin and piano.

Pencil, 3 pp.

No date or place.

item 8.

Melody 2: Petit companion, apparently for violin and piano.

Pencil, 2 pp.

No place or date.

item 9.

Prelude in B major, for piano (as no. 2 in item 1).

Ink, 3 pp.

Date: Paris, June, 1926.

Remarks: no dedication.

item 10.

Prelude in E b minor, for piano (as no. 4 in item 1).

Ink, 5 pp.

Date: Paris, September, 1930.

Remarks: no dedication.

item 11.

Quelques petites variations diatoniques pour instruments a cordes (violin 1-2, viola, and cello).

Full score, piano reduction, and 4 parts.

Date: Paris, November 2, 1930.

item 12.

Rondino, for violin and piano.

Score and part.

Ink, 17 pp.

Inscription: Berkeley, XXIV, VI, XXI.

item 13.

Santyman "Oh Santyman please come to me." for voice and piano.

3 copies.

Inscription: For Lloyd Quinan's 3rd Xmas, Berkeley.

December 25, 1932.

item 14.

Valse, for piano.

Ink, 8 pp.

Date: Paris, France, March, 1930.

item 15.

Adagio, for violin and piano (incomplete).

Ink, 35 mm.

No place or date.

item 16.

Five fugues with analyses. In a notebook, pp.77-100.


1. Three voice fugue, for piano (F).

Ink, 2 pp.

Date: Berkeley, April, 1924

Inscription: Written 1924 by using Richter's book on fugue.


2. Three voice fugue, for piano (D b).

Ink, 4 pp.

Date: June, 1929, (Paris).

Inscription: Written by using La traite de la Fugue. of Gedalge. Gedalge no. 37.

Remarks: The fugue contains written criticisms of Mlle. Nadia Boulanger.


3. Four voice fugue, for piano (a minor).

Ink, 6 pp. Subject: Anonymous no. 46.

Date; July, 1929, (Paris).

Remarks: Corrections in the hand of Nadia Boulanger.


4. Four voice fugue, for piano (g).

Ink, 7 pp. Subject Auber no. 7.

Date: July, 1929, (Paris).

Remarks: Corrections in the hand of Nadia Boulanger.


5. Four voice fugue, for piano (D).

Ink, 5 pp. subject by Ernest Quinan.

Date: September, 1929, (Paris).

Remarks: Corrections in the hand of Nadia Boulanger.

item 17.

Fugal stretti and episodes. Hand copied examples mostly from André Gedalge Traité de la fugue.

Ink, 8 pp.

No date or place.