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Register of the Roberts (Helen Moore) Collection, 1867-1981
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1.1-Helen Moore Roberts: Stockton dancer/choreographer - biogs. etc.


1.2-Helen Moore Roberts: Ballet scores w/ working notes


1.3-Helen Moore Roberts: Clippings on Pavlova, Nijinskii, Martha Graham, etc.


1.4-Helen Moore Roberts: Professional library


a-Caffin. Ruth St. Denis: Pioneer & Prophet


b-Fokine. Choreographic Compositions


c-Gallois. Provinces Francaises Costumes


d-Patakay School of Modern Dance (SF)


e-"Spirit of the Dance in Art Music & Life," The Mentor (Dec1926)


f-Uday Shankar's Project for an Art Centre in India


1.5-Moore/Hinton Family Correspondence


a-19th c. Letters from J. Milo Hinton's English Relatives:Matthew Jones to JMH, 10- 27-67, Bath


b-19th c. Letters from J. Milo Hinton's English Relatives:Emmie to JMH (& wife), 10- 29-84, Birmingham


c-19th c. Letters from J. Milo Hinton's English Relatives:Hannah to JMH, n.d.


d-19th c. Letters from JMH's son, Alfred P.: 11-26-86


e-19th c. Letters from JMH's son, Alfred P.: 12-26-86


f-19th c. Letters from Mrs. A.C. Hinton:ACH to JMH, 12-3-69, Bath


g-19th c. Letters from Mrs. A.C. Hinton: ACH to JMH (& wife), 6-5-?, Bath


h-19th c. Letters from Mrs. A.C. Hinton: ACH to Carrie, 10-4-80, Birmingham [+ copy & note in re]


i-19th c. Letters from Mrs. A.C. Hinton: ACH to Callie, 3-20-81, Birmingham


j-19th c. Letters from Mrs. A.C. Hinton: ACH to Nellie, 7-10-85, Birmingham


k-19th c. Letters from JMH's Daughter, Elvena:Elvena to JMH, 12-18-85, Stockton


1.6-Nellie W. Hinton [wife of J. Milo]: Correspondence, etc.


a-Vernie Andress to NWH, 7-21-99, Jenkintown PA


b-Envelope for #a


c-Obituary, Nellie W. Hinton, n.d.


d-Ms. draft obituary, NWH, n.d. [pencil]


e-Funeral announcement, NWH, 8-16-36


1.7-Moore/Hinton/Ridgway Family Genealogy


a-Hinton Genealogy [pencil]


b-Hinton genealogy [typescript & pencil]


c-Nellie Williams Hinton parents & siblings [pencil on envelope]


d-Nellie Williams Hinton extended family [pencil]


e-Hinton Family genealogy commencing w/ Mrs. AC Hinton [pencil on 3x4" scrap]


f-Notes on JMH's English relatives derived from ACH letters in Folder One, Sl. 3 [pencil on 2x4" note pad, 4 pgs.]


1.8-J. Milo Hinton, misc. papers


a-Pilot's Certificate, 11-29-64


b-Master's Licence, 9-24-97


c-Two JMH Obituaries, 7-2-99


d-Two JMH Odd Fellows Cards


e-Article on JMH [Stockton Record?] early 1920s


1.9-Moore Family Clippings


1.10-Moore Family Wedding & Funeral Announcements


1.11-"HHH Horse Liniment" [invention of Henry H. Moore]


1.12-Royal T. Moore, Correspondence, etc.


1.13-Evan Ridgway Moore [Helen's little brother, b. 1913]




2.1-San Francisco Ballet: 1938 [Sacramento]


2.2-San Francisco Ballet: 1942


2.3-San Francisco Ballet: 1944


2.4-San Francisco Ballet: 1950


2.5-San Francisco Ballet: 1952


2.6-San Francisco Ballet: 1953


2.7-San Francisco Ballet: 1954 [2]


2.8-San Francisco Ballet: 1957


2.9-San Francisco Ballet: 1959


2.10-San Francisco Ballet: 1960


2.11-San Francisco Ballet: 1961 [f, sp]


2.12-San Francisco Ballet: 1962 [f, sp]


2.13-San Francisco Ballet: 1963 [2]


2.14-San Francisco Ballet: 1964 [w/ Nureyev & Fonteyn]


2.15-San Francisco Ballet: 1965


2.16-San Francisco Ballet: 1966


2.17-San Francisco Ballet: 1967 [2]


2.18-San Francisco Ballet: 1969


2.19-San Francisco Ballet: 1970


2.20-San Francisco Ballet: 1972


2.21-San Francisco Ballet: 1980


2.22-San Francisco Ballet: 1981 [2]


2.23-San Francisco Civic Ballet,1947-48


2.24-San Francisco Opera Ballet:1934 [2]


2.25-San Francisco Opera Ballet:1935


2.26-San Francisco Opera Ballet:1937


2.27-San Francisco Opera Ballet:1938-39


2.28-San Francisco Opera Ballet:1939-40


2.29-San Francisco Opera Ballet:n.d. [after 1933]


2.30-San Francisco Russian Opera & Ballet Assn.:1946


2.31-Miscellaneous Bay Area Dance Programs:1920s


2.32-Miscellaneous Bay Area Dance Programs:1930s


2.33-Miscellaneous Bay Area Dance Programs:1940s


2.34-San Francisco Dance Periodicals and Clippings:Playbill (1:16 (4-15-63)


2.35-San Francisco Dance Periodicals and Clippings: On Stage 2:3 (3-72)


2.36-San Francisco Dance Periodicals and Clippings:"S.F. Ballet Company `Triumph of Hope' is given first performance here," SF Chronicle (5-20-44)




3.1-Agnes DeMille Dance Theatre, 1953-54 [Sacramento]


3.2-New York City Ballet , 1954 [2], 1955


3.3-American Ballet Theatre, 1962, 1968, 1971


3.4-Ruth Page, 1933


3.5-Ballet Caravan, 1939 [Stockton]


3.6-Ruth St. Denis & Ted Shawn, 1924-25 [Stockton]


3.7-Chicago Opera Ballet,1956-57, 1958-59


3.8-Harkness Ballet, 1966, 1969 [Stockton]


3.9-Katherine Dunham, 1954 [souvenir booklet and program]


3.10-Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo:1935


3.11-Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo:1939 [matinee, evening]


3.12-Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo:1940


3.13-Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo:1941


3.14-Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo:1942 [Aug, Fall]


3.15-Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo:1943


3.16-Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo:1944


3.17-Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo:1945


3.18-Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo:1948


3.19-Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo:1958


3.20-Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo:1961


3.21-Bolshoi Ballet,1959


3.22-Bolshoi Ballet,1962


3.23-Bolshoi Ballet,1963


3.24-Bolshoi Ballet,1966


3.25-British Companies: London's Festival Ballet, 1954


3.26-British Companies: Royal Ballet, 1957 [2], 1960


3.27-British Companies: Sadler's Wells Ballet, 1950 [autographed by Margot Fonteyn], 1951, 1953, 1955


3.28-Canadian Companies: National Ballet of Canada, 1973


3.29-Canadian Companies: Royal Winnipeg Ballet, 1968-69


3.30-Colonel de Basil's Ballet Russe 1936 [2], 1937, 1938, 1947 [souvenir booklet, 2 programs]


3.31-French Companies: Les Ballets de Paris, 1951


3.32-French Companies: Marcel Marceau, 1956


3.33-Joos European Ballet, 1936, 1937-38, 1940


3.34-Leningrad Kirov Ballet, 1961-62, 1964 [2], 1964 [Sacramento]


3.35-Moiseyev Dance Company, 1958-59, 1960-61 [program, souvenir booklet], 1965-66 [do.]


3.36-Russian Miscellany: Ballet Theatre, 1943, 1953


3.37-Russian Miscellany: Russian Festival of Music & Dance, 1959


3.38-Stuttgart Ballet:1969 [Sacramento, Berkeley]


3.39-Third World Companies: Devi Dja & Her Bali Java Dancers [n.d., 1950s ?; adv. flyer, souvenir program]


3.40-Third World Companies: Dancers of Mali, 1972 [Stockton]


3.41-Miscellaneous: Kanellos, 1924


3.42-Miscellaneous: Anna Pavlova, 1925




4.1-American Ballet Theatre, 1968, 1970-71, 1971-72


4.2-Agnes DeMille, 1953-54


4.3-Alicia Markova & Anton Dolin, 1946


4.4-The Ballet Caravan, 1939


4.5-Dance Theatre of the Young Men's Hebrew Assn., 1937


4.6-National Ballet, 1969


4.7-Ruth St. Denis, 1945


4.8-Veloz & Yolanda, 1941


4.9-New York City Ballet, 1954 [2], 1958-59, 1959-60, n.d.


4.10-Ruth Page's Chicago Opera Ballet, 1957, 1958-59


4.11-Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, 1939/40-1940/41; 1943/44-1946/47; 1948/49-1949/50; 1955/56-1957/58; 1959/60-1960/61


4.12-The Ballet Theatre, 1943-44, 1944-45, 1945-46 [2], 1947-48,1952-53, 1953-54


4.13-National Ballet of Canada, 1957-58, 1972-73


4.14-Royal Winnipeg Ballet, 1968-69


4.15-European Groups: Balieff's Chauve-Souris, 1925


4.16-European Groups: Royal Danish Ballet, 1957


4.17-European Groups: Russian Festival, 1959


4.18-European Groups: Stuttgart Ballet, 1969


4.19-European Groups: Ukrainian Dance Co., 1962


4.20-European Groups: Yugoslav Natl. Folk Ballet, 1956


4.21-European Groups: Kurt Joos, 1936, 1940


4.22-European Groups: Sadler's Wells Ballet, 1949, 1950-51 [program & souvenir booklet], 1951-52, 1955


4.23-European Groups: Trudi Schoop, 1936-37, 1938-39


4.24-Latin Groups: Argentinita, 1938-39


4.25-Latin Groups: Cabalgata, 1949


4.26-Latin Groups: Lecuona Cuban Boys, 1944


4.27-Latin Groups: Tipica Revue, 1945


4.28-Third World Groups: Azuma Kabuki Dancers, 1956-57


4.29-Third World Groups: Nimura, 1936-37


4.30-Third World Groups: Uday Shankar, 1938-39


4.31-Souvenir Booklets---Films: Bolshoi Ballet, 1946


4.32-Souvenir Booklets---Films: The Old Vic's `A Midsummer Night's Dream', 1954


4.33-Souvenir Booklets---Films: The Red Shoes, 1949 [2 different brochures]


4.34-Souvenir Booklets---Films: The Royal Ballet's `Romeo and Juliet', 1966


4.35-Souvenir Booklets---Musicals:`The Great Waltz', n.d.


4.36-Souvenir Booklets---Films:`The Merry Widow', n.d.


4.37-Souvenir Booklets---Films:`The Song of Norway', 1945


4.38-Souvenir Booklets---Concerts, etc.: Maude Adams in `As You Like It', 1910


4.39-Souvenir Booklets---Films: Igor Stravinsky & Samuel Dushkin, vln & pno., 1935


4.40-DANCE PERIODICALS: Dance Magazine [saved for western states' news and articles]


a-Jun 1939


b-Apr, Jun, Jul, Aug, Nov 1942


c-Jan, Mar, Apr 1944


d-Jan 1952


e-Mar, Apr 1954


f-Oct 1957


g-Apr 1958


h-Apr 1965


i-Mar, Dec 1966


j-Jan, Sep 1967


k-Feb 1968


4.41-Opera (Oct 1945)




5.1-Moore Family Portrait Album, 1870s-80s [embossed leather covers, 11x14", many Stockton photographers' marks]


5.2-Portrait photo, Marlyn Anne Roberts, c1931 [12x15", notations on matting]


5.3-Helen M. Roberts Childhood Album Pages, c1904 [Santa Cruz vacation]


5.4-Do., c1912 [Santa Cruz ?, Blairsden, Plumas Co.]


5.5-Individual Portrait Photos


a-Women: unident., age 50, 1890s


b-Women: unident., age 40, 1900s


c-Women: Anna Pavlova, c1916


d-Women: unident., young, c1915


e-Women: Frances Ann Gummer, c1915


f-Women: Georgie Wheeler Williams, 1890s


g-Women: Ewana Ilman Hinton, age 2, 1880s


h-Women: unident., age 60, 1880s [Chicago]


i-Women: Helen Moore standing on chair, age 2, 1902


j-Women: Helen Moore, age 4, 1904


k-Men: Henry H. Moore, age 50, 1900s


l-Men: Chester B. Morse, age 30, 1909


m-Group Portrait Photos: Husband, wife, 2 young children, c1875


n-Group Portrait Photos: 2 teenage boys, c1875


o-Group Portrait Photos: Church choir, Stockton, c1905 [St. John's Episcopal ?]


p-Group Portrait Photos: Male quartet, Methodist Church Choir, Stockton, n.d. Frank Ziegler, Frank Smith, Roy Moore, Tom Smith


q-Group Portrait Photos: High School graduating class, incl. Howard Moore, n.d. [Stockton High ?]




a-HM w/ Dad, c1901


b-Moore Family, Russian River, c1910


c-HM in tennis togs, c1913


d-HM at UC in dance togs, c1920


e-HM age 10


f-HM & friend rock climbing, c1916


g-HM skiing, c1916


h-HM & Evelyn Parsons at Moss Beach, c1915


i-HM & friend Lucille ___, c1921


j-HM & fellow dancers in almond orchard, c1923


k-Friends & relatives: unident. woman, c1890


l-Friends & relatives: Hogan family


m-Friends & relatives:"Roy [Moore] on our honeymoon," c1890


n-Friends & relatives: Royal Moore & family members, Pacific Grove, c1900


o-Other Photographs: Stereopticon view pioneer reunion, [what group ?], n.d.


p-Other Photographs: Reception room, Grand Hotel, SF, 1898


q-Other Photographs: H.H. Moore Drug Store, Stockton, c1890


r-Other Photographs: Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove, c1936


5.7-Memorabilia misc.


a-Ladies' Auxiliary to California Pioneers, Roster, 1980


b-Facsimile Certificate of Incorporation, Bank of Stockton, 1867 (1962)


c-Mary E. Moore, Certificate of honorary membership in the San Joaquin Society of California Pioneers, n.d.


d-E.S. Holden advertising card


e-Marlyn Roberts Stewart baptismal program, lst Congregational Church, Stockton, 1928 [?]


5.8-Memorabilia:Royal T. Moore/Elwena Hinton Wedding Book [incl. clippings & family info]


5.9-Memorabilia: Evan Ridgway Moore, Cradle Roll Certificate, Central Methodist Church, Stockton, 1913


5.10-Memorabilia: Royal T. Moore Baptismal Certificate, 1875