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Finding Aid to the Letters and Documents Relating to the History of Puerto Rico, 1660-1881
BANC MSS M-M 513  
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Key to Arrangement

folder 1

Real Compañía del Asiento


Account book of the company, showing the number of slaves sold in Puerto Rico, 1768-1779.

folder 2-11

Castro, Ramón de


Correspondence and papers, 1797-1804

folder 12-14

Montes, Toribio


Papers, 1805-1806

folder 15-16

Cortabarría, Antonio Ignacio


Papers, 1812

folder 17-36

Meléndez Bruna, Salvador


Correspondence and papers, 1810-1818.

folder 37-38

Aróstegui Herrera, Gonzalo


Correspondence and papers, 1820-1821.

folder 39

Copies of documents relating to the Ducoudray affair, 1822.

folder 40-48

Copies of correspondence with Puerto Rico concerning the Dominican revolution, 1822.

folder 49-50

Puerto Rico. Governors


Correspondence, 1843-1845.

folder 51-56

Papers relating to the Island of Vieques

Scope and Content Note

Include Pinart transcripts of letters and documents, 1718-1844; descriptions, maps, history, 1839-1847, many copied for Pinart.
folder 57-62

Papers describing various parts of Puerto Rico: San Juan; Arecibo; Utuado; islands of Mona and Monito; Manatí; Culebra; Aguada.

folder 63-64

Census, 1815-1846

Additional Note

1815 item is census of population of Puerto Rico.
1846 item is census of Naguabo, Puerto Rico.
folder 65-68

Orders, proclamations, including some Royal decrees, 1789-1812

folder 65

Quaderno de ordenes circulares, 1789.

Scope and Content Note

Circulars of governor of Puerto Rico, Miguel Antonio de Uztaris, copied by Gregorio Sandoval.
folder 66

Libro en que se copian las órdenes circulares que la superioridad se remiten a ésta Tenencia a Guerra de la Aguada ...

Scope and Content Note

Copies of orders and royal decrees for Puerto Rico between 1791-1798. Include orders from Uztaris, Francisco de Torralbo, and Ramón de Castro.
folder 67

Bandos de los governadores de Puerto Rico, Ramón de Castro and Toribio Montes, 1803-1806.

Scope and Content Note

Edicts from the two governors, include copies of royal decrees.
folder 68

Libro de Reales Cédulas ... remitido al Ilustre Ayuntamiento de esta Villa [Aguada], 1803-1812.

Scope and Content Note

A collection of Royal Decrees and manifestos addressed to Europe and America against the Napoleonic occupation in Spain. Manuscript and printed, sewn together.
folder 69-86

Transcripts of Royal Decrees, 1738-1816, from Archives of Puerto Rico.

folder 69

Pinart transcripts of Royal Decrees found in the Archives of the Bishopric of Puerto Rico, pertaining mainly to Capuchin missionary activities in Venezuela, especially in the province of Cumaná.

folder 70-85

Selected items concerning church affairs, English depredations at Cumaná, and various matters relating to local governments.

folder 86

Two miscellaneous unidentified items.

folder 87-88

Fragments and excerpts from Libros de Bautismos.

folder 87

Scattered fragments from Libro de Bautismo of Coamo, 1660-1775.

folder 88

Act of Bishop of Puerto Rico concerning establishment of church in parish of Humaco, June 30-July 4, 1793.

Scope and Content Note

Excerpt copied from Libro I de Bautismos, on Jan. 11, 1881, by parish priest.

Partial list of correspondents and documents


Abercromby, Sir Ralph, 1734-1801

Folder 3

Letter, Apr 15, 1797, demanding surrender of Puerto Rico. Signed also by Henry Harvey. Copy only


Antoñanza, Eusebio

Folders 21, 24, 26-27

1811-1813, giving news of events in Venezuela


Arístegui, Rafael de, conde de Mirasol

Folder 50

Letter, June 9, 1845, inquiring about Ramón de Soto


Aróstegui Herrera, Gonzalo

Folder 37

Relación de los Ayuntamientos const[ituido]s de esta Isla ..., Nov 8, 1820. List of municipalities with number of inhabitants and officials in each.

Folder 38

Letter to Ayuntamiento de Aguadilla, Feb. 9, 1821, announcing plans for a visit in order to discuss ways of bettering the island


Cardenas, Juan Nepomuceno de

Folder 48

Letter to José de Navarro, Mar. 14, 1822, and to Jacob. Copies only


Castro y Gutierrez, Ramón de

Folder 3

Copy of reply to Sir Ralph Abercromby, Apr. 15, 1797.

Folder 5

Letter to Rafael Conti, Dec. 11, 1798, communicating message from the King of Spain in praise of the inhabitants of Aguadilla

Folder 6

Instrucción para los tenientes a guerra, Feb. 12, 1801. Copy for general at Aguadilla, containing instructions for establishment of coastguard in Puerto Rico, and orders for care of settlers from Santo Domingo

Folder 7

Plan para la formación de una milicia, Mar. 25, 1801.

Folder 8

Letter to Rafael Conti, Oct. 14, 1801, concerning measures for preventing foreigners and colored people from settling on the island

Folder 11

Bando comunicando la Real Cédula de Abril 22, 1804, re increase of slave trade

Additional Note

See also Decrees in Folders 66 and 67.

Cortabarría, Antonio Ignacio

Folder 16

Instrucción, May 4, 1812. Instructions to generals in charge of suppressing Venezuelan revolt. Copy


Donzelot, François Xavier, 1764-1843

Folder 40

Letter to Gonzalo Aróstegui, Feb 12, 1822. Translated copy

Folder 47

Letter to José de Navarro, Mar. 13, 1822. Translated copy


Ducoudray-Holstein, H. Lafayette Villaume, 1763-1839

Folder 39

Correspondence and papers, copies only, relating to his attempt to free Puerto Rico, 1822.



Folder 13

Letter to Toribio Montes, Nov. 16, 1805. Copy only


Ferrand, L.

Folder 12

Correspondence with Toribio Montes, Nov. 8-Dec. 6, 1805, urging use of Spanish ports for French privateers, with decree concerning plan to capture U.S. ships


Harvey, Sir Henry, 1737-1810

See Folder 3.


Hodgson, John, 1757-1846

Folder 14a

Letter, Dec. 13, 1808, to Montes, introducing Mr. Wolleston, a British merchant


Inguanzo, Francisco Diaz

Folder 13

Letter to Toribio Montes, Dec. 17, 1805. Copy only


Jacob, Louis Léon, 1768-1854

Folder 41

Letter to Governor of Puerto Rico, Feb. 24, 1822. Translated copy



Folders 9-10

Letters, 1803-1804, to Ramón de Castro concerning his departure from Santo Domingo


Labatud, Pedro

Folder 23

Letter addressed to José de Medina y Galindo, Jan. 13, 1813, from Santa Marta, Venezuela. Contemporary copy


Leith, Sir James, 1763-1816

Folder 51

Transcript of letter, Apr. 12, 1815, relating to the island of Vieques


Level de Goda, Andrés

Folder 15

Addressed to Cortabarría, Feb.-Mar. 1812. Plan of attack on Venezuela. Pinart transcript


Lizón, Bartolomé

Folder 28

5 letters to Salvador Mélendez Bruna, May-Dec. 1813, reporting news of war in Venezuela


López, José

Folder 17

Letter to Salvador Meléndez Bruna, Feb. 28-Mar. 5, 1810, re war news in Venezuela


Maitland, Frederick, 1763-1848

Folder 4

Order for the protection of John Nagle, Apr. 24, 1797.


Medina y Galindo, José de

Folder 23

Letters from Rio Hacha, Jan. 9 and 20, 1813, re defeat of Spaniards in Venezuela


Meléndez Bruna, Salvador

Folder 20

Draft of letter, May 5, 1811, to Governor of Cádiz, relating to Benito Jurado's petition to return to Spain

Folder 30

Circular to mayors, Aug. 19, 1814, relating to paper money

Folder 51

Transcript of letter relating to Vieques Island, Apr. 12, 1815.

Additional Note

See also Folder 69.

Méndez Vigo, Santiago

Folder 49

Draft of reply, Feb. 22, 1843, to José Antonio Torralbo


Miyares, Fernando

Folder 18

Correspondence, Aug.-Oct. 1810, with Meléndez Bruna re activities in Venezuela, requesting aid. (Copies)

Folders 22-23


Folder 22

Letter of Nov. 23, 1811, requesting aid in defending Maracaibo, enclosing copy of order from Spain of Mar. 30, 1811.

Folder 23

Letter enclosing copies of letter relating to defeat of Spanish army in Venezuela. Feb. 1, 1813.


Montes, Toribio

Folder 14

Fragment, dated Aug. 5, 1806.

Additional Note

See Folder 67 for decrees.

Morillo y Morillo, Pablo, marqués de la Puerta, 1778-1837

Folder 32

Letter of Apr. 13, 1815, to Salvador Meléndez Bruna, enclosing copy of instructions given by Joseph Bonaparte to his agent in Baltimore, with list of commissioners in America

Folder 33

Letter of Apr. 13, 1815, requesting supplies for expedition to Tierra Firma

Folder 36

Pinart translation of letter of May 8, 1818.


Navarro, José de

Folder 43

Letter of Mar. 4, 1822, to Governor of Martinique. Copy

Folder 44

Letter of Mar. 4, 1822, to Jacob. Copy

Folder 45

Letters of Mar. 4, 1822, to Presidents of Santo Domingo and Haiti. Copies

Folder 46

Letter of Mar. 4, 1822, to Governor of Martinique. Copy


Oxholm, Peter Lotharius, 1753-1827

Folder 51

Transcript of letter, Aug. 5, 1815, re island of Vieques


Pinart, Alphonse Louis, 1852-1911


Transcripts throughout the collection


Real Compañía del Asiento

Folder 1

Account book of slave trade in Puerto Rico, 1768-1779.


Torralbo, Francisco

See decrees in Folder 66.


Torralbo, José Antonio

Folder 49

Letter to Governor of Puerto Rico, Feb. 1, 1843, sending calligraphy containing best plans. With draft of reply by the Governor, Feb 22, 1843.


Urrutía, Carlos de

Folder 35

Letter to Salvador Meléndez, Dec. 25, 1816, concerning attempts of the French to take over the island of Santo Domingo, requesting aid


Ustariz, Miguel Antonio de

See decrees, Folders 65-66.