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Register of the Kathleen Sheldon and Stephen Tarzynski Papers, 1973-1999

Collection number: MSS 052

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Kathleen Sheldon and Stephen Tarzynski Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1973-1999
Collection number: MSS 052
Creator: Sheldon, Kathleen

Tarzynski, Stephen
Extent: 6 boxes, 1 half-box, 1 legal-size box

2 1/6 linear feet
Repository: Southern California Library for Social Studies and Research
Los Angeles, CA 90044
Abstract: The papers of husband and wife Stephen (Steve) Tarzynski and Kathleen (Kathie) Sheldon document their involvement with and the activities of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and its predecessor the New American Movement (NAM). The collection includes materials on the Los Angeles Socialist Community School and the Socialist Scholars Conference. Steve Tarzynski also worked as a pediatrician and was actively involved in health care rights issues.
Language: English.

Administrative Information


The collection was donated to the Library by Kathleen Sheldon and Steve Tarzynski in March 1996.


The collection is available for research only at the Library's facility in Los Angeles. The Library is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. Researchers are encouraged to call or email the Library indicating the nature of their research query prior to making a visit.

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Biography and Organizational History


Kathleen (Kathie) Sheldon and Stephen (Steve) Tarzynski are husband and wife. They have two children, Mercy and Ben, and live in Santa Monica. In the early 1980s, the Sheldon/Tarzynski family spent two years in Mozambique where Sheldon researched women workers and Tarzynski worked as a pediatrician for the socialist government.
Together they were active in first the New American Movement (NAM) and then the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). Tarzynski served on NAM's National Interim Committee (NIC) from 1980-1981. He was Chair of the Los Angeles DSA in the late 1980s, and served on the DSA's National Political Committee (NPC) from 1990-1993 and in1996, and was chair of the DSA Executive Committee in 1994. Sheldon was on NAM's Socialist Feminist Commission in 1980 and 1981 and was later involved with the DSA's Feminist Commission.
Sheldon was active for many years with the Socialist Community School, serving on the School Committee, which was responsible for organizing classes for the school, and teaching a number of classes on feminism. Tarzynski taught at least one class on avoiding burnout and as a couple they taught a class about their experiences in Mozambique. Tarzynski served as President of the board for nine years ending in 1996. Both were also active in organizing the First Annual West Coast Socialist Scholars Conference held in Los Angeles in 1993. Sheldon and Tarzynski were both on the Arrangements Committee, with Sheldon serving as Conference Chair.
Tarzynski is a pediatrician at Kaiser Permanente in Southern California, and has been active in many health care related progressive issues. From 1977-1979 he served as vice-president of the residents union (Interns and Residents Association of Los Angeles County). Tarzynski was a founding member of the Los Angeles Health Organizing Committee (LAHOC), which was formed in May 1976 by health workers who were also NAM members. LAHOC also had non-NAM members and functioned as an independent body, working on union organizing among health workers (particularly those working for the Health Services Agency), increased health care for undocumented immigrants, reproductive rights and the Los Angeles Medical Power Structure (LAMPS) project, which launched a study to track who owned and controlled health care at the corporate level in Los Angeles County. He also served as editor of Health Activists Digest, the publication of NAM's Health Commission. After the merger, he continued to play an active role on the DSA Health Taskforce, especially around the attempt to implement a single-payer National Health Insurance system along the Canadian model (See also Prop. 186 folder).

Democratic Socialists of America and New American Movement

The New American Movement (NAM) was a socialist organization founded in June 1971. It sought to bring people from different parts of the working class together to support each other in separate struggles and to build a socialist party that could bring about a truly democratic revolution. NAM worked for better housing and health care, supported the fight for immediate reforms to expand women's rights, opposed racial and sexual oppression, and organized around such issues as nuclear energy, job safety, and foreign policy.
The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) was formed through the merger of NAM with the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee (DSOC) in Detroit on March 20, 1982. The DSOC, founded in 1974, was another nationwide socialist organization, but was seen by some NAM members as a more conservative organization since it was willing to work within the Democratic Party.
The unification of these two organizations into the DSA gave democratic socialists and other progressive activists an effective new voice. The new organization included both activism on issues of racial equality and justice, feminism, peace, full employment, establishment of a national health service, gay and lesbian liberation, defense and expansion of civil liberties, opposition to all forms of foreign domination, and opposition to nuclear power and weapons, as well as providing a voice for progressives within the Democratic Party. The Los Angeles Local of DSA was a very active chapter.

Socialist Community School

The school began in the fall of 1975 after a group of NAM members decided to follow the example of the NAM East Bay School in Oakland and reach out to educate people about socialism. The school intended to: 1) raise socialist consciousness in the community through education; 2) establish a positive socialist presence and to create a public NAM presence in Los Angeles; 3) develop the knowledge and skills of NAM members and independent activists as well as educate people new to politics; and 4) link concrete activist projects in the city with socialist ideas. With the merger, the DSA took over the running of the school. Classes taught included everything from Marxism, Euro-Communism, U.S. poverty, free speech issues, Los Angeles politics, school desegregation, labor organizing and history, the Spanish Civil War, South America, Africa, and the Middle East to classes on music, parenting, languages, and burnout.

Socialist Scholars Conference

Building on the successful East Coast based Socialist Scholars Conferences that had been running since 1982, the Los Angeles Chapter of the DSA, the Socialist Community School, and Concerned Faculty (UCLA), along with other sponsors including the Southern California Library for Social Studies and Research, sponsored the First Annual West Coast Socialist Scholars Conference in 1993. The call for papers issued for the event cites the 1992 Los Angeles uprising as a motivating factor for the conference. Scheduled plenary speakers included Rudy Acuña, Prossy Delacruz, Harold Meyerson, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Bogdan Denitch, Julianne Malveaux, and Manning Marable. The conference was an apparent success and plans were discussed for a follow-up conference in 1994.

Scope and Content

This collection includes correspondence, minutes, bylaws, flyers, speeches, articles, financial documents, planning and policy documents, address lists, personnel records, course listings, publications, photos, and clippings related to Kathleen Sheldon and Steve Tarzynski's involvement with the activities of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and New American Movement (NAM) including the Socialist Community School and the Socialist Scholars Conference from the mid-1970s through the end of the 1990s. It also includes a significant number of documents relating specifically to Steve Tarzynski's involvement with both NAM and DSA on health care issues. There are few if any personal (family) documents in this collection.
Of special interest are materials relating to NAM's transformation into DSA.


The collection is divided into 5 series: 1: New American Movement, 2. Democratic Socialists of America, 3. Socialist Community School, 4. Socialist Scholars Conference, and 5. Health Issues.


Folders are arranged alphabetically within each series. The collection was donated in several increments, divided and then reconstituted by different archivists. The folders that are labeled Tarzynski/Sheldon Papers instead of Sheldon/Tarzynski, were most likely created or collected by Steve Tarzynski.

Separated Material

Material Added to SCL's Periodical Collection

DSA - California State Newsletter,Summer, 1993
DSA - Democratic Left, Vol. 22, #1, 1994and Vol. 23, #1, 1995
DSA - Our Struggle Nuestra Lucha, Vol. 2-4, 1984-1986
Labor Voice, Vol. 1, #1, 1986
Los Angeles Left - DSA LA Local Vol. 2, #1-6, 1988-1993
Los Angeles Local - DSA Newsletter, Vol. 6-9, 1982-1986
NAM Discussion Bulletin, 1972-1981
Organize! 1985-1987
Socialist Forum - A Discussion Bulletin, 1986-1997

Material Added to SCL's Alphabetical Video Collection

The 186 Story, Californians for Health Security, September 19, 1994
Canada's National Health Program / A Model For The US, n.d.
DSA, March 29, 1988
The Socialist Forum, March 29, 1988

Material Added to SCL's Contemporary Heritage Files


Material can be found in Southern Christian Leadership Conference file
We Still Have A Dream, First National Holiday, January 20, 1986
King Week '87 Festival News, November 1986
We Still Have A Dream, Second National Holiday, January 19, 1987
King Week '88 Festival News, November 1987

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Title: Donna Wilkinson Papers,
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Collection Contents


Series 1. New American Movement (NAM), 1973-1982

Physical Description: 25 folders and 1 legal-folder

Scope and Content Note

This series contains constitutions, bylaws, minutes, notes, correspondence, convention materials, financial records, policy and planning documents, and publications. The materials cover both national and Los Angeles area NAM activities including material on other local chapters and materials pertaining to the NAM merger with the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee (DSOC). Of special interest are the handwritten minutes from the Steering Committee, Sheldon's materials on the Cadre School in Milwaukee, and the resistance of Ed Pearl, a member of the Westside Chapter, to the proposed merger (folders 1/10 and 1/21).
Box-folder 1/1

Constitution and By-Laws, c. 1975

Box-folder 1/2

Conventions, 1975, 1980-1981, n.d.

Box-folder 1/3-1/4


Box-folder 1/3

Sheldon, Kathleen, 1980

Box-folder 1/4

Tarzynski, Steve, 1976-1981

Box-folder 1/5

Events, 1981, n.d.

Box-folder 1/6

"Impeach Nixon," 1973

Box-folder 1/7

Labor - Tarzynski and Alexandre, n.d.

Box-folder 1/8-1/10

Los Angeles Chapter

Box-folder 1/8

Financial Reports, July 1980- January 1982

Box-folder 1/9

Merger of New American Movement (NAM) & Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee (DSOC), 1980-1982

Box-folder 1/10

Merger Controversy, 1980-1981, n.d.

Box-folder 1/11-1/12

National Council, Chicago, Illinois

Box-folder 1/11

& Cadre School (Sheldon), Milwaukee, 1979, 1980

Box-folder 1/12

December 12-14, 1980

Box-folder 1/13

National Interim Committee (NIC), 1980-1981, n.d.

Box-folder 1/14

Organizational History - by Steve Tarzynski - Submitted to the Albatross, 1974

Box-folder 1/15-1/20, 8/1

Other Chapters

Box-folder 1/15

1980-1981, n.d.

Box-folder 8/1

Organizational Histories, n.d.

Box-folder 1/16

East Bay Democratic Socialist Alliance, n.d.

Box-folder 1/17

Marin Chapter, 1980

Box-folder 1/18

San Francisco Chapter, 1979

Box-folder 1/19

Washington [D.C.] Chapter, n.d.

Box-folder 1/20

Westside Chapter, 1980

Box-folder 1/21-1/23


Box-folder 1/21

Educational - [ Basic Political Education Course, An Introductory Course (1976), and Basic Marxism: What It Is & How To Use It], 1976, n.d.

Box-folder 1/21

Feminist Socialism & Gay Rights - [ Women's Newsletter on Socialist Feminism (June 1973), Working Papers on Socialism & Feminism (1978), Working Papers on Socialist Feminism, and Working Papers on Gay/Lesbian Liberation & Socialism (1979)], 1973-1979, n.d.

Box-folder 1/23

Organizing and Issues - [ Building a Chapter of the New American Movement (1977), Building a People's Movement: An Organizing Manual, Speakers Bureau, Resolution on the Arab/Palestinian-Israeli Conflict (1979), Socialist Working Papers On Energy (1979), Where We Stand: Strategy and Resolutions of the New American Movement (1979)], 1977-1979, n.d.

Box-folder 1/24

Socialist Feminist Commission, 1980-1981

Box-folder 1/25

Steering Committee - Notes [Minutes], January 3, 1980- May 21,1981


Series 2. Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), 1976-1999

Physical Description: 82 folders and 5 legal folders

Scope and Content Note

This series contains: bylaws, correspondence, financial records, personnel records, reports, newsletters, flyers, address lists, obituaries, clippings, photos, and other materials relating to both National and local activities of the DSA. The majority of the material in this collection comes from Tarzynski's work as Chairman of the Los Angeles DSA and later service on the National Political Committee. Of special interest are the Executive Committee and Steering Committee Minutes, as well as Steve Tarzynski's correspondence and notebooks. Member surveys, policy statements, and discussions of the future direction of DSA, including a proposed merger with Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) and other groups, give a sense of the growth, changes and controversies within the DSA during this period, including discussions of racial inclusiveness within the DSA.
Box-folder 2/1

Bailey, Patricia - Southern California Organizer [photos], 1990-1994

Box-folder 2/2

By-Laws and Constitution, 1984-1985, n.d.

Box-folder 2/3

California State DSA, 1979, 1989-1996

Box-folder 2/4

Center For Democratic Values, 1996

Box-folder 2/5

Charney, Alan - National Director - Performance Evaluation, n.d.

Box-folder 2/6

Chicago Chapter - Constitution and By-Laws, n.d.

Box-folder 2/7

Commissions - Diversity, Religion, etc., 1982-1995

Box-folder 8/2

Co-opportunity Consumers' Cooperative - Food Distribution System, 1976-1977

Box-folder 2/8

Dobbs, Ben - Tribute, 1990-1993

Box-folder 2/9

Economic Insecurity, 1996

Box-folder 2/10

Editorials, 1997, 1998

Box-folder 2/11

Election 1996, November 5, 1996

Box-folder 2/12

Electoral Politics, 1992-1995, n.d.

Box-folder 2/13-2/15


Box-folder 2/13

"Breaking Bread Together," November 12, 1993

Box-folder 2/14


Box-folder 2/15

Non-DSA, 1993, n.d.

Box-folder 2/16

Executive Committee, 1985-1995

Box-folder 2/17

Expenses/Receipts, 1985-1995

Box-folder 2/18

Feminism, 1986, 1989

Box-folder 2/19

Feminist Commission, 1982-1991

Box-folder 2/20

Financial Reports, 1983-1995

Box-folder 2/21

Fundraising - "Remarks," 1991-1992

Box-folder 2/22

The Future of DSA, July 1996

Box-folder 2/23

"Growth Pains: Dialogues on Employment, Equality, and the Environment," February 16-19, 1984

Box-folder 2/24

Hollywood-Echo Park Chapter, 1992-1993

Box-folder 2/25

Latino Empowerment In Los Angeles - Postwar Dreams & Cold War Fears, 1948-1952, Labor Heritage, Summer 1996

Box-folder 2/26

Local Development Fund, "Save Our Schools Campaign", 1990, 1992

Box-folder 8/3

Los Angeles Council - Meeting Agendas & Minutes, 1984-1986

Box-folder 2/27

Los Angeles Metro Branch, 1995

Box-folder 2/28

Margolis, Ben (1910-199) - Obituary, 1999

Box-folder 2/29

Member Surveys, 1988

Box-folder 2/30-3/1


Box-folder 2/30

Mailing List and Other Contacts, 1985-1986

Box-folder 3/1

Membership Newsletter (L.A.), 1984-1988

Box-folder 3/2

Metropolitan Alliance - No on 209, 1996

Box-folder 3/3-3/4

Mission/Vision Project

Box-folder 3/3

1990-1993, 1995

Box-folder 3/4

First Steps of the Next Left: A Working Proposal for a DSA Strategy, 1984-1993

Box-folder 3/5

Monthly Meetings, 1996

Box-folder 3/6-3/14

National Conventions

Box-folder 3/6

New York City, October 14-16, 1983

Box-folder 3/7

November 9-11, 1985

Box-folder 3/8


Box-folder 3/9


Box-folder 3/10

Chicago, Illinois November 8-11, 1991

Box-folder 3/11

Los Angeles, California November 11-14, 1993

Box-folder 3/12

Washington, DC, November 10-12, 1995

Box-folder 3/13

Action Agenda, 1996

Box-folder 3/14


Box-folder 3/15

National Political Committee (NPC) - Correspondence, Memos & Other Documents, 1990-1995

Box-folder 8/4

New Directions Caucus, 1988-1990

Box-folder 3/16

Newsletters from Miscellaneous Chapters, 1982-1986

Box-folder 3/17

Organizational History, n.d.

Box-folder 3/18

Peace Action Network, n.d.

Box-folder 3/19

Pico Neighborhood Association - By-Laws and Resolutions, n.d.

Box-folder 8/5

Political Education/ Intro to DSA, 1985-1997

Box-folder 8/6

Politics, Miscellaneous, n.d.

Box-folder 3/20

Poverty Campaign, 1987

Box-folder 3/21

Program Committee - Meeting Minutes, 1996

Box-folder 3/22-4/1


Box-folder 3/22-3/23

DSA Leadership School Reader

Box-folder 3/22


Box-folder 3/23

[2nd version?], n.d.

Box-folder 4/1

DSA Local Organizing Manual, 1986

Box-folder 4/2

Race Issues, 1990-1995

Box-folder 4/3

Reproductive Rights, 1977-1990

Box-folder 4/4

Rosenstein, Herman (1915-1996) - Obituary - [photos], 1996

Box-folder 4/5-4/6

Santa Monica Chapter

Box-folder 4/5

City Politics, 1980-1990

Box-folder 4/6

Members and Meetings, 1982-1986

Box-folder 4/7

Shapiro, Ethel - Citizenship, 1985

Box-folder 4/8

Social Security, 1997, 1999

Box-folder 4/9-4/11

Steering Committee

Box-folder 4/9


Box-folder 4/10


Box-folder 4/11

Meeting Minutes, 1996

Box-folder 4/12

Sustainer Drive, 1987, 1989

Box-folder 4/13-5/5

Tarzynski, Steve

Box-folder 4/13-4/19


Box-folder 4/13-4/18


Box-folder 4/13


Box-folder 4/14


Box-folder 4/15


Box-folder 4/16


Box-folder 4/17


Box-folder 4/18


Box-folder 4/19

Other, 1985-1999, n.d.

Box-folder 5/1-5/5

Meeting Notebooks

Box-folder 5/1

#0, June 10, 1987-February 5, 1988

Box-folder 5/2

#1, September 6, 1990-May 19, 1991

Box-folder 5/3

#2, June 1991-January 1992

Box-folder 5/4

#3, January 1992-September 1992

Box-folder 5/5

#4, September 1992-November 1993

Box-folder 5/6

UCLA - Clippings from Daily Bruin, 1980-1981

Box-folder 5/7

Valley Chapter, 1988-1995

Box-folder 5/8

Westside Branch, 1985-1992, n.d.

Box-folder 5/9

Youth Chapters On Campuses, 1983-1992, n.d.


Series 3. Socialist Community School, 1975-1995

Physical Description: 17 folders and 7 legal folders

Scope and Content Note

This series contains bylaws, correspondence, course descriptions and materials, personnel information, financial documents, flyers, and other materials. Course materials range from flyers for lectures or a specific class and semester listings with brief descriptions to one or more syllabi or course handouts. Of special interest are the organizational history up to 1977, the minutes of the School Committee (1978-1982), and Board of Directors materials (1984-1995). Also of interest are the Evaluations and student questionnaires, the teacher information sheets, and the materials from the other socialist schools around California and the rest of the country.
Box-folder 5/10

Board of Directors, Meetings and Correspondence, 1984-1995

Box-folder 5/11

By-Laws, 1978-1985, n.d.

Box-folder 5/12

Correspondence, 1978-1982

Box-folder 8/7

Courses and Syllabi, 1975-1982, 1991

Box-folder 5/13

Evaluations/Questionnaires, 1982, n.d.

Box-folder 8/8

Events, 1978-1990, n.d.

Box-folder 5/14

Finances, 1975-1982, n.d.

Box-folder 5/15

Forums, n.d.

Box-folder 5/16

Mayer, Marshall - Employment Agreement, June 1984

Box-folder 5/17

Organizational History, 1977

Box-folder 5/18

Organizations List, n.d.

Box-folder 8/9-5/20

Other Political Schools

Box-folder 8/9

1976- 1984, n.d.

Box-folder 8/10

East Bay Area Socialist School, 1975-1981

Box-folder 8/11

The Red Rose School, 1980-1985

Box-folder 8/12

San Francisco Socialist School, 1980, 1982

Box-folder 5/19

The School for Marxist Education, 1978-1982

Box-folder 8/13

Second City Socialist School, 1978-1982

Box-folder 5/20

A Proposal to Improve High School Economics Education in California, n.d.

Box-folder 5/21

Rental Policy, n.d.

Box-folder 5/22-5/23

School Committee

Box-folder 5/22

Meeting Minutes, 1978-1982

Box-folder 5/23

Committee Members and Teachers Lists, 1976-1982, n.d.

Box-folder 5/24

Sustainer Drive, n.d.

Box-folder 5/25

Teacher Information Sheets, 1977, 1979, 1981

Box-folder 5/26

Workshops, 1982, 1985, n.d.


Series 4. Socialist Scholars Conferences, 1990-1993

Physical Description: 13 folders

Scope and Content Note

This series contains correspondence, flyers, programs, financial documents, grant proposal press release, planning documents, and various lists. The majority of the materials in this series pertain to the organization of the first annual West Coast Socialist Scholars Conference "New Realities, New Identities: Socialism and Empowerment," held April 16-17, 1993 at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). One folder contains schedules from three East Coast (New York) Socialist Scholars Conferences. Of special interest are the complete registration lists for the conference, a copy of one of the papers presented at the conference, and a letter from Ron McMullen addressed to the Socialist Community School including a paper that was not accepted for the conference.
Box-folder 5/27

East Coast Socialist Scholars Conference Schedules - 8th, 10th, and 11th, 1990, 1992, 1993

Box-folder 5/28-6/9

West Coast Socialist Scholars Conference - Los Angeles, April 16-17, 1993

Box-folder 5/28

Correspondence, 1993

Box-folder 5/29

The Democratic Critique of Liberalism: A Theoretical Reevaluation, paper presented at conference by Edwin A Roberts, 1993

Box-folder 5/30

Evaluation Forms, 1993

Box-folder 6/1

Expense Reports/ Receipts, 1993

Box-folder 6/2

Local Development Fund, Grant Proposal, 1993

Box-folder 6/3

Media Contacts, 1992

Box-folder 6/4

Planning Committee, 1992-1993

Box-folder 6/5

Publicity and Post-Conference Meeting Flyer, 1993

Box-folder 6/6

Press Release, 1993

Box-folder 6/7

Program and Registration Forms, 1993

Box-folder 6/8

Registration Lists, 1993

Box-folder 6/9

Socialist Community School [Ron McMullen letter], 1993


Series 5. Health Issues, 1973-1997

Physical Description: 29 folders and 4 legal folders

Scope and Content Note

This series contains correspondence, minutes, reports, grant materials, newsletters, flyers, policy documents, and clippings relating to Steve Tarzynski's involvement in various organizations and groups concerned with reforming the American health care system. Materials include information on the work of the Los Angeles Health Organizing Committee (LAHOC) in union organizing at the Health Services Agency (HSA) and the LAMPS project, the DSA's Health Taskforce's work on health care reform, and the effects of health care service layoffs and cutbacks on undocumented immigrants and other low-income Los Angeles residents. Of special interest is material connected to a tour of Canadian doctors and health workers speaking on the Canadian model and a reciprocal tour of DSA members to Canada, and materials from the Interns and Residents Association (Union) of Los Angeles County.
Box-folder 6/10

California Physicians Alliance, 1994, 1997

Box-folder 6/11

Child Health, 1980-1981

Box-folder 6/12

Clippings, 1975, 1981-1982, n.d.

Box-folder 6/13

Cook County [Illinois] Hospital Strike, 1975

Box-folder 6/14

Health Care Project - Liberty Hill Foundation Grant, 1991-1993

Box-folder 6/15-6/17

Health Care Reform

Box-folder 6/15

Canadian Health Care System, 1991, 1992, 1994

Box-folder 6/16

Correspondence, 1989, 1992-1993

Box-folder 6/17

DSA Health Taskforce & National Political Committee, 1990-1995

Box-folder 6/18-6/20, 8/14-8/16

Health Care Services Cuts and Layoffs

Box-folder 6/18

Department of Health Services, 1981-1982

Box-folder 6/19

General, 1981

Box-folder 8/14

Los Angeles County Health Alliance & Westside County Heath Alliance, 1980-1982

Box-folder 6/20

Undocumented Immigrants - Clippings, 1981

Box-folder 8/15

Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Local 660, 1981

Box-folder 8/16

Southern Christian Leadership Conference, n.d.

Box-folder 6/21-6/23

Health Commission of New American Movement

Box-folder 6/21

Correspondence, 1977-1982, n.d.

Box-folder 6/22

Mailing List, n.d.

Box-folder 6/23

Miscellaneous, 1978, 1980-1981

Box-folder 6/24-6/25

Interns & Residents Association of Los Angeles County

Box-folder 6/24

U.S.C. Medical Center, Grievance Reports, 1978

Box-folder 6/25

Women, Children, & Undocumented Immigrants, 1977-1981

Box-folder 6/26

Job Stress, 1980, n.d.

Box-folder 6/27-7/6, 8/17

Los Angeles Health Organizing Committee (LAHOC)

Box-folder 6/27

Correspondence, 1978-1979

Box-folder 6/28

Events, 1979, n.d.

Box-folder 6/29

Financial Reports, 1977, n.d.

Box-folder 7/1

Health Action News, 1979-1981

Box-folder 7/2

Los Angeles Medical Power Structure (LAMPS) & Health Services Agency (HSA), 1978-1979

Box-folder 7/3

Mailing List, n.d.

Box-folder 7/4

Meetings, Agendas, and Minutes, 1978-1981, n.d.

Box-folder 7/5

Miscellaneous, 1977, 1979-1980

Box-folder 7/6

Political Education Program, 1977, 1979, n.d.

Box-folder 8/17

Work Plans & Proposals, 1978-1980

Box-folder 7/7

National Leadership School - A Socialist Perspective on the Health Care Crisis - Speech delivered at Temple University, Philadelphia, July 5-7, 1991

Box-folder 7/8

Occupational Safety & Health, 1973, 1979-1980

Box-folder 7/9

Patient Rights & Responsibilities, 1995

Box-folder 7/10

Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP), 1994-1995

Box-folder 7/11

Progressive Health Organizations - Inventory for proposed First National Meeting - SEIU Hall, Los Angeles, May 1982

Box-folder 8/18

Proposition 186, 1994-1997

Box-folder 7/12

Reproductive Rights [Rick Kunnes], 1978