Register of the Roberts (Helen Moore) Collection, 1867-1981

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Register of the Roberts (Helen Moore) Collection, 1867-1981

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Title: Roberts (Helen Moore) Collection,
Date (inclusive): 1867-1981
Collection number: Mss242
Creator: Marlyn Roberts Stewart
Extent: 3.5 linear ft.
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Roberts, Helen Moore (1900-1990)
Moore, Royal T.
Hinton, Milo J.
Hinton family
Moore family


Ballet -San Francisco Bay Area (Calif.)
Dancing -California -Stockton
Stockton (Calif.) -History
Ship captains -California -Stockton
Dance teachers -California -Stockton

corporate name

Stockton Symphony Ballet (Calif.)


Helen Moore Roberts was born in Stockton in 1900. Her mother, Elwena Hinton, was the daughter of San Joaquin Riverboat Captain, John Milo Hinton. Her father, Royal T. Moore, was the son of Henry H. Moore, Stockton druggist. Both families had lived in Stockton since the 1860s. Mrs. Roberts was educated in the Stockton public schools and she studied ballet there with Lucille Halwick. Following her 1919 graduation from Stockton High School, Helen Roberts studied dance at Mills College and the University of California. Because her parents opposed her wish to have a career as a professional dancer, Helen taught ballet at Miss Snell's Nursery School and at Lucille Halwick's school. In 1927, Helen Moore married Hamilton Roberts. The following year, the couple had a daughter, Marlyn Anne. From 1932 until 1970, Helen Moore Roberts operated her own Stockton dancing school. In 1936, with Manlio Silva, founder of the Stockton Symphony, she co-founded the Stockton Symphony Ballet. Mrs. Roberts was director and principal choreographer of this organization for many years. Mrs. Roberts teaching had a lasting impact on hundreds of Stockton dance students, who received from her a kind of "finishing school" education in which ballet techniques and manners were given equal attention. In 1977, the Stockton Arts Commission honored Helen Moore Roberts as a "Stockton Pioneer in the Arts." She died in 1990 at the age of eighty nine.

Scope and Content

The Helen Moore Roberts Collection consists of much nineteenth century family correspondence (notably of letters to Capt. J. Milo Hinton from his children and from English relatives); family photographs; dance programs; souvenir booklets and magazines. Many of these dance publications document performances that took place in northern California between 1920 and 1980.

Container List




1.1-Helen Moore Roberts: Stockton dancer/choreographer - biogs. etc.


1.2-Helen Moore Roberts: Ballet scores w/ working notes


1.3-Helen Moore Roberts: Clippings on Pavlova, Nijinskii, Martha Graham, etc.


1.4-Helen Moore Roberts: Professional library


a-Caffin. Ruth St. Denis: Pioneer & Prophet


b-Fokine. Choreographic Compositions


c-Gallois. Provinces Francaises Costumes


d-Patakay School of Modern Dance (SF)


e-"Spirit of the Dance in Art Music & Life," The Mentor (Dec1926)


f-Uday Shankar's Project for an Art Centre in India


1.5-Moore/Hinton Family Correspondence


a-19th c. Letters from J. Milo Hinton's English Relatives:Matthew Jones to JMH, 10- 27-67, Bath


b-19th c. Letters from J. Milo Hinton's English Relatives:Emmie to JMH (& wife), 10- 29-84, Birmingham


c-19th c. Letters from J. Milo Hinton's English Relatives:Hannah to JMH, n.d.


d-19th c. Letters from JMH's son, Alfred P.: 11-26-86


e-19th c. Letters from JMH's son, Alfred P.: 12-26-86


f-19th c. Letters from Mrs. A.C. Hinton:ACH to JMH, 12-3-69, Bath


g-19th c. Letters from Mrs. A.C. Hinton: ACH to JMH (& wife), 6-5-?, Bath


h-19th c. Letters from Mrs. A.C. Hinton: ACH to Carrie, 10-4-80, Birmingham [+ copy & note in re]


i-19th c. Letters from Mrs. A.C. Hinton: ACH to Callie, 3-20-81, Birmingham


j-19th c. Letters from Mrs. A.C. Hinton: ACH to Nellie, 7-10-85, Birmingham


k-19th c. Letters from JMH's Daughter, Elvena:Elvena to JMH, 12-18-85, Stockton


1.6-Nellie W. Hinton [wife of J. Milo]: Correspondence, etc.


a-Vernie Andress to NWH, 7-21-99, Jenkintown PA


b-Envelope for #a


c-Obituary, Nellie W. Hinton, n.d.


d-Ms. draft obituary, NWH, n.d. [pencil]


e-Funeral announcement, NWH, 8-16-36


1.7-Moore/Hinton/Ridgway Family Genealogy


a-Hinton Genealogy [pencil]


b-Hinton genealogy [typescript & pencil]


c-Nellie Williams Hinton parents & siblings [pencil on envelope]


d-Nellie Williams Hinton extended family [pencil]


e-Hinton Family genealogy commencing w/ Mrs. AC Hinton [pencil on 3x4" scrap]


f-Notes on JMH's English relatives derived from ACH letters in Folder One, Sl. 3 [pencil on 2x4" note pad, 4 pgs.]


1.8-J. Milo Hinton, misc. papers


a-Pilot's Certificate, 11-29-64


b-Master's Licence, 9-24-97


c-Two JMH Obituaries, 7-2-99


d-Two JMH Odd Fellows Cards


e-Article on JMH [Stockton Record?] early 1920s


1.9-Moore Family Clippings


1.10-Moore Family Wedding & Funeral Announcements


1.11-"HHH Horse Liniment" [invention of Henry H. Moore]


1.12-Royal T. Moore, Correspondence, etc.


1.13-Evan Ridgway Moore [Helen's little brother, b. 1913]




2.1-San Francisco Ballet: 1938 [Sacramento]


2.2-San Francisco Ballet: 1942


2.3-San Francisco Ballet: 1944


2.4-San Francisco Ballet: 1950


2.5-San Francisco Ballet: 1952


2.6-San Francisco Ballet: 1953


2.7-San Francisco Ballet: 1954 [2]


2.8-San Francisco Ballet: 1957


2.9-San Francisco Ballet: 1959


2.10-San Francisco Ballet: 1960


2.11-San Francisco Ballet: 1961 [f, sp]


2.12-San Francisco Ballet: 1962 [f, sp]


2.13-San Francisco Ballet: 1963 [2]


2.14-San Francisco Ballet: 1964 [w/ Nureyev & Fonteyn]


2.15-San Francisco Ballet: 1965


2.16-San Francisco Ballet: 1966


2.17-San Francisco Ballet: 1967 [2]


2.18-San Francisco Ballet: 1969


2.19-San Francisco Ballet: 1970


2.20-San Francisco Ballet: 1972


2.21-San Francisco Ballet: 1980


2.22-San Francisco Ballet: 1981 [2]


2.23-San Francisco Civic Ballet,1947-48


2.24-San Francisco Opera Ballet:1934 [2]


2.25-San Francisco Opera Ballet:1935


2.26-San Francisco Opera Ballet:1937


2.27-San Francisco Opera Ballet:1938-39


2.28-San Francisco Opera Ballet:1939-40


2.29-San Francisco Opera Ballet:n.d. [after 1933]


2.30-San Francisco Russian Opera & Ballet Assn.:1946


2.31-Miscellaneous Bay Area Dance Programs:1920s


2.32-Miscellaneous Bay Area Dance Programs:1930s


2.33-Miscellaneous Bay Area Dance Programs:1940s


2.34-San Francisco Dance Periodicals and Clippings:Playbill (1:16 (4-15-63)


2.35-San Francisco Dance Periodicals and Clippings: On Stage 2:3 (3-72)


2.36-San Francisco Dance Periodicals and Clippings:"S.F. Ballet Company `Triumph of Hope' is given first performance here," SF Chronicle (5-20-44)




3.1-Agnes DeMille Dance Theatre, 1953-54 [Sacramento]


3.2-New York City Ballet , 1954 [2], 1955


3.3-American Ballet Theatre, 1962, 1968, 1971


3.4-Ruth Page, 1933


3.5-Ballet Caravan, 1939 [Stockton]


3.6-Ruth St. Denis & Ted Shawn, 1924-25 [Stockton]


3.7-Chicago Opera Ballet,1956-57, 1958-59


3.8-Harkness Ballet, 1966, 1969 [Stockton]


3.9-Katherine Dunham, 1954 [souvenir booklet and program]


3.10-Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo:1935


3.11-Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo:1939 [matinee, evening]


3.12-Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo:1940


3.13-Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo:1941


3.14-Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo:1942 [Aug, Fall]


3.15-Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo:1943


3.16-Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo:1944


3.17-Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo:1945


3.18-Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo:1948


3.19-Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo:1958


3.20-Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo:1961


3.21-Bolshoi Ballet,1959


3.22-Bolshoi Ballet,1962


3.23-Bolshoi Ballet,1963


3.24-Bolshoi Ballet,1966


3.25-British Companies: London's Festival Ballet, 1954


3.26-British Companies: Royal Ballet, 1957 [2], 1960


3.27-British Companies: Sadler's Wells Ballet, 1950 [autographed by Margot Fonteyn], 1951, 1953, 1955


3.28-Canadian Companies: National Ballet of Canada, 1973


3.29-Canadian Companies: Royal Winnipeg Ballet, 1968-69


3.30-Colonel de Basil's Ballet Russe 1936 [2], 1937, 1938, 1947 [souvenir booklet, 2 programs]


3.31-French Companies: Les Ballets de Paris, 1951


3.32-French Companies: Marcel Marceau, 1956


3.33-Joos European Ballet, 1936, 1937-38, 1940


3.34-Leningrad Kirov Ballet, 1961-62, 1964 [2], 1964 [Sacramento]


3.35-Moiseyev Dance Company, 1958-59, 1960-61 [program, souvenir booklet], 1965-66 [do.]


3.36-Russian Miscellany: Ballet Theatre, 1943, 1953


3.37-Russian Miscellany: Russian Festival of Music & Dance, 1959


3.38-Stuttgart Ballet:1969 [Sacramento, Berkeley]


3.39-Third World Companies: Devi Dja & Her Bali Java Dancers [n.d., 1950s ?; adv. flyer, souvenir program]


3.40-Third World Companies: Dancers of Mali, 1972 [Stockton]


3.41-Miscellaneous: Kanellos, 1924


3.42-Miscellaneous: Anna Pavlova, 1925




4.1-American Ballet Theatre, 1968, 1970-71, 1971-72


4.2-Agnes DeMille, 1953-54


4.3-Alicia Markova & Anton Dolin, 1946


4.4-The Ballet Caravan, 1939


4.5-Dance Theatre of the Young Men's Hebrew Assn., 1937


4.6-National Ballet, 1969


4.7-Ruth St. Denis, 1945


4.8-Veloz & Yolanda, 1941


4.9-New York City Ballet, 1954 [2], 1958-59, 1959-60, n.d.


4.10-Ruth Page's Chicago Opera Ballet, 1957, 1958-59


4.11-Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, 1939/40-1940/41; 1943/44-1946/47; 1948/49-1949/50; 1955/56-1957/58; 1959/60-1960/61


4.12-The Ballet Theatre, 1943-44, 1944-45, 1945-46 [2], 1947-48,1952-53, 1953-54


4.13-National Ballet of Canada, 1957-58, 1972-73


4.14-Royal Winnipeg Ballet, 1968-69


4.15-European Groups: Balieff's Chauve-Souris, 1925


4.16-European Groups: Royal Danish Ballet, 1957


4.17-European Groups: Russian Festival, 1959


4.18-European Groups: Stuttgart Ballet, 1969


4.19-European Groups: Ukrainian Dance Co., 1962


4.20-European Groups: Yugoslav Natl. Folk Ballet, 1956


4.21-European Groups: Kurt Joos, 1936, 1940


4.22-European Groups: Sadler's Wells Ballet, 1949, 1950-51 [program & souvenir booklet], 1951-52, 1955


4.23-European Groups: Trudi Schoop, 1936-37, 1938-39


4.24-Latin Groups: Argentinita, 1938-39


4.25-Latin Groups: Cabalgata, 1949


4.26-Latin Groups: Lecuona Cuban Boys, 1944


4.27-Latin Groups: Tipica Revue, 1945


4.28-Third World Groups: Azuma Kabuki Dancers, 1956-57


4.29-Third World Groups: Nimura, 1936-37


4.30-Third World Groups: Uday Shankar, 1938-39


4.31-Souvenir Booklets---Films: Bolshoi Ballet, 1946


4.32-Souvenir Booklets---Films: The Old Vic's `A Midsummer Night's Dream', 1954


4.33-Souvenir Booklets---Films: The Red Shoes, 1949 [2 different brochures]


4.34-Souvenir Booklets---Films: The Royal Ballet's `Romeo and Juliet', 1966


4.35-Souvenir Booklets---Musicals:`The Great Waltz', n.d.


4.36-Souvenir Booklets---Films:`The Merry Widow', n.d.


4.37-Souvenir Booklets---Films:`The Song of Norway', 1945


4.38-Souvenir Booklets---Concerts, etc.: Maude Adams in `As You Like It', 1910


4.39-Souvenir Booklets---Films: Igor Stravinsky & Samuel Dushkin, vln & pno., 1935


4.40-DANCE PERIODICALS: Dance Magazine [saved for western states' news and articles]


a-Jun 1939


b-Apr, Jun, Jul, Aug, Nov 1942


c-Jan, Mar, Apr 1944


d-Jan 1952


e-Mar, Apr 1954


f-Oct 1957


g-Apr 1958


h-Apr 1965


i-Mar, Dec 1966


j-Jan, Sep 1967


k-Feb 1968


4.41-Opera (Oct 1945)




5.1-Moore Family Portrait Album, 1870s-80s [embossed leather covers, 11x14", many Stockton photographers' marks]


5.2-Portrait photo, Marlyn Anne Roberts, c1931 [12x15", notations on matting]


5.3-Helen M. Roberts Childhood Album Pages, c1904 [Santa Cruz vacation]


5.4-Do., c1912 [Santa Cruz ?, Blairsden, Plumas Co.]


5.5-Individual Portrait Photos


a-Women: unident., age 50, 1890s


b-Women: unident., age 40, 1900s


c-Women: Anna Pavlova, c1916


d-Women: unident., young, c1915


e-Women: Frances Ann Gummer, c1915


f-Women: Georgie Wheeler Williams, 1890s


g-Women: Ewana Ilman Hinton, age 2, 1880s


h-Women: unident., age 60, 1880s [Chicago]


i-Women: Helen Moore standing on chair, age 2, 1902


j-Women: Helen Moore, age 4, 1904


k-Men: Henry H. Moore, age 50, 1900s


l-Men: Chester B. Morse, age 30, 1909


m-Group Portrait Photos: Husband, wife, 2 young children, c1875


n-Group Portrait Photos: 2 teenage boys, c1875


o-Group Portrait Photos: Church choir, Stockton, c1905 [St. John's Episcopal ?]


p-Group Portrait Photos: Male quartet, Methodist Church Choir, Stockton, n.d. Frank Ziegler, Frank Smith, Roy Moore, Tom Smith


q-Group Portrait Photos: High School graduating class, incl. Howard Moore, n.d. [Stockton High ?]




a-HM w/ Dad, c1901


b-Moore Family, Russian River, c1910


c-HM in tennis togs, c1913


d-HM at UC in dance togs, c1920


e-HM age 10


f-HM & friend rock climbing, c1916


g-HM skiing, c1916


h-HM & Evelyn Parsons at Moss Beach, c1915


i-HM & friend Lucille ___, c1921


j-HM & fellow dancers in almond orchard, c1923


k-Friends & relatives: unident. woman, c1890


l-Friends & relatives: Hogan family


m-Friends & relatives:"Roy [Moore] on our honeymoon," c1890


n-Friends & relatives: Royal Moore & family members, Pacific Grove, c1900


o-Other Photographs: Stereopticon view pioneer reunion, [what group ?], n.d.


p-Other Photographs: Reception room, Grand Hotel, SF, 1898


q-Other Photographs: H.H. Moore Drug Store, Stockton, c1890


r-Other Photographs: Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove, c1936


5.7-Memorabilia misc.


a-Ladies' Auxiliary to California Pioneers, Roster, 1980


b-Facsimile Certificate of Incorporation, Bank of Stockton, 1867 (1962)


c-Mary E. Moore, Certificate of honorary membership in the San Joaquin Society of California Pioneers, n.d.


d-E.S. Holden advertising card


e-Marlyn Roberts Stewart baptismal program, lst Congregational Church, Stockton, 1928 [?]


5.8-Memorabilia:Royal T. Moore/Elwena Hinton Wedding Book [incl. clippings & family info]


5.9-Memorabilia: Evan Ridgway Moore, Cradle Roll Certificate, Central Methodist Church, Stockton, 1913


5.10-Memorabilia: Royal T. Moore Baptismal Certificate, 1875