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Views of Deakin Tract of Mining and Timber Lands, Located in Butte, Plumas and Tehama Counties, California, ca. 1889
BANC PIC 1988.012--ALB  
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Hydraulic Elevator BANC PIC 1988.012:01--ALB


Janson and Caroline. Large Yellow Pine BANC PIC 1988.012:02--ALB


Taking logs from Pond. Sierra Lumber Co's [company's] Mill BANC PIC 1988.012:03--ALB


Station House - Sierra Flume BANC PIC 1988.012:04--ALB


Native Daughter BANC PIC 1988.012:05--ALB


Nash [and] Jansen [Janson] - Sugar Pine Logs BANC PIC 1988.012:06--ALB


Janson Deakin in the Woods BANC PIC 1988.012:07--ALB


Sierra Co's [company's] Mill Pond BANC PIC 1988.012:08--ALB


Hutchinson's Mill BANC PIC 1988.012:09--ALB


Log Chute BANC PIC 1988.012:10--ALB


Lynch Trying the Bridge BANC PIC 1988.012:11--ALB


Deakin, Large Sugar Pine BANC PIC 1988.012:12--ALB


Dolbeer Logging Engine BANC PIC 1988.012:13--ALB


Nash. Forks of Famous Mining Camp BANC PIC 1988.012:14--ALB


Ox Barn BANC PIC 1988.012:15--ALB


Large Fir BANC PIC 1988.012:16--ALB


Sierra Co's [company's] Store BANC PIC 1988.012:17--ALB


Yellow Pine BANC PIC 1988.012:18--ALB


Mill Pond BANC PIC 1988.012:19--ALB


Some Trees BANC PIC 1988.012:20--ALB


Nash - Lynch - Janson. Rock Creek Bridge BANC PIC 1988.012:21--ALB


Loading Log Truck BANC PIC 1988.012:22--ALB


Jansen [Janson]- Nash - Deakin. Lynch's Camp House. Making up the report BANC PIC 1988.012:23--ALB


Nash & Deakins. Logging - Sierra Co's [company's] Works BANC PIC 1988.012:24--ALB


Forks of Butte BANC PIC 1988.012:25--ALB


Nash & Jansen [Janson]. Through the Woods BANC PIC 1988.012:26--ALB


Sierra Co's [company's] Log Chute BANC PIC 1988.012:27--ALB


Nash's Start Down Sierra Co's [company's] 25 Mile Flume BANC PIC 1988.012:28--ALB


Lynch - Nash - Jansen [Janson], After Lunch BANC PIC 1988.012:29--ALB


Log on Truck BANC PIC 1988.012:30--ALB


[Stream] BANC PIC 1988.012:31--ALB


[Man on horseback] BANC PIC 1988.012:32--ALB


[Lumber Mill] BANC PIC 1988.012:33--ALB


[Log Chute] BANC PIC 1988.012:34--ALB


[Three men on horseback] BANC PIC 1988.012:35--ALB


[Lumber Mill] BANC PIC 1988.012:36--ALB


[Lake] BANC PIC 1988.012:37--ALB


[Man with log at river] BANC PIC 1988.012:38--ALB


[Men logging] BANC PIC 1988.012:39--ALB


[Man at large tree] BANC PIC 1988.012:40--ALB


[Men at camp] BANC PIC 1988.012:41--ALB


[Men mining ?] BANC PIC 1988.012:42--ALB


[Men panning for gold] BANC PIC 1988.012:43--ALB


[Woods] BANC PIC 1988.012:44--ALB


[Men logging] BANC PIC 1988.012:45--ALB


[Flume] BANC PIC 1988.012:46--ALB


[Men on horseback] BANC PIC 1988.012:47--ALB


[Man and horse] BANC PIC 1988.012:48--ALB


[Flume] BANC PIC 1988.012:49--ALB


[Men on horseback] BANC PIC 1988.012:50--ALB


[Logs on railway track] BANC PIC 1988.012:51--ALB


[Logging device] BANC PIC 1988.012:52--ALB


[Man with horse at camp] BANC PIC 1988.012:53--ALB


[Man at flume] BANC PIC 1988.012:54--ALB