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Guide to the Elsa Gidlow Papers, 1898-1986 (bulk dates 1920-1986)

Accession number: 1991-16

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Elsa Gidlow Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1898-1986 (bulk dates 1920-1986)
Accession number: 1991-16
Creator: Gidlow, Elsa
Extent: 13 linear feet in 16 boxes
Repository: The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Historical Society.
San Francisco, California.
Language: English.

Administrative Information


The Elsa Gidlow Papers (#1991-16) were donated to GLHS in 1991.


Collection is open for research.

Publication Rights

Copyright to unpublished manuscript materials is not held by the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Historical Society.

Audio-Visual Materials

The Papers contain numerous photographs and audio-tapes.

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[Identification of item], Elsa Gidlow Papers, 1991-16, The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Historical Society.


Shortly after Elsa Gidlow's death Phyllis Matyi, Elsa's friend, attorney and executrix of the Gidlow estate, issued a press release presenting a biographical summary of Elsa's life. The text of that release is printed below.
Poet-philosopher Elsa Gidlow died peacefully in her mountain home retreat, "Druid Heights," near Muir Woods, Mill Valley, California on June 8, 1986.
Born in Yorkshire, England in 1898, six-year-old Elsa Gidlow immigrated with her family of nine to the French Canadian village of Tetreauville. She was mainly self- educated, being allowed what she called, "the untutored space to be."
Gidlow's editor, Celeste West of Booklegger Press, says "We always joked that Elsa was born avant garde: North American's first published writer of a lesbian poetry volume (1923); radical feminist of the "first wave;" protest-poet attacked by McCarthyites; member of San Francisco's bohemian, psychedelic, then New Age and women's spirituality circles. Elsa fought life-long against class privilege, organized religion, and sexism, while fighting for all varieties of love and beauty."
Gidlow led the precarious career of a freelance journalist. She created a rich vein of protest and love poetry, while supporting her family and others. She also created, in the fifties, one of the renown garden-retreats of the coast redwoods. Gidlow insisted her life was her art: "We consider the artist a special sort of person. It is more likely that each of us is a special sort of artist."
Gidlow left Montreal for New York in 1920, where she became poetry editor for Frank Harris' progressive, much censored Pearson's Magazine. She sailed to San Francisco in 1926 with her long-time companion Violet Henry-Anderson. In San Francisco, she became friends with Ansel Adams, Robinson Jeffers, Kenneth Rexroth, Lou Harrison, Ella Young, Del Martin, Phyllis Lyon, Margo St. James, Clarkson Crane, Clyde Evans, and zen philosopher Alan Watts, who dedicated his autobiography to her.
In 1962, Gidlow co-founded, with Alan and Jano Watts, the Society of Comparative Philosophy, one of the first organizations to bring eastern wisdom to the west. Of Elsa Gidlow's thirteen books, five are in print, including her recently released autobiography, ELSA: I Come With My Songs (Booklegger Press), and her luminous love poetry, Sapphic Songs: Eighteen To Eighty (Booklegger Press). The ELSA autobiography has been called "A magnificent portrait of the artist as an old woman, of the esprit libre," who wrote, "Let none speak sadly of October, / I, Elsa, from the peak of years, / Say this: I have loved all seasons."
Elsa Gidlow is survived by her sister Thea Gidlow in Santa Rosa. Memorial donations may be made to "The Druid Height Trust for Women Artists,".....
On a personal note, Elsa Gidlow at the age of eighteen met her first lover, Marguerite Desmarais, at a party given by a mutual friend, Roswell Mills, in Montreal. On that same occasion Elsa also encountered a married woman, Louise Estelle Cox, with whom she quickly fell in love. Elsa's infatuation with Estelle soon came to an abrupt end when she rightfully suspected Estelle was having an affair with another mutual friend, Harcourt Farmer, and possibly other men. However, both women over time became very good friends and corresponded with each other for nearly thirty-three years after Elsa's departure from Canada.
In 1924 while living in New York City, Elsa met and informally married an older woman, Violet Henry-Anderson, who was known to friends as "Tommy." Their relationship lasted for thirteen years until Tommy's death. Their life together was interrupted on one occasion for a year while Elsa fulfilled a lifelong dream. In September 1928 she sailed for Europe to live, travel and meet other artists and writers, including Radclyffe Hall, who was residing in Paris at the time.
Around 1945, Elsa was introduced indirectly to Isabel Grenfell Quallo at the insistence of Roswell Mills. Everthing was done by mail at first. Elsa was in California and Isabel and Roswell lived in New York City. The friendship and love relationship of these two women began with an extended period of correspondence before they finally met in San Francisco. Eventually Isabel came to live permanently at Madrona, the name Elsa gave to the residence she owned in Fairfax, California. In 1954 they moved to Elsa's new Mill Valley property, named Druid Heights, which she purchased with Roger and Mary Somers. After ten years Isabel had to return to live in New York, due to personal family problems.
In her autobiography Elsa describes many intriguing encontures with other women over the years. In one of the final chapters, entitled "Young Moon in the Old Moon's Arms", Elsa, then in her seventies, poignantly describes her May-December relationship with Gretchen Muller, who was in her twenties. They lived together for about two years. Looking back Elsa states, "Some of my later love poems grew out of this friendship."
An initial reading of Elsa Gidlow's autobiography, ELSA: I Come With My Songs (1986), will certainly bring her Papers into focus. Copies of this book can be found in many libraries in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as this collection.

Scope and Content

The content of this collection (13 linear feet) documents Elsa Gidlow's personal life, public activity and literary accomplishments from 1920 until her death in 1986. The Papers are divided into nine series:
Title: Correspondence,
Title: Subject Files,
Title: Manuscripts,
Title: Published Works,
Title: Journals and Yearbooks,
Title: Audio-Visual and Photographs,
Title: Ephemera,
Title: Oversize Materials,
Title: Original Documents.
The Correspondence series contains a wide variety of letters from family, friends, lovers, literary agents, professional associates, women's organizations and admirers. The letters are arranged alphabetically by the name of the addresser.
For easier access to the Correspondence series, a complete alphabetical listing of addressers, including cross references when necessary, is in Appendix A of this finding aid. A researcher looking for a letter from H. L. Mencken, for example, will be referred to The American Mercury. Not included in this special listing are the letters found in the last two folders, Unidentified Addressers, of this series. In the Appendix the researcher will find many cross references to Maxim Lieber, who was Elsa's literary agent. Almost all the correspondence in the series is incoming except for two folders of letters Elsa wrote Violet Henry-Anderson while traveling.
As a special note, the Correspondence series contains a number of charming letters written to Elsa from Clarkson Crane, the author of The Western Shore (1925), which Carey McWilliams, who championed the book's republication in 1985, called "one of the three or four most important works of fiction based on the Calfornia scene." There is extensive and endearing correspondence between Violent Henry-Anderson mostly covering the period Elsa was in Europe. Violet was affectionately known as "Panther" by Elsa. There is also extensive correspondence from Isabel Grenfell Quallo - Elsa's other long-term relationship. The letters document their growing passion for each other before Isabel moved to California. The bulk of the letters are from 1945 through 1950 with no letters from 1951 through 1969 and only a smattering from 1970 through 1984.
The Roswell Mills correspondence contains the August 8, 1946 letter where Roswell introduces and describes Isabel to Elsa for the first time and proposes they correspond with each other. Roswell was one of Elsa's most long lasting friends, having met in Canada. He introduced Elsa not only to Isabel but also "Tommy." Most of his correspondence centers on his travails in life. There is no correspondence for the years 1932 through 1946.
In the Subject File series a good portion of the materials focus on Elsa Gidlow's Druid Heights property, The Society for Comparative Philosophy, and finally "red-baiting" in Marin County, California, in the 1940's.
In 1970 Elsa Gidlow transferred Druid Heights by grant deed to The Society for Comparative Philosophy, reserving a life estate in the property to herself. Years later this real estate, or parts thereof, was at the center of two court actions. In an effort to acquire privately owned properties to be added to the Muir Woods National Monument, the United States Department of the Interior, in 1976, filed condemnation proceedings on a substantial portion of Druid Heights [see Druid Heights: United States of America v. 1.18 Acres ..... ], which resulted in a cash settlement of $82,500. Again in 1975, the lawyer, academic and anti-pornography activist Catherine MacKinnon brought suit against The Society for Comparative Philosophy, including Elsa Gidlow, when they attempted to terminate MacKinnon's rental of the Druid Heights circular structure known as the "Moon Temple." That case [see Druid Heights: Catherine A. MacKinnon v. The Society for Comparative Philosophy, et al. ] ended in a court ordered arbitration settlement.
The Society for Comparative Philosophy was initially formed (in 1962) to assist Alan Watts in his research, writings and lectures on the interchange of Asian and Western philosophies. The special interests of the Society are described in it's monthly bulletins [see [The] Society for Comparative Philosophy - Bulletins, flyers and promotional materials, 1960's-70's].
The Manuscript series contains twenty unpublished novels, unedited and edited versions of Elsa's autobiography, dozens of short stories, reams of poetry, a few dramatic works, articles, editorials, essays, memoirs, reviews and satire. Please see the folder list (starting on page 11) for a complete list of Elsa's unpublished manuscripts.
A rare copy of Elsa's early volume of lesbian poetry, On A Grey Thread (1923), can be found in the Published Works series. In this series three consecutive folders contain much of her prose, poetry and letters appearing in various publications, dating from 1919 to 1984.
Elsa's personal journals, written mostly between 1928 and 1945, are located in the Journal And Yearbook series. The most complete yearly journal was for 1928, followed by a much less complete coverage for 1929. From 1930 to 1945 the journal entries were not written consistently on a daily, or even weekly, basis. After 1945 to 1985, only sketchy and sporadic entries appear here and there over the years in her appointment/yearbooks.
The Audio-Visual and Photograph series contain several recordings of Elsa's poetry reading and discussion engagements as well as personal interviews with her. These are complimented by the Photographs showcasing many excellent images of Elsa, plus numerous pictures of her family, friends, Druid Heights and pets. Please note in the Oversized Materials Series there is a large color photograph of the residents of Druid Heights in the 1970's, published with a related article printed in the March 21, 1971 issue of California Living Magazine.
Of note in the Ephemera series is a handmade african bead necklace, business cards, and some examples of the Pacific Coast Journal of Nursing, which Elsa edited. Because of the poor quality and condition of the paper, many of the documents had to be removed from the main body of the collection and replaced with photocopies. The removed documents can now be located in the Original Documents series.

Subjects and Indexing Terms


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Title: Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin Papers
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(Especially files of the Daughters of Bilitis of which Gidlow was a member.)
Title: Len Evans Papers
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(Especially files on McCarthyism which Gidlow was also a victim of.)
Relevant materials may also be found in the GLHS Oral History Project Collections.

Materials Removed from the Collection

Photographs and Audio-tapes are located in the Photogrpah and A-V rooms at GLHS.
Oversized materials located in GLHS oversized materials from various collections box.

Container List



Box Box 1

A - General, various dates


B - General,various dates


Basez, Emile, 1926-1933


Body Politic, 1977-1986


C - General, various dates


Cohen, Jocelyn H., 1982-1986


[U. S.] Copyright Office, 1957-76


Costello, Ruth, 1971-1985


Country Women, 1974-1977


Cox, Louise Estelle, 1923-1956 (3 folders)


Crane, Clarkson, 1928-1952


Cruikshank, Margaret,1981-1987


D - General, various dates


Davis, Graems, 1920


Desmarias,Marguerite, 1920-1925


Diana Press, 1975-1978


E - General, various dates


F - General, various dates


Feeney, Conrad John (Elsa's nephew), 1961


Feeney, Edwin (Ruby Gidlow's husband), 1961


Feminist Studies, 1979-1980


G - General, various dates


Gidlow, Alice (Elsa's mother), 1934-1935


Gidlow, Ivy (Elsa's sister), 1928-1930


Gidlow, Ruby (Elsa's sister, 1928-1961 (2 folders)


Gidlow, Samuel (Elsa's father), 1927-1938


Gidlow, Theadora (Elsa's sister), 1920-1986 (2 folders)


Gidlow Family - unidentified correspondence, n.d.


Gorwall (?), Lola/Lolette, 1924-1927


Gross, Louis, 1921-1937


H - General, various dates


Hall, Radclyffe and Una Troubridge, 1929-1932


HelaineVictoria Press, 1977-1986


Harrison, Lou, 1955-1985


Hemstreet, Abigail aka Abigail Tigresslily, 1978-1984


Henry-Anderson, Godfrey ("Tommy's" brother), 1935


Henry-Anderson, Violet Winifred Leslie "Tommy or Panther" - Letters from,






[Travelogue], 1932




Henry-Anderson, Violet Winifred Leslie "Tommy or Panther" - Letters to,






Hope, Mary, 1921-1922


J - General, various dates


K - General, various dates


Kearby, Norma "Niki" and Betty Caldwell, 1980-1986


L - General, various dates


Lesbian Herstory Archives, 1975-1979


[The] Lesbian History Collective, 1975


Lieber, Maxim, 1934-1948


M - General, various dates (2 folders)


MacKinnon, Catherine, 1980-1984


Mills, Roswell George, 1918-1950


Moore, Marcella, ca. 1933


N - General, various dates


O - General, various dates


P - General, various dates


Persephone Press, 1979-1981


Poetry, 1918-1954


Poetry Center at San Francisco State, 1957


Quallo, Isabel, 1945-1984 (2 folders)


R - General, various dates


Ransom, William, 1922-1925


Rexroth, Kenneth, 1972-1977


S - General, various dates (2 folders)


Schwartz, Judith, 1978-1982


[Charlotte] Selver Foundation, Inc., 1963-1986


Somers, Roger and Barbara, 1974


Spinsters Ink, 1983-1984


T - General, various dates


Troxel, Dorothy, 1923-1926


U - General, various dates


V - General, various dates

Box Box 3

W - General, various dates


Watts, Alan and Jano, 1952-1971


Welch, Marie de L., 1926-1951


West, Celeste at Booklegger Press, 1972-1985


West Coast Lesbian Collections, 1982-1989


Women in Distribution, 1974-1979


Y - General, various dates


Young, Ella, 1951-1953


Z - General, various dates


Unidentified Addressers, various dates (2 folders)


Subject Files

Box Box 3

Agreements/Publishers, 1977-1984


Anarchism re book, Emma's Daughters, 1983- 1984


Archives re Gidlow Papers - correspondence and related materials, 1983- 1987


Articles written about Gidlow, various dates


Autobiography expenses, 1983-1985


Cats, n.d.


Biographical information and publication lists, n.d.


Book readings and personal appearances - promotional materials, various dates


Business bouquets [complimentary letters], 1949-1969


China tour, 1980


Certificates - birth (1898) and citizenship (1939)


Chinese language studies, n.d.


Christmas cards from Gidlow, various years


Chung, Dr. Margaret, n.d.


Consumers Cooperative of Berkeley, Inc., 1961-1984


Copyright certificates, 1957-1976


Daughters of Bilitis/National Organization of Women, 1969


Druid Heights


Catherine A. MacKinnon v. The Society for Comparative Philosophy, et al.


Correspondence and related materials, 1980- 1985


Court documents, 1985-1986


Deeds, real property agreements, miscellaneous correspondence and related materials, 1954-1986


Property taxes, 1960's


Property transfer to The Society for Comparative Philosophy, 1969-1970


Real estate appraisals, 1970- 1976


Road servicing records, memos, and related correspondence, 1954-1982


Sale of 0.6 acres to Edward and Marilyn Stiles, insurance and legal papers, 1966


Title insurance, 1957-1975


U. S. v. 1.18 Acres. .. - correspondence and legal documents, 1937-1977


Druid Heights Artists Retreat - Memos, letters, articles of incorporation and by-laws, 1982-1989


Druid Heights Books - ISBN logs, n.d.


Expenses, 1937-1979


Fairfax Residents' and Taxpayers' Association Constitution, by-laws, related materials/Gidlow's newspaper coverage, 1945-1947


Fees/Legal and archival consultant, 1986-1987


Gidlow, Alice and Samuel - Legal documents, articles and related materials, various dates


Gidlow, Elsa re the Estate of - death certificate, wills, legal papers, correspondence and related materials, various dates


Gidlow, Ivy - Health issues and death, 1936-1981


Gidlow, Ivy - Poetry, n.d.


Gidlow, Thea Singleton - Lone Dancer and Others Poems, 1975


Goats, n.d.

Box Box 4

Handwriting analysis, n.d.


Health care givers and home sitters - Instructions, n.d.


Harris, Frank, n.d.


Henry-Anderson, V. W. L. re the Estate of - documents, correspondence and related materials, 1935


Hospice of Marin - Consent forms, 1986


Ideas for articles, n.d.


Income, 1953-1983


Income, 1983-1986


[The] Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality re Elsa's speech Encounters With Some Unusual Men and Women. .., 1981


Japan tour, 1965


Lesbian literature - Judith Schwarz, Lesbian History: Censored, 1979


Lesbian literature - Maureen Brady and Judith Mc Daniel, Lesbians in the Mainstream: Images of Lesbian in Recent Commercial Fiction, n.d.


Library of Congress, 1941-1942


Membership cards and various passes, 1930's-1940's


Morgan, Glen E. - Music, n.d [See also Manuscripts - Drama: Preface to Peace]


Menus for daily meals, ca. 1930-1935


Music, n.d.


Naiad Press, 1970-1987


Pacific Gas and Electric Company stockholdings, various dates


Passports, various dates


Poetry and prose from other authors, n.d.


Poets - Seven Stray Cats, 1957


Publications by Gidlow, 1923-1970


Red-baiting in Fairfax, CA, 1947-1949


Corrrespondence and related materials


Documents re Gidlow's dismissal from the City Plannig Commission


Newspaper clippings, 1947- 1949


Partial Report of the State Fact-finding Committee on Un-American Activities in California


Real property purchase - Administrator's deed and title policy, 1940


Sapphic Songs, 1970s-1980s


Pre-publication correspondence and Related materials




[The] Society for Comparatve Philosophy


Articles of Incorporation and By- laws


Board of Directors' Minutes (incomplete), 1966- 1985


Bulletins, flyers and promotional materials, 1960's- 1970's


Micellaneous correspondence, memoranda, etc., 1976-1986


Southern California Women for Understanding Awards dinner honoring Gidlow, 1980-1981


Speeches, n.d.


Stocks, 1939-1963


[U. S.] Taxes and related correspondence, 1984-1988


Vita Life Insurance annuity - Policy and related correspondence, 1978- 1989


Watts, Alan


Wise Man's Gold - Glide and Zellerbach Board and related materials, 1968- 1984


Women - Herstory Bibliographies, Ann Forfreedom, compiler; Carla Hollowell- Sargent and Ann Forfreedom, Hypatia. 1974


Words for Hire [Gidlow's writing company]


Paul Masson Vineyards 1961- 1963


various assignments, various dates


Word Is Out [1977 Gay and Lesbian Movie, featuring Gidlow]-Interview, correspondence and related materials, 1976-1978




Unpublished Novels

Box Box 5

Oral History Project Proposal


The Accuser's Tree - Outlilne, n.d.


Another Name For Fate


Chapters 1 - 20, n.d.


Chapters 21 - End, n.d.


The Body In The Bath, n.d.


The Bright Face And The Dark, n.d.


Free?, n.d.


chapters 1 - 19


chapters 20 - 34


chapters 35 - End


The Great Beast [1st of 2 drafts], 1944


Book 1


Book 2


Book 3


The Great Beast [2nd of 2 drafts], n.d.


Part 1


Part 2


Half Way From The Ape, n.d


Parts 1 - 2


Parts 3 - 5


Like A Fury [1st of 2 drafts], n.d


Books 1- 2


Book 3


Books 4 - 5


Like A Fury [2nd of 2 drafts], n.d.


Books 1 - 2


Books 3 - 5


Love Is A Four-Letter Word [1st of 3 drafts], n.d.


Folder 1


Folder 2

Box Box 6

Folder 3


Love Is A Four-Letter Word [2nd of 3 drafts], n.d.


Book 1


Books 2 - 3


Book 4


Love Is A Four-Letter Word [3rd of 3 drafts], n.d.


Book 1


Books 2 - 3


Book 4


The Morgana Story, n.d.


Summary Outline


Chapters 1 - 18 [1st of 2 drafts]


Chapters 19 - End [1st of 2 drafts]


Chapters 1 - End [2nd of 2 drafts]


My Book, Your Book [Novelization of the 1st part of Gidlow's autobiography], n.d.


No Gentlemen's Affair, n.d.


Chapters 1 - 13


Chapters 14 - End


Red Truck, n.d.


The Sighted And The Blind, n.d.


1st Half


2nd Half


The Singing Mother, n.d.


Chapters 1 - 11


Chapters 12 - End


Strangers In Love, n.d.


Books 1 - 2


Book 3


Who Loveth, n.d.


[Chapters from novel in progress]


Chapters 1 - 12


Chapters 13 - End

Box Box 7

The World Isn't Finished, n.d.


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Undertow!, n.d.


Chapters 1 - 15


Chapters 16 - 27


Chapters 28 - End


Unpublished Novelette

Box Box 7

The Tithe To The Holy Ghost [2 drafts], n.d.


Unpublished Translation

Box Box 7

Hsiao Ching, n.d.


Manuscripts of Published Materials

Box Box 7

Elsa: I Come With My Song, The Autobiography of Elsa Gidlow


Early beginnings, n.d.


Beginning, n.d (2 folders)


Original, unedited with notes, n.d. (4 folders)


Original, edited by Celeste West, 1983-1985 (4 folders)


Short Stories

Box Box 7

The Birth Of Love; Both Sides Of The Street [3 drafts], n.d.


Children Of The Incomprehensible; Come A Good Day [2 drafts], n.d.


Death In The Sun; The Dog; Dr. Zangtvell, n.d.


The Elderly Couple; An Eye For an Eye, n.d.


The FAT Woman Who Ate Tiny Meals; The Fire Dream Of The Old Wise Woman [3 drafts], n.d.


Footprints In The Sands Of The Sacred, 1976-1977 [3 drafts]; The Fur Coat, n.d.

Box Box 8

The Gang; Greedy Gregoire; A Guardian Of The Law, n.d.


A Happy Childhood; Hero Come Home [2 drafts]; H. T.'s Big Day, n.d.


"I'm The Government Now"; Incident [2 drafts], n.d.


Like A Dome; A Line Of Light On The Sea; The Little Cakes; Love Is Indivisiible [2 drafts], n.d.


Love, Money, And Bunny Bantam [xerox copy], n.d.


Man With The Morning Papers, n.d.


Mary Opiso, n.d.


The Miracle Of The Golden Sword [collection of short stories compiled by Gidlow], n.d. (2 folders)


Le Misanthrope; The Mother Of David [2 drafts], n.d.


The Mouse; Mrs. Bach And The Marines, n.d.


The Night Of The Storm [2 drafts], n.d.


A Pair Of Tight Shoes, n.d.


Return Of A Hero; The Rosary, n.d.


The Sage Hen [2 drafts], n.d.


Sauvez - Moi!; The Sea Is Still The Sea, n.d.


Something New [2 drafts], n.d.


The Stone Image [xerox copy], n.d.


These People Mean Business; The Thirteenth Hurricane, n.d.


The Vintage, n.d.


Ward's Curious Loss; Will's Double Wife, n.d.


"You Got To Be Big To Be Honest," n.d.



Box Box 8

Breath Against Steel


[collection of published and unpublished poetry compiled by Gidlow], n.d.


[another compilation of poetry under the previous title], n.d.


The Bridge Builders, n.d.


The Common Root [xerox copy of poems compiled and written by Gidlow], n.d.


A Creed For Free Women, 1979


Letters From Limbo [compilation of poems], 1956


Makings For Meditation [collection of parapoems], n.d.


Not Without Natural Ancestors [collection of poems], n.d.


Sapphic Songs - Seventeen To Seventy [collection of poems], n.d.


Steel Flanked Stallion And Other Poems, n.d.


Stone Jungles


[xerox copy], n.d.


[1st version], 1932


[revised version], 1933 or 1934


Miscellaneous poems [untitled collection], n.d. (2 folders)


Miscellaneous poems, 1923-1929


Miscellaneous poems [various poems, mostly undated], n.d. (3 folders)



Box Box 8

The Antagonists, n.d.


Appointment With Tomorrow [apparently an early version of Wise Man's Gold], n.d.


The Battle Of The Sun And Moon [3 drafts, retitled The Master Workman], n.d.


Don Juan In Limbo [5 drafts], n.d.


The Grapes of Death

Box Box 9

Heaven Is Hell, n.d.


The House Of Love Haunted [radio version], n.d.


Paul Masson Vineyards [film script], 1961


Preface To Peace , 1941 n.d.


Wise Man's Gold [early work sheets], n.d.


Wise Man's Gold, n.d.


Wise Man's Gold [another version], n.d.


Articles, editorials, essays, memoirs, reviews and satire [arranged alphabetically by title], n.d.


Notes and storylines, 1922-1928


Various notes and unidentified draft materials, n.d.


Cartoons [sketches with descriptions and suggested punch lines], n.d.


Published Works

Box Box 9

Ask No Man Pardon, 1975


Elsa: I Come With My Songs, 1986


Makings For Meditation, 1973


Moods Of Eros And Other Poems, n.d.


On A Grey Thread, 1923


Sapphic Songs: Seventeen To Seventy, 1976; Sapphic Songs: Eighteen To Eighty, 1982


Various poetic collections, various dates


Letters, prose and poetry published in Newspapers, magazines and literary reviews, 1925-1984 (2 folders)


Poetry and Prose of Elsa Gidlow[Reproduced from her scrapbook which was in very poor condition], 1919 -1970


Original commercial publications containing Gidlow's writings, various dates


Journals and Yearbooks

Box Box 9

Journals Handwritten,


Jan 1928 -Jan 1929


Jan 1929 -Nov 1929


Nov 1929 -Oct 1930


Oct 1930 -1945


Mar 1944, n.d.


Journal Typed, 1928-1929


Journal, typed notes on politics, patriotism, home, etc., n.d.


Yearbook, Journal Entries





Box Box 10

Yearbook, Journal Entries, 1959


Yearbook Appointments and Journal Entries


1964 & 1965


1971, 1972 & 1974


1975 & 1978


1979 & 1980


Yearbooks, appointments


1981, 1982 & 1983


1984 & 1985

Box Box 11

Yearbooks, appointments and undated pages, 1986 & n.d.



Box Box 11

Miscellaneous (2 folders)


Art Work


Printed Materials


Audio-Visual And Photo Files

Box Box 12

Audio Cassette no. 1& 2


Title/Subject: Poetry reading


Reader: Elsa Gidlow


Location: Southern California Women for Understanding Conference, Los Angeles, CA. Feb 1981 - Parts 1& 2


Audio Cassette no. 3


Title/Subject: Poetry reading


Reader: Elsa Gidlow


Location: New Orleans, LA. 1982


Audio Cassette no. 4 & 5


Title/Subject: Poetry and autobiography reading


Reader: Elsa Gidlow


Location: ? n.d. - Parts 1& 2


Audio Cassette no. 6


Title/Subject: Philosophical Significance of Lesbianism


Speaker: Elsa Gidlow


Location: ? n.d.


Audio Cassette no. 7


Titel/Subject: Interview with Elsa Gidlow


Interviewer: P. Olin


Location: "Lesbian History Exploration", a conference sponsored by The Lesbian History Archives, Los Angeles, CA. 1965


Audio Cassette no. 8


Title/Subject: Interview with Elsa Gidlow


Interviewer: Al Redington


Location: Los Angeles, CA. February 1981


Audio Cassette no. 9


Title Subject: Interview with Elsa Gidlow


Interview: Padraigin McGillicuddy


Location: Recorded for KPFA, Berkeley, CA. n.d.


Audio Cassette no. 10


Title/Subject: Recorded memories of the life of


Elsa Gidlow on her 80th birthday


Speaker: Kenneth Rexroth. 1978


Audio Cassette no. 11


Title/Subject: Title list of philosophical works found in Elsa Gidlow's library


Reader: Phylis Matyi ca. 1985


Audio Cassette no. 12


Title: I Am The Earth


Words and Music: Kay Gardner


Performance: Kay Gardner. n.d.


Audio Cassette no. 13


Titles: Experience and Love Song


Text: Elsa Gidlow, taken from her Sapphic Songs


Muscial Setting: Kay Gardner. n.d.


Audio Cassette no. 14


Title: A Creed For Freed Women


Text: Elsa Gidlow


Musical Setting: Kay Gardner


Performance: Dinah Women's Chorus


Location: Cincinnati, OH. Mar 21, 1981


Audio Cassette no. 15


Title: Fishersdaughter - An album of songs


Producer: Kay Gardner


Recording Company: Evenkeel Records, EKR - 44. 1986


Audio Cassette no. 16


Title: Purple Passion - A reading


Text: Jay Goldspinner


Reader: Jay Goldspinner. n.d.


Audio Cassette no. 17


Title: Scenes From Cavafy


Composer: Lou Harrison


Performance: ? [Notes on the cassette are illegible] n.d.


Audio Cassette no. 18


Title: Six Cembalo Sonatas


Composer: Lou Harrison


Performance: Susan Summerfield, harpsichord


Location: Mills Colege, Oakland, CA. Feb 1986


Audio Cassette no. 19


Title: Piano Concerto


Composer: Lou Harrison


Performance: Keith Jarrett, piano, with The New Japan Philharmonic


Location: ? Feb 1984


Audio Cassette no. 20


Title: Corn Maiden


Text: Elsa Gidlow


Musical Setting: Kathy Roberts


Note: Described as an exhibition tape. Mar 30, 1974


Audio Cassette no. 21


Title: Invocation To Sappho


Text: Elsa Gidlow, taken from her Sapphic Songs


Musical Setting: Anna Rubin


Performance: Anna Rubin and others


Location: ? Aug 22, 1975

Box Box 13

udio Reel to Reel nos. 1-3 [7" - speed 7-1/2]


Title/Subject: Poetry reading and discussion - Parts 1, 2, & 3


Reader: Elsa Gidlow


Location: ? n.d.


Audio Reel to Reel no. 4 [7" - speed 7-1/2]


Title/Subject: Poetry reading


Reader: Elsa Gidlow


Location: ? n.d.


Audio Reel to Reel no. 5 [7" - speed 7-1/2]


Title/Subject: Poetry reading


Reader: Elsa Gidlow


Note: Not recorded before a live audience. n.d.


Audio Reel to Reel no. 6 [7" - speed 7-1/2]


Title/Subject: Drumming and chanting recorded in Japan


Note: See Alan Watt's notation on the back of the box. n.d.


Audio Reel to Reel no. 7 [7" - speed 7-1/2]


Title: La Koro Sutro


Composer: Lou Harrison


Performance: Chorus and gamelan orchestra conducted by Donald Cobb


Location: ? n.d.


Audio Reel to Reel nos. 8 & 9 [5" - speed 9-1/2]


Title/ Subject: Poetry reading - Parts 1&2


Reader: Elsa Gidlow


Location: The Southern California Women for Understanding Conference, Los Angeles, CA. Feb 1981


Audio Reel to Reel no. 10 [5" - speed 3-3/4]


Title/Subject: Interview with Ella Young


Interviewer: Wallace Hamilton


Location: ? n.d.


Audio Reel to Reel no. 11 [3" - speed 3-3/4]


Title: The Rainbow Boy And The Corn Maiden


Text: Elsa Gidlow


Musical Setting: Lou Harrison


Performance: ? n.d.


Audio Reel to Reel no. 12 [3" - speed 7-1/2]


Title: May Rain


Text: Elsa Gidlow, taken from her Sapphic Songs


Musical Setting: Lou Harrison


Performance: ? n.d.


Videocassette [Mode: Beta]


Title/Subject: Interview with Elsa Gidlow


Interviewer: Mary Hart


Note: Interview is incomplete. n.d.



Box Box 14

Elsa Gidlow


ca. 1920-1950


ca. 1950-1970


ca. 1970-1986


Gidlow family members, various dates


Album, mostly family and early friends, ca. 1870 - 1930




ca. 1900-1940


ca. 1970-1986


Unidentified persons, various dates


Snapshots by Betty Caldwell and "Niki" Kearby [Removed from an acidic album], 1980


Clarkson Crane & Clyde Evans and Bill Brown & Lou Harrison, ca. 1925- 1940


Lynn Gotchall, n.d.


Violet "Tommy" Henry-Anderson, various dates


Isabel Grenfell Quallo, ca. 1945-1950


Somers family, various dates


Alan Watts, various dates


Ella Young, n.d.

Box Box 15

Animals, various dates


Homes in Fairfax, Mill Valley, various dates


Homes in Mill Valley [slides], various dates


Japan trip, 1965


Miscellaneous photos and slides, various dates


Negatives, various dates




Original Documents



Box Box 16

Canadian Bookman; Cohen, Jocelyn H.


Dodd, Mead and Company; [The] Emerson Quarterly; Feeney, Conrad John; Foster, Jeanette


Gidlow Family Members


Henry-Anderson, Violet Winifred Leslie, Letter from, 1934


Henry-Anderson, Violet Winifred Leslie, Letters to


Helaine Victoria Press (Jocelyn Cohen); Hoyt, Helen; Johns, Orrick


[The] League Agency; [The] Liberator ; Lieber, Maxim [Letter from The Forum]


[The] Macmillan Company; [The] Mental Hygiene Committee of Montreal


Mills, Roswell G.


Molson, John; Moore, Marcella


Pacific Coast Journal of Nursing ; [The] Prairie Press


Smith, Chard Powers; Topics Publishing Company; Troxel, Dorothy


Verdun Protestant Hospital; [The] Viking Press


Welch, Marie de L.; Bynner, Witter


Subject Files

Box Box 16

Fairfax Residents and Taxpayers Association - Constitution, by-laws, related materials and Gidlow's newspaper coverage, 1945-1947


[V. W. L.]Henry-Anderson re the Estate of, - Documents, correspondence, and related materials, 1935


Red-baiting in Fairfax, CA


Correspondence and related materials, 1947- 1948


Resolution, history and correspondence re Gidlow's dismissal from the City Planning Commission, 1947-1948


Original newspaper clippings of Gidlow, 1947


Manuscripts - Short Stories

Box Box 16

Love, Money, and Bunny Bantam, n.d.


The Stone Image [2 drafts], n.d.


Unpublished Novels

Box Box 16

Manuscripts - Poetry


The Common Root, n.d.


Stone Jungles - typed poems, n.d.


Poems, 1923-1925


Oversize Materials

Physical Description:

1 Folder
Physical Location:

Located in GLHS Oversized materials from various collections box

Poems in Folio - A portfolio of illustrated broadsheet featuring selected works of various poets, edited by Stanley Kunitz, Henry Rago, Richard Wilbur, and published in San Francisco, California, ca. 1950's


Full page color photograph of the residents of Druid Heights published with a related article in California Living Magazine, Mar 21, 1971


Miscellaneous oversized materials

Appendix A: List of Correspondents


[Andree] Abecassis & Associates, 1976


[The] Academy of American Poets, 1935


Albright, Mia, n.d.


[The] American Academy of Asian Stidies, 1953


American Book Company, 1935


[The] American Mercury, n.d.

see also Lieber, Maxim


American Poetry Journal


Anderson, Henry, 1972

see also KPFA


Andrews, Gwyneth, 1983


Angelou, Maya, 1976


Arnold, June

see Daughter Publishing Co., Inc.


Arnovitz, Benton M.

see Chilton Book Company


[The] Ark, 1978-1982


Arthur, Gavin, 1954


Artman, Nan, 1975


Atherton, Gertrude, 1924


Auerback, Dr. John B., 1969


Avernile, Mary Beth

see Avernile-Gibbons Technical Consultants


Avernile-Gibbons Technical Consultants, 1986


Baker, Claire J., 1980


[Zentatsu] Baker

see Zen Center


Barba, Sharton

see [The] University of New Mexico

see also [The] Feminist Writer's Guild


Barnard, Mary

see [The] University of Buffalo, Lockwood Memorial Library


Barrows, P., n.d.


Basez, Emile, 1926-1933 *


Batchelller, Joseph D.

see [The] New England Theatre Conference


Beacon Press, 1980


Beboot, R. A.

see Body Politic


Bender, Albert M., 1929-1935


Benet, William Rose, 1940

see also [The] Saturday Review


Benson., Donald B.

see Synegetics


Berault, Nancy, 1982


Bereano, Nancy R.

see [The] Crossing Press


Best, Marshall A.

see [The] Viking Press


Bliss, Leslie E.

see [Henry E.] Huntington Library and Art Gallery


Bloch, Alice

see [The] Lesbian History Collective


Block, Carol Marie, 1971


[The] Bobbs Merrill Company

see [The] League Agency


Body Politic, 1977-1986


Boni & Liveright, Inc., 1922


Booklegger Press, 1981

see also West, Celeste


Book People, 1977-1979


Booth, E. Elliott

see [The] Macmillan Company of Canada Limited


Boucher, Sandy, 1984-1985


Brannigan, Michael, 1976


Brewer, Warren & Putman Inc., 1931


Brigham, Marion A., 1945


Brinkenhoff, M.

see Topics Publishing Comoany, Inc.


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Brown, Rita May, 1971-1972


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Budapest, Zsuzsanna E., 1977

see also Diana Press


Bulkin, Elly, 1975-1980

see also Persephone Press


Burnett, Hallie

see Story


Burns, Aubrey, 1972-1973


Burnshaw, Stanley

see New Masses


Bynner, Witter, 1926


Caen, Herb, 1972


Caldwell, Betty

see Kearby, Norma "Niki"


California State College, Stanislaus, 1985


Canadian Bookman, 1919-1920


Canan, Dr, Janice B., 1984-1985


Canby, Henry S.

see [The] Saturday Review


Canfield, Cass

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Cantlon, Marie

see Beacon Press

see also Harper & Row Publishers, Inc.


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see Harper & Row Publishers, Inc.


Carlson, Elizabeth De Witt, 1971


Century Book Club, 1985


Cerf, Bennett A.

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Chambers, Lynne

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see also Herstory


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Chan, Lori, 1969-1985


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Chilton Book Company, 1976


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see [The] Emerson Quarterly


Christopher Street, 1980


Churchman, Gloria, 1971


Ciardi, John

see [The] Saturday Review


Clark, Judy and Pat

see J & P Distribution


Clark, Irwin & Company Limited, 1956


Cliff, Michelle

see Sinister Wisdom


Cohen, Elliott E.

see [The] Menorah Journal


Cohen, Jocelyn H., 1982-1986 *

see also Helaine Victoria Press


Coleman, Carroll D.

see [The] Prairie Press



see Lieber, Maxim


Commins, Saxe

see Random House


Compton, Russ

see Previews


Contact, 1965


Coote, Stephen

see Penguin Books Ltd.



see Lieber, Maxim


Costello, Ruth, 1971-1985 *

see also Contact


Country Women, 1974-1977 *


Covig, William

see Harrison, Lou


Conway, Mary Jo

see Tuckman, Goldstein & Phillips


Cowan, Lyndal, 1975-1978


Cox, Louise Estelle, 1923-1956 *


Cox, Sue, 1980-1981


Craft, Christine

see Spencer-Craft Productions


Crain, Maurice, 1952-1959


Crane, Clarkson, 1928-1952 *


Crewe, Judith

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[The] Crossing Press, 1981-1982


[Thomas Y.] Crowell Company

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Decker, Dorothy and James


Degnan, June Oppen

see [The] American Academy of Asian Studies


Desmarias, Marguerite, 1920-1925*


[The] Dial, 1926


Diana Press, 1975-1978 *


Dick, Sheldon, 1932-1933


Dillon, A.

see Poetry


[The] Distributors, 1980


di Suvero, Victor M., 1982


Dobbs, K. R. E.

see {The] Macmillan Company of Canada Limited


Dolman, Dr. Percival, 1935


Dore, Alan

see Horizon


Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1959-1980


Doubleday, Doran and Company, Inc., 1942

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Duell, Sloan & Pearce, Inc.

see Lieber, Maxim


Duncan, Robert

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Dunsford, Dr. Cathie, 1984


Dust, 1965-1969


Dykewoman, Elana, 1976


Edel, Deborah

see Lesbian Herstory Archives


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Eiseley, Loren C., 1967


Elias, Peter, 1986


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[The] Emerson Quarterly, 1924


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see Maenad


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Evans, Minton B., n.d.


[City of] Fairfax, 1948


Falcon, Jo, 1982


Farber, Dr. Leslie, n.d.


Farber, Marjorie, 1945


Farrar & Reinhart, Inc., 1936


Fassett, Dr. James, 1970


Feeney, Conrad John (Elsa Gidlow's nephew), 1961 *


Feeney, Edwin (Ruby Gidlow's husband), 1961 *


Felder, Dominique, 1984


Feminists Studies, 1979-1980 *


[The] Feminist Writer's Guild, 1980


Ferguson, Linda

see Pacific Sun


Field, Sara Bard, 1928-1935


Fielder, Sybil M.

see Scripps College


Fifield, Lillene, 1976


Fischer, Gertrud

see [The] Viking Press


Flanner, Hildegarde, 1937


Fleming, Vivian, 1936-1937


Flood, June, 1981-1982


Foley, Martha

see Story


Fonfa, Lynn

see West Coast Lesbian Collections


Forfreedom, Ann, 1974


Forst, Mary, 1975


[The] Fortnightly, 1932


[The] Forum, 1924

see also Lieber, Maxim


Forum Publishing Company

see Lieber, Maxim


Foster, Jeannette, 1970-1971


Frances, Harriette, 1971


Frederick, John T,

see [The] Midland


Frontiers, 1979


Fulton, Len

see Dust


Furlong, Monica, 1981


Futcher, Jane, 1983


Gable, Cathy, 1977-1981


Gabriel, Mary

see Century Book Club


Gair, Cynthia

see Women in Distribution


Garber, Eric

see San Francisco Gay History Project


Gardner, Geoffrey

see [The] Ark


Gardner, Frieda, 1982


Gardner, K., 1981-1985


Gee, Deborah

see KGO-TV


[The R. S.] Geller Support Committee

see Diana Press


George, Kathi

see Frontiers


Gidlow, Alice (Elsa's mother), 1934-1935 *


Gidlow, Ivy (Elsa's sister), 1928-1930 *


Gidlow, Ruby (Elsa's sister), 1928-1961 *


Gidlow, Samuel (Elsa's father), 1927-1938 *


Gidlow, Theadora (Elsa's sister), 1920-1986 *


Gilbert, Morris

see [The] Smart Set


Gill, Harriet, 1982


Glasow, Glenn

see KPFA


Goldspinner, Jay, 1985


Good Housekeeping

see Lieber, Maxim


Goodwin, Dianna

see Libera


Gordon, Alfred, 1981


Gordi, Tooni

see [The] Spinners


Gorwall (?), Lola/Lolette, 1924-1927 *


Gotchall, Lynn, 1981-1985


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Goyen, William

see McGraw-Hill Book Company


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Greenfield, Gloria Z.

see Persephone Press


Greitzer, Deevy-Jane

see [The] Village Voice


Grier, Barbara

see Naiad Press


Griffin, Susan, 1971


Grimstead, Kirsten, 1973


Gross, Gerald

see Pantheon Press


Gross, Louis, 1921-1937 *


Gross, Terry

see Country Women


Gunn, Major General John A., 1958


Haddad, Phoebe, 1978


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Hall, Radclyffe and Troubridge, Una, 1929-1932 *


Hamilton, Paul, n.d.


Hamilton, Wallace

see KPFA


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Harper, Carol, 1958


Harper & Brothers

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Harris, Helaine

see Women in Distribution, Inc.

see also Diana Press


Harrison, Lou and Corig, William, 1955-1985 *


Hart Marie, 1979-1984


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Hartley Productions, 1983


Hartley, Elda

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Helaine Victoria Press, Inc., 1977-1986 *


Hemley, Elaine G.

see California State College, Stanislaus


Hemstreet, Abigail aka Abigail Tigresslily, 1978-1984 *


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Henry-Anderson, Violet Winifred Leslie aka "Tommy" or "Panther", 1928- 1934


Herbert, Paul B., 1971


Herstory, 1984


Herz, Henrietta

see Dick, Sheldon


Hesperian House, 1962


Hiatt, Rebecca, 1978


Highland, A.

see Woman's Missionary Society


Hill, Albert, 1985


Hill Publishing Company, Inc., 1971


Hitchcock, George Parks

see San Francisco Review


Hodges, Harold, 1971


Hope, Mary 1921-1922 *


Hopkins, Catherine, 1982-1985


Horizen, 1961


Houghton Mifflin Company, 1946

see also Lieber, Maxim


Howard, Kim, n.d.


[Helen] Hoyt and W. W. Lyman, 1931-1935

see also Poetry


Huang, Al Chung-Liang, n.d.


Humphrey, Byron, 1939


Hunt, Stephen, 1971


[Henry E.] Huntington Library and Art Gallery, 1940


Hupp, James G., 1972


Hyman, Carlton S.

see [The] Fortnightly


Jackson, Ed

See Body Politic


J & P Distribution, 1981-1983


Jeffers, Una, 1937-1954


Johns, Orrick, n.d.


Jones, Eileen, 1976


Joost, Nicholas

see Poetry


Journal of Homosexuality, 1984


Joy, Emma, 1985


Kaufman, Bernard, 1971


Kearby, Norma / "Niki" and Caldwell, Betty, 1980-1986 *


Kehoe, Monika

see Journal of Homosexuality


Keith, Elva I.

see [The] Macmillan Company - U. S.


Kelley, William P.

see Doubleday & Company, Inc. Kennerley, Mitchell, 1921


Kent, Anne

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KGO-TV, 1980


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see also [William] Morrow & Company, Inc.


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[Alfred A.] Knopf, Inc., 1927


Konek, Carol

see Wichita State University


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see also Country Women


Kornegger, Peggy, n.d.


KPFA, 1952-1983


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Kuda, Marie J.

see Womanpress



Ladies Home Journal

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Larkin, Joan

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Laughlin, J.

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[The] League Agency, 1938


League of American Writers, 1938


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Lebell, Sharon, 1986


Lee, Barbara, 1972


Lee, Mary Hope Whitehead, 1984


Leidy, Harry

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Leighty, Vicki, 1986


Leita, Carole

see Women Library Workers Journal


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Le Page, Robert, 1978-1986


Lesbian Herstory Archives, 1975-1979 *


[The] Lesbian History Collective, 1975 *


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Levine, Naomi G.

see Scripps College


Lewis, Samuel, 1959-1970


Liapes, Michelle

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Libera, 1972


[The] Liberator, 1924


Liberty Magazine

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Liebes, Leon, 1934


Linkous, Diana E., 1985


Lionesio, Alice

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Longmans, Green & Co.

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see [Helen] Hoyt and W. W. Lyman


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Lyon, Phyllis

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Lyon, Tom

see Western American Literature



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Mac Cullock, Bunny, 1982-1986


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[The] Macmillan Company of Canada Limited, 1933-1935


Maenad, 1980-1981


Magazine for Women, 1927-1928


[David] Magee Book Shop, 1959


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Malti, George M., 1971


Marky, Alexander

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Mathias, Rita, 1923-1927


Matteson, Ann, 1976-1983


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McGuire, Paula, 1974-1978

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McGuire, William

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see [The] American Mercury


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Merlin Press, 1978


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[The] Midland, 1927-1931


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Miller, Isabel

see Routsong, Alma


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Mines, Stephanie, 1977


Minor, Robert

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see [The] Pacfic Spectator


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Moffett, M. S., 1934


Molson, John, 1936


Mondanako, Edna

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Monroe, Harriet

see Poetry


Moon Books

see Diana Press


Moonwoman, B., 1978


Moore, H. Napier

see Maclean's Magazine


Moore, Marcella, ca. 1933 *


Moore, Mariane

see [The] Dial


Moore, Richard

see KPFA


Morgan, Glen E., 1960-1962


Morgan, Robin, 1969


Morrow, Elizabeth M.

see [The] Bobs Merrill Company


[William] Morrow & Company, Inc., 1946-1961


Moses, Claire G.

see Feminist Studies


Mosk, California State Attorney General Stanley, 1959


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Mouth of the Dragon, 1976


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Munro, Deborah, 1976


Murphy, D., 1935


Murray, Carol A., 1979


Myron, Nancy

see Diana Press


Naiad Press, 1981-1987

see also Diana Press


Nameth, Terry

see Book People


Nelson, Jackie

see Women


Nestle, Joan

see Lesbian Herstory Archives


New College of California, 1983


New Directions, 1943-1968


[The] New England Theatre Conference, 1974


Newman, Gail, 1976


New Masses, 1935


New World Press Publishers, 1984


[The] New Yorker

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O'Brien, Edward J., 1927


Oda, Mayumi, 1984


Old Lady Blue Jeans, 1967


Olkowski, Helga, 1971


Ottinger, John C.

see Topics Publishing Company


Pacific Coast Journal of Nursing - Elsa Gidlow , editor, 1927- 1928


Pacific Drug Review, 1935


[The] Pacfic Spectator, 1954


Pacfic Sun, 1972-1976


Pacoz, Christina, 1975


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Panjandrum Press, 1973


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Penelope, Julia

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[Lord] Pentland, 1951-1955


[The] Peoples Press, 1941


Persephone Press, 1979-1981 *


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see Reynal & Hitchcock, Inc.


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Poetry, 1918-1954 *


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[The] Poetry Digest Association, 1935


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see also Helaine Victoria Press


Potter, Clare

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[The] Press of James A. Decker, 1943


Previews, 1981


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[The] Radical Reviewer, 1982


Rand, Yvonne

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Rasmussen, Marie, 1971


Raymond, Michael J.

see [The] Distributors


Redinger, Ellsworth / Al, 1981-1982


Reid, Coletta

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Rosenthal, Claudia

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Russell, Duarmuid

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see also Saturday Night


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