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Finding Aid to the Emil Fischer Papers, 1876-1919
BANC MSS 71/95 z  
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Key to Arrangement

Boxes 1-6

Letters written by Emil Fischer, 1876-1919.

Scope and Content Note

Originals, drafts and carbon copies. Arranged chronologically. Undated and fragments of letters placed at the end of Box 6.

Additional Note

Boxes 1-6 on film. Do not use originals.
Boxes 7-35

Letters written to Fischer.

Scope and Content Note

Include letters from family, colleagues, students, industrial figures, scientific societies and government agencies, relating in large part to his work in biochemistry, the testing of various drugs, and the development of ersatz materials during World War I.


Arranged alphabetically by author or organization, A-Z. Unlisted letters have been placed in miscellanies; Unidentified follow -Z. A partial list of correspondents may be consulted at the end of the report.
Box 36

Transcripts of Fischer's correspondence with Adolf von Baeyer, 1901-1917.

Box 37

Drafts of Fischer's autobiography, Aus meinem Leben.

carton Ctns. 1-2

Subject files:

Scope and Content Note

Mainly relating to Fischer's activities with scientific organizations. Arranged alphabetically as follows:
Ctn. 1

Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin


Constitution, 1881


List of members, 1892


Recommendations for candidates to be elected to membership, etc., 1861-1919


Baeyer, Adolf von




Festspiel, 1883


Materials re birthday celebrations, etc., 1883-1917


Berlin. Universität


Printed regulations, etc., 1816-1915


Berlin. Universität. Chemisches Institut


List of chemicals required by the institute


Article on the new building




Lists of Fischer's assistants from 1892, etc., 1892-1918


Deutsche chemische Gesellschaft


Minutes, 1906-1914


Deutsche Forschungsanstalt für Psychiatrie

Scope and Content Note

Included is reprint of an article by Emil Kraepelin on the Forschungsanstalt. 1918

Germany. Kommission zur Beschaffung von Kokereiprodukten


Minutes, 1915-1917

Physical Description: (2 folders)

Germany. Kommission zur Prüfung der Klagen der Reichswerke


Report of the commission's findings, prepared by Fischer and revised by other members of the commission, concerning N. Caro's chemical factory. 1917


Germany. Kommission zur Vorbereitung der Verträge zwecks Steigerung der Stickstoffproduktion


Minutes, 1914


Germany. Reichskriegministerium. Nährstoffausschuss


Minutes, 1917


Germany. Reichskriegministerium. Saltpeterkommission.


Reports by Fischer


Minutes of meetings and related materials. 1914-1915


Institut für Arzneipflanzenforschung


Proposals for the establishment of an institute for the study of medicinal plants. 1917.


Kaiser Wilhelm-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften

Physical Description: (4 folders)

Communications, 1912-1916


Financial reports, 1913-1917


Miscellaneous reports, 1912-1919, many relating to the proposed establishment of various scientific institutions


Agenda, 1917-1918


List of members, 1917


Maintenance and building accounts, 1913/1914-1919/1920


Reports on meetings, 1916-1917


Speech and article re the society.


Kaiser Wilhelm-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften. Senat


Minutes of meetings, 1912-1919


Kaiser Wilhelm-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften. Verwaltungsauschuss


Minutes of meetings, 1912-1919


Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut für Biologie


Plan for buildings, minutes, etc., ca. 1913-1918


Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut für Chemie

Physical Description: (3 folders)

Expenditures, 1914/1915-1916/1917


Applications for the Leo-Gans Stiftung, 1916


Membership lists, agreements concerning the establishment of the institute, etc., 1911-1916


Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut für Chemie. Verwaltungsausschuss


Minutes, 1911-1917


Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut für Eisenforschung


Minutes of meetings, annual report, 1918/1919, etc., 1917-1919


Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut für Kohlenforschung

Physical Description: (4 folders)

Annual reports, 1914/1915-1916


Minutes, 1912-1917


Miscellaneous publications


Papers re the beginning of the institute, etc., 1912-1917


Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut für Kohlenforschung. Chemiker Sitzung


Minutes, 1916-1917


Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut für Metallforschung


Papers relating to the proposed establishment of the institute, including plans for the building, 1917


Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut für Textilforschung


Papers relating to the proposed establishment of the institute for textiles, 1917


Kaiser-Wilhelm-Stiftung für Kriegstechnische Wissenschaft


Minutes, etc., 1917

Ctn. 2

Kriegsausschuss für Ersatzfutter

Physical Description: (3 folders)

Contracts, 1916


Minutes, 1916-1919


Reports, 1915-1918


Kriegsausschuss für pflanzliche und tierische Oele und Fette. Ernährungs-Kommission


Minutes, etc., 1916.

Scope and Content Note

Include organizational chart and an undated report.

Kriegschemikaliengesellschaft. Gips-und Kieserit Kommission


Minutes, 1915


Kriegsleder Aktiengesellschaft, Berlin


Miscellaneous documents, 1918.

Scope and Content Note

Some relating to the proposed establishment of a Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut für Lederforschung.

Munich. Deutsches Museum von Meisterwerken der Naturwissenschaft und Technik

Physical Description: (3 folders)

Annual reports, 1912/1913, 1915/1916-1916/1917


Preliminary reports, 1913-1916


Circulars, minutes, architectural drawings.


Plön, Germ. Hydrobiologische Anstalt


Material re the founding of the institute and first annual report, 1917/1918.


Svenska Vetenskapsakademien, Stockholm. Nobel institut

Physical Description: (2 folders)

Statutes, comments on Fischer's Nobel Prize speech, menus, etc., 1901-1902


Clippings re the 1902 Nobel prize.


Verein Chemische Reichsanstalt


Reports on preliminary meetings, minutes of meetings, etc., 1905-1913


Verein deutscher Eisenhüttleute


Contract, undated


Reports, 1917.

Ctn. 3

Files on chemical substances.

Additional Note

Arranged alphabetically. Many relate to matters involving patents and litigation over patents. Include reports on work done during the war and on ersatz materials.
Also included in this carton, at the end, are Papers related to the law suit of Fritzsche (Franz) & Co. vs. Haarmann & Reimer, 1900-1901, involving a patent matter.



Agreement between Emil Fischer and the Farbenfabriken vorm. Friedr. Bayer & Co.

Scope and Content Note

Concerning the manufacture of the sleep-inducing drug, 1911.

Adenin and Adenin derivatives


Patents, 1897-1898



Physical Description: (2 folders)

Reports concerning the war-time production of wood alcohol and other spirits


Material re taxes on alcohol, 1916-1917


Alkyl-uric acid


Patents and related papers, 1896-1904




Patent notice, 1910




Include report by Fischer in patent suit, May 12, 1888




Reports by Fischer, 1890-1891, in patent suit


Aryl acid derivatives


Patent notices, 1910


Barbituric acid

Physical Description: (8 folders)

Patents and related materials, 1902


Agreements, material re litigation over the patented drug, Veronal, 1903-1919, Luminal, Diogenal, and other derivatives.




Patent notice, undated

See also Adalin, a bromine compound.




File of correspondence and reports, 1916-1917, by Fischer, Heinrich Trillich, K. B. Lehmann, C. Flüge, R. Neumann, Dr. Heffter, Otto von Schjerning, A. Beitter, N. Zuntz, Ernest Erdmann and others.

See also Xanthin file.


Camphor (ersatz)


Reports by Fischer, 1914-1915




Misc. reports




Patent notices, 1905.

See also Barbituric acid.




Agreement concerning production of the arsenic-based drug, and related papers, 1913-1915.




Report on work done with Furfural, and statement by Dr. Heuser, 1917-1918.


Glucoside Agreements, 1913




Reports on the manufacture of glycerine, 1916.




Reports, 1915




Report on the drug, agreement concerning its manufacture, patent notice, etc., 1913.




Miscellaneous material pertaining to war production of rubber, 1914-1915




Agreement concerning manufacture of the iodine derivative drug, 1905, and reports on testing of it.




Reports, 1916-1918, by Fischer, Stock and others.




Reports, 1915 and undated

Scope and Content Note

Include reports on molasses.



Reports on production of sulphur, 1915.




Reports, and samples of leather.


Ureids of dialkyl vinegar acid


Patent and related materials, 1902-1903


Xanthin (Caffeine) and Xanthin derivatives


Agreements, reports, patents and related material concerning the work of Emil Fischer and F. and L. Ach, 1894-1899.

carton Ctns. 4-5

Emil Fischer Writings

Scope and Content Note

Manuscripts, reprints of articles and books, arranged alphabetically by title.
Ctn. 4

Acetonverbindung des Chinasäurelactons




Aethylester der Iodbehensäure


Aethylierung der Diaethylbarbitsäure


Alpha Methyl-Glucosid C 6 H 11 0 6 CH 3




Anleitung zur Darstellung von organischen Präparaten




Aus meinem Leben (autobiography)

Physical Description: In Box 37.

Bestimmungen über die Verleitung von Mesothoriumbromid ...




Bromtheophyllin C 7 N 4 H 7 Br 0 2


Die Chemie der Kohlenhydrate ...


Darstellung organischer Präparate. 9th ed.


Desodorierung von Leichen




Eichung des Berthelotschen Kalorimeters mittels des Platinthermometers


Einer Vorschrifte für Alpha-Dimethylharnsäure


Erinnerungen aus der Strassburger Studienzeit 1872-1875. Also entitled: Strassburger Periode.

See also his autobiography, Aus meinem Leben, in Box 37.


Eröffnungs-Feier des neuen I. Chemischen Instituts der Universität Berlin...


Ersatz von Halogen durch Hydroxyl




Gutachten über Haltbarkeit von Chloroform


Verfahren zur Darstellung von Alpha-Monoester des Glycerins


Vermehrungsmöglichkeit inländischer Gerbmittel


Versuche mit Helicin


Verwendung der acetylierten Phenolcarbonsäuren...

Additional Note

Resumé of work in collaboration with A. Refik Kadisade.

Zur Geschichte der Guanidosäuren


Unidentified and incomplete drafts and fragments


Texts of lectures and addresses, 1889-1918

Physical Description: (4 folders)
Ctn. 5

Collected reprints of Emil Fischer's writings

Physical Description: (14 v.)
Ctn. 6

Writings, not by Fischer

Scope and Content Note

Notes, manuscripts, reprints of articles, etc. Arranged alphabetically by author.

Abderhalden, Emil:


Reprints, 1903-1907.

Physical Description: 20 items

Scope and Content Note

Some written in collaboration with Yutaka Teruuchi, Martin Kempe, Emil Fischer, Otto Diels, Casimir Funk, E. S. London, Bruno Bloch, P. Rona, Peter Bergell, E. R. LeCount and Karl Kautsch.

Axhausen, Erich Walter:


Isolierung von 1-Serinanhydrid aus Seide.

Additional Note

Manuscript. [1906]

Baeyer, Adolf von:


Dibenzalaceton und Triphenylmethan.

Additional Note

Reprint, written in collaboration with Victor Villiger. 1904.

Bergell, Peter:



Additional Note

Manuscript. undated

Blücher, H.:


Erwägungen über eine Kriegsauflage von Blücher, Auskunftsbuch für die chemische Industrie.

Additional Note

Manuscript. May 1916.

Brauns, Max:



Additional Note

Manuscript. undated

Brewer, Isaak W.:


Die Therapie der Seekrankheit.

Additional Note

Reprint. 1912. (Report on the use of Veronal in the treatment of seasickness)

Buchner, Eduard:


Vorlesungen über Gärungschemie, 1898.

Physical Description: (2 items)

Additional Note

With this Vorlesungen über Gärungschemie nach Vorträgen von Ed. Buchner, 1892/93.

Bülow, Carl:


[Bibliographie], 1882-1904.

Additional Note


Culmann, E. H. J.:


Einige Derivate des Methylhydrazin.

Additional Note

Manuscript. undated

Curme, George O.:


Darstellung des 2.5-hexa-methylen-di-jodids. 1914.

Additional Note




Aspirin löslich, ein verbessertes Aspirin.

Additional Note

Reprint. 1912.

Dierling, Hugo:


Ein Fall von Adalinvergiftung.

Additional Note

Reprint. 1914

Dyckerhoff, August Gustav:


Zur Charakteristik der Oxysäuren.

Additional Note

Dissertation. 1894.

Ehrlich, Felix:


Ueber die Bedeutung des Eiweissstoffwechsels für die Lebensvorgänge in der Pflanzenwelt.

Additional Note

Reprint. 1911.

Eisert, Adolf:


Zum Kapitel Lokalanästhesie.

Additional Note

Reprint. 1912.

Engelmann, M.:


Ueber die Synthese des l-Methylxanthins.

Additional Note

Report, 1908, prepared for the Farbenfabriken vorm. Friedr. Bayer & Co.

Erdmann, Ernst

Physical Description: (2 items):

Zur Charakteristik des Furfuralkohols. Reprint. 1902. Also, in collaboration with C. Schaefer: Trockne destillation von Cellulose.

Additional Note

Reprint. 1910

Fischer, Hugo Richard:


Die Kohlenstoff-Ernährung der Pflanzen.

Additional Note

Manuscript. 1917

Frank, Adolph:


Ueber die Trennung von Gasgemischen mit Hilfe der Verflüssigung.

Additional Note

Reprint, written in collaboration with F. Linde. 1911.

Geymayer, O.:

Additional Note

Reprint re Luminal. 1912 (2 copies)

Gudden, H.:


Adalin, ein neues Beruhigungs- und Einschläferungsmittel.

Additional Note

Reprint. 1912

Hauptmann, Alfred:


Luminal bei Epilepsie.

Additional Note

Reprint. 1912

Helferich, Burckhardt:




Heller, Gustav:


Ueber die Konstitution des Anthranils.

Additional Note

Reprint. 1916.

Hérrisey, Eugène-Henri:


Recherches sur l'Émulsine.

Additional Note

Dissertation. 1899.

Hertwig, Richard:


Experimentelle Biologie und das Sexualitätsproblem.

Additional Note

Reprint. 1913

Hertz, Johann:


Über Reduktion von Schleimsäure.

Additional Note

Dissertation. 1892.

Hess, Kurt:




Hoff, Jacobus Henricus van't:


Über die zunehmende Bedeutung der anorganischen Chemie.

Additional Note

Reprint. 1898 (2 copies)

Hoppe-Seyler, Felix:


Über die Entwickelung der physiologischen Chemie und ihre Bedeutung für die Medicin.

Additional Note

Printed copy of speech. 1884

Impens, E.:


Ueber die physiologische Wirkung eines bromhaltigen Hypnotikums, des Adalins.

Additional Note

Reprint. 1910

Jaeger, Wilhelm Ludwig

Physical Description: (3 items):

Über die Empfindlichkeit der Widerstandsthermometer.

Additional Note

Reprint, 1906. Also two other reprints, 1906, on the thermometer, written with H. V. Steinwehr.

Joachimoglu, Georg:


Experimentelle Beiträge zur Anaphylaxie.

Additional Note

Dissertation. 1911

Kehr, Paul:


Das Preussische Historische Institut in Rom.

Additional Note

Reprint. 1913



Zur Luminalwirkung, besonders beider Epilepsie.

Additional Note

Reprint. 1912

Koerner, G.:


Relazione sul premio “Stanislao Canizzaro” per l'anno 1911.

Additional Note

Printed report.

Kopke, Otto:




Kühn, Alfred:


Die Orientierung der Tiere im Raum.

Additional Note

Printed article. 1919

Laubmann, H.:


Ueber die Verbindungen des Phenylhydrazins mit einigen Ketonalkoholen.

Additional Note

Reprint. 1887 (2 copies)

Lepsius, Richard:


Einige Depside der Oxybenzoesäuren und der Syringasäure.

Additional Note

Typed transcript. Abstract of his dissertation. 1911.

Lewin, Carl:


Versuche über die Biologie der Tiergeschwülste.

Additional Note

Reprint. 1912

Lion, Victor:


Zur Syphilistherapie mit Asurol.

Additional Note

Printed brochure. ca. 1911?

Lippmann, Edmund Oskar von:


Zum dreihundertjährigen Geburstage René Descartes.

Additional Note

Reprint. 1899.

Malengreau, Fernand:


α- Brompalmitinsäure.

Additional Note

Manuscript. undated

Martens, A. :


Bemerkungen zu dem vorstehend abgedruckten offenen Brief des Geheimen Oberregierungsrates Dr.-Ing. A. Martens.

Additional Note

Pamphlet. 1912.

Mechel, Lucas von:


[Notizen ... über Verbindungen der Zucker mit Phenolen].

Additional Note

Manuscript. undated

Menter, Franz:


Neue Bildung des p-Nitrophenylalanins.

Additional Note

Manuscript. undated

Meyer, Hermann:



Additional Note

Reprint. 1912.

Meyer, Victor Johannes:


Märztage im Canarischen Archipel.

Additional Note

Reprint. 1893

Mörchen, Friedrich:


Die sedative Wirkung des Diogenal bei Psychosen und Neurosen.

Additional Note

Reprint. 1914.

Morgenroth, J.:


Zur Kenntnis der Beziehungen zwischen chemischer Konstitution und chemotherapeutischer Wirkung.

Additional Note

Reprint. 1917.

Müller, R.:


Ueber die Afridolseife.

Additional Note

Reprint. 1912.

Nagler, Gustav:


Ueber die Zuverlässigkeit der Nylander'schen Wismuth-Probe beim Nachweis von Zucker im Harn.

Additional Note

Dissertation. 1886.

Nölting, Emilio Domingo:


Zur Constitution der Benzolderivate.

Additional Note

Dissertation. 1875.

Noth, H.:


Über das Verhalten der cyanhaltigen Glucoside, der zugehörigen Amide, Sauren und Ester gegen Emulsin.

Additional Note

Revised manuscript, undated With this, Bericht über Versuche zur Auf-Schliessung von Stroh vermittels Schwefelnatrium bei gewöhnlicher Temperature. Manuscript. 1918.

Pavlov, Ivan Petrovich:


Das Experiment als zeitgemässe und einheitliche Methode medizinischer Forschung.

Additional Note

Printed article. 1900.

Pfeffer, Otto:


Kurze Zusammenfassung der Untersuchungen über Entannin.

Additional Note

Manuscript. undated

Rad, von:


Klinische Erfahrungen mit Adomon, einem neuen Sedativum.

Additional Note

Reprint. 1912.

Raschkow, Hermann:


Das Sedativum und Einschläferungsmittel Adalin

Additional Note

Reprint. 1911.

Rey, M. van:


Einige Bemerkungen zur Arsentherapie.

Additional Note

Typed copies -transcripts? (2 copies). undated

Römer, Peter:


Ueber die Einwirkung von sauren schwefligsaurem Kali auf einige Diazoverbindungen.

Additional Note

Printed dissertation. 1872.

Rost, E.:


Das Zink vom physiologischen und toxikologischen Standpunkt.

Additional Note

Reprint. 1919.

Scheibler, Charles:




Schendel, Moritz:


Ueber die Beeinflussung der üblichen Zucker- und Eiweissproben im Harn durch Arzneimittel.

Additional Note

Dissertation. 1888. (2 copies)

Schneider, Wilhelm:




Scholtz, Max:


Die Terpene.

Additional Note

Printed. 1896.

Schwalbe, Carl Gustav:


Verfahren zur Aufschliessung von pflanzlichen Rohstoffen vermittels Säure für Futter- und Nährzwecke.

Additional Note

Manuscript. 1917.

Schwanert, Hugo:


[Hülfsbuch zur Ansführung chemischer Arbeiten.]

Additional Note

Textbook. 1874.

Senderens, Jean Baptiste:


Aperçu sur les récentes Méthodes de Catalyse et leurs Applications.

Additional Note

Reprint. 1912.

Simonis, Hugo:


Die Chromone.

Additional Note

Printed. 1917.

Sioli, Fr:


Ueber klinische Erfahrungen mit einem neuen Schlafmittel, dem Luminal und seinem Natriumsalz.

Additional Note

Reprint. 1912.

Sperling, Rudolf Louis Eugen:


Dimethylmalonester und Hydrazin.

Additional Note

Manuscript and notes. undated

Spiro, Karl:




Steinwehr, H. von:


Über den Einfluss der Korngrösse auf das Verhaltendes Mercurosulfats in den Normalelementen.

Additional Note

Reprint. 1906.

Additional Note

See also Jaeger, Wilhelm Ludwig.

Straus, Fritz:




Strauss, Hermann

Physical Description: (2 items):


Additional Note

Manuscript. undated With this: Tetracetylthiophenolgalactosid. Manuscript. 1911.

Swientoslawski, W.

Physical Description: (2 items):

On the standard Unit in the Thermochemistry of organic compounds.

Additional Note

Reprint. 1917. With this: printed work in Russian re the calorimeter. 1916.

Szabó, Sigmund:


Ueber Sabromin bei Epilepsie.

Additional Note

Reprint. 1912.

Töpfer, M.:


Ist die in den verschiedenen Kommunalbezirken bestehende Spannung der Protpreise gerechtfertigt?

Additional Note

Pamphlet. 1916.

Torrey, Henry A.:


Preparation-Tetra methyl Harnsäure.

Additional Note

Manuscript. undated

Traugott, Richard:


Adalin. Sammelreferat.

Additional Note

Reprint. 1912

Uexküll, J. von:


Der heutige Stand der Biologie in Amerika.

Additional Note

Reprint. 1913.

Virchow, Rudolf Ludwig Karl:


Die Freiheit der Wissenschaft im modernen Staat.

Additional Note

Printed copy of speech. 1877.

Weichhald, Oskar:


Two manuscripts on phenylamido derivatives. undated


Wunderlich, Aemilius:


Configuration organischer Molekule.

Additional Note

Printed article. 1886.

Zuntz, R.

Physical Description: (2 items):

Ergänzung des Futtereiweisses durch Ammoniaksalze.

Additional Note

Reprint. 1916. With this, reprint of article in collaboration with Dr. von der Heide: Weiteres zur Frage der Ergänzung des Futtereiweisses durch Ammonsalze [1916].
carton Ctns. 7-8

Emil Fischer's Notebooks

Scope and Content Note

Mainly lab notebooks, arranged by subject as follows:
Ctn. 7

Analyses, 1875/76, 1879, and undated

Physical Description: (11 v.)

Analytical chemistry, undated

Physical Description: (1 v.)

Botany, undated

Physical Description: (1 v.)

Indol experiments, 1885/1886

Physical Description: (1 v.)

Journals (daily records of experiments), 1893, 1895, 1897

Physical Description: (3 v.)

Laboratory journals kept while at Würzburg, 1885-1886, 1888-1889

Physical Description: (2 v.)

Metals and metalloids, undated

Physical Description: (2 v.)

Organic chemistry,

Physical Description: (6 v.)

Qualitative and quantitative analyses, undated

Physical Description: (1 v.)

Sour substances, undated

Physical Description: (2 v.)

Stereochemistry, undated

Physical Description: (1 v.)

Sugar groups, 1892

Physical Description: (1 v.)

General, 1888-1894, and 1899-1908

Physical Description: (2 v.)
Ctn. 8

General, 1912 and 1909-1919

Physical Description: (2 v.)

Various, undated

Physical Description: (19 v.)
carton Ctns. 8-11

Notebook of Emil Fischer students

Ctn. 8

Ach, Friedrich

Physical Description: (1 v.)

Anger, Gerda: 1917

Physical Description: (1 v.)

Axhausen, Erich Walter: 1905, 1906, 1908

Physical Description: (3 v.)

Bergmann, Max: 1916

Physical Description: (1 v.)

Bethmann, Fritz: 1900-1901

Physical Description: (2 v.)

Boesler, M.: 1880-1881

Physical Description: (2 v.)

Brieger, Walter: undated

Physical Description: (1 v.)
Ctn. 9

Bromberg, O.: 1895-1896

Physical Description: (1 v.)

Carl, Hans: 1907

Physical Description: (2 v.)

Curtiss, Richard Sydney: undated

Physical Description: (1 v.)

Dilthey, Alfred: undated

Physical Description: (1 v.)

Dorpinghaus: 1903 and undated

Physical Description: (3 v.)

Fodor, Kúlmán von: undated

Physical Description: (1 v.)

Fourneau, Ernest: undated

Physical Description: (1 v.)

Giebe, Georg: undated

Physical Description: (2 v.)

Gluud, Wilhelm: 1910, 1911, and undated

Physical Description: (3 v.)

Göddertz, Bernard Albert: 1911-1912, and 1912-1913

Physical Description: (2 v.)

Hagenbach, Rudolf: 1900-1902

Physical Description: (1 v.)

Hank, William: 1887

Physical Description: (1 v.)

Helferich, Burckhardt: 1911-1912, 1912-1913

Physical Description: (2 v.)

Hilpert, S.: 1905

Physical Description: (1 v.)
Ctn. 10

Holzapfel, J.: undated

Physical Description: (1 v.)

Hübner, Friedrich Franz Gottfried: 1897 and undated

Physical Description: (3 v.)

Jacobi, F.: 1895

Physical Description: (1 v.)

Kraemer, Adolf Ernst: 1906

Physical Description: (1 v.)

Laurent, Joseph: 1910 and undated

Physical Description: (2 v.)

Lehmann, Fritz: undated

Physical Description: (2 v.)

Leuchs, Hermann: undated

Physical Description: (1 v.)

Osa, A. S. de: 1905

Physical Description: (1 v.)

Piaken: 1897

Physical Description: (1 v.)

Piloty, Oscar: undated

Physical Description: (2 v.)

Rapaport, Max: 1914

Physical Description: (1 v.)

Reuter, F.: 1904-1905, 1905-1906

Physical Description: (2 v.)

Schneider, Wilhelm: 1909-1910, undated, 1911

Physical Description: (3 v.)

Sonn, Adolf: 1907-1908 and undated

Physical Description: (2 v.)
Ctn. 11

Sperling, Rudolf Louis Eugen: 1914

Physical Description: (1 v.)

Steche, Albert Carl: undated

Physical Description: (1 v.)

Tappen, H.: 1905-1906

Physical Description: (1 v.)

Voss, S.: 1909

Physical Description: (1 v.)

Weyman, von: 1912

Physical Description: (1 v.)

Wolfes, Otto: 1899-1900, 1901-1902, 1902 and undated

Physical Description: (5 v.)

Zach, Carl: 1910

Physical Description: (1 v.)

Zöllner, Clemens Ernst Carl Johannes: 1909-1910

Physical Description: (3 v.)


Physical Description: (18 v.)
Ctn. 12

Papers re the celebration of the 25th anniversary “Doktorjubiläum” of Emil Fischer, 1899


Telegrams and cards sent to Fischer on his sixtieth birthday, Oct. 1912


Publications in honor of Fischer's sixtieth birthday


Bibliography of Fischer's writings


Biographical information, including short biographical sketches.

See also Aus meinem Leben, the manuscript of his autobiography in Box 37. (2 folders)


Reports on the scientific work of various individuals, prepared by Fischer.

Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically.



Personalia; a few accounts; address lists; calling cards and miscellaneous papers, 1878-1918

Physical Description: (2 folders)

Clippings re Carl Duisberg, Emil Fischer, the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut für Kohlenforschung, obituaries and sugar.


Obituaries for Emil Fischer


Articles about Emil Fischer (2 folders)


Letters to Kurt Hoesch on the publication of his biography of Emil Fischer, 1922, from Max Bergmann, Carl Duisberg, Hermann Otto Laurens Fischer, Karl Johann Freudenberg, Siegmund Gabriel, Carl Dietrich Harries, Paul Heinrich Jacobson, Ladislaus Karczag, Max Julius Louis LeBlanc, Richard Lepsius, Hermann Leuchs, Kurt von Martius, Carl Neuberg, Hans Pringsheim, Robert Pschorr, Robert Stelzner, and others.

Additional Note

Also included is a copy of the biography, with a few clippings related to it.

Articles about Fischer's students, 1916-1969


Student papers of Fischer's son, Alfred, 1912-1914


Student papers of Fischer's son, Walter, 1909-1911


Chemische Festzeitungen, 1884-1915


Emil Fischer Collection of Chemicals, 1982-1985

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Oversize material

Additional Note

15 v. on oversize shelf, some material in oversize drawer

Certificates of appointment or election to various honorary societies


Honorary degrees (vols. 14 & 15)


Miscellaneous publications in large format concerning celebrations for Adolf von Baeyer, Marcellin Berthelot, Johann Friedrich Hittorf, August Wilhelm von Hofmann, Georg Lewin, Theodor Mommsen, Karl Theodor von Siebold and Karl Weinhold


Miscellaneous publications celebrating birthdays of Rudolph Günther, Karl von Koch, Max von Pettenkofer, Hugo von Ziemssen


Miscellaneous newspaper clippings.

Boxes 38-39

Correspondence and papers of Emil Fischer's son, Hermann Fischer

Box 38

Letters written by him, 1921-1922.

Scope and Content Note

Originals and carbons, arranged chronologically.

Letters written to him, mainly letters of condolence on the death of his father.

Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically by name of person or organization. Unlisted letters have been placed in a miscellany. A partial list of correspondents follows the list of Emil Fischer's correspondents.

Papers re Emil Fischer statue, 1921


Correspondence and papers re the Emil Fischer Stiftung, 1917-1920.


Corrected page proof of an article by H. Fischer and Carl Taube, "Über Dioxyaceton (II)..."


Chemistry laboratory notebooks kept while a student.


Emil Fischer Gesellschaft zur Förderung der chemischen Forschung

Additional Note

Miscellaneous material, 1920-1932.
Box 39

Chemistry laboratory notebooks of H. Fischer's students


Barg, Willi: 1921-1922


Brüll, Fritz: 1924


Feldmann, L.: 1935-1936


Heller, A.: 1929

Physical Description: (2 v.)

Nideker, H.: 1934-1935

Physical Description: (2 v.)

Ohlendorf, H.: 1920


Pollok, Heinz : 1936


Sauder: [ca. 1925?]

Partial Lists of Correspondents

Letters to Emil Fischer



Abderhalden, Emil, 1877-1950


102 letters, 1903-1918.

Additional Note

Concerning his work in physiological chemistry, research on proteins, antibodies, immunization, diagnosis, etc. Also information on his work with the wounded during World War I, and his efforts to create an institute for physiological chemistry.
Letter, Apr. 9, 1906, incomplete. Letter, August 30, 1907, is a transcript.
See also Duisberg, Carl.

See also reprints in Carton 6.

Abegg, Richard Wilhelm Heinrich, 1869-1910


6 letters, 1909-1910.

Additional Note

Some written for the Physikalisch-chemische Jahrestabellen, a publication instituted by the 7th Congress for Applied Chemistry in 1909.

Abel, John Jacob, 1857-1938


2 letters, 1910


Abel-Musgrave, Curt, 1860-


3 letters, 1908-1915


Academia Romana, Bucharest


2 letters, 1913

Additional Note

Announcing Fischer's election as an honorary member of the Academy.

Académie des Sciences


2 letters, 1892-1901.

Additional Note

1901 letter signed by M. Berthelot and by G. Darboux.
See also Berthelot, Marcellin Pierre Eugène, and Moissan, Henri.

Académie Nationale de Médecine, Paris


2 letters, 1900, by Etienne-Jules Bergeron and Emile Jungfleisch, advising Fischer of his election as foreign associate member of the Academy.


Académie royale des Sciences, des Lettres et des Beaux-Arts de Belgique


3 letters, 1891-1911, by Edmond Maulde.


Accademia delle Scienze dell'Instituto di Bologna


Letter, Feb. 26, 1897, notifying Fischer of his election to the Academy.


Accademia delle Scienze di Torino


3 letters, 1897, announcing Fischer's election to the Academy; from M. Fileti and Alfonso Cossa.


Accademia di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti in Modena


Letter, Dec. 16, 1903, announcing Fischer's election as honorary member of the Academy.


Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, Rome


3 letters, 1899-1911, by Eugenio Beltrani, V. Cerruti and Pietro Blaserna.


Ach, Friedrich


21 letters, 1889-1900.

Additional Note

Mainly written while chemist with Boehringer & Söhne; re his work on caffeine, amino derivatives, uric acid, etc.
Letter, Dec. 23, 1898, contains note by F. Engelhorn.
See also lab notebook in Carton 8.

Ach, Lorenz


7 letters, 1894-1897.

Additional Note

Some as chemist, Boehringer & Söhne, re his work on caffeine, uric acid, etc.

Ach, Narziss, 1871-1946


5 letters, 1899-1913, re his work on sea-sickness, and the founding of a biological institute.


Acree, Solomon Farley, 1875-1957


8 letters, 1902?-1906, re work on albumin, proteids, etc.


Actien-Gesellschaft für Anilin-Fabrikation


15 letters, 1895-1919, by Th. Diehl, A. Martius, F. O. Oppenheim and others.

See also Oppenheim, E.


Adams, Maxwell, 1869-1939


Letter, Dec. 20, 1879


Adenauer, Konrad, 1876-1967


2 letters, 1918, written as Oberbürgermeister of Cologne, concerning location of the new physiological institute in Cologne.


Adler & Oppenheimer, Lederfabrik A.-G., Strassburg


2 letters, 1916.

Additional Note

Copy of Fischer's reply to letter of May 10 on verso of letter.

Adolf Friedrich, duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, 1873-


Letter, Jan. 21, 1917, re production of oil and fodder from corn.


Ador, Emile, 1845-


5 letters, 1894-1895.

Additional Note

Information concerning his father-in-law, the chemist Jean Charles Galissard de Marignac.

Artzliche Verein München


Letter, Oct. 30, 1906, by Rudolf von Hochst, announcing Fischer's election as an honorary member of the Society.


Ahrens, Felix Benjamin, 1863-1910


3 letters, 1896-1901


Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin


17 letters, 1907-1916, by Otto Köhnke.

See also subject file in Carton 1.

See also Auwers, Arthur; Waldeyer-Hartz, Wilhelm von; Planck, M.; Diels, Hermann.


Akademie der Wissenschaften, Göttingen


Letter, Oct. 15, 1901, by E. Ehlers.


Akademie der Wissenschaften, Munich


Letter, Aug. 1, 1880, by F. Kobell, announcing that Fischer has been elected extraordinary member of the Academy.


Akademie der Wissenschaften, Vienna


Letter, Aug. 30, 1902, by C. Suess, announcing Fischer's election as a foreign member of the Academy.


Akademie van Wetenschappen, Amsterdam


Letter, May 12, 1903, by Johannes Diderik van der Waals, notifying Fischer of his election to the Academy.


Akademiia Nauk, Leningrad


2 letters, 1900-1914, by N. Doubrovine and Serge d'Oldenburg, re membership in the Academy.


Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft m.b. H., Germany


3 letters, 1906-1914


Alberda van Ekenstein, W


6 letters, 1894-1895, re his work on glucosides.


Albert, Friedrich, 1874-


2 letters, 1917, re work on coffee and caffeine.


Alexander, Arthur, 1870-


Letter, Oct. 8, 1909, re work on nasal secretions.


Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft, Berlin


2 letters, 1900, by E. Rathenau, re lights for the new chemical institute.


Allgemeine Radiogen-Aktiengesellschaft, Berlin


Letter, Mar. 30, 1914, by Dr. Rosenberg, re radium.


Allgemeine Radium-Aktien-Gesellschaft, Amsterdam


3 letters, 1911-1913, by F. L. Rohlrausch and others.


Allgemeine Zeitung


Letter, Nov. 18, 1916, by Bastian Schmid.


Allgemeiner Deutscher Anzeiger für chemische Industrien


5 letters, 1900, by Paul Koeppen and Emil Prager.


Althoff, Friedrich, 1839-1907


41 letters, 1889-1907.

Additional Note

Letter, Oct. 23, 1894, contains copy of letter by W. Nernst; letter, Oct. 31, 1894, contains copy of document by Höpfner.
See also Lexis, W.

Althoff, Marie (Ingenohl)


4 letters, 1904-1910


American Academy of Arts and Sciences


Letter, May 13, 1908.

Additional Note

Printed form filled in, signed by John Trowbridge and Edward Laurens Mark.

American Chemical Society


5 letters, 1901-1908, by Edward W. Morley, Albert C. Hale and Frank K. Cameron.


Anderson, Rudolf John, 1879-1961


Letter, May 28, 1915


Andreasch, Rudolf


3 letters, 1894-1896, re his work on caffeine and its derivatives and on barbiturates.


Angeli, Angelo, 1864-1931


13 letters, 1893-1913, re his work on aldehydes.


Anschütz, Richard, 1852-1937


6 letters, 1896-1913


Anselmino, Otto, 1873-


2 letters, 1911-1912


Antoni, Wilhelm, 1879-


Letter, May 27, 1906


Antrick, Otto


3 letters, 1898-1919


Apel, Max, 1869-


Letter, Nov. 16, 1908


Arata, Pedro N., 1849-


2 letters, 1895-1902


Arendt, Rudolf Friedrich Eugen, 1828-1902


6 letters, 1895-1896


Arendt, Theodor, 1886-


Letter, Oct. 14, 1908


Areschong, Fredrik Vilhelm Kristian, 1830-1903

See Fysiografiska Sällskapet i Lund


Armstrong, Edward Frankland, 1878-1945


18 letters, 1899-1913, re his work on glucosides, disaccharides, sugars and enzymes.


Armstrong, Henry Edward, 1848-1937


18 letters, 1890-1912.

Additional Note

Some written for the Royal Society and for the Chemical Society. Letter, March 16, 1907, is a transcript.

Arnaud, Albert, 1853-1915


Letter, Jan. 22, 1901


Arndt, Wilhelm, 1851-


3 letters, 1898-1905


Arnhold, Eduard, 1859-


6 letters, 1912-1919


Aronstein, L.


Letter, Aug. 24, 1895


Arrhenius, Svante August, 1859-1927


24 letters, 1902-1919

Additional Note

Letter, Dec. 24, 1903, is a transcript. Reporting on the activities of the Swedish Academy of Sciences, etc.
Some letters written for the Stockholm Högskola.
See also letter to Hermann Fischer in Box 38.

Asahina, Yasuhiko


Letter, Mar. 6, 1912, re his work with styracite.


Aschan, Ossian, 1860-


5 letters, 1898-1899, re his work with purins.


Ascoli, Alberto, 1877-1957


2 letters, 1902


Asher Leon, 1865-1943

See Ergebnisse der Physiologic


Association des Anciens Élèves de 1'Institut de Chimie Appliquée de l'Université de Paris


2 letters, 1903-1906, by L. Nomblot


Association Francaise pour l'Avancement des Sciences

See Friedel, Charles, 1832-1898


Associazione di Pubblica Assistenza, Bari, Italy


Letter, Apr. 15, 1911, by Vincenzo Grimaldi


Aufschläger, Gustav


4 letters, 1914-1918.

Additional Note

Some on behalf of the Kriegschemikalien Aktien Gesellschaft.

Aurivillius, Per Olof Christopher, 1853-1928

See Svenska Vetenskapsakademien


Auwers, Arthur, i.e. George Friedrich Julius Arthur, 1838-1915


11 letters, 1895-1913, mainly written for and about the Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin.


Auwers, Karl Fredrich von, 1863-1939


16 letters, 1889-1919.

Additional Note

Letter, Aug. 10, 1909, is a copy.

Axhausen, Erich Walter, 1882-


2 letters, 1908.

See also manuscript by him in Carton 6, and lab notebooks in Carton 8.


Babkin, Boris Petrovich, 1877-


Letter, Dec. 15, 1908


Bachmann, Hermann, 1856-

See Vossische Zeitung


Badische Anilin & Soda Fabrik, Ludwigshafen, Germany


54 letters, 1893-1918.

Additional Note

Include requests for chemists from Fischer's lab, and information concerning government contracts for various chemical products during the first World War.
See also Bernthsen, August.

Baeyer, Adolf von, 1835-1917


157 letters, 1889-1915.

Additional Note

See also transcripts of Fischer/Baeyer correspondence, 1876-1917, in Box 36, subject file in Carton 1, and reprint in Carton 6.

Bamberger, Eugen, 1857-1932


17 letters, 1889-1906


Bannow, A., d. 1919


2 letters, 1912


Barclay, Sir Thomas, 1853-


Letter, Nov. 3, 1913, concerning the Kaiser Wilhelm-Gesellschaft.


Barger, George, 1878-1939


Letter, Aug. 15, 1902


Barker, Lewellys Franklin, 1867-


5 letters, 1904-1908


Barker, Thomas Vipond, 1881-


Letter, July 17, 1914


Bartelt, Konrad Emil, 1880-


2 letters, 1910-1913, re experiences teaching at the University of Peking.


Barth, Margarete


13 letters, 1904-1916


Barth (Johann Ambrosius) Verlagsbuchhandlung


Letter, May 6, 1907, by Arthur Meiner.


Bau, Arminius, 1861-


Letter, Sept. 10, 1895, re his work on sugar.


Baudissin, Wolf Wilhelm Friedrich, graf von, 1847-

See Berlin. Universität


Bauer, Adolf


Letter, Dec. 10, 1911, re clinical tests with a drug containing iodine.


Bauerschmidt, Hellmuth Karl Reinhold, 1887-


Letter, undated


Baumann, Eugen, 1846-1896


8 letters, 1887-1895.

Additional Note

Letter, Sept. 30, 1895, contains notes re Dr. Hoppe Seyler.

Bauschingen, Julius, 1860-1934


3 letters, 1901-1918


Bayer, Friedrich von

See Farbenfabriken vorm. Friedr. Bayer & Co., Elberfeld.

See also Duisberg, Carl.


Bayerische Bezirksverein Deutscher Ingenieure

See Miller, Oskar von


Bayliss, Sir William Maddock, 1860-1924


4 letters, 1904-1907.

Additional Note

Letter, Mar. 9, 1907, written for the Physiological Society of England.

Beaulieu, Elisabeth Charles de


2 letters, 1909-1910


Bechhold, Heinrich, i.e. Jacob Heinrich, 1866-1937


Letter, Feb. 2, 1907, re his work on the filtration of colloids and on crystalloids.


Becker, Carl Heinrich, 1876-


Letter, Jan. 10, 1917


Becker, Heinrich


Letter, Dec. 11, 1916, re the use of Neradol in the tanning of leather.


Beckmann, Ernst Otto, 1853-1923


101 letters, 1895-1919.

Additional Note

Written while professor, University of Leipzig; director of the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut für Chemie; and one while vice president of the Deutsche chemische Gesellschaft. Some re the Verein Chemische Reichanstalt. Enclosure to letter, May 9, 1912, is copy of letter by E. Merck; enclosure to letter, Mar. 29, 1919, is copy of letter by I. A. Meinz.
See also Haber, Fritz.

Béhal, August, 1859-

See Société Chimique de France


Behr, Arno


3 letters, 1890-1895


Behrend, Robert, 1856-


10 letters, 1897-1916, re work on methyl uric acid.


Behrens, Heinrich, 1842-1905


Letter, Nov. 5, 1895, re work on alcohols and coal hydrates.


Beiersdorf & Co., Hamburg


3 letters, 1914-1916, concerning Nivea soap.


Beilstein, Friedrich Konrad, 1838-1906


11 letters, 1888-1906, re publication of his handbook, etc.


Bein, Willy, 1869-


3 letters, 1893-1897


Bemberg (J. P.) Aktien Gesellschaft


2 letters, 1905-1908


Benary, Erich Otto Max, 1881-


3 letters, 1914-1918


Bendixson, Ivar


2 letters, 1914, as rector of the Stockholm Högskola re work of Professor Westerberg.


Benedict, Francis Gano, 1870-1957

See Carnegie Institution of Washington


Benignus, Siegfried, 1864-


Letter, Nov. 13, 1913


Berendt, Gottlieb Michael, 1836-


Letter, Nov. 16, 1896


Bergell, Peter, 1875-


10 letters, 1903-1909, re work with dipeptides, amino acids, and research on cancer and diabetes.

See also manuscript in Carton 6.


Bergeron, Etienne-Jules, 1817-

See Académie de Médecine, Paris


Bergmann, Max, 1886-1944


6 letters, 1914-1918.

Additional Note

See also lab notebook in Carton 8, Kurt Hoesch folder in Carton 12 and letters to Hermann Fischer in Box 38.

Bergmann, Sigmund


Letter, Sept. 23, 1915


Bergstedt, Jakob Adrian

See Svenska Vetenskapsakademien, Stockholm


Berlin. Kaiser Wilhelms -Akademie für das militärärztliche Bildungswesen


5 letters, 1900-1919, by P. Berthold, G. Kern and others.


Berlin. Landwirtschaftliche Hochschule


Letter, Nov. 25, 1916, by Friedrich Kruger.


Berlin. Museen


Letter, Nov. 2, 1896, by Richard Schöne.

See also Erman, Adolf.


Berlin. Museum für Völkerkunde


2 letters, 1909, by Albert Grünwedel.


Berlin. Preussiche Staatsbibliothek

See Darmstaedter, Ludwig


Berlin. Universität


9 letters,1892-1919, by Paul Daude, Prof. Paszkowski, graf Baudissin and others.

Additional Note

Letter, Oct. 13, 1916, is a copy.
See also Pischel, R. and Planck, Max.
See also subject files in Carton 1.

Berlin-Anhaltische Maschinenbau-Actien-Gesellschaft


2 letters, 1912, re method of producing ammonia, with blueprint.


Berliner, Arnold, 1862-


2 letters, 1914-1915.

Additional Note

1914 letter written while editor of the Naturwissenschaften; 1915 letter re special issue devoted to Adolf von Baeyer.

Berliner Gesellschaft für Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften und Medic in E. V.

See Buchka, Karl Heinrich von


Bernhard, Karl, 1859-


Telegram, Oct. 9, 1912


Bernstein, Julius, 1839-1917


Letter, June 12, 1911


Bernthsen, August, 1855-1931


7 letters, 1889-1917.

Additional Note

Some written for the Badische Anilin-& Soda Fabrik.

Berry, Elmer, 1879-


Letter, Sept. 24, 1912


Berthelot, Daniel, 1865- 1927


Letter, Mar. 23, 1907, re death of his father, Marcellin Pierre Eugène Berthelot.


Berthelot, Marcellin Pierre Eugène, 1827-1907


12 letters, 1895-1906.

Additional Note

Some written for the Académie des Sciences; some re his work on purins and on thermal chemistry.
See also Académie des Sciences.

Bertrand, Gabriel Emile, 1867-1962


Letter, Jan. 26, 1909


Besthorn, Emil, 1858-1921


Letter, Mar. 7, 1901


Bethmann, Fritz, 1874-


6 letters, 1899-1914.

See also lab notebooks in Carton 8.


Beutner, Reinhard, 1885-1964


2 letters, 1908-1918.

Additional Note

1918 letter refers to his work with yeast.

Bezold, Gustav von, 1848-


2 letters, 1894-1906


Bezold, Wilhelm Johan Friedrich von, 1837-


2 letters, 1903-1906


Biach, Otto


2 letters, 1904


Bickel, Adolf, 1875-


2 letters, 1908-1912.

Additional Note

1908 letter re his work on iodine compounds.

Biedermann, Rudolf, 1845-


3 letters, 1900-1919


Biltz, Heinrich, 1865-1943


15 letters, 1893-1913, re his work in pyrochemistry, and later with uric acid and caffeine.

See also letter to Hermann Fischer in Box 38.


Bingham, Eugene Cook, 1878-


Letter, Aug. 4, 1905


Binswanger, Otto, 1852-1929


5 letters, 1914-1916, re medical treatment of Fischer's son Walter.


Binz, Arthur Heinrich, 1868-1943


4 letters, 1905-1912


Biochemisches Centralblatt

See Oppenheimer, Carl


Bischoff, Carl Adam, 1855-1908


2 letters, 1892-1895, re stereochemistry.


Bitumen [periodical]


Letter, Sept. 25, 1915, by Stephan Mattar.


Blachstein, Arthur Georg Israel, 1863-1940


Letter, Mar. 20, 1891


Bladin, Johan Adolf


Letter, Mar. 7, 1894


Blanchard, William Martin, 1874-


Letter, July 13, 1911


Blank, Rubin, 1866-


Letter, Aug. 8, 1902, re work on naptha and indigo.


Blaserna, Pietro, 1836-1918

See Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, Rome


Blasius, Eugen Heinrich August, 1861-


Letter, Jan. 21, 1903


Bleibtreu, Max, 1861-1939


Letter, Oct. 18, 1902


Blix, Vilhelm Martin, 1877-


Letter, April 5, 1902


Blomstrand, Christian Wilhelm, 1826-1901


Letter, Jan. 16, 1896


Blumberg, Paul, 1885-


Letter, Oct. 3, 1912


Bodenstein, Max, 1871-1942


6 letters, 1912-1918.

Additional Note

1912 letter re Jahrestabellen chemischer, physikalischer und technologischer Konstanten und Zahlengrössen. Later letters re the use of straw as raw material.
See also Kriegsausschuss für Ersatzfutter.

Boehm, Rudolf, 1844-1926


4 letters, 1890-1912, re substance derived from curare, and a preparation from witchhazel.


Boehringer (C. F.) & Soehne, Mannheim-Waldhof, Germ.


116 letters, 1895-1919.

Additional Note

Mainly re patents for various chemicals, Xanthin, caffeine, etc. 1919 letter is a copy.
See also Ach, Fritz; Ach, Lorenz; Engelhorn, F.

Börnstein, Richard, 1852-


2 letters, 1909-1913


Boes, T.


3 letters, 1913-1917


Böttger, Wilhelm Carl, 1871-


7 letters, 1906-1913


Böttinger, Henry T. von, 1848-


48 letters, 1890-1919.

Additional Note

Some written for Farbenfabriken vorm. Friedr. Bayer & Co.; some for the Deutsche elektrochemische Gesellschaft. Some relate to the 5th International Congress of Applied Chemistry. Some also written for the Göttinger Vereinigung zur Förderung der angewandten Physik und Mathematik; one for the Verein zur Wahrung der Interesse der chemischen Industrie Deutschlands. Letter, Nov. 9, 1912, is a copy.
See also letter to Hermann Fischer in Box 38.

Bogert, Marston Taylor, 1868-


6 letters, 1905-1914


Bollinger, Otto von, 1843-1909


Letter, Mar. 31, 1905


Bosart, Louis William, 1874-


Letter, Jan. 28, 1914


Bosch, Carl, 1874-


2 letters, 1916-1911.

See also Badische Anilin-& Soda-Fabrik.


Bourquelot, Émile, 1851- 1921


4 letters, 1895, re his work on fermentation, yeasts and sugar.


Bovenschen, Albert, 1864-

See Reichsverband gegen die Sozialdemokratie


Boveri, Theodor, 1862-1915


3 letters, 1913


Branca, Wilhelm, 1844-1928


2 letters, 1905-1906


Brandl, Alois Leonhard, 1855-1940


8 letters, 1907-1912


Brandt, Richard, 1890-


2 letters, 1916


Braun, Julius von, 1875-1939


10 letters, 1902-1918, re his work with disulfides, amino esters, etc.


Brauner, Bohuslav, 1855-1935


3 letters, 1904-1911


Bredig, Georg, 1868-1944


3 letters, 1916-1919


Breed, Mary Bidwell, 1870-


Letter, Apr. 11, 1896


Breitenbach, Paul von, 1850-

See Delbrück, Ludwig


Brettreich, Maximilian Friedrich von, 1858-


Letter, Feb. 9, 1917


Brieger, Ludwig, 1849-1919


Letter, Dec. 11, 1913


Brieger, Walter, 1891-


2 letters, 1919.

See also lab notebook in Carton 8.


British Association for the Advancement of Science


2 letters, 1897-1905.

Additional Note

Printed form letters -notifications of meetings.

British Medical Association

See Mann, Gustav, 1864-


Bronnert, Emile, 1868-


Letter, Jan. 10, 1918, re silk industry.


Brooks, Benjamin Talbot, 1885-


Letter, Dec. 29, 1910


Brown, Horace Tabberer, 1848-1925


3 letters, 1895-1903.

Additional Note

1895 letter re work on isomaltose.

Die Brücke

See Ostwald, Wilhelm


Brühl, Julius Wilhelm, 1850-1911


7 letters, 1893-1906, re work in spectrochemistry, etc.


Brüning, Gustav von, d. 1913


16 letters, 1889-1912.

Additional Note

Some written for Farbwerke vorm. Meister Lucius & Brüning.
See also Lucius & Brüning.

Brunck, Heinrich von, d. 1911


12 letters, 1898-1911. Some re indigo.


Brunner, Heinrich, 1840-1915


4 letters, 1908-1909, re Nobel prize nominations and his son Arnold.


Brunner, Heinrich, 1847-1910


4 letters, 1900-1901, re his son Max.


Brussels. Université Nouvelle


2 letters, 1896, by Charles de Jongh and Guillaume Joseph de Greef.


Buchka, Karl Heinrich von, 1856-1917


26 letters, 1890-1917.

Additional Note

Letter, Dec. 21, 1901, is a copy. Letter, October 25, 1911, written on behalf of the Berliner Gesellschaft für Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften und Medicin E. V. 1917 letter re caffeine.

Buchner, Eduard, 1860-1917


12 letters, 1898-1914,

Additional Note

Re work on zymase.
See also writings in Carton 6.

Bülmann, Einar


2 letters, 1905, re work on bromide derivatives and the chemistry of synthetics.


Bülow, Carl, 1857- 1933


21 letters, 1893-1918, re his work on hydrazine and on dihydrotetrazine.

See also manuscript of his bibliography in Carton 6.


Bülow, Karl Paul Wilhelm von, 1846-1921

See Deutsche Gesellschaft für staatsbürgerliche Erziehung


Büttner, August


2 letters, 1907-1914


Bumm, Ernst, 1858-


7 letters, 1912-1913, re treatment of cancer.


Bumm, Franz


5 letters, 1911-1917, written while president, Kaiserlich Gesundheitsamt.

See also letter to Hermann Fischer in Box 38.


Bund deutscher Gelehrter und Künstler

See Waldeyer-Hartz, Wilhelm von


Bundeshilfsverein, Berlin


3 letters, 1916-1917, by A. Wermuth and Georg Reicke.


Bunge, Gustav von, 1844-1920


Letter, Dec. 25, 1901, re his pupil, Emil Abderhalden. Transcript.


Bunte, Hans, 1848-


13 letters, 1882-1917.

Additional Note

Letter, Dec. 12, 1901, is a transcript. Letter, Dec. 2, 1912, written while editor, Journal für Gasbeleuchtung und Wasserversorgung; Letter, Oct. 2, 1917, also signed by Wilhelm Wislicenus. Letters, 1917, written for the Verband der Laboratoriumsvorstände an deutschen Hochschulen.

Bunte, Karl Gustav, 1878-


3 letters, 1902-1905


Burkheiser & Co., Dortmund, Germ.


4 letters, 1915-1916, concerning the production of sulphur and ammonia sulphate from the distillation of coal gas; by Carl Burkheiser. Letter, Oct. 15, 1915, is a copy.


Busley, Karl, 1850-1928

See Deutscher Verband Technisch-Wissenschaftlicher Vereine


Busse, Walter, 1865-

See Germany. Reichs-Kolonialamt


Cahn, Heinz, 1892-


Letter, Aug. 11, 1915


Cain, John Cannell, 1871-1921

See Chemical Society


Cameron, Frank Kenneth, 1869-

See American Chemical Society


Camp, Oskar de la


Letter, Dec. 12, 1906


Capparelli, Andrea, 1855-1921


2 letters, 1914, re work on synthetic polipeptides.


Carl, Hans, 1880-


Letter, July 1, 1904.

See also lab notebooks in Carton 9.


Carnegie Institute


3 letters, 1906-1914, by S. H. Church.


Carnegie Institution of Washington


Letter, Nov. 16, 1907, by Francis G. Benedict.


Caro, Heinrich, 1834-1910


8 letters, 1883-1906


Caro, Nikodem, 1871-1935


3 letters, 1911-1916, re work with nitrogen and ammonia.


Cassell and Co. Ltd


Letter, July 21, 1909, by James Walter Smith


Castner, Elvira, 1844-


Letter, Mar. 1, 1916


Causse, Henri Eugène, 1860-


Letter, May 5, 1897


Cavallo, Wilhelm


Letter, Mar. 11, 1901


Centralblatt für die gesamte Biologie

See Oppenheimer, Carl


Cerruti, Valentino, 1850-1909

See Academia nazionale dei Lincei


Chandler, Charles Frederick, 1836-1925


3 letters, 1905-1910


Chaplin, Edward M.


Letter, Nov. 26, 1890


Charlottenburg. Militärtechnische Akademie


Letter, Aug. 10, 1903, by Anton Kersting


Chattaway, Frederick Daniel, d. 1944


Letter, Aug. 6, 1912


Chemical Society


7 letters, 1892-1907, by Margaret D. Dougal, Wyndham R. Dunstan, J. C. Cain and S. E. Carr.

Additional Note

See also Meldola, Raphael; Tilden, Sir William Augustus; Forster, Sir Martin Onslow; Armstrong, Henry Edward; Crossley, Arthur W.; and Ramsay, Sir William.



Letter, Nov. 11, 1905, by R. Pauli.




11 letters, 1906-1918, by E. J. E. Vietinghoff-Scheel and W. Roth.

See also Krause, Georg.


Chemische Fabrik auf Actien (vorm. E. Schering), Berlin


11 letters, 1894-1914, by W. Dittman, O. Antrick and others.

Additional Note

Some re patents for amidoaldehyde derivatives; some re tannin.

Chemische Fabrik Griesheim-Elektron, Griesheim, Germ.


6 letters, 1915-1917, some by R. Plieninger, mainly re the production of sulphur natrium.

See also Lang, Wilhelm and Lepsius, B.


Chemische Fabrik Gustrow, Güstrow, Germ.


Letter, Aug. 22, 1916, re production of turpentine and resin.


Chemische Fabrik Heiligensee, Heiligensee, Germ.


Letter, Feb. 17, 1916, by H. von Helmolt, re importance of thorium nitrate in the chemical industry.


Chemische Fabrik zu Heinrichshall, Actien-Gesellschaft, Heinrichshall, Germ.


Letter, Nov. 5, 1917, re ovens for the production of sulphur.


Chemische Fabriken vorm. Weiler-ter Meer

See Meer, E. ter


Chemisches, Zentralblatt

See Hesse, Albert


Chodat, Robert, 1865-1934


5 letters, 1907-1912, re work on polypeptides.


Christeller, Robert


Letter, Feb. 6, 1897


Christomanos, Anastasios, d. 1906


2 letters, 1904-1906


Church, Samuel Harden, 1858-

See Carnegie Institute


Ciamician, Giacomo Luigi, 1857-1922


55 letters, 1887-1915, re work on derivatives of pyrol, indol, etc. Some written for and about the International Congress of Applied Chemistry; letter, Mar. 20, 1901, is a copy.


Claisen, Ludwig, 1851-1930


13 letters, 1898-1918.

Additional Note

Letter, Feb. 20, 1906, is a copy.

Clarke, Hans Thacher, 1887-1972


2 letters, 1911-1913


Classen, Alexander, 1843-1934


12 letters, 1880-1912


Clautriau, Georges, 1863-1900


Letter, Nov. 5, 1898


Clemm, Hans, 1872-1927


3 letters, 1899-1907


Cline, P. T.


3 letters, 1897-1903


Coca, Arthur Fernández, 1875-


Letter, Feb. 23, 1907


Cochius, H.


3 letters, 1892-1899


Cohen, Ernst Julius, 1869-1944


4 letters, 1904-1911, re his Lehrbuch der anorganischen Chemie and re biography of van't Hoff.


Cohen, Julius Berend, 1859-


2 letters, 1903-1910


Cohn, Georg, 1868-


Letter, Nov. 7, 1912, requesting Fischer to read through the manuscript of his book.


Cohn, Lassar, 1858-1922


Letter, Nov. 1, 1906, re a new edition of Allgemeinen Teil der Arbeitsmethoden.


Cohnheim, Otto, 1873-1953


Letter, July 12, 1906


Collitz, Klara (Hechtenberg), 1863- (Mrs. Hermann Collitz)


7 letters, 1914-1915


Colmann, Harold Govett


3 letters, 1888-1901




Letter, Nov. 17, 1912, by Karl Schorlemmer


Cologne. Handels-Hochschule


3 letters, 1912, by Christian Eckert


Colsman, W.


4 letters, 1917-1918, re work on straw. Enclosure to letter, April 22, 1917: copy of letter by P. Frey.


Connstein, Wilhelm


2 letters, 1917, re work with glycerine.

See also Vereinigte chemische Werke.


Conrad, M.


15 letters, 1891-1910, re work on barbiturates, veronal, etc.


Constam, Emil Joseph, 1858-1917


2 letters, 1904


Correns, Carl Franz Joseph Erich, 1864-1933


13 letters, 1914-1919, mainly while director, Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut für Biologie.

See also letter to Hermann Fischer in Box 38.


Cossa, Alfonso, 1833-1902

See Accademie delle Scienze di Torino


Councler, Constantin Alfred, 1851-


Letter, Oct. 18, 1894


Coupienne, Ernst (Jr.)


3 letters, 1912-1916, some re his interest in the leather industry.


Coupienne, Ernst (Sr.)


4 letters, 1892-1897, some re the leather industry.


Craifaleanu, Aurel D.


Letter, Mar. 11, 1912


Cramer, August, 1860-1912


Letter, July 18, 1907


Cramer, William, 1878-1945


2 letters, 1903


Cremer, Max, 1865-1935


15 letters, 1891-1911, re his work with mannose and xylose.


Crookes, Sir William, 1832-1919


Letter, Apr. 21, 1906


Crossley, Arthur W.


21 letters, 1891-1912. Some written for the Chemical Society.


Curtiss, Richard Sydney, 1864-


2 letters, 1890-1892.

See also lab notebook in Carton 9.


Curtius, Julius Wilhelm Theodor, 1857-1928


20 letters, 1892-1918


Czerny, Vinzenz, 1842-


6 letters, 1897-1911


Dakin, Henry Drysdale, 1880-1952


2 letters, 1903-1909


Danilevskii, Aleksandr Iakovlevich, 1838-1923


Letter, Mar. 28, n.y.


Darapsky, August, 1874-


6 letters, 1912-1917, re work on hydrazine compounds. Letter, Feb. 1917, written for the Journal für praktische Chemie.


Darboux, Gaston, 1842-1917

See Académie des Sciences


Darmstaedter, Ernst, 1877-1936


2 letters, 1903-1906


Darmstaedter, Ludwig, 1846-


7 letters, 1907-1918. Some written for the Berlin Bibliothek.


Darwin, Sir Francis, 1848-1925

See Royal Society of London


Dasgupta, Jnanendra Chandra, 1888-


Letter, July 10, 1911


Daude, Paul, 1851-

See Berlin. Universität.


Davis, Arthur Newton, 1879-


Letter, Mar. 21, 1906


Dean, H. R.


3 letters, 1908-1912


Decker, Herman


10 letters, 1905-1910. Some re work on ersatz tea and coffee.


Dekker, Johannes, 1879-


2 letters, 1913


Delacre, Maurice, 1862-


2 letters, 1892-1893, re work with triphenylacetic acid.


Delagrave, Charles-Marie-Eugène, 1842-1934

See Librairie Charles Delagrave


Delbrück, Hans, 1848-1929


4 letters, 1895-1916.

Additional Note

1895 letter written on behalf of the German Patent Office re patent for Xanthin. Later letters for the German Secretary of the Interior.

Delbrück, Ludwig


5 letters, 1911-1912.

Additional Note

Some for or about the Kaiser Wilhelm-Gesellschaft zu Förderung der Wissenschaften. Enclosures to letter, Aug. 27, 1912: copies of letters by von Breitenbach, P. Ehrlich and the Deutsch-Ostafrikanische Gesellschaft.

Delbrück, Max Emil Julius, 1850-1919


33 letters, 1894-1916.

Additional Note

Some written for the Verein "Versuchs-und Lehranstalt für Brauerei in Berlin;" some re the Chemische Reichsanstalt and Biologische Reichsanstalt. Also contain information on brewing and the use of sugar beets.
See also Versuchs-und Lehranstalt für Brauerei, Berlin.

Delétra, Ernest


Letter, August 14, 1904


Delisle, Alfred, 1860-


3 letters, 1891-1892, re work on sugars and on stereochemistry.


Demokratischer Volksbund

See Pauli, Peter


Denigès, Georges-Noël-Fort, 1859-1951


Letter, Dec. 9, 1900


Dennstedt, Max Eugen Hermann, 1852-


2 letters, 1893-1903


Dernburg, Heinrich, 1829-1907


Letter, [Sept. 1903]


Dessauer, Philipp, d. 1900


5 letters, 1890-1893


Deuss, J. J. B.


Letter, Dec. 16, 1913, re work on tanning methods.


Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher


Letter, Mar. 24, 1898, by Karl von Fritsch.


Deutsche Ammoniak-Verkaufs-Vereinigung, Bochum


2 letters, 1917-1918, re production of ammonia during the war.


Deutsche Bunsen-Gesellschaft für angewandte physikalische Chemie


Letter, Dec. 6, 1910, by Julius Wagner


Deutsche chemische Gesellschaft


9 letters, 1895-1919, by J. F. Holtz, G. Kraemer, A. Pinner, W. Will, B. Prager, B. Lepsius, F. Sachs, H. Wichelhaus, K. von Martius, K. A. Hofmann, F. Oppenheim, F. Mylius, H. Müller.

See also Jacobson, P.; Beckmann, E.; Gabriel, S.; Landolt, Hans; Lepsius, B.; Liebermann, C.; Witt, Otto Nicolaus; Stelzner, Robert; Hofmann, Karl Andreas; Holtz, J. F.; Will, W.

See also subject file in Carton 1.

See also letter to Hermann Fischer in Box 38.


Deutsche demokratische Partei


2 letters, 1918-1919


Deutsche elektrochemische Gesellschaft

See Böttinger, Henry T. von.

See also Ostwald, Wilhelm.


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geschichte der Medizin und der Naturwissenschaft


Letter, Feb. 19, 1908, by Robert Fuchs.

See also Diergart, Paul and Kahlbaum, Georg W. A.


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Staatsbürgerliche Erziehung


2 letters, 1918, by Karl Paul Wilhelm von Bülow.


Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Förderung des chemischen Unterrichts

See Duisberg, Carl


Deutsche Gold- und Silber-Scheideanstalt, Frankfurt


3 letters, 1915-1918, by F. Roessler.


Deutsche Juristen-Zeitung


2 letters, 1911


Deutsche Monatsschrift für das gesamte Leben der Gegenwart


Letter, Feb. 8, 1906, by Otto Hötzsch.


Deutsche Oelanbau-Gesellschaft


2 letters, 1916-1917, by Dr. Jeserich, concerning oil derived from certain unnamed plants.

Additional Note

Including also: a report on the value of such plants and their by-products. Copies.

Deutsche Revue


3 letters, 1889-1918, by Richard Fleischer.


Deutsche Versuchsanstalt für Lederindustrie

See Paessler, Johannes


Deutscher Verband Technisch-Wissenschaftlicher Vereine, Berlin


8 letters, 1919, by Karl Busley.

See also Diehl, Theodor.


Deutsches Ausland-Institut, Stuttgart


Letter, Aug. 7, 1917, by Theodor G. Wanner.


Deutsches Forschungsinstitut für Textilersatzstoffe

See Ubbelohde, Leo


Deutsch-Ostafrikanische Gesellschaft

See Delbrück, Ludwig


Dewar, Sir James, 1842-1923


2 letters, 1899-1901


Dieckmann, W.


4 letters, 1905-1907


Diehl, Theodor, 1855-


9 letters, 1912-1919.

Additional Note

Some for the Deutscher Verband technischwissenschaftlicher Vereine; some written on behalf of the Verein Deutscher Chemiker.
See also Verein Deutscher Chemiker, and Actien Gesellschaft für Anilin-Fabrikation.

Diels, Hermann, 1848-1922


8 letters, 1896-1912.

Additional Note

Some for the Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin.

Diels, Otto, 1876-1954


14 letters, 1903-1918.

See also letter to Hermann Fischer in Box 38.


Diergart, Paul, 1875-


7 letters, 1905-1911.

Additional Note

1911 letter written for the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geschichte der Medizin und der Naturwissenschaften.

Diestel, Kurt, 1862-


Letter, Jan. 17, 1898


Dietrich, Eduard, 1860-

See Wissenschaftliche Deputation für das Medizinalwesen


Dilthey, Alfred, d. 1915


29 letters, 1891-1913. Some re patent for veronal.

See also lab notebook in Carton 9.


Dilthey, Arthur


13 letters, 1889-1919.

Additional Note

1919 letter includes letter by Frida Dilthey.
See also Dilthey, Frida.

Dilthey, Ernst, 1874-


15 letters, 1894-1917. Some re textile industry.


Dilthey, Frida (Mrs. Arthur Dilthey)


7 letters, 1896-1911.

Additional Note

Letter, Oct. 8, 1905, also signed by Arthur Dilthey.
See also Dilthey, Arthur.

Dilthey, Wernhard


2 letters, 1910


Ditmar, Rudolf

See Zeitschrift für Chemie und Industrie der Kolloide


Dittmar, William, 1833-1892


3 letters, 1888, re translation of Fischer's Anleitung zur Darstellung organischer Präparate.


Dixon, Harold Baily, 1852-


6 letters, 1906-1913.

Additional Note

Letter, Oct. 19, 1906, is a copy.

Dodge, Richard Elwood, 1868-

See New York Academy of Sciences


Doermer, Ludwig, 1877-


3 letters, 1906, re work on calcium.

See also Duisberg, Carl.


Doflein, Franz, 1873-1924


2 letters, 1916


Dohrn, Anton, 1840-1909


4 letters, 1897-1904, re his work in physiological chemistry of sea animals.


Dollo, Louis, 1857-


12 letters, 1897-1917


Dortmunder Actien-Brauerei


21 letters, 1895-1917


Dragendorff, Georg, 1836-1898


Letter, Mar. 17, 1895


Dreyer, Georges, 1873-1934


Letter, Mar. 26, 1908


Drude, Paul Karl Ludwig, 1863-1905


2 letters, 1901-1905


Du Bois-Reymond, Emil Heinrich, 1818-1896


2 letters, 1893-1896


Dubrovin, Nikolai Fedoravich, 1837-1904

See Akademiia Nauk, Leningrad


Duden, Paul, 1868-1954


Letter and telegram, 1901-1912


Dudley, Harold Ward, 1887-1935


Letter, June 29, 1910


Dürener Metallwerke, Düren, Germ.


2 letters, 1915, re metal processes.


Duisberg, Carl, 1861-1935


181 letters, 1895-1919.

Additional Note

Letter, May 12, 1897, also signed by Friedrich Bayer; letter, July 20, 1911, also signed by B. Rassow. Many written on behalf of the Farbenfabriken vormals Friedr. Bayer & Co., and for the Verein deutscher Chemiker.
Some re the Chemische Reichsanstalt; some letters written for Duisberg by his secretary. Some written on behalf of the Deutsches Museum von Meisterwerken der Naturwissenschaft und Technik in Munich and of the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut für Chemie. Copy of letter by Bernhard Krönig with letter, July 26, 1913; copy of letter by O. Witzel with letter, Sept. 6, 1913; copy of letter by O. Pankow with letter, Feb. 2, 1914; copy of letter by E. Abderhalden with letter, July 1, 1914. Some letters also signed by Doermer and Kloeppel. Many of the letters concern drug therapy for cancer and effect of war on the chemical industry. Some written on behalf of the Liebig-Stipendium-Verein and of the Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Förderung des chemischen Unterrichts. Enclosure to letter, June 6, 1917: copy of letter by Annaliese Eichel; enclosure to letter, June 8, 1917: copy of letter by R. Willstätter.
See also Farbenfabriken vorm. Friedr. Bayer & Co.; Munich. Deutsches Museum von Meisterwerken der Naturwissenschaften und Technik; Weber, Leo.

See also Kurt Hoesch folder in Carton 12.

See also letters to Hermann Fischer in Box 38.

Dunant, Georges


Letter, Oct. 6, 1906


Dunham, Edward Kellogg, 1860-


Letter, Apr. 5, 1910


Dunstan, Albert Ernest, 1878-


Letter, Mar. 23, 1911


Dunstan, Sir Wyndham Rowland, 1861-

See Chemical Society


Duttenhofer, U.


3 letters, 1903


Dyck, Walther, 1856-1934

See Munich. Deutsches Museum von Meisterwerken der Naturwissenschaften und Technik.


Dyckerhoff, August Gustav, 1868-


4 letters, 1892-1919.

Additional Note

1919 letter written on behalf of his cement factory business, Dyckerhoff & Söhne.
See also copy of his dissertation in Carton 6.

Easterfield, Sir Thomas Hill, 1866-


7 letters, 1890-1913


Eckert, Christian, 1874-

See Cologne. Handels-Hochschule


Ehlers, Ernst Heinrich, 1835-1926

See Akademie der Wissenschaften, Göttingen


Ehrensberger, Emil


9 letters, 1906-1917.

Additional Note

Some re the Chemische Reichsanstalt; some on behalf of the Verein "Ehrensold der Industrie" e. V. Letter, May 29, 1916, is a copy.

Ehrlich, Felix, 1877-1942


2 letters, 1907-1912.

See also reprint in Carton 6.


Ehrlich, Paul, 1854-1915


9 letters, [1901?]-1913.

Additional Note

[1901?] letter is a photocopy.
See also Delbrück, Ludwig.

Eichengrün, Arthur, 1867-1949


2 letters, 1899-1909


Eicken, Carl H. von, 1846-


3 letters, 1895-1914


Eiloart, Arnold


2 letters, 1887, re English translation of Fischer's Anleitung zur Darstellung organische Präparate.


Eilsberger, Ernst Friedrich Wilhelm, 1868-


4 letters, 1906-1918.

Additional Note

1906 letter written on behalf of the Kultusministerium. Letters re Ernest Solvay, the Chemische Reichsanstalt, etc.

Eimer & Amend, Hamburg


2 letters, 1913, re purchase of Arginin for the New York branch of the firm.


Einhorn, Alfred


5 letters, 1908, re work on carbon derivatives.


Einkommensteuer-Veranlagungskommission für Berlin


4 letters, 1897-1917.

Additional Note

Some re taxes for the Chemical Institute in Berlin.

Einstein, Albert, 1879-1955


Letter, Nov. 5, 1910.

Additional Note


Ekecrantz, Thor Emanuel, 1856-


2 letters, 1911-1914


Elektrochemische Werke G.m.b.H., Bitterfeld, Germ.


3 letters, 1904-1914, re production of calcium.


Elektrotechnische Spezialkonstruktionen, Berlin-Steglitz


Letter, July 27, 1916, referring a special soldering problem to Fischer.


Elektrotechnische Zeitschrift


Letter, July 17, 1912, requesting from Fischer a report on the proposed Coal Institute.


Ellinger, Alexander, 1870-1923


3 letters, 1907-1918


Elster, Ludwig, 1856-


12 letters, 1898-1908, mainly requesting Fischer's recommendations concerning candidates for various scientific positions.


Embden, Gustav, 1874-1933


2 letters, 1905, re work with phenyl derivatives.


Emich, Friedrich, 1860-1940


19 letters, 1900-1918, re his work on microchemistry.


Emmerling, Adolph, 1842-1909


4 letters, 1888-1892, re agricultural chemistry.


Endemann, Friedrich, 1857-

See Heidelberg. Universität


Engelhorn, F.


60 letters, 1894-1910.

Additional Note

Associated with Boehringer (C. F.) & Soehne, chemical manufacturers. Re patents, particularly for theobromine and caffeine, his work with the Ach brothers, the production of caffeine, etc.
See also Ach, Fritz.

Engelmann, Theodor Wilhelm, 1843-1909


3 letters, 1902-1905


Engelmann, Wilhelm


5 letters, 1902-1908, re possible preparation and publication of a chemistry textbook. Some written for Engelmann by E. Reinicke.


Engler, Adolf, 1844-1930


Letter, Oct. 1, 1915


Engler, Karl Oswald Victor, 1842-1925


39 letters, 1892-1918.

Additional Note

Later letters re production of synthetic oils and fats for the war effort. Letter, June 25, 1907, is a transcript.

Ephraim, Julius, 1867-


Letter, Apr. 6, 1895


Erdmann, Ernst


27 letters, 1903-1919, re his work on coffee and coffee derivatives.

See also reprints in Carton 6.


Erdmann, Hugo, 1862-1910


6 letters, 1888-1905


Ergebnisse der Physiologie


3 letters, 1909-1910, by Leon Asher.


Erlenmeyer, Friedrich Gustav Carl Emil, 1864-1921


35 letters, 1892-1913


Erman, Adolf, 1854-1937


2 letters, 1896-1905.

Additional Note

1896 letter written on behalf of the Berlin Royal Museum.

Errera, Léo Abram, 1858-1905


Letter, Dec. 21, 1892


Eschenbach, Georg Friedrich Wilhelm, 1871-


Letter, Mar. 9, 1901


Ettinger, Leo, 1883-


Letter, Feb. 28, 1910


Euler-Chelpin, Hans Karl August Simon von, 1873-1964


5 letters, 1906-1918.

Additional Note

Letter, Nov. 2, 1906, is a transcript.

Europäische Briefe


12 letters, 1913-1914, by Arthur Kirchhoff


Everling, Carl


11 letters, 1895-1902, re textile industry.


Exner, Wilhelm Franz, 1840-


3 letters, 1915-1916, re the establishment of an Institut für Volksernährung.


Fajans, Kasimir, 1887-1975


Letter, July 30, 1909


Falk, Kaufman George, 1880- 1953


Letter, Mar. 23, 1903


Falkenheim, Hugo, 1866-


5 letters, 1909-1910, re his work on Hegel.


Farbenfabrik Pabst & Lambrecht, Nürnberg


Letter, July 6, 1908, re red dyes.


Farbenfabriken vorm. Friedr. Bayer & Co.


271 letters, 1893-1919.

Additional Note

Mainly re testing of experimental drugs, especially "Elarson," "Piaselonol" and "Solarson," and obtaining patents for them. Letters by Friedrich Bayer, C. Duisberg, H. Dreser, Fritz Hoffmann, E. Merck, W. Hermann H. Hörlein and R. Fischer.
See also Böttinger, Henry T. von; Duisberg, Carl; Hofmann, Fritz and Weber, Leo.

Farbwerk E. ter Meer & Co., Uerdingen, Germ.

See Meer, E. ter


Farbwerke vorm: Meister Lucius & Brüning, Hoechst, Germ.


50 letters, 1890-1919.

Additional Note

Many re work on dioxyacetone. Letters by W. Roser, H. Laubenheimer, G. von Brüning, H. Meister and others.
See also Brüning, Gustav von; Meister, H. von; Rath, Walther von; and Vongerichter, E.

Farkas, Milan, 1886-


3 letters, 1908-1910


Fehrlin, H. C.


Letter, July 30, 1908, re a treatment for tuberculosis.


Feist, Franz, 1864-


5 letters, 1895-1912


Feist, Karl, 1876-1952


3 letters, 1914-1919


Fenton, Henry John Horstmann, 1854-1929


6 letters, 1902-1908


Ferrari-Moreni, Giorgio, Conte, 1833-1925

See Accademia de Scienze, Lettere ed Arti di Modena


Fester, Gustav, 1886-


2 letters, 1915


Fichter, Friedrich, 1869-


2 letters, 1905


Fiddes, Edward, 1864-

See Victoria University of Manchester


Filehne, Wilhelm, 1844-


10 letters, 1888-1905.

Additional Note

Letter, Jan. 21, 1904, is a transcript.

Fine, Henry Burchard, 1858-

See Princeton University


Finger, Hermann, 1864-


2 letters, 1901-1910


Fingerling, Gustav, 1876-

See Otwi-Werke, Berlin


Finsterwalder, Sebastian, 1862-

See Munich. Deutsches Museum von Meisterwerken der Naturwissenschaften und Technik.


Firma E. Merck, Darmstadt, Germ.


33 letters, 1893-1918, by E. Merck, Alex Ehrenberger and others.

Additional Note

Letters, November 2 and December 2, 1913, are incomplete.
See also Beckmann, E. Many re patents, including those for veronal.

Fischer, Alfred Leonhard Josef, 1894-1917


9 letters, 1903-1916.

Additional Note

Son of Emil Fischer. Letters, Sept. 1916, also contain notes by his brother Hermann.

Fischer, Emma (Fischer) Winnertz, d. 1901 (Mrs. Carl Fischer)


13 letters, 1890-1900. Sister of Emil Fischer.


Fischer, Franz, 1877-1947


51 letters, 1901-1919.

Additional Note

Many as director of the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut für Kohlenforschung. Enclosure to letter, Sept. 20, 1915: annual report of the Institute for 1914/1915. Letters, Jan. 2, 12, Mar. 23, 1917, and June 6, 1919 are transcripts.
See also Harries, C. and Gröppel, Heinrich.

Fischer, Hans, 1881-1945


11 letters, 1909-1916.

Additional Note

Also included is his account of a mountain accident, Aug. 2, 1917.

Fischer, Hermann, 1851-


Letter, May 16, 1892


Fischer, Hermann Eberhard, 1830-


Letter, Feb. 28, 1902


Fischer, Hermann Otto Laurens, 1888-1960


68 letters, 1898-1918. Son of Emil Fischer.

Additional Note

Some 1918 letters written for his father.
See also Fischer, Alfred
See also Kurt Hoesch folder in Carton 12, and Boxes 38-39.

Fischer, Hugo Richard, 1875-


Letter, Jan. 21, 1919, re coal.

See also manuscript in Carton 6.


Fischer, Laurenz, 1807-1902


19 letters, 1888-1901. Father of Emil Fischer.


Fischer, Otto, 1852-1932


16 letters, 1897-1918. Cousin of Emil Fischer.

Additional Note

Letter, Jan. 2, 1912, is a transcript.

Fischer, Paul David, 1836-1920


Letter, Feb. 8, 1905


Fischer, Walter Max, 1891-1916


89 letters, 1903-1916. Son of Emil Fischer.


Fischer, Wilhelm


2 letters, 1892-1912


Fittig, Rudolf, 1835-1910


10 letters, 1889-1908


Flach (J.) & Cie, G.m.b.H., Geestemünde, Germ.


Letter, Jan. 22, 1908


Fleischer, Richard, 1849-

See Deutsche Revue


Flexner, Simon, 1863- 1946


7 letters, 1904-1914, re work at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research. A brochure on the Institute also included.


Flügge, Carl Georg Fridrich Wilhelm, 1847-1923


Letter, Dec. 18, 1887


Flury, Ferdinand, 1877-


Letter, May 10, 1908


Foerster, Friedrich, 1866-1931


6 letters, 1916-1919


Foerster, Wilhelm Julius, 1832-1921


2 letters, 1902-1915


Fogh, Johann


4 letters, 1892-1895


Forster, Sir Martin Onslow, 1872-1945


12 letters, 1892-1912.

Additional Note

Some written on behalf of the Chemical Society.

Forster, Robert Benjamin, 1879-


3 letters, 1908-1913


Fourneau, Ernest François Auguste, 1872-1949


21 letters, 1901-1911.

See also lab notebook in Carton 9.


Fränkel, Bernhard, 1836-


2 letters, 1900-1907


Fränkel, Sigmund, 1868-1939


Letter, July 26, 1906, re work of Jerome Stoneborough.


Franchimont, Antoine Paul N., 1844-1919


2 letters, 1890-1892


Franck, Hans Heinrich, 1888-


3 letters, 1916-1917


Francke, Kuno, 1855-


Letter, June 24, 1911, requesting information on H. L. Chang and C. K. Ou, chemistry students.


Frank, Adolph


11 letters, 1888-1915.

See also reprint in Carton 6.


Frank, Fritz, 1868-

See Kriegsschmieröl-Gesellschaft M.G.H., Berlin


Frank, Henry, 1880-


Letter, [Dec.? 1904]


Frank, Rudolf


2 letters, 1919, re the Verein zur Wahrung der Interessen der chemischen Industrie Deutschlands.


Frankforter, George Bell, 1860-


Letter, Sept. 28, 1911


Franzen, Hartwig, 1878-1923


2 letters, 1906-1919.

Additional Note

Enclosures to 1919 letter: biographical information on Theodor Curtius and a bibliography of his work.

Fresenius, Heinrich, i.e. Remigius Heinrich, 1847-1920


3 letters, 1893-1897


Fresenius, Theodor Wilhelm, 1856-1936


Letter, June 13, 1897


Freudenberg, Hermann E.


3 letters, 1915-1916, re tanning processes for leather.


Freudenberg, Karl Johann, 1886-


15 letters, 1908-1919, re his work on cellulose, tannin and lignin.

See also Kurt Hoesch folder in Carton 12.

See also letter to Hermann Fischer in Box 38.


Freund, Martin


20 letters, 1895-1919.

Additional Note

Some re the Physikalischer Verein in Frankfurt. Letter, Apr. 19, 1911, for the Akademie für Sozial-u. Handelswissenschaften in Frankfurt. Letter, June 8, 1919, is a transcript.

Freund, Robert, 1885-


2 letters, 1911


Freund, Walter


2 letters, 1919


Freundlich, Erwin Finlay, 1885-


4 letters, 1913-1917, mentioning Einstein and Struve.


Friedel, Charles, 1832-1898


2 letters, July 13, 1892 and undated

Additional Note

1892 letter written on behalf of the Association française pour l'Avancement des Sciences.

Friederichs, Fanny (Fischer), 1852-1912 (Mrs. Max Friederichs)


62 letters, 1892-1912. Emil Fischer's sister.


Friedlaender, Paul, 1857-1923


5 letters, [1894?]-1912


Friedmann, Hermann, 1878-


2 letters, 1908


Fritsch, Karl von, 1838-1906

See Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher


Fritsch, Paul


5 letters, 1893-1904


Fritzsche (Franz) & Co., Hamburg


4 letters, 1897-1901.

Additional Note

Some re amalgamation with Haarman & Reimer.

Frobenius, Ferdinand Georg, 1849-1917


3 letters, 1901-1912


Fromm, Emil, 1865-


Letter, Mar. 29, 1919


Fuchs, Marc

See Riedel (J. D.) Aktien-Gesellschaft


Fuchs, Robert, 1868-

See Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geschichte der Medizin und der Naturwissenschaften


Fulda, Ludwig, 1862-1939


3 letters, 1912-1914


Funk, Casimir, 1884- 1967


Letter, Oct. 5, 1907, re his work with Abderhalden.


Fysiografiska Sällskapet i Lund


Letter, Feb. 17, 1903, by F. V. K. Areschong, announcing election of Fischer to the Society.


Gabriel, Siegmund, 1851-1924


14 letters, 1892-1912.

Additional Note

Some written on behalf of the Deutsche chemische Gesellschaft.
See also Kurt Hoesch folder in Carton 12.

Gadamer, Johannes Georg, 1867-1928


7 letters, 1909-1912.

Additional Note

Some re the Walden Inversion.

Gans, Leo Ludwig, 1843-1935


Letter, Sept. 26, 1901.

Additional Note


Gans, Richard, 1880-


2 letters, 1901-1906


Gartenschläger, Fritz Wilhelm Adolf, 1869-


Letter, Aug. 13, 1894


Gattermann, Ludwig, 1860-1920


6 letters, 1897-1919


Gautier, Armand, 1837-1920


3 letters, 1899


Gayon, Ulysse, 1845-1929


Letter, July 31, 1903


Gebrüder von Niessen, Berlin


67 letters, 1902-1903. Patent lawyers.


Gee, Antonie Leenderd Wilhelmus de


Letter, Feb. 22, 1921


Geigy, Rudolf


9 letters, 1888-1913


Geikie, Sir Archibald, 1835-1924

See Royal Society of London


Geitel, Max, 1853-

See Volkskraft-Bund


Gentz, Ismael, 1862-


Letter, Oct. 10, 1912


Gerhardt, Carl Adolf Christian Jakob, 1833-1902


2 letters, 1892-1895


Gerhartz, Heinrich, 1879-


4 letters, 1908-1913, re work on diabetes.


Gerhartz, Heinrich G.


5 letters, 1901-1912


Gerlach, Joseph von, 1820-1896


5 letters, 1890-1896


Gerlach, Leo, 1851-1918


49 letters, 1894-1917. Brother-in-law of Emil Fischer.


Gerlach, Oskar, 1865-

See Germany. Minister der geistlichen und Unterrichts-Angelegenheiten


Gerlach, Therese von, 1826-1910


18 letters, 1896-1909


German Classics


Letter, Oct. 30, 1914, by Isidore Singer. Form letter.


Germany. Auswärtiges Amt


3 letters, 1911-1914, by Freiherr von Mumm and others.


Germany. Kolonialamt


3 letters, 1909, by Walter Busse


Germany. Kriegsernährungsamt


2 letters, 1916-1917, re synthetic coffee. Enclosures to 1917 letter: copy of letter from Heinrich Trillich.


Germany. Reichsamt für wirtschaftliche Demobilmachung


Letter, Feb. 4, 1919, re platinum.


Germany. Reichskanzler


2 letters, 1918, re textiles and re calcium carbide.


Germany. Reichskriegsministerium


8 letters, 1916-1917, by Wrisberg, Bueg, von Steinberg and Clausnitzer.

Additional Note

Include communications from various divisions of the ministry. Letter, August 20, 1916, is a transcript.
See also subject files in Carton 1.

Germany. Reichskultusministerium


Letter, Apr. 4, 1910, by Dr. Rudorff.

See also Eilsberger, Ernst Friedrich Wilhelm.


Germany. Reichs-Marine-Amt


Letter, Nov. [1911], by Freiherr von Doernberg


Germany. Reichsministerium der geistlichen, unterrichts- und medicinal Angelegenheiten


8 letters, 1893-1916, by Bosse, Förster, Ochappuis, Gerlach and graf zu Limburg-Stirum.


Germany. Reichsministerium des Innern


4 letters, 1893-1916, by Rothenburg, freiherr von Stein and Müller.

See also Delbrück, Hans.


Germany. Reichsministerium für Landwirtschaft, Domänen und Forsten

See Ramm, Eberhard, 1861-


Germany. Reichsministerium für Wissenschaft, Kunst und Volksbildung


3 letters, 1919, by Wende and Blankenburg.


Germany. Reichspatentamt


9 letters, 1895-1901, by Huber and Rheiner.

Additional Note

Re patent matters. Some are form letters.

See also Delbrück, Hans.

Germany. Stempel- und Erbschaftsteueramt


2 letters, 1907-1908


Gesellschaft deutscher Naturforscher und Aerzte

See Meyr, Hans Horst, 1853-


Geserick, Arthur, 1860-


3 letters, 1910-1911


Giacosa, Piero, 1853-1928


Postcard, Nov. 26, 1896


Giebe, Georg, 1874-


3 letters, 1898.

See also lab notebooks in Carton 9.


Giesel, Fritz O., 1852-


Letter, June 26, 1888, re chinovine.


Giessen. Universität


Letter, August 27, 1895, by R. A. Fritsche and Schäffer, written on a letter by E. Fischer.


Giessereiverband. E. V., Berlin


Letter, Aug. 22, 1916, by E. Leidig, proposing the establishment of a laboratory for metallurgical research.


Gigon, Alfred, 1883-


3 letters, 1906-1907


Gintl, Wilhelm


Letter, Sept. 8, 1901


Glaser, Carl


9 letters, 1891-1916


Gluud, Wilhelm, 1887-1936


2 letters, 1909-1913.

See also lab notebooks in Carton 9.


Gnezda, Julius


2 letters, 1899


Göddertz, Bernard Albert, 1888-


4 letters, 1915.

See also lab notebooks in Carton 9.


Göller, Hermann Robert, 1876-


4 letters, 1917, re war time research on ersatz materials.


Göttinger Vereinigung zur Förderung der angewandten Physik und Mathematik

See Böttinger, Henry T. von


Goldene Buch des deutschen Volkes an der Jahrhundertwende


3 letters, 1898, by Julius Lohmeyer.


Goldmann, Felix


2 letters, 1912-1913.

See also Farbenfabriken vorm. Fried. Bayer & Co.


Goldschmidt, Hans


2 letters, 1917.

Additional Note

Letter, Jan. 26, is a copy, re the possibility of establishing an institute for botanical sciences.

Goldschmiedt, Guido, 1850-1915


4 letters, 1902-1914


Gomberg, Moses, 1866


3 letters, 1907-1912


Gomolka, Franz Hermann Friedrich, 1884


2 letters, 1912


Gooch, Frank Austin, 1852-1929

See Yale University


Goppelsroeder, Friedrich, 1837-1919


Letter, Dec. 9, 1892, re his work on capillary analysis.


Gottlieb, Rudolf, 1864-1924


Letter, August 8, 1896


Gradenwitz, Alfred, 1875


8 letters, 1906-1912


Graebe, Carl, 1841-1927


30 letters, 1894-1919

See also letter to Hermann Fischer in Box 38.


Graessner, Paul, 1859


Letter, Nov. 18, 1916


Granger, James Darnell, 1872


3 letters, 1893-1902


Greef, Guillaume Joseph de, 1842-1924

See Brussels. Université Nouvelle


Green, Arthur George, 1864

See International Celebration of the Coal Tar Colour Jubilee


Griesenbeck, Hugo


2 letters, 1896-1901.

Additional Note

1896 letter re guano deposits in Texas.

Grimaldi, Vincenzo

See Associazione di pubblica Assistenza, Bari, Italy.


Gröppel, Heinrich


Letter, Jan. 22, 1917.

Additional Note

Enclosure: copy of letter by Franz Fischer.

Grossmann, Hermann, 1877-


3 letters, 1906-1912


Groth, Paul Heinrich, 1843-1927


12 letters, 1880-1919, re his work on crystallography.

Additional Note

Letter, June 28, 1919, is a typed transcript.

Grubenvorstand der Gewerkschaft Reichsland, Saarbrücken


2 letters, 1916-1918, by Herman Röchling.


Gruber, Max von, 1853-1927


Letter, Jan. 17, 1906, re his interest in polipeptides and antibodies.


Grueber, Oscar, Ritter von, d. 1906


2 letters, 1900.

Additional Note

August letter re the International Congress of Applied Chemistry of 1902.

Grünwedel, Albert, 1856-1935

See Berlin. Museum für Völkerkunde


Grund, Georg, 1878-


2 letters, 1908


Guareschi, Icilio, 1847-1918


2 letters, 1903-1914


Guelpa di L. G.


2 letters, 1909, re industrial application of albumin.


Guinchard, Axel Johan Josef, 1873-

See Sueda Ido-Federuro


Gulevich, Vladimir Sergeevich, 1867-1933


Letter, Oct. 29, 1910, re Carnitine.


Guth, Max


17 letters, 1896-1912.

Additional Note

Some re construction of building for the chemical institute in Berlin.

Guttmann, Oscar, 1855-1910


Letter, Dec. 14, 1900


Guye, Philippe August, 1862-1922


45 letters, 1894-1918.

Additional Note

Letter, Apr. 15, 1910 is a transcript. Letter, Sept. 9, 1912, written while secretary of the Société Helvétique des Sciences Naturelles. Many letters re activities during the war with the International Red Cross in tracing prisoners of war.
See also letter to Hermann Fischer in Box 38.



Haarmann, Wilhelm, 1847-

See Haarmann & Reimer, Holzminden, Germ.


Haarmann & Reimer, Holzminden, Germ.


26 letters, 1900-1917, by Wilhelm Haarmann and R. Schmidt.


Haas, Paul, 1877-1960


Letter, Mar. 21, 1910, re work on bromo-derivatives.


Haber, Fritz, 1868-1934


35 letters, 1910-1919.

Additional Note

Enclosure to letter, May 30, 1913: letter from E. Beckmann. Letter, July 1, 1916, is a copy.
See also letter to Hermann Fischer in Box 38.

Haberlandt, Gottlieb Friedrich Johannes, 1854-1945


4 letters, 1912-1918


Hadley, Arthur Twining, 1856-1930

See Yale University


Hänisch, Victor, 1871-


7 letters, 1890-1912.

See also telegram to Hermann Fischer in Box 38.


Haeuser, Adolf, 1857-


3 letters, 1912-1918.

Additional Note

Some re the Liebig-Stipendien-Verein.

Hagen, Ernst Bessel, 1851-1923


2 letters, 1901-1906.

Additional Note

1901 letter re work on sugar.

Hagenbach, Rudolf


2 letters, 1900.

See also lab notebook in Carton 9.


Hagenbach-Bischoff, Eduard, 1833-1910


3 letters, 1894-1900


Hager, Karl, 1868-

See Munich. Technische Hochschule


Hahn, Oskar, 1875-

See Vereinigte elektrochemische Fabriken, Markrandstädt, Germ.


Hahn, Otto, 1879-1968


9 letters, 1905-1919, re his work in radioactivity.


Halbfass, Wilhelm, 1856-1938


Letter, Nov. 11, 1906


Hale, Albert Cable, 1845-1921

See American Chemical Society


Halem, Otto von, 1867-


6 letters, 1912-1916.

Additional Note

Some re the Chemiker Zeitung.

Haller, Albin, 1849-1924


9 letters, 1892-1913.

Additional Note

Undated letter at the end is a transcript. Letter, Jan. 14, 1911, written while president of the Société Chimique de France.

Halliburton, William Dobinson, 1860-1931


2 letters, 1905, re work on polypeptides.


Hamburger, Hartog Jakob 1859-1924


Letter, Dec. 10, 1918, re glucose.


Hammarsten, Olof, 1841-1932


2 letters, 1906


Handwörterbuch der Naturwissenschaften


Letter, Mar. 24, 1911, by Ferdinand Karl Franz Schaum


Hanriot, Maurice, 1854-1933

See Société chimique de Paris


Hansen, Adolf, i.e. Carl Adolf, 1851-1920


3 letters, 1889-1893.

Additional Note

1889 letters re his work on chlorophyl.

Hantzsch, Arthur Rudolf, 1857-1935


56 letters, 1891-1919.

Additional Note

Letters, Jan. 12, 1899 and Oct. 16, 1910, are transcripts.

Harnack, Adolf von, 1851-1930


153 letters, 1900-1919.

Additional Note

Mainly written while president of the Kaiser Wilhelm-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften. Many enclosures.

Harper & Brothers


Letter, June 22, 1903


Harries, Carl Dietrich, 1866-1923


24 letters, 1896-1917.

Additional Note

Letter, Apr. 24, 1907, is a transcript. Enclosure to letter, Mar. 26, 1917: copy of letter from Franz Fischer.
See also Kurt Hoesch folder in Carton 12.
See also letter to Hermann Fischer in Box 38.

Hartmann, Gerhard


Letter and telegram, 1901-1912


Hartog, Sir Philip Joseph, 1864-1947

See London. University


Hartogh, Franz Erwin, 1883-


Letter, Apr. 23, 1908, re work on mineral oil.


Hase, C. W.


5 letters, 1890-1892


Hasenclever, Robert


3 letters, 1895-1896


Hasslacher, F.


6 letters, 1895-1896. Patent lawyer.


Hatschek, Berthold, 1854-


Letter, Apr. 20, 1891, re choice of chemistry professor for the German University in Prague.


Hauff, Fritz, 1863-


3 letters, 1901-1911


Hauser, Gustav, 1856-1935


2 letters, 1914


Haushofer, Karl, 1839-1895


4 letters, 1889-1891


Hayduck, Friedrich E. W., 1880-


Letter, June 15, 1917.

Additional Note


Hazard, Robert Charles, 1877-


Letter, Oct. 7, 1904


Hechtenberg, Wilhelm, 1890-


Letter, Aug. 24, 1917


Hedley, Edgar Percy, 1885-


Letter, May 22, 1906


Heermann, Paul


2 letters, 1910-1918, re his work on textiles.


Heffter, Arthur, 1859-1925


5 letters, 1912-1914, re his work in experimental pharmacology.


Hefner-Alteneck, Friedrich Franz von, 1845-1904


Letter, Jan. 7, 1901


Heger, Paul Francois Xavier, 1846-1925


Letter, Sept. 1, 1909


Heide, Karl von der, 1872-


Letter, May 1, 1917, re work on straw.


Heidelberg. Universität


Letter, Apr. 21, 1917, by Friedrich Endemann


Heider, Karl, 1856-1935


2 letters, 1911-1919


Heilsberg, Karl


2 letters, 1902-1903


Heine & Co., Leipzig


2 letters, 1910.

See also Steche, Albert Carl.


Heinitz, Ernst


Letter, Aug. 6, 1906


Heinrich, Prince of Prussia, 1862-

See Wissenschaftliche Geselleschaft für Flugtechnik


Heinze, Ernst Richard, 1882-


Letter, Oct. 9, 1907


Heiss, H.


2 letters, 1914-1915, re work on esters.


Helferich, Burckhardt, 1887-


4 letters, 1915-1918.

See also manuscript notes in Carton 6, and lab notebooks in Carton 9.


Helferich, Heinrich, 1851-


5 letters, 1888-1916


Hell, Carl, 1849-


2 letters, 1896-1906


Heller, Gustav, 1866-1946


6 letters, 1891-1912.

See also reprint in Carton 6.


Hellmann, Gustav, 1854-


Letter, Mar. 15, 1916.

See also Munich. Deutsches Museum von Meisterwerken der Naturwissenschaften und Technik.


Helmholtz, Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von, 1821-1894


Letter, Feb. 23, 1888


Helmolt, Hans von, 1867-

See Chemische Fabrik Heiligensee


Hempel, Walter Mathias, 1851- 1916


Letter, Oct. 20, 1890


Henri, Mathieu


2 letters, 1911-1912?


Henrich, Ferdinand August Karl, 1871-


3 letters, 1906-1912


Henry, Louis, 1834-1913


Letter, Oct. 11, 1905


Hensel, Kurt Wilhelm Sebastian, 1861-


Letter, Feb. 28, 1907


Henss, Ernst


3 letters, 1915


Henze, F. W. Martin, 1873-


3 letters, 1900-1907


Hepke, K.


2 letters, 1915, re his interest in the war effort and in synthetic products.


Hepp, Eduard


3 letters, 1905. Schoolmate of Fischer.


Heraeus, W. C.


6 letters, 1898-1919, re work with platinum.


Herbst, Curt Alfred, 1866- l946


2 letters, 1919


Hergesell, Hugo, 1859-


2 letters, 1913, re German scientific station in Spitzbergen.


Hermann, F.


2 letters, 1891, re his interest in sugars.


Herrick, James Bryan, 1861-


Letter, Apr. 25, 1905


Herter, Christian Archibald, 1865-1910


Letter, Jan. 6, 1906


Hertwig, Oscar, 1849-1922


4 letters, 1911-1919.

Additional Note

1911 letter re his work with radium.

Herzfeld, Adolf, 1883-


Letter, July 18, 1914, re work of H. Claasen on sugar and the sugar industry.


Herzfeld, Alexander


3 letters, 1892-1909.

Additional Note

Some written in behalf of the Verein der deutschen Zucker-Industrie.

Herzig, Josef, 1853-1924


12 letters, 1887-1913


Hess, Edgar


3 letters, 1907, re work on amino acids.


Hess, Kurt, 1888-1961


4 letters, 1912-1919, re work on methyl derivatives.

See also manuscript notes in Carton 6.


Hess, Otto, 1882-


5 letters, 1894-1917


Hesse, Albert Friedrich, 1866-


9 letters, 1905-1915.

Additional Note

Some on behalf of the Chemisches Zentralblatt.

Hesse, O.


8 letters, 1912-1916


Heubner, Johann Otto Leonhard, 1843-1926


2 letters, 1897-1901.

Additional Note

1897 letter re composition of milk.

Heubner, Wolfgang, 1877-1957


2 letters, 1913, re Georg Klemperer's cancer institute.


Heuser, Emil, 1882-


Letter, Apr. 30, 1917


Heydweiller, Adolf, 1856-


Letter, Feb. 16, 1916, re chemistry professor for Rostock University.


Hildebrandt, H.


2 letters, 1909, re interest in glycosides.


Hilger, Albert, 1839-1905


Letter, June 11, 1898.

Additional Note


Hill, Henry Barker, 1849-1903


2 letters, 1894


Hilpert, S.


4 letters, 1915-1916, re color chemistry.

See also lab notebook in Carton 9.


Hinneberg, Paul Ernst Franz, 1862-

See Internationale Wochenschrift für Wissenschaft, Kunst und Technik


Hinrichsen, Friedrich Willy, 1877-


4 letters, 1907-1914.

Additional Note

1907 letter is a transcript.

Hinsberg, Oscar


3 letters, 1906-1912, re work on amino acids.


Hippel, Arthur von, 1841-


Letter, Oct. 25, 1915.

Additional Note

Typed transcript.

Hirschberger, Josef


6 letters, 1890-1901


Hirschwald (August) Verlagsbuchhandlung, Berlin


6 letters, 1894-1912, by Albert Aber.


His, Wilhelm, 1863-1934


Letter, August 6, 1906


Hittorf, Johann Wilhelm, 1824-1914


Letter, July 12, 1900


Hjelt, Edvard Immanuel, 1855-1921


15 letters, 1894-1917.

Additional Note

Some re his work on J. Berelius and G. Magnus.

Hobohm, Martin, 1883-


Letter, Dec. 22, 1917


Höber, Rudolf, 1873-1953


Letter, July 27, 1913, re research on blood.


Hoefft, Franz Edler von


2 letters, 1914-1917, re colloidal chemistry.


Hoering, Paul, d. 1919


4 letters, 1908-1914


Hörlein, Heinrich

See Farbenfabriken vorm. Friedr. Bayer & Co.


Hoesch, Kurt, 1882-1932


13 letters, 1915-1919.

Additional Note

Enclosure to letter, May 31, 1917: copies of his correspondence with J. Houben.
See also Kurt Hoesch folder in Carton 12.
See also letter to Hermann Fischer in Box 38.

Hötzsch, Otto, 1876-1946

See Deutsche Monatsschrift für das gesamte Leben der Gegenwart


Hoff, Jacobus Henricus van t', 1852-1911


31 letters, 1889-1911.

Additional Note

Letters, Dec. 28, 1906 and Apr. 2, 1908, are transcripts.
See also reprint in Carton 6.

Hoff, Jenny van t' (Mrs. Jacobus Henricus van t' Hoff)


7 letters, 1904-1912


Hoffa, Erwin Friedrich, 1875-


Letter, Oct. 11, 1899


Hofmann, August Wilhelm von, 1818-1892


5 letters, 1890-1897


Hofmann, Fritz, 1866-1956


10 letters, 1902-1918.

Additional Note

Some re synthetic rubber.
See also Farbenfabriken vorm. Friedrich Bayer.
See also Kaiser Wilhelm-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften.
See also letter to Hermann Fischer in Box 38.

Hofmann, Karl Andreas, 1870-1940


13 letters, 1905-1919.

Additional Note

Letter, Jan. 24, 1919, is a copy, written for the Deutsche chemische Gesellschaft.
See also Deutsche chemische Gesellschaft.
See also letter to Hermann Fischer in Carton 38.

Holde, David, 1864-


3 letters, 1905-1915, re work on oils and fats.


Holland, Carl, 1886-


Letter, Nov. 17, 1906


Hollemann, Arnold Frederik, 1859-1953


2 letters, 1908-1911


Holtz, J. F.


13 letters, 1896-1907, mainly re the Deutsche chemische Gesellschaft.

See also Deutsche chemische Gesellschaft.


Hopkinson, Sir Alfred, 1851-

See Victoria University of Manchester


Hoppe-Seyler, Felix, 1825-1895


Letter, Sept. 18, 1894.

See also printed copy of speech in Carton 6.


Hoppe-Seyler, Georg, 1860-1940


Letter, Nov. 9[?], 1895


Horowitz, Arthur


2 letters, 1904-1907, re manufacture of drugs.


Hosaeus, Hans


Letter, Aug. 10, 1892, re condensation of formaldehyde and phenol.


Hottinger, Rob


2 letters, 1908, re interest in peptides.


Houben, Josef, 1875-1940


4 letters, 1904-1916.

See also Hoesch, Kurt.


Hübner, Friedrich Franz Gottfried, 1876-


5 letters, 1897-1906.

See also lab notebooks in Carton 10.


Hüfner, Carl Gustav von, 1840-1908


14 letters, 1896-1904.

Additional Note

Letter, June 24, 1901, is a transcript.

Hueppe, Ferdinand Adolph Theophile, 1852-1938


Letter, Feb. 25, 1899


Hugounenq, Louis, 1860-


Letter, Aug. 16, 1897


Hundhausen, J.


3 letters, 1902-1915.

Additional Note

1915 letters concerned with food production during war years.

Hunsalz, Paul


6 letters, 1901-1906


Hunter, Andrew, 1876-1969


5 letters, 1905-1914


Hupfer, Franz, 1878-


Letter, Oct. 28, 1902


Hutchinson, Arthur, 1866-


6 letters, 1890-1902


Iena, Germ. Universität. Bibliothek


Letter, Nov. 11, 1902, by K. K. Müller


Ilberg, Konrad Hugo August, 1892-


Letter, Feb. 28, 1918


Imgart, Joannes, 1866-


Letter, Mar. 8, 1895


Imperatorskoe obschestvo liubitelei estestvoznania antropologii y etnografii


Letter, Nov. 13, 1911


Ince, Walter H.


2 letters, 1890-1895


Institute of Brewing


3 letters, 1894-1899, by Edgar B. Pymar.


International Association of Leather Trade Chemists


Letter, Oct. 4, 1912, by James Gordon Parker


International Celebration of the Coal Tar Colour Jubilee


Letter, July 24, 1906, by Arthur G. Green


International Congress of Applied Chemistry, 4th, 1902

See Grueber, Oscar, Ritter von, d. 1906


International Congress of Applied Chemistry, 5th, 1904

See Böttinger, Henry T. von.

See also Witt, Otto Nicolaus.


International Congress of Applied Chemistry, 6th, 1906

See Ciamician, Giacomo


International Congress of Applied Chemistry, 8th, 1912


4 letters, 1911-1912, by W. R. Whitney, F. Scharf and William H. Nichols.

See also Rassow, Berthold Leopold Peter.


International Congress of Zoology, 5th, Berlin, 1901


Letter, July 26, 1901, by Karl August Möbius.


Internationale Wochenschrift für Wissenschaft, Kunst und Technik


3 letters, 1907, by Paul Hinneberg.


Irvine, Sir James Colqhoun, 1877-1952


11 letters, 1909-1913, re his work on the chemistry of sugars.


Istrati, Constantin I., 1850-


4 letters, 1893-1906


Jablonski, Ludwig, 1876-


3 letters, 1900-1912


Jackson, Charles Loring, 1847-1935


Letter, Feb. 6, 1910


Jacobs, Walter Abraham, 1883-1967


Letter, May 4, 1905


Jacobson, Carl Alfred, 1876-


Letter, Jan. 23, 1912


Jacobson, Paul Heinrich, 1859-1923


120 letters, 1892-1919.

Additional Note

Many as secretary of the Deutsche chemische Gesellschaft. Letter, Oct. 29, 1901, is a transcript.
See also Meyer, Victor.
See also Kurt Hoesch folder in Carton 12.

Jacoby, Martin, 1872-


5 letters, 1910-1911, re testing of drugs on animals.


Jaeger, Francis Mauritius, 1877-1945


Letter, Oct. 18, 1914, concerning his views on Germany's role in the war.


Jaeger, Wilhelm Ludwig, 1862-


5 letters, 1906-1918.

Additional Note

Letter, Nov. 17, 1918, is a transcript.
See also reprints in Carton 6.

Jaffé, Max, 184l-1911


2 letters, 1900-1904


Jahn, Hans Max, 1853-1906


2 letters, 1896-1901


Jaksch-Wartenhorst, Rudolf von, 1855-


3 letters, 1898-1901, re work with pentose and mannose.


Jansen, Otto


Letter, Nov. 19, 1895


Jennings, Walter Louis, 1866-


2 letters, 1893-1901


Jeserich, Paul O. T., 1854-


Letter, Oct. 31, 1911


Jhering, Albrecht von


2 letters, 1902


Jodl, Friedrich, 1849-1914


Letter, Feb. 16, 1888


Johns Hopkins University

See Remsen, Ira


Johnson, Théodore, 1884-


3 letters, 1905-1907


Johnson, Treat Baldwin, 1875-1947


Letter, June 4, 1914, re vicine and divicine


Jolly, Friedrich, 1844-1904


Letter, Mar. 10, 1903, re use of bromides in treating patients in a psychiatric and nerve clinic in Berlin.


Jolly, Julius Ernst, 1849-1932


Letter, July 16, 1891


Jordis, Eduard Friedrich Alexander, 1868-


2 letters, 1904-1910, re work in silicates.


Joseph, Eugen, 1879-


3 letters, 1913


Journal für Gasbeleuchtung und Wasserversorgung

See Bunte, Hans


Journal für praktische Chemie

See Darapsky, August


Journal of Biological Chemistry


Letter, Feb. 15, 1912, by A. N. Richards


Jüptner von Jonstoff, Hanns, Freiherr, 1853-


4 letters, 1906-1916


Julius, Paul


3 letters, 1911-1912


Jungfleisch, Émile, 1839- 1916

See Académie nationale de Médecine, Paris


Junk, Wilhelm, 1866-1942


Letter, May 21, 1912


Kadisadé, A. Refik, 1892-


Letter, Jan. 22, 1918


Kahlbaum, Georg Wilhelm August, 1853-1905


7 letters, 1900-1904.

Additional Note

Some written on behalf of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geschichte der Medizin und der Naturwissenschaften. Enclosure to letter, July 8, 1904: copy of letter from Clemens Winker. Some letters concerning Kahlbaum's polemic with Adolph Kohut over a biography of Liebig.

Kahlbaum (C.A.F.) G.m.b.H., Berlin


9 letters, 1905-1919, by H. Baurath, O. Heiser, F. Blad and others.


Kahlenberg, Louis, 1870-


Letter, Nov. 2, 1914, in response to Fischer's circular letter directed to "The Civilized World."


Kaiser, Karl


Letter, Dec. 31, 1915, re work with saltpeter and ammonia.


Kaiser Wilhelm-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften, Berlin


4 letters, 1912-1919, by Glum.

Additional Note

Enclosure to letter, Apr. 2, 1919: copy of letter by Fritz Hofmann.
See also: Harnack, Adolf von; Trendelenburg, Ernst; Delbrück, Ludwig.
See also subject files in Carton 1.

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut für Chemie, Berlin


2 letters, 1916, by Otto Liesche.

See also Oppenheim, F; Duisberg, Carl; Mendelssohn, Franz von.

See also letter to Hermann Fischer in Box 38.


Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut für Kohlenforschung

See Kruse, Francis.

See also Lembke, Bernhard; Fischer, Franz.

See also subject files in Carton 1.


Kaiserlicher Aero-Club


3 letters, 1912-1914


Kalisyndikat G.m.b.H., Berlin


2 letters, 1911-1914.

Additional Note

1914 letter by Kempner, re difficulties of the potash industry due to the war.

Kalkowsky, Ernst, 1851-


2 letters, Aug. 27, 1889


Kallab, Ferdinand Victor


2 letters, 1903-1913, re aniline dyes and tannin.


Kalle & Co. Aktiengesellschaft, Biebrich, Germ.


5 letters, 1906-1912, by Dr. Fischer.


Kametaka, T.


5 letters, 1907-1911.

Additional Note

1909 letter is a transcript.

Kappstein, Theodor, 1870-


2 letters, 1908


Karczag, Ladislaus, 1886-


Letter to Kurt Hoesch, Apr. 1922

Additional Note

In Kurt Hoesch folder in Carton 12.

Karrer, Paul, 1889-


2 letters, 1918


Kast, Alfred, 1856-1903


3 letters, 1898-1902, re diuretics.


Katz, Johann Rudolf, 1880-1938


Letter, Mar. 19, n.y., re work on bread.


Kauffmann, Hugo Josef, 1870-


3 letters, 1902-1916


Kaufmann, Victor, 1871-


Letter, Mar. 22, 1893


Kautsch, Karl Friedrich, 1879-


Letter, Mar. 27, 1906


Kay, Francis W., 1883-


4 letters, 1908-1912


Kehrmann, F., 1864-


4 letters, 1901-1906


Kekulé, Stephan Carl, 1863-


Letter, June 23, 1893


Kekulé von Stradonitz, August, 1829-1896


6 letters, 1860-1889.

Additional Note

1860 letter is a transcript.

Kempf, Richard, 1879-


3 letters, 1914-1917


Keppeler, Gustav, 1876-

See Verein deutscher Chemiker


Kerler; Dietrich Heinrich, 1882-1921


Letter, Dec. 11, 1891


Kerr, Alfred, 1867-1948

See Pan


Kersting, Anton, 1849-

See Charlottenburg, Germ. Militärtechnische Akademie.


Kertesz, Adolf, 1857-


Letter, Nov. 15, 1917


Key, Helmer, 1864-


Letter, Nov. 26, 1910, re Nobel Prize.


Keysser, Franz Heinrich Philipp, 1885-


Letter, May 5, 1912


Kiderlen-Waechter, Alfred von, 1852-1912

See Germany. Auswärtiges Amt


Kiesewetter, Willy


Letter, Nov. 13, 1909, proposing a history of machine and instrument industry in Germany.


Kiliani, Heinrich, 1855-1945


16 letters, 1888-1916.

Additional Note

1909 letter is a transcript.

Killian, Gustav, 1860-


Letter, Oct. 6, 1912


Kipping, Frederic Stanley, 1863-


2 letters, [1894?]


Kirchner, Martin, 1854-


3 letters, 1902-1913


Klason, Peter, 1848-


20 letters, 1897-1917.

Additional Note

Some re the Nobel Prize laureates and festivities. Letter, Dec. 3, 1903, is a transcript.
See also letter to Hermann Fischer in Box 38.

Klein, August, 1876-


Letter, May 9, 1903, re work on veronal.


Klein, Carl, 1842-1907


11 letters, 1892-1900


Klein, Felix


3 letters, 1888. Some re tanning chemicals.


Kleinstück, Martin


8 letters, 1912?-1917, re food chemistry.


Klemperer, Georg, 1865-1946


37 letters, 1895-1915, re medical research, particularly concerning diabetes and cancer.

See also letter to Hermann Fischer in Box 38.


Knibbs, Sir George Handley, 1858-1929


2 letters, 1905-1914.

Additional Note

1905 letter written on behalf of the Royal Society of New South Wales.

Knoblauch, Otto Bernhard, 1851-

See Versuchs-und Lehranstalt für Brauerei


Knoblauch, Oscar, 1862-

See Physikalisch-medecinische Societät zu Erlangen


Knoop, Franz, 1875-1946


3 letters, 1906, re work on amino acids, etc. One letter is incomplete.


Knorr, Ludwig, 1859-1921


32 letters, 1889-1917.

Additional Note

Letter, Feb. 24, 1899 is a transcript.
See also letter to Hermann Fischer in Box 38.

Kobell, Franz, 1803-1882

See Akademie der Wissenschaften, Munich


Kobert, Eduard Rudolf, 1854-1918


2 letters, 1918


Koch, Richard, 1834-


4 letters, 1899-1907.

Additional Note

1907 letter written for the Deutsche Bank, Berlin.

Koch, Robert, 1843-1910


Letter, July 30, 1904


Köhnke, Otto, 1864-

See Akademie der Wissenschaften


Koelker, Arthur Heinrich, 1883-


Letter, June 11, 1911


König, Arthur Peter, 1856-1901


Letter, June 6, 1895


König, Joseph, 1843-1930


12 letters, 1904-1918.

Additional Note

Some re work on straw during the war years.

Koenigs, Ernst, 1878-


2 letters, 1904-1906


Koenigs, Felix


4 letters, 1895-1900


Koenigs, Richard


Letter, Aug. 23, 1909


Koenigs, Wilhelm, d. 1907


56 letters, 1887-1906.

Additional Note

Some re his work on alkaloids and sugar maltose. Many re Baeyer's 70th birthday celebration. Letters, Jan. 24, 1899 and Sept. 17, 1903 are transcripts.

Körner, Wilhelm, 1839-1925


2 letters, 1911 and undated


Körösy, Korné1 von, 1879-1948


2 letters, 1906-1907


Körte, Werner, 1853-


Letter, Dec. 11, 1909?


Köthner, Paul


2 letters, 1905-1906


Kötz, Arthur, 1871-


2 letters, 1904-1906


Kohl, Max


4 letters, 1900-1904


Kohler, Elmer Peter, 1865-


Letter, Sept. 8, 1902


Kohlrausch, Friedrich Wilhelm Georg, 1840-1910


33 letters, 1888-1908.

Additional Note

Letter, Apr. 6, 1898, is a transcript. Some written while president of the Physikalisch-technische Reichsanstalt.


See Ostwald, Walter, 1886-


Koltzenburg, Oswald, 1890-

See Leipziger freie-Studentschaft


Komnenos, Telem


5 letters, 1908-1911


Korczynski, Anton von


3 letters, [1907-1908?]


Kossel, Albrecht, 1853-1927


24 letters, 1896-1917


Kraemer, Adolf Ernst, 1883-


2 letters, 1909-1912.

See also lab notebook in Carton 10.


Kraemer, Gustav, 1842-


26 letters, 1894-1914


Kraemer, Hans, 1870-

See Weltall und Menschheit


Krafft, Friedrich, 1852-1923


2 letters, 1895-1902


Kraus, Karl, 1874-1936


Letter, Jan. 3, 1900


Krause, Georg, 1849-


9 letters, 1895-1906.

Additional Note

Some written while editor of the Chemiker-Zeitung.

Krause, Max, 1872-


Letter, Feb. 19, 1919


Krehl, Ludolf von, 1861-1937


6 letters, 1909-1919


Kriegsausschuss der deutschen Landwirtschaft


Letter, Oct. 27, 1917, by Karl Paul Mehnert


Kriegsausschuss für Ersatzfutter


43 letters, 1916-1919.

Additional Note

Enclosure to letter, Sept. 27, 1917: copy of a letter from Bodenstein.
See also subject file in Carton 2.

Kriegsausschuss für Oele und Fette


4 letters, 1916-1917.

See also subject file in Carton 2.


Kriegschemikalien Aktiengesellschaft, Berlin


7 letters, 1914-1917.

Additional Note

Some re saltpeter and glycerin.
See also Aufschläger, Gustav.
See also subject file in Carton 2.

Kriegsleder Aktiengesellschaft, Berlin


2 letters, 1916-1918.

See also subject file in Carton 2.


Kriegsschmieröl-Gesellschaft m.b.H., Berlin


Letter, Dec. 17, 1917, by Fritz Frank


Kries, Johannes Adolf von, 1853-1928


4 letters, 1896


Krische, Paul, 1878-


Letter, Apr. 10, 1904


Kröhnke, Otto, 1871-


3 letters, 1906


Krönig, Bernhard, 1863-