Preliminary Inventory to the Nicolae Petrescu-Comnen Papers, 1917-1958

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Preliminary Inventory to the Nicolae Petrescu-Comnen Papers, 1917-1958

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Nicolae Petrescu-Comnen Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1917-1958
Collection number: 80034
Creator: Petrescu-Comnen, Nicolae, 1881-1958
Collection Size: 22 manuscript boxes (8.8 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Correspondence, writings, reports, diplomatic dispatches, clippings, and serial issues, relating to Romanian foreign relations, especially with Germany, Switzerland, and the Vatican; the League of Nations; World War II refugees and relief work; and postwar Romanian émigré life.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Language: Romanian, French, Italian, German, and English

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Access Points

Catholic Church--Relations (diplomatic) with Romania.
League of Nations.
International relief.
Romanians in foreign countries.
World War, 1939-1945.
World War, 1939-1945--Civilian relief.
World War, 1939-1945--Refugees.
World War, 1939-1945--Romania.
Germany--Foreign relations--Romania.
Romania--Foreign relations.
Romania--Foreign relations--Catholic Church.
Romania--Foreign relations--Germany.
Romania--Foreign relations--Switzerland.
Switzerland--Foreign relations--Romania.


Romanian diplomat; delegate to the League of Nations, 1923-1928 and 1938; ambassador to Germany, 1927-1929 and 1932; minister of foreign affairs, 1938.

Container List

Box 1.

1. Garda de Fier


2. Diplomatic Cables, Berlin, 1937-38


4. Letters while in Berlin, 1928-30 and 1936-38: includes letters from Goring, Ribbentrop, Carol II


5. Conclusion of a book, in manuscript, pp. 451-90


7. Red Cross file, 1942-43; also NPC visa extensions while in Italy during the war; few other minor items


8. Red Cross file, 1942: attempts to help Romanian prisoners in the USSR: includes letters with Mihai Antonescu

Box 2.

9. Red Cross file, 1944: includes letters with Corsini


10. Red Cross file, 1945-47: letters with Sforza, Vatican, Vintila Horia, Grigorcea


11. Red Cross file, 1948-51: refugee problems


12. Red Cross file, 1948-51: refugee problems

Box 3.

15. Newspaper clippings: Ankara Conference, II.38; Geneva sessions, 1938 (incl. Jewish problem); Beck visit to Romania, X.38; Carol II visit to England, XI.38


16. Butenko Affair, 1938

Box 4.

17. Berlin documents, 1928-38: letters and newspapers, no cables; two manuscripts on My Missions to Berlin, II.28-III.30 and VI.32-II.38 and on Missed Occasion for Entente with the Soviets, 1928


18. Diplomatic Cables, 1938: Czech crisis and Carol II visit to Berchstesgaden especially covered


19. Manuscripts on wartime visitors: Gigurtu, 1941; Prince Nicolae, 1941; Queen Helen, 1943; Queen Marie, 1942

Box 5.

20. Correspondence with Romanian National Committee and Royal Family, especially concerning financing of the Romanian National Committee, 1940's-1950's


21. Reports and Diplomatic Cables, Geneva, 1938: includes talks with Litvinov


22. Reports and Diplomatic Cables, 1938: concerning relations and talks with Hungary


23. Reports and Diplomatic Cables, 1938: concerning Minorities Treaty, Little Entente, and Hungary


24. Reports and Diplomatic Cables while Foreign Minister, last half of 1938

Box 6.

25. Reports while Foreign Minister, late 1938: concerning minorities, Munich, relations with the USSR


26. Reports, cables, and instructions, Berlin, 1934-35


26a. Reports, cables, and instructions, Berlin, 1934-35: documents in this file are marked in NPC wartime code for identification


27. Minorities Question: planning documents for minorities commissariat, press clippings


28. Mimeographed records of Council of League of Nations, V.38

Box 7.

29. Reports and Diplomatic Cables, Vatican, 1939-40


30. Reports and Diplomatic Cables, Vatican, 1931-32


31. Correspondence with Royal Family: Prince Nicolae, 1957; Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen on Zizi Lambrino, 1957


33. Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1950's: many very interesting pieces

Box 8.

34. Right of Existence for Small Nations--English translation of NPC work


35. File on NPC Early Career: Durostor, 1920-22; decorations, postwar papers, translation of some articles


36. Miscellaneous Press Clippings, 1930-40; also Tatarescu memorandum on Groza Government

Box 9.

37. Postwar Correspondence: refugees, personal relations, some on publications, late-1940's to 1950's


38. Ethnographic Maps and Materials on Romania, 1938-40

Box 10.

39. Documents and Cables, Mission to Berne, Switzerland, 1924-25: including visit of King Ferdinand


40. Documents and Letters, Berne, 1923-28; also congratulatory letters on appointment to Berlin


41. Foreign Ministry document opposing treaty revision in Bessarabia, Bukovina, Transylvania; ethnographic maps of Romania; Notiziario Romeno


42. Miscellaneous letters, 1923-1940: reflect career, but not related to foreign policy

Box 11.

43. Newspaper clippings, 1932, 1935, 1937, especially concerning relations with Germany and the USSR


44. Berne, 1917-1919: Romania in World War I, NPC propaganda activity for Romania Mare


45. Cables and letters to NPC as Foreign Minister: relate especially to Rome and Paris


46. Letters and Diplomatic Cables, Vatican, 1939-40

Box 12.

46a. Reports, Cables, and Instructions, Vatican, 1939-40: documents in this file are marked with NPC wartime code for identification; many relate to Germany


47. Letters, 1938, congratulating NPC on new post; also, 1931 negotiations with Vatican concerning marriage of Princess Ileana


48. Press clippings on 1938 Salonika Accord


49. File of 1938 press clippings and materials on Romanian National Committee


50. 1938 press clippings and two reports: 1) on departure from Berlin, and 2) on meeting with Filderman

Box 13.

51. (14 51a and 51b) Press Clippings on Carol II visit to London, XI.38


52. Press clippings, 1938: Carol II in England; Beck at Galati


53. Typed manuscript for Ombres et Poussieres, in French

Box 14.

54. Typed manuscript for Ombres et Poussieres, in English


55. Typed manuscript for Dust and Shadows, in English


56. Typed manuscript for Firenze Citta Aperta, in French

Box 15.

57. Letters of NPC related to preparation and publication of Firenze Citta Aperta


58. Letters, Correspondence, Clippings, and Reviews of I Responsabili: letters to participants on Munich crisis are especially important

Box 16.

59. Press comments and letters of appreciation concerning I Responsabili: includes letters from Adenauer and Francois-Poncet


60. Correspondence relating to Preluddi


61. Romanian Relief Committee in Italy: letters and comments on some of NPC articles; NPC and Mihai I comments on deaths of Dinu Bratianu and Maniu; Also sprach Litvinov manuscript


62. Correspondence, comments on publications, 1950's: includes letter from Adenauer

Box 17.

63. Miscellaneous letters, 1952-56: relate to variety of subjects, including exiles, publication of articles, some responses from US government officials in response to NPC articles


64. Various manuscripts: Pour une amitie hungaro-roumaine; Litvinov; Roumanie devant la conference de la paix; A quel moment l'Italie lia-t-elle son sort a celui de l'Allemagne?; interesting letter concerning Titulescu; Our Foreign Policy by Gheorghe Tatarescu


65. Working papers for Amitie hungaro-roumaine, Dust and Shadows, etc.; some exile publications; 1944-46 correspondence concerning publications; R.A. Comnene letters

Box 18.

66. R.A. Comnene letters with NPC, 1954-55, Lotissements in Brazil


67. NPC letters concerning public activities and publications, 1940's-1950's


69. 1945-46 letters related to Anarchy, Tyranny, or International Organization and Pour eviter une troisieme grande guerre; also letters with military missions in Italy and letter to Vichinsky, 1946


70. Visit to Brazil, 1954

Box 19.

71. Visit to Spain and Brazil: letters, clippings, menus, etc.


72. Visit to Brazil, 1955: newspaper clippings, letters, visit cards


73. Papers related to NPC and Titulescu visit to Berlin, speech texts; also some postwar correspondence


74. Letters to wife, late 1940's; also, article on map of Vatican


75. Rome speech, 1950: letters and press comments, visit cards

Box 20.

76. Correspondence, 1957: related to Luci e Ombre and I Responsabili


77. Press comments and correspondence, 1945-46: concerns Suggerimenti per la pace and Anarchie, Dictature, ou organisation internationale


78. Newspaper clippings with mentions of NPC, 1946

Box 21.

79. Mission to Berne, 1917


80. Letters with Romanians, especially Mircea Popescu, 1954


81. Letters, 1954-55


82. Advertisements for various books by NPC


83. Negotiations with publishers concerning NPC books, especially with Bompiani


84. Correspondence related to French version of I Responsabili


85. Correspondence concerning articles and books, 1955-56


86. Note on Minorities, 1944; 1957 correspondence with G. Uscatescu; other miscellaneous correspondence

Box 22.

87. Typed manuscript of second half of Preluddi


88. Correspondence with Romanian Library of Freiburg


89. Correspondence with Societatea Academica Romana, 1958: especially with Barlea and Mircea Popescu; arrangements for publication by the Academia of Un point d'histoire vecu


90. Letters concerning Prima experienta comunista in Ungaria


P-2. Mission to Berne, 1919: also Lausanne, Paris during World War I


86a. Correspondence concerning publication of books, including I Responsabili and Preluddi, 1949-52.