Finding Aid to Construction Photographs of the Golden Gate Bridge, 1933-1934

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Finding Aid to Construction Photographs of the Golden Gate Bridge, 1933-1934

Collection number: BANC PIC 1905.14251-.14284--PIC

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: Construction Photographs of the Golden Gate Bridge
Collection Number: BANC PIC 1905.14251-.14284--PIC
Extent: 1,066 photographic prints, black and white; 13 x 19 cm. 373 digital objects
Repository: The Bancroft Library.
University of California, Berkeley
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[Identification of item], Construction photographs of the Golden Gate Bridge, 1933-1934, BANC PIC 1905.14251-.14284--PIC, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley

Digital Representations Available

Digital representations of selected original pictorial materials are available in the list of materials below. Digital image files were prepared from selected Library originals by the Library Photographic Service. Library originals were copied onto 35mm color transparency film; the film was scanned and transferred to Kodak Photo CD (by Custom Process); and the Photo CD files were color-corrected and saved in JFIF (JPEG) format for use as viewing files.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

Gift of Professor Keim, 1955.

Scope and Content

The Golden Gate Bridge construction photographs were taken between 1933 and 1934. Some of the 2,054 photographs are stamped "Gabriel Moulin Photo." The other photographers are unknown. The collection is a thorough documentation of every phase of construction of the bridge, including excavation of sites, and building of the various components, such as access trestles, caissons, abutments, anchorages, pylons, floor structures, approach spans, piers, towers, portals, viaducts, tunnels, and the toll plaza. Many views show men at work, and the tools and equipment being used. Vantage points vary from the bridge structures, from the water, Marin, San Francisco, and Sausalito.
The collection is arranged by subject. Each subject is treated as a series and given a consecutive call number in the range 1905.14251-.14284. The finding aid notes the series titles and number of photographs in each series.


The Golden Gate Bridge is a steel suspension bridge for vehicles and pedestrians extending from Fort Point in San Francisco to Marin County over the San Francisco Bay. Its central span is 4,200 feet long and its 746-feet towers are the largest ever built. The bridge was erected under the direction and plans of Joseph B. Strauss and opened in 1937.
(Source: Hart, James D. A Companion to California. New York, Oxford University Press, 1978.)


1905.14251 no. 1-13, Access Trestle


Access Trestle


Access Trestle BANC PIC 1905.14251:001--PIC


Access Trestle BANC PIC 1905.14251:002--PIC


Access Trestle BANC PIC 1905.14251:003--PIC


Access Trestle BANC PIC 1905.14251:004--PIC


Access Trestle BANC PIC 1905.14251:005--PIC


Access Trestle BANC PIC 1905.14251:006--PIC


Access Trestle BANC PIC 1905.14251:007--PIC


Access Trestle BANC PIC 1905.14251:008--PIC


Access Trestle BANC PIC 1905.14251:009--PIC


Access Trestle BANC PIC 1905.14251:010--PIC


Access Trestle BANC PIC 1905.14251:011--PIC


Access Trestle BANC PIC 1905.14251:012--PIC


Access Trestle BANC PIC 1905.14251:013--PIC


1905.14252 no. 1-5, Alameda Storage Yard, McClintick Marshall


Alameda Storage Yard, McClintick Marshall


Alameda Storage Yard, McClintick Marshall BANC PIC 1905.14252:001--PIC


Alameda Storage Yard, McClintick Marshall BANC PIC 1905.14252:002--PIC


Alameda Storage Yard, McClintick Marshall BANC PIC 1905.14252:003--PIC


Alameda Storage Yard, McClintick Marshall BANC PIC 1905.14252:005--PIC


Alameda Storage Yard, McClintick Marshall BANC PIC 1905.14252:005--PIC


1905.14253 no. 1-100, Cable Spinning


Cable spinning


Cable spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:001--PIC


Cable spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:002--PIC


Cable spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:003--PIC


Cable spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:004--PIC


Cable spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:005--PIC


Cable spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:006--PIC


Cable spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:007--PIC


Cable spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:008--PIC


Cable spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:009--PIC


Cable spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:010--PIC


Cable spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:011--PIC


Cable spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:012--PIC


Cable spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:013--PIC


Cable spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:014--PIC


Cable spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:015--PIC


Cable spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:016--PIC


Cable spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:017--PIC


Cable spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:018--PIC


Cable spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:019--PIC


Cable spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:020--PIC


Cable spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:021--PIC


Cable spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:022--PIC


Cable spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:023--PIC


Cable spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:024--PIC


Cable spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:025--PIC


Cable spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:026--PIC


Cable spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:027--PIC


Cable spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:028--PIC


Cable spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:029--PIC


Cable Spinning


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:030--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:031--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:032--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:033--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:034--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:035--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:036--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:037--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:038--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:039--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:040--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:041--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:042--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:043--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:044--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:045--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:046--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:047--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:048--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:049--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:050--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:051--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:052--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:053--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:054--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:055--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:056--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:057--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:058--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:059--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:060--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:061--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:062--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:063--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:064--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:065--PIC


Cable Spinning


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:066--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:067--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:068--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:069--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:070--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:071--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:072--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:073--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:074--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:075--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:076--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:077--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:078--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:079--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:080--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:081--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:082--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:083--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:084--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:085--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:086--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:087--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:088--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:089--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:090--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:091--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:092--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:093--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:094--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:095--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:096--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:097--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:098--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:099--PIC


Cable Spinning BANC PIC 1905.14253:100--PIC


1905.14254 no. 1-3, Caisson, San Francisco Pier


Caisson, San Francisco Pier


Caisson, San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14254:001--PIC


Caisson, San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14254:002--PIC


Caisson, San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14254:003--PIC


1905.14255 no. 1-24, Marin Abutment Excavation


Marin Abutment Excavation


Marin Abutment Excavation BANC PIC 1905.14255:001--PIC


Marin Abutment Excavation BANC PIC 1905.14255:002--PIC


Marin Abutment Excavation BANC PIC 1905.14255:003--PIC


Marin Abutment Excavation BANC PIC 1905.14255:004--PIC


Marin Abutment Excavation BANC PIC 1905.14255:005--PIC


Marin Abutment Excavation BANC PIC 1905.14255:006--PIC


Marin Abutment Excavation BANC PIC 1905.14255:007--PIC


Marin Abutment Excavation BANC PIC 1905.14255:008--PIC


Marin Abutment Excavation BANC PIC 1905.14255:009--PIC


Marin Abutment Excavation BANC PIC 1905.14255:010--PIC


Marin Abutment Excavation BANC PIC 1905.14255:011--PIC


Marin Abutment Excavation BANC PIC 1905.14255:012--PIC


Marin Abutment Excavation BANC PIC 1905.14255:013--PIC


Marin Abutment Excavation BANC PIC 1905.14255:014--PIC


Marin Abutment Excavation BANC PIC 1905.14255:015--PIC


Marin Abutment Excavation BANC PIC 1905.14255:016--PIC


Marin Abutment Excavation BANC PIC 1905.14255:017--PIC


Marin Abutment Excavation BANC PIC 1905.14255:018--PIC


Marin Abutment Excavation BANC PIC 1905.14255:019--PIC


Marin Abutment Excavation BANC PIC 1905.14255:020--PIC


Marin Abutment Excavation BANC PIC 1905.14255:021--PIC


Marin Abutment Excavation BANC PIC 1905.14255:022--PIC


Marin Abutment Excavation BANC PIC 1905.14255:023--PIC


Marin Abutment Excavation BANC PIC 1905.14255:024--PIC


1905.14256 no. 1-102, Marin Anchorage


Marin Anchorage


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:001--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:002--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:003--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:004--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:005--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:006--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:007--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:008--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:009--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:010--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:011--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:012--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:013--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:014--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:015--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:016--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:017--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:018--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:019--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:020--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:021--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:022--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:023--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:024--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:025--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:026--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:027--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:028--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:029--PIC


Marin Anchorage


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:030--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:031--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:032--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:033--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:034--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:035--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:036--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:037--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:038--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:039--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:040--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:041--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:042--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:043--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:044--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:045--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:046--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:047--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:048--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:049--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:050--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:051--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:052--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:053--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:054--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:055--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:056--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:057--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:058--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:059--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:060--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:061--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:062--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:063--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:064--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:065--PIC


Marin Anchorage


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:066--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:067--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:068--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:069--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:070--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:071--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:072--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:073--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:074--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:075--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:076--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:077--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:078--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:079--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:080--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:081--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:082--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:083--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:084--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:085--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:086--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:087--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:088--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:089--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:090--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:091--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:092--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:093--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:094--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:095--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:096--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:097--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:098--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:099--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:100--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:101--PIC


Marin Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14256:102--PIC


1905.14257 no. 1-19, Marin Anchorage and Pylon N-1


Marin Anchorage and Pylon N-1


Marin Anchorage and Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14257:001--PIC


Marin Anchorage and Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14257:002--PIC


Marin Anchorage and Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14257:003--PIC


Marin Anchorage and Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14257:004--PIC


Marin Anchorage and Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14257:005--PIC


Marin Anchorage and Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14257:006--PIC


Marin Anchorage and Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14257:007--PIC


Marin Anchorage and Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14257:008--PIC


Marin Anchorage and Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14257:009--PIC


Marin Anchorage and Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14257:010--PIC


Marin Anchorage and Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14257:011--PIC


Marin Anchorage and Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14257:012--PIC


Marin Anchorage and Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14257:013--PIC


Marin Anchorage and Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14257:014--PIC


Marin Anchorage and Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14257:015--PIC


Marin Anchorage and Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14257:016--PIC


Marin Anchorage and Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14257:017--PIC


Marin Anchorage and Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14257:018--PIC


Marin Anchorage and Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14257:019--PIC


1905.14258 no. 1-56, Floor Structures


Floor Structures


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:001--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:002--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:003--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:004--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:005--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:006--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:007--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:008--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:009--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:010--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:011--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:012--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:013--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:014--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:015--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:016--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:017--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:018--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:019--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:020--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:021--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:022--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:023--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:024--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:025--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:026--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:027--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:028--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:029--PIC


Floor Structures


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:030--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:031--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:032--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:033--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:034--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:035--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:036--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:037--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:038--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:039--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:040--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:041--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:042--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:043--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:044--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:045--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:046--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:047--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:048--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:049--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:050--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:051--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:052--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:053--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:054--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:055--PIC


Floor Structures BANC PIC 1905.14258:056--PIC


1905.14259 no. 1-19, Marin Approach Spans


Marin Approach Spans


Marin Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14259:001--PIC


Marin Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14259:002--PIC


Marin Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14259:003--PIC


Marin Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14259:004--PIC


Marin Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14259:005--PIC


Marin Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14259:006--PIC


Marin Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14259:007--PIC


Marin Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14259:008--PIC


Marin Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14259:009--PIC


Marin Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14259:010--PIC


Marin Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14259:011--PIC


Marin Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14259:012--PIC


Marin Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14259:013--PIC


Marin Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14259:014--PIC


Marin Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14259:015--PIC


Marin Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14259:016--PIC


Marin Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14259:017--PIC


Marin Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14259:018--PIC


Marin Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14259:019--PIC


1905.14260 no. 1-2, Marin Daylighting


Marin Daylighting


Marin Daylighting BANC PIC 1905.14260:001--PIC


Marin Daylighting BANC PIC 1905.14260:002--PIC


1905.14261 no. 1-114, Marin Pier and Tower


Marin Pier and Tower


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:001--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:002--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:003--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:004--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:005--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:006--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:007--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:008--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:009--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:010--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:011--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:012--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:013--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:014--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:015--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:016--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:017--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:018--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:019--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:020--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:021--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:022--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:023--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:024--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:025--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:026--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:027--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:028--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:029--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:030--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:031--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:032--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:033--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:034--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:035--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:036--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:037--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:038--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:039--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:040--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:041--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:042--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:043--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:044--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:045--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:046--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:047--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:048--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:049--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:050--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:051--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:052--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:053--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:054--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:055--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:056--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:057--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:058--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:059--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:060--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:061--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:062--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:063--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:064--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:065--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:066--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:067--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:068--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:069--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:070--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:071--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:072--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:073--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:074--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:075--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:076--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:077--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:078--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:079--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:080--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:081--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:082--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:083--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:084--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:085--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:086--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:087--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:088--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:089--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:090--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:091--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:092--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:093--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:094--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:095--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:096--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:097--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:098--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:099--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:100--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:101--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:102--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:103--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:104--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:105--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:106--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:107--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:108--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:109--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:110--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:111--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:112--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:113--PIC


Marin Pier and Tower BANC PIC 1905.14261:114--PIC


1905.14262 no. 1-8, Marin Tower and Pylon S-1


Marin Tower and Pylon S-1


Marin Tower and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14262:001--PIC


Marin Tower and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14262:002--PIC


Marin Tower and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14262:003--PIC


Marin Tower and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14262:004--PIC


Marin Tower and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14262:005--PIC


Marin Tower and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14262:006--PIC


Marin Tower and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14262:007--PIC


Marin Tower and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14262:008--PIC


1905.14263 no. 1-59, Miscellaneous Views


Miscellaneous Views


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:001--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:002--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:003--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:004--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:005--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:006--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:007--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:008--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:009--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:010--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:011--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:012--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:013--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:014--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:015--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:016--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:017--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:018--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:019--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:020--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:021--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:022--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:023--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:024--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:025--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:026--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:027--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:028--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:029--PIC


Miscellaneous Views


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:030--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:031--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:032--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:033--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:034--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:035--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:036--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:037--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:038--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:039--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:040--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:041--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:042--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:043--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:044--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:045--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:046--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:047--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:048--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:049--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:050--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:051--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:052--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:053--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:054--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:055--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:056--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:057--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:058--PIC


Miscellaneous Views BANC PIC 1905.14263:059--PIC


1905.14264 no. 1-38, North Approach Spans


North Approach Spans


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:001--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:002--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:003--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:004--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:005--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:006--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:007--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:008--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:009--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:010--PIC


North Approach Spans


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:011--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:012--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:013--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:014--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:015--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:016--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:017--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:018--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:019--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:020--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:021--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:022--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:023--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:024--PIC


North Approach Spans


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:025--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:026--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:027--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:028--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:029--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:030--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:031--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:032--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:033--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:034--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:035--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:036--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:037--PIC


North Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14264:038--PIC


1905.14265 no. 1, Paint Panels


Paint Panels BANC PIC 1905.14265:001--PIC


1905.14266 no. 1-3, Personnel




Personnel BANC PIC 1905.14266:001--PIC


Personnel BANC PIC 1905.14266:002--PIC


Personnel BANC PIC 1905.14266:003--PIC


1905.14267 no. 1, Portal Closure


Portal Closure BANC PIC 1905.14267:001--PIC


1905.14268 no. 1-5, Presidio Road


Presidio Road


Presidio Road BANC PIC 1905.14268:001--PIC


Presidio Road BANC PIC 1905.14268:002--PIC


Presidio Road BANC PIC 1905.14268:003--PIC


Presidio Road BANC PIC 1905.14268:004--PIC


Presidio Road BANC PIC 1905.14268:005--PIC


1905.14269 no. 1-25, Pylon N-1


Pylon N-1


Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14269:001--PIC


Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14269:002--PIC


Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14269:003--PIC


Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14269:004--PIC


Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14269:005--PIC


Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14269:006--PIC


Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14269:007--PIC


Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14269:008--PIC


Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14269:009--PIC


Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14269:010--PIC


Pylon N-1


Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14269:011--PIC


Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14269:012--PIC


Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14269:013--PIC


Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14269:014--PIC


Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14269:015--PIC


Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14269:016--PIC


Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14269:017--PIC


Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14269:018--PIC


Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14269:019--PIC


Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14269:020--PIC


Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14269:021--PIC


Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14269:022--PIC


Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14269:023--PIC


Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14269:024--PIC


Pylon N-1 BANC PIC 1905.14269:025--PIC


1905.14270 no. 1-49, Pylon S-1


Pylon S-1


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:001--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:002--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:003--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:004--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:005--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:006--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:007--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:008--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:009--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:010--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:011--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:012--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:013--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:014--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:015--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:016--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:017--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:018--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:019--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:020--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:021--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:022--PIC


Pylon S-1


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:023--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:024--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:025--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:026--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:027--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:028--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:029--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:030--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:031--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:032--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:033--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:034--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:035--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:036--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:037--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:038--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:039--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:040--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:041--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:042--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:043--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:044--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:045--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:046--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:047--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:048--PIC


Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14270:049--PIC


1905.14271 no. 1-4, Saddle Details


Saddle Details


Saddle Details BANC PIC 1905.14271:001--PIC


Saddle Details BANC PIC 1905.14271:002--PIC


Saddle Details BANC PIC 1905.14271:003--PIC


Saddle Details BANC PIC 1905.14271:004--PIC


1905.14272 no. 1-2, Sausalito Lateral


Sausalito Lateral


Sausalito Lateral BANC PIC 1905.14272:001--PIC


Sausalito Lateral BANC PIC 1905.14272:002--PIC


1905.14273 no. 1-165, San Francisco Anchorage


San Francisco Anchorage


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:001--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:002--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:003--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:004--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:005--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:006--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:007--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:008--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:009--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:010--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:011--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:012--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:013--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:014--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:015--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:016--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:017--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:018--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:019--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:020--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:021--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:022--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:023--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:024--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:025--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:026--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:027--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:028--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:029--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:030--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:031--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:032--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:033--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:034--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:035--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:036--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:037--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:038--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:039--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:040--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:041--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:042--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:043--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:044--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:045--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:046--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:047--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:048--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:049--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:050--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:051--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:052--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:053--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:054--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:055--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:056--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:057--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:058--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:059--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:060--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:061--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:062--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:063--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:064--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:065--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:066--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:067--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:068--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:069--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:070--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:071--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:072--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:073--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:074--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:075--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:076--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:077--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:078--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:079--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:080--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:081--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:082--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:083--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:084--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:085--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:086--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:087--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:088--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:089--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:090--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:091--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:092--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:093--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:094--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:095--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:096--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:097--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:098--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:099--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:100--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:101--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:102--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:103--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:104--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:105--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:106--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:107--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:108--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:109--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:110--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:111--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:112--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:113--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:114--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:115--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:116--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:117--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:118--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:119--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:120--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:121--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:122--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:123--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:124--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:125--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:126--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:127--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:128--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:129--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:130--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:131--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:132--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:133--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:134--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:135--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:136--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:137--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:138--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:139--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:140--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:141--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:142--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:143--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:144--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:145--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:146--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:147--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:148--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:149--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:150--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:151--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:152--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:153--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:154--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:155--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:156--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:157--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:158--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:159--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:160--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:161--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:162--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:163--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:164--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage BANC PIC 1905.14273:165--PIC


1905.14274 no. 1-24, San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-1


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-1


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14274:001--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14274:002--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14274:003--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14274:004--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14274:005--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14274:006--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14274:007--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14274:008--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14274:009--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14274:010--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14274:011--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14274:012--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14274:013--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14274:014--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14274:015--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14274:016--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14274:017--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14274:018--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14274:019--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14274:020--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14274:021--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14274:022--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14274:023--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-1 BANC PIC 1905.14274:024--PIC


1905.14275 no. 1-14, San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-2


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-2


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-2 BANC PIC 1905.14275:001--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-2 BANC PIC 1905.14275:002--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-2 BANC PIC 1905.14275:003--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-2 BANC PIC 1905.14275:004--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-2 BANC PIC 1905.14275:005--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-2 BANC PIC 1905.14275:006--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-2 BANC PIC 1905.14275:007--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-2 BANC PIC 1905.14275:008--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-2 BANC PIC 1905.14275:009--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-2 BANC PIC 1905.14275:010--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-2 BANC PIC 1905.14275:011--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-2 BANC PIC 1905.14275:012--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-2 BANC PIC 1905.14275:013--PIC


San Francisco Anchorage and Pylon S-2 BANC PIC 1905.14275:014--PIC


1905.14276 no. 1-4, San Francisco Approach Spans


San Francisco Approach Spans


San Francisco Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14276:001--PIC


San Francisco Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14276:002--PIC


San Francisco Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14276:003--PIC


San Francisco Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14276:004--PIC


1905.14277 no. 1-81, San Francisco Pier


San Francisco Pier


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:001--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:002--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:003--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:004--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:005--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:006--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:007--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:008--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:009--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:010--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:011--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:012--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:013--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:014--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:015--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:016--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:017--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:018--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:019--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:020--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:021--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:022--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:023--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:024--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:025--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:026--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:027--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:028--PIC


San Francisco Pier


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:029--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:030--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:031--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:032--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:033--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:034--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:035--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:036--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:037--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:038--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:039--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:040--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:041--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:042--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:043--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:044--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:045--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:046--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:047--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:048--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:049--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:050--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:051--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:052--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:053--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:054--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:055--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:056--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:057--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:058--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:059--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:060--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:061--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:062--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:063--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:064--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:065--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:066--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:067--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:068--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:069--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:070--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:071--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:072--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:073--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:074--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:075--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:076--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:077--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:078--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:079--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:080--PIC


San Francisco Pier BANC PIC 1905.14277:081--PIC


1905.14278 no. 1-26, South Steel Approach Spans


South Steel Approach Spans


South Steel Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14278:001--PIC


South Steel Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14278:002--PIC


South Steel Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14278:003--PIC


South Steel Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14278:004--PIC


South Steel Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14278:005--PIC


South Steel Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14278:006--PIC


South Steel Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14278:007--PIC


South Steel Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14278:008--PIC


South Steel Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14278:009--PIC


South Steel Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14278:010--PIC


South Steel Approach Spans


South Steel Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14278:011--PIC


South Steel Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14278:012--PIC


South Steel Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14278:013--PIC


South Steel Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14278:014--PIC


South Steel Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14278:015--PIC


South Steel Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14278:016--PIC


South Steel Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14278:017--PIC


South Steel Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14278:018--PIC


South Steel Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14278:019--PIC


South Steel Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14278:020--PIC


South Steel Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14278:021--PIC


South Steel Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14278:022--PIC


South Steel Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14278:023--PIC


South Steel Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14278:024--PIC


South Steel Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14278:025--PIC


South Steel Approach Spans BANC PIC 1905.14278:026--PIC


1905.14279 no. 1, Toll Plaza


Toll Plaza BANC PIC 1905.14279:001--PIC


1905.14280 no. 1-28, San Francisco Tower


San Francisco Tower


San Francisco Tower BANC PIC 1905.14280:001--PIC


San Francisco Tower BANC PIC 1905.14280:002--PIC


San Francisco Tower BANC PIC 1905.14280:003--PIC


San Francisco Tower BANC PIC 1905.14280:004--PIC


San Francisco Tower BANC PIC 1905.14280:005--PIC


San Francisco Tower BANC PIC 1905.14280:006--PIC


San Francisco Tower BANC PIC 1905.14280:007--PIC


San Francisco Tower BANC PIC 1905.14280:008--PIC


San Francisco Tower BANC PIC 1905.14280:009--PIC


San Francisco Tower BANC PIC 1905.14280:010--PIC


San Francisco Tower BANC PIC 1905.14280:011--PIC


San Francisco Tower BANC PIC 1905.14280:012--PIC


San Francisco Tower


San Francisco Tower BANC PIC 1905.14280:013--PIC


San Francisco Tower BANC PIC 1905.14280:014--PIC


San Francisco Tower BANC PIC 1905.14280:015--PIC


San Francisco Tower BANC PIC 1905.14280:016--PIC


San Francisco Tower BANC PIC 1905.14280:017--PIC


San Francisco Tower BANC PIC 1905.14280:018--PIC


San Francisco Tower BANC PIC 1905.14280:019--PIC


San Francisco Tower BANC PIC 1905.14280:020--PIC


San Francisco Tower BANC PIC 1905.14280:021--PIC


San Francisco Tower BANC PIC 1905.14280:022--PIC


San Francisco Tower BANC PIC 1905.14280:023--PIC


San Francisco Tower BANC PIC 1905.14280:024--PIC


San Francisco Tower BANC PIC 1905.14280:025--PIC


San Francisco Tower BANC PIC 1905.14280:026--PIC


San Francisco Tower BANC PIC 1905.14280:027--PIC


San Francisco Tower BANC PIC 1905.14280:028--PIC


1905.14281 no. 1-31, Viaduct, High Presidio Approach


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14281:001--PIC


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14281:002--PIC


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14281:003--PIC


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14281:004--PIC


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14281:005--PIC


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14281:006--PIC


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14281:007--PIC


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14281:008--PIC


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14281:009--PIC


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14281:010--PIC


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14281:011--PIC


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14281:012--PIC


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14281:013--PIC


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14281:014--PIC


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14281:015--PIC


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14281:016--PIC


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14281:017--PIC


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14281:018--PIC


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14281:019--PIC


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14281:020--PIC


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14281:021--PIC


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14281:022--PIC


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14281:023--PIC


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14281:024--PIC


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14281:025--PIC


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14281:026--PIC


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14281:027--PIC


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14281:028--PIC


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14281:029--PIC


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14281:030--PIC


Viaduct, High Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14281:031--PIC


1905.14282 no. 1-21, Viaduct, Low Presidio Approach


Viaduct, Low Presidio Approach


Viaduct, Low Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14282:001--PIC


Viaduct, Low Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14282:002--PIC


Viaduct, Low Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14282:003--PIC


Viaduct, Low Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14282:004--PIC


Viaduct, Low Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14282:005--PIC


Viaduct, Low Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14282:006--PIC


Viaduct, Low Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14282:007--PIC


Viaduct, Low Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14282:008--PIC


Viaduct, Low Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14282:009--PIC


Viaduct, Low Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14282:010--PIC


Viaduct, Low Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14282:011--PIC


Viaduct, Low Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14282:012--PIC


Viaduct, Low Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14282:013--PIC


Viaduct, Low Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14282:014--PIC


Viaduct, Low Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14282:015--PIC


Viaduct, Low Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14282:016--PIC


Viaduct, Low Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14282:017--PIC


Viaduct, Low Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14282:018--PIC


Viaduct, Low Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14282:019--PIC


Viaduct, Low Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14282:020--PIC


Viaduct, Low Presidio Approach BANC PIC 1905.14282:021--PIC


1905.14283 no. 1-11, Waldo Tunnel


Waldo Tunnel


Waldo Tunnel BANC PIC 1905.14283:001--PIC


Waldo Tunnel BANC PIC 1905.14283:002--PIC


Waldo Tunnel BANC PIC 1905.14283:003--PIC


Waldo Tunnel BANC PIC 1905.14283:004--PIC


Waldo Tunnel BANC PIC 1905.14283:005--PIC


Waldo Tunnel BANC PIC 1905.14283:006--PIC


Waldo Tunnel BANC PIC 1905.14283:007--PIC


Waldo Tunnel BANC PIC 1905.14283:008--PIC


Waldo Tunnel BANC PIC 1905.14283:009--PIC


Waldo Tunnel BANC PIC 1905.14283:010--PIC


Waldo Tunnel BANC PIC 1905.14283:011--PIC


1905.14284 no. 1-8, Wing Wall of Sausalito Lateral


Wing Wall of Sausalito Lateral


Wing Wall of Sausalito Lateral BANC PIC 1905.14284:001--PIC


Wing Wall of Sausalito Lateral BANC PIC 1905.14284:002--PIC


Wing Wall of Sausalito Lateral BANC PIC 1905.14284:003--PIC


Wing Wall of Sausalito Lateral BANC PIC 1905.14284:004--PIC


Wing Wall of Sausalito Lateral BANC PIC 1905.14284:005--PIC


Wing Wall of Sausalito Lateral BANC PIC 1905.14284:006--PIC


Wing Wall of Sausalito Lateral BANC PIC 1905.14284:007--PIC


Wing Wall of Sausalito Lateral BANC PIC 1905.14284:008--PIC