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Guide to the Leland Stanford Papers
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Collection Contents


Series 1 Biographical


Box 1, Folder 1

Certificate to practice law in Wisconsin 1850

Box 1, Folder 2

Catalogue of Leland Stanford's Collection of Pictures 1882

Box 1, Folder 3

Estate papers 1897-1899

Scope and Content Note

Will, codicils, decree of settlement of final account and final distribution of the estate of Senator Leland Stanford.

In the Matter of the Estate of Leland Stanford, Appropriation and distribution . . . of said estate 1897


In the Matter of the Estate of Leland Stanford, Decree of Settlement . . . [1899]


Partial xerox of first item

Box 1, Folder 4

Brochure on sale of ranch property from estate of Leland Stanford 1896


Series 2 Correspondence




Box 1, Folder 5




to father: arrival at Clinton 1841 May 21


to father: arrival at Clinton; cost of studies and courses 1843 Jan 7


to Charles: his election as president of the Philotenian Society 1843 Jan 29


to Charles: leaves for Cazenovia 1844 Jan 25


to Asa Philip: railroad settlement, Cazenovia girls, marriage, death, morality 1844 Feb 13


to Dewitt: school expenditures 1844 Feb 29


to father: studies, end of term, birthday 1844 March 10


to Charles: proposed profession of lawyer, idleness, ambition 1844 March 23


to Philip: sale of the farm, the election, his studies 1844 April 13


to Charles: girls and summer clothes 1844 April 30


to Dewitt: summer clothing 1844 May 18


to father: received money, invitation to speak in public 1844 May 31


to Philip: tavernkeeping, horseracing, political meeting where Cassius M. Clay spoke on slavery 1844 Oct 11


to Charles: flirtation, Charles's sale of his interest in Bulls Head tavern 1844 Dec 1


to Dewitt: girls, studies, religion, Bulls Head lease 1845 Jan 25


to Dewitt: received money 1845 March 12

Box 1, Folder 6




to brother: advice on school and deportment to younger brother 1850 Jan 5


to Hannah Clark: news of Port Washington 1850 June 20


to T. W. Stanford: brotherly advice on studying 1851 Dec 20


to parents: fire at Port Washington and loss of library, real estate, plans to go to California 1852 April 1


to parents: sea voyage and weather 1855 Nov 1


to parents: business and living conditions in Sacramento 1856 May 4


to parents: counsels against sale of parents' farm 1856 Oct 10


to brother: advice on studying [ts copy] 1857 Dec 20


to parents: California state fair, oversize fruit, election 1859 Sep 19


to parents: sends $1,000 1859 Nov 19

Box 1, Folder 7




to parents: business and financial affairs, elections, gold and silver discoveries 1860 May 4


to parents: $1,000 enclosed, desires them to move to California 1860 Aug 10


gives brother Josiah power of attorney to manage and control his property 1861 Jan 18


to mother: death of his father 1862 May 23


to Don Ramon Castilla: letter of introduction for Josiah Stanford 1862 May 6


to W. Rogers: state politics and the Union cause 1862 Aug 8


to mother: building of the railroad, wishes to bring her to California 1862 Dec 13


to A. A. Sargent: considers withdrawing as gubernatorial candidate 1863 June 2


to Merchants Ins. Co.: request to borrow money for C.P.R.R. 1863 Aug 1

Box 1, Folder 8




to mother: appreciation of her, desire to visit, news of family in California 1865 Dec 24


to E. B. Crocker: will complete W. P. deal in any event 1867 April 22


to Jane Stanford: gives her stock in Contract & Finance Co. 1868 May 30


to H. G. Blaisdell: suggests Charles J. Forbes as commissioner of deeds for Nevada 1868 May 30


to C. Crocker: U. P. will try to get our man (telegram) 1868 Nov 13


to C. Crocker: did not buy that stock (telegram) 1868 Nov 21


to E. B. Crocker: securing right of way; wants Charley to hasten track laying 1868 Dec 8


to C. Crocker: contractors and supplies (telegram) 1868 Dec 13


to CPRR office: send horses to meet Huntington (telegram) 1868 Dec 22


to CPRR office: Huntington's leaving Salt Lake by stage (telegram) 1868 Dec 27


to E. B. Crocker: we must name directors of SPRR 1869 Jan 3


to C. Crocker: wants railroad law introduced in Utah (telegram) 1869 Jan 15


to C. Crocker: does not have cipher book (telegram) 1869 Jan 21


to CPRR office: last spike driven 1869 May 10

Box 1, Folder 9

Lincoln, Abraham (copies) 1861-1863

Lincoln, Abraham (copies), 1861- 1863


endorsement of Dr. William Rabi by Stanford and Ira P. Rankin 1861 April 5:


Stanford's list of candidates for federal appointments 1861 [?] April:


letter of introduction for Huntington 1861 Nov 29


would like to be consulted over appointment of Circuit Judge for California 1862 Feb 25


letter of introduction for S. B. Bell 1862 June 25:


railroad business 1862 Oct 1


appointment of district judge for territory of Nevada 1862 Sep 10

Box 1, Folder 10

Hopkins, Mark 1867 Feb-Apr

Hopkins, Mark, Feb 1867-Apr 1867


would extend raod to Goat Island; wants iron hauled from Cisco 1867 Feb 5


has bought engine for drilling machine in Summit Tunnel 1867 April 1:


has letter of endorsement from Latham; Latham wants to go to Donner Lake 1867 April 5:


wants to know amount of judgment against C.L. Wilson; Wilson trying to combine with Oregon road 1867 April 6:


wants M.H. to come down to sign contract to purchase Western Pacific 1867 April 8:


will you be down tonight? (telegram) 1867 April 9:


Judge goes up tonight (telegram) 1867 April 9:


sends check for $125,000; borrowned $60,00 from Davidson 1867 April 10:


urges purchase of Western Pacific 1867 April 12:


as to drilling machines, Latham's trip, etc. 1867 April 16:


advantages of buying Western Pacific 1867 April 19:


will send 26,000; McLaughlin has been in 1867 April 29:

Box 1, Folder 11

Hopkins, Mark 1867 May-Aug

Hopkins, Mark, May 1867-Aug 1867


looking about for money; coupons payable in London 1867 May 17:


about paving K Street 1867 May 18:


Brumagim note - McLaughlin - Dorsey 1867 May 28:


Cole adverse to Conness, People's Party 1867 May 30:


ability to build W. P. without state aid 1867 June 18:


as to O'Leary and the B-; did not speak at Stewart's reception 1867 Jun 20:


paid notes for Sac. Valley R.R. purchase; Richardson wants to go to W. F. & Co. 1867 Aug 10

Box 1, Folder 12

Hopkins, Mark 1868 Jun-Nov

Hopkins, Mark, Jun 1868-Nov 1868


railroad situation in Utah, contract with Brigham Young and Mormons 1868 June 9:


introducing T. G. McLaren, well- borer 1868 Aug 6


contracts for grading west from Monument (telegram) 1868 Aug 28


Union Pacific getting Chinese laboreres 1868 Oct 21


arrival at Salt Lake (telegram) 1868 Oct 31


wants scraper force organized and barley sent to Humboldt Wells 1868 Nov 1


send message to Phelps to come to Salt Lake (with note from Crocker that it was done) 1868 Nov 3


re Presidential vote 1868 Nov 3


on progress of U. P. line 1868 Nov 8


on Stanhouse, Durant, grading, and ties 1868 Nov 9


400 teams grading west of 100 mile contract (telegram) 1868 Nov 21


French Loan Soc. can wait; grading contracts; line on Promontory Mts; progress of U. P. 1868 Nov 21


are supplies at Humboldt Wells? (telegram) 1868 Nov 29

Box 1, Folder 13

Hopkins, Mark 1868 Dec

Hopkins, Mark, Dec 1868


progress of R. R. work in Utah 1868 Dec 1


send 500 kegs (telegram) 1868 Dec 2


supplies for Benson, Farr & West 1868 Dec 4


on situation in Utah 1868 Dec 4


order for supplies to Humboldt Wells; wants Hanford or Madden as clerk (telegram, with note from Crocker to Hopkins) 1868 Dec 4


about beef (telegram) 1868 Dec 5


deliver supplies to contractors at Humboldt Wells (telegram) 1868 Dec 10


slow progress of our track 1868 Dec 10


approved line is only proper one 1868 Dec 13


expects to meet Huntington at Omaha (telegram) 1868 Dec 16

Box 1, Folder 14

Hopkins, Mark 1869

Hopkins, Mark, 1869


will get all done here that I can but we must rely on Strobridge's forces 1869 Jan 15


will start from Salt Lake tomorrow (telegram) 1869 Jan 21


Commissioners leaving Monday by stage, meet them at Elko 1869 Jan 29


to examine line with Commissioners; I have no pleasure in the thought of Railroad 1869 Jan 29


arriving at Elko Thursday; send 200 kegs to Benson Farr & West (telegram) 1869 Jan 31


matters satisfactory (telegram) 1869 March 10:


thinks Commissioners were set for U. P. 1869 March 14:


arrangements made for $100,000 (telegram) 1869 July 19:


he [C.P. Stanford?] should be declared bankrupt (telegram) 1869 July 30:


Vallejo R. R. trying to get mail contract 1869 Aug 13


Mills & Ralston request we hold back drafts 1869 Aug 13

Box 1, Folder 15

Hopkins, Mark 1870-1873

Hopkins, Mark, 1870- 1873


Brannan stock 1870 May 31:


glad Larkin's stock is secured 1870 July 5:


telegram 1873 March 25:


send $135,000 to C.P.H. (telegram) 1873 March 27:


financial instructions (telegram) 1873 Aug 15


look over bills payable and decide what is best (telegram) 1873 Sep 30


have done nothing in that matter (telegram) 1873 Sep 30


you must advise him (telegram) 1873 Oct 1


have advised Huntington of $120,000 (telegram) 1873 Oct 1


will be up tomorrow night (telegram) 1873 Oct 3


have deposited with Belloc Freres for Von Hoffman $130,000 (telegram) 1873 Oct 3

Box 1, Folder 16




to CPRR: letter of introduction for Mrs. Henry Weatherbee 1870 Dec 23


to CPRR: letter of introduction for Mrs. Henry Weatherbee 1871 April 17


to Cmte on Nevada University: CPRR offers 20 acres and $500 1872 Feb 21


to E. G. Northrup: unable to be of assistance [verifax copy] 1872 June 26


to W. M. Stewart: tel., must reserve house and lot for Downs 1872 Oct 21


to C.P. Huntington: order for 500 S.P. bonds to Latham as collateral 1873 Dec 26


to C. P. Huntington: taxes; Brannan suit (telegram) 1874 Jan 23


to Simon Cameron: offer of railroad courtesies [verifax copies] 1874 Oct 1


to C. P. Huntington: wants to control U. P. 1875 May 1


to Sacramento trustees: construction of boilers and pumps for city waterworks in CPRR shops 1877 July 10


note to H. H. Ellis (SF police chief) re protection from Kearney mob with reply from Ellis 1877:


to Gen. McComb 1878 Feb 21

Box 1, Folder 17




partial list of contents:

to "Dear Sister": sends money 1881 Feb 5


to Jane Stanford (telegram) 1881 [no month] 27


to Jane Stanford: arrived safely in New York 1882 June 6


to Jane Stanford: his visit to Albany and her mother's health 1882 June 9


to J.D.B. Stillman: re price of the book 1882 July 26


to J. D.B.Stillman: re Muybridge suit 1882 Oct 23


to J.D.B. Stillman: Muybridge was an "instrument to carry out my ideas" 1883 Jan 5


to "Dr.": on his health; they go to Europe soon 1883 May 25


to Jane Stanford (from Bad Kissingen): on taking the waters 1883 Aug 10


to Leland Jr.: (from Bad Kissingen) 1883 Aug 21


to Leland Jr: (from Bad Kissingen) 1883 Aug 30


to Leland Jr. (from Hamburg) 1883 Sep 9


to J.D.B.Stillman: re money and possible suit against Osgood & Co. 1883 Oct 25


to Jesse Grant: re feasibility of railroad from Constantinople to the Persian Gulf (photocopy) 1885 March 31


to Andrew White: re Holley's theory on telescopes 1885 April 18


to Fred. Grant: condolences on death of U. S. Grant 1885 July [?]

Box 1, Folder 18

1886-1889 May

1886-1889 May


to J. W. Knox: Electioneer to cover Knox's mare 1886 Jan 25


to RR officials: extend courtesies for Miss A. Lathrop 1886 Feb 9


to Ariel Lathrop (tel): send Miss. Valley Construction Co. stock 1886 July 22


to Pres. Grover Cleveland: support for P. O. in San Francisco 1887 March 3


to J. Stanford (tel): travel plans 1887 May 30


to J. Stanford (tel): travel plans 1887 May 31


to C. Huntington (tel): attitude in investigation by Pac. Ry. Commission 1887 Sep 23


to T. Hopkins: location of new depot; no liquor to be sold in vicinity 1888 Jan 8


to Robert Bonner: re Bonner's horse Lucy Cuyler 1888 Dec 28


to W.S.U. Clement: please give Bancroft some facts on Stanford's life 1889 Feb 15


to Mrs. Henry Vrooman (tel): condolences on death of Mr. Vrooman 1889 April 11


to Mrs. A. Carter (tel): sending $50 contribution 1889 May 31

Box 1, Folder 19

1889 Aug-1889 Nov

1889 Aug-1889 Nov


to J. Stanford (2 tel): travel plans 1889 Aug 6-7


to J. Stanford (2 tel): Jane at Sissous 1889 Aug 24-25


to J. Stanford: her health, his activities at home and in business 1889 Aug 25


to J. Stanford (tel): her health 1889 Aug 27


to J. Stanford: health matters, boys dormitory progressing 1889 Aug 31


to J. Stanford: gave orders to start girls dormitory; thoughts on high school buildings and faculty houses 1889 Sep 1


to J. Stanford (2 tel): awaiting her return 1889 Sep 3


to J. Stanford (6 tel): mostly travel plans 1889 Oct 16-28


to Robert Bonner: sale of horse Sunol to Bonner 1889 Nov 2


to D. J. Brown: sending portrait to the Leland Stanford Div. No. 283 (locomotive engineers) 1889 Nov 11

Box 1, Folder 20

to R. Bonner: re horse Sunol 1890 Feb 7


to A. G. Porter: re appointment [photostat copy] 1890 Feb 18


to W. Carr: re appintment 1890 Feb 29


to [B.F.] Tracey: letter of condolence [mss. copy] 1890 March


to W. Blaine: letter of condolence [mss. copy] 1890 March


to Mrs. T. Hopkins (tel): relays Mrs. Stanford's thanks for flowers 1890 Apr 6


to S. T. Gage: instructions on letters from Huntington 1890 April 29


to R. Bonner: re horse Sunol 1890 May 25


to R. Bonner: re horse Sunol 1890 Dec 13

Box 1, Folder 21

1891-1892 Apr

1891-1892 Apr


to Robert Bonner: re Sunol and other horses 1891 Dec 3


to Archbishop Riordan: re possible RR track through Hopkins' land [Menlo Park?] [photocopy] 1892 Feb 29


to Huntington, Stillman, and Hubbard: re future cooperation on new enterprises; signed by Stanford and Crocker 1892 April 22

Box 1, Folder 22

1892 May-1893

1892 May-1893


to T. W. Stanford: his health and issue of tariffs 1892 May 30


to A. Lathrop: re horses 1892 Aug 8


to B. Harrison (tel): condolences on wife's death 1892 Oct 25


to Mrs. E. F. Beale (tel): condolences 1893 April 22


to F. Shay: the Stillman matter and other business concerns 1893 June 19

Box 1, Folder 23

letters of recommendation for women for jobs with S. F. Mint 1869-1874

letters of recommendation for women for jobs with S. F. Mint, 1869-1874



Box 1, Folder 24

Arnold, Sir Edwin 1892- 1892

Arnold, Sir Edwin, 1892- 1892

Box 1, Folder 25

B 1865-1893

B, 1865-1893


Bank of CA: 1/2/1869 notes to Selby & others charged to Stanford


Barton: 5/7/1889 on problem facing wine grape growers


Bellows: 1/19/1865 introduction of Johannes Schlarbaum, engineer; 4/20/1872: introduction of Miss LeClercg


Benchley: 5/31/1893 reference for Albert Scheer


Berry: 5/9/1892 LS Jr. memorial tree in Anaconda, MT


Bey: 3/14/1886 asking help for Turkish soldiers


Boruck: 2/2/1885 as to McGlashan and the senatorial contest


Bower: 11/29/1890 Sunol's trotting times

Box 1, Folder 26

C 1868-1891

C, 1868-1891


Carpenter: 4/11/1890 on Col. Markham's candidacy for governor; 10/1/1891 (tel) on opening day of university


Clements: 10/20/1868 (tel) grading work on RR in Utah


Cleveland: 1886 envelope; 1/19/1889 please see me this evening


Crawford: 9/25/1889 (tel) invitation from citizens of Willows, CA


Crocker: 11/9/1868 (tel) too late to organize scrapers west of Humboldt Wells


Crocker: 1/21/1869 (tel) Col. Williamson coming

Box 1, Folder 27

de Wellens, E. (Baroness) 1885

de Wellens, E. (Baroness), 1885


1885 Feb. 23: thanks for biographical memoir of LS Jr.


1885 June 2: LS Jr. appeared in a dream

Box 1, Folder 28

F 1866-1890

F, 1866-1890


Fenton: 1/19/1880 thank you for your hospitality


Ferris: 4/18/1866 enclosing trust deed of Mrs. Margaret Ferris (deed attached)


Flood: 10/10/1888 (tel) father still very sick


Foote: 4/14/1890 political praise for Stanford


French: 4/7/1883 with comments on HORSE IN MOTION


Frye: 1/17/1889 thanks for $7000 gift to Bates College (Maine)


Fuller: n.d. regrets on an invitation

Box 1, Folder 29

Grant, Frederick D. 1885-1892

Grant, Frederick D., 1885-1892


Partial list of contents:

1885 July 20 on U.S. Grant's book and illness


1889 March 20 on FG's appointment to Austrian mission


1889 May 14 on trip to Vienna and reception there


1891 Oct. 11 on statue of U.S. Grant in Chicago; destruction of European grape vines


1892 Feb. 24 introduction of Mr. Watawabi (Japanese delegate)

Box 1, Folder 30

Grant, Ulysses S. 1884

Grant, Ulysses S., 1884


1884 June 2 requesting railroad passes


1884 July 2 invitation to Grant home


[1884 ?] U.S. Grant to Purdy's Station Harlem RR

Box 1, Folder 31

Grant family 1890- 1893

Grant family, 1890- 1893

Box 2, Folder 1

Gray, George E. 1868


1868 Sept. 22 (tel) about grading contracts


1868 Oct. 9 progress of railroad work in Utah


1868 Oct. 9 (tel) wants bill of lading


1868 Oct. 11 about grading work in Utah, with copies of communications from Durant and Carter


1868 Oct. 15 about grading work in Utah; following 2 letters were enclosed:


1868 Oct. 12 E. F. Benson to Gray and 10/12/1868 M. Carter to Gray regarding grading contracts


1868 Oct. 16 (tel) will cost more


1868 Oct. 17 (tel) meeting with contractors


1868 Oct. 22 (tel) asking confirmation of payment request

Box 2, Folder 2

G 1889-1893


Gage: 7/2/1890 public opinion of Stanford, political news, Huntington and Crocker; 3/9/1893 [tel] birthday greetings


Gibbons, Cardinal: 3/2/1889 requesting assistance for Mr. James R. Randall


Gibbons, John: 4/13/1891 encloses letter from Fr. Casanova re statue of Fr. Junipero (attached)


Greenwood: n.d. poor reception for her lecture in Marysville

Box 2, Folder 3

Harrison, Benjamin 1888- 1893


1888 Nov. 22: reply to congratulatory telegram from LS


1891 April 26: acceptance of invitation


1892 June 14: social note


1893 Feb. 25: dropping by this evening at 8:30 to complete our talk


1893 March 2: on his lecturing at Stanford University


1891 pamphlet, itinerary of President Harrison's tour of the Pacific Coast


Executive Mansion envelope address to LS in London (no letter)

Box 2, Folder 4

Huntington 1869- 1890


1868-1869 (2 tel) on travel arrangements


1873 Oct. 24 (tel) CPRR finances [in code with translation]


1873 Oct. 26 (tel) CPRR finances [in code with translation]


1874 Jan. 22 (tel) to Mark Hopkins re value of land [in code with translation]


1885 Jan. 12 (tel) are you running against Sargent


1886 May 8 to S. Gage, would like to see Sargent as next CA senator


1890 April 15 retracts his charge against Stanford of April 9


n.d. (tel) against selling of Southern Pacific bonds

Box 2, Folder 5

H 1869-1891


Harrison: 2/22/1891 request for a meeting


Haymond: 1/23/1884 delegation from California; Colton case


Heald: 6/8/1889 on Stanford's proposed World Arbitration League


Hooker, J.D.: 6/90/1880 offer of tour of Kew Gardens


Hooker, J.:12/31/1872 [?92] social note


Hopkins: 4/9/1869 (tel) re departure of commissioners


Hotchkiss: 4/13/1890 expressing political support


Hull: 11/8/1890 re his hymn for the University (not enclosed)

Box 2, Folder 6

J-K 1884-1890


Jameson: 1/1/1886 enclosing permit to ride in postal cars


Kearney: 5/7/1884 condolences; employment business


Kilburn to Haymond: 4/11/1890 support for Stanford

Box 2, Folder 7

Logan family 1884- 1890


John A. Logan: 6/8/1886 on reception for GAR members in Sacramento


Cullom, Shelby M.: 12/28/1886 on John A. Logan's funeral


Mrs. John A. Logan: 3/14/1887 personal matters


John A. Logan,Jr: 3/15/1887 thanks for assistance and news of his marriage


[1887]: family ackowledgement of sympathy with name cards


12/31/1886: funeral ticket and program

Box 2, Folder 8

L 1879-1890


Latham, H.: 4/19/1890 appreciation for Stanford's accomplishments


Latham, M.S.: 8/13/1879 requests a meeting


Lathrop: n.d. Stillman arrived


Loch: 9/19/1889 [?] appreciation for visit to Stock farm

Box 2, Folder 9

M 1874-1893


McLaughlin: 4/3/1874 wants payment on account


McNally: January 1893 received gift


Maynard: 4/19/1890 giving political support


Marysville citizens: 9/21/1889 invitation


Morehouse: 4/12/1890 giving political support


Morton: n.d. enclosing note by request of Duchesse d/Auxy [not attached]

Box 2, Folder 10

N - P 1868-1889


Nash: 10/25/1889 (tel) reached San Diego, governor doing fine; 10/27/1889 (tel) governor well but tired


Newman: 3/20/1885 Gen. Logan not well, hope you can visit; December 1886 (2 tel) on Gen. Logan's death


Parry: 6/8/1887 discovery of a new manzanita named in honor of Leland Stanford Jr. [see OS box for sample]


Penfield: 10/19/1868 (tel) prices of teams and men going up (Utah grading work)


Pope: 12/26/1884 enclosing letter from Gen. Stoneman [not included]

Box 2, Folder 11

Reid, Whitelaw 1889


1889 Feb. 23: (tel) received your congratulations

Box 2, Folder 12

Sargent, A. A. 1884- 1885


1884 Nov. 11: wants Stanford's aid in senatorial contest


1885 Jan. 11: on the attitude of Chute and the Chronicle in the contest


1885 Jan. 13: wants Haymond and Gage suppressed

Box 2, Folder 13

Schofield, Gen. J. M. 1876- 1891


1876 Oct. 8: invites them to visit West Point


1891 Jan. 12: dinner invitation to meet the President


May ?: regrets but cannot accept invitation from the Stanfords

Box 2, Folder 14

Sherman, William T. 1889-1890


1889 February: 2 letters to W. W. Morrow re J. D. Stevenson


1890 May: regrets but cannot accept Stanfords' invitation

Box 2, Folder 15

Stillman/Osgood 1881- 1883

Scope and Content Note

Letters between J.D.B. Stillman and publisher James R. Osgood & Company concerning Stillman's book Horse In Motion and Muybridge's claims on the copyright (19 letters)
Box 2, Folder 16

S 1863-1890


Sawyer: 4/12/1890 support for Senate campaign


Scanlon: 4/11/1890 public opinion is on Stanford's side in spite of newspaper stories


Sheridan: 6/7/1886 not sure he can attend GAR meeting in California


Sherman: 5/8/1863 going east by overland route, requests letters of introduction


Smith, A.: 4/3/1864 mining and railroads in northern California (Ione City)


Smith, F.: 9/22/1889 extends invitation to visit citizens of Redding


Stanton, E.C.: n.d. [1871] requesting RR passes for self and Miss Anthony


Stanton, M. O.: 12/28/1888 sending "physiognomical delineation" of LS Jr. [not attached]


Swit: 2/26/1886 on education in New Zealand

Box 2, Folder 17

T - V 1885-1893


Talmadge: 4/3/1890 on Stanford's speech on education


Towne: n.d. note re railroad tracks and land


Treat: 1886-88 1bill, 2 letters on photos Treat took of campus lands; 3/9/1893 (tel) birthday greetings


Tripp: 4/19/1890 letter of support


Vliet: 4/10/1189 requesting assistance for employment with S. P.

Box 2, Folder 18

W 1884-1890


Wallace: 1/16/1884 advises Stanford to keep audience with the Sultan


Warwick: [1884 ?] condolences on death of Leland Jr. (missing first page)


Wilcox: 4/15/1890 to Col. Haymond in support of Stanford

Box 2, Folder 19

Y 1876-1889


Yorke: 9/19/1889 thanking Stanford for visit at Stock Farm


Yost: 6/3/1876 (tel) to H. Cummings with payment instructions from Stanford

Box 2, Folder 20

Illegible and fragments 1880- 1892


3 by same person, 1880-1889, re Stanfords visiting the House of Commons in London and personal matters


1 fragment, on Capitol Police letterhead, 1892, re gavel made from magnolia tree at Mt.Vernon and presented to Stanford U.


1 from "S", San Francisco, 6/1/1890 on state politics, mentions Crocker, Huntington, Haymond, Thomas Bell

Box 2, Folder 21

Telegrams of sympathy, A - L 1884

Box 2, Folder 22

Telegrams of sympathy, M - Z 1884


Series 3 Business and legal papers

Business and legal papers

Box 2, Folder 23

Alameda County property deeds 1871-1884


Alfred A. Cohen to Leland Stanford, deed, October 2, 1871


Rose Anna Kell et. al. to Leland Stanford, deed, January 21, 1884

Box 2, Folder 24

Bills and receipts, miscellaneous 1881-1893


Partial list of contents:

furniture bill, New York, 1883;


various livery and veterinary bills in Washington, DC, 1893;


jewelry bills, Paris, 1881

Box 2, Folder 25

California Street Cable Railroad Company 1883-1889


Agreement with Henry Root, Sept. 1883-July 1, 1884


Report of Treasurer, Alfred Borel & Co., July 1889


Report of Vice President Antoine Borel, July 1889


Bid for switches, Wm. H. Birch & Co., December 1889


Copy of letter to L. B. Benchley from Albert Stetson, July 11, 1889


Copy of letter to L. B. Benchley from Albert Stetson, July 3, 1889


Specifications for five cable cars, J. Hammond & Co.


Assignment, August 1, 1884


Assignment franchise, Leland Stanford to CSRRC


Central Pacific Railroad Company

Box 2, Folder 26

Central Pacific Railroad Company: clippings 1873- 1889

Box 2, Folder 27

Central Pacific Railroad Company: clippings, CPRR v. Cohen, 1876

Box 2, Folder 28

Central Pacific Railroad Company: deeds, 1865- 1885


1865, Oct. 28: Winchester to Karchner


1867, July 29: CPRR to Barker


1870, Sept. 20: Certificate of Register of Land Office - Marquis C. Winchester


1871, May 29: CPRR to Bader


1871, July 19: CPRR to Wilcoxson


1871, Nov. 13: Wilcoxson to Barker


1871, Nov. 22: Barker to Karchner


1873, March 12: Winchester to Gates


1873, July 8: Gates to Karchner


1877, Feb. 20: CPRR to Ordway and McMillan


1882, July 25: Certificate of Register of Land Office - Karchner (John Smith)


1883, Oct. 24: CPRR to Karchner


1884, April 24: Smith, Ragsdale, Karchner to Karchner


1884, Dec. 20: Certificate of Register of Land Office - Karchner


1885, Oct. 17: CPRR to Karchner

Box 2, Folder 29

Central Pacific Railroad Company: documents, 1866- 1888


1866: Report to Andrew Johnson signed by L. Stanford, Sam S. Montaune, Charles Crocker (photostat)


1868, March 20: Agreement on lands for RR terminus, S.P. , C.P., Stanford, Lloyd Tevis, H.N. Carpentier, W. B. Carr and George Hearst


1868, May 31: list of securities, signed by L. Stanford


1868, Dec. 5: L. Stanford note re stock mailed to J. Stanford


1869, Feb. 27: memorandum of securities deposited in name of J. L. Stanford, signed by L. Stanford


1876, June 20: L. Stanford deposition


1878, Sept. 10: A.P. Stanford to L. Stanford, release


1888, Jan. 7: Report in letter form to Rufus Blodgett from Richard (?), inscribed to Stanford

Box 2, Folder 30

Central Pacific Railroad Company: Gold Spike receipt, 1869

Box 3, Folder 1

Central Pacific Railroad Company: "History and Defense of the Railroad," signed by Leland Stanford, 1872

Box 3, Folder 2

Central Pacific Railroad Company: slip case for "History and Defense of the Railroad"

Box 3, Folder 3

Central Pacific Railroad Company: printed documents, 1869- 1890

Central Pacific Railroad Company: printed documents,, 1869- 1890


Brannan and Ives vs. CPRR [complaint], n.d.


Communication from Leland Stanford to the Committee on Corporations of the Senate, Jan. 22, 1894


Supplementary statement by Leland Stanford to United States Pacific Railway Commission (re indebtedness of CPRR to the Government), 1887


Report (from the Pacific Railway Commission) on the CPRR, 1890 [Senate Report No. 293]


Proofs for pp. 103-142 of unnamed account of legal suit involving Huntington, Colton, and Stanford


Blank form for denial of railroad passes, 1869

Box 3, Folder 4

Central Pacific Railroad Company: Southern Pacific Company, 1890

Central Pacific Railroad Company: Southern Pacific Company,, 1890


Clippings on Stanford and S.P.


Resolution of thanks to L. Stanford from Board of Directors, 1890


Agreement re S. P. Bd. of Directors and officers and re cooperation for election of Stanford to Senate, Feb 1890

Physical Description: [mss copy with Huntington's address]

Agreement re S. P. Bd. of Directors and officers and re cooperation for election of Stanford to Senate, Feb 1890

Physical Description: [mss copy on Stanford's letterhead]
Box 3, Folder 5

Central Pacific Railroad Company: telegraph books, 1868- 1869

Central Pacific Railroad Company: telegraph books,, 1868- 1869


Two books of telegrams


Typescript copies of other telegrams (source unknown)

Box 3, Folder 6

Central Pacific Railroad Company: telegraph books - photocopied (to be used for further copying)


Two books of telegrams


Typescript copies of other telegrams (source unknown)

Box 3, Folder 7

Central Pacific Division of the Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph Company 1874

Central Pacific Division of the Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph Company,, 1874


Four telegrams (letterhead shows L. Stanford, President)

Box 3, Folder 8

Checks, miscellaneous 1867-1893

Checks, miscellaneous,, 1867-1893


Personal checks, most made out to Jane Stanford or to "Self," 1867, 1888- 1893; includes one to Chester Griswood, of the American Protective Tariff League 1867-1893

Box 3, Folder 9

Manzanita Water Company 1891

Manzanita Water Company,, 1891


Agreement with Archbishop Patrick W. Riordan to provide water to St. Patrick's Seminary in Menlo Park (photocopy)

Box 3, Folder 10

Monohan, John suit 1890

Monohan (John) suit,, 1890


1890, Feb. 11: telegram L. Stanford to Ariel Lathrop


1890, Feb. 11: letter H. C. Nash to Ariel Lathrop


1890, March 5: copy of 1876 lease, L. Stanford to John Monohan (Tobin Tract, San Mateo County)

Box 3, Folder 11

Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company 1868- 1872


1868: clip showing L. Stanford president


1868, Dec. 10: policy on Edward Price signed by L. Stanford, with two receipts, 1869-70


1868: photocopy of policy on Leland Stanford (with historical note on reverse)


1872, July 19: deed Pacific Mutual to John and Edward Coleman

Box 3, Folder 12

Palo Alto Farm 1877-1895


assessment lists for Stock Farm (San Francisquito Rancho) 1877-1880


Agreement, L. Stanford, Chas. Wehner, and R. Farrill on building of Mayfield-Searsville Road thru the Palo Alto Rancho 1888 Feb 11


catalog for action sale of trotting colts and fillies 1895 Apr 10


label for hock, Palo Alto vineyard Undated


list of employees and supposed amount of salaries Sept

Box 3, Folder 13

Palo Alto Farm - mausoleum 1887-1888


letter (copy) Wetmore & Morse Granite Co. to Caterson & Clark 1887-11-12


specifications, Caterson & Clark 1887-11-12


telegram (copy) L. Stanford to Robert Caterson 1887-11-14


letter, Robert Caterson to J. E. Gates 1888-09-12

Box 3, Folder 14

Placer County Justice of the Peace 1854


Legal papers from the case of James Cole; Leland Stanford, J.P.

Box 3, Folder 15

Receipt book (blank) circa 1880

Box 3, Folder 16

San Mateo County property taxes 1889-1902


Tax assessments and bills

Box 3, Folder 17

Stocks and bonds, A through F 1868-1899


Bodie Bluff Consolidation Mining Co., 186-


Capital Savings Bank of Sacramento 1879


Capital Woolen Mills 1869


Coal Road Construction Co. (Kentucky) 1881


Colorado Steam Navigation Company 1877


Contract Finance Company 1868, 1873


Cornell Watch Company 1875


Donner Lumber & Boom Co. [to Jane Stanford] 1899


Financial Improvement Company 1884

Box 3, Folder 18

Stocks and bonds, G through W 1871-1897


Gilmore Angora Goat Breeking Association, 1875


International Construction Company, 1884


Mission Bay Bridge Company, 1872-79


Orleans Hills Vinicultural Association, 1869


Pacific Steam Agricutural Manufacturing Co., 1883


Riverside Bathing Association of Sacramento, 1874


Riverside Hotel and Turnpike Co., 1874


San Francisco Transfer Company, 1871


Southern Development Company, 1881-1897


Western Development Company, 1879-1889

Box 4, Folder 1

Stocks and bonds, railroads


Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad Company


Kentucy and South Atlantic Railway Company


Newport News and Mississippi Valley Company


Salt Lake & Fort Douglass Railway Company


Yosemite Valley Railroad Company

Box 4, Folder 2

Sweeney and McClosky vs. Leland Stanford: transcript on appeal 1880

Box 4, Folder 3

Vina Ranch 1889-1901


Blank bills undated


Ads for Vina brandy


Report by Prof. E. W. Hilgard on "Fraser Electro-Magnetic Process" 1887


newspaper proofsheet of story on Vina (incomplete) 1889-11-25


letter F. B. Vaden to F. W. Carey re barrels delivered 1899-05-31


list of workers "let out" 1893-09-01


list of wines shipped 1901 Jan 1


payroll (Palo Alto Dept., Winery, Doyle Camp, Distillery, Boarding house, Vina Ranch, Copeland Ranch, Vineyard) September, no year

Box 4, Folder 4

Warm Springs Ranch 1869-1870


letter, James T. Stratton to A. Cohen 1869, May 10:


agreement Alfred A. Cohen to L. Stanford on sale of Warm Springs 1869 Sep 2


field notes of James T. Stratton of tract sold by Bright to Palmer 1869 Sep 24


letter, A. G. Carrie to McCullough & Boyd re return of title 1870 Jan 10

Box 11

Cesnola's Collection Metropolitan Museum of Art New York. List of duplicates sold to Hon. Leland Stanford

Physical Description: (photocopy)

Series 4 Political papers

Box 4, Folder 5

Governor of California - clippings 1862-1889

Box 4, Folder 6

Governor of California - documents signed as governor 1862-1863


1862, Sept. 24: appointment of John Mitchell as Cmmr. of Deeds


1862, Nov. 4: certificate of election of William Corey, Placer County Clerk


1863, Sept. 29: travel pass of Adam Bock


1863, Nov. 5: proclamation of Thanksgiving (printed)

Box 4, Folder 7

Governor of California - printed documents 1862-1863


1862, January 10: Inaugural Address [photocopy]


1862, November 1: proclamation of Thanksgiving


1863, January: Annual Message of Leland Stanford


1863, December: Second Annual Message of Leland Stanford (2 copies)


1863, January: Communication from Governor Stanford to the Legislature with Correspondence; re payment of California's quota of direct tax

Box 4, Folder 8

Governor of California - Republican Party tickets Undated


Republican Ticket, Third District: Leland Stanford and James F. Kennedy (Lt. Gov.)


Republican Ticket: Leland Stanford and F. F. Chellis (Lt. Gov.)

Box 4, Folder 9

U. S. Senator - Congressional committee calendar undated


Notebook for Senate Committe on Public Buildings and Grounds

Box 4, Folder 10

U. S. Senator - Congressional reports 1888-1892


Committee on Naval Affairs re bill on desertion


Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds re buildings in Dallas; Ogden, Utah; Fresno, CA; Alameda, CA; Battle Creek, MI; and Lansing, MI

Box 4, Folder 11

U. S. Senator - Journal 1885-1893

Scope and Content Note

Brief entries in handwriting of H. C. Nash re leg. bills, receipt of salary, travels, appointments, letters written, callers, general activities, 1885; with typed list of Stanford's movements, 1888-1893
Box 4, Folder 12

U. S. Senator - speeches 1886-1892


Interstate Commerce 1886


Cooperation 1887


Education 1890


Government Loans on Real Estate (2 copies - one printed in Australia) 1890

Box 4, Folder 13

U. S. Senator - Young Men's Central Republican Club, resolution of support Undated

Box 4, Folder 14

Jeffers, L. G., statement endorsing Stanford as presidential candidate Undated

Scope and Content Note

Five pages (ts) recounting Stanford's political and business life and his qualifications as presidential candidate; written in Washington, DC
Box 4, Folder 15

Miscellaneous political clippings


On Stanford's interstate commerce speech 1887


On A. S. Smith's appointment as Postmaster of Marysville Undated


Series 5 Speeches and interviews

Box 4, Folder 16

Cooperation of Labor, an interview with Senator Stanford. . .New York Tribune , 1887

Physical Description: Pamphlet (2 copies)
Box 4, Folder 17

The Great Question, an interview with Senator Leland Stanford on Money, includes views of Col. Rickey and "The Doctor" undated

Physical Description: Pamphlet (3 copies); and acid-free xerox copy
Box 4, Folder 18

The Land Loan Bill, interview with Hon. Leland Stanford of California, undated

Physical Description: Pamphlet (2 copies)
Box 4, Folder 19

Unidentified speech attributed to Stanford, n.d.

Scope and Content Note

Holograph copy (not in LS hand), on Republican politics and the tariff; given at San Jose

Series 6 University matters

University matters

Box 5, Folder 1

LSJU letterpress book: outgoing letters signed mostly by H. C. Nash, Of note: 1891-1892


1891, May 11: Nash to Jordan re houses available for professors


1891, June 22: re contracting bids on cottages and plans for girls' dormitory


1891, July 14: Nash to Jenkins re O.L. Elliott wishes to occupy Cedro Cottage temporarily


1891, July 16: Nash to Mrs. Boye re Jewett Collection


1891, Oct. 30: Stanford to Shepley, Rutan & Coolidge re hiring Mr. Austin, beginning of school


1891, Nov. 9: Stanford to Olmsted "improving the grounds in accordance with your plans"





Box 6, Folder 1

Outgoing correspondence to Jordan, D. S., 1891

Outgoing correspondence to Jordan, D. S.,, 1891


thinks 15 professors enough to open with 1891 Apr 13


decided to name boys dormitory Encina Hall 1891 May 9:


approves prospectus; names dormitories for oak trees 1891 May 16:


will have accommodations for 80 girls 1891 May 21:


thinks 4-5 thousand dollars sufficient to start library 1891 May 26:


do not engage Nissen 1891 May 30:


defer agricultural branch 1891 June 1:


no suggestions for circular no. 4 1891 June 10:

Box 6, Folder 2

Outgoing correspondence to Jordan, D. S., 1892 Jan-May

Outgoing correspondence to Jordan, D. S.,, 1892 Jan-May


recommends Dr. Charles of Menlo Park 1892 Jan 1


Dr. Grau and Miss Ames on payroll; mistress of Roble Hall; pleased with address 1892 Jan 1


must exercise own judgment on engaging profs. White, Dudley, Jenks and Angell 1892 Feb 17


payment of professors for outside lectures; steam heat for gymnasium; getting President White as lecturer; finding meteors 1892 Feb 17


suspend arrangements for heating gymnasium 1892 Feb 18


introduces Mr. & Mrs. Morris K. Jessup 1892 Mar 16


will be in Palo Alto in April 1892 Mar 29


remuneration for Pres. White 1892 May 8:


faculty appointments [signature cut out] 1892 May 10:


case of Miss Hay 1892 May 11:


H.C. Nash to Jordan inclosing recommendations approved by Sen. Stanford 1892 May 15:


$5 a week sufficient for board 1892 May 23:


to hasten construction of buildings; too many professors and assistants 1892 May 23:


sends address in Paris 1892 May 24:


(tel): approval of lease form 1892 May 26


issue of students' board 1892 May 26:


introduces Wilson Evans 1892 May 29:


Prof. Gale out of place in mechanical engineering; pleased with letter from Pres. White 1892 May 29:


students' expenses must not exceed $5 per week 1892 May 30:

Box 6, Folder 3

Outgoing correspondence to Jordan, D. S., 1892 Aug-1893

Outgoing correspondence to Jordan, D. S.,, 1892 Aug-1893


approval of appointment of Dr. Murray 1892 Aug 8


experiments vs lectures; belief in immortality of the soul essential to civilization; golden rule foundation of true humanitarianism 1892 Aug 24


students to pay only actual cost of living; our university to be of high grade; more dormitory space for girls is needed 1892 Aug 24


does not want pay for tuition; possibility of students boarding themselves 1892 Aug 30


sailing on the Majestic; visit from Pres. White 1892 Sep 28


suggests ex-sen. Edmunds as commencement speaker 1893 Mar 10


employees may go cheerfully if they can better themselves; teach only the fundamental principles of law; President Harrison and arbitration 1893 Mar 10


regrets Prof. Swain leaving, willing to offer him position of Vice-President or Assistant to the Pres. 1893 Apr 3

Box 6, Folder 4

Outgoing correspondence to Sloss, Leon 1891

Outgoing correspondence to Sloss, Leon, 1891


L. Stanford to Sloss inviting him to become trustee 1891 Nov 30


Nash to Sloss enclosing deed of appointment 1891 Dec 8


Deed of appointment signed by Sloss 1891 Dec 10


two envelopes

Box 6, Folder 5

Outgoing correspondence to Stebbins, Horatio, 1887

Outgoing correspondence to Stebbins, Horatio,, 1887


invitation to cornerstone laying

Box 6, Folder 6

Outgoing correspondence to Tubbs, A. L. , 1885

Outgoing correspondence to Tubbs, A. L. , 1885


Letter and telegram re appointment as trustee

Box 6, Folder 7

Outgoing correspondence to Vrooman, Henry, 1885

Outgoing correspondence to Vrooman, Henry, 1885


Letters and telegrams re appointment as trustee

Box 6, Folder 8

Outgoing correspondence to White, Andrew, 1890- 1892

Outgoing correspondence to White, Andrew,, 1890- 1892

Physical Description: Photocopies; originals at Cornell University

1890 May 5: teaching of religion and other university matters


1891May 6: endorsement of Jordan


1892 Feb. 2: letters of introduction and recommendations for travel routes west



Box 6, Folder 9

Axelrood, Max 1885- 1887

Axelrood, Max, 1885- 1887

Box 6, Folder 10

A 1885-1889

A, 1885-1889


Abbiati, Albino


Adams, Gertrude


Allen, Charles H.


Ames, E. S.


Amsden, E.


Anderson, George L


Anderson, S. T.


Andrews, Jas. Douglas


Ardley, Henry T.


Arnold, B. W.


Arnold, Mary E.

Box 6, Folder 11

Ba - Bl 1885-1889

Ba - Bl, 1885-1889


Badlam, Alexander


Bailey, John F.


Baker, Samuel C.


Baldwin, Henry


Bar, Mrs.


Barton, Robert


Beck, Alexander


Beckwith, Mrs. C. C.


Bee, S. Louis


Beecher, E. B.


Belle, S. B.


Bennett, C. R.


Bentley, M. Louise


Blackiston, John


Blaikie, William


Blaufied, B. T.


Blumer, John

Box 6, Folder 12

Bo - Bz 1885-1889

Bo - Bz, 1885-1889


Boardman, Mrs.


Boyce, Mrs. A. A.


Boyce, H. H.


Boyd, James H.


Briggs, R. S.: 5/15/1889 on costs of stone for Encina Hall


Brown, H. A.


Brown, Wilfred L.: 10/14/1886 on stone in Alameda quarry


Buckler, T. H.


Bullock, Robert W.

Box 6, Folder 13

C 1885-1889

C, 1885-1889


Calkins, C. G.


Cambern, S. M.


Cilley, Henry


Cilley, Mrs. Henry


Claghorn, Henry S.


Clark, E. A. : 11/24/1888 on his idea of gallery of painting on evolution


Clark, Willie


Clarke, Samuel J.


Clay, Cecil


Clements, Mrs. M. R.


Cluth, A. A.


Coleman, R. A.


Conway, Richard M. : 12/23/1885 has collection of autographs to sell


Cordell, Edward C.


Crouch, Henry C.

Box 6, Folder 14

Di Cesnola, Louis Parma 1885

Di Cesnola, Louis Parma, 1885

Box 6, Folder 15

D - E 1885

D - E, 1885


Dalzell, Charles


Dalzell, James M.


Davis, Floyd


Dawson, N. H. R.


De Garno, Charles


De Wolf, John: 12/17/1885 requesting job as surveyor and landscape architect


Denken, T. H.


Eastland, J.


Eddy, W. M.


Edwards, H. H.


Eells, James


Estee, M. M.


Everette, Willis E. : 4/28/1887 offering for sale his collection of Eskimo artifacts

Box 6, Folder 16

F - G 1885-1889

F - G, 1885-1889


Fairchild, James H.


Fargo, F. F.


Fitzsimmons, P.A.


Flournoy, Jno. A.


Francis, Prof.


Galloway, Mason


Gommo, Eliza


Gore & Company: 7/9/1889 on paving the quadrangle


Grant, J. D.


Gregg, V. A.


Gruber, F.


Gunlogsen, Albert H.

Box 6, Folder 17

Hayes, Rutherford B. 1885

Hayes, Rutherford B., 1885

Box 6, Folder 18

Henderson, C. Hanford 1885

Henderson, C. Hanford, 1885


Henderson, C. Hanford


Pepper, William


Sayre, William L.


Frazer, Persifor


Beach, A. E.


Smith, Edgar F.

Box 6, Folder 19

Hogg, Alexander 1885-1889

Hogg, Alexander, 1885-1889

Box 6, Folder 20

Holley, George W. 1884-1885


Holley to Andrew White: 3/17/1885 on construction of lenses for telescopes


Holley to Andrew White: 3/19/1885 would White request Stanford's patronage for his ideas on lense construction


Holley, "Suggestions for Improvement in the Manufacture of Glass," August 1884

Box 6, Folder 21

H 1887-1889

H, 1887-1889


Hackett, Mrs. B. S.


Hackness, H. W.


Hanks, Henry G.


Harris, Thomas


Haven, Alfred C.


Havrmann, W.


Hayes, Leslie


Heller, N. B.


Henry, L. D.: 5/7/1889 requesting a road be laid from the Palo Alto station south to county road


Hilton, Mrs. J.M.


Hoitt, Ira G.


Howell, Lena L.


Huntington Hopkins Company

Box 6, Folder 22

I - J - K 1885-1889

I - J - K, 1885-1889


Ingalls, W. F.


Ingham, W. T.


Jay, Layton


Jennings, C. M.


Jeune, H.


Johnson, Henry: 11/23/1885 on his method of measuring time


Jordan, Alice R.


Keating, L. N.


Keiser, Millie


Kellogg, G. M.: 6/7/1887 explaining his idea of a floating school


Klenner, R. F.


Klipstein, Dr. V


Knight, Henry L.

Box 6, Folder 23

L 1885-1889

L, 1885-1889


La Page, Gertrude


Laishley, R.


Lawrence, G. A.


Lee, Charles E.


Leib, S. F.: 4/17/1889 suggesting Stanford be the University President


Lenger, J. Henry: 11/13/1888 on German ideas of education and how to use them here


Lester, James


Low, Frederick F.


Ludlow, B.C.


Lutido, S.

Box 6, Folder 24

Mohr, Paul 1887

Mohr, Paul, 1887


Oct. 26: letter and list of his geological collection for sale

Box 6, Folder 25

M 1885-1889

M, 1885-1889


McDiarmid, Mrs. C.


MacDonald, Arthur


McLellan, Hattie: 10/27/1888 recommending her father Dr. J. A. McLellan for a position


Marsh, Charles


Marvin, N. R.


Maxwell, Will C.


Merriam, C. E.


Messinger, M. W.


Mihills, Lee K.


Mitchell, Mrs. Ada


Mitchell, Richard H.


Monteverde, F. E.


Morris, J. N.

Box 6, Folder 26

Olmsted, Frederick 1887- 1889

Olmsted, Frederick, 1887- 1889


1887, Feb. 11: typed notes re plan of university (not included); not signed but written in Brookline, MA


1887, April 17: Coolidge and Rutan on their way, would like to begin operations this year, have considered board and lodging question


1889, July 14: streets, shubbery, possible changes

Box 6, Folder 27

Peterson, C. F. 1885- 1889

Peterson, C. F., 1885- 1889

Box 6, Folder 28

N - O - P 1885- 1889

N - O - P, 1885- 1889


Noble, H. A.


Otis, Mrs. N. Whittier


Park, Carl H.


Patterson, Mrs. D.


Pereau, J. L.


Pomeroy, John N.:1/24/1885: urges Stanford to includes a department of political science in the university

Box 6, Folder 29

R 1887-1888

R, 1887-1888


Ramel, Eigel


Ransom, Louis:5/24/1887 would like to complete some large paintings to adorn the university


Rinehart, Imbrie


[F. L. O. Roehrig] 1887, Nov. 5: group letter endorsing F. L. O. Roehrig for the faculty


Rosenthal, A.


Ross, Albert E.


Russell, Minnett

Box 6, Folder 30

Sawyer, Wesley C. 1885- 1887

Sawyer, Wesley C., 1885- 1887


1885, Dec. 22: heard of conspiracy to exterminate Chinese in California; would like a position with the university


1886, April 14: thoughts on university library's needs, Sawyer family history being written


1887, June 6: working on his book, planning to come to California

Box 6, Folder 31

Sa-So 1885- 1889

Sa-So, 1885- 1889


Sawyer, Lorenzo: 5/27/1886: on letters from W.C. Sawyer


Sayles, Mrs. Alice


Scott, W. E. D.


Shepherd, William E.


Shepley, Rutan & Coolidge, 4/12/1889: re excavation and drawings for Encina Hall; 5/15/1889: sketch for architect's office


Sherman, Henry D.


Sieber, W. A.


Siler, Jacah


Smith, J. K.: 5/11/1889: using felt under the roof tiles


Smyth, O. H.


Soule, E.

Box 6, Folder 32

Sp - St 1885-1889

Sp - St, 1885-1889


Spence, John F., asking for help in securing memorial to Bishop Newman at Grant Memorial University, with woodcut of the building 1889 May 7:


Spencer, F. E.


Spurr, Charles W.


Staeubli, Theo S.


Stairley, B. F.


Steinwand, Otto


Stephens, Eleanor G., would like teaching/administrative position at university 1889 Apr 25 and May 16


Stewart, Alex. P.


Stickney, George, Jr.


Stockton Free Public Library, citizens writing for material assistance 1885 May 4:


Stoneman, George

Box 6, Folder 33

T - V 1885-1889

T - V, 1885-1889


Tells, T. S.


Thompson, A.B.


Townsend, Fred


Tracy, S. M.


Tubbs, A. L., (tel) accepts position as U. Trustee 1885 Nov 11


Turney, O. A.


Turrill, Charles B., on his idea for an industrial museum in connection with the university 1889 July 1:


Unsworth, A. C.


Veghte, Henry


Vineyard, Anna Oden

Box 7, Folder 1

W - Z 1885-1889

W - Z, 1885-1889


Waddington, W. W., endorsing Paul Viollet for teaching position 1889 Feb 15


Walker, Francis A.


Walter, Carrie Stevens


Warmley, J. C.


Warner, J. G.


Warren, Col.


West, Maud


White, Andrew D., his impressions of Stanford University and suggestions (TS copy) 1892 May 26:


Williams, A. C. B.


Williams, Henry B.


Wilson, J. W.


Wood, J. M.


Woodward, A. B.


Woodward, Lottie


Worcester, Jas., on geological studies with mention of Mills, Davidson, and Agassiz 1889 July 25:


Wright, G. N.


Wright, W. G.


Zeus, Carl C., recounts his qualifications as art professor, asks for RR pass for travels along coast to complete his "Great Western Album" 1889 June 3:

Box 7, Folder 2

Fragment 1889


first page endorsing self for position as physics professor; on letterhead of Philadelphia Manual Training School March 9, 1889:

Box 7, Folder 3

Original index to incoming correspondence

Box 7, Folder 4

Act of the Legislature, Grant of Endowment, Address of L. Stanford to the Board of Trustees, Minutes of First Meeting of Trustees 1885

Box 7, Folder 5

Geological collection listing, offered to University [owner unknown] undated

Geological collection listing, offered to University [owner unknown],, undated

Box 7, Folder 6

Osgood, Azalia A., poem for Opening Day 1891

Osgood, Azalia A., poem for Opening Day,, 1891

Box 7, Folder 7

Speech for Opening Day 1891

Stanford, Leland, speech for Opening Day, 1891

Box 7, Folder 8

Stocks and bonds 1899-1908

Stocks and bonds, 1899-1908


Manzanita Water Company


American Cotton Company

Box 7, Folder 9

Clippings 1884-1916

Clippings, 1884-1916


Series 7 Autograph books 1867-1893

Box 7, Folder 10

Autographs of U. S. Senators 1887-1888

Box 7, Folder 11

Autographs of U. S. Senators 1886-1888

Box 7, Folder 12

Autographs 1867-1893

Box 7, Folder 13

Autographs 1877


Series 8 Memorabilia 1853-1899

Box 8, Folder 1

Banquet in honor of Hon. Leland Stanford and Republican Representatives to Congress elect - invitation and program 1888

Box 8, Folder 2

Invitations and calling cards 1879-1893

Scope and Content Note

Includes invitations from President and Mrs. Harrison and Cyrus W. Field; and calling cards of the Stanfords.
Box 8, Folder 3

Menus undated

Box 8, Folder 4

Nevertheless, Afterwards, a Sermon Preached by Rev. A. F. Beard, American Church, Paris, Easter Sunday 1884. Printed for Mr. and Mrs. Leland Standford [sic] at their request, 1884

Box 8, Folder 5

Railroad passes 1879-1899

Box 8, Folder 6

Pin holder in shape of a fan sent to Leland by Jane Stanford 1853

Scope and Content Note

Accompanying note reads: "This little fan pin holder Mrs. Stanford sent to Mr. Stanford in a letter dated 1853, and again found it when destroying Mr. Stanford's letters in May 1897."
Box 8, Folder 7

Pelton, John C., Life's Sunbeams and Shadows 1893

Scope and Content Note

Includes inscription to Stanfords and holograph poem, 1893.
Box 9, Folder 

Photograph album of Warm Springs ranch, by Andrews and Lange photographers circa 1890

Scope and Content Note

Includes images of house and gardens, house interiors, family on porch (Josiah W. Stanford?), ranch hands, wine barrels in cellar, vineyards, grape harvesting (interior and exterior scenes).

Series 9 Oversize materials

Box 10, Folder 1

The Resources of California, San Francisco 1886-09

Scope and Content Note

Entire issue; contains story on founding of the University and biographical profile of Leland Stanford.
Box 10, Folder 2

The Centennial Spirit of the Times, San Francisco 1886-07-04

Scope and Content Note

Entire issue; contains story on S. F. residence of Leland Stanford.
Box 10, Folder 3

Zeus, Carl C. - samples of his woodcuts

Scope and Content Note

Five illustrations plus envelope (see box 6, folder 26).
Box 10, Folder 4

Parry, C. C. - pressed sample of "Stanford Manzanita" 1887