Register of the Pan American Society (USA), San Francisco Chapter Papers, 1928-1965

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Register of the Pan American Society (USA), San Francisco Chapter Papers, 1928-1965

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Alianza por Progreso


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Latin America -History


The Pan American Society was founded (1912) to foster Pan American friendship and understanding. It is the oldest private Latin American organization in the United States. The idea for the Society originated with John Barrett, who, at the time was Director of the U.S. government-sponsored Pan American Union. Barrett, with the assistance of Senator Elihu Root, organized meetings of a first chapter in New York City. By 1940 membership had grown to about 800.
During the years of its existence, the various chapters of the national Society have arranged hundreds of dinners in honor of heads of government, diplomats, missions on culture, economics, and science, and Latin American students at American universities. In addition to these social activities, the officers of the Society have participated in radio broadcasts and delivered lectures in schools, clubs, and other institutions espousing amicable commercial and cultural relations between the United States and its Latin American neighbors.
From the time of its establishment in San Francisco (1930), the Bay Area chapter has also devoted itself to fostering these goals. Among the activities of the Society, the most important has been its annual observance of Pan America Day (April 14), in the course of which all area Latin American university students are fed and entertained at lavish banquets. Distinguished Latin Americans who were also guests at Society banquets have included the President of Nicaragua, the Chief of Staff of the Brazilian Army and the Vice Presidents of Peru and El Salvador. The chapter entertained delegates to the Reciprocal Trade Conference (1930), members of the Brazilian Touring Club (1933), members of the Peruvian and Chilean Missions to the Orient (1938), delegates to the Inter-American Travel Congress (1939), personnel of Argentinian and Chilean training cruisers (1940, 1941, and 1944), and the heads of the Latin American delegations to United Nations Conference (1945).
Miscellaneous educational activities of the Society have included the formation of Pan American Clubs in area high schools, the presentation of books to the San Francisco Public Library, the awarding of scholarships to Casa Panamericana at Mills College, and efforts to foster friendly relations with Mexican farm and field workers during the Second World War.

Scope and Content

The papers of the Pan American Society (1928-1965) consist of correspondence, financial and membership records, publicity, photographs, educational materials and memorabilia.


BOX 1: 1928-39












1.6-Clippings, 1932




1.8-Clippings, 1933






1.11-Clippings, 1935




1.13-Clippings, 1936




1.15-Clippings, 1937






1.18-Framed bronze medal from Brazil, Golden Gate Intl. Expos. (1939)


BOX 2: 1940-42




2.2-Photos, 1940


2.3-Clippings, 1940




2.5-Clippings, 1941


2.6-1942 (Jan-Mar)


2.7-1942 (Apr-Dec)


2.8-Photos, 1942


2.9-Clippings, 1942


BOX 3: 1943-44




3.2-Clippings, 1943


3.3-1944 (Jan-Mar)


3.4-1944 (Apr-Jun)


3.5-1944 (Jul-Dec)


3.6-Clippings, 1944


BOX 4: 1945-46


4.1-1945 (Jan-Mar)


4.2-1945 (Apr-Jun)


4.3-1945 (Jul-Dec)


4.4-Photos, 1945


4.5-Clippings, 1945


4.6-1946 (Jan-Mar)


4.7-1946 (Apr)


4.8-1946 (May-Dec)


4.9-Clippings, 1946


BOX 5: 1947-49


5.1-1947 (Jan-Mar)


5.2-1947 (Apr-Jun)


5.3-1947 (Jul-Dec)


5.4-Clippings, 1947




5.6-Clippings, 1948


5.7-1949 (Jan-Apr)


5.8-1949 (Jul-Sep)


5.9-1949 (Oct-Dec)


5.10-Columbus Day Banquet (10/14/49)


5.11-Financial Records, 1949


5.12-Photographs, 1949


5.13-Clippings, 1949


BOX 6: 1950




6.2-Financial Records, 1950


6.3-Financial Records--Disbursements, 1950


6.4-Photographs, 1950


6.5-Clippings, 1950


BOX 7: 1951


7.1-1951 (Jan-Mar)


7.2-1951 (Apr-Jun)


7.3-Pan American Day Ceremonies (4/12/51)


7.4-1951 (Jul-Dec)


7.5-Financial Records, 1951


7.6-Photographs, 1951


7.7-Clippings, 1951


BOX 8: 1952


8.1-1952 (Jan-Mar)


8.2-Council Meeting Minutes (1/31/52)


8.3-Formal Ball for Chilean ship, "Presidente Pinto" (2/20/52)


8.4-1952 (Apr-Jun)


8.5-Sponsors--Pan American Week (4/52)


8.6-Pan America Day Luncheon (4/14/52)


8.7-Pan America Day--Publicity, etc. (4/14/52)


8.8-Pan America Day--City Hall ceremonies (4/14/52)


8.9-Fairmont Ball (4/18/52)


8.10-Council Meeting Minutes (6/25/52)


8.11-1952 (Jul-Dec)


8.12-Council Meeting Minutes (8/22/52)


8.13-Luncheon (9/17/52)


8.14-Columbus Day Diner Dance (10/18/52)


8.15-Council Meeting Minutes (12/5/52)




8.17-Financial Records, 1952


8.18-Publicity, 1952


8.19-Clippings, 1952


BOX 9: 1953




9.2-Pan American Day (4/14/53)


9.3-Financial Records, 1953


9.4-Photographs, 1953


9.5-Clippings, 1953


BOX 10: 1954




10.2-Pan American Day--City Hall (4/14)


10.3-Do.--Color Guard




10.5-Do.--Public schools


10.6-Do.--Societies invited


10.7-Pan American Week (4/14-4/23)




10.9-Publicity, 1954


10.10-Financial Records, 1954


10.11-Photographs, 1954


10.12-Clippings, 1954


BOX 11: 1955




11.2-Pan American Day (4/14)


11.3-Pan American Day--City Hall ceremonies


11.4-Pan American Day--Luncheon


11.5-Pan American Society 25th Anniversary Luncheon (4/15)


11.6-Pan American Week (4/10-16)


11.7-Fall [aka Columbus Day] Banquet (10/28)


11.8-Financial Records--Receipts, 1955


11.9-Financial Records--Disbursements, 1955


11.10-Photographs, 1955


BOX 12: 1956


12.1-1956 (Jan-Mar)


12.2-1956 (Apr-Jun)


12.3-1956 (Jul-Sep)


12.4-1956 (Oct-Dec)


12.5-Publicity Committee


12.6-Clippings, 1956


BOX 13: 1957


13.1-1957 (Jan-Mar)


13.2-Luncheon for Justo Orozco, Secty.-Genl., Uruguay (2/7)


13.3-1957 (Apr-Jun)


13.4-Annual Award (4/57)


13.5-Pan American Day Banquet (4/12)


13.6-Visit of OAS Council (4/7-10)


13.7-Pan American Week (4/7-10)


13.8-Luncheon for Jose Mora, Secty.-Genl., OAS (6/13)


13.9-1957 (Jul-Dec)


13.10-Luncheon for Peruvian Ambassador to US, Berckemeyer (9/10)


13.11-Reception for Latin American delegates to International Industrial Development Conference (10/18)


13.12-Financial Records, 1957


13.13-Photographs, 1957


13.14-Clippings, 1957


BOX 14: 1958


14.1-1958 (Jan-Mar)


14.2-1958 (Apr-Jun)


14.3-Luncheon honoring Consuls (3/11, 4/15, 6/5)


14.4-Pan American Day Banquet (4/12)


14.5-Pan American Week (4/13-19)


14.6-1958 (Jul-Dec)


14.7-Consular reception (10/5)


14.8-Mexican Symphony Orchestra reception (10/25)


14.9-Annual meeting (12/10)


14.10-Photographs, 1958


14.11-Clippings, 1958


BOX 15: 1959


15.1-1959 (Jan-Mar)


15.2-Membership drive (Jan)


15.3-Special Consular Luncheon (2/10)


15.4-Resolution to encourage increased action on the part of the United States government & inter-American organizations to strengthen Pan American unity (3/4)


15.5-1959 (Apr-Jun)


15.6-Pan American Week (4/12-18)


15.7-New Members Luncheon (6/2)


15.8-1959 (Jul-Dec)


15.9-Council meeting (8/6)


15.10-Inter-American Press Assn. Convention (10/6-8)


15.11-Inter-American Press Assn. Conference Luncheon (10/7)


15.12-Stanford Conference on Latin America (10/9-11)


15.13-Annual meeting (12/10)


15.14-Photographs, 1959


15.15-Clippings, 1959


BOX 16: 1960


16.1-1960 (Jan-Apr)


16.2-Luncheon honoring new consuls (2/29)


16.3-Pan American Week (4/10-16)


16.4-Pan American Day (4/14)


16.5-1960 (May-Dec)


16.6-Chilean Disaster Fund (May)


16.7-Luncheon for new Consuls & members (6/24)


16.8-Membership Drive (Sep)


16.9-Columbus Day reception (10/12)


16.10-Annual Meeting (12/14)


16.11-Financial Records, 1960


16.12-Membership, 1960


16.13-Photographs, 1960


16.14-Clippings, 1960


BOX 17: 1961


17.1-1961 (Jan-Mar)


17.2-Reception for Chilean educators & industrialists (2/9)


17.3-Luncheon w/ Richard N. Adams (2/21)


17.4-Luncheon w/ Dr. Arturo Torres-Rioseco (3/13)


17.5-1961 (Apr-Jun)


17.6-Pan American Day (4/14)


17.7-Luncheon w/ Adolfo G. Dominguez (5/5)


17.8-Luncheon w/ Ronald Hilton (6/20)


17.9-1961 (Jul-Dec)


17.10-Reception for Venezuelan governors (7/24)


17.11-Luncheon w/ Ronald Hilton (10/20)


17.12-Luncheon w/ Chilean senators (11/14)


17.13-Finance Comittee, 1961


17.14-Membership Committee, 1961


17.15-Program Committee, 1961


17.16-Financial Records, 1961


17.17-Entertainment, 1961


17.18-Membership, 1961


17.19-Advertising, 1961


17.20-Clippings, 1961


BOX 18: 1962




18.2-Annual Meeting (1/18)


18.3-Luncheon w/ Brazilian Chamber of Deputies group (2/1)


18.4-Council meeting (2/12)


18.5-Luncheon w/ Henry W. Drath (3/7)


18.6-Pan American Week (4/8-14)


18.7-Luncheon w/ Joseph Rodrigo (6/1)


18.8-Luncheon w/ Brazilian Productivity Team (9/21)


18.9-Annual Conference on the Improvement of Instruction & on ChildWelfare (11/16)


18.10-Joint Luncheon w/ World Trade Assn. (12/13)


18.11-Chilean Relief & Rehabilitation Comm. Fact Sheet


18.12-Membership, 1962


18.13-Clippings, 1962


BOX 19: 1963




19.2-Annual Meeting (1/29)


19.3-Chilean/Californian Cooperation Luncheon (2/28)


19.4-Luncheon w/ George Humphreys et al. (3/28)


19.5-Joint Luncheon w/ World Trade Assn. (4/15)


19.6-Pan American Week Banquet (4/19)


19.7-Luncheon w/ US Ambassador to OAS, DeLesseps Morrison (5/3)


19.8-Luncheon w/ Enrique Tejara, Venezuelan Ambassador (7/2)


19.9-Luncheon w/ Dominican Republic govt. officials (7/29)


19.10-Luncheon w/ Dr. Robt. E. Burns, Univ. of Pacific (9/17)


19.11-Elbert Covell College, Stockton CA (9/19)


19.12-Luncheon w/ George Aceves (10/18)


19.13-Latin American Travel Luncheon (11/26)


19.14-Nomination & election of officers (12/20


19.15-Membership, 1963


19.16-Photos, 1963


19.17-Clippings, 1963


BOX 20: 1964-65




20.2-Chile/California Program (State of California) (1/1)


20.3-Meeting of Officers & Council (1/13)


20.4-Luncheon w/ Hugh O'Donnell (1/28)


20.5-Executive Meeting (2/4)


20.6-Luncheon w/ Preston N. Silbaugh (2/27)


20.7-Executive Meeting (3/16)


20.8-Pan American Day Luncheon (4/15)


20.9-Executive Meeting (5/11)


20.10-LAFTA Luncheon (7/21)


20.11-Executive Meeting (10/13)


20.12-Luncheon w/ Jose F. Aubertine (10/20)


20.13-Secretary's Report (12/7)


20.14-Annual Meeting (12/9)


20.15-Membership, 1964


20.16-Clippings, 1964






21.1-Correspondence detailing gift of papers to Holt Atherton (1968)


21.2-Membership list, A-D (1940-55)


21.3-Membership list, E-K (1940-55)


21.4-Do., L-R (1940-55)


21.5-Do., S-Z (1940-55)


21.6-Letterheads listing officers & council (1957-64)


21.7-Pan American Society publications (Newsletter, Yearbook, etc.)


21.8-The Pan American Society; Twenty-fifth anniversary (1937)


21.9-Undated speeches & other materials


21.10-Undated notes & fragments


21.11-Constitution & rules; undated brochures & printed matter


21.12-Undated photos




22.1-Alianza por Progreso (Alliance for Progress)


a-"Official Documents emanating from the Special Meeting of the Inter-American Economic & Social Council, Punta del Este, Uruguay, Aug 5-17, 1961"


b-Press Release, Aug 15, 1963


c-Weekly Newsletter


1:5,6,11,13,14,16,17,23,24 (1963)


2:38-39,43-45 (1964)


3:1-2,4-14,16-17,20-22,24,37,39-40,44,46-47,51-52 (1965)


d-Carta Semanal


2:40-42,49-51 (1964)


3:5-14,20 (1965)


e-Partners for Progress Newsletter


1:2-4 (Sep,Oct 1964; Apr 1965)


2:1 (Nov 1965)


22.2-American Institute for Foreign Trade, Phoenix AZ [misc. catalogs, adv. brochures]


22.3-California, State of:


a-What I wish the children of North America knew about Hispanic America: A series of personal narratives (1962)


b-Annual Conference on Curriculum Development & Child Welfare. Today's challenge: Full development of human potential (Nov 12-16, 1962)


22.4-Commonwealth of Puerto Rico:


a-"Labor Unions & Spanish-speaking Workers" (1952)


b-Joseph Monserrat. "Migration Division, Dept. of Labor of Puerto Rico Philosophy & Function" (n.d., c1952)


c-Clarence Senior. "Achieving integration in areas of shifting population" (1952)


d-Clarence Senior & Josefina de Roman. "A selected bibliography on Puerto Rico & the Puerto Ricans" (n.d., c1952)


e-"Trade Unions & Puerto Rican Workers" (1952)


f-Clarence Senior. "Dispersion of Puerto Rican migration" (1953)


g-"Conclusions of Migration Conference, held in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Mar 1-7, 1953"


h-A.J. Jaffee, ed. Puerto Rican population of New York City (1954)


i-Know your fellow citizen from Puerto Rico (n.d., c1955)


22.5-Creole Petroleum Corp.; Esso Petroleum


a-Historical Map of the Life of Simon Bolivar (n.d., c1955) [2 copies]


b-Guia turistica de America del Sur (n.d., c1950)


22.6-Hispanic American Society


a-Hispanic American Report


11:12 (1958)


13:9,11 (1960, 1961)


14:4 (1961)


15:5-6 (1962)


b-Membership List (1959)


c-adv. brochure for Report


22.7-Mills College, Oakland. "Pan-american sourcebook"


22.8-Organization of American States (OAS)


a-OAS Press Release: "OAS ambassadors will celebrate Pan American Week on West Coast" (1957)


b-OAS Press Release: "Pan American Societies---A vital people-to-people program" (1958)


c-This is the OAS (n.d., c1958)


d-Annual Report of the Secretary General to the Council of the Organization, 1957/58


e-Pan American Day & Week Handbook 1959


f-Introduction to the Annual Report of the Secretary General (1961)


g-The Inter-American System; Its evolution & role today (1963)


h-OAS Pan American Day poster




23.1-Pan American Assn., Oakland CA [directories, commemorative booklets, etc.]


23.2-Pan American Union, 1930s


a-"List of Latin American musical compositions which can be purchased in the United States" (1932)


b-American Nation Series (1932)


-No. 8: Dominican Republic


-No. 11:Haiti


c-Pan American Patriots Series (c1932)


-No. 3: Jose Gervasio Artigas of Uruguay


-No. 4: Benito Juarez of Mexico


-No. 5: Juan Rafael Mora of Costa Rica


-No. 6: Francisco Morazan of Honduras


-No. 7: Bernardo O'Higgins of Chile


-No. 8: Simon Bolivar of Venezuela


-No. 9: Dom Pedro II of Brazil


-No. 10:Miguel Hidalgo of Mexico


-No. 11:Alberto Santos Dumont of Brazil


-No. 12:Francisco de Miranda of Venezuela


-No. 13:Domingo Faustino Sarmiento of Argentina


-No. 14:Jose Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva of Brazil


-No. 15:Jose Hipolito Unanue of Peru


-No. 17:Jose Marti of Cuba


d-Bibliographies on Pan American Topics suggested for high schools (1933)


e-Selected list of books & magazine articles on Inter American Relations (1934)


f-Mary St. Patrick McConville. A Primer of Pan Americanism (1937)


g-To serve the Americas (1937)


h-"Sources for Latin American Music" (n.d., c1937)


23.3-Pan American Union, 1940s-60s


a-Steps taken by the Pan Amewrican Union in fulfilment of the resolutions adopted at the Eighth Annual Conference of American States & Other Inter- American Conferences (1940)


b-Pan American Day Poster (n.d., c1944)


c-The Pan American (Apr 1945; Feb 1947)


d-Bulletin of the Pan American Union (Jun 1942; Mar, Jul 1946)


e-Flags & coats-of-arms of the American republics (n.d., c1940s)


f-The Inter-America System; Past achievements, future aspirations (n.d.,c1940s)


g-Know your neighbor: A series of brief descriptive articles on the republics of Latin America (n.d., c1940s)


h-Pan American Day, April 14: Manual for Students & Teachers (n.d., c1940s)


i-Pan America in poster stamps (n.d., c1940s) [2 copies]


j-Postwar economic welfare in the Americas (n.d., c1940s)


k-Our America; Yesterday & today (n.d., c1955)


l-Pan Americanism at work (n.d., c1955)


m-Introduction to the twenty Latin American nations members of the OAS (1956)


n-American declaration of the rights and duties of man adopted by the Ninth International Conference of American States, Bogota, 1948 (1957)


o-Do it yourself on Pan American Day, Apr 14 (1957)


p-Pan American Briefs


35-37 (1957)


38,40 (1958)


2:7 (1961)


2:6 [!] (1962)


3:1-2,4-6 (1962)




5:10,12 (1964)




q-Fact Sheet: Mutual Security in Action---Paraguay, 1959


r-Your Guide to Organizing Pan American Day...Projects & Programs, 1960


s-Catalog of publications: Official records of the OAS (1960/61)


t-"Alianza para el Progreso: Llave de prosperidad," Americas (Nov 1962)


u-Lyndon B. Johnson. Freedom, Peace & Progress for the Americas (1963)


v-Program Aids for Pan American Day (n.d., c1960)


w-Program Aids for Pan American Day (n.d., c1962)


x-misc. flyers (1960s)


23.4-San Francisco Chamber of Commerce


23.5-U.S. Government


a-Haiti, pioneer of freedom (1944) [2 copies]


b-"Organization of American States," US Govt. Organization Manual (n.d., pp. 588-89)


c-"US accepts statue of Bolivar from government of Venezuela," The Department of State Bulletin 40:1029 (Mar 16, 1959)


23.6-US Inter-American Council Bulletin 18:5 (1958); 19:1 (1959); 20:1 (1960)


23.7-U.S. National Comm. for UNESCO. "Role of private enterprise in economic development---a case study" (1959)


23.8-University of the Pacific, Stockton CA---materials on Covell College (1963)


23.9-Misc. unruly flyers & other printed matter from:


a-American University School of International Service


b-Ampex International


c-Committee on Pan American Policy


d-Commonwealth Club of California


e-Dan Smoot Report 6:41 (1960)


f-Inter-American Press Assn.


g-Mexico City College Foreign Trade Center


h-NBC Radio


i-Pan American World Airways


j-Project Hope


k-San Francisco State University, School of World Business & Internatl. Dvpmt.






24.1-Alejandro D. Ainslie. Business Spanish (1919)


24.2-Isaac Joslin Cox. Nicaragua & the United States, 1909-1927 (1927)


24.3-Proceedings of Seminar on Relations w/ Mexico (1927)


24.4-Guia turistica de El Salvador (n.d., c1932)


24.5-International Conciliation No. 296 (Jan 1934)


24.6-Callampas, esparragos y alcachofas (Chile, 1938)


24.7-Inter-American Center, George Washington U. Pan-Americanism: Its justification & its future (1938)


24.8-Seven articles on Latin America reprinted from Fortune (1938)


24.9-R.S. Hecht. New impressions of our good neighbors (n.d., c1940)


24.10-The air traveler in port (1940)


24.11-Think 6:4 (Apr 1940)


24.12-Charles E. Egan. The industrial outlook in Latin America (1941)


24.13-University of New Mexico Bulletin: School of Inter-American Affairs (1942/43)


24.14-Armando Solano. Cartagena (1944)


24.15-Escuela Agricola Panamericana Commencement--1946, Tegucigalpa, Honduras


24.16-Saludos; Revista de buena voluntad (3/15/47)


24.17-Oakland World Trade Club [Yearbook], 1949


24.18-Brazilian Bulletin 12:288 (10/15/56)


24.19-Jose Barbosa Aquino. Let's not be a center of inter-American discord (1957)


24.20-Revista Mensuel Union Centro-Americana No. 69 (Jan 1957) [issue on Rigoberto Lopez Perez]


24.21-Mary Frances Harvey. "The IAPA," The American Editor 3:3 (Oct 1959)


24.22-Colombia: Land of Mountain Coffee (n.d., c1960)


24.23-"Elbert Covell College," Pacific Review 51:16 (Dec 1963)




25.1-Film of Victory Ship launching, 1944 [35 mm b/w]


25.2-Pan American Day---Souvenir Programs, 1949 (3)


25.3-Pan American Day---Souvenir Program, 1950


25.4-Pan American Day---Menus, 1952 (4)


25.5-Society Scrapbook, 1955


25.6-Misc. invitations, membership cards, etc.


25.7-Membership certificates




25.9-National anthems of 27 OAS countries


25.10-Table flags of 27 OAS countries


25.11-Cuban national seal on cloth banner