Preliminary Inventory of the James Thomas Watkins Papers, 1927-1970

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Title: James Thomas Watkins Papers
Date (inclusive): 1927-1970
Collection Number: 71040
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Archives
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 25 manuscript boxes, 1 oversize box, 2 envelopes, 6 microfilm reels, 1 phonorecord, 1 framed painting (12.2 linear feet)
Abstract: Writings, reports, memoranda, orders, correspondence, printed matter, and photographs, relating to American military administration of Okinawa immediately after World War II. Entire collection also on microfilm (36 reels).
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Creator: Watkins, James T. (James Thomas), 1907-


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Acquired by the Hoover Institution Archives in 1971.


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Biographical Note

American political scientist; lieutenant commander, United States Navy; political affairs officer, United States Military Government, Okinawa, 1945-1946.

Scope and Content of Collection

Writings, reports, memoranda, orders, correspondence, printed matter, and photographs, relating to American military administration of Okinawa immediately after World War II. Entire collection also on microfilm (36 reels).

Subjects and Indexing Terms

United States. Navy.
Military government.
Okinawa-ken (Japan)
Ryukyu Islands.
United States--Armed Forces.
United States--Foreign relations.

Box 1



Ryukyus indoctrination


History of Okinawa


Battle of Okinawa


POW's and MP's


Okinawa picture list


Flack Valley graves photographs


Museum and Colonel's house - photographs


Okinawans and others - photographs


Evacuation, resettlement, home life, orphanages, and rationing - photographs


Personnel and parties - photographs


Government - photographs


Landscape, typhoon, and destruction - photographs


Post office and special - photographs

Box 2

Architecture - photographs


Agriculture, industry, and labor - photographs


Education and the arts - photographs


Enlargements of photographs


Aerial photographs


Illustrations from magazines




Clippings of early occupation of Okinawa, 1945-1946


Issues of Kosei Okinawa, 1947-1948


Clippings on Okinawa







Box 3



U.S. Military Government, Okinawa, monthly reports


1945 April-August


1945 September-1946 February


1946 March-May


(final report) 1945 April-1946 July


U.S. Military Government, Okinawa, team history reports, 1945


U.S. Military Government, Okinawa - special documents, 1946


Okinawa - miscellaneous printed matter, student papers, and letters


Symposium - apt quotations


Research declassification


U.S. Military Government, Okinawa - post office and censorship

Box 4



Chronology of U.S. Military Government, Okinawa


Pre-occupation training of military government officers


U.S. Military Government, Okinawa, documents, 1945-1946


Morgan memoir on occupation of Okinawa


U.S. Military Government, Okinawa, minutes of meetings, 1945-1946


U.S. Military Government, Okinawa - planning phase


U.S. 10th Army Military Government planning history


Military Government operational plan annex

Box 5

Military government


Theory, mission and authority


General organization


Headquarters organization


Field organization


For Ryukyus other than Okinawa


Organization, Iji bivouac area


U.S. Army assumption of military government, 1946 July


Military government personnel


Staff assignment and station lists, 1945-1946


Detachment rosters and draft rosters

Box 6

Military government personnel


Enlisted personnel - guard lists and plans of the day


Demobilization or reassignment from Okinawa




General William Crist


Colonel Charles Murray




Fraternization, circulation and violence




Arts, monuments and religion




Military government orders and directives, 1945-1946


Hanna memoir on military government planning stage




Land and population


Attitudes and psychology of population


Hanna/Watkins manuscript on land and people of Okinawa

Box 7

Lawrence/Watkins manuscript on supply


Military government documents on supply


Supply - miscellany


Political rehabilitation - general and miscellany


Okinawa government - pre-war


Okinawa Provisional Advisory Assembly, 1946


Okinawa Advisory Council - notes on meetings with U.S. Military Government Political Affairs Officer


Okinawa Advisory Council


Government up to rejection of Murdock Plan


Implementation of Caldwell Program


Implementation of Caldwell/Mura Program


Implementation of Caldwell Program


Civilian departments


Appointment of Chiji (Governor)


Notes of meetings with Chiji and Cabinet


Implementation of Caldwell Program


Prefectural Assembly


Consolidation of military government control


Operation of Shijeka Administration


Okinawa judiciary


Government notes for Watkins manuscript

Box 8

Watkins manuscript on Okinawa government - first draft




Economic rehabilitation


Evacuation, resettlement and housing


Repatriation of Okinawans in Taiwan




Agriculture and fisheries




Monetary economy

Box 9





Lawrence/Watkins manuscript


Economic rehabilitation


Public health


Watkins revision of Lawrence thesis on public health


Okinawa - public health relief


Lawrence/Watkins manuscript


Disaster relief


Monetary economy


Hanna/Watkins manuscript on social rehabilitation

Box 10

Okinawa - reversionism, 1953


Hanna manuscript


The future of Okinawa


Appraisal and prospects of Okinawa


Lessons from experience - notes and correspondence




American relief (post-occupation)


Future status


Correspondence with military government enlisted personnel, 1948-1959


Lawrence, William Henry, Jr., "Military Government in Okinawa: Disaster Relief Administration, the Economy and Its Rehabilitation, and Supply," M.A. thesis, Columbia University, 1947

Box 11

Miscellaneous mimeographed reports, photographs and printed matter, relating to Okinawa, 1947-1969

Box 12

U.S. Navy Civil Affairs Handbook for Ryukyus, 1944


Miscellaneous military government directives


Watkins manuscript on political rehabilitation


Nakasone, Genwa, "From Okinawa to Ryukyu" (in Japanese)

Box 13

Military government roster


CinCPac-CinCPOA report on Okinawa, 1944


Military government reports for Ryukyus, 1946 and 1948


Photograph negatives

Box 14

War diary indexes


Daily Okinawan Press Summary issues



Box 15


Box 16


Box 17



Chit book of Charles W. Ure, businessman in Shanghai, 1917


Maps, printed matter and miscellany, relating to Japan and world politics, 1948-1978

Box 18

Reports of U.S. Foreign Service oral examination of Stanford University students, 1933-1963


Correspondence, student papers, printed matter and miscellany, relating to world government and U.S. and world politics, 1906-1972


Press releases and printed matter, relating to the attitudes of various member nations of the United Nations toward the Korean War, 1950-1951

Box 19

Watkins Family genealogy on 4 x 6 cards


Pamphlets and articles about Okinawa


Administration of Occupied Areas, a study guide by Philip H. Taylor and Ralph J. D. Braibanti, Syracuse University Press, pamphlet 1948,


Watkins manuscript and notes on early occupation period

Box 20

Watkins notes, war diary


Okinawa public relations pamphlets


Ryukyu Islands, a bibliography, Department of the Army pamphlet, 1967

Box 21

War diary notes


Lawrence/Watkins manuscript


Rehabilitation, political and social




Public health


Okinawa: "The land and the people"


Disaster relief administration


Planning period

Box 22

War diary


Correspondence, Okinawa project


Hanna manuscript


Watkins letters to his wife




Ryukyu Project expenses


Lawrence/Watkins manuscript on monetary economy

Box 23

Watkins Okinawa papers catalogue


War diary


Table of contents




Pages 116-227


Watkins desk calendar entries, 1945 October 20-1946 July 18


Lt. Commander Paul H. Skuse's letters to his wife from Okinawa


Watkins-Skuse correspondence


Correspondence with Okinawan leaders, 1947-




Letters of recommendation (U.S. Navy)


Correspondence with Francis W. Schruben


Ryukyu study proposal, summer, 1953


Writing: Okinawa oddments


Military government chronology (Okinawa)


Lawrence/Watkins manuscript on rehabilitation

Box 24

Correspondence, general, about Okinawa


Personnel: Military government alumni


Navy School of Military Government (class notes)


Watkins letters from Okinawa to wife and family


Correspondence with Mr. Iwao Yoshihama

Box 25



Correspondence with Sanford Zalburg and Arnold Fisch


Maps and miscellaneous

Box 26

Administrative Subdivisions of Japan, 1946-1947, atlas


Two maps of Okinawa


Printed matter on the occupation of Japan, and the League of Nations


Button given to the delegates of the World Youth Congress held in Geneva in 1936

Art Rack

1 framed oil painting, 1946, by Japanese artist O-shiro Ko-ya, depicting a scene at Shikiya with Kudaka Island in the distance, commissioned by the officers and men of the U.S. Naval Military Government

Microfilm Reels 1-6

Microfilm reels of Okinawan Papers Deposited by Professor John T. Watkins in the Hoover Institution

Microfilm Reel Contents List