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Guide to the Frederick E. (Frederick Edward) Brasch Papers , 1745-1963
Special Collections M0275  
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Box 1

Collection gems (extracted 8/75)

Box-Folder B1, F1

Sewall, Stephen, An Oration Delivered at the Funeral of the Hon. John Winthrop. Boston, 1779.

Physical Description: (printed)

Winthrop, James.

Scope and Content Note

  1. An Attempt to settle the magnitude of the Solar System and the distance of the fixed stars. AMsS, n.d.
  2. Geometric Method of Finding mean proportionals, AMsI, n.d.
  3. James Winthrop, 1781 autograph signature.

Acta Eruditorium. reviews of Newton, Leibniz, etc. n.d.


Stiles, Ezra (1727-1795; president of Yale)

Scope and Content Note

Miscellaneous notes & mathematical calculations re: comets, transit of Mercury, Aurora Borealis, 1745-1784. Mss different hands.

Atwater, Noah, (senior tutor at Yale)


Copernicus, Nicolaus. Copy of engraving, 1654.

Box-Folder B1, F2

Pierce, Benjamin. (Harvard Math. Prof., fl. 1850's)

Scope and Content Note

  1. ALS Pierce to a colleague. Cambridge 1854.
  2. Photo of Pierce.

Bowditch, Nathaniel

Scope and Content Note

  1. Addition to the memoir on the Solar Eclipse of June 16, 1806. AMs S.
  2. Observations on the total eclipse of the Sun of June 16, 1806 mode at Salem. AMs S.
  3. Observations of the Comet - 1807 AMs S..
  4. Chapter II: On the figure of the earth, AMs S.
  5. ALS Bowditch to Rev. Joseph Williard. Salem, 1797.
  6. Engraving of Bowditch (1838) from H. I. Bowditch's biography of his father.

Perkins, George R. ALS Perkins to N. Bowditch. Boston, 1838.


Hassler, Ferdinand.

Scope and Content Note

  1. ALS Hassler to Leo Woodbury, Secy. of the Treasury. Washington, 1839.
  2. ALS Hassler to Walter Forward, Secy. of the Treasury. Washington 1842.
  3. ANS Hassler to Secy. of of the Treasury, Washington, 1842

Newcomb, Simon (1835-1909)

Scope and Content Note

  1. Announcement lectures at John Hopkins University on history of astronomy, 1876-77.
  2. Outline of a direct and easy method of affecting the development of the pertubative function and its differential coefficient AMs
  3. Fragmentary lecture notes, AMs
  4. Engraved portrait Photo

Young, C.A. (Dartmouth) ALS Young to S. Newcomb 1876


Kelvin (Lord) [Sir William Thomas]. AI. C.W. Siemens / with kind regards/ W.T. / Southampton Aug. 27, 1882.


Unidentified Ms found by FEB in purchased copy of Davidis Gregorii... Astronomiae.... Geneva, 1726.

Box-Folder B1, F3

American Academy of Sciences. Founding articles, Aug 15, 1865.

Physical Description: Photocopy

Boyle, R.O. Several letters to/from. 1679-85.

Physical Description: Photocopy.

The First Book of Euclid's Elements

Physical Description: Photocopy.

Scope and Content Note

folio 8-12.

Misc photocopies of 18 th c printed matter.

Box-Folder B1, F4

Rouse-Ball, W. W. Newton's Principles.

Physical Description: TMs w/annot. 23 pp.

Russell, Bertrand. Application card to History of Science Society. Approved 4/20/27 by FEB.


Poincare, Excerpts from address on the future of mathematics. 1908.

Physical Description: TMs 2 pp.

Holden, Edwards. (Lick Observatory) Memorandum on the Preparation of a Catalogue from the Washington Zones, 1846-50. Lick Obs., 1896.

Physical Description: AMsS 3 pp.

Erick, John Francis (1791 -).Biographical article (fragment).

Physical Description: Printed

Lecat, Maurice (C. E. Louvain) Business card w/annot. 1924


Cajori, Florian (univ. of Calif., Berkeley) A Century of American Geodesy HSS mtg, Durham, 1929.

Physical Description: TMS of intro., 1 p.

Eliot, C. W., TLS 9/28/20 CWE (Mainc) to FEB re: B.Pierce.


Whitmore, James ALS 2/22/20 JW (New Haven) to FEB ve: B. Pierce.


Johnson (Senator) Ms draft of statement re: Naval observatory deterioration of standards [1948?]Fragment.

Physical Description: 1 p.

de Bois-Raymond, Paul. Extract of an address at Tubingen 1874.

Physical Description: 3 pp. w/annot.
Box 2

Colonial Science: general

Scope and Content Note

(not divided into folders)
FEB notes (AMs/TMs) intended for lecture, publication, or personal use, re: history of colonial Scientific thought, esp. as it relates to Newton. Includes studies re:
  1. John Winthrop
  2. Cotton Mathev
  3. Increase Mathev
  4. Early astronomical & mathematical work at Harvard and William and Mary.
Box 3

Colonial Science: general

Box-Folder B3, F1

FEB notes (AMs/TMs) re:

Scope and Content Note

  1. Science at Colonial Harvard
  2. John Winthrop
  3. Newton
Box-Folder B3, F2

FEB notes (AMs/TMs) re:

Scope and Content Note

  1. Colonial surveying and navigation as applied Science
  2. Newtonian Scientific influence
  3. Science and the colonial mind
  4. Political philosophy of the Declaration of Independence
  5. 17th c. Science & research at Wilham and Mary.
Box-Folder B3, F3

FEB notes and drafts for articles (AMs/TMs) re: early science at Yale and Columbia (King's College)

Scope and Content Note

  1. article re: W.S. Johnson, first pres. of Columbia.
  2. notes re: Science at colonial yale
  3. notes re: Ezra Stiles, 18thc Yale Newtonian. (see E. S. Mss, Box 1)
  4. notes articles re: Samuel Johnson, 18th c. pres. of King's College.
Box-Folder B3, F4

Matter re: Isaac Greenwood, 18th c Harvard mathematician

Scope and Content Note

  1. I.G. A Philosophical Discourse concerning the Mutability changes of the Material World. 1731. (photostat)
  2. I.G. correspondence (photostat)
Box-Folder B3, F5

FEB notes (AMs/TMs) re: Newtonian epoch of colonial science: mathematics from 1636-1738.FEB article, The Newtonian Epoch in the American Colonies

Box-Folder B3, F6

FEB note (AMs/TMs) re: Winthrop study of the transits of Mercury and Venus (1740-1769)

Box-Folder B3, F7

Matter re: Count Rumford (1753-1814),American Scientist

Box-Folder B3, F8

FEB notes (AMs) re:

Scope and Content Note

  1. History of nationalism & experimentism
  2. J. Winthrop and colonial scientific Thought, esp. at Harvard
  3. Colonial almanacs
  4. Cotton Mather
  5. Thomas Robie (1689-1729)
Box 4

Colonial Science: general

Box-Folder B4, F1

Matter re: Cadwallader Colden (1769-1834), biographer and friend of Robert Fulton

Scope and Content Note

  1. Autographed copy of Philosophical Transactions, 1714.
  2. Page from the Transactors of the Royal Society of London, v. 49 (1755) w/ CC's letter to P. Collinson describing earthquake in N. Y. (Nov. 13, 1755).
  3. Photostats of other letters from CC to Collinson.
  4. Misc. articles and notes re: CC.
  5. Ms description of CC's Ms copy book.

Matter re: science in New York colony page from New York Chronical (1769)diagram of Venus' transit.

Box-Folder B4, F2

Bowdoin, James. ALS (1764)describing and illustrating telescope improvements

Physical Description: (photostat).
Box-Folder B4, F3

FEB notes (AMs/TMs) re: colonial Science, particularly Harvard's role.

Box-Folder B4, F4

Articles re: Jeremiah Horrox (1619-1641)minister and astronomer.

Box 5

Colonial science: matter re: Thomas Jefferson

Box-Folder B5, F1

Misc. articles about Jefferson, including FEB's, Thomas Jefferson, the Scientist.

Box-Folder B5, F2-3

a) Transcriptions and photostats of some Jefferson letters


b) FEB notes (AMs) re: Jefferson


c) FEB correspondence re:

Scope and Content Note

  1. various Jeffersonian functions
  2. acquisition of Jefferson materials
Box-Folder B5, F4

* Copy of a Jefferson portrait

Box 6

Colonial Science: matter re: George Washington

Box-Folder B6, F1-2

Misc. articles, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, reproductions of pictures

Box-Folder B6, F3

FEB notes (AMs/TMs) re: Washington as a scientist.

Box-Folder B6, F4-5

Matter re: the city of Washington

Scope and Content Note

  1. tour pamphlets
  2. articles re: planning & building
Box-Folder B6, F6

Journal of American History 4: 1 (1910)

Scope and Content Note

containing reproductions of revolutionary period art.
Box 7

Colonial Science: matter re: Benjamin Franklin

Box-Folder B7, F1-2

Misc. articles, photostats of letters, photos of Franklin's scientific equipment, FEB correspondence re: acquisition of Franklin materials.

Box 8

Colonial Science: matter re: Massachusetts history

Box-Folder B8, F1

Misc. articles & booklets

Box-Folder B8, F2

a) Lodge, H.C. The Pilgrims of Plymouths. (1921)


b) Towne, E.C. Studies in Pilgrim History (1905)

Box-Folder B8, F3

Misc. articles & clippings re: Harvard

Box-Folder B8, F4

a) Matter re: Joseph Lovering (1813-1892), American Scientist.


b) Boston & Science

Box 9

Colonial Science: John Winthrop (1714-1779) and the colonial Newtonists

Box-Folder B9, F1-3

Matter re: FEB's article, The Royal Society of London & its Influence upon Scientific Thought in the American Colonies.

Scope and Content Note

  1. drafts (FEB AMs/TMs)
  2. related articles
  3. related correspondence
Box-Folder B9, F4

Matter re: a science text (AMs) written by Chas. Morton (Colonial Harvard Scientist)

Scope and Content Note

  1. correspondence re: location of Ms.
  2. FEB transcription of parts of text.
Box-Folder B9, F5

a) FEB notes (AMs/TMs) re: early Harvard tutor


b) Matter re: celestial almanacs: notes and lists.

Box-Folder B9, F6

FEB transcription (AMs/TMs) of earliest know catalogue of Harvard library, 1764

Box-Folder B9, F7-8

FEB correspondence re: acquisition of Winthrop

Box 10

Colonial Science: John Winthrop and the colonial Newtonists

Box-Folder B10, F1-2

FEB drafts (AMs/TMs) of various books & articles re: John Winthrop & David Rittenhos

Scope and Content Note

  1. The Mathematical Studies of J.W.
  2. America's first Astronomer, J.W.
  3. Life & Work of J.W.
  4. The History of Astronomy in America
  5. David Rittenhouse (1732-1796) & the American Philosophical Society.
  6. Notes & Impressions relating to the Tercentenary Celebration of the Birth of Isaac Newton
Box-Folder B10, F3

FEB drafts (AMs/TMs) of America's First Astronomer & the Science of his period, J.W. (1714-1779).

Box-Folder B10, F4

FEB draft (AMs) of History of Astronomy in America

Box-Folder B10, F5

FEB drafts (TMs) of Medical Men in Mathematics, Astronomy, & Physics.

Box-Folder B10, F6

a) Misc. articles re: J.W.


b) transcription of J.W.'s, Lecture on Earthquake

Box-Folder B10, F7

a) correspondence re: an FEB Winthrop article primarily critiques


b) misc. correspondence W/ Phi Beta Kappa


c) photos of scientific instruments

Box-Folder B10, F8

FEB notes re: article, Brown University & Benjamin West (Colonial astronemer).

Box 11

Colonial Science: John Winthrop & the colonial Newtons

Box-Folder B11, F1

Photostats of printed J.W. matter.

Scope and Content Note

  1. Aberration & Transit of Venus (1769)
  2. Observations of the Transit of Venus [1765] 2 articles
  3. Observations of the Transit of Mercury (17--) 2 articles
  4. Remarks upon a passage in Castilliano's Life of Sir Isaac Newton (1773)
  5. Correspondence: John Adams & J. W. (1775)
Box-Folder B11, F2

Photostats of printed J.W. matter.

Scope and Content Note

  1. An Account of a Meteor (1760)
  2. An Account of an Earthquake... (1755)
  3. Transit of Mercury (1742)
  4. Letter to the Boston Gazette (1756)
  5. Letter from Cromwell Mortimer to J.W. (1741)
Box-Folder B11, f3-4

Articles & notes re: colonial science (esp. J.W.), Puritans.

Box-Folder B11, F5

Matter re: J.W. & colonial science

Scope and Content Note

  1. FEB notes
  2. newsclippings
  3. book catalogues
  4. photos of J.W. descendents, grave, scientific apparatus
Box-Folder B11, F6

* a) J.W. AMss.


b) FEB notes

Box-Folder B11, F7

a) FEB notes (AMs/TMs) re:

Scope and Content Note

  1. J.W. & colonial science in general
  2. History of Astronomy in America

b) Misc. articles re: J.W., early colonial chemists medicine.


c) articles (TMs) by C.A. Browne re: J.W.


* d) Observations of the solar eclipse of Sept. 17 1811by John Fran.

Box 12

Colonial Science: John Winthrop & the Colonial Newtonists

Box-Folder B12, F1


Scope and Content Note

  1. early printed copy of Euclid
  2. correspondence of John Clayton, Cadwatha Colden
Box-Folder B12, F2-3

FEB drafts (TMss) of The History of Astronomy in America: 1621-1783

Box-Folder B12, F4-5

FEB drafts (AMs/TMs) of various works be colonial science, esp. JW

Box-Folder B12, F6

FEB drafts (AMs/TMs) of article, History of Harvard Observatory. Other drafts of articles are: modern science, books review;,

Box-Folder B12, F7

Matter re: David Ritten house:

Scope and Content Note

  1. articles
  2. matter pertaining to functions of Ritten house Society
Box-Folder B12, F8

Matter re: David Ritten house (1732-96):

Scope and Content Note

  1. FEB draft (TMs) of article, D. R. & his contemporaries in The Royal Society of London.
  2. article from Science News Letter, 1932
  3. matter re: Walter Minto, math. prof. at Princeton (1787-96: contemporary of Rittenhouse).
    1. FEB notes (AMs)
    2. photostats of letters
  4. Minto Ms Leaf
Box 13

Colonial Science: John Winthrop & The Colonial Newtonists John Winthrops LL.D: 1714-1779. Professor of Mathematics & Natural Philosophy, Harvard College, 1738-1779. Folio scrapbook compiled by FEB (1932),containing articles, photos, photostats related to JW.

Box 14

Isaac Newton: the influence of the Principia

Box-Folder B14, F1

a) Matter re: FEB's article on James Logan, colonial mathematician & the first to bring Newton's Principia to the colonies.


b) Matter re: David Rittenhouse & John Ewing.

Box-Folder B14, F2

Matter re: FEB's attempts to determine provenance of an annotated copy of the Principia, located at William & Mary. Primarily correspondence.

Box-Folder B14, F3-4

a) Results of FEB's research re: the William & Mary Principia in the form of notes for lectures.


b) Matter re: location of all copies of Principia in America.

Box-Folder B14, F5-6

Matter re: FEB's tracking down of an Australian copy of the Principia. Correspondence & Photostats.

Box 15

Isaac Newton (1642-1727): Bicentenary (of his Death) 1927:

Box-Folder B15, F1

FEB drafts (AMs/TMs) of lecture delivered at bicentenary: John Winthrop: America's First Astronomer & the First Critical disciple of Sir Isaac Newton in the Colonies.

Box-Folder B15, F2-4

Matter re: Bicentenary

Scope and Content Note

  1. programs
  2. announcements
  3. plans
  4. FEB's address
Box-Folder B15, F5

FEB correspondence re: Bicentenary, re:

Scope and Content Note

  1. securing participant lecturers
  2. publication of the bicentenary lectures
Box-Folder B15, F6

FEB correspondence w/ the Williams & Wilkins Company, publishers of FEB's edited work, Sir Isaac Newton, stemming from the bicentenary.

Box-Folder B15, F7

a) FEB correspondence primarily re: acquisition of Newton material.


* b) reprint of Newton etching, 1831.

Box 16

Isaac Newton & his contemporaries

Box-Folder B16, F1-3

Matter re: Newton Tercentenary (of his birth) celebrated by Royal Society in 1946, &attended by FEB.

Scope and Content Note

  1. clippings
  2. corresponce
  3. programs
Box-Folder B16, F4

FEB notes (AMs/TMs) on Newtonian topics, perhaps from Tercentenary.

Box-Folder B16, F5

Matter re: correspondence of Newton and Edmond Halley, compiled by Eugene Fairfield MacPike. Bibliography, articles, (TMs), and photostats of letters.

Box-Folder B16, F6

Matter re: Mss of Alexander M. Fisher's Study of Gravitation at Yale College, 1815-1822.

Scope and Content Note

  1. photostats of Fisher Mss. Selected pages from the William & Mary copy of Principia.
  2. FEB correspondence w/ Yale library re: Fisher Mss.
Box-Folder B16, F7

a) FEB notes (AMs) re: Robert Boyle's Sceptical Chemist (1661, 1680 editions).


b) book lists: Newton & Kepler works. FEB correspondence w/ dealers


c) short reviews of FEB's compilation of Newton portraits


d) FEB correspondence re: H. W. Robinson's The Diary of Robert Hooke... 1672-1680,primarily btwn FEB and Eugene F. MacPike


e) FEB notes (AMs) re: Newton's early years


f) FEB draft of letter describing his Newton Collection (1960)

Box-Folder B16, F8

Misc. photostats of:

Scope and Content Note

  1. a portion of biography of Benjamin West (1738-1820).
  2. a letter from a John Winthrop, Jr. to his son at Harvard, 1672.
  3. description of picture of Winthrop's transit instrument (no picture here).
Box 17

Isaac Newton and his forbears

Box-Folder B17, F1

Matter re: FEB's proposal for translation of S. I. Vavilov's biography of Isaac Newton, including typed copy of portion of that translation

Box-Folder B17, F2-3

Misc. matter re: Newton (also Galileo, Kepler, Bacon)

Scope and Content Note

  1. newspaper & magazine clippings
  2. catalogues of Newtonia
  3. programs & announcements for exhibition
Box-Folder B17, F4

* Selection of 18th, 19th, & 20th century encycloped articles re: Newton

Box-Folder B17, F5

Matter re: Edmond Halley

Scope and Content Note

  1. British reviews of Engene F. Mac Pike's, correspondence & Papers of Edmond Halley
  2. articles by Mac Pike re: E. Halley
Box-Folder B17, F6

Matter re: Roger Bacon

Scope and Content Note

  1. misc. articles
  2. FEB notes
Box-Folder B17, F7

Articles (TMs) by Raymond J. Seeger

Scope and Content Note

  1. Galilco Pilgrimage
  2. On the Role of Galileo in Physics
  3. Imperatives for Peace
Box-Folder B17, F8

Draft (TMs) of Johan Kepler (1571-1630), a Tercentenary Commemoration of his Life & Work. A series of papers prepared under the auspices of the History of Science Society.

Box-Folder B17, F9

Bibliography of J. Kepler on index cards

Box-Folder B17, F10

Misc. matter

Box 18

Isaac Newton & the History of Science

Scope and Content Note

(not divided into folders) FEB notes (AMs) re: Newton & history of science in general, from Greck to modern times. Highly disordered.
Box 19

Isaac Newton & the History of Science

Scope and Content Note

(not divided into folders)
FEB notes (AMs) re: Newton & history of science in general. Highly disordered.
Box 20

Isaac Newton & the History of Science

Scope and Content Note

(not divided into folders)
Misc articles, FEB notes (AMs/TMs) & papers re: history of science
Box 21

Isaac Newton and Science in the 17th & 18th century

Box-Folder B21, F1-2

Matter re: FEB's bibliographical projects re: Newton & the Principia.

Scope and Content Note

  1. book catalogues
  2. FEB notes (AMs)
  3. correspondence & articles by Henry P. Macomber
Box-Folder B21, F3

Drafts (AMs/TMs) of FEB's address: Henry Zeitlinger (1871-1860) & Newton's Library.

Box-Folder B21, F4

Misc. articles re: Newton including fascimile of a Philosophical Transactions article by Newton (1672), New Theory about Light & Colors

Box-Folder B21, F5

Photostats of misc. Newton Mss

Box-Folder B21, F6

Matter re: historical eclipses

Scope and Content Note

  1. Fotheringham, J.K. Historical Eclipses (1921)
  2. Hodgson, J. Account of some Eclipses (photostat of 1704 edition)
  3. photostat of Ms providing figures re: eclipse of 1707.
  4. Cushing, Harvey. An Eclipse Observed over Two Centuries Ago. (1925)
Box-Folder B21, F7

McCollex, Grant. The Seventeenth Century Doctrine of a Plurality of Worlds. (TMs).

Box 22

Isaac Newton: misc.

Box-Folder B22, F1-2

Photostats of Mss by & about Newton

Box-Folder B22, F3

Photostats of misc. Mss, including:

Scope and Content Note

  1. Jefferson - Franklin correspondence
  2. William Currie Mss.
Box-Folder B22, F4

FEB articles

Physical Description: (printed):

Scope and Content Note

  1. Report of The...Bicentenary of The Death of Sir Isaac Newton.
  2. The Royal Society of London & its Influence...
  3. Rufus Lot Green (Stanford Math. Prof., d. 1932)
  4. Sir William Herschel, 1738 - 1822
  5. Report of the Work Accomplished in the Various Libraries & Scientific Institutions of London, Cambridge, & Oxford from July 14 to Aug. 20, 1932
Box-Folder B22, F5

Newton bibliography

Physical Description: (printed & TMs)
Box 23

Isaac Newton / Albert Einstein

Box-Folder B23, F1

Misc. Newton matter, primarily re: Newton's home

Scope and Content Note

  1. newspaper article
  2. magazine articles
  3. photostat of articles
Box-Folder B23, F2

Photostats of Newton Mss re: music

Box-Folder B23, F3

Photostats of Newton's optical lectures

Box-Folder B23, F4

Newton portrait negatives

Box-Folder B23, F5

Einstein portraits

Box 24

Albert Einstein

Box-Folder B24, F1

a) FEB correspondence re: proposed relativity bibliography

Box-Folder B24, F2-5

Matter re: theory of relativity

Scope and Content Note

  1. clippings
  2. articles
  3. FEB notes
  4. Einstein obituaries
Box 25

Albert Einstein

Box-Folder B25, F1-3

Misc Matter re: Einstein & Abbe G Le Maitre (mentor of the Big Bang theory of the creation of universe)

Scope and Content Note

  1. clippings
  2. articles
Box 26

Thomas Jefferson Jackson See (Navy astronomer)

Box-Folder B26, F1

a) biographical sketch of T.J.J. See (printing)


b) correspondence btwn T.J.J. See and John Nelson Stockwell (astronomer, 1832-1920) apparently re: See's proposed biography of Stockwell. correspondence continues after latter's death with other Stockwell family members (E.A. and J.W.) re: the project, copy of finished product: Histories Notice of John Nelson Stockwell of Cleveland (192-)

Box-Folder B26, F2

a) Misc. clippings re: T.J.J. See & the Naval Observatory at Mare Island.


b) Certificate given to See by the Accademia di Scienze Lettere ed Arti de'Zelanti, 1915.

Box-Folder B26, F3

a) T.J.J. See draft of biographical notice of J.N. Stockwell.


b) article re: an eclipse by Stockwell.

Box-Folder B26, F4

a) clippings re: T.J.J. See


b) photo of Newton medal awarded to See

Box-Folder B26, F5

Portraits of T.J.J. See

Box-Folder B26, F6-7

a) TLS (8 Sept 1942)T.J.J. See to a Navy admiral requesting assignment to special post as an advisor in science for Navy General Board.


b) T.J.J. See notes (AMs) on Cosmical mechanics


c) TLS (18 Feb 1931)TJJ See to Prof. Adams, director of Mt. Wilson Observatory, re: See's challenge to Einstein's theory of relativity


d) T.J.J. See drafts of comet study

Box 27

T.J.J. See: printed articles

Box-Folder B27, F1-2

Reprints of T.J.J. See article series, New Theory of the Aether.

Physical Description: 8 papers, all present in at least one copy except #5.
Box-Folder B27, F3

Bound edition of the above.

Box-Folder B27, F4-6

Reprints of various T.J.J. See articles re: astronomy

Box 28

T.J.J. See: printed articles

Scope and Content Note

(Not divided into folders)
Misc. reprints of T.J.J. See articles.
Box 29

T.J.J. See

Box-Folder B29, F1

a) Brief Biographical Notice of T.J.J. See (TMs)


b) T.J.J. See exams (AMs) from Navy training.


c) List of published papers by T.J.J. See (1889-1902).

Box-Folder B29, F2

T. J. J. See article drafts (TMs)

Box-Folder B29, F3

T. J. J. See biographical matter

Scope and Content Note

  1. Photo of T. J. J. See
  2. Webb, W. L. Brief Biography & Popular Account of the Unparalleled Discoveries of T. J. J. See
  3. moon crater photos
  4. assorted charts.
  5. photos of scientists
Box-Folder B29, F4-7

Photographic history of T.J.J., See & family

Box 30

T. J. J. See: photos Framed photos (or prints) of:

Physical Description: (flat box)

Scope and Content Note

  1. David Starv Jordon (original photo)
  2. Ben Franklin (print)
  3. S. Newcomb (print)
Box 31

T. J. J. See: photos

Physical Description: (flat box)
Box-Folder B31, F1

photos, prints, maps, charts of geological phenomena

Box-Folder B31, F2-4

Photos & prints of astronomical equipment & phenomena.

Box-Folder B31, F5

Photos & prints of scientists, including: Charles Darwin, Champ Clark, George H. Darwin, * J. N. Stockwell (1868),Cadwallader Coldon, William Herschel, Isaac Barrow, Edmond Halley, A. A. Michelson, various See family members.

Physical Description: (many unidentified photos).
Box-Folder B31, F6

Photos continued: * Richard Brayar, * Stanford graduates of 1900, * Addie L. Hamilton & Bertha Mary shaw (class of 1901), Cornelius Bol, Franklin Wolff, Edwin Hubble, Léon Foucault, Isaac Newton Frederick E. Wright, Ainsworth R. Spoffor

Physical Description: (many unidentified photos).
Box-Folder B31, F7

Prints of Copernicus

Box-Folder B31, F8

Prints of science-related works of art.

Box 32

T.J.J. See: printed articles

Box-Folder B32, F1-3

Reprints of T.J.J. See astronomy articles

Box 33, Box-Folder B33, F1-4

Letters to T.J.J. See re: Webb's biography (see B29-F3)

Box 34

T.J.J. See & Kenneth Albert

Scope and Content Note

This box contains See's correspondence re: Kenneth Albert (a.k.a., Havold Albin), an ex-naryman, sentenced to 15 years at Sam Quentin for his part in an escape attempt (Sept. 5, 1920). on July 1924, Albert began corresponding co/ See, his choice as advocate for an amnesty. The correspondence continued regularly for two years, ultimately leading to Albert's release. Included are letters from Brent A. Lindsay (See's legal advisor) and the Dept. of The Navy.


Chronologically arranged.
Box-Folder B34, F1

Record of court martial proceeding (TMs) re: Kenneth Albert.

Box-Folder B34, F2-3

correspondence: 1924

Box-Folder B34, F4-5

correspondence: 1925

Box-Folder B34, F6-7

correspondence: 1926

Box 35

T.J.J. See: correspondence

Box-Folder B35, F1-6

correspondence from See to W. L. Webb, author of Brief Biography & Popular Account of the Unparalleled Discoveries of T.J.J. See. Autumn 1913 - Summer 1914.

Box 36

Lick Observatory

Box-Folder B36, F1-3

Pamphlet, magazine descriptions & histories of Lick Observatory

Box-Folder B36, F4

Newspaper clippings re: Lick Obs.

Box-Folder B36, F5

Publications & programs of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (centered at Lick Obs.,)

Box 37

Lick Observatory

Box-Folder B37, F1

Photos & printed matter re: Lick Obs. astronomer

Box-Folder B37, F2

a) Photos of Lick Obs.


b) Astronomical photos

Box-Folder B37, F3

a) Publications re: Lick Obs.


b) Publications by Lick Obs. astronomers

Box-Folder B37, F4

Matter re: American Astronomical Society

Box-Folder B37, F5

FEB drafts (TMs) of A Phantasy: Isaac Newton's visit to Lick Observatory (the City of Seven Domes).

Box-Folder B37, F6-7

FEB correspondence re: Lick Obs. and its astronomers.

Box 38

Lick Observatory

Box-Folder B38, F1

FEB correspondence with Nicholas u. Mayall, Lick Obs. astronomer. Also articles by, and newspaper clippings about, Mayall.

Box-Folder B38, F2-3

Ditto re: Charles Donald Shane, Lick Obs. astronome

Box-Folder B38, F4

Ditto re: Joel Stebbins, Lick Obs. astronomer

Box-Folder B38, F5

Ditto re: Ferdinand J. Neubauer, Lick Obs. astronomer

Box-Folder B38, F6

Brief biographical sketches and obituaries re: Lick Obs. astronomers

Box-Folder B38, F7

Pamphlets re: other observatories

Box 39

FEB and contemporary science

Box-Folder B39, F1-2

Misc. FEB notes (AMs) and articles re: astronom

Box-Folder B39, F3

FEB notes, articles, photos re: spiral nubulae

Box-Folder B39, F4

Matter re: the Nantucket Maria Mitchell Assn

Box-Folder B39, F5

Photos of Scientists, including: George Sarton, Henry Lerew, R.C. Archibald, Edgar F. Smith, Charles Albert Brown, W. Carl Rufus, George Ellery Hale

Physical Description: (others not identified)
Box-Folder B39, F6

Matter re: George Ellery Hale (1868-1938), American scientist

Scope and Content Note

  1. articles
  2. obituaries
Box-Folder B39, F7

Misc. scientist photos, contemporary & historical.

Box-Folder B39, F8

Matter re: William Bond & the chronometer


Includes letter (ALS.) to Dreyer from Hans Carl Frederick Christian, Danish astronomer (c. 1880).
Box 40

FEB and contemporary science

Box-Folder B40, F1

Matter re: FEB's attempt to prepare a biographical sketch of Dr. John L. E. Dreyer, historian of astronomy (f 1926).

Box-Folder B40, F2

Matter re: quaternary celebration of Copernicus' death (1943).Particulary FEB's correspondence w/ various involved organizations

Box-Folder B40, F3-4

a) FEB correspondence with C. K. Bolton of the Library of Boston Atheneum


b) Matter re: FEB's showing of Newton art at Stanford Art Gallery (1950)


c) Clippings of Royce Brier articles re: Soviet Union


d) Bulletin of the Univ. of Minnesota


e) List of History of Science Society members


f) Misc. FEB notes

Box-Folder B40, F5

Note cards evidently used to describe scientific equipment in an exhibit

Box-Folder B40, F6

* Computation of the orbit of a comet, 1897by W. J. Hussey.

Box-Folder B40, F7

Misc. clippings re: modern scientific discoveries

Box 41

FEB and Contemporary Science

Box-Folder B41, F1

Journal articles re: the Royal Society

Box-Folder B41, F2-3

Drafts (TMs) of The Exponential Theory of Gravitation by A. J. Schneiderov. Correspondence btwn Schneiderov and FEB re: submission of article to the American Philosophical Society

Box-Folder B41, F4

Matter re: Sir Oliver Lodge, scientist

Scope and Content Note

  1. newspaper clippings.
  2. articles by Lodge.
Box-Folder B41, F5

Matter re: Harry Elmer Parnes, scientist

Box-Folder B41, F6

Matter re: American Astronomical Society

Scope and Content Note

  1. photo of members
  2. notes
Box 42

FEB and Contemporary Science

Box-Folder B42, F1

FEB drafts of reports presented to a History of Science Society meeting (1923.)Related journal articles. Correspondence with Society.

Box-Folder B42, F2

FEB correspondence with the Society re: his proposal for a scientific institute sponsored

Box-Folder B42, F3

Misc. articles re: history of Science

Box-Folder B42, F4

FEB notes, articles, & correspondence re: astronomical spirals

Box-Folder B42, F5

Dr. Wartensleben, A Basal Error in Chemical Practice (TMs).

Box-Folder B42, F6

Articles (TMs)

Scope and Content Note

  1. Clark, A. H and L. F. The Background of the American Assn. for the Advancement of Science.
  2. Rufus, W. Carl. Atmospheric Pulsation of the Stars (1924) and Outline of the Exhibit regarding the Origin of a New Method of Attacking the cepheid problem.
Box-Folder B42, F7

a) Matter re: 1957Gravity Research Fndn. Awards for essays on gravity.


b) Correspondence & articles (TMss) on gravity

Box-Folder B42, F8

Matter re: International Astronomical Union

Scope and Content Note

  1. 1961 issues of IAU News Bulletin
  2. 1961 issues of IAU information bulletins
  3. programs for various functions
Box-Folder B42, F9

Misc. matter re: modern astronomy

Box 43

FEB and Contemporary Science

Physical Description: (not divided into folders)

Matter re: American Assn. for the Advancement of Science (of which FEB was assistant secretary in the 1920's)

Scope and Content Note

  1. programs
  2. reports
  3. correspondence
Box 44

FEB and Contemporary Science

Physical Description: (This material located in envelope in the FEB oversize box)

Papers of George k. Lawton (astronomer), including charts of orbit of satellites.

Box 45

FEB and Contemporary Science

Box-Folder B45, F1

Matter re: FEB's article, History Activities of the USSR Academy of Sciences During the Past Twenty-Five Years, Science 99 (1944)

Scope and Content Note

  1. drafts
  2. correspondence
Box-Folder B45, F2

FEB notes articles re: history of Harvard

Box-Folder B45, F3

a) FEB book reviews (AMs)

Scope and Content Note

  1. Percual Lowell: an After low
  2. Einstein the Searcher
  3. Watchers of the Sky

b) FEB notes (AMs)

Scope and Content Note

  1. select bibliography for outline of science
  2. Copernicus address
Box-Folder B45, F4

FEB drafts (TMs): Sir William Herschel (1738-1822).

Box-Folder B45, F5

FEB drafts (AMS):

Scope and Content Note

  1. Outline of Syllabus of Leatures in the History of Science (1910)
  2. Hegel's Philosophy of History
  3. An Outline of Modern Naturalistic though with Special Reference to the Philosophy of ernst Haechel.
Box-Folder B45, F6

FEB draft (AMs) of Wilhelm Ostwold, Scientist Philosopher (1911).also magazine articles other matter re: the same.

Box-Folder B45, F7

FEB studies (AMs) of the history of cosmogony

Box 46

FEB & Contemporary Science

Box-Folder B46, F1

Misc. science articles (reprints) re:

Scope and Content Note

  1. early american science
  2. contemporary astronomical discoveries
  3. scientific progress in general
Box-Folder B46, F2

Stephen Alexander, Statement & exposition of Certain Harmonies of the Solar System (Washington, 1875)

Box-Folder B46, F3

Astronomical papers prepared for the use of the American Ephemeris & Nautical Almanac (Washington, 1912)

Box-Folder B46, F4

a) Obituaries re: Arthur Compton, physicist


b) Phi Beta kappa handbook


c) Clippings re: George Washington University

Box-Folder B46, F5

* a) Portrait of Denison Olmsted (1859)


* b) Address commemorating D. Olmstead (1852)


c) Misc., partial FEB notes

Box 47

FEB & Contemporary Science

Box-Folder B47, F1

Obituaries re: W.W. Rouse Ball, English Mathamatician (1850-1925)

Box-Folder B47, F2

Misc. astronomy article reprints by

Scope and Content Note

  1. Edward S. Holden (1880's)
  2. W. Carl Rufus (1940's)
  3. Benjamin Apthorp Gould, Jr (1850)
Box-Folder B47, F3

Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, 1 (1900)

Box-Folder B47, F4

Matter re: Florian Cajori (astronomer), including article reprints re: Newton

Box 48

FEB & Contemporary Science

Box-Folder B48, F1-2

FEB drafts & correspondence re: his reviews of

Scope and Content Note

  1. Noyes, Alfred. Watchers of the Sky (N.Y., 1922)
  2. Hale, G.E. The New Heavens (N.Y. 1922)
  3. Bailey, S.I. The History & Work of Harvard University, 1832-1927 (N.Y., 1931)
  4. Wolf, A. A History of Science, Technology, & Philosophy in the 18th Century (N.Y., 1936)
Box-Folder B48, F3

FEB notes & drafts (AMs) re: The Science Exhibit at the P.P.I. Exposition Illustrating the Progress of Science in the Last Decade.

Box-Folder B48, F4

FEB draft, of The History of Science & its bearing on Philosophy.

Box-Folder B48, F5

Matter re: a philosophy course:

Scope and Content Note

  1. syllabus
  2. FEB lecture notes (AMS)
Box-Folder B48, F6-10

Matter re: FEB's statistical study, The present status of the Teaching of the History of Science in our Universities, Colleges & Technical Schools.

Box-Folder B48, F11

Matter re: George Washington University midwinter convocation, 1928

Scope and Content Note

  1. correspondence
  2. news clippings
  3. info. re: university president C. H. Marria
Box-Folder B48 F12

Misc. news clippings

Box 49

FEB & Contemporary Science

Box-Folder B49, F1-2

Matter re: FEB's Newton portfolio project

Box-Folder B49, F3

Matter re: display of FEB Newton collection at Stanford, 1962.

Box-Folder B49, F4-5

Matter re: the publication of Marco polo's travels in 1930's

Box-Folder B49, F6

Matter re: FEB's project involving a history of science mural

Box-Folder B49, F7

Matter re: Senate proposal for federal support of scientific research

Box 50

FEB and Contemporary Science

Box-Folder B50, F1-2

Matter re: FEB's study The Present status of the Teaching of history in Science... (see also B48, F6-10)

Scope and Content Note

  1. correspondence
  2. drafts
  3. catalogues
Box-Folder B50, F3

Matter re: proposal for an institute for history of science & civilization

Box-Folder B50, F4

Misc. matter re: History of Science Society

Scope and Content Note

  1. reports
  2. projects
Box 51

FEB and Contemporary Science

Box-Folder B51, F1

a) Article photostats re: some Newton letters.


b) FEB, The Portrait Medals of Sir Isaac Newton


c) Reprint of Nature (1927)article series re: Newton

Box-Folder B51, F2-6

Reprints of 40 FEB articles & reviews, many in multiple copies. Broad range of topics in colonial and modern science

Box 52

FEB and Contemporary Science

Box-Folder B52, F1-4

Matter re: A.S. Eddington, astronomer.

Scope and Content Note

  1. article reprints
  2. clippings
Box-Folder B52, F5

a) Article re: Halley's comey


b) Robbins, Frank. The Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford.

Box-Folder B52, F6

Matter re: John Couch Adams, 19th cent. astrom

Box-Folder B52, F7

Ritehey, G. W. L'Evolution de l'astrophographie et les grands telescopes de l'avener (1929)

Box-Folder B52, F8

Misc. matter re:

Scope and Content Note

  1. Samuel E. Morison
  2. Senator Harry F. Byrd
  3. Leon Campbell
  4. Philip Fox
Box-Folder B52, F9

a) The practical observing of variable stars (1918 pamphlet)


b) William & Mary Historical Magazine, 1896, 192-issues.

Box 53

FEB and Contemporary Science

Box-Folder B53, F1-4

Matter re: Sir James Jeans, astronomes

Scope and Content Note

  1. reprints of articles
  2. clippings
Box 54

FEB and Contemporary Science

Physical Description: (not divided into folders)

Scope and Content Note

  1. Misc. issues of ISIS (science journal), 1948, 1949, 1961-3.
  2. Tijdschrift voor Economie, 3 (1960)
  3. Briggs, W.D. Dr. Flügel as a Scholar
  4. Kansan - Taloudellinen Aikakauskirja, 4 (1959)
  5. reprints of articles on English grammar, philology
Box 55

Card index: science & astronomy

Box 56

Card index: Science & astronomy

Box 57

Card index: library reference cards

Box BOXES 58-63

Card index: A - Z

Box BOXES 64-69

Card index: Brasch Collection

Box 70

Card index: drafts of FEB's proposed catalogues of Stanford Newton collection.

Box 71

Card index

Box 72

Card index

Box 73

FEB and the Library of Congress

Box-Folder B73, F1-2

Pamphlets & booklets re: LC

Scope and Content Note

  1. library guides
  2. commemorations of librarians
  3. exhibit catalogues
Box-Folder B73, F3

Matter re: Harriet Wheeler Pierson, friend of FEB at LC:

Scope and Content Note

  1. correspondence (HWP to FEB)
  2. HWP articles re: LC.
Box BOXES 74-76

FEB & the Library of Congress

Physical Description: (not divided into folders)

LC material (mid-1920s to mid-1940s):

Scope and Content Note

  1. annual reports of Smith division
  2. misc. correspondence
  3. pamphlets & articles re: LC
  4. news clippings re: LC, esp. obituaries
  5. programs & invitations re: LC functions

* speech of Mr. Bell of Tennessee on the message of the President of the U.S. delivered in House of Representatives, Dec. 26, 1838.

Physical Description: (Printed)
Box 77

Science Catalogues

Physical Description: (not divided into folders)

Scope and Content Note

  1. History of science book catalogues
  2. Catalogues of Scientific equipments some of antiquarian interest:
    1. Amsler & Wirz, Illustrated Catalogue of Mathematical, Optical, & Philosophical Instruments. Philadelphia, 1855
    2. Jones, W. and S. A Catalogue of Optical, Mathematical, & Philosophical Instruments (London, 1838
Box 78

Newton collection bills

Box-Folder B78, F1-7

Bills for items acquired by FEB for Newton collection, Includes

Scope and Content Note

  1. book orders
  2. correspondence with dealers
Box 79

FEB correspondence

Box-Folder B79, F1-2

a) correspondence from Leon Campbell


b) Pamphlets & articles re: American Assn. of Variable Star Observers (Leon Campbell, President)

Box-Folder B79, F3-4

Matter re: Carnegie Institute

Scope and Content Note

  1. programs & invitations
  2. correspondence
  3. clippings
Box-Folder B79, F5

correspondence with Edgar F. Smith (1854-192-) prof. of chemistry at Univ. of Penn. Also clippings & articles about EFS.

Box-Folder B79 F6

correspondence re: the Edgar F. Smith collection in the history of chemistry, primarily from Eva V. armstrong (collection curator) and D. Walter Taggart (also associated with the collection)

Box 80

FEB correspondence

Box-Folder B80, F1-3

correspondence (1909-30)with Florian Cajori, math. prof. at Colorado College & Berkeley.

Box-Folder B80, F4

correspondence (1921-1944)with Fernando Sanford, head of Stanford physics dept.

Box-Folder B80, F5

correspondence with medical doctors, including:

Scope and Content Note

  1. Henry E. Sigerist (Johns Hopkins): 1931-5
  2. J.F. Fulton (Yale): 1933-45
  3. Harvey Cushing (Yale): 1924-35
Box-Folder B80, F6

a) correspondence (1946-54)with T.J.J. See


* b) Photo of J.N. Stockwell with a letter from E.A. Stockwell to T.J.J. See. (see B26, F1)

Box-Folder B80, F7

correspondence (1935-56)with William D. Morgan, amateur astronomer & friend of FEB

Box 81

FEB correspondence

Physical Description: (not divided into folders)

Corres. (1930s - 1950s)with George Sarton; editor of Isis.

Box 82, Box-Folder B82, F1

Corres. (1920s - 1930s)with R.C. Archiba prof. at Brown Univ. and fellow member of the History of Science Society.

Box-Folder B82, F2

Corres. (1920s - 1930s)with prof. Philip Fox, astronomer assoc. with Adler planetarium (Chicago).

Box-Folder B82, F3

Corres. with those whose surnames begin with letter N.

Box-Folder B82, F4

Corres. (1920s - 1940s)with Eugene F. MacPike member of History of Science Society.

Box-Folder B82, F5

Corres. (1940s - 1950s)with G. Findlay Shirras, prof. of economics, Univ. of Illinois.

Box 83

FEB correspondence

Box-Folder B83, F1

Drafts of FEB biographical sketch of W.

Box-Folder B83, F2

Corres. with W. Carl Rufus

Box-Folder B83, F3

Misc. FEB Corres.

Box 84

FEB correspondence

Scope and Content Note

(not divided into folders)
Corres. (1920s) with Dr. William A. Lacy, Prof. at Northwestern Univ.
Box 85

FEB correspondence

Scope and Content Note

(not divided into folders)
Corres. (1920s-1930s) with David Eugene Smith, Prof of mathematics at Columbia Univ.
Box 86

FEB correspondence

Scope and Content Note

(not divided into folders)
Corres (1920s) with Charles Singer, Prof. of medieval history at Univ. of London.
Box 87

FEB correspondence

Scope and Content Note

(not divided into folders)
Misc. Corres (all times) incl. formal invitations to various social events.
Box 88

FEB correspondence

Scope and Content Note

(not divided into folders)
Personal corres (1950s) incl.:
  1. Christmas cards
  2. Unitarian Church matter
Box 89

FEB correspondence

Scope and Content Note

(not divided into folders)
Personal corres. incl.:
  1. Christmas cards
  2. Corres. re: library positions, acquisition of science materials (1910s-1930s)
Box BOXES 90-91

FEB Correspondence

Scope and Content Note

(not divided into folders)
Personal Corres. (all times)
Box 92

FEB correspondence

Box-Folder B92, F1

Corres. (1927-8)

Box-Folder B92, F2

Corres. (1931)

Box 93

FEB correspondence

Box-Folder B93, F1

Corres. (1938-41)

Box-Folder B93, F2

Corres. (1941)

Box 94

FEB correspondence

Box-Folder B94, F1

Corres. (1939-42)

Box-Folder B94, F2

Corres. (1939-45)

Box 95

FEB correspondence

Box-Folder B95, F1

Corres, (1910s-1940s)

Box-Folder B95, F2

Corres. (1910s-1920s)

Box-Folder B95, F3

Corres (1910s-1930s)with Lynn Thorndike historian at Columbia.

Box 96

FEB Memorabilia

Box-Folder B96, F1-3

Misc. memorabilia

Box-Folder B96, F4


Scope and Content Note

  1. FEB
  2. FEB's residences
  3. Scientific equipment
Box-Folder B96, F5

Memorabilia re: England (esp. postcards)

Box-Folder B96, F6

* correspondence (1863, 1865, 1905, 1910)found by FEB in various commentaries on Newton's

Box 97

FEB Memorabilia

Scope and Content Note

(envelope: see oversize box)
  1. photo of Parthenon
  2. prints of early Harvard
Box 98

College Catalogues: Harvard

Scope and Content Note

(not divided into folders)
Various Harvard publications, incl.
  1. Harvard catalogues (1903, 1930, 1932, 1935)
  2. Annual Report of Harvard Univ. (1828-8)
  3. Addresses at the Inauguration of Charles William Eliot as President of Harvard College (Cambridge, 1869)
  4. alumni bulletins & Harvard graduate magazine
  5. clippings & articles re: Harvard
  6. matter re: Harvard pres, C. W. Eliot
Box 99

College Catalogues: William & Mary Univ.

Scope and Content Note

(not divided into folders)
  1. William & Mary catalogues (1895, 1837, 1909, 1926, 1928, 1932, 1935, 1950)
  2. Articles re: Virginia
  3. Univ. of Chicago catalogues
Box BOXES 100-102

Studies in English Literature & Philology

Scope and Content Note

(not divided into folders)
Reprints of articles re:
  1. Tudor / Stuart literature
  2. English linguistics & Philology
  3. Science articles (e.g., Milton the Telescope)