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Register of the Arnold Torres Papers

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Title: Arnold Torres Papers
Collection number: MS 272
Creator: Torres, Arnold
Repository: University of the Pacific. Library. Holt-Atherton Department of Special Collections
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Arnold (Arnoldo) Torres is a political activist especially concerned with issues important to Hispanics. The materials in this collection describe his education and subsequent work as a congressional aide, lobbyist and political consultant.
Torres (b. 1954) was raised in Sacramento, Calif. by his maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. G. Sanchez. He has given these papers to Holt Atherton Special Collections in their honor.
Arnold began working in the fields at age ten while attending local public schools. Following graduation from Sacramento High School (1971), he received a B.A. in Political Science & Inter-American Affairs from the University of the Pacific's Spanish-language Covell College (1975) and an M.A. in Public Admini-stration and Urban Affairs from American University in Washington D.C.
Arnold Torres learned Washington politics while working on the staffs of a variety of officials and organizations between 1975 and 1977. He began as an intern with Congressman Fortney "Pete" Stark [D-Calif.] (Summer 1975) and was subsequently a legislative aide for Senator John V. Tunney [D-Calif.] (September 1975-January 1977). From January (1977) through May Torres was legislative assistant for the National Congress of Hispanic American Citizens, while between May and September he worked as Assistant for Public Affairs of the League of United Latin American Citizens.
In September 1977 Torres returned to Sacramento where he became Assistant Administrative Analyst for the Office of Legislative Analyst, California Legislature. In this role he made budget and policy recommendations to the legislature pertaining to the Departments of Employment Development and Aging (1977-1979).
In September 1979 the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) opened a Washington D.C. office and Arnold Torres was recruited to serve as LULAC's Congressional Liaison. LULAC is the country's oldest and largest Hispanic organization with over 100,000 members in forty-five states. It had traditionally been a quiet, conservative group representing the Hispanic middle-class, but, during the late 1970s under the National Presidency of two Texas attorneys, Ruben and Tony Bonilla, LULAC became both broader-based in its social concerns and more aggressive in its efforts to influence legislation favorable to Hispanic Americans. Arnold Torres was hired to develop and implement the Bonilla agenda in Washington.
As Congressional Liaison, Torres researched legislation, wrote LULAC position papers and press releases, testified at Con-gressional hearings and discussed LULAC positions with Congressmen and representatives of other political action committees.
In 1981 Tony Bonilla made Arnold Torres National Executive Director and Chief Lobbyist of LULAC. In this role he appeared as spokesman for LULAC in public debate, at conferences and on various national television programs. Issues of particular concern to Torres included immigration, affirmative action, civil rights, police/community relations, and US involvement in Central America. Torres was outspoken in his criticism of Reagan administration budget cuts and policies that hurt Hispanic Americans.
When Bonilla stepped down as National President (1984) he was replaced by the more conservative Mario Obledo. At this time conservatives within LULAC began calling for Torres' ouster. They felt that his reputation with the newly re-elected, ultra-conservative Reagan administration as an aggressive liberal would render him an ineffectual spokesman for Hispanics. Frustrated by organizational in-fighting, Torres resigned and returned to Sacramento (April 1985). By the time of his departure he wielded considerable influence over the shaping of U.S. immigration policy.
Since mid-1985 Arnold Torres and his brother Rodrigo have operated a political consulting firm in Sacramento. They have represented clients concerned with health care, affirmative action, budget reform and other social issues. In addition to his work as a political consultant, Torres has lectured on Hispanic issues at various universities. Torres and his wife, Veronica, have a son, Alejandro.

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Box 1: Biographical


-Curriculum vitae (1977, 1979 & c1984); biography (1985)


-Articles by A.T.


-CNN interview w/ A.T. (8-21-83)


-Clippings quoting A.T. (1982)


-Do. (1983)


-Do. (1984)


-Do. (1985)


-A.T. Personal Correspondence

Access Information


-A.T. Other Personal Papers

Access Information


Box 2: Sacramento School Years, 1966-Su1971


Lincoln Jr. High


-"Lincolnian" [Lincoln Jr. High, Sacto. newspaper] (5-2-66)


Sacramento High School


-Student Body President/Student Council, Sacto. High (1970/71)


-A.T. Correspondence (1970)


-A.T. Correspondence (1971)


-Sacto. City School Board (1971)


-High School class notes, handouts, etc.


-High School class notes, handouts, etc. formerly in binder marked "Elias John Torres"


-High School Spanish class---Handouts, tests


-Commencement Program (Sp1971)


-SAT scores; high school grades


-"El Hispano" [Sacto. Chicano newspaper] (5-11-71)


-Univ. Calif., Davis, EOP Student application forms (Sp1971)


Sacramento Community College


-Psychology 1 Handouts (Su1971)


Box 3: University of the Pacific, Stockton CA, F1971-Sp1975




-Covell College Miscellany (1971/72)


-Covell College newspapers ("El Companero") (F71)


-A.T. Correspondence (1972)


-A.T. "Observations of a people & its community" Blk Stud (W72)


-Organization of American States (OEA) mock conference (Sp72)


-Political Science, Prof. Briscoe (Sp72)




-Teoria Politica Occidental, Prof. Pobor (F72)


-Gobiernos Americanos, Prof. Pippin (F72)


-A.T. Correspondence (1973)


-Educ. Psych, Prof. Maffia---Teachers' rating of students (1972/73)


-Results of teacher evaluations (Sp1973)


-Cal Tjader concert contract (Sp73)


-Fundamentals in Ethics, Prof. Brown---A.T. "The Beneficial life" (Sp73)


-Sistema Politicos Comparados, Prof. Pippin (Sp73)


-Gobiernos Americanos, Prof. Pippin (Sp73)


-Model UN (Sp73)


-A.T. "Intervention y explotacion" (Sp73?)




-A.T. Correspondence (1974)


-Model UN---Resolutions (F1973-F1974)


-A.T. "Indians: The forgotten founders of the Americas;" "La politica del dolar," Prof. Pippin (W74)


-North American Literature, Prof. Faurot (Sp74)


-Comparative Literature, Prof. Faurot (Sp74) [incl. A.T. "The Tale of the Wyf of Bath..." & "A Study of modern English grammar: A distinction among socioeconomic elements"]


-Model UN (F74)




-Task Force on Grading (F74)


-Honduras Relief Fund (F74)


-Latin American Literature, Prof. Eraso (Sp75)


-ASUOP Preesidential Campaign Expenses (Sp75)


-Comparative Law & Society, Prof. ? (Sp75)


-A.T. "The Golden generation: A Truth or a farce?" (Sp75)


Box 4: American University, Washington D.C., F1975-Sp1977


-Transcript of classes


-Politics of Administration/EPA, Prof. Taylor---texts, notes (F75)


-Public Management, Prof. Taylor---notes (F75)


-Administrative Law, Prof. Harter---course outlines, notes (F75)


-Do.---texts (F75)


-Urban Public Finance, Prof. Franklin---notes, texts, tests (Sp76)


-Urban Politics, Prof. Ross---texts, A.T. "The Unstable base of urban centers" (Sp76)


-Urban Planning, Profs. Plavnick & Rifkin---course outline, texts (Sp76)


-Urban Planning---texts (Sp76)


-MPA Exam (Sp76)


-Leadership in Public Mgmt.---Leader/Worker Relations (F76)




-Evaluating Urban Services, Prof. Blau---course outline, texts (F76)


-Methods of Problem Solving, Prof. Taylor---course outline, notes, exam (Sp77)


-Human Problems in Organizations, Prof. Montague---texts, notes (Sp77)


-Intergovernmental Relations, Prof. McCurdy---texts, exam (Sp77)


Box 5: Photographs


A.T. as public figure


-A.T. standing before US map (bw 8x10) [2]


-A.T., Tony Bonilla & Walter Mondale (color 8x10) [signed]


-A.T. on network tv (bw 8x10) [taken from tv screen]


-A.T., Sen. Alan Simpson, unident. man on tv talk show (bw 8x10) [McNeill/Lehrer PBS news?]


-A.T., Rep. Don Edwards (D-Calif.), unident. man (bw 8x10) [2 different shots]


-A.T., V-P George Bush, unident. man, 1980 (color 8x10) [2 different shots]


-A.T., Wm. F. Buckley, Jr., unident. man on Buckley's tv show (bw 3x5)


-A.T., Linda Chavez in debate (bw 3x5)


-A.T., Sen. John Tunney in tv hearing (color snapshots) [2]


-A.T. (bw 1.5x3)


Other public figures


-Pres. Ronald Reagan (color 3x5) [signed]




-Susan [Asian]; A.T. w/ Susan at dance (bw 3x5)


-Ricardo & Susan Correa (color 1.5x3)


-Jim Harrington & dau. Meagan (color snapshot)


Color Snapshots


-American University [?] unident. social gathering (20 w/ negs.)


-American University people (much soccer), c1977 (39 w/ negs.)


-Arizona [?] (7 w/ negs.]


-Central America or Cuba [?] (24 w/ negs.)


-Colorado [?], Su77 (19 w/ negs.)


-Washington DC, Su77 (18 w/ negs.)


-Washington DC, Su77 (36 w/ negs.)


-Washington DC (esp. bldgs.), Su77 (35 w/ negs.)


-Unident. Western state, Su77 (13 w/ negs.)


-Unident. Western state (urban scenes), Su77 (20 w/ negs.)


-A.T. outing in Western mountains (21)


-A.T. w/ misc. unident. people (9)


-A.T. informal (5 color, 1 bw)


-A.T. w/ family[?] (2 color polaroids)


-Unident. people (14)


-LULAC Convention, Albuquerque, 1980 (38 w/ bill from photographer, David G. Banda) [most include V-P George Bush & Barbara Bush]


-Informal LULAC office shots, Sp85 (12)


Box 6: Ephemera


-Misc. Invitations & Announcements


-Bumper strips & other paper devices


-Political badges & other metal or plastic devices


-Misc. identification cards


-Business cards


-LULAC Fair/PBS "Late Night," R. Martinez (12-16-82)


-American flag [flown over US Capitol for A. Torres]


-Engraving of Palacio del Congreso de los Diputados, Madrid


-Ringling Bros., Barnum & Bailey circus poster


Box 7: Financial Papers


Bank Statements


-American National Bank, Sacramento (1977)


-Do. (1978)


-First American Bank, Washington D.C. (1980)


-Do. (1981)


-Do. (1982)


-Do. (1983)


-Do. (1984)


-Do. (1985)


Student Loans


-University of the Pacific


-American University




-A.T. LULAC paystubs


-Medical bills


-Insurance bills


-Other financial papers




Box 1: Aide to Sen. John Tunney (D-Calif.), F1975-Sp1977


-Environmental Protection Agency Policies, 1970-76


-A.T. Correspondence, 1975


-John C. Nash. "Effect of Direct or Indirect Attack on Labor Unions in the United States" (8/75)


-"Voter Registration" [by Mail] (1975-76)


-"Illegal Aliens" (1975-76)


-"Teamster Investigation: Sen. Griffith's S.Res. 302" (1-3/76)


-Govt. Economy & Spending Reform Act, S. 2925 (2/76)


-Lobbying Disclosure Act, S. 2477 (4/76)


-Public Housing Issues (Sp76)


-"California Teamster Strike & Seniority Programs" (5-7/76)


-"Investigations of Teamster Pension Funds" (7/76)


-A.T. Correspondence (1977)


Box 2: Administrative Analyst Assistant, Calif. Office of Legislative Analyst, Sp1977-Sp1979




-CETA---Bill texts & analysis (1977)


-CETA---Memos, corresp., data, etc. (1977)


-Do. (1978)


-CETA---"Maintenance of Effort" after Jarvis-Gann (2/78 on)


-CETA---Questionnaire: County responses (12/77-5/78)




-A.T. notes from meetings (1977-78)


-A.T. Correspondence (1978)




Box 1: LULAC Organization & Internal Affairs


-General information about LULAC


-LULAC Board Memberships & Organizational Charts


-Clippings about LULAC & its personnel


-Proposal to institute a national office w/in LULAC (1980)


-Proposal to establish a permanent LULAC National Office (1982)


-"Internal Matters" (1983) [problems w/ Florida chapters over Central American policy; problems w/ Texas employee]


-Accounting Proposal (1984)


-Management Systems Study (F84)


-"LULAC Multi-year Work Plan Proposal" (3-85)


-Proposal for National Membership Organizer/Trainer (Sp85)


-LULAC organizational issues (1985) [proposed structural changes involving Executive Director]


-LULAC Finances


-A.T. LULAC Travel Records


-A.T. LULAC Business Notes


-"LULAC National Personnel Policy"


-LULAC Personnel Matters


-"Staff Memos" [written by staff]


Box 2: LULAC Publications & Position Papers


-Miscellaneous Publications


Moises Sandoval. "Our Legacy: First Fifty Years" (1979)


LULAC Constitution, By-Laws & Protocol (1981)


Mario T. Garcia. "The Search for America" (n.d.) [draft chapter on LULAC history from larger work on Hispanic Americans]


"A Growing Voice of Hispanic America: LULAC" (1984)


LULAC Political Handbook (1985) [draft]


-"Rolls Royce Tax Cheaters" (F82)


-[Opposition to] "Senator Hollings" [reelection] (F1983)


-LULAC Issues Brief Book (1983)


-[Attempts by LULAC to stop Soviet] " 1984 Olympic Boycott"


-LULAC Voter's Guide (1984)


-Miscellaneous LULAC Position Papers


Tax cuts (1980)


Govt. subsidies for wealthy (1981)


1982 Convention Resolutions


1983 Convention Resolutions


Social Security (1983)


Postal Service Insensitivity to Hispanics (1983)


Job Training Partnership Act/Bilingual Educ. (1983)


1984 Convention Resolutions


Cuba visit (1984)


Geraldine Ferraro as Democrats' V-P candidate (1984)


Box 3: LULAC General Correspondence, F1979-Sp1985

Additional Note

**NB---Correspondence relating to topics boxed separately is found in the appropriate topic box

Correspondence of LULAC Officers other than A.T.


- 1980


- 1981


- 1982


- 1983


- 1984


- 1985


A.T. LULAC Business Correspondence


- 1979


- 1980


- 1981


- 1982


- 1983


-Jorge Gaxiola Immigration Case (1983)


-Ana Valdez/FBI Case (1983)


-Benjamin Avila/Natl. Hispanic School Board Assn. (1983)


- 1984


- 1985


-A.T. Resignation (3/4-85)


-A.T./LULAC Financial Affairs (1985)




Box 4: LULAC Meetings, Conferences, Workshops, Speeches


-National Convention (1980)


-National Convention---Invitations (1980)


-National Convention (1982)


-Executive Board Meeting (1983)


-Meetings Miscellany (1983)


LULAC Fdtn. (1/8)


LULAC Youth Leadership Conference (2/12)


Corpus Christi Banquet (4/8)


-3rd Annual Banquet, Anchorage (1983)


-Executive Board Meeting (10/84)


-LULAC Youth Seminar (10/84)


-"Executive Committee Meeting, Dallas (12/15/84)"


-"Meetings w/ Mexican President" (1984-85)


-"LULAC Board of Directors Meeting, March 1985"


-"Speaking Engagements, March 26 & 27, 1985"


-LULAC Youth Executive Board Meeting, Sp1985


-LULAC Leadership Training, Apr. 1-3, 1985


-56th National LULAC Week (1985)


Box 5: A.T. Appointment Books & Phone Number Directories


Appointment Books


- 1982


- 1983


- 1984


- 1985


Phone Number Directories


-Dark Brown (probably Sacramento use, 1977-79)


-Green (possibly Washington D.C. use, 1979-85)


Box 6: Related Organizations


-American Civil Liberties Union---Morton Halperin candidacy for Washington Bureau Chief (1985)


-American GI Forum (1982)


-Budget Coalition


-Comision Feminil Mexicana Nacional, Inc. (1985)


-Congressional Hispanic Caucus (1981)


-Johnson Fdtn. (Sp83)


-Mexican American Business & Professional Women---Hispanic Women of Achievement Awards (Sp84)


-Mexican American Legal Defense Fund---Anual Report (1984)


-Natl. Congr. Hispanic Am. Citizens---Bilingual Courts Legislation (Sp77)


-Phillip Morris/Political Education Manual---Youth Proposal (1982)


-Public Advocates, Inc. (1983-85)


Robert Gnaizda. "A Long History of Ethical Violations: From 1970 to Present (Testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee" (1985)


Hispanic Coalition v. Pacific Telephone (1984)


Corresp. from & articles by Robert Gnaizda


-Republican Natl. Hispanic Assembly (1979-80)


-United Parents' Assn. of NYC (1983)


-Miscellaneous groups concerned w/ "Federal Court Jurisdiction" (1981-82)


Box 7: Immigration, 1979-82


-CBS Reports. "Harvest of Shame" (1960) [script of tv show]


- 1979 Yearbook of the Immigration & Naturalization Service


-Clippings (1979/80)


-Cuban refugees (1980)


-Select Commission on Immigration Policy. "Federal Employment of Aliens w/in the U.S." (Su80) ; LULAC press release on Commission Report (2/81); Testimony on Report (4/27/81)


-Phyllis Thompson. "Private employment discrimination based upon alienage" (Su80)


-Georgetown Univ. Law Ctr. "Summary of study concerning discriminatory effects of employer sanctions" (F80)


-Notre Dame Law School. Ctr. Study Human Rts. "Employer Sanctions" (F80)


-LULAC position paper on HR 6514 (12/80)


-LULAC bulletins to members re immigration issues (1981)


-Non-LULAC testimony on Amnesty (F81)


-Correspondence (1981-82)


-Clippings (1981)


-A.T. Notes (1981-82)


-Non-LULAC press releases & other bkgrd info (1981)


-"Temporary Workers" (1981)


-[Georgetown Univ. Law Ctr.] "Analysis of S.1765" (1981)


-A.T./LULAC Testimony on international perspectives on Hispanic immigration (4/81)


-National Immigration & Refugee Consultation, Trinity College, Washington DC (8/81)


-[A.T./LULAC] "Testimonies: Immigration" (F81)


Employer Sanctions (9/30)


Identification Systems (10/2)


Immigration Preference Systems (11/23)


Immigration Reform (10/14)


Knowing Employment of Illegals (9/30)


Legalization Proposals (H.R. 10/15; S. 10/29)


Temporary Guest Worker Programs (H.R. 10/14; S. 10/22)


-Non-LULAC Testimony on Employer Sanctions (F81)


-[Non-LULAC Testimony on] "Immigration Preference Systems" (11/81)


-Misc. "LULAC [background] materials on immigration" (1981/82)


-"Immigration & Foreign Policy" (1981/82)


-"INS Commissioner [nominee, Alan C.] Nelson" (1/82) [confirmation hearings]


-A.T./LULAC Testimony Nelson confirmation hearing (1/82)


-Non-LULAC Testimony at hearings on Numerical Limits to Immigration (1/82)


-LULAC press releases on Simpson/Mazzoli Bill, S.2222 (1982)


-A.T./LULAC Testimony on Immigration Reform & Control Act H.R.5872/S.2222 (Sp82)


-H-2 Programs & S.2222 (Sp82)


-"Amendments to S.2222" (1982)


-Georgetown Univ. Law Ctr. "Employer Sanctions: Questions & Analysis" (9/82)


-LULAC Memos to Congressional reps. on S.2222 (1982)


-LULAC Ad hoc aid to specific immigrant families (1982)


-[The Environmental Fund---Printed matter] "Anti-LULAC Immigration Materials" (1982)


-A.T./LULAC Testimony at Field Hearings on Immigration in California (1982?)


-LULAC bulletins to members re S.2222 (Su82)


-LULAC Correspondence w/ Congressional reps. re S.2222 (Su/F82)


-A.T. Debate w/ Rep. Dan Lungren re Immigration Reform Act (9/82)


-A.T./LULAC Testimony at Presidential Immigration Emergency Powers Hearings (F82)


-Non-LULAC Testimony at "Emergency Powers Hearings" (9/82)


-Simpson/Mazzoli H.R.7357---Summaries etc. (12/82)


-"LULAC Immigration & Refugee Policy Alternative Proposal" [Draft] (1982)


-Non-LULAC press releases (1982)


-"Synopsis of LULAC positions regarding Reagan immigration proposal" (1982)


-"Meetings in Mexico" (1982/83)


-Clippings (1982)


-Georgetown U. Law Ctr. "Illegal Immigration: An Alternative Perspective" (n.d., 1982?)


Box 8: Immigration, 1983/84


-Correspondence (1983/84)


-A.T. Notes (1983/84)


-Clippings (1983)


-Text of S/M & related docs.


A.T. Testimony before H.R. Comm. on Post Office & Civil Service during hearings on Global Resources, Environment & Population Act of 1983


Hearing on INS Budget for Fiscal Year 1984


Mr. De la Garza's Report to accompany H.R.1510


Mr. Mazzoli's Report to accompany H.R.4327


Mr. Perkins' Report to accompany H.R.1510


Mr. Rodino's Report to accompany H.R.1510


-LULAC "New Immigration Bill" [alternative to S/M]


-"Governors Actions on Immigration" [Natl. Governors' Assn. & S/M] (1983)


-Robert Warren. "Estimates of illegal aliens from Mexico counted in 1980 Census" (Sp83)


-A.T./LULAC Testimony on S.529/HR.1510 (Sp83)


-Michigan Migrant Legal Assistance Project. "Under the burning sun" 9:1 (Sp83)


-CALC Report---"Special Issue on Immigration & Refugee Rights" 9:4 (May/Jun83)


-LULAC Stmts. against Amendments #40,42 of HR.1510 (Su83)


-Employer sanctions provisions of HR.1510


-LULAC stmts. in favor of Frank Amendment to H.R.1510 (Su83)


-Coalition against Simpson/Mazzoli Hearing, Los Angeles (8/83)


-A.T./LULAC Memos to Congressional Reps. in opposition HR.1510 (F83)


-Clippings (1984)


-Rep. Roybal (D-Calif.) alternative to S/M [HR.4909] (2/84)


-LULAC Memos to Congressional Reps. in opposition to HR.1510 (3/84)


-Stmts. in support of Roybal Amendments (Sp84)


-Natl. Immigration, Refugee & Citizenship Forum. Comparison of Mazzoli HR.1510 & Roybal HR.4909 (Sp84)


-Amendments to HR.1510 (Sp84)


-Republican Natl. Convention position on immigration bills (6/84)


- Natl. Catholic Reporter special Immigration Issue (6/8/84)


-A.T. Debate w/ Rep. Dan Lungren on CNN tv (7/84)


-Second Hispanic Conference on Immigration Reform, Los Angeles (7/15/84)


-"DNC [Democratic Natl. Comm.] & Immigration, 15-30 July 1984"


-Strategy for conference vote on S/M (Su84)


-Summary of House/Senate Conf. Agreements on S/M (1984)


-LULAC. "Responses & critiques of immigration myths of Simpson/Mazzoli..." (Su84)


-"Amendments & Rules Committee" [HR.1510] (Su84)


-Anti-Immigrant propaganda (1984)


-[LULAC] "Briefing Book on Immigration" (1984)


-LULAC Materials on S/M---Press releases, Bulletins to members (1984)


-"Simpson/Mazzoli & Mexico" (1984)


-"Communication on Simpson/Mazzoli" (1984) [w/ legislators]


-"Immigration & House Bill, 29 May-10 July"---Clippings (1984)


-"Immigration Meeting: Fri-Sat, 11/9-10/84"


-S/M---Summaries, comparisons, Drafts of LULAC positions, Testimony from Congressional Record, etc. (1984)


-Positions of Misc. organizations on S/M


Box 9: Immigration, Sp1985




-Cuban Adjustment Program, W84-85


-Insert to Immigration Amendments of 1985 (rough draft), 3-85


-Gilberto Cardenas. "Mexican immigrants & the chicano ethnic enterprise..."


-Congressional Budget Office Report on costs associated w/ naturalization of illegal immigrants (Sp85)


-Wm. Stanley. "Economic migrants or refugees..." (Sp85) [Salvadorans]


-Statement of Morton Halperin, ACLU for displaced Salvadoran refugees (Sp85)


-LULAC bulletin to members re current immigration legisl. (Sp85)


-"A Proposal for general support funding on behalf of members of National Immigration, Refugee & Citizenship Forum"


-Summary of proposed H-2 Summer Seasonal Worker Program


-Mario T. Garcia. "History & Immigration," n.d.


-Clippings, n.d.


Box 10: Immigration---Printed Background Material


-Community Research Associates. Undocumented immigrants: Their impact on the County of San Diego (1980)


-Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)---Printed Materials (1981-84)


-Lyndon B. Johnson School Public Affairs, U. Texas. The Use of Public Services by Undocumented Aliens in Texas (1984)


-National Research Council. Immigration Statistics: A Story of Neglect (1985)


-Simon, Julian L. How do Imigrants Affect Us Economically? (1985)


-Simon, Julian L. "Open Immigration: Doing well by doing good," Competition (Sep/Oct82)


-Ziegler, Benjamin M. Immigration: An American Dilemma (1968)


[Following govt. documents are arranged chronologically]


-US Congr. 96th Congr. 2d Sess. Select Commission on Immigration & Refugee Policy; Semi-annual Report to Congress (3/80)


-US Senate. 96th Congr. 2d Sess. The Immigration & Nationality Efficiency Act of 1980: Report from the Comm. of Judiciary together w/ minority views [To accompany S.1763] (7/23/80)


-US House of Reps. 96th Congr. 2d Sess. Select Commission on Immigration & Refugee Policy; Second Semi-annual Report to Congress (10/80)


-US Supreme Court. In Re: Alien Children Education Litigation State of Texas & Texas Education Agency (10/80)


-US Senate. 97th Congr. 1st Sess. S.47: To Amend the Immigration & Nationality Act & to establish a Temporary Worker's Visa Program [Mr. Schmitt] (1/5/81)


-US Senate. 97th Congr. 1st Sess. S.776: To Amend the Immigration & Nationality Act to more fully limit & control immigration to the United States (3/24/81)


-US Senate. 97th Congr. 1st Sess. Fiscal Year 1982 Budget Authorization for Immigration & Naturalization Service: Hearing before the Subcomm. on Immigration & Refugee Policy... (4/1/81)


-US Senate. 97th Congr. 1st Sess. S.930: To Amend the Immigration & Nationality Act to establish a program providing for the issuance of visas to nationals of Mexico seeking temporary employment in the US [Mr. Hayakawa] (4/8/81)


-US House of Reps. 97th Congr. 1st Sess. Hispanic Immigration & Select Commission on Immigration's Final Report: Hearings before the Subcomm. on Census & Population ... (4/27-28/81)


-US Senate. 97th Congr. 1st Sess. S.1765: To revise & reform the Immigration & Nationality Act... (10/22/81)


-US Senate. 97th Congr. 1st Sess. Temporary Workers: Hearing before Subcomm. on Immigration & Refugee Policy... (10/22/81)


-US Senate. Subcomm. on Immigration & Refugee Policy. The Preference System: Hearing... (11/23/81)


-US House of Reps. 97th Congr. 2d Sess. National Population Policy: Hearings before the Subcomm. on Census & Population...on HR.907, A Bill to establish a national population policy... (3/10-11/82)


-US Senate. 97th Congr., 2d Sess. S.2222: A Bill to Revise & Reform the Immigration & Nationality Act (3/17/82)


-Do. (6/9/82)


-Do. Immigration Reform & Control: Report of the Comm. on the Judiciary...on S.2222 w/ additional & minority views (6/30/82)


-US House of Reps. 97th Congr. 2d Sess. Immigration Reform & Control Act of 1982...Report together w/ additional & dissenting views [To accompany HR.6514] (9/28/82)


-US House of Reps. 97th Congr. 2d Sess. Immigration Reform & Control Act of 1982: Hearings before Subcomittee on Census & Population... (12/9/82)


-US House of Reps. 98th Congr. 1st Sess. Immigration Reform & Control Act of 1983: Hearing before the Comm. on Agriculture...on HR.1510 (6/15/83)


-US House of Reps. 98th Congr. 2d Sess. "A Bill to Amend the Immigration & Nationality Act to revise & reform the immigration & nationality laws..." (1/20/84) [draft text Roybal Bill, HR.4909]


-US House of Reps. 98th Congr. 2d Sess. Comm. on Rules. [To Accompany HRes.519, Providing for Consideration of HR.1510 ("Immigration Reform & Control Act of 1983")] (6/8/84)


-US Congr. 98th Congr. 2d Sess. Conference Comm. Side-by-side comparison of "Immigration Reform & Control Act of 1983," S.529, as passed & House Amendment thereto (HR.1510, as passed) (9/11/84)


-US General Accounting Office. Report to the Chairman, Comm. on the Judiciary, House of Reps.: Information on Aliens admitted into the United States as Nonimmigrant Workers (12/26/84)


-US House of Reps. 99th Congr. 1st Sess. Demographic impact of Immigration on the United States, Pt. 1: Hearings before the Subcomm. on Census & Population... (3/19,26; 5/3/85)


Box 11: Affirmative Action/Employment, 1979-82


-"Equal Employment Opportunity Commission"---Misc. Bulletins, Correspondence, etc. (1978-80)


-"Affirmative Action Coordination Center" (Su79)


-EEOC---Clippings (1979)


-EEOC Hispanic Affairs Committee (1979-82)


-"Garcia vs. Gloor: Job Discrimination" (Sp80)


-Ruben Bonilla. "Hispanics, Power of the Eighties..." (6/80)


-Correspondence (1981-84)


-A.T. Notes (1981-84)


-LULAC Resolutions, Position Papers, Press Releases (1981-84)


-Affirmative Action/Employment---Clippings (1981)


-Dennis M. Roth. "Hispanics in the US labor force: A Brief examination" (1/81)


-"Affirmative Action: Proposed Changes" (Sp/Su81)


-"EEOC---Equal Pay" [Act Administration] (Su81)


-Non-LULAC Testimony at OFCCP Hearings (Su/F81)


-Mexican American Legal Defense Fund [MALDEF]---Affirmative Action Position Papers (F81)


-"DOL's impact analysis of OFCCP regulations" (F81)


-[Non-LULAC Testimony] "Hearings/US Senate---Affirmative Action" (Su/F81)


-"William Bell---EEOC Nominee" (F81)


-Clippings on William Bell nomination to head EEOC (F81)


-John Florez. "Hispanics in the current political climate" (9/81)


-Congressional Hispanic Caucus. National Hispanic Heritage Week (9/15-16/81)


-OFCCP Oversight [Office Federal Contract Compliance] Senate Hearings---Questions for A.T. (10/81)


-A.T. Testimony at OFCCP Senate Hearings (10/22/81)


-Non-LULAC Testimony at OFCCP Senate Hearings (10/22/81)


-Equal Economic Opportunity for Hispanics in Federal Agencies (1981)


-MALDEF Petition on underemployment of Hispanics in Federal Government (11/81)


-Non-LULAC Testimony at OFCCP Senate Hearings (12/8/81)


-Barry L. Goldstein, Atty. NAACP. Statement at OFCCP Senate Hearings (12/8/81)


-Reductions in Force Report [Federal Minoirty Employment] (12/81)


-Non-LULAC Testimony at OFCCP Senate Hearings (12/10/81)


-"EEOC Budget Cuts" (1981/82)


-General Accounting Office (GAO) investigation of EEOC Financial Management (12/81-1/82)


-Affirmative Action/OFCCP Litigations (1981/82)


-Robert Rangel Case/SP Railway (1981/82)


-Congressional Forum on Equal Employment Opportunity Affirmative Action (2/82)


-"OFFCCP Proposed Regs. (4-23-82)"


-"Clarence Thomas" [EEOC Chmn.---Corresp., Positions, Bkgrd. (Sp82)


-Clippings on Clarence Thomas' nomination as chmn. EEOC (Sp82)


-[Nomination Hearings on] "EEOC Commissioners Shattuck & Gallegos" (Sp82)


-A.T. Testimony against Clarence Thomas as Chmn. EEOC (Su82)


-"William Webb Nominee to EEOC" (9/82)


-[Nominee for Asst. Secty. Civil Rights, Dept. Educ.] "Harry Singleton Background" (F82)


-[Hispanic] "EEO in Federal Agencies" (1982)


-Clippings (1982)


Box 12: Affirmative Action/Employment. 1983-85 & Printed Matter




-Dept. of Labor. "Government Contractors: Affirmative Action Requirements" (3/83)


-Clarence Thomas. Speech before EEOC Seminar, San Antonio TX (3/9/83)


-A.T./LULAC Testimony at OFCCP Oversight Hearings (4/83)


-Non-LULAC Testimony at OFCCP Oversight Hearings (4/83)


-"EEO Reorganization" (Sp83)


-EEOC Briefing on its operations for interested parties (Sp83)


-EEOC Voluntary Assistance Program (Sp83)


-EEOC Field Hearings, Los Angeles (6/83)


-EEOC Proposed Hispanic National Origin Charge Study (Sp/F83)


-"EEOC & Hispanics: An Analysis of the EEOC's Services to Hispanics in the United States" (12/83)


-EEOC---Misc. Business w/ Hispanics (1983)


-Hispanic Equal Employment Opportunity in Federal Agencies (1983)


-Clippings (1983)


-EEOC Budget Cuts (1983-84)


-Beatrice Companies File (Sp85)


-Clippings (1984-85)


Printed Matter [arranged chronologically]


-EEOC. Lo que los empleadores, sindicatos y agencias de empleo deben saber acerca de la igualdad de oportunidad en el empleo (5/77)


-US Comm. on Civil Rights. Toward equal educational opportunity: Affirmative admissions programs at law & medical schools (6/78)


-EEOC. EEOC: La Transformacion de una agencia (8/78)


-Eleanor H. Norton, Chmn. EEOC. "The Bakke Decision & the Future of Affirmative Action" (7/78)


-EEOC. Eliminating discrimination in employment: A compelling national priority (7/79)


-EEOC Flyers (7/79)


Filing a Charge


Men & Women: Equal Work, Equal Pay


Persons 40-70 Note!: Age discrimination is against the law


-EEOC. Coordination of Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Programs: The First Year, 1978-1979 (8/79)


-EEOC. Laws administered by EEOC (1/81)


-EEOC. 14th Annual Report, 1979 (4/81)


-US House of Reps. 97th Congr. 1st Sess. HR.3466: To Forbid the use of quotas to deny opportunities in education or employment (5/6/81)


-US Senate. 97th Congr. 1st Sess. Nominations: Hearing before Comm. on Labor & Human Resources on ...and Clarence Thomas, of Maryland, to be Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, Dept. of Education... (6/19/81)


-US Senate. 97th Congr. 1st Sess. Oversight of the Activities of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs of the Department of Labor: Hearings...7/29-30 & 10/22/81


-EEOC. Coordination of Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Programs, 7/1/79-6/30/81 (9/81)


-"Stanford in Review," Equal Opportunity Forum (11/81)


-"Attachment to statement of Michael A. Warner, Esq., Seyfarth, Shaw, Fairweather & Geraldson regarding equal opportunity law reform before the Senate Committee on Labor & Human Resources, 12-10-81"


-"Does EEO have a future in America?" Equal Opportunity Forum (1/82)


-US House of Reps. Comm. on Education & Labor. Report on Affirmative Action & the Federal enforcement of Equal Employment Opportunity Laws (2/82)


-US Comm. Civil Rights. Non-referral Unions & Equal Employment Opportunity (3/82)


-LULAC. Economic Analyses Review, 1981-1984: Implications for Hispanic-Americans (n.d., c1982)


-EEOC. Pre-employment inquiries & equal employment opportunity law (1/83)


-EEOC Flyers (1/83)


The Commission


Equal work equal pay, men & women


Filing a charge...


Presentando una queja...


Persons 40-70 Note!: Age discrimination is against the law


Title VII Enforces Job Rights


Titulo VII: Hace cumplir los derechos de empleo


-EEOC. Seminar: Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law, San Antonio TX (3/9-10/83)


-Federal Bar Assn. Current developments in Equal Employment Opportunity Law, Lake Buena Vista FL (4/7-8/83)


-US Office of Personnel Management. The Presidential Management Intern Program (8/83)


-Do. Application Materials Package (9/83)


Box 13: Civil Rights


-Watergate Hearings: Campaign Financing (1972)


-A.T. Notes (1979-84)


-US Civil Rights Commission---Corresp., Press Releases, etc. (1979-83)


-Do.---Position Papers (1979-84)


-LULAC---Bulletins, Press Releases, Position Papers (1979-84)


-Justice Dept. conduct---Reports, Studies (1979-84)


-Summary of proposed Civil Rights Projects, FY83, 84, 85


-"Materials regarding Attorney General" [Wm. French Smith] (1981)


-"Meetings w/ W. Bradford Reynolds, Asst. Atty. Genl. (F81)


-Analysis of Civil Rights Division new policy in Employment Discrimination cases (F81)


-"Clarence Pendleton" [Nominee Chmnshp, Comm. on Civil Rights] Testimony at hearings for (1981-82)


-Clippings on Clarence Pendleton (1981-82)


-Civil Rights Comm. nominee, B. Sam Hart (Sp82)


-Civil Rights Comm. nominee, Frank Bessera (Sp82)


-LULAC v. City of Salinas---Job discrimination (F82)


-Busing (F82-Sp83)


-LULAC Testimony at HR. Hearings on funding for Civil Rights Comm. (3/24 & 4/8/83)


-Non-LULAC Testimony at HR. Hearings on funding for Civil Rights Comm. (3/24 & 4/8/83)


-"Athens Lumber Case" (F83)


-A.T./LULAC Testimony re nominations for Civil Rights Comm. (7/83)


-Non-LULAC Testimony re nominations for Civil Rights Comm. (7/83)


-Alfred Blumrosen. "Rethinking the Civil Rights Agenda" (1984)


-Civil Rights Clippings (1979-84)


-Civil Rights---Printed Matter [ordered chronologically]


US Comm. on Civil Rights. Improving Hispanic Unemployment data: The Dept. of Labor's Continuing Obligation (5/78)


"The Condition of Civil Rights Advocacy," Civil Rights Digest (Sp79)


US Treasury Dept. Revenue Sharing & Civil Rights (1979)


US Comm. on Civil Rights. Statue, Rules & Regulations (4/80)


US Dept. Justice. FY 1982 Budget Summary Revised (3/81)


US Comm. on Civil Rights. Civil Rights: A National, not a Special Interest (6/81)


Leadership Conf. on Civil Rights. "Without Justice: A Report on the Conduct of the Justice Dept. in Civil Rights in 1981-82" (2/82)


Joint Center for Political Studies. "Desegregation of Black Hispanic students from 1968 to 1980" (1982)


LULAC. Resolutions of the League of United Latin American Citizens: A Program for Domestic Equality (1982)


US Comm. on Civil Rights. Statement of the ... on School Desegregation (12/82)


US Senate. 98th Congr. 1st Sess. Presidential Nominations to the Civil Rights Commission: Hearings... (7/13,26/83)


ACLU. "In contempt of Congress & the Courts: The Reagan Civil Rights Record" (2/84)


US Comm. on Civil Rights. Request for Appropriation, Fiscal Year 1984


Box 14: Politics & Political Parties


Democratic Party


-"Democratic Natl. Comm.---Comm. for Representation of Low & Moderate Income" (1980-83)


-"Democratic Natl. Comm."---Corresp. (1981-84)


-Do.---Printed Matter


-Do. "Broken Promises: 1980 Republican Party Platform 3 Years Later"


-Do.---Meetings (2/81)


-Hispanic American Democrats meeting (2/81)


-Democratic Party---Natl. Voter Registration Meeting (3/82); Issue Training Conf. (4/82)


-Democratic Natl. Party Conf.---Draft Workshop Stmts. (6/82)


-Democratic Party---Position Papers (F82)


-"Democratic Platform Committee" (2-6/84)


-"Congressionbal Hispanic Caucus" [Democratic Platform Recommendations] (3/84)


-Democratic National Convention---Printed Matter (7/84)


-Hispanic Delegation to Democratic Convention (7/84)


-Democratic National Convention---Clippings (7/84)


-Democratic Party Platform (1980) & [draft] (1984)


-LULAC Position on Democratic PLatform (7/84)


-"Post-election Democratic Party" (12/84)


Republican Party


-LULAC corresp. w/ re lack of interest in Hispanics (3/82)


-Testimony before Republican Platform Committee (7/84)


-"Republican Convention, Dallas TX, August 1984"


-"United States Labor Party: Lyndon LaRouche"


-LULAC Congressional 'Friend or Foe' Guide (6/82)


-"Political Action Committees (PACs)"


-Political Action Committees---Printed Matter


-" 1984 Presidential Debates" [transcripts]


"The New Hampshire Debate" (2/23)


"The Atlanta Debate" (3/11)


"The Pittsburgh Debate" (4/5)


"The Dallas/Ft. Worth Debate"m (5/2)




Box 15: Latin America


Central America




-LULAC Position Papers & Testimony on


-A.T. Notes


-"Sanctuary Material"




-Cuban Trip (F84)


El Salvador


-"Materials on El Salvador"


-El Salvador Trip---Briefing Book (2/83)


-El Salvador Trip---Photos


-A.T./LULAC Testimony on El Salvador (Sp83)




-US Senate. 97th Congr. 1st Sess. The Situation in El Salvador: Hearings... (3/18 & 4/9/81)


-US House of Reps. 97th Congr. 2d Sess. Presidential Certification on El Salvador (Vol. II): Hearings & Markup...on HJRes.494 (6/2,22;7/29;8/3,10,17/82)


-US Senate. 98th Congr. 1st Sess. Comm. on Foreign Relations. Presidential Certification on Progress in El Salvador: Hearing... (2/2/83)






-"US Hispanic-Mexico Commission" [A.T. a member] (1980)


-"US/Mexico Relations: Testimony, Julian Nava Confirmation" [Carter appt. Ambassador to Mexico] (3-11-80)


-"John Gavin Appointment" [Reagan appt. Ambassador to Mexico] (4/22/81)






-Julio Guerrero/Nicaraguan Travel Case (Sp82)


-HR.2760: Boland-Zablocki Bill [Support for Contras] (Su83)


-CIA Support for Nicaraguan Contras (F83)


Puerto Rico


-"Should Puerto Rico be our 51st State?"


Box 16: Hispanic Demographics


-"Hispanic Consumer Market"


-"Ford Fdtn. Study: Denver, Phoenix, Albuquerque" (1980-84)




-Hispanics & the Census


-"Hispanic Opinion Polls"


-"Census Bureau Reports" (1980-82)


-"Hispanic Election Demographics" (1980-82)


-La Raza. "Socio-demographic highlights of Hispanic-Americans" (c1981)


-"Useful data on the US Hispanic Community" Hispanic Conventioneer (1983)


-Ohio Voter Registration Campaign (1983)


-Consultation on citizen responsibility, political participation & government accountability (9/26-27/83)


-US Dept. of Commerce. Congressional Data Reports (1983)


-Rodolfo O. de la Garza. "New participants, old issues: Mexican American urban policy priorities" (1984)


-Hispanic Vote in 1984 Election


-SIN Television Network. Destino 84 [voter registration etc.]




-Printed Matter


Box 17: Reagan & Hispanics


-Newsweek Special Report on Candidate Ronald Reagan (1980)


-Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "The 1980 Campaign Promises of Ronald Reagan"


-Reagan: General & Misc. Issues---Clippings


-Reagan & Hispanics---Corresp., Press Releases, etc.


-Reagan & Hispanics---Clippings


-LULAC on Reaganomics---Corresp., Press Releases, Printed Matter




-LULAC Opposition to Reagan Budget (1984)


-Hispanic Appointments (Reagan Administration)---Corresp., Essays


-Reagan Labor Secretary Nominee (1/81)


-Reagan's Hispanic Appointments---Clippings


-Reagan & Hispanic Education---Corresp., Bill texts, etc.


-Reagan & Hispanic Education---Clippings


Box 18: Hispanics & the Media


-Statistics on Hispanic Broadcast Employment (1980)


-George H. Rodriguez. "Hispanic Employment in Broadcasting" (c1983)


-Hispanics & the Media---Clippings


-LULAC/Media "brass" correspondence (1982/83)


-"Hispanics & the Media & Tax Cheaters Press Conference, Thursday August 19, 1982"


-LULAC Correspondence w/ Advertisers (F82-Sp83)


-FCC Network Syndication/Financial Interest Rules (1982/83)


-CBS Endorsement of FCC Syndication Rules Repeal (F82)


-LULAC Press Releases re Hispanics & Media (1982-84)


-LULAC-attended Media Conferences (Los Angeles, 5/82, San Antonio, 12/82, Los Angeles, 4/83)


-LULAC Agreement w/ HBO (Sp83)


-LULAC Agreement w/ NBC (1983)


-U.S. House. Subcommittee on Telecommunications Hearings, LA (Jun83)---Testimony


-U.S. House. Subcommittee on Telecommunications Hearings, Washington (Sep83)---LULAC Testimony


-LULAC Media Action Plan (F83)


-ACCESS. "A Citizen's Primer on the Fairness Doctrine" (1984)


-Sample Advertising "Pitched" to Hispanics


-LULAC Meetings w/ the Media (9/84)


-Spanish International Network (SIN)---Corresp. (F84)


-Hispanic Academy of Media Arts & Sciences (1985)


Box 19: Police/Community Relations


-Misc. LULAC Position Papers (1977/80)


-National Conferences on Excessive Use of Force (San Antonio, 3/79; Silver Spring, 12/79)


-Planning for a CRS Handbook on Excessive Use of Force (1979-82)


-Excessive Use of Force---Printed Matter


CRS. Annual Report, 1978, 1979


CRS. National Consultation on Safety & Force: An Opportunity for Police-Minority Community Cooperation (1979)


CRS. Police Use of Deadly Force: A Conciliation Handbook for Citizens & the Police (1982)


Natl. Inst. of Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice. A Community Concern: Police Use of Deadly Force (1979)


Natl. Minority Advisory Council on Criminal Justice. Political Prisoners: Racism & the Politics of Imprisonment (1980)


Peirson, Gwynne W. Police Use of Deadly Force (1978)


Pompa, Gilbert G. "Police Use of Force: A Community Relations Concern," The Los Angeles Daily Journal (8-24-79)


U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. Mexican Americans & the Administration of Justice in the Southwest (1970)


U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. Police Practices & the Preservation of Civil Rights (1980)


U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. Practicas Policiales y la Preservacion de los Derechos Civiles (1980)


U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. Who is Guarding the Guardians? (1981)


U.S. House. Judiciary Comm. Hearing. Authorization Request for the Community Relations Service (3/83)


U.S. Senate. Judiciary Comm. Department of Justice Authorization Act, Fiscal Year 1981


-Houston TX Police/Community Relations Liaison Office (n.d.)


-Vietnamese/Hispanic Confrontation, Denver (1979)


-Killing of Hispanic in Atlanta (1980)


-Longmont CO Shooting (1981)


-Salinas Police Problems (1981)


-Community Relations Service---Hmong & Hispanics (F82)


-Police Brutality Cases


-Community Relations Service Authorization Hearings---LULAC Testimony, Text, etc. (1983)


-Do. (1984)


Box 20: Blacks


-National Urban League---Misc. Publications (1979-83)


Congressional Digest 82:4-6 (1982); 83:1-2,4-7 (1983)


Point 82:4-6 (1982); 83:1-5 (1983)


Point-Counterpoint 82:1-2 (1982); 83:1 (1983)


Vernon Jordan Addresses: LULAC Bd. Dir. Mtng., San Antonio, 2/80; Urban League Natl. Conf., LA, 8/78


-Black Leadership Family Plan (1982)


-Marcus Alexis. "Impact of Hispanic Immigration on Black Workers in Chicago" (1983)


-Jewish/Black Relations (1984)


-Natl. Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (1984)


-Misc. Printed Matter


Thomas E. Cavanagh. The Impact of the Black Electorate (1984)


Joint Center for Political Studies. 1982 Annual Report


Joint Center for Political Studies. Focus 11:2,4-5,8-10; 12:1-3,5,7-8 (1983-84)


Joint Center for Political Studies. "Sample News Coverage, [of Blacks] #3: April 1983-June 1983"


Natl. Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives. Improving Police Response to Racially & Religiously Targeted Violence (1983)


Box 21: Education


-United Parents Assn. of NYC---Printed Matter


ABC's for Parents (English & Spanish)


"Manual de Curriculo para los Padres, Grados K-6"


Middle Schools: A Parent Guide... (English & Spanish)


Parent to Parent: Insider's Guide for High School Parents (English & Spanish)


-Natl. Ctr. Educ. Statistics. The Condition of Education for Hispanic Americans (1980)


-Ralph Martinez Case (1984)


-Chicago United Neighborhood Organization---Proposals, Structure




-WESTOP Newsletter (Feb85)


-LULAC Education Activities, Press Releases, etc. (Sp85)


Box 22: Miscellaneous Topics


-North American Hispanics Israel Visit (Sp82)


-"Flat Rate Tax" (F82)


-Flat Tax---Printed Matter


-White House Fellowships (1982-84)


-Chicago Mayoral Race (Sp83)


-U.S. Treasury Bonds---Savings bonds pitched to Hispanics (F83)


-"English Only Rule" (Clippings)


-English Only Movt.---LULAC Briefing Packet


-Socal/Gulf Merger---Testimony (Sp84)


-Socal/Gulf Merger---Clippings


-Military Recruitment---LULAC Proposed Lawsuit (F84)


-Tax Reform (F84)


-Federal Budget Information


-Abelardo Valdez. "Strategies for Hispanic Business Development" (1984)


Box 23: Miscellaneous Topics---General Printed Matter


-Barrett, Paul M. "Just one of the guys," Washington Monthly (Jun85) [biogr. Linda Chavez]


-"The Budget" (n.s., n.d.; provides results of natl. poll on budget cuts proposed for FY82)


- Cato Institute 1983-84 Publications Catalogue


-"Congressional Districts w/ 5-75% Hispanic population" [n.s., n.d.; provides % for each]


-Ctr. Study Welfare Policy, U. Chicago. "Supplement to The Poor: Profiles of Families in Poverty" (1981)


- Congressional Record 129:66-68,114 (May,Aug 1983); 130:78-85 (Jun 1984)


-Donahue Show Syndication List (1984)


-Durbin, Thomas M. & Michael V. Seitzinger. Nomination & Election of the President & Vice President of the United States (1980)


-"Eleventh Annual Survey: Who Runs America" US News & World Report (5-14-84)


-Fdtn. American Communications. Media Resource Guide (1983)


-"Few Hispanics on Capitol Hill," Nuestro (3-85)


-Flanagan, Joan. The Grass Roots Fundraising Book (1982)


-Foundation Ctr. "Foundation Awards to Organizations Serving Hispanics: 1981-82"


-Garcia, Mario T. "La Frontera: The Border as Symbol & Reality in Mexican-American Thought," Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos (Su85)


- Harry S. Truman: Containing the Public Messages, Speeches & Statements of the President, 1-1-52 to 1-20-53 [veto of immigration bill]


-Heidrick & Struggles, Inc. The Changing Board (1983) [study of Fortune 1350 companies]


- Independent Sector: A Four-Year Overview (1984)


-USIRS. Internal Revenue Code (1954) [tax exempt organizations]


-Joint Center For Political Studies. Congressional District Fact Book (1984)


-Kurtzig, Carol M. Foundation Fundamentals: A Guide for Grantseekers


-"LULAC Congressional Contacts" (98th Congr.) [breaks Congress down into committee assignments]


-Natl. Chamber Fdtn. Strategies for Hispanic Business Development (1984)


-Philip Morris USA. A Guide to Hispanic Organizations (1981)


-San Francisco Business Journal. Donations by major Bay Area corporations (1984)


-Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Fdtn, Inc. The Case for Liberty (1982)


-Stein, Art Stock Photos of Congress [List of avail. photos]


-U.S. House of Representatives. Appropriations Subcomm. Hearings on Depts. of Commerce, Justice, State, the Judiciary & Related Appropriations for 1984


-U.S. House of Representatives. Telephone Directory (1985)


-"What is and is not deductible," & "Expense Account Records," Research Institute (n.d.)


-"Who Runs America: 12th Annual Survey" US News & World Report (May 20, 1985)


-Woodrow Wilson Intl. Ctr. Scholars. The Americas at a Crossroads (1983)




Box 1: Arizona Farm Workers and S.1200 (Sp1985)


-A.T./AFW Correspondence


-A.T. Notes on S.1200


-A.T. Testimony on S.1200 (8/17/85)


-"Action agenda on S.1200/HR.3080"


-"Simon anti-discrimination [Amendment] & related memos--- Hearings"


-"Previous House & Senate Amendments relevant to S.1200"


-"Amendments to S.1200/Mark-up"


-"Suggested Amendments & Support Material" [S.1200]


-"H-2 and Ag. Search Warrants" [Wilson Guestworker Amendment to S.1200]


-"Agricultural search warrants: Amendments & Material"




-Larry M. Eig. "Comparison of the unfair imigration-related employment practice provisions of the immigration control & naturalization amendments, Act of 1985 (HR.3080)"


-Printed Matter


Cathie A. Shattuck. "Immigration & Reform 1985: Senator Simpson tries again," Employee Relations Law Journal Vol. 11 (1985)


US House of Reps. 99th Congress. 1st Sess. HR.3080: A Bill to amend the Immigration & Nationality Act to revise & reform the immigration laws... (7-25-85)


Do. HR.3810: A Bill to amend the Immigration & Nationality Act to revise & reform the imigration laws... (11/21/85)


US Senate. 99th Congress. 1st Sess. S.1200: A Bill to amend the Immigration & Nationality Act to effectively control unauthorized immigration to the United States (5/23/85)


US Senate. 99th Congress. 1st Sess. S.1200: A Bill to amend the Immigration & Nationality Act to effectively control unauthorized immigration to the United States (8/28/85)


US Senate. 99th Congress. 1st Sess. Immigration Reform & Control Act of 1985: Report, together w/ minority views of the Comm. on the Judiciary...on S.1200 (8/28/85)


Text of S.1200 as passed by Senate (Congressional Record)


Box 2: Miscellaneous Topics


Affirmative Action/Employment


-Articles (Su85-86)


-Costales Case/Universal Brands (9/85)


-"Articles from Frank Quevedo" (1985-86)


-LaRaza---Hispanics in the Workforce, Pt.2: Hispanic Women


Community Organizing


-"Ford Foundation: New York/Oakland"---Publications (12/85)


-Institute for Puerto Rican Policy, Inc.---Publications (F85)


-"Texas"---Communities Organized for Public Service (F85)




-Education Issues (F85)


-United Parents Assn. of NYC---Education Issues (1985-86)


-La Raza---Education (1986)


Hispanic Businesses


-Julio Barreto/Amway---Corresp. (1985-86)


-FCC Minority Ownership Intiatives: Implications for Hispanics---A Study (1986)




-Current developments (1985-86)


-La Raza Position Papers on Immigration Legislation (F85)


-Church World Service on Immigration (F85)


-Arnold H. Leibowitz. "Comparative analysis of immigration in key developed countries" (F85)


-"Current Immigration" (1986) [incl. HR.3810, texts/analysis]


-ACLU. The Hands that feed us: Undocumented farmworkers in Florida (1986)


-National Catholic Bishops Coalition on Immigration---Natl. Migration Week (1986)




Lectures at Univ. Calif., Santa Barbara, October 10-11, 1985


-"UC Santa Barbara"---[Corresp.; Travel arrangements; bkgrd. on Chicano Studies Dept., etc.]


-"Migrant/Rural Enclaves---Proposal---Farmworkers/Immigration" [Prof. Juan Vicente Palerm application for California Policy Seminar Grant to study Calif./Mexican enclaves in rural California]


-"Media/UCSB Proposal" [Prof. Federico Subervi-Velez grant application for study of Hispanic media and its influence on community participation in political process]


-"English Only Research Proposal/UCSB" [proposal for a workshop at UCSB?]


Other Topics


-"Chicanos in California Politics" (1985-86)


-"Sacramento City Issues"


-Margo de Ley---Corresp. (Su85) [grant proposals]


-California Tomorrow---Corresp. (1985-86) [A.T. "scouting" for grant]


-Vee Burke et al. "Hispanic Children in Poverty" (9/85)


-Hispanic Heritage Week, Ft. Huachuca AZ (9/85)


-Hispanic Elderly & Budget Cuts (1986)


-Natl. Hispanic Leadership Conference---Corresp. (Sp86)


-Paul Sanchez v. LULAC---Corresp. (1986-87) [litigation re 1985 loan]


-Misc. Clippings (Su85-86)


-"Organizational Stationary" [letterheads]