Register of the State Emergency Relief Administration (SERA) Records for San Joaquin County, Calif., 1933-1941

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Register of the State Emergency Relief Administration (SERA) Records for San Joaquin County, Calif., 1933-1941

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Title: State Emergency Relief Administration (SERA) Records for San Joaquin County, Calif.,
Date (inclusive): 1933-1941
Collection number: MS 103
Creator: State Emergency Relief Administration (SERA), San Joaquin County, Calif.
Extent: 4 boxes
Repository: University of the Pacific. Library. Holt-Atherton Department of Special Collections
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In winter 1931, California's economy first began to feel the full impact of nationwide depression. Transient, homeless men became a major problem in the state, and to aid them, Governor Rolph--armed with a budget surplus--had thirty labor camps created where the indigent were housed and fed while they cleared brush and built roads.
By 1933 California's surplus funds were gone. Newly-elected President Roosevelt soon urged through Congress his Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA), which was intended to provide matching funds for relief to the states. These funds were to be administered by State Emergency Relief Administrations. California's new Republican governor, Frank Merriam, supported this concept and, by June, the State Emergency Relief Administration (SERA) was in place. Counties submitted work projects to SERA, which authorized county expenditures on the projects then reimbursed the county governments after they had paid workers for their labor.
Later that same year, the U.S. Congress created the Civil Works Administration (CWA) which also provided work relief for California's indigent. The CWA focussed on larger public works projects, paying more than 150,000 citizens to build bridges, schools, airports and other public structures.
Both FERA and CWA were superseded in 1935 by the Works Progress Administration (WPA). The WPA took over many San Joaquin county projects that were begun by SERA, but the latter continued to operate--presumably on state and local funds alone--through 1941.
SERA ultimately sponsored more than one hundred projects in San Joaquin county. These included road work, construction at the County Fairgrounds and the County General Hospital, and agricultural pest control. The agency also provided numerous county agencies with clerical assistance, operated camps for indigent workers, and distributed food and fuel to the needy.
The State Emergency Relief Administration records for San Joaquin county contain project applications, correspondence, and reports. Because project numbering varies from year to year, papers relating to specific project proposals are arranged by project proposal date.

Scope and Content

1.6 linear ft., four boxes, arranged chronologically.
Consists of correspondence, memos, resolutions, and project applications largely generated by San Joaquin County, Calif. Board of Supervisors, R.C. Branion, Director, State Emergency Relief Board and Harry L. Hopkins, Director, Civil Works Administration. Box 1 contains records for 1932-1934. Box 2 contains records for 1934. Box 3 contains records for 1935. Box 4 contains records for 1936-1941.

Container List

Box Box 1

Background & Establishment of SERA; Early Projects 1933-Spring 1934


Folder 1: Misc. Papers pertaining to establishment of SERA 1933


-Wm. A. Smith, Secty., Gov. James Rolph, Jr. to CES, 12-23-32 [acknowledges CES assertion that SJ Co. doesn't require state assistance]


-SJ Co. Bd. Sup. Resolution to apply for Reconstruction Finance Corp. loans for care of indigents, 3-13-33 [15 l.; incl. acct. of expenditures by month for 1932]



-Wm. A. Smith, Secty. of Gov. James Rolph, Jr. to SJ Co. Bd. Sup., 3-30-33 [announces appt. of R.C. Branion, Emergency Relief Administrator, "to supervise county applications for loans from the Reconstruction Finance Corp."]


-R.C. Branion, State Emergency Relief Administrator to Chmn. SJ Co. Bd. Sup., 4-1-33 [warns Bd. not to publicize amt. recd. from RFC for fear of increase in applications for aid]


-"Proposed work for April 1933 to provide jobs for the unemployed," source unident. [list of projects w/ number men requeired for each]


-List of foodstuffs on hand on March 1 and April 1, 1933 w/ dollar value for each


-R.C. Branion, State Emergency Relief Administrator to C.E. Steinegul,Chmn. SJ Co. Bd. Sup., 5-3-33 [telegram stating that RFC loan application is approved]


-County/City costs [for unspec. expenditure], 5-8-33 [on orange scrap]


-H.R. 4606 (5-12-33) [text of act establishing FERA]


-R.C. Branion to Chmn. SJ Co. Bd. Sup., n.d. [May? 1933] [provides amt. lent to SJ Co. for May by Reconstruc- tion Finance Corp. for care of indigents]


-Do., n.d. [May? 1933] [instructions on changeover financing from RFC to FERA]


-RCB to SJ Co. Bd. Sup., 5-16-33 [discusses cty. arrangements w/ Salvation Army for care of indigents]


-Vierling Kersey, State Supt. Public Instr. to City, Cty. & Distr. Supts. of Schools, 5-27-33 [re potential use of SERA funds by school authorities]


-R.C. Branion, Emergency Relief Administrator to Bd. Supervisors all counties, n.d. [re use of relief labor on school grounds]


-RCB to C.E. Steinegul, Chmn. SJ Co. Bd. Supervisors, 6-1-33 [request for itemized stmt. of SJ Co. relief expenditures which state must send to FERA to get money]


-RCB to CES, 6-1-33 [letter of intro for Elmer J. Larson of SJ Co. who is seeking employment]


-J. Emmett Hayden, Chmn. SF Bd. Sup. to C.E. Steinegul, Chmn. SJ Co. Bd. Sup., 6-5-33 [notes that SF passed "Yes on 2" resolution, asks SJ Co. to do same; incl. copy resolution & printed copy ballot measure]


-Sen. Roy Fellom, Chmn. Calif. Unemployment Relief Bonds Comm. to Chmn. Bd. Supervisors, 6-6-33 [covering letter for "Yes on 2" comm.; incl. broadside favoring "Yes on 2"]


-Calif. State Dept. Soc. Welfare. "Payment of active and pending state aid cases from reconstruction finance corporation funds," [6-6-33]


-R.C. Branion, Emergency Relief Administrator. "Emergency policy involving possible use of federal funds for cases ordinarily on state aid," 6-7-33. [incl. covering letter; 4 l.]


-RCB to C.E. Steinegul, Chmn. SJ Co. Bd. Sup., 6-9-33 [telegram; guarantees federal maximum pmt. of one third county relief expenditures for Jul-Sep, 1933]


-RCB to F.E. Lane, Stockton, 6-19-33 [re need to take problems to local Bd. Sup., not State]


-RCB to C.E. Steinegul, Chmn. Bd. SJ Co. Supervisors, 6-19-33 [brief explanation of how county & federal funds are to be used in new relief programs]


-RCB to CES, 6-19-33 [guarantees $5,000 extra funds for June]


-FERA. "Rules & regulations governing expenditures of Federal Emergency Relief Fund," 6-23-33 [2 l.]


-RCB to CES, 6-29-33 [re potential use of SERA funds by counties]


-Rheba C. Splivalo, Dir. State Dept. Soc. Welfare to C.E. Steinegul, 6-30-33 [covering letter for expl. of state aid cases to be pd. by federal monies for CES' review]


-RCB to CES, 6-30-33 [re establishment of County Emergency Relief Comm. to "grant and supervise unemployment relief loans"]


-RCB to CES, 7-9-33 [telegram; specifies size & selection rules for Cty. ER Comm.]


-Eugene D. Graham, Cty. Clk. SJ Co. to R.C. Branion, 7-11-33 [covering letter for list of recommended names for County Emergency Relief Comm.; 2 copies of list of names]


-State Emergency Relief Administration. "Emergency food collec- tion and distribution," 7-18-33 [3 l.]


-RCB to CES, 7-18-33 [telegram, 2 l.; sets federal funds alloca- tion at one third of cty. expenditures]


-The Recovery Reporter (N.R.A.) bull. no. 8 (8-21-33) [4 l.; contains articles re State Advisory Board to Federal Public Works Fund and relief for transients]


-FERA. "Rule & regulation no. 6," n.d. [re purchase of supplies w/ federal funds]


-Rheba C. Splivalo to CES, 9-6-33 [covering letter re Pauper Act]


-RCB to CES, 9-8-33 [okay on list of names for Cty. ER Comm.]


-SJ Co. Bd. Sup. to Appointees to SJ Co. Emergency Relief Comm., 9-11-33 [letter of appointment]


-List of appointees to County Emergency Relief Comm., 9-11-33


-W.H. Falconbury to SJ Co. Bd. Sup., 9-12-33 [declines appointment to Cty. ER Comm.]


-RCB to "All Cty. Comm. & Relief Admin.," n.d. [2 l.] [outlines procedure for starting FERA projects locally]


-RCB to Bd. Sup. & Cty. ER Comm., n.d. [covering letter & forms for loan applications under Un- employment Relief Bond Act of 1933; 9 l.]


-Organizational chart of President's Reemployment Agreement Campaign as applied to Calif., n.d.


-CES to A.J. Nourse, 9-13-33 [confidential note re agenda of lst meeting Cty. ER Comm.]


-Eugene D. Graham, SJ Co. Clk. to RCB, 9-14-33 [notifies RCB that Falconbury will not be on ER Comm.]


-The Recovery Reporter (N.R.A.) Bull. no. 15 (9-14-33) [article re tenative allocation of public works monies]


-SJ Co. Bd. Sup. to Members, Cty. ER Comm., n.d. [summons to lst meeting together w/ description agenda]


-M.B. Pratt, State Forester to CES, 9-16-33 [covering letter for pamphlet on work of CCC]


-Eugene D. Graham, SJ Co. Clk. to RCB, 9-18-33 [notifies RCB that Winifield Montgomery will not be on ER Comm.]


-RCB to CES, 9-27-33 [reassurance of continued federal pmt. of one third cty. relief expenditures]


-SJ Co. Bd. Sup. to Rheba C. Splivalo, 10-3-33 [request for continued stay of Miss Cronin in Cty. Welfare Dept.]


-RCB to CES, 10-10-33 [SERA policy re pmt. of relief to workers on strike]


-The Recovery Reporter Bull. no. 17 (10-14-33) [article on plans for coordination of all recovery agencies]


-R.E. Towne, Clk. SJ Co. Bd. Sup. to RCB, 10-20-33 [request for confirmation of Edwin Stephens to Cty. ER Comm.]


-Aleeta Brownlee, Asst. Admin. SERA to R.E. Towne, Clk. SJ Co. Bd. Sup., 10-26-33 [E.B. Stephens appt. Dir. Emergency Relief SJ Co.]


-CES to RCB, 11-1-33 [re inability of SJ Co. or local charities to pay for transient needs any longer]


-CES to RCB, 11-1-33 [letter of application for $12,000 in revolving fund for indigent relief]


-Application form for above $12,000, 11-2-33


-CES to RCB, 11-4-33 [telegram; new recommendations for Cty. ER Comm.]


-CES to Gov. James Rolph, Jr., 11-7-33 [2 l.] [brings to Rolph's attention fact that indigents who have been in cty. for more than one yr. but less than three don't qualify for any federal or state aid]


-Guard C. Darrah, SJ Co. DA to Railroad Commission of Calif., 11-7-33 [requests permission to continue storing food for indigent in Union Ice & Cold Storage Co. warehouse free of chg.]


-Mrs. Frank E. Humphrey, Secty., Washoe General Hospital to SJ Co. Bd. Sup., 11-15-33 [thank you note for visit to SJ Genl. Hospital]


-RCB to Bd Sup of Counties, 11-16-33 [covering letter for telegram sent to Cty. ER Comm.]


-RCB [to Bd. Sup. of Counties], 11-16-33 [telegram] [new forms to be issued for new applications "shortly"]


-J.M. Roberts, SERA to F.H. Johnson, Auditor, Stockton, 11-29-33 [states which payrolls must be met w/ federal relief funds]


-E.B. Stephens, Civil Works Administration of SJ Co. to Mr. Steinagle [sic], Chmn. Bd. Sup., 12-21-33 [covering letter & other papers relating to pmt. of CWA project payrolls by FERA; 5 l.]


Folder 2: Corresp. re State Camp for Indigents in SJ Co.


-Aleta Brownlee, SERA to C.E. Steinegul, 11-2-33 [promises funds for indigent camp by 11-15]


-Lawrence C. Merriam, Distr. Officer State Park Conservation Work to CES, 11-8-33 [re employment of local relief workers on parks]



-R.C. Branion to Bd. Sup., 11-12-33 [covering letter for telegram & telegram re establishment State Civil Works Administration]


-Stuart Moir, Admn. State Labor Camps to CES, 11-13-33 [explains that camps run by Dept. Natural Resources]


-CES to D.H. Blood, Dir. Dept. Natural Resources, 11-16-33 [explains that SJ Co. insurance won't cover camp workers if camp is administered by a State dept.; 2 l.]


-D.H. Blood to CES, 11-19-33 [explains that camps will be operated by CWA through Dept. Natural Resources & that not special agmt. necessary w/ county; telegram]


-Stuart Moir to CES, 12-8-33 [regrets inability to attend SJ Co Bd. Sup. Meeting; squelches rumor that camp not to be]


-CES to Stuart Moir, 12-11-33 [explains need for camp: i.e. 200 men w/out place at Fairgrounds camp & unemployable by CWA due to insufficient jobs allotment for county]


-Stuart Moir to CES, 12-13-33 [giving consideration to extra camps on Mokelumne R.]


-M.B. Pratt to SJ Co. Bd. Sup., 12-15-33 [announces scrapping of old agmt. w/ objectionable clauses & submission of new agmt. for co. to sign]


-Bruce McClure, Secty., CWA to Frank H. Buck, U.S. H. of R., 3-10-34 [describes hours & pay for workers in camps]


-SJ Co. Bd. Sup. Resolution to enter into contract w/ SERA, 6-18-34


-H.A.R. Carleton to SJ Co. Bd. Sup., 6-25-34 [covering letter explaining agmt.; 3 l.]


-Agmt. [3 l.]


Folder 3: CWA & its relationship to SERA


-Guard Darrah, DA, SJ Co. to Pierce Williams, Reg. Dir. CWA, 12-26-33 [lists projects cty. would like to initiate]


-CES to SJ Co. Congressmen, n.d. [petition for continuance of CWA services]


-SJ Co. Bd. Sup. Resolution absolving CWA of liability for damages in drainage maintenance work, 1-2-34


-R.C.B. to Chmn. Cty. ER Comm., 1-9-34 [Harry Hopkins, head of CWA, urges more care in taking men onto relief rolls]


-R.N. Shoreen, Underwriter, State Compensation Insurance Fund to Eugene D. Graham, Clk., Bd. Sup., 1-11-34 [states guidelines for pay rates vis a vis insurance covg.]


-Frank H. Buck, U.S. H. of R. to CES, 1-30-34 [doubts CWA will continue past May, notes that it was launched as a temporary expedient]


-Harry L. Hopkins, Dir. CWA to [Whom it may concern], 2-16-34 [announces beginnings of phase-out of CWA; 2 l.]


-CES to Edward Macauley, CWA Calif. Admin., 2-19-34 [protests apparent rejection of road bldg. project; 2 l.]


-E.B. Stephens, Dir. SJ Co. CWA to CES, 2-27-34 [describes new insurance procedure for CWA workers]


-Harry L. Hopkins, Dir. CWA to all CWA Admin., 3-6-34 [describes procedures for CWA phase-out; 4 l.]


-Frank H. Buck, U.S. H. of R. to CES, 3-13-34


-SJ Co. Bd. Sup. Resolution ratifying & confirming list of CWA projects in SJ Co., 4-2-34 [5 l.]


-R.C. Branion, Dir. SERA to CES, 4-26-34 [discusses unfinished CWA projects being taken over by SERA]


-"According to information received...," source unident. [probably CES], n.d. [stmt. of concern about where relief revenues may come from; reaction to R.C. Branion's public stmt. that CWA & SERA are both going to shut down, 3 l.]


Folder 4: Conf. Supervisors & City Officials, Sacto. 4-12-34


-Proceedings [22 l.] [Meeting considers federal, state & cty. relief regulations]


Folder 5: Misc. Papers re early activities SERA Jan.-May 1934


-R.C. Branion, Dir. SERA to Cty. Bd. Sup., 1-18-34 [outlines application procedures for loan under Unemployment Relief Bond Act of 1933; 8 l.]


-H.C. Peterson, M.D. to SJ Co. Bd. Sup., 2-1-34 [re resignation of Edwin Stephens as Chmn. Cty. ER Comm. to work full-time for CWA]


-N.P. Gonser, Chmn., Fresno Cty. Bd. Sup. to R.C.B., 3-29-34 [detailed descr. aims, purposes & conditions under which FERA Unemployment Relief operates; 5 l.]


-R.C.B. to Fresno Cty. Bd. Sup., 3-31-34 [telegram, 2 l.]


-N.P. Gonser to R.C.B., 4-3-34 [states that cty. does not plan to borrow from State Unemployment Bond money; 2 l.]


-N.P. Gonser to Gov. James Rolph, Jr., 4-3-34 [complains of federal govt. compelling cty. to borrow to participate in Relief Works Administration; 2 l.]


-Fresno Cty. Bd. Sup. to Harry Hopkins, Dir. FERA, 4-13-34 [request for clarification on borrowing issue]


-Gov. James Rolph, Jr. to N.P. Gonser, 4-16-34 [response to Gonser complaint; 3 l.]


-N. Calif. Bds. Sup. to Harry Hopkins, 4-18-34 [requests for clarification on borrowing issue]


-Do. to Sen. Hiram Johnson, 4-18-34 [re same as above; 2 l.]


-Wm. A. Smith, Gov. J. Rolph's Secty. to CES, 4-28-34 [covering letter for Gonser corresp. above]


-Forms for application for loan from SERA bonds sales, 5-29-34 [2 l.]


-"Resolution of Emergency Relief Committee of county of ..." [SERA form for ER Comm. to request Bd. Sup. to ask for loan]


-"An Ordinance to Authorize...county to borrow the sum of..." [SERA form for Bd. Sup. to apply for loan; 3 l.]


-"Claim of county for Unemployment Relief Loan Fund" [SERA form constitutes contract between State Emergency Relief Commission & county for loan]


-"Supervisors are against borrowing from the state," source unident., n.d. (c4-34) [photocopy newspaper clipping]


-"County makes formal protest to relief head"; "County objects to taking loan for relief work," source unident., n.d. (c4-34)[Stanislaus Co.; photocopy newspaper clipping]


Folder 6: General correspondence 1934


-6 items, 8 l.


Folder 7: Indexes to various SERA projects


-"Index to filed copies of SERA projects," n.d. [3 l.]


-List of projects on Bd. Sup. letterhead, n.d. [typescript w/ pencil annotations]


-"San Joaquin County Projects," n.d. [2 l.]


Folder 8: Project no. 1: San Joaquin Co. Hwy. Improvements 11-7-33


-1 item


Folder 9: Project no. 2: Woodcutting for indigent, Cty. Fairgrounds 11-7-33


-1 item


Folder 10: Project no. 3: Timekeepers & clerks for SJ Co. Emergency Relief Comm. 11-7-33


-1 item


Folder 11: Project no. 4: Cty. roadside improvements 11-7-33


-1 item

Box Box 2



Folder 1: Reconstruction Cty. Fairgrounds 2-13


Folder 2: Alterations to grandstand, Cty. Fairgrounds 6-18


Folder 3: Camp for single, homeless men 6-18


Folder 4: Solicitation of cast-off clothing 6-25


Folder 5: Sewing project--Stockton 6-25


Folder 6: Woodcutting at Cty. Fairgrounds 6-25


Folder 7: Cty. commissary warehouse for food distribution 6-25


Folder 8: Men's labor camp at Cty. Fairgrounds 7-3


Folder 9: Rd. Wk., Copperopolis Rd. 7-13


Folder 10: Repairs to Ag. Bldg., Cty. Fairgrounds 7-20


Folder 11: Traffic count, 14 intersections 7-27


Folder 12: Repairs to bldgs., Cty. Fairgrounds 7-30


Folder 13: Clks./Welfare Dept. 8-8


Folder 14: Toilet bldg. constr., Cty. Fairgrounds 8-11


Folder 15: Rd. Wk., Lower Sacto. Rd. 8-13


Folder 16: Permanent ag exhibit, Cty. Fairgrounds 9-23


Folder 17: Rd. Wk., Copperopolis & Glenwood Rds. 8-29


Folder 18: Clks. to transcribe Ag Inspector's crop stats. 9-4


Folder 19: Rd. wk., Copperopolis Rd. 9-14


Folder 20: Survey bdry. betw. Sacto. & SJ Co.s 9-19


Folder 21: Mattress & quilt-making, Cty. Fairgrounds 9-20


Folder 22: Constr. tables, etc. for mattress project, Cty. Fairgrounds 9-20


Folder 23: Woodcutting--Escalon 9-24


Folder 24: Burial ground imprvmt. SJ Genl. Hospital 10-1


Folder 25: Demolition for salvage, SJ Genl. Hospital 10-3


Folder 26: Sewing project--Lodi 10-5


Folder 27: Rd. wk., Borden Hwy. 10-12


Folder 28: Sewing project--Tracy 10-15


Folder 29: Rd. wk., Lower Sacto. Rd. 10-15


Folder 30: Quilt-making project 10-19


Folder 31: Mattresses from surplus commodities project 10-19


Folder 32: Drafting SJ Co. Planning Comm. maps 10-24


Folder 33: Fence constr., SJ Genl. Hospital 10-24


Folder 34: Calf barn constr., SJ Genl. Hospital 10-24


Folder 35: Rd. wk., Borden Hwy. 10-25


Folder 36: Weed removal 10-29


Folder 37: Rodent control 10-29


Folder 37a: Fire exits constr., SJ Genl. Hospital 11-8


Folder 38: Storm sewer constr., Stkn. 11-22


Folder 39: Sewing project--Ripon 11-23


Folder 40: Woodcutting--Ripon 11-23


Folder 41: Planting ornamental trees 11-27


Folder 42: Flood control, Littlejohn Creek 11-27


Folder 43: Clks./Cty. welfare warehouse 11-29


Folder 44: Reconstr. fences 12-1


Folder 45: Weed control 12-5


Folder 46: Horse barn addtn., SJ Genl. Hospital 12-5


Folder 47: Woodcutting--Manteca 12-6


Folder 48: Grandstand alterations, Cty. Fairgrounds 12-6


Folder 49: Grape leafhopper control 12-10


Folder 50: Clks./Welfare Dept. 12-10


Folder 51: Clks./Assessor's Off. 12-10


Folder 52: Woodcutting--Cty. Fairgrounds 12-11


Folder 53: Woodcutting--Tracy 12-11


Folder 54: Demolition for salvage, Cty. Fairgrounds 12-14


Folder 55: Foremen/Men's Camp 12-15


Folder 56: Preparation for adobe brick production 12-17


Folder 57: Adobe brick production 12-18


Folder 58: Woodcutting--Escalon 12-20


Folder 59: Rd. wk., Borden Hwy. 12-22


Folder 60: Imprvmts., SJ Genl. Hospital 12-22

Box Box 3



Folder 1: General correspondence


Folder 2: Imprvmts., SJ Genl. Hospital 1-2


Folder 3: Flood control, Calaveras R. 1-2


Folder 4: Flood control betw. Woodbridge/Thornton 1-3


Folder 5: Horse barn addtn., SJ Genl. Hospital 1-5


Folder 6: Clks. for transcribing Ag Inspector's stats. 1-8


Folder 7: Clks./Cty. School Supt. Off. 1-8


Folder 8: Woodcutting--Stkn. 1-9


Folder 9: Rd. wk., Shipley Rd. 1-11


Folder 10: Adobe brick prod., lst suppl. 1-11


Folder 11: Ag Park grandstand 1-14


Folder 12: Distr. surplus commodities 1-21


Folder 13: Rd. wk. Sharp's Ln. 1-26


Folder 14: Survey Weber Grant 1-31


Folder 15: Woodcutting--Ripon 1-31


Folder 16: Pest control 2-4


Folder 17: Clks./Clks. Off. 2-8


Folder 18: Adobe brick prod., Stkn. 2-9


Folder 19: Grandstand alteration, Cty. Fairgrounds 2-11


Folder 20: Adobe horsebarn constr., Cty. Fairgrounds 2-14


Folder 21: Roof tile prod., Cty. Fairgrounds 2-14


Folder 22: Weed control 2-15


Folder 23: Reconstr. right-of-way fences 3-18


Folder 24: Fire exits constr., SJ Genl. Hospital 3-22


Folder 25: Flood control, Littlejohn Ck. 4-1


Folder 26: Permanent ag. exhibit, Cty. Fairgrounds 4-1


Folder 27: Flood control Littlejohn Ck. 4-8


Folder 28: Woodcutting--Escalon 4-12


Folder 29: Ag. bldg. reconstr., Cty. Fairgrounds 4-17


Folder 30: Emergency flood control 4-18


Folder 31: Woodcutting--Tracy 4-19


Folder 32: Sidewalk, curb & gutter constr.--Ripon 4-29


Folder 33: Clks./Assessor's Off. 5-1


Folder 34: Woodcutting--Lodi 5-3


Folder 35: Display facilities, Cty. Fairgrounds 5-6


Folder 36: Grandstand alterations, Cty. Fairgrounds 5-7


Folder 37: Emergency flood control 5-7


Folder 38: Weed control 5-10


Folder 39: Painting & roofing, SJ Genl. Hospital 5-20


Folder 40: Emergency flood control suppl. 5-20


Folder 41: Poultry bldg. constr., Cty. Fairgrounds 5-27


Folder 42: Culverts, Burke-Naglee Irrig. Distr. 6-1


Folder 43: Adobe horsebarn constr. suppl., Cty. Fairgrounds 6-22


Folder 44: Clks./Welfare Dept. 6-24


Folder 45: Poultry bldg. constr., Cty. Fairgrounds 7-5


Folder 46: Foreman/Bldg. constr., Cty. Fairgrounds 7-5


Folder 47: Moving horsebarn, Cty. Fairgrounds 7-9


Folder 48: Judging ring, Cty. Fairgrounds 7-11


Folder 49: Public Bldg. reconstr., Cty. Fairgrounds 8-14


Folder 50: Poultry Bldg. constr., Cty. Fairgrounds 8-14

Box Box 4



Folder 1: PWA--Blank forms & information pamphlets 1935-1938


Folder 2: Stmts. tool & eqpt. losses w/ pertinent corresp. 1935-36


Folder 3: Genl. corresp. 1937-41


Folder 4: Treeplanting 1-28-37


Folder 5: Surplus commodities distrib. 1/6-38


Folder 6: SERA Camp, State Hospital grnds. Spring 1938


Folder 7: PWA Grant, Docket #1816: SJ Genl. Hospital addtn. 6-27-38


Folder 8: Landscaping, pest control, exhibit constr., Cty. Fairgrounds 8-1-38


Folder 9: Rd. constr., Jacobs Rd. bridge 9-7-38


Folder 10: Community garden project 10-8-38


Folder 11: PWA Grant, Docket #2317: Hwy. Bridges Constr. 5-8-39


Folder 12: Landscaping, pest control, exhibit constr., Cty. Fairgrounds 11-14-39


Folder 13: Genl. corresp. & misc. papers 1940


Folder 14: Landscaping, pest control, exhibit constr., Cty. Fairgrounds 4-29-40


Folder 15: Misc. work, Cty. Fairgrounds 6-3-40


Folder 16: Maintenance, Cty. Fairgrounds 6-16-40


Folder 17: Constr. fences, clearing weeds 3-17-41


Folder 18: Constr., repair, maintenance, SJ Genl. Hospital 3-24-41


Folder 19: Constr., pest control, exhibit constr., Cty. Fairgrounds 3-24-41


Folder 20: Maintenance, landscaping, Cty. Fairgrounds 3-24-41


Folder 21: Clearing weeds--cty. roads 3-24-41