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Preliminary Inventory to the Briegleb Collection, 1938-1949
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Box 1.

1. Kulturbund Berlin. Its organization. Activities of several members


2. (continued). Report of activities of further persons


3. Hausobleute (House Police) in the Eastern Zone. The SED party surveillance


4. Use of German scholars for European Recovery Program (Marshall Plan)


5. "Denazification: Remarks on the Law" from the Swiss newspaper Die Tat, 1946


6. The Nuremberg Trial. Letter of U.S. Attorney Carroll to General Lucius D. Clay


7. "Berlin and Its Effects in the West" from an article in Zurich's Weltwoche, 1948 April 7


8. Present attitudes in Germany. Remarks of former SS leader


9. "The SS State" by Eugen Kogon. Criticism of the book


10. War prisoners and workers from the East during the Second World War


11. The Nuremberg Trial. Report of K. I. Albrecht


12. KPD, Germany. Report of meeting of the KPD, SPD, KAPD in Ulm, 1948 February 1


13. Peoples in the East. Memorandum on Rosenberg's attitude toward them


14. The Nuremberg Trial. Report of witness of process "Wilhelmstrasse"


15. Western Powers - Russia. Remarks on impossibility of understanding between them


16. Battle against Bolshevism. Remarks on formation of group as bulwark against it


17. Letter of K. I. Albrecht, author of "The Betrayed Socialism" to Schutzverband deutscher Schriftsteller, 1948


18. Excerpt from a letter of Fieldmarshall Manstein, prisoner in England, 1947


19. a. Yugoslav rebellion against the Kremlin b. Addition to above


19. b. Addition to above


20. Request for investigation of conditions in SS prisoner-of-war camp, Lambach


21. Protocol on interrogation of witness K. I. Albrecht by Dr. Fröschmann


22. German POWs in Yugoslavia. Report from Yugoslavia


23. The last words of Professor Karl Brand under the gallows, 1948 June 2


24. Reichssicherheitshauptamt, SS Oberabschnitt Süd-West: Directives on measures against the Catholic Church, 1938 February 15


25. Report on the Nuremberg Trial from the periodical Christ und Welt


26a. Regarding Malmedy process. Mistreatment of German POWs by Americans


26b. Sworn statement of above


27. Hitler and Eva Braun


28. Hitler's knowledge and intellectual faculties


29. Chain letter sent to thousands of former German officers and men


30. K. I. Albrecht's statement on "How Must We Fight Bolshevism?"


31. K. I. Albrecht's view on Bolshevik victory in China, the result of long-range planning


32. Von Krosigk's (?) report on Hitler's policy


33. General Jodl's opinions about the U.S. - Soviet war, 1946 August


34. Rudolf Lehmann, judge, accused at Nuremberg. Statement to his friends, 1948 November 15


35. Von Hasselbach: "Dr. Morell, Hitler's Physician"


36. The national-socialist revolution of the lower middle class (anonymous)


37. Statement by Manstein, Brauchitsch, Halder prepared for the Nuremberg Trial, not submitted


38. Article by an officer on the inside story of the Supreme Command, and Hitler's role therein


39. Observations and remarks on German General Staff


40. Thoughts on collaboration (at present time


41. K. I. Albrecht, "The Decisive Factor"


42. Arno Schreiber's report on his experience as POW of the French


43. Interrogation of former Gauleiter (Baden, Alsace) Wagner and former Fieldmarshall Keitel


44. Hans Raupach: Socialization of industries in satellite states and its economic-political significance


45. Report on organization of indoctrination of the SED (Eastern Zone)


46. Speech of Walter Ulbricht, 1948 August 27 (never published)


47. "Marshall Plan 1948 - Without Illusions" (in English)


48. K. I. Albrecht, "Vyshinsky: Hangman of the Old Guard of Lenin," 1949 March 10


49. Translation from periodical Hungaria (published in Munich, 1949, No 1)


50. Bolshevik gains all over the world. Results of planning


51. K. I. Albrecht: Exploring and combating Bolshevism, 1949 February 16 1949 February 16


52. "Before the Storm," critical article on policy of Western Powers, by a member of the Reichstag in the Weimar period


53. Statistical data of CP in Austria (14th Congress)


54. Purges within the SED, by leading Berlin politician and economist


55. Roland Eck, "Our Fifth Column," in Rheinischer Merkur, 1949 February 1


56. "Limits of the Defensive," by member of the Reichstag in the Weimar period


57. Memorandum of German Volksrat, with additional remarks by Walter Ulbricht. See also Nos. 58 and 59


58. Basic outline for CP in its political work in Germany


59. Tasks of the party control commission of the SED


60. Hans Raupach: Soviet Rule and the Psychology of Southeastern Europe


61. "Will Southeastern Europe become Bolshevik?" Views of a political scientist


62. P. H. Seraphim and W. Conze: Poland's expansion toward the West: the question of Poland's Western frontier


63. Declaration of the KPD central committee on the political situation (pamphlet)


64. Directives of the KPD for organization and conduct in the struggle for unity and peace, 1949 March 5-6


65. The work of the KPD in the Ruhr


66. Resolution of the Central Committee of the KPD on youth policy, 1949 March 2


67. Tasks of the party control commission of the SED. Extract from directives issued by a Kreisverband


68. Silesia, the country of the most complete self-sufficiency


69. Gottlob Berger, former SS General: letter to his friends, 1949 April 30


70. The extinction of the Germans at Werschetz


71. German Politics Today?


72. The situation (1949 May)


73. Political motivating forces and national-political developments in the Eastern Zone


74. "Democracy and the Civil War," by a member of the Reichstag of the Weimar period


75. "Europe's Latest Zone of Unrest: The Slavic Wall and Its Cracks"


76. Report on the agricultural situation in the former territory of Silesia


77. "Cultural Bolshevism and National Bolshevism"


78. Political Indoctrination and Training of the Police in the Eastern Zone


79. Members of the police in the Eastern Zone to join the international brigade in Greece


80. The organization of indoctrination of the SED in Thuringia


81. Letter of an uneasy German and Pieck's (chairman of the SED) answer. Communist propaganda pamphlet