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Register of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Collection, 1969-1976
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1. History


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2. Policies & Procedures


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3. Ordinances


1.3.1-Richard Hanna. "TRPA Ordinances" [loose-leaf binder containing texts of all ordinances, no. 1-18]


1.3.2-"Land Use Ordinance" (2/72) [2 versions]


1.3.3-Do. Amended (5/73)


1.3.4-"Subdivision Ordinance" (3/72)


1.3.5-"Tree Conservation Ordinance" (4/73)


1.3.6-"Timber Harvesting Ordinance" (4/73)


1.3.7-"Ordinance no. 5" [Grading Ordinance] (3/74)


1.3.8-"Sign Ordinance" (7/75)


1.3.9-"Shorezone Ordinance" (5/76)




1. Tahoe Bibliography


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2. General Tahoe Studies


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1. Water Quality


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2. Sewage


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3. Air Quality


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4. Transportation


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