Register of the Gilchrist Baker Stockton Papers, 1911-1959.

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Register of the Gilchrist Baker Stockton Papers, 1911-1959.

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Gilchrist Baker Stockton Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1911-1959.
Collection number: 75030
Creator: Stockton, Gilchrist Baker, 1890-1973.
Collection Size: 11 manuscript boxes (4.4 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Correspondence, dispatches, reports, clippings, and photographs, relating to activities of the Commission for Relief in Belgium, 1915-1916, and of the American Relief Administration in Austria, 1919-1933; and to establishment of the Jacksonville, Florida, Naval Air Base.
Language: English.

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Access Points

Commission for Relief in Belgium (1914-1930)
American Relief Administration. European Children's Fund.
United States. Naval Air Base (Jacksonville, Florida)
International relief.
World War, 1914-1918.
World War, 1914-1918--Austria.
World War, 1914-1918--Belgium.
World War, 1914-1918--Civilian relief.
Austria--Foreign relations--United States.
Belgium--History--German occupation, 1914-1918.
Florida--Politics and government.
United States--Foreign relations.
United States--Armed Forces.
United States--Foreign relations--Austria.
United States--Politics and government--1923-1929.
Hoover, Herbert, 1874-1964.
Diplomats--United States.

Biographical Notes.

1890, August 20 Born, Jacksonville, Florida
1914 B. Litt., Princeton University
1917 B.A., Oxford University (Rhodes Scholar)
1927 M.A., Oxford University
1915-1916 Staff, Commission for Relief in Belgium
1916-1917 Special Assistant to U.S. Ambassador, London
1917-1919 Aide to Admiral William S. Sims
1919-1920 Chief of Mission, American Relief Administration, Austria
1917-1950 U.S. Naval Reserve
1928 Delegate from Florida to Democratic National Convention
1930-1933 U.S. Minister to Austria
1945 Rear Admiral, U.S. Naval Reserve

Container List

Box No. 1-3.

Correspondence, 1911-1940.

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence arranged alphabetically by correspondent.
Box 1.

Blount, Margaret Stockton, 1919


Braxton, Carter M., 1923-1924


Brown, Walter Lyman, 1920-1923


Bryan, Judge Nathan P., 1928


Buchholz, F. W., 1923-1926


Burland, E. G., 1930


Carlton, Governor Doyle E., 1929


Cates, Mr. and Mrs. Fred S., 1921-1930


Causey, Colonel W. B., 1920-1930


Chase, J. C., 1927-1930


Colt, John, 1922-1929


Cotton, Joseph P., 1930


Crawford, John T. G., 1928-1929


Croft, Alfred, 1923


Curtis, Edward D., 1916-1922


Davis, John W., 1924


Dean, S. Bobo, 1928-1930


Fletcher, Senator Duncan U., 1930


Follest, Adaline, 1919


Frank, Nancie Crosse, 1918-1923


Fraser, A. M., 1925


Galpin, Perrin C., 1920-1930


Gibson, Hugh, 1918-1930


Godwin, Mr. and Mrs. J. Walker, 1922-1930


Good, Paul F., 1924


Graves, John Temple, 1923-1925


Graves, John Temple, II, 1913-1930

Box 2.

Hathaway, Fons A., 1925-1928


Hoover, President Hebert, 1928-1929


Hughes, John C., 1914-1930


Hurley, Patrick, 1930


Jones, Jesse H., 1924


Kelly, Mrs. D. F., 1922-1925


Kirby, F. M., 1923-1924


Knight, Colonel Peter O., 1927-1928


Lesan, H. E., 1928-1930


McEachin, Thomas C., Jr., 1922-1924


McMullen, Donald C., 1929


McQuaid, W. R., 1926


Mann, Colonel H. A., 1928


Martin, Governor John W., 1925-1927


Messinger, Carl, 1922-1925


Milton, George Fort, 1928-1930


Miscellaneous, 1917-1930


Murphee, A. A., 1923


Nicoll, Mrs. DeLancey, 1918-1925


Owen, Representative Ruth Bryan, 1926-1930


Pole, J. W., 1929


Reichner, L. Irving, 1925


Richardson, Gardner, 1933-1939


Richardson, R. N. D., 1918


Rickard, Edgar, 1921


Rosenthal, Benjamin J., 1921


Seitz, President Karl, 1920


Sims, Admiral William S., 1919-1930


Skipper, G. B., 1929


Stark, Admiral Harold R., 1940

Box 3.

Stockton, Mr. and Mrs. John N. C., 1914-1922


Stockton, William T., 1911-1930


Terry, General M. O., 1924


Torrey, Clare M., 1919-1930


Twining, N. C., 1919


Ulmer, Jean Stockton, 1916-1919


Yarnell, Admiral Harry Ervin, 1940

Box No. 4-11.

Subject File, 1912-1959.

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, clippings, photographs, printed matter, telegrams, dispatches, and miscellanea, arranged alphabetically by subject.
Box 4.

Business, 1922-1929


Jacksonville Landscape Company, 1926-1928


Jacksonville Real Estate Board, 1922-1928


Mid-State Waterway Association, 1924-1925


Miscellaneous, 1926-1929


Charitable Organizations, 1924-1927


American Red Cross (Jacksonville Chapter), 1924


Children's Home Society of Florida, 1924


Community Chest Association (Jacksonville and Duval County), 1924-1927


Diplomatic Service, 1916-1933


U.S. Embassy, London, 1916-1919


U.S. Embassy, Vienna, 1930-1933


Congratulatory letters upon appointment as U.S. minister to Austria, 1930

Box 5.

Dispaches to U.S. State Department, May 26, 1930 to April 27, 1932

Box 6.

Dispatches to U.S. State Department, May 4, 1932 to September 7, 1933

Box 7.

Telegrams to and from U.S. State Department, 1930-1933


Personal, 1917-1930


Congratulatory letters upon marriage, 1925


Diary fragments, 1917


Miscellaneous, 1926-1930


Politics, 1923-1930


Applicants for federal appointments, 1929-1930


Borden, Mrs. N. B., 1929


Carswell, Joseph P., 1929


Cisco, B. R., 1929


Greeley, Allan, 1929


Sasnett, R. M., Jr., 1930


Smith, Hill A., 1929


Democratic National Convention of 1924, Florida primary to elect delegates


Clippings and printed matter




Baxter, E. G.


Broome, W. S.


Brown, Max M.


Butler, J. Turner


Carn, B. O.


Carter, Francis B.


Carter, Jerry W.


Clarke, S. D.


Coleman, Dr. W. E.


Cone, Dr. D. N.


Cone, F. P.


Cone, W. B.


Davis, T. H.


Dearing, F. P.


Frink, Russell L.


Geiger, L. L.


Hampton, Hilton S.


Hampton, William Wade, Jr.


Harris, Al


Henderson, Robert A., Jr.


Huffaker, R. B.


Igou, D. R.


Ingram, F. P.


Jones, Charles E.


Layton, C. R.


Lindsay, David B.


Lowry, Sumter L., Jr.


Lucas, Thomas E.


Macfarlane, Hugh C.


May, Phil S.


Milliner, R. L.




Mullen, Charles G.


Myers, W. Blount


Payne, T. C.


Phifer, J. A.


Phillips, Herbert S.


Phillips, W. F.


Raney, George P.


Reaves, O. K.


Rouse, William C.


Sawyer, Herbert S.


Shackleford, T. M., Sr.


Stewart, Judge J. B.


Stockton, William T.


Stokes, G. H.


Straub, W. L.


Sutton, John B.


Swearingen, John J.


Terrell, Justice Glenn


Turner, Robert O.


Watson, W. H.


Wells, H. H.


West, Justice Thomas F.


Wideman, Jerome E.


Wilson, B. C.


Young, Fred H.


Expense Statements


Democratic National Convention of 1928


Florida primary to elect delegates


Campaign announcements and literature




Crawford, H. Clay


Froscher, N. T.


Graves, John Temple II


Harrington, Sadette


McAdoo, William G.




Othen, John


Shaver, Clem


Stewart, Judge J. B.


Tanner, Lois K. Mayes


Thorn, George D.


Expense statements


Notes, results, etc.


National convention


Convention rules reform


Rosters of delegates, etc.

Box 8.

Duval County, Florida, Board of County Commissioners, Highway assessment districts, 1926-1927


Florida Anti-Tammany League, correspondence, 1928


L'Engle, E.J.


Wolf, John H.


Florida State Legislature, 1927


Correspondence with John Temple Graves II


General, n.d.


League of Nations Non-Partisan Association, 1923-1925 Correspondence, 1923-1925


Aydelotte, Frank, 1923


Pepper, Senator George Wharton, 1924


Wiegart, Marie W., 1925


Printed matter, 1923


Miscellaneous, 1927-1928


Flint, Dorothea Paradise, "What Woodrow Wilson Means to Me."


General, 1927-1928


Relief work, 1915-1929


American Relief Administration. European Children's Fund. Austria, 1919-1922


Clippings and translations of clippigs, 1919-1920


Correspondence, 1919-1920


Allen, Mrs. Lloyd, 1920


Baker, George Barr, 1919-1920


Beckley, Zoe, n.d.


Brown, Walter Lyman, 1919-1920


Bucher, A. J., n.d.


Causey, Colonel W. B., n.d.


Embree, Edwin R., 1920


Fuller, W. P. Jr., 1919-1920


Geist, Dr. R. Hermann, 1919


Griffith, James E., 1919


Gruneberger, Dr. N., 1920


Hynes, John H., 1920


Kellogg, Dr. Vernon, 1920


Khittel, Josef, 1920


Klastersky, Herr, 1920


Loewenthal, Dr. Josef, 1920


Miscellaneous, 1920


Mott, J. R., 1920


Pirquet, Dr. Clemens, 1920


Powers, Edwin, 1920


Quinn, Captain C. J. C., 1920


Reumann, Jakob, 1920


Shaler, Millard K., 1920


Simpson, John Lowrey, 1920


Strother, French, 1920


Swing, Raymond, n.d.


Vickrey, C. V., 1920


Viereck, George Sylvester, 1919


Whitestone, S. L., 1920


Yarnall, D. Robert, 1920


Memoranda, 1919-1920


General, 1920


Regarding Dr. R. Hermann Geist, 1919-1920


Messages of gratitude for relief work, 1920


Miscellaneous, 1919-1922


Speech by Sir William Goode, "The Plight of Central Europe and a Possible Remedy,' 1919


Telegraphic dispatches, 1919-1920


American Relief Administration Association, 1923-1929


Correspondence, 1928-1929


Cox, Dr. John, 1928


Hutchinson, Dr. Lincoln, 1929


Tuthill, Marshall W., 1929


Wright, Robert C., 1928


General, 1923-1929


Commission for Relief in Belgium, 1915-1925


Correspondence, 1915-1925


Curtis, Edward D., 1915


Hollmann, J. J., 1915


Rickard, Edgar, 1923-1925


Simpson, R. H., 1916


Whitlock, Brand, 1915

Box 9.

General, 1915-1925


Manuscripts, untitled


Reports, 1915


"Report on the Deputation Permanente of Antwerp"


Warren, Robert H., "Statement of Circumstances Leading up to and Attending My Arrest at Esschen on Saturday, April 24th, 1915"


Social organizations, 1922-1930


Civitan Club of Jacksonville, 1924-1930


Friars Club, 1922-1926


Ortega Riding Club, 1927-1929


U.S. Navy, 1917-1959


General, 1917-1959


Correspondence, 1934-1959


Adams, Dr. Thomas S., 1940


Allen, Rear Admiral William H., 1938-1939


Angas, Commander W. Mack, 1939-1940


Ashby, Clarence G., 1952


Ashby, Clarence Garnett, Jr., 1952


Cummer, Wellington W., 1939


Daniel, Lieutenant Jacquelin J., 1945


DeWolf, Captain M. M., 1945-1946


Ferguson, Lieutenant Commander Robert R., 1934


Forrestal, James V., 1945


Fortson, Commander R. Malcolm, 1936-1941


Graves, John Temple, II, 1944


Gygax, Captain Felix, 1938


Kimball, Dan A., 1952


Lampe, Commander A. E., 1945


Lynch, Captain J. B., 1944


McFall, Rear Admiral A. C., 1945


Price, Captain John Dale, 1943


Schuyler, Captain G. L., 1940


Smith, Captain L., 1959


Spears, Captain W. O., 1936-1938


Walrath, Lieutenant L. K., 1943


Weaver, Major Lamar, 1939


Manuscript, "The Naval Reserve Force."


Orders, memoranda, fitness reports, etc., 1917-1954.


Jacksonville, Florida, Naval Air Base, 1938-1949


Clippings, 1939-1941


Correspondence, 1938-1949


Adair, Henry P., 1939


Adler, Colonel Julius, 1939


Andrews, Senator Charles O., 1939-1940


Angas, Robert M., 1939


Barber, Colonel A. B., 1939


Barton, Representative Bruce, 1939


Bell, R. J., 1940


Bennett, Walter J., 1939


Bishop, M. W., 1941


Blume, G. C., 1939


Butts, Elliot W., 1939


Carter, Fae R., 1939


Cary, James G., 1939


Chase, Joshua C., 1939


Clark, James B., 1939


Clason, Representative Charles R., 1939


Coachman, Walter F., Jr., 1939


Cole, Representative W. Sterling, 1939


Cone, Admiral Hutch I., 1939


Cotter, Commander Carl H., 1939-1940


Cushman, Raymond W., 1939


Daniels, James T., 1939


DeHoff, William J., 1949


Edison, Charles, 1939


Estes, Nieuport B., 1939


Fortson, Commander R. Malcolm, 1939


Gamble, Robert H., 1940-1941


George, Senator Walter F., 1939


Green, Representative Lex, 1939


Hoit, Richard B., 1939


Imeson, Thomas C., 1939


Jones, W. D., Jr., 1939-1941


Kassewitz, Samuel, 1939


Kavanaugh, J. E., 1939


Knox, Captain D. W., 1939


Lowry, Brigadier General Sumter L., Jr., 1939

Box 10.

Mason, Captain C. P., 1941


Matthews, Eugene S., 1939


Meade, Lieutenant Commander R. H., 1941


Milam, Arthur Y., 1939-1940


Milam, Robert R., 1939


Miscellaneous, 1939-1941


Moreell, Admiral Ben, 1939-1940


Murchison, Charles H., 1939


Newton, Walter H., 1939


Patten, George L., 1939


Pepper, Senator Claude, 1938-1939


Porcher, Arthur G., 1939


Reamy, H. J., 1940


Regan, Captain H. E., 1945


Register, J. Alvin, 1939


Sanders, Gold V., 1939


Smith, C. Sweet, n.d.


Stark, Admiral Harold R., 1941


Steiner, Ensign R. L., 1941


Stockton, James R., 1939


Sulzberger, Arthur Hays, 1939


Tomb, Captain James H., 1939-1940


Towers, Jack, 1940


Ulmer, Herman, 1939


Watkins, Colonel Lewis H., 1939


West, Helen, 1939


Wiles, Frank, 1939


Williams, V. O., 1939


Wilson, Captain James Y., 1939


Yarnell, Rear Admiral Harry Ervin, 1941


Maps and blueprints


Memoranda, reports, miscellanea, 1938-1947


"Comparative Advantages of Establishing a Major Navy Air Base at Jacksonville and Miami," 1939


Deegan, William J., Jr., "Naval Air Base, Fernandina, Florida," 1939


Dozier, Lieutenant (junior grade) Louis S., "Statement by . . . at Deland, Florida on 28 February 1940."


General, 1939-1947


Miscellaneous, 1939-1941


Regarding bus transportation to naval base, 1939-1947


Leahy, Admiral William D., "Statement of the Chief of Naval Operations before the Senate Naval Affairs Committee in Connection with S-830, 6 March 1939."


"Memorandum Regarding Southeastern Air Base."


"Report on Hearings on Air Base, February 3, 1939," U.S. House of Representatives.


Sandquist, Lieutenant Commander O. A., "Supplemental Engineering Report," 1939


U.S. Engineer Office, "Estimates of Cost: Channel, Turning Basin, Bulkhead, Fill, Dike, Causeway, and Jetties for Potential Naval Air Base at Key Biscayne, near Miami, Florida," 1939


U.S. Engineer Office, "Estimates of Cost of Channels, Basins and Docks for Potential Naval Air Bases in St. Johns River near Jacksonville, Florida" 1938


Printed matter - Congressional bills, committee reports, etc., 1939

Box 11.

Universities, 1912-1930


Oxford University, 1912-1929


Academic records, 1912-1928


Oxford Officers Training Corps, 1917


Rhodes Scholarships, 1921-1929


Dacy, G. H., "Florida's Rhodes Scholars at Oxford."


General, 1921-1929


Princeton University alumni association, 1921-1930


Veterans Organizations, 1922-1930


American Legion. Edward C. DeSaussure Post #9, Jacksonville, Florida, 1922-1930


Charter and by-laws, 1923


General, 1923-1930


Resolutions, 1922-1924


Adjusted Compensation Bill (Bonus Bill), 1922-1924


Convict Lease System, 1923


General, n.d.


Immigration Restriction, 1923


Ku Klux Klan, 1923


Navy and Marine Memorial, 1924-1925


La Societe des 40 Hommes et 8 Chevaux, 1923-1924


U.S. Veterans Bureau, 1922-1924