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Inventory of the Naoum and Eugenia Blinder Papers, 1909-1988
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Series Arrangement


Series I: Acquisition Correspondence.

Scope and Content Note


Letters chronicling the acquisition of the collection, arranged in chronological order.

Series II: Biographical Materials.

Scope and Content Note

Includes naturalization papers and supporting documents, Manchester metrials, obituaries, publicity press releases and other biographical documents such as awards.

Series III: Concerts.

Scope and Content Note

This series includes many newspaper clippings of concert reviews from Russia, Japan, Turkey, Israel, and the United States. The scrapbooks are also filled with newspaper reviews. (See also Series X).

Series IV: Correspondence.

Scope and Content Note

Letters from friends and colleagues.

Series V: Blinder's students and friends.

Scope and Content Note

Letters, newspaper clippings, and photographs of friends and students, including star pupil Isaac Stern.

Series VI: Blinder's violin.

Scope and Content Note

Appraiser's reports and photographs.

Series VII: Photographs.

Scope and Content Note

This series is divided into:

Naoum Blinder

Scope and Content Note

Includes studio pictures as well as snapshots; all alone except one.

Pierre Monteux

Scope and Content Note

Includes pictures of the Monteux school in Hancock, Maine, and family members of Monteux.

Signed studio pictures from friends and students.

Scope and Content Note

If the only material on a student are pictures, they are arranged in this series. However, if there are letters as well as photographs, they are arranged under the series "Blinder's Students and Friends."

Other miscellaneous pictures.


Series VIII: Blinder's music

Scope and Content Note

One score with his fingerings.

Series IX: Eugene Getzeld Blinder.

Scope and Content Note

Includes an autobiography, various citizenship papers, photographs, and letters.

Series X: American Jewish Archives.

Scope and Content Note

Photocopies of materials from AJA, mostly newspaper clippings.

Container List


Series 1: Acquisition Correspondence

Folder 1

Acquisition Correspondence

Physical Description: Correspondence regarding the acquisitions of various portions of the collection.
Physical Description: 22 letters and memos
Physical Description: 1 newspaper clipping
Physical Description: 2 other items

Series 2: Biographical Materials

Folder 1

Immigration, 1928-1930

Physical Description: 3 items

A statement (in English translation) from Moscow Conservatory stating that he was a professor of violin there from 1923 to September 1, 1927.


A letter from the Dean of the Juilliard School to the American Consul in Montreal, Canada.


A statement of his activities in the United States from January, 1928 to June, 1930.

Folder 2


Physical Description: 7 items

4 documents (1910-1913) from The Royal Manchester College of Music pertaining to his studies there.


"Extracts from student register of (the) Royal Manchester College of Music"


History of the Royal Manchester College of Music (excerpts), mentioning Naoum Blinder.


"Extract from Annual Report of Royal Manchester College of Music, 1914."

Folder 3

Other Biographical Materials

Physical Description: 20 items

The Frank Mancini Music Teaching Award Certificate


A publicity release (biographical sketch)


Press Release No. 2, and No. 4


A script from KCBS radio station (San Francisco), dated July 26, 1957, announcing the retirement of Naoum Blinder from the San Francisco Symphony. Includes biographical sketch.


"Naoum Blinder -- His Career"


From Famous Jewish Musicians (p.321-322)


International Musician (January, 1947) --

Additional Note

Cover photo and article on Blinder

Incomplete clipping of article on Blinder. "The Remarkable Record fo the Symphony's Violin Teacher," San Francisco Sunday Chronicle (This World), January 14, 1962, page 26.


8 clippings from magazines and newspapers about Blinder.

Folder 3a

Other Biographical Materials (Oversize) Ministere de l'Education Nationale Certificate

Folder 4

Obituaries (4 pages): Newspaper clippings.


Series III: Concerts

Folder 1

Programs and Reviews, Russia, 1923-1926

Physical Description: 4 items
Physical Description: 2 originals
Folder 1a

Programs and Reviews, Russia

Physical Description: Oversize, 2 items

Concert Posters.

Folder 2

Programs and Reviews, Tel Aviv, 1926

Physical Description: 2 items
Physical Description: 1 original
Folder 3

Programs and Reviews, Turkey, 1926-1927

Physical Description: 3 items
Physical Description: 2 originals
Folder 4

Programs and Reviews, Japan, 1927

Physical Description: 17 items
Physical Description: 10 originals
Folder 5

Programs and Reviews, United States

Physical Description: Includes programs for San Francisco String Quartet. Also includes English translations of Foreign Press Reviews.
Physical Description: 20 items
Physical Description: 12 originals
Folder 5a

Programs and Reviews, United States

Physical Description: Oversize, 2 items

Posters, New York.

Folder 6

Scrapbook 1. Reviews of concerts from various stages of Blinder's career.

Physical Description: Includes an autographed program by Alexander Glazunov; an article on Pierre Monteux in the May, 1975 San Francisco Symphony Orchestra program.
Physical Description: 59 pages of acid-free photocopies with 2 original inserts
Folder 7

Original of scrapbook 1 without inserts.

Folder 8

Scrapbook 2 -- Original and acid-free photocopy (22 pp.)

Folder 9

Tapes (3)-- Concert tapes with Fresno Philharmonic


Series IV: Correspondence

Folder 1

Letters and telegrams


A. Letters from Isaac Stern

Physical Description: (3 letters)


Physical Description: 2 pp. typescript.


Physical Description: 2 pp. typescript.

No date. Hobart, Tasmania.

Physical Description: 7 pp.

B. From others

Physical Description: (19 items)

Bloch, Ernest. 3-3-1945.

Physical Description: 2 pp.

Bobchinsky, Isaac and Shura. Telegram. 2-5-1958.


Busse, Phyllis. 1-13-1946.

Physical Description: 1 p.

Forbes, Robert J. 11-24-1925.

Physical Description: 4 pp.

Forbes, Robert J. 1-24-1930.

Physical Description: 10 pp.

Forbes, Robert J. 9-3-1950.

Physical Description: 2 pp.

Gaucheron, Roger. 12-1-1938.

Physical Description: 1 p.

Hapgood, Elizabeth. 3-30-1928.

Physical Description: 1 p.

Monteagle, Kenneth. 12-18-1957. 1 p. And reply from Blinder. 12-27-1957.

Physical Description: 1 p. (and acid-free xerox)

Monteux, Pierre. 3-6-1958.

Physical Description: 2 pp.

[Monteux, Pierre.] Letter from Charlotte, sister of Mrs. Monteux, describing the last illness of Pierre Monteux. [June 1964]

Physical Description: 3 pp.

Nimitz, Admiral Chester W. 4-20-1963.

Physical Description: Card.

Oistrakh, David. 2-1-1960. 2 pp. In Russian


Oistrakh, David. 6-23-1962.

Physical Description: Post card. In Russian.

Schumann-Heink, Henry. 2-23-1949.

Physical Description: 1 p.

Scope and Content Note

With a copy of a letter from Howard Skinner to Schumann-Heink, complimenting Naoum Blinder. 2-23-1949. 1 p.

Shostakovich, Dmitri. 1-7-1961.

Physical Description: 2 pp. In Russian.

Spitalny, Leopold. No date.

Physical Description: 2 pp.

Scope and Content Note

Copy of text of a telegram, with text of the reply from Blinder.

Series V: Blinder's Students and Friends

Folder 1


Physical Description: 2 photocopies
Physical Description: 2 originals
Physical Description: 1 photograph
Physical Description: 4 snapshots
Folder 2

Brown, William Howard -- A log of his Russian tour August-September, 1960.

Physical Description: 27 pp.
Folder 3

Dicterow, Glenn

Physical Description: 3 photocopies of newpaper items
Physical Description: photograph of Blinder and Dicterow.
Folder 4


Physical Description: 1 recording
Physical Description: 1 autographed printed score
Folder 5

Reller, Austin

Physical Description: 1 recording
Physical Description: 1 newspaper clipping
Physical Description: 1 signed photograph
Folder 6

Sheinfeld, David

Physical Description: 1 score, 30 pp. Sonata for violin alone.
Folder 7

Stern, Isaac (1950s to 1989) Article on Stern in Horizon, outside folder 7.

Physical Description: 6 photocopies of newspaper clippings
Physical Description: 29 photograph/greetings cards
Physical Description: 9 small b/w photographs (smaller than 4.5" x 6"), including 3 pictures of Blinder and Stern.
Physical Description: 1 medium photograph of Stern and Blinder.
Physical Description: 4 large b/w photographs (some with Blinder).
Physical Description: 3 color photographs of Stern and Mrs. Blinder
Physical Description: 1 letter from San Francisco Symphony thanking Mrs. Blinder for lending the Stern pictures for the May 1987 program.
Folder 7a

Stern, Isaac

Physical Description: Oversize, 1 item

Signed photograph of a young Isaac Stern.

Series VI: Blinder's Violin

Folder 1

7 small and 3 large color photographs of the violin


9 documents regarding appraisals, etc.


Series VII: Photographs


Naoum Blinder-Some with Mrs. Blinder

Folder 1

Large Studio Portraits, 13, 1 with Mrs. Blinder

Scope and Content Note

Includes one early portrait from Odessa (mounted) Medium sized photographs (3)

Small b/w photographs of N. Blinder (4)


Small color photographs with Eugenia Blinder (3)


Pencil drawings of Naoum Blinder (2)


Oversized studio portrait of Naoum Blinder

Folder 2

San Francisco Quartet

Physical Description: 3 small photograph
Physical Description: 1 medium photographs
Physical Description: 8 large photographs
Folder 2a

San Francisco Quartet

Physical Description: 2 oversized caricatures
Folder 3a

San Francisco Sumphony Orchestra

Physical Description: 1 oversized photo

Signed Studio Photographs (29)

Folder 4

Abel, David (3)


Blair, Zena (2)


Chavez, Carlos


Fiedler, Arthur


Heifetz, Jascha


Joffa, Betty (2) (signed Kee Coleman)


Kantor, Gerhard


Kozojian(?), Robert


Kraus, Lily


Monteux, Doris


Monteux, Pierre


Nugata, George


Piatigorsky, Gregor


Riedel, Ernestine


Rodzinski, Arthur


Rose, Kent


Skalar, Sabrina(?)


Szigeti, Joseph


Szeryng, Henryk


Tressel, Williard


Vannin, Luisa


Walter, Bruno








Pierre Monteux

Scope and Content Note

Photographs of Pierre Monteux, his family, friends, and the Monteux School in Hancock, Maine.
Folder 5

Large photographs (8)


Medium photographs

Physical Description: (6 b/w, 2 color)

Scope and Content Note

Color pictures include Bruno Walter.

Small photographs --Monteux School.


18 photographs of Monteux School in Hancock, Maine.


6 photographs marked "On the way to Hancock, Maine"


Miscellaneous (small, 32 items)

Folder 6

7 items -- picture with brother Boris (a cellist), picture with Arthur Fiedler.


4 items -- picture with Howard Skinner and others Igor Stravinsky (1)


Andres Segovia (1)


"George [Nugata?] and Margaret ..."


12 items of Eugenia Blinder and the scenery


6 miscellaneous items


Miscellaneous (10 large and 1 duplicate small picture)

Folder 7

Kimber Award (for best teaching)


With Yehudi Menuhin


With David Abel, Arthur Fiedler, etc. (3)


With Bruno Walter (1 large, 1 small)


With Enrique Gorda


With an unidentified person


Group picture (from Buenos Aires)

Folder 7a

Unidentified woman violinist

Physical Description: (oversize)

Series VIII: Music

Folder 1

Music owned by Blinder

Scope and Content Note

A volume of Beethoven's violin sonatas with Blinder's fingerings.

Series IX: Eugenia Getzeld Blinder

Folder 1

Biographical Materials.


Autobiographical essay


Newspaper clipping on Mrs. Blinder and Isaac Stern




Birth Certificate (1)


Daughter's (Yelena) birth certificate and synagogue doument (2)


Citizenship papers (2)


Homemade recordings (2)


Interview with George Hellyer, her attorney,

Physical Description: casette tape

Additional Note

See also letter in Acquisition File (I:1).



1 group picture


3 with student


Photograph with Mrs. Chikaring



Additional Note

(undated lyrics of a song)

2 unidentified studio portraits, possibly a young Eugenia Getzeld, or Yelena, their daughter.

Additional Note

One of the portraits was kept on the family piano.
Folder 2

Condolence Letters (18)


Telegrams (2)

Folder 3

Other Correspondence


Carmi, Celine (1) of Jerusalem Music Centre. 9-7-1980.


Commanday, Robert (1). 8-4-1980.


Pease, June (1). "Credo"


Stern, Isaac (2) 4-9-1985 regarding appraisal of Naoum Blinder's violin; and 5-16-1985 regarding his concert tours.


Stern, Vera (2) one note undated; one letter thanks Mrs. Blinder for attending Isaac Stern's birthday concert in Jerusalem in July 1980.


Postcard (1) from Margaret and Ken. Postmarked 2-28-89.


Postcards (11), miscellaneous.

Folder 4

Alexen, Vladimir and Tamara


Certificates of Citizenship (2)


Certificate of Marriage (1)


Certificate of Death (1) -- Vladimir Alexen


Miscellaneous items (3)


13 photographs

Folder 5

Photographs (5) Possibly photographs of family from Russia

Folder 6

Miscellaneous documents

Physical Description: (3 items [with 2 originals documents], and 2 photographs)-- folder originally marked "Mrs. Blinder."

Series X: American Jewish Archives

Folder 1

Photocopies of the Blinder materials at the American Jewish Archives.