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Overview of the Collection

Title: Alfred Harrison Joy Papers
Dates (inclusive): 1910-1972
Collection Number: mssJoy papers
Creator: Joy, Alfred H. (Alfred Harrison), 1882-1973.
Extent: Approximately 2,150 items in 10 boxes
Repository: The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens. Manuscripts Department
1151 Oxford Road
San Marino, California 91108
Phone: (626) 405-2129
Abstract: This collection consists of the professional papers of American astronomer Alfred Harrison Joy (1882-1973) and contains correspondence and research files related to Joy's study of stellar radial velocities, variable stars, T Tauri stars, and galactic structure. There is also an extensive amount of material related to Joy's involvement with the American Astronomical Society and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific in the collection.
Language: English.


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Placed on permanent deposit in the Huntington Library by the Observatories of the Carnegie Institution of Washington Collection. This was done in 1989 as part of a letter of agreement (dated November 5, 1987) between the Huntington and the Carnegie Observatories. The papers have yet to be officially accessioned. Cataloging of the papers was completed in 1989 prior to their transfer to the Huntington.

Biographical Note

Alfred Harrison Joy was a distinguished stellar astronomer who spent most of his professional career at the Mount Wilson Observatory. His work on stellar radial velocities, variable stars, and galactic structure in the early twentieth century laid the groundwork for the rapidly expanding field of astrophysics. His pioneering work, his long tenure at Mount Wilson, his central roles in the Astronomical Society of the Pacific and American Astronomical Society, and his position as Secretary of the Observatory make him a significant figure in the history of astronomy.
Alfred H. Joy was born in Greenville, Illinois, on September 23, 1882 to Frank and Louise (Maynard) Joy. Little is known of his early years, but it appears that Joy's mother passed on to her son a great love of science. When it was time for him to go to college, he went to a small local school, Greenville College, operated by the Free Methodist Church. He took his degree in 1903 in Latin and science, graduating in a class of seven. Joy then spent the next year at Oberlin College in Ohio, obtaining an M.A. in physics. His teacher at Oberlin was Charles E. St. John, who would later become his colleague at Mount Wilson.
Upon receiving his M.A. in 1904, Joy immediately obtained a teaching position at the American University of Beirut. He was the instructor of physics at Beirut and this included teaching astronomy. Over the years, his abilities and interest in astronomy grew, helped by his participation in the 1905 Lick Observatory eclipse expedition in Egypt, the transit of Mercury, and observations of the 1910 apparition of Halley's comet. In 1909, Joy spent the summer in Oxford and Cambridge working on the Carte du Cielproject. In the summer of 1910, Joy worked as an assistant at the Yerkes Observatory. And in the 1910-11 academic year he obtained a Thaw fellowship to Princeton where he received valuable astronomy instruction from Henry Norris Russell. Joy's notebooks from Russell's classes are a valuable part of this collection (the "classes" were one-on-one instruction sessions with Russell at his Princeton home). This period, from 1909 to 1911, was crucial in shaping Joy's future astronomical interests.
Joy returned to Beirut in 1911 where he had recently been appointed director of the Observatory. In 1914, he traveled to Potsdam, Germany, to continue his research interests. At Potsdam he came into contact with Karl Schwarzschild and Ejnar Hertzsprung, two important figures in the growing field of astrophysics. Joy then went to the Yerkes Observatory for a second time to help in their stellar parallax program. By 1915, however, the First World War was well underway and Joy found it impossible to get back to Beirut. Fortunately for him, he had come to the attention of George Ellery Hale at Mount Wilson, and Hale soon offered Joy a permanent position at Mount Wilson, a position he held until his retirement thirty-three years later in 1948.
While Joy's first year at Mount Wilson saw work on solar matters, he soon became involved in the stellar spectroscopy work headed by Walter S. Adams. Earlier, Adams and Kohlsch|tter had learned how to accurately determine a star's spectral class and absolute luminosity. Using this information it became possible for them to calculate the distance to the star, a quantity referred to as its "spectroscopic parallax." Joy worked at deciphering numerous stellar spectra until, in 1935, Joy and Adams had published a catalogue of spectroscopic parallaxes of 4,179 stars.
Joy soon became involved in the study of variable stars. Splitting the stars among three researchers at Mount Wilson, Joy worked on red semi-regular variable stars. One exception was the remarkable long-period M-type variable, Mira (omicron Ceti). Joy had a fondness for this famous star, perhaps due to his spectroscopic discovery of its faint companion star in 1920. Noting the odd spectrum, Joy had written to R. G. Aitken at Lick to see if he could visually observe the companion in their large refracting telescope. Aitken soon saw the faint star, thus confirming Joy's discovery. Joy also amassed a great deal of information on the W Virginis (Population II) Cepheids and RR Lyrae stars, material that has led to a greater understanding of our Galaxy.
Joy's work on variable stars led to many new results which increased astronomers' understanding of these peculiar objects. He showed in 1933 that the emission lines in RW Tauri's spectrum were due to a small Saturn-like ring around the brighter primary star. Joy identified many spectroscopic binaries and initiated spectroscopic studies of dwarf novae.
Another of Joy's important researches was his study of galactic rotation. From his earlier studies of the radial velocity of Cepheid variables, he collected a large sample of data and demonstrated that the Population I Cepheids constituted a low-velocity family of stars and was able to calculate the coordinates of the Galaxy's center.
Perhaps Joy's most far-reaching work was that on the T Tauri stars. This came about because of his study of M-type dwarfs. Joy became acquainted with these latter stars during his work with Adams. As Joy became interested in the M dwarfs' habit of "flaring," he came across the unusual star UZ Tauri. This type of star, described by Joy as a T Tauri variable in 1945, later proved to be the transition between interstellar clouds and main-sequence stars.
In 1919, Joy married Margherita O. Burns, a computer at the Observatory. The next year, he was appointed Secretary of the Observatory. In this new position, Joy was constantly in contact with the community and press regarding astronomical matters in general and happenings at the Mount Wilson Observatory in particular. Joy remained as Secretary, in addition to his other duties, until his retirement in 1948.
Joy's most infamous feat was his unfortunate accident in 1946 at the age of sixty-four when he fell twenty feet from the Cassegrain platform of the 100-inch telescope to the cement floor. Breaking an arm, a leg, and his hip, Joy was hospitalized but with characteristic vigor, was back observing eight months later.
A great deal of correspondence in the collection is with the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Joy served in many capacities with this organization, being on its Board of Directors, President in 1931 and 1939, and from 1945 to 1968, editor of the Leaflets, a monthly issuance of small eight page reports for laymen and astronomers on new results in astronomy. In 1950, the Society presented Joy with its highest award, the Bruce Gold Medal. Joy was active in other organizations as well, particularly the American Astronomical Society, being its President from 1949 to 1952. In 1949, Joy was elected to the National Academy of Sciences and in 1964 was named an Associate of the Royal Astronomical Society. In closing, perhaps the best description of Joy comes from his close friend George H. Herbig: "His scientific work was typical of the man himself: it was done quietly, patiently, with gentle humor, with great honesty and generosity. It was accomplished without fanfare, published without arrogance or pretence, and with recognition of the debt he owed to others. Joy was usually content simply to report what he had seen or done, in the conviction that speculation or over-interpretation is often evanescent, but that solid observations would inevitably survive."

Scope and Content

The collection consists of the professional papers of American astronomer Alfred Harrison Joy (1882-1973). It includes both incoming and copies of going correspondence (3 boxes) and research files (manuscripts, lectures, notebooks, etc.) related to Joy's study of stellar radial velocities, variable stars, T Tauri stars, and galactic structure.
Correspondents include: Helmut A. Abt, Ansel Adams, Robert Grant Aitken, George Ellery Hale, George Howard Herbig, Helen Sawyer Hogg, Gerard Peter Kuiper, Willem Jacob Luyten, Beverly T. Lynds, Paul W. Merrill, Thornton Page, Miroslav Plavec, Frederick Hanley Seares, and Alexander N. Vyssotsky. There is also an extensive amount of material related to Joy's involvement with the American Astronomical Society and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific in the collection.
Correspondence (Boxes 1-3)

The correspondence includes both incoming letters and outgoing carbon copies. They are arranged in folders alphabetically by named correspondent or subject. The correspondence files are listed alphabetically according to the last name of the correspondent or, in some cases, to the first word of the subject heading. If a particular correspondent has less than three items associated with him or her, then these have been placed in the "Miscellaneous Correspondence" files at the end. In the list for each file is noted the correspondent's name, the years covered by the letters, the number of items in the file, and any extra comments are in brackets below each entry.
Astronomical working papers (Boxes 4-6)

The working papers are arranged in folders alphabetically according to their subject.
Talks and papers (Box 7)

These are arranged in folders chronologically according to when they were given or published. Undated items are placed at the end of the series.
Society material (boxes 7-8)

This series contains printed programs of conferences and minutes of meetings for the American Astronomical Society and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. The folders are arranged chronologically within each society.
Photographs (Box 8)

There are a few folders at the end of Box 8 which contain three dozen photographs, mainly of stellar spectra.
Notebooks and reprints (Boxes 9-10)

This series contains various record and note books. Included here are his notes from Henry Norris Russell's classes and a list of his published papers. Includes one volume of bound reprints published by Joy in the Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (1917-1932)


Organized in the following series: 1. Correspondence (Boxes 1-3), and 2. Manuscripts, notebooks and volumes, lectures, and research files (Boxes 4-10).

Related Materials in the Huntington Library

Approximately fifty additional separate collections form the Mount Wilson Papers of the Observatories of the Carnegie Institution of Washington and are available for research in the Manuscripts Department of the Huntington Library.

Indexing Terms

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Joy, Alfred H. (Alfred Harrison), 1882-1973 -- Archives.
American Astronomical Society.
Astronomical Society of the Pacific.
Carnegie Institution of Washington.
Mount Wilson Observatory -- History -- Sources.
Astronomers -- California, Southern -- Archives.
Astronomers -- Correspondence.
Astronomy -- Research.
Stars -- Motion in line of sight.
T Tauri stars.
Variable stars.


Lectures -- 20th century.
Letters (correspondence) -- 20th century.
Manuscripts -- 20th century.
Notebooks -- 20th century.
Research (document genres) -- 20th century.

Alternate Authors

Abt, Helmut A.
Adams, Ansel, 1902-1984.Abt, Helmut A.
Aitken, Robert Grant, 1864-1951.Abt, Helmut A.
Hale, George Ellery, 1868-1938.Abt, Helmut A.
Herbig, G. H. (George H.)Abt, Helmut A.
Hogg, Helen Sawyer, 1905-1993.Abt, Helmut A.
Kuiper, Gerard P. (Gerard Peter), 1905-1973.Abt, Helmut A.
Luyten, Willem Jacob, 1899-1994.Abt, Helmut A.
Lynds, Beverly T.Abt, Helmut A.
Merrill, Paul W. (Paul Willard), 1887-1961.Abt, Helmut A.
Page, Thornton.Abt, Helmut A.
Plavec, Miroslav.Abt, Helmut A.
Seares, Frederick Hanley, 1873-1964.Abt, Helmut A.
Vyssotsky, A. N. (Alexander N.), 1888-
American Astronomical Society.
Astronomical Society of the Pacific.
Carnegie Institution of Washington.

Collection Contents




Box 1 (A-Br)

Folder 1.1

Giorgio ABETTI 1959-60, 65-67

Physical Description: 7
Folder 1.2

Helmut Arthur ABT 1960, 63, 65-67, 72

Physical Description: 53
Folder 1.3

Robert Grant AITKEN 1923, 25, 28-29, 31, 40, 49-50

Physical Description: 17
Folder 1.4


Physical Description: 4

[Corresp: Margaret W. Mayall]
Folder 1.5

AMERICAN ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY -- General Correspondence 1936, 47, 49, 51-53, 61-62, 64-67

Physical Description: 31
Folder 1.6

AMERICAN ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY -- Publications Committee 1950-53

Physical Description: 40
Folder 1.7

ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY OF THE PACIFIC -- Charles Hitchcock ADAMS 1931-32, 39-40

Physical Description: 16
Folder 1.8


Physical Description: 8
Folder 1.9


Physical Description: 43
Folder 1.10


Physical Description: 37
Folder 1.11


Physical Description: 39
Folder 1.12


Physical Description: 60
Folder 1.13


Physical Description: 32
Folder 1.14


Physical Description: 53
Folder 1.15


Physical Description: 6
Folder 1.16

ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY OF THE PACIFIC -- Miscellaneous Correspondence 1949-50, 60, 65, 68

Physical Description: 11

[Corresp: Edward A. Mayers; Helmut A. Abt; Elizabeth Roemer; David M. Gregory; Helen M. Pillans]
Folder 1.17

Anthony F. AVENI 1963

Physical Description: 5
Folder 1.18

J. van der BILT 1926

Physical Description: 5
Folder 1.19

Marianne C. BRETZ 1964, 66

Physical Description: 5
Folder 1.20

Julius Arthur BROWN 1922, 26-27

Physical Description: 5
Folder 1.21

Charles E. R. BRUCE 1957, 64-67

Physical Description: 20

Box 2 (Bu-M)

Folder 2.22

Vannevar BUSH 1946

Physical Description: 13
Folder 2.23

Annie Jump CANNON 1919, 26, 35

Physical Description: 6
Folder 2.24


Physical Description: 11

[Corresp: James F. Sullivan; Vannevar Bush; Walter M. Gilbert; Ada Margaret Brayton; Title Insurance; Paul A. Scherer]
Folder 2.25

Ernest Barrett CHAMBERLAIN 1964

Physical Description: 6
Folder 2.26

Thomas A. CRAGG 1945-49

Physical Description: 26
Folder 2.27

Raymond Smith DUGAN 1929-30, 32, 35-36

Physical Description: 11
Folder 2.28

Olin Jeuck EGGEN 1951, 60

Physical Description: 4
Folder 2.29

Clarence L. FRIEND 1937

Physical Description: 7
Folder 2.30

Owen GINGERICH 1958, 64, 67

Physical Description: 16
Folder 2.31

George Ellery HALE 1919, 32-33

Physical Description: 6
Folder 2.32

Guillermo HARO 1966-67

Physical Description: 4
Folder 2.33

Margaret HARWOOD 1932, 36

Physical Description: 5
Folder 2.34

George Howard HERBIG 1938, 43-49, 51, 53-55, 57-58, 60-61, 65

Physical Description: 67
Folder 2.35

Ejnar HERTZSPRUNG 1914-15, 34, 59

Physical Description: 9
Folder 2.36

Paul William HODGE 1964-65

Physical Description: 4
Folder 2.37

Helen Sawyer HOGG 1936, 42, 46, 48-49, 58

Physical Description: 36
Folder 2.38

A. van HOOF 1961

Physical Description: 4
Folder 2.39

Joseph Allen HYNEK 1937

Physical Description: 4
Folder 2.40

Theodore Siegumfeldt JACOBSEN 1921, 49, 60

Physical Description: 7
Folder 2.41

Philip Childs KEENAN 1942

Physical Description: 4
Folder 2.42

Zdenek KOPAL 1948, 56, 66

Physical Description: 7
Folder 2.43

Gerald Edward KRON 1967

Physical Description: 6
Folder 2.44

Gerard Peter KUIPER 1934-36

Physical Description: 29
Folder 2.45

F. LENOUVEL 1953-54

Physical Description: 11
Folder 2.46

E. M. LINDSAY 1962, 65

Physical Description: 9
Folder 2.47

Willem Jacob LUYTEN 1935-36, 48-49

Physical Description: 26
Folder 2.48

Beverly T. LYNDS 1964-66

Physical Description: 25
Folder 2.49


Physical Description: 6

[Corresp: Jay E. Greene]
Folder 2.50

Antonia Caetana de P. P. MAURY 1932

Physical Description: 5
Folder 2.51

Nicholas Ulrich MAYALL 1942, 47, 49

Physical Description: 7
Folder 2.52

Donald Howard MENZEL 1939

Physical Description: 4
Folder 2.53

Paul Willard MERRILL 1959-63

Physical Description: 87

[This material is mostly correspondence between Merrill and the University of Michigan Press about his book Space Chemistry. Joy took care of the final publication details after Merrill's death]
Folder 2.54

John C. MESTER 1964-65

Physical Description: 5
Folder 2.55

Samuel Alfred MITCHELL 1943

Physical Description: 4
Folder 2.56

Charlotte Emma MOORE [SITTERLY] 1936, 61

Physical Description: 7
Folder 2.57

Joseph Haines MOORE 1931-32

Physical Description: 4

Box 3 (N-Z, Miscellaneous)

Folder 3.58


Physical Description: 18

[Corresp: Frank Baldwin Jewett; Frederick Eugene Wright; Hugh L. Dryden; G. M. Clemence; Edna Gilbertson]
Folder 3.59

Jan Hendrik OORT 1932, 39-41, 45

Physical Description: 9
Folder 3.60

Thornton Leigh PAGE 1963-67

Physical Description: 37
Folder 3.61

Cecilia Helena PAYNE-GAPOSCHKIN 1942

Physical Description: 7
Folder 3.62

Robert Methven PETRIE 1963, 66

Physical Description: 9
Folder 3.63

John Stanley PLASKETT 1931-32, 34

Physical Description: 8
Folder 3.64

Miroslav PLAVEC 1962-65, 67

Physical Description: 22
Folder 3.65

Gibson REAVES 1967

Physical Description: 7
Folder 3.66


Physical Description: 4

[Corresp: David B. Williams]
Folder 3.67

Pieter Johannes van RHIJN 1934-35

Physical Description: 4
Folder 3.68

Robert Shirley RICHARDSON 1924, 66

Physical Description: 4
Folder 3.69


Physical Description: 17

[Corresp: Kathleen Williams; Clabon Walter Allen; E. C. Rubidge]
Folder 3.70


Physical Description: 4

[Corresp: Peter M. Millman; J. E. Kennedy]
Folder 3.71

Henry Norris RUSSELL 1923, 40

Physical Description: 4
Folder 3.72


Physical Description: 22

[Cor resp: Edwin Brant Frost; George Van Biesbroeck; Otto Struve; Vernon Kellogg; A. Belopolsky]
Folder 3.73


Physical Description: 19

[Corresp: John R. White; Frank Been; George L. Mauger]
Folder 3.74

Harlow SHAPLEY 1923-24, 31, 40, 47, 49

Physical Description: 11
Folder 3.75

Willem de SITTER 1932

Physical Description: 4
Folder 3.76

Bancroft Walker SITTERLY 1922, 27-28, 30

Physical Description: 10
Folder 3.77


Physical Description: 14

[Cor resp: W. W. Morgan; A. N. Vyssotsky; Andrew McKellar; R. M. Petrie; J. A. Pearce; John J. Nassau]
Folder 3.78

Hyron SPINRAD 1965-67

Physical Description: 4
Folder 3.79

Joel STEBBINS 1923, 38, 55

Physical Description: 6
Folder 3.80

Otto STRUVE 1944, 47, 54

Physical Description: 5
Folder 3.81

Polydore SWINGS 1947

Physical Description: 6
Folder 3.82

A. David THACKERAY 1937, 53, 61

Physical Description: 9
Folder 3.83


Physical Description: 6

[Corresp: Leo F. Hamilton]
Folder 3.84

George VAN BIESBROECK 1923, 26, 44, 53, 59, 61

Physical Description: 15
Folder 3.85

Peter VAN DE KAMP 1947-49

Physical Description: 4
Folder 3.86

Alexander N. VYSSOTSKY 1943-50

Physical Description: 27
Folder 3.87

Merle F. WALKER 1963-64

Physical Description: 6
Folder 3.88

Harold Francis WEAVER 1953, 61

Physical Description: 5
Folder 3.89

William C. WEBER 1921-22, 26

Physical Description: 20

[Includes letters from/to William Joseph Hussey]
Folder 3.90

John Marsh WILCOX 1966-67

Physical Description: 8
Folder 3.91

Iris H. WILSON 1963-64

Physical Description: 8
Folder 3.92


Physical Description: 40

[Ansel Adams; Aetna Casualty and Surety Co.; Harold Lee Alden; Dinsmore Alter; American Institute of Physics [Elmer Hutchisson]; A. D. Andrews; Basic Books, Inc. [Jack Lynch]; F. Samuel Bauer; W. W. Baumeister; F. E. Baxandall; Carlyle Smith Beals; F. A. Bellamy; Bernard Benfield; Louis Berman; Peter Bodenheimer; John C. Brandt; Frederick E. Brasch; P. ten Bruggencate]
Folder 3.93


Physical Description: 39

[Leon Campbell; L. F. Caouette; Edwin Francis Carpenter; Joseph Wyan Chamberlain; Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar; Clarence Augustus Chant; Giulio Cioppi; Norman G. Cobb; Elizabeth Connor; Dictionary of Scientific Biography [Charles Coulton Gillispie]; Bayard Dodge; John Wainwright Evans, Jr.; M. W. Feast; Charles Fehrenbach; George Field [, Ivan Robert King, and Rudolph Leo Minkowski]; Simon Freed; Edwin Brant Frost; Sergei Illarionowitsh Gaposchkin; The Geographical Magazine [Walter Hingston]; Frederick Orville Grover]
Folder 3.94


Physical Description: 35

[Robert Hardie; John Frederick Heard; A. F. Hewitt, Jr.; Ellen Dorrit Hoffleit; C. M. Huffer; Hugh Mitchell Johnson; Sharon Jordan; Robert Paul Kraft; B. V. Kukarkin; William Kunkel; J. C. Lair; R. A. Lyttleton; Dean Benjamin McLaughlin; W. Martin; William C. Miller; Deborah J. Mills; William Wilson Morgan; G. S. Mumford; James K. Murphy]
Folder 3.95


Physical Description: 22

[National Geographic Magazine [William J. Showalter]; O. Richard Norton; Frank Q. Orrall; Valfrids Osvalds; Joseph Algernon Pearce; Harry Hemley Plaskett; Popular Astronomy [Ralph L. Henry]; President's Committee on the National Medal of Science [Bryce Crawford, Jr.]; George Worrall Preston, III; Grote Reber; Paul E. Roques; Norman Rubenfeld]
Folder 3.96


Physical Description: 40

[Charles Edward St. John; Science; Frederick Hanley Seares; W. T. Skilling; Charles Hugh Smiley; Harlan J. Smith; Albert W. Staub; Dorothy Michelson [Mrs. William D.] Stevens; Mrs. Emma B. Stoll; H. H. Turner; University Club of Pasadena [Courtenay Monsen]; University of Toronto Library [Robert H. Blackburn]; Tomas S. Vanasek; Brian Warner; B. C. J. Wheatlake; Raymond H. Wilson, Jr.; F. Wunschmann; Arthur Bambridge Wyse; M. C. Zukerman]

Astronomical Working Papers


Box 4

Folder 4.97

Cluster Paper -- Observations of Bright Variables

Physical Description: 47
Folder 4.98

Correlation Curves, Adams & Joy -- 1925

Physical Description: 2
Folder 4.99

Criteria for Spectral Type

Physical Description: 1
Folder 4.100

Lists of Double Stars (taken at Mt. Wilson) 1929, 45-46

Physical Description: 3
Folder 4.101

Boss Stars

Physical Description: 1
Folder 4.102

dM, dK Stars

Physical Description: 24
Folder 4.103


Physical Description: 1
Folder 4.104

Ephemeris Stars

Physical Description: 1
Folder 4.105

Flare Stars

Physical Description: 8
Folder 4.106


Physical Description: 4
Folder 4.107

Giant M Stars, Recent Plates

Physical Description: 1
Folder 4.108

K3 -- K5 Dwarfs, 1927

Physical Description: 1
Folder 4.109

Published Observations of RR Lyrae Stars

Physical Description: 1
Folder 4.110

Observations of New RR Lyrae Stars, 1938-48 and 1954-55

Physical Description: 1
Folder 4.111


Physical Description: 2
Folder 4.112

T Tauri and dMe Stars

Physical Description: 1

Box 5

Folder 5.113

Discarded Variable Stars

Physical Description: 1
Folder 5.114

AE Aquarii Worksheets

Physical Description: 1
Folder 5.115


Physical Description: 35
Folder 5.116

RS Ophiuchi, 1958

Physical Description: 4
Folder 5.117

RV Tauri Stars, 1951

Physical Description: 1
Folder 5.118

RW Tauri

Physical Description: 12
Folder 5.119

TT Aurigae -- Original Settings

Physical Description: 1
Folder 5.120

UV Ceti

Physical Description: 14
Folder 5.121

Tables 1934

Physical Description: 1

[Comparisons of spectral lines with spectral type]
Folder 5.122

Miscellaneous Tables and Charts

Physical Description: 18
Folder 5.123

Observing List

Physical Description: 1
Folder 5.124

60-Inch Plate Measurements 1-10,000

Physical Description: 7

Box 6

Folder 6.125

100-Inch Plates

Physical Description: 1

[List of plates taken by Joy with 100-inch telescope]
Folder 6.126

Record of Plates Measured

Physical Description: 1
Folder 6.127

Dwarf Variables -- Kuiper Chapter 18

Physical Description: 25

[Includes copies of typed mss.: "The Unusual Brightness in the Ultraviolet of Certain T Tauri-Type Stars," by G. Haro and G. H. Herbig; "Variable Stars of Low Luminosity," by A. H. Joy [Presidential Address of the AAS, Michigan]; "Emission Lines in Stellar Spectra," by A. H. Joy; "Short Period Changes in the Spectrum of T Tauri," by E. B. Weston and L. H. Aller; "The SS Cygni Variables as Spectroscopic Binaries," [by A. H. Joy]]
Folder 6.128

Globular Cluster Chart Photographs

Physical Description: 17

[Includes ltr H. S. Hogg 6 A. H. Joy. Not all photos are of globular clusters]
Folder 6.129

Mt. Wilson Spectrographic Observations of Dwarf M Stars

Physical Description: 9
Folder 6.130

Mount Wilson Standard Stars for Spectral Type

Physical Description: 4
Folder 6.131

Photographs of XZ Cygni Curves

Physical Description: 18
Folder 6.132

T Tauri and UV Ceti (Manuscripts), 1955, 1957

Physical Description: 4
Folder 6.133

Tucson Notes

Physical Description: 4

[Notes regarding 75th meeting of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Tucson, Dec. 28, 1964]
Folder 6.134

Victoria Notes, 1954

Physical Description: 1
Folder 6.135

Walter Sydney Adams

Physical Description: 7

[Concerning Joy's biographical articles on Adams for Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific and National Academy of Sciences Biographical Memoirs. Includes: copy typed ms. "Biographical Notes --Walter S. Adams" [c. 1955]; copy typed ms. "Biographical Notes on Walter S. Adams (August 1943)"; Bibliographic notes; handwritten note by Adams on the time he and others took A. S. Eddington to a baseball game in Los Angeles]
Folder 6.136

Joe Adams Cooper

Physical Description: 2
Folder 6.137

Adriaan van Maanen

Physical Description: 2

[Notes: "Mention of vM in Annual Report"; copy typed ms. "Adriaan van Maanen's Influence on the Island Universe Theory," [by R. Berendzen and R. Hart, c. 1972]]
Folder 6.138

Notes and Clippings related to Paul Willard Merrill

Physical Description: 10
Folder 6.139

Henry Norris Russell

Physical Description: 3

[Biographical article and notes for the Griffith Observer]
Folder 6.140

Frederick Hanley Seares

Physical Description: 1

[Excerpt from letter of Richard Seares to H. W. Babcock, Nov. 17, 1964]

Talks and Papers


Box 7

Folder 7.141

"Problems of Contemporary Astronomy"

Physical Description: 1

[Los Angeles, Mar. 21, 1930]
Folder 7.142

"Astronomy on Mount Wilson"

Physical Description: 1

[Sent to Trails magazine, July 12, 1937]
Folder 7.143

"Celestial Photography at Mount Wilson"

Physical Description: 1

[c. 1940]
Folder 7.144

"Treasures of the Night"

Physical Description: 2

[Fresno, Dec. 1947]
Folder 7.145

"Strange Stellar Families"

Physical Description: 2

[San Francisco, Mar. 17, 1950]
Folder 7.146

"Address for Section D [of the AAAS]"

Physical Description: 1

[Cleveland, Dec. 26-31, 1950]
Folder 7.147

"Stellar Explorations with the Spectrograph"

Physical Description: 1

[Cleveland, AAS/AAAS, Dec. 26, 1950]
Folder 7.148

"The Motions and Dimensions of Our Stellar System"

Physical Description: 1

[c. 1950]
Folder 7.149

"Recent Advances in Our Knowledge of the World"

Physical Description: 2

[Dec. 1951]
Folder 7.150

"The 200-Inch Palomar Telescope and Its Work"

Physical Description: 1

[St. Louis, Jan. 1951]
Folder 7.151

"The Restless Stars"

Physical Description: 2

[San Francisco, Jan. 13, 1953]
Folder 7.152

"Variable Stars of Low Luminosity"

Physical Description: 2

[Boulder, AAS, Aug. 27, 1953]
Folder 7.153

"Stellar Families"

Physical Description: 1

[Victoria, RASCanada, Aug. 23, 1954]
Folder 7.154

Lecture given at Gyro Club, Victoria, British Columbia

Physical Description: 1

[Aug. 23, 1954]
Folder 7.155

"A Half Century of Astronomy in Southern California"

Physical Description: 1

[Pasadena, Jan. 20, 1955]
Folder 7.156

"Science and Religion"

Physical Description: 2

[June 9, 1959]
Folder 7.157

"Studies of RW Tauri"

Physical Description: 1

[Apr. 26, 1963]
Folder 7.158

"The Beginnings of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific"

Physical Description: 1

[San Diego, June 13, 1963]
Folder 7.159

"The Semi-Centennial of the 100-Inch Reflector"

Physical Description: 1

[c. 1967]
Folder 7.160

"Modern Astronomical Research"

Physical Description: 1

[c. 1950]
Folder 7.161

"The Role of the Cepheid Variable in Astronomy"

Physical Description: 1

[Outline only; undated]
Folder 7.162

"Variable Stars"

Physical Description: 1

[Nov. 11, 1947]
Folder 7.163

Story of Palomar Film

Physical Description: 1

[Outline of film contents]

Society Materials


Box 7 (continued)

Folder 7.164

American Astronomical Society -- Minutes of the Council Meetings [1937-40, 1945-47]

Physical Description: 12
Folder 7.165

American Astronomical Society -- Programs and/or Announcements of Meetings 1922-36

Physical Description: 50
Folder 7.166

American Astronomical Society -- Programs and/or Announcements of Meetings 1936-50

Physical Description: 49
Folder 7.167

American Astronomical Society -- Programs and/or Announcements of Meetings 1951-60

Physical Description: 40

Box 8

Folder 8.168

American Astronomical Society -- Programs and/or Announcements of Meetings 1961-65

Physical Description: 26
Folder 8.169

American Astronomical Society -- Programs and/or Announcements of Meetings 1966-69

Physical Description: 22
Folder 8.170

American Astronomical Society -- Programs and/or Announcements of Meetings 1970-72

Physical Description: 12
Folder 8.171

American Astronomical Society -- Miscellaneous Reports, etc.

Physical Description: 3
Folder 8.172

Astronomical Society of the Pacific -- Minutes of the Meetings of the Board of Directors, 1964-69

Physical Description: 20
Folder 8.173

Astronomical Society of the Pacific -- Minutes of the Annual Meetings, 1966-69

Physical Description: 4
Folder 8.174

Astronomical Society of the Pacific -- Miscellaneous Reports and Material

Physical Description: 37
Folder 8.175

Programs -- Miscellaneous

Physical Description: 14



Box 8 (continued)

Folder 8.176

Photographs: Spectra -- various stars

Physical Description: (26 total)

[UZ Tauri (1); UX Tauri (1); Arcturus (2); 19 Piscium (1); R Centauri (1); R Bootis (1); p1 Gruis (1); SS Cygni (1); XZ Tauri (1); RW Aurigae (1); RW Tauri (1); RY Tauri (1); T Pyxis (1); AG Aurigae (1); 61 Cygni & Antares (1); RS Ophiuchi (3); X Aurigae (1); R Hydrae, T Geminorum, & 19 Piscium (1); X Cygni (1); R Andromedae (1)]
Folder 8.177

Photographs: Spectra -- Mira [omicron Ceti]

Physical Description: (3 total)
Folder 8.178

Photographs: Novae & Supernovae

Physical Description: (5 total)
Folder 8.179

Photographs: Miscellaneous

Physical Description: (5 total)

Notebooks and Reprints

Box 9


Folder 9.180

Reference Notebook

Physical Description: 1

[Contains various subject headings with pertinent bibliographic references]
Folder 9.181

Handbook of Tables and Constants

Physical Description: 1

[Self-made lists]

Notes from Henry Norris Russell's course in Celestial Mechanics, Princeton, 1910-11

[2 volumes].

Notes from Henry Norris Russell's courses on Measurement of Photographs & Parallax and Proper Motion Plates, 1910

[1 volume]

Translation of Müller's Photometrieby A. H. Joy, 1910

[2 volumes]
Box 10

Notebooks and reprints


List of Published Papers by A. H. Joy

[2 books. 1 contains short list of the eclipses to which Joy traveled]

Record Book of Spectral Lines


Record Book with Lists of Faint Dwarf Stars


Copied text and partial English translation of Untersuchungen über den Lichtwesel des Sternes Lyrae, by G. W. Myers


Copied text of Untersuchungen ueber den Lichtwesel des Sternes beta Persei, by Johannes Hartnig, and Photometrische Beobachtungen des veränderlichen Sterns Aurigae, by J. Balanowsky, 1912


Bound reprints of papers by A. H. Joy published in Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 1917-32