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Inventory of John J. Montgomery Collection

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Descriptive Summary

Title: John J. Montgomery Collection
Creator: Montgomery, John J.
Extent: 6 cubic feet
Repository: Santa Clara University Archives
Santa Clara, CA 95053
Language: English.

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Biographical Statement

John Joseph Montgomery was born February 15, 1858 in Yuba City, California, the son of Zachary and Ellen Evoy Montgomery. In 1864 he moved to Oakland California, where he is believed to have begun his study of birds' flight and wing structure. He entered Santa Clara College in 1874 then transferred to St. Ignatius College in San Francisco in 1875, where he earned his B.Sc. in 1879 and his M.Sc. in 1880.
In 1893 Montgomery presented his paper "Soaring Flight" at the Aeronautical Congress' Conference on Aerial Navigation, in Chicago, having accomplished the first controlled flight of man in a heavier than air craft at Otay Mesa, around 1883 or 1884.
In 1894 Montgomery began teaching mathematics at St. Joseph's College in Rohnnerville, but he returned to his family home in Oakland in 1895 and began living at Santa Clara College in 1896, where he was awarded his Ph.D. in 1901. While at Santa Clara he worked with James E. Leonard, flying three and four-foot wingspread model planes at Leonard's ranch, and with the Rev. Richard H. Bell, S.J. on improve-ments on the Marconi Wireless, while also teaching physics.
In 1904 Montgomery trained Daniel Maloney to fly two full-scale planes that had been completed in 1903. The two presented several exhibitions in 1905, in which a plane was raised 500 to 4,000 feet by a hot air balloon, then cut free and maneuvered to the ground. The exhibitions stopped when Maloney was killed July 18, 1905. Shortly after Maloney's death Montgomery received patent No. 831,173 "For Improvement in Aeroplanes." This was to be the basis of a 1921 suit brought by Montgomery's widow, Regina Cleary Montgomery, and other family members.
In 1909 Montgomery patented an alternating current rectifier which he sold to a San Francisco company. He married Regina Cleary on June 30, 1910.
Montgomery continued his experimental flights. In the Fall of 1911, during a two week period of work with his mechanics Cornelius Reinhardt and Joseph Vierra at Evergreen, he made approximately 55 successful flights. On October 31, 1911, during a flight, he was struck by a bolt loosened from the aeroplane and was killed.
The article "Montgomery," a chronology of JJM's life and work by Herbert L. Kelley, is reproduced here from WWI Aero (#124:May 1989) as part of the biographic materials of this collection. The most comprehensive published biography of Montgomery is John Joseph Montgomery, Father of Basic Flying by Arthur Dunning Spearman, S.J., University of Santa Clara, 1967. "Reach for the Restless Wind," an unpublished biography of Montgomery by George Williams (1979, rev. 1986), was donated to the Archives in 1990. It is in Box 13 of the Montgomery Collection.

Scope and Content

The Montgomery Collection in the Santa Clara University Archives contains the personal papers of John J. Montgomery, some of his family members and associates and biographers; court materials from the patent battles waged by his family; and published materials related to Montgomery or to aviation history. Also included are Montgomery's gyroscope and a few other artifacts, films related to Montgomery or aviation, plans for glider reconstructions, and aviation society newsletters.
Much of the material in the collection was assembled by Arthur Dunning Spearman, S.J., archivist of Santa Clara University and author of a biography of Montgomery.
There is a collection of Montgomery photographs (3 boxes) which includes prints from his early days in Otay as well as original photographs made by Vierra on the day Montgomery was killed.
The Lockheed reconstruction (1961) of the "Evergreen" was at San Diego Aviation Museum from 1963 to 1975, the Exploratorium in San Francisco 1978-?, and most of the original plane is stored at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. The vehicle went on loan in 1994 to the Flying Lady Restaurant.
As the collection was housed in six file drawers in the Archives in Orradre Library, and the origin of most of the pieces was not noted, it was impossible to entirely follow the principle of organization according to provenance. However, in an attempt to note as clearly as possible the origin of certain series, several small collections have been created within the larger collection, (i.e. Regina Cleary Montgomery papers). Within series, items are generally arranged chronologically.
In 1975, two inventories of large Montgomery exhibition materials mounted on masonite, and Montgomery artifacts in the SCU Archives were compiled by Arthur D. Spearman, S.J., with the help of his assistant, Catherine J. Haas. Both of these documents are in Box 1, folder 4. While some of these items are no longer housed in the Archives, the inventories are useful as evidence of the collection at that time.
How to find documents in the collection: The location of materials in the Montgomery Collection is indicated in parenthesis. The first number is the box, the second is the folder number. For example, (4,8) is box 4, folder 8.
Inventory compiled by Kathleen Bollard, 1978 and updated by Stephanie Ferries, 1990. Revised and updated by Julia O'Keefe, 1992. Revised and updated by Anne McMahon, 1999.

A Review of Facts Related to the John J. Montgomery 1911 "Evergreen" Gliders

On Display At The San Diego Aerospace Museum & The Hiller Museum (Redwood City, Ca) By: William F. Chana
Persons contacted in this order (one led to the other):
  • 1. Dr. Tom Crouch, Chairman Aeronautics Dept., NASM Smithsonian
  • 2. Father Gerald McKevitt, Rector of the Jesuits, Santa Clara University
  • 3. Mrs. Julia O'Keefe, Archivists, Santa Clara University, California
  • 4. George Giacomini, Assistant to the President, Santa Clara University
  • 5. William Adams, Chair, History & Heritage, ASME, Santa Clara Sec.
  • 6. Richard Campi, Retired Lockheed, Team Leader, Evergreen Builder
  • 7. Tim Cunningham, Restoration Supervisor, S.D. Aerospace Museum
  • 8. Gordon Werne, Curator, Hiller Museum, Redwood City, Ca
1911 Evergreen Glider in the San Diego Aerospace Museum (SDAM)
This full scale glider is owned by the National Air & Space Museum (NASM) Smithsonian Institution, and it is on loan to the SDAM. It was constructed using approximately 60-70% of the original components of John J. Montgomery's 1911 Evergreen glider. It therefore can be classified as a "Partial Original." It was restored for the NASM by Charles Newcomb in 1980. Minor repair and assembly was accomplished by the SADM after it arrived in San Diego on October 3, 1980.
1911 Evergreen Glider in the Hiller Museum in Redwood City, Ca.
This full scale glider is owned by the Santa Clara University and it is on loan to the Hiller Museum. It was constructed using approximately 3 to 5% of the original components of John J. Montgomery's 1911 Evergreen glider.
Some original wing ribs, bracketry and the wing tip circular bumpers were used. Therefore this glider can be classified as a "Partial Original." It was built by a group of Lockheed employees in 1961. On a loan agreement with the SDAM, Father A.D. Spearman of Santa Clara University personally delivered this glider to the SDAM and it was one of five aircraft on display when the SDAM opened on February 15, 1963. A few years prior to the February 22, 1978 SDAM fire, Father Spearman reacquired the glider for display at the San Francisco Exploratorium. From there it was loaned to the Flying Lady Museum in Morgan Hill, Ca. In early 1995 it was loaned to the Hiller Museum.
There is evidence that in the 1911 time period John Montgomery produced a "development form of the glider used at Evergreen" plus the glider in which he had his fatal accident.
It can be concluded that the 1911 Evergreen glider in the SDAM and the one in the Hiller Museum can be classified as "Partial Original" since they both have a percentage of components from the original 1911 Evergreen glider in which Montgomery lost his life. There are no rules that define what percentage of original parts must be used before a recreated copy can be called a "Partial Original."
The 1911 Montgomery gliders in the SDAM and the Hiller Museum cannot be classified as a "Reproduction" or "Replica." A reproduction is a copy made with no original parts, and a replica is a copy where one or more of the builders of the "Original" had a hand in building the copy.
Glider Reconstruction/Reproduction
Over the years, several individuals and organizations have reconstructed various Montgomery aeroplanes. In the early 1960's, Lockheed Corporation engineers working with Arthur D. Spearman, University Archivist, reconstructed the 1911 Evergreen. According to William F. Chana (see JJM collection correspondence file, 12/95), the 1961 Lockheed reconstruction of the "Evergreen" (see also Spearman and Campi papers) was exhibited at the San Diego Aviation Museum from 1963 until about 1977, when it was retrieved by Fr. Spearman for exhibit at the Exploratorium Science Museum in San Francisco.
After exhibition at the Exploratorium (perhaps about 1980?), the vehicle was moved to the Flying Lady Restaurant in Morgan Hill. In 1994 it was loaned to the Hiller Aviation Museum in Redwood City, Ca.
A 1988 reproduction of Montgomery's glider The Santa Clara, built by the San Jose Aero Club, was exhibited in the San Jose International Airport from 1988 until 1994 (?) and then placed at the Hiller Museum.
In 1979 remnants of the original 1911 Evergreen were transferred to the National Air and Space Museum (NASM) of the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., which then reconstructed a vehicle for exhibit (see JJM collection correspondence file, 3/79). In 1981, this reconstruction, containing about 50-60% original components (according to William F. Chana of the SDAM) was loaned by NASM to the San Diego Aviation Museum.
SCU Archives contains documentation, including blueprints, of several reconstructions or reproductions of Montgomery gliders:


  • Robischon, E.W. to Santa Clara University, Sept. 4, 1956, 1 p. 5,11 re: reconstruction of 1884 glider by the San Diego Section of the Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences.
  • Robischon, E.W. to Father Charles Guenther, S.J., Oct. 19, 1956, 1 p.
  • Hall, Stan, "Montgomery Project Plan," April 17, 1961, 3 pp.


  • Lockheed plan for restoration of the 1905 and 1911 gliders.
  • Lockheed Overhead Expenditure Request for the Exhibit for the Father Hubbard Museum, July 26,1961, 1 p. and duplicate notated by Fr. Spearman, S.J.
  • Lockheed Corporation. "Aviation Pioneer Montgomery Honored half Century After Death." Film, 1961? Color, silent, 3:44 min. (?,1992)


  • Campi, R.B. (Design data for 1911 Evergreen). Blueprint, Sept. 1, 1961. (Spearman note: "1910-11 airfoil. Fabric mobile on ribs and sidewise sleeve for lateral spar.")
  • Campi, R.B. 1911 Professor John J. Montgomery's Flying Machine. Blueprint, May 5, 1962. 3 copies.
  • Campi, R.B. 1911 Professor John J. Montgomery's Flying Machine.
  • Blueprint, border photographs of gliders added. May 5, 1962.
  • Darcy, O.A. "The Montgomery 1905 tandem wing glider, The Santa Clara." Blueprint, May 10, 1987. Revised July 23, 1987 and Nov. 12, 1987 for A Aero Club of Northern California and San Jose International Airport. 1p.
  • Program and news clipping from 1988 dedication
  • Goodwin, Garland O. Montgomery 1883 Glider. Blueprint, 3 sheets.
  • Spurgeon, J.R. (5590 Morro Way, LaMesa, CA 92041). John J. Montgomery 1883 hang glider. Blueprint, Sept. 20, 1972. 2 sheets. Print reproduction rights reserved.


  • Watsonville High School reconstruction, 1988.
See also the Spearman papers, box 9 Art Bean's plans for reconstruction of 1905 glider with changes.

Additional Sources of Montgomery materials in SCU Archives

Title: Archives correspondence re Montgomery, 1935- (4EV)
Title: Santa Clara Newspaper correspondence,
Date: April 18, 1946.
Title: SCU Presidents Papers:
Date: 1921-1986
Title: Edward R.A. Boland, S.J. Papers,
Date: 1940-1950.
Title: Charles D. South Papers, "The Father of the Aeroplane,"
Date: 1914.
Title: Arthur D. Spearman, S.J. Papers.
Title: Williams, George. "Reach for the Restless Wind."
Date: 1986,
209 pages. (13)

Container List


John J. Montgomery Papers


Personal Papers

Additional Note

s.a. Montgomery, John J., "The Aeroplane, A Scientific Study," The Redwood 4:5(8). Santa Clara College, (May 1905), 440-453.
Box-folder (1,1)

Program of Exercises for Commencement at St. Ignatius College, June 4-5, 1879. Xerox.

Box-folder (1,1)

Postcard commemorating the San Jose Aviation Meet and Rose Carnival, May 11-15, 1910.


Gibson, Hugo C. to Prof. John J. Montgomery, June 29, 1911.


Death Certificate, Oct. 31,1911, 2 copies.

Box-folder (1,1)

Verdict of the Coroner's Jury, Nov. 1, 1911, 3 pp.

Box-folder (9,2)

(John J. Montgomery?) Scrapbook, 1905. Contains newspaper clippings of flights and other Santa Clara College activities. 4 pp.

Box-folder (1,2)

Montgomery, J.J., "Principles Involved in the Formation of Wing Surfaces and the Phenomenon of Soaring," Aeronautics (Jan. 1909), 43-5.


Montgomery, J.J., "Some Early Gliding Experiments in America," Aeronautics, (Jan. 1909) 47-50.

Box-folder (1,2)

Montgomery, John J., "Soaring Flight," 1893. Xerox and microfiche of typescript of holograph manuscript (Plaintiff's Exhibit #76). Given to SCU Archives by Smithsonian Institution, Oct 1978.

Box-folder (9,5)

Montgomery, J.J., "New Principles in Aerial Flight," Scientific American Supplement No. 1560 (Nov. 25, 1905), 24991-24993, except 24992.

Box-folder (10,5)

Montgomery, Richard, designer. "The Montgomery Aeroplane, Taking Lessons from the Birds." Poster, cloth, May 1905. (Original on exhibit, deSaisset Museum, 1987-) 3 reproductions: 20x 24" black and white (camera ready), 11x 14 color; 7" x 14" annotated by Spearman.


Biographical Materials

Additional Note

N.B.: Pages listed are those referring to Montgomery, and not necessarily those of the entire article.
s.a. The Redwood, University of Santa Clara, May 1914.
Box-folder (1,3)

Newspaper obituaries for JJM. November 1911

Box-folder (1,4)

Kelley, Herbert L. "Montgomery." WWI Aero, the Journal of the Early Aeroplane. #124: May 1989, p. 44-59. Chronology of Montgomery's work, including plans for his aeroplanes.

Box-folder (1,5)

Chanute, O. "Progress in Flying Machines," The American Engineer and Railroad Journal, 1894, 14 pp.

Box-folder (1,5)

Connick, George P. "John Joseph Montgomery, His Life in Brief," MS, June 6, 1959, 23 pp.,

Box-folder (1,5)

Hawes, William Thomas, "Off to a Flying Start," MS, (chapter one of a thesis entitled "The Pioneer Development of Aviation in San Diego, 1883-1914,") Aug. 1953, PP 1-10

Box-folder (1,5)

Dunham, Mary. "On Gossamer Wings." Montgomery Life (Oct. 1984) 29+

Box-folder (1,5)

George, Weston. "Western Aviator John Montgomery" American West XVIII, 4 (July/Aug 1981) 48+ 2 copies.

Box-folder (1,5)

Lambie, Jack L., "John J. Montgomery," MS, n.d., 6 pp.

Box-folder (1,5)

McGinty, Brian. "Wings Over Otay." XIX, 8 (Dec. 1984) 30+

Box-folder (1,6)

Redman, L.A., Professor Montgomery's Discoveries in Celestial Mechanics, San Francisco: Pernau-Walsh Printing co., 1919 (pamphlet).

Box-folder (1,7)

(Spearman) "Citations in re: Professor Montgomery's Experiments, and other Data Relating to the Monoplane," MS, n.d., 4 pp.


Personal Statements re Montgomery's Death

Additional Note

See also the papers of Mary C. and Jane E. Montgomery, in this collection.
Box-folder (1,8)

Statements of Cornelius Reinhardt, June 2, 1930; Herman J. Gerdts, Oct. 9, 1961; John A. Ramonda, April 23, 1960; and John F. Thompson, Oct. 9, 1961.

Box-folder (1,9)

Personal Statements re Montgomery and Maloney


Burroughs, Charles, Statement, Feb. 26, 1920, 1 p.


Coltrell, (C.C.?) Statement, Aug. 14, 1967, 1 p.


Gleem, Richard A., (S.J.) to Father Edward, Feb. 7, 1941, 3 pp.


Gorham, E.F. to Whom it May Concern, Dec. 9, 1960, 1 p. and typewritten copy.

Box-folder (1,9)

Graves, Roy D., statement, Dec. 1958, 1 p.


Leahy, Charles E., (S.J.), To Whom It May Concern, July 7, 1962, 1p.


Lougheed, Victor, Nov. 1911, (one page retyped from letter or statement)


Main, Elmer, Statement, n.d., 3 pp.


Maxfield, H.U. to Santa Clara University, March 9, 1934.


Menager, Gabriel M., (S.J.) to Father Spearman, June 18, 1959, 1p.


Mitchell, Edward A. to Father Spearman,S.J., Feb. 13, 1960, 2 pp. And envelope.

Box-folder (1,9)

Morrison, Fred, "John J. Montgomery," 1 p.


Power, Edwin I. to Father Spearman through Audrey Johnson, Jan. 7, 1966, 2 pp.


Rosita, Tia to Father Spearman, June 3, 1958.


Ruth, Leo M., Sr., Statement, Oct. 31, 1961.


Salberg, Victor E. to Rev. A.D. Spearman, Oct. 26, 1961, 1 p.

Box-folder (1,9)

Description of Montgomery's Gold Sorting Machine as given by Frank Schmidt, n.d., 1 p.


Shaffer, Cleve F. to Editor, S.J. Mercury, Nov. 23, 1960, 1 p., copy and envelope.


Turner, Harvey, Statement, Oct. 30, 1963.


Whitaker, Col. John T.H., Statement, Jan. 19, 1957.


Wilkie, David, F., abstract taken from personal letters, Oct. 13, 1961, 2 pp.


Wilkie, David, Sketch and "Memories," Nov. 10, 1961, 3 pp.

Box-folder (2,3)

Excerpt from Aerial Navigation, n.d. (1920?)


"The Origin of `Warping': Professor Montgomery's Experiments," Aeronautics (May 1910), 63-4.


"Aviation in San Diego" (1952), 10 typewritten pages.


"He Knew Montgomery," The `Current' News (April 1962), 8-9, re David F. Wilkie.

Box-folder (2,3)

"Professor Montgomery Killed," Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal (April 21, 1911), 83.

Box-folder (2,4)

"Forgotten Pioneer," Flying (Sept. 1946), 52-3, 82, 84.

Box-folder (2,3)

"Silent Wings," MD (April 1966), 256-62.


"National Aircraft Collection," (pamphlet), 1949, 10.


"The Need to Study Patents," Pacific Factory (Nov. 1961), 10-11.


Pioneers in Aviation (1927), 2.

Box-folder (2,4)

"Retakes of Flying History," Popular Science (Aug. 1946), 10-11.

Box-folder (2,4)

Report on the National Air Museum (1948), 126.


"Lockheed to Give Montgomery Plane to SCU Museum," Santa Clara Views (Oct. 1961).

Box-folder (2,4)

"First to Fly," The Santa Clara (Spring 1958), 4-5.

Box-folder (9,5)

"The Montgomery Aeroplane," Scientific American (May 20, 1905), 404, 406.

Box-folder (9,5)

"The Langley Aeroplane Construction and Control Mechanism," Scientific American, (June 20, 1914), 499.

Box-folder (2,5)

"Duplicate John Montgomery's 1883 Flight, Win $1500," Soaring (Oct. 1973).


"Space Age Classrooms," PG&E Progress (Jan.1961), 5.


"Head in the Clouds," Topix (Oct.1947), 26-36.


Cole, Martin, "The Last Flight of John Joseph Montgomery," American Aviation Historical Society Journal (Winter 1961), 282-4.


Cole, Martin, "Pioneer Birdman," California Herald (Jan.1959), 3, 13.

Box-folder (2,5)

Crone, John E. "Malony and Professor Montgomery's Glider," (painting), American Aviation Historical Society Journal (Fall 1969), 160-1.

Box-folder (9,2)

Crowder, Farnsworth, "California's Forgotten Eagle," Westways (Dec. 1941), 12-13.

Box-folder (2,6)

Cunningham, Frank, "Our First American Glider," St. Anthony Messenger (Feb.1943), 17-19.

Box-folder (2,6)

Dedera, Don, "Soaring," Southern California Holiday (Feb-Mar 1971), 3.

Box-folder (9,5)

Derleth, Charles, "John J. Montgomery," The Owl (May 1934), 8-9, 15.

Box-folder (2,7)

Driese, Don, "Pioneer Glider Flights," Future (Sept. 1945), 2 pp.


Freudenthal, Elsbeth E., Flight into History, Okla.Univ. Press, 110-113.


Hettich, John, "Montgomery and the Birds," Aero Digest (Jan 1946),40,124.

Box-folder (2,7)

Holland, Henrietta, "Montgomery's Marvelous Monoplane," Ghost Town News (Dec. 1945), 6.

Box-folder (9,5)

Hoyt, Vance J., "First Man to Fly," Air Trails (May 1945), 28, 94-5.

Box-folder (2,8)

Hudson, Christina, "The Free Ride," Air California (1972), 21.

Box-folder (2,8)

Jackson, Howard E., "The Shape of His Wings," Pilot (Dec.1968), 68-72.


Jordanoff, Assen, Men and Wings (1942), 18-19.

Box-folder (2,8)

Josselyn, Winsor, "He Flew in 1883," Harper's Weekly (June 1940), 28-31.

Box-folder (9,5)

Josselyn, Winsor, "Red-Head Dan Malony," The Sportsman Pilot (Nov. 931), 14-15, 36.

Box-folder (2,9)

Kavanaugh, Dennis J., "The Montgomery Aeroplane," Popular Mechanics (July 1905) 703-6.


Keen, Harold, "Father of Flight," Skyways (Aug. 1946), 41, 82-4.

Box-folder (2,9)

Kern, George Albert, "Soaring at Torrey Pines," Westways (Feb. 1971), 36-7.

Box-folder (2,9)

Laine, Juliette, "Aviation's Forgotten Man," St. Anthony Messenger (Feb. 1947), 8-9.

Box-folder (2,9)

Lewis, Latane, "California's Flying Fools," Westward (Oct. 1959), 7.

Box-folder (2,10)

Lougheed, Victor, "John J. Montgomery," The Redwood (Nov. 1911), 60-62.

Box-folder (2,10)

[Magoun?], Alex F., A History of Aircraft (1931), 256-9.


Maitland, Lester J., Knights of the Air (1929), 7, 34, 35, 37.


Marshall, James, "He Was the First Man to Fly," The Irish Digest (Aug. 1957), 85-87.


Marshall, Jim, "Wing Talk," Collier's (March 10, 1945), 8, 53.


Martin, Robert E., "American--Unknown to Fame: First Man on Record to Leave Earth on Wings," Popular Science (Oct. 1930) 19-21, 145-7.

Box-folder (2,10)

Moedebeck, Hermann W. L., Pocket Book of Aeronautics (1907), 308-11.


Nunan, Thomas, "A Flying Machine that Flies," Motor (June 1905), 48-49. (map drawer)

Box-folder (2,11)

Plew, James E., "News in General," Aircraft (Dec. 1911), 348-9.


Randolph, Stella, "Who Flew First?", This Week Magazine, (Oct.6, 1968), 10.

Box-folder (2,11)

Rhodes, W. T., "Montgomery Freeway," California Highways and Public Works (Jan./Feb. 1951), 34-6,

Box-folder (2,11)

Shipsey, Edward S.J., "A History of the University of Santa Clara Seismological Station," n.d., 3.


Smith, Cyril J., "Through the Portals of the Past," The Monthly Santa Claran (April 1934).


Spearman, Arthur D., "The Story Behind the Book: 'John Joseph Montgomery, Father of Basic Flying,'" Soaring (March 1968), 10-12.

Box-folder (2,11)

Stieri, Emanuele, et al, Gliders and Glider Training (1943), 3-4.

Box-folder (2,11)

Van Kirk, Susie, "John Joseph Montgomery," Rohnerville Historic District (July 1977), 14-16.

Box-folder (2,12)

Waldorf, Howard V., "Montgomery's Experiments," Pacific Flyer (March 18, 1931), 4-5. Also, (April 8, 1931), 8-9 and (April 22, 1931), 4-5.

Box-folder (2,12)

Watkins, Howard, "His Head Was in the Clouds," Westways (Oct. 1961), 24-5.


Weber, Francis T., California Historical Society Quarterly (book review), n.d., 188-9.

Box-folder (2,12)

Woodhead, Harry, "'Goin' Agin' Nature,'" Think (May 1944), 15-16.


Montgomery Patent Controversies


The Wright brothers - curved wing surface conflict

Box-folder (1,10)

Wright Patent No. 821,393, May 22, 1906, 2 copies.


Loening, Grover, Monoplanes and Biplanes, 1911, p. 62, re: curved wing surfaces.


Wright, Orville, to Maj. R.H. Fleet, Oct. 26, 1944, ll pp

See also: Wright, Orville and Wilbur, Specifications of the Wright Patent," etc. under "JOURNALS."


Baldwin, Thomas S. to Orville Wright, Nov. 1, 1911, 1 p.


Wright, Orville to Thomas S. Baldwin, Nov. 18, 1911, 1 p.

Box-folder (1,10)

Fleet, R.H. to Dr. Orville Wright, Nov. 6, 1944, 1 p.

Box-folder (1,11)

McFarland, Marvin W., The Papers of Wilbur and Orville Wright,1953, pp. 483-508.


Equity Case NO. 33852 (records)

Additional Note

Regina Cleary Montgomery, Richard J. Montgomery, Mary C. Montgomery, Margaret H. Montgomery and Jane E. Montgomery, Complainants vs. the United States, Defendant.
This portion of the collection contains documents, artifacts, and exhibits which were submitted to the court as part of the Montgomery family's patent infringement suit in 1921. Because of the variety of type and size of items, some are stored separately. Some few items were no longer in the collection when it was first inventoried in 1978.
Each item submitted to the court was assigned an exhibit number, and that number has been retained as "Ex.#." A parenthesis around the Ex.# indicated that the item is not in the SCU Archives collection. Location is given if known.
Most court materials are located in Boxes 6, 7, and 8. However, some oversize items and artifacts have been housed separately. Box and folder numbers are indicated in parenthesis after each item.
Box-folder (6,1)

Petition (filed September 1917) in the Court of Claims of the United States

Box-folder (8)

Court Transcript for case no. 33852, two bound copies plus one partial copy (pp. 345-605 only) indexed [by Spearman?]


Rebuttal Evidence for Plaintiffs April 20, 1923, pp. 859-922.


Plaintiff's Request for Findings of Fact and Brief, Oct. 2, 1925, pp. 923-1066.


Reply Brief for Plaintiffs, pp. 1623-1671.


Exhibit book of the Defendant's Wright Exhibits. Bound.


Plaintiff Exhibits for Equity Case No. 33852: Exhibit #

item 1, Box-folder (6,2)

[Montgomery, John J.] to "My Dear Sister," [Margaret H. Montgomery], Dec. 23, 1889, 6 pp.

item 2, Box-folder (box 6A)

Small model (physical exhibit) introduced and repaired by J.E. Montgomery.

item 3, Box-folder (6,2)

Montgomery, John J., "The Aeroplane," reprinted from The Redwood (May 1905).

item 4, Box-folder (box 6A)

The "Pink Maiden," (physical exhibit), 1896. Small model of aeroplane, the "Pink Maiden" is in individual exhibit case)

item 5, Box-folder (6,3)

[Montgomery], John to "Dear Bro.," [James P. Montgomery], Sept. 7, 1883, 1 p.

item 6, Box-folder (6,3)

Dickson, T. C. to Hon. J. R. Knowland, March 20, 1906, 1 p. copy mounted for exhibit. See "Other exhibits"

item 7, Box-folder (6,4)

The San Francisco Bulletin, March 27, 1905, 1 p. (The article re Maloney's flights at Santa Cruz March 16, 17, and 20 has been cut out and is missing.)

item 8, Box-folder (6,5)

Anon., "Man Flies on New Wings," The San Francisco Bulletin, March 25, 1905, 2 pp.

item 9, Box-folder (6,6)

Anon., "Airship Sails Through Air," The Oakland Tribune, April 29, 1905,1 p.

item 10, Box-folder (6,7)

Anon., "Aeroplane Flies as a Bird," The S. F. Bulletin, April 29, 1905,2 pp

item 11, Box-folder (6,7)

Anon., "Montgomery's Machine Flies Like a Bird," The Oakland Times,April 30, 1905, 4 pp.

item 12, Box-folder (6,8)

Anon., "Successful Flight of Professor John Montgomery's New Airship and Celebration of Father Kenna's Feast Day at the College," S.J. Mercury and Herald, April 30,1905, 1 p.

item 13, Box-folder (9,1)

"Sails on Aeroplane as a Bird in Flight," The S.F. Examiner, April 30, 1905, 1pp.

item 14, Box-folder (6,9)

Anon., "Montgomery Family Posed for Photo at Aeroplane, " The S.F. Bulletin, May 1, 1905, 2 pp.

Box-folder (15)

Dare, Helen, "The Personality of the Man," S.F. Call, May 7, 1905. (Copies of this article may be found included in Ex. No. 80. and in the oversize file, also listed as 80.)

item 16, Box-folder (6,10)

Popular Mechanics (June 1905), p. 613 missing, but duplicate pages Included

item 17, Box-folder (6,11)

Anon., "The Montgomery Aeroplane," Popular Mechanics, (July 1905), pp. 703-7

item 18, Box-folder (6,12)

Anon., "War of Airships Comes Nigh to Costing an Aeronaut His Life," S.F. Examiner, April 30, 1905, 2 pp

item 19, Box-folder (6,12)

Z. M. [Zach Montgomery] to R. J. Montgomery, Aug. 6, 1888, 4 pp.

item 20, Box-folder (6,13)

Montgomery, J.J., "Discussion on the Various Papers on Soaring Flight," Aeronautics (July 1894), 1 p.

item 21, Box-folder (6,13)

Chanute, 0. to J.J. Montgomery, March 30, 1894, 1 p

item 22, Box-folder (6,13)

Anon., "A Home School," The Daily Standard, Dec. 31, 1894, 1 p

item 23, Box-folder (6,14)

Dowd, A.R. to Richard J. Montgomery, Nov. 26, 1918, 1 p

item 24, Box-folder (6,14)

Quinn, John F. to Richard J. Montgomery, Nov. 26, 1918, 1p.

item 25, Box-folder (6,14)

Notice of meeting of the Southern California Academy of Sciences, at which J.J. Montgomery would speak, Nov. 6, 1897

item 26, Box-folder (6,15)

Anon., "Academy of Sciences: Prof. Montgomery's Paper on the Flight of Birds," Los Angeles Express, Nov. 10, 1897, 1 p

item 27, Box-folder (6,15)

Anon., "The Flight of Birds: An Interesting Paper on Aeronautics by Prof. J.J. Montgomery," Los Angeles Herald, Nov. 10, 1897, 1 p

Box-folder (28)

Envelope dated December 15, 1903, from J.J. Montgomery to his mother(E.M.), containing exhibit 29.

Box-folder (29)

Montgomery, J.J. to Ellen Montgomery, Dec. 15, 1903.

item 30, Box-folder (6,16)

Baldwin, T.S. to Professor J.J. Montgomery, June 20, Sept. 23, Oct. 7, Nov. 23, Dec. 21, 1903, Jan. 22, March 31, and Nov. 29, 1904. Montgomery, J.J. to Mr. Baldwin, March 24, 1904. Total: 11 pp

item 30A , Box-folder (6,17)

Anon., "'I Will Fly Over and Under the Brooklyn Bridge'-Capt. T.S. Baldwin," The N.Y. World Magazine, Nov. 27, 1904, 6 pp

item 30B, Box-folder (6,18)

Bell, Rev. R.H., "Father Bell and Captain Baldwin," S.J. Daily Mercury, Dec. 6, 1904, 1 p

item 31, Box-folder (6,19)

Baldwin Bill of equity (complaint), 1905, 7 pp.

item 32, Box-folder (6,19)

Chanute, 0. to J.J. Montgomery, June 28, 1905 and April 4, 1905, 1 p.

item 33, Box-folder (6,20)

Chanute, 0. to J.J. Montgomery, April 16, 1905, 1 p.

item 34, Box-folder (6,20)

Chanute, 0. to J.J. Montgomery, June 28, 1905, 1 p.

item 35, Box-folder (6,20)

Chanute, 0. to J.J. Montgomery, Nov. 17, 1905, 1 p.

item 36, Box-folder (6,20)

Chanute, 0. to J.J. Montgomery, Feb. 16, 1906, 1 p.

item 37, Box-folder (6,21)

Chanute, 0. to J.J. Montgomery, May 23, 1905, 1 p.

item 38, Box-folder (6,21)

Chanute, 0. to J.J. Montgomery, Oct. 28, Dec. 12, and June 4, 1906, total: 3 pp.

item 39, Box-folder (6,22)

Chanute, 0. to J.J. Montgomery, April 28, 1905, 1 p.

item 40, Box-folder (6,22)

[Montgomery], John to R.J. Montgomery, March 16, 1905, telegram. 1905, 2 pp.

item 41, Box-folder (6,22)

Montgomery, J.J. to F.W. Swanton, Jan. 22, 1905, 2pp.

item 42, Box-folder (6,22)

Warren, C.E. to J.J.M., June 20, 1905, 2pp.

item 43, Box-folder (6,23)

Montgomery, Richard J. to Joseph R. Knowland, March 11,1905, 2pp.

item 44, Box-folder (9,4)

War Dept., Board of Ordinance and Fortification to R.J. Montgomery, March 20, 1906, 1 p

item 45, Box-folder (6,24)

Judgement roll re: J.J. Montgomery, Plaintiff, Frank Hamilton and David Wilkie, Defendants.

item 46, Box-folder (6,25)

Schedule of International Aeronautical Congress, N.Y., Oct (6,2228-9, 1907, 2 pp.

item 47, Box-folder (6,26)

Anon., "Death of Professor Montgomery," The Star, Nov. 4, 1911, 4 pp.

item 48, Box-folder (6,27)

Anon., "John J. Montgomery Falls to Death in Glider, " Fly, Dec. 1911, p. 19.

item 49, Box-folder (6,28)

Plew, Jas. E., "News in General: Plew's Letter on Montgomery," Aircraft (Dec. 1911), 348-9.

item 50, Box-folder (6,29)

Anon., "Questions and Answers," Fly (Feb. 1912, p. 25.

Box-folder (51)

Aeronautics (Jan. 1909), referring to the lecture of exhibit 46.

item 52, Box-folder (6,29)

Anon., "An Analysis of the Forces of Flight," Fly (Aug. 1912), pp. 11-12.

item 53, Box-folder (9,3)

"Orville Wright's Flights in a Glider at Kitty Hawk, Scientific American, Dec. 2, 1911, 495

item 54, Box-folder (6,30)

Curtiss, G.H. to James E. Plew, Oct. 20, 1911, 1 p. Negative available(CN 473).

item 55, Box-folder (6,30)

Zahm, A.F. to Joseph C. Vierra, July 9, 1912 and envelope.

item 56, Box-folder (6,31)

Bill of Complaint for Infringement of Patent, Montgomery family vs. Glenn H. Curtiss, defendant, May 23, 1913, 16 pp.

item 57, Box-folder (6,32)

Ovington, Earle L. to R.J. Montgomery, June 15, 1912, 1 p.

item 58, Box-folder (6,32)

Garbutt-Montgomery agreement, July 27, 1914, 7 pp.

item 59, Box-folder (6,33)

Martin, G.L. to Richard Montgomery, April 23, 1914, 1 p.

item 60, Box-folder (6,33)

Martin, G.L. to Richard J. Montgomery, April 28, 1914, 1 p.

item 61, Box-folder (6,33)

Montgomery, Richard J. to Glenn L. Martin, May 9, 1914, telegram.

item 62, Box-folder (6,33)

Martin, Glenn L. to Richard J. Montgomery, May 11, 1914, telegram.

item 63, Box-folder (6,33)

Martin, G.L. to Richard J. Montgomery, May 25, 1914, telegram.

item 64, Box-folder (6,33)

Martin, G.L. to Richard J. Montgomery, May 25, 1914, telegram.

item 65, Box-folder (6,33)

Montgomery, Richard J. to Glenn L. Martin, May 25, 1914, telegram.

item 66, Box-folder (6,33)

Martin, Glenn L. to Richard J. Montgomery, May 27, 1914, telegram.

item 67, Box-folder (6,34)

Correspondence, Frank A. Garbutt to Richard Montgomery, June 17, 1914 - April 16, 1917. 20 pages, bound.

item 68A, Box-folder (6,35)

Montgomery, Regina Cleary et. Frank A. Garbutt, March 20, 1917, p.

item 68, Box-folder (6,35)

Montgomery, Regina Cleary, et. al., to Frank A. Garbutt, March 27, 1917,1 p.

item 69, Box-folder (6,36)

Notarized Statement naming Alfred Cleary attorney for Regina Cleary Montgomery, et. al., Feb. 17, 1917, 1 p., 2 attachments.

item 70, Box-folder (6,37)

Long, Perry V. to Secretary of the Navy, Feb. 27, 1917, 5 pp.

item 71, Box-folder (6,37)

Daniels, Josephus, Secretary of the Navy, to Alfred J. Cleary, April 23,1917, 1 p.

item 72, Box-folder (6,38)

O'Shaughnessy, M.M. to W.F. Durand, May 8, 1917, telegram.

item 73, Box-folder (6,38)

Durand, W.F. to M.M. O'Shaughnessy, May 17, 1917, 2 pp. Burroughs, Chas. Deposition re: Early J.J.M. experiments, taken February 26, 1920.

item 74, Box-folder (6,38)

Malcolm A. Cole's opinion on Montgomery patent as sent to Secretary of the Navy, March 30, 1917, 4 pp.

item 75, Box-folder (6,38)

Vogelsang, Alexander T. to J.P. Tumulty, May 23, 1917, 1 p.

item 76, Box-folder (1,2)

Montgomery, John J., "Soaring Flight," 1893. Plaintiff's Exhibit #76. Xerox and microfiche of holograph manuscript. Given to SCU archives by Smithsonian Institution, October 1978. See also (6,38) for incomplete copy found in papers of Regina C. Montgomery.

item 77, Box-folder (6,39)

Program Southern Calif. Academy of Sciences, duplicating Exhibit #25.

item 78, Box-folder (6,39)

Photo of J.J. Montgomery. Montgomery Photo Collection #25,566.

item 79, Box-folder (6,39)

(4IM21-99) Chanute, 0., Progress in Flying Machines, N.Y.: The American Engineer and Railroad Journal, 1894.

item 80, Box-folder (7,1)

Regina Cleary Montgomery's scrapbook of newspaper clippings.

Box-folder (81)

Anon., "Progress of Flying Machines," International Conference on Aerial Navigation, Chicago, 1893, pp. 223-6.

item 82, Box-folder (7,2)

Montgomery, J.J., "The Early Development of the Warping Principle,"(notes for speech to Aeronautical Society, N.Y. City, April 22, 1910), 11 pp.

item 83, Box-folder (9,1)

[Regina C. Montgomery?] Scrapbook pages containing accounts of Montgomery's death.

item 84, Box-folder (9,3)

Motor, June 1905, pages 47-50

item 85, Box-folder (9,3)

"The Montgomery Aeroplane," Scientific American, May 20, 1905), 404-406.

item 86, Box-folder (9,3)

Montgomery, John J., "New Principles in Aerial Flight," Scientific American Supplement No. 1560 (Nov. 25, 1905), pp. 24991-3.

item 87

See Montgomery Photo Collection No. 25,668. (May 21, 1905, Inflating Balloon at Agricultural Park, San Jose.)

Box-folder (88)

A series of 17 photographs numbered 88A-88Q.

item 89, Box-folder (7,3)

Captain, Signal Corps, U.S.A. to Richard J. Montgomery, Aug. 30, 1917 1 p. Copy mounted for exhibit. See "Other exhibits."

item 90, Box-folder (9,4)

"Montgomery Mounts to Fame," Santa Cruz Surf, April 29, 1905

item 91, Box-folder (7,3)

"Montgomery First to Conquer Air," S.J. Mercury, May 15, 1909,

item 92A, Box-folder (7,4)

Bill of Complaint for Infringement of Patent, Frank A. Garbutt and Montgomery vs. B.B. Lewis, 8 pp.

item 92, Box-folder (7,4)

Bill of Complaint for Infringement of patent, F.A. Garbutt and the Montgomerys vs. Christofferson Aircraft Manufacturing Company and Silas Christofferson.

item 93, Box-folder (10,4)

Dan Maloney being lifted by balloon in "The Santa Clara," May 21, 1905,Agricultural Park, San Jose. Photographic print. Montgomery Photo Collection #25,675.

item 93, Box-folder (7,5)

[Montgomery], John to "sister" [Marcy, C.M.], Aug. 24, 1893, 3 pp.

item 94, Box-folder (7,5)

[Montgomery], John to "Brother" [James P.}, May 15, 1904, May 1, 1905,May 8, and Dec. 16, 1906, 7 pp. and two envelopes.

item 96

[Part of a 1905 tandem wing aeroplane, 12' long and 5' wide, marked court exhibit #96, was given to Smithsonian Institution in 1979.] See Montgomery Photo Collection no. 25,591.

item 97

(Evergreen Flights, Oct. 19-21, 1911.) See photos #25,697-25,708 in Montgomery Photo Collection

item 98, Box-folder (7,6)

Contract between John J. Montgomery and Victor Lougheed re: pagents, May 7, 1910, and cancellation, March 28, 1911, total: 5 pp.

Box-folder (99)

Photo of Chicago replica of Montgomery machine.

Box-folder (100)

Lougheed, Victor, Vehicles of the Air, 1912. (Santa Clara University Library Collection).

item 101, Box-folder (7,7)

Lougheed, Victor, Aeroplane Designing for Amateurs, The Reilly and Britton Co., Chicago, 1912.

item 102, Box-folder (11)

(On loan to the Smithsonian) Aeroplane "Santa Clara" (physical exhibit). Portions at SCU Archives.

Box-folder (103)

Two machines like the "Santa Clara."

item 104A, 104B, 104C

See Montgomery Photo Collection nos. 25,601, 25,691, 25,668. Photos of machines set in Vineyard and of Maloney's Last Flight.)

item (104)

Photo of plane in vineyard. (May be included in photo collection, but is not identified.)

item (105)

Photo of Maloney's last flight. (May be in photo collection, but is not identified.)

item (106)

Photograph [?]

item (107)

Frame (steel tubing) [may be in Archives.]

item 108, Box-folder (7,8)

3 articles: "Aeronaut Miraculously Escapes Death," S.F. Examiner, Feb. 23, 1906; "Terrifying Trip in Falling Aeroplane," S.F. Chronicle, Feb. 1906; "Falls From the Clouds Without Injury," Oakland Tribune, Feb. 23, 1906, 3 pp.

item 109

David Wilkie to "My Dear Professor," [Montgomery], March 15, 1911, 1 p.

item 110, Box-folder (9,1)

Photograph Frank L. Martin and Frank A. Garbutt sit in early plane. Photographic print, black & white, 11" x 14". Montgomery Photo Collection #25,937E.

item 111, Box-folder (7,10)

Agreement with Art Smith (produced by Cleary).

item 112, Box-folder (9,1)

Bell, R.H., "Rev. Father Bell Tells of Problems to be Solved Before Aerial Navigation Becomes Commercially Successful," S.J. Mercury Herald, March 26, 1905.

item 113

F.W. Swanton to Prof. John J. Montgomery, Jan. 5 and Jan. 21, 1905.

item 114

Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Corporation, 4 pp. (1917 government fighter plane showing likeness to the J.J.M. design.)Blueprint (MD2,2)

item 115, Box-folder (10,4)

(41M21-99) Prints of Government Flying Boat, Lougheed, 4 pp.

item 116, Box-folder (10,4)

Lougheed, Victor, "The Fallacy of the Dirigible," Popular Mechanics (March 1912), 317-26.

item 117

See Montgomery Photo Collection nos. 25,937F-H. (Lougheed, Santa Barbara machine.)

item 118, Box-folder (10,4)

(41M21-99) Galley proof of table of contents, Lougheed Book, 6 pp.( Aerodynamics Theoretical and Applied.)

item 119, Box-folder (7,12)

Montgomery, John J. Patent for "Aeroplane," No. 831,173, 6 pp. and three duplicates. See oversize file for display duplicate.

item 120

(9,4) "Montgomery's White Sea Gull," Santa Cruz Surf, March 17, 1905

item (121)

item 122, Box-folder (7,13)

Lougheed Blueprint, Chicago, Dec. 1, 1917, 1 p., and Flight Engineering, 3 pp. and various tattered segments.

item 123, Box-folder (7,14)

Lougheed, Victor, Proposal to supply the government with 100 or more Montgomery Aeroplanes, July 12, 1918, 4 pp.

Box-folder (7,15-16)

Index for "Documents supporting the claims of Prof. John J. Montgomery as the pioneer in aeronautics."

Additional Note

While the purpose for which these documents was assembled remains unclear, a copy of Item 40, an index to the documents, is reproduced here.
List of Documents Supporting the Claims of Prof. John J. Montgomery as the Pioneer in Aeronautics
item 1

"Californian First to Conquer the Air." "Report of Austrian Government Officials"-S.F. Examiner May 16, 1909.

item 2

Prof. John J. Montgomery's letter to his sister dated "Fruitland, Dec. 23, 1885, in which he says, "My attention is still fixed on my flying machine."

item 3

Letter from Prof. John J. Montgomery to his sister dated "Engineers Headquarters, 10 Van Buren Street, Chicago, Aug. 25, 1893." In his letter he speaks of meeting a scientist who was writing a work on the question of flying and to whom he furnished data. (This refers to Octave Chanute.)

item 4

Aeronautics" July 1894, pages 127 and 128, "Discussion on various phases of Soaring Flight" at the Chicago World's Fair August 1 to 4th, 1893. Address on Soaring Flight by John J. Montgomery of San Diego.

item 5

Letter from Octave Chanute to John J. Montgomery dated March 30,1894,requesting John J. Montgomery to join him in Chicago or Chanute, would join him in San Diego for Aeronautical experiments.

item 6

Letter from John J. Montgomery from Humboldt County, California, dated August 30, 1894, addressed to his sister in which he gives details of his aeronautical experiments and of his preparing data for Octave Chanute.

item 7

Title page "Progress in Flying Machines" by Octave Chanute, published in 1894, pages 248 and 249, giving data regarding John J. Montgomery's successful flight of 600 feet at San Diego in 1884. Marginal corrections by John J. Montgomery.

item 8

Program of Southern California Academy of Sciences, dated Nov. 6,, 1897; address by John J. Montgomery entitled "The mechanics involved in the Bird's wings in soaring and their relation to Aeronautics."

item 9

Pages 140 and 141 of 'Conquests of the Air' by A. Lawrence Rotch stating that Wright Brothers communicated with Octave Chanute regarding flying experiments.

item 10

Page 786 'Air Service Journal' Dec. 27, 1917, says- "In March 1900 Chanute received a communication from Wilbur Wright asking him about the "construction of flying machines, the materials used, etc."

item 11

Page 11 "Fly Magazine" August 1912. Art. By Geo. A. Spratt on Wing Curvature. He met Chanute in 1898. This confirms the interest of Octave Chanute in the Wright Brothers experimental work.

item 12

Copy of letter from Thomas S. Baldwin to Prof. John J. Montgomery, dated Nov. 23, 1903, asking advice as to the construction of a propeller, in which he says- "All air ship people are at sea in regards to propellers."

item 13

Photostat copy of letter Prof. John J. Montgomery dated December 15, 1903, describing his experiments with the flying machine at Aptos, California, in which he said- "Baldwin has returned from Los Angeles and will be here in a day or so."

item 14

Photostat copy of Thomas S. Baldwin's letter to John J. Montgomery dated Dec. 21, 1903, in which he says- "when can a fellow see you?"

item 15

Photostat copy of 'Curtiss Aviation Book' in which it says- "Curtiss was trying out Capt. Baldwin's propeller on a three-wheel wind-wagon."

item 16

'Father Bell's reply to Capt. Baldwin's article' in New York World Magazine, Nov. 27, 1904, demanding that he give Prof. Montgomery, instead of himself, credit for the Aeronautical information furnished.

item 17

Letter from John J. Montgomery to his mother dated March 20, 1905, inviting her to be present at his demonstration of his Aeroplane for the benefit of the Press, in which he says- "It will be the event of your life and an opportunity offered to very few mothers."

item 18

Photostat from S.F. Call March 29, 1905, entitled "Montgomery's Aeroplane Wonder of the Age. Creates sustaining power that is marvelous. Uses air's motion. Peculiar surface of wings big point of invention. Control absolute." Also extract from San Jose Mercury Herald dated March 26, 1905.

item 18a

Original copy of the "Aeroplane" published in 1905; a copy of which was sent by Octave Chanute to Wright Brothers.

item 19

Letter from Octave Chanute to John J. Montgomery dated April 4, 1905, in which he says- "I am glad to note from newspaper accounts that you have achieved great successes in some flying machine experiments. I shall be glad to receive such published accounts as may be available."

item 20

Clipping from "Evening Standard and St. James Gazette", England, April 2, 1905, entitled "A new Air Ship. Prof. Montgomery's remarkable invention. Marvelous accounts given in the American papers of the Aeroplane invented by Prof. Montgomery."

item 21

Octave Chanute's letter to John J. Montgomery dated April 16, 1905, in which he says- "I have your letter of 11th instant and most heartily congratulate you on your success in the boldest feat ever attempted in Gliding Flight."

item 22

Octave Chanute's letter to John J. Montgomery dated April 16, 1905, in which he says- "I thank you for your letter of the 20th and the photograph-which latter I will keep to myself for the present, as I infer that you are applying for a patent."

item 23

Enlarged copy of photograph showing Daniel Maloney in the Aeroplane breaking loose from the balloon over a clump of Blue Gum trees on May 22, 1905, demonstrating the remarkable control of a motorless aeroplane.

item 24

Original copy of S.F. Examiner, pages 1 and 2, dated April 16, 1928, entitled "Plane parts in Air. Seven safe. Motor falls into Bay, but Flier lands craft on hill." This proves the remarkable foresight of Prof. Montgomery in the perfection of balance and equilibrium before installing a motor.

item 25

Letter from Octave Chanute to John J. Montgomery dated May 23, 1905, referring to a letter of April 30, 1905, in which he states that he 'had the pleasure of affirming to Prof. Langley, Mr. Berlinger, A. Graham Bell and others, the success of Prof. Montgomery's Aeroplane."

item 26

'Popular Mechanics' for June 1905. Cover and page 613 entitled "Flying Machine plunges into space 4,000 feet above the earth" "Most daring test of Flying Machine ever made. Machine with operator towed up by balloon and cut loose."

item 27

"Motor" for June 1905 pages 48 and 49 giving a description of the flight of April 29, 1905.

item 28

Popular Mechanics" for July 1905, cover, first page and pages 704-707, entitled Montgomery Aeroplane. Details of the California Aircraft which is attracting world-wide attention." By Prof. D.J. Kavanagh, S.J., Chief Editorial Department Santa Clara College.

item 29

Photostat of photograph (#25686) entitled "A tense moment." "Prof. John J. Montgomery holding the levers and rope attached to the ascending balloon and Aeroplane on July 18, 1905, following which Daniel Maloney cut loose with a broken Aeroplane."

item 30

Scientific American, July 29, 1905, an account of the death of Daniel Maloney in Prof. John J. Montgomery's Aeroplane on July 18, 1905.

item 31

Photostat copy S.F. Chronicle, page 14, Feb. 23,1906 entitled "Terrifying trip in falling Aeroplane. Aeronaut barely escapes death." This was the first experience of David Wilke in an Aeroplane. He was the first man in the world to loop the loop in an Aeroplane and LIVE.

item 31a

"Principles Involved in the Formation of Wing Surfaces and the phenomenon of Soaring Flight" by Prof. John J. Montgomery. (Aeronautics, London, Jan. 1909, p 43-45)

item 31b

"Some early gliding experiment" by Prof. John J. Montgomery. (Aeronautics January 1909, p. 47-50)

item 31c

Photostat copies of 7 photographs of Prof. John J. Montgomery's "Aeroplane, Model 1911" ready to start and sailing through the air.

item 32

"The Star" of S.F. Nov. 4, 1911, entitled "Death of Prof. Montgomery." "The world would better have spared another than Prof. John J. Montgomery of Santa Clara College" and "The Wright Brothers borrowed from him."

item 33

Editorials Oakland Tribune Nov. 3, 1911, entitled "Prof. John J. Montgomery," in which it says- "He was no dreamer but a scientific investigator; not a wild visionary but a sane practical investor." "Of course his ideas were stolen and his inventions pirated."

item 34

Copy of letter of Mr. James E. Plew to Mr. A.W. Lawson-dated Nov. 8, 1911, expressing the loss occasioned by the tragic end of Prof. Montgomery.

item 35

Copy of Richard J. Montgomery's letter to Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution dated March 22, 1928, furnishing the Smithsonian Institution with data proving that the model offered by Orville Wright to the Smithsonian Institution was not the "original Wright Brothers' 1903 Flying Machine." Also exposing the appropriation of Prof. Montgomery's discoveries and the secret methods of obtaining the information. Also a copy of the reply from Secretary of Smithsonian Institution dated March 29, 1928, acknowledging the receipt of the letter and exhibits for reference in the Smithsonian Institution.

item 36

Photostat copy of "Aeronautics" Oct. 1909, p. 122 and123, 164 and 165, outlining the radical changes in Wright Brothers Application for a Patent on a 'Flying Machine' and the attempts to amend the same subsequent to the successful public flights of Prof. John J. Montgomery in March and April 1905.

item 37

Photostat copy of cover of "Aviation and Aeronautical Engineering" dated Feb. 15, 1917, and also portion of page 85 reading as follows- "The Cover Photograph." "The cover of this issue shows the first Aeroplane to fly, the original Wright machine of 1903, restored to the condition which Wright Brothers used it. Orville Wright and Glenn L. Martin are in front of the Plane and between them is the Michelin Trophy, won by the late Wilbur Wright in France in 1908, for a flight of 77 miles in two hours and 20 minutes."

item 38

Citations En Re-Prof. Montgomery's experiments and other data relating to the Monoplane, pages one to five inclusive.

item 39

Copy of Richard J. Montgomery's letter to the Smithsonian Institution, addressed to the Secretary, Mr. C.G. Abbot, dated April 19, 1928, offering additional proof of the Wright Brothers modification of their 1903 Flying Machine and the methods used in appropriating the discoveries of the late Prof. John J. Montgomery.

item 40

List of Documents Supporting the Claims of John J. Montgomery as the Pioneer in Aeronautics.


Other exhibits

Additional Note

Some of these large mounted copies of documents were probably produced for exhibits in court during one or more of the patent suits. Some were certainly produced for public exhibit by Fr. Spearman, probably at the time of publication of his book, John Joseph Montgomery, Father of Basic Flying (1967). Unless otherwise indicated, these mounted items are housed in upright "frame" storage in the Archives (1992).

"Accident to the Montgomery Aeroplane," Scientific American (1905).


"John J. Montgomery, Yuba's Famous Son," (Marysville) Semi-Weekly Appeal, Nov. 6, 1911.


"Professor John J. Montgomery," Oakland Tribune, Nov. 3, 1911.


Martin, Robert E., "American Unknown to Fame First Man on Record to Leave Earth on Wings," Popular Science Monthly (Oct. 1950), 3 pp.


Teale, Edwin Way, The Book of Gliders, New York: Dutton, 1930, 4 pp.

Box-folder (7,17)

Wild, Horace B, "Flying With the Pioneers," Popular Science Monthly (Jan. 1931), 3 pp.


"Plunge Kills Montgomery," [ S.F.Call Nov. 1. 1911], and other newspaper clippings. 3 pp.


"Falls From the Clouds without Injury," Oakland Tribune, Feb. 23, 1906. Mounted exhibit #22.


David Wilkie Photo and Caption, 1906. Montgomery, J.J., "Some Early Gliding Experiments in America," Aeronautics (Jan. 1909)


Plaintiffs Exhibits No. 6 "War Department to R.J. Montgomery, March 20, 1906" and No. 89 "Captain, Signal Corps U.S.R. to R. Woodland Gates, Aug. 30, 1917" and Chanute, O. to J.J. Montgomery, Jan [10], 1906 and June 4, 1906. Mounted, exhibit #21.


Affidavit of Charles Burroughs, Feb. 26, 1920. Pl. Ex. Nos. 1,79 and 94. Redman, L.A., "California Entertaining a Genius Unawares," S.F. Bulletin, March 27, 1905. Mounted, exhibit #4.


"Californian First to Conquer the Air," The S.F. Examiner, May 16, 1909.


Equity Case No. 14298 [records]

Additional Note

U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York. Regina Cleary Montgomery, Richard J. Montgomery, Mary C. Montgomery and Jane E. Montgomery against Wright-Martin Aircraft Corporation.
Box-folder (7,18)

Copy of Judge Hand's Decision and copies of Briefs Filed re Non-joinder of Frank A Garbutt.


Testimony of Orville Wright in Equity Case No. 14-298, Montgomerys vs. Wright Martin Aircraft corp. Feb. 3, 1921, 1 p.


Other personal papers in the Montgomery collection


Ellen Montgomery Papers (Mother of J.J.M.)

Box-folder (4,1)

Montgomery, Ellen to Gertrude, June 29, 1907, 2 pp.


Archbishop [of S.F.] George Montgomery Papers (Uncle of J.J.M.)

Box-folder (4,2)

Montgomery, George to L.A. Pellerano, Jan. 9, 1906, 1 p.


Montgomery, George to Mr. Thomas (?), Dec. 7, 1900.


George Montgomery papers (cousin (?) of J.J.M.)

Box-folder (4,3)

"A few notes on the family name and history of Zach Montgomery, written down at the earnest request of a beloved daughter," Fruitland, California, 1884, 8 pp, apparently written or dictated by Francis Montgomery. (Donated by George Montgomery in 1957.)


"Family History of Francis S. Montgomery," 1 p. (Donated with above.)Anon., "General Richard Montgomery," Harper's (Feb. 1885), 350-359.


James P. Montgomery Papers (brother of J.J.M.)

Box-folder (4,4)

[Montgomery], John to "Bro.," [James P.], Sept. 7, 1886. Church, Everett Vail to James P. Montgomery, Nov. 1940, 6 pp.


Montgomery, James P. to Everett Vail Church, Nov. 29, 1940, 2 pp.


Everett Vail Church to Rudolph, S.J., Aug.3, 1939 - Sept.17, 1939 1pp. And - April 20, 1940 1pp.


King, Glenn Garrett to Gabriel Heater, Jan. 20, 1940, 2 pp. re: a spot for James P. Montgomery on "We the People."


Wilson, Bob to James P. Montgomery, [1949-50?], 2 pp.


Montgomery, James P. State Bar Pocket Card, 1954.


Montgomery, James P., "Christmas: The Dawn of Love Celestial," poem, n.d., 1 p.


Jane E. Montgomery Papers (sister of J.J.M.) d.1955

Box-folder (4,5)

Montgomery, Jane E. to Robert C. Wilson, Sept. 23, 1944, 1 p.


Montgomery, Jane E. to Whom it May Concern, Feb. 3, 1945, 1 p.


Garber, Paul Edward to Jane Montgomery, May 17, 1948, 2 pp. and Oct. 7, 1948, 1 p.


[Wilson], Bob to Jane E. Montgomery, Dec. 26, 1948, p. 2 only.


Anon., "Apartment Site Bought," (newsclipping), 1950.


Wilson, Robert C. to Frank Hanahan, June 14, 1950, 1 p. re: Montgomery research.


Mary C. Montgomery Papers ( sister of J.J.M.)

Box-folder (4,6)

Montgomery, Mary C., Copy of notarized statement re: 1883 flight, Dec. 16, 1944, 1 p.


Regina Cleary Montgomery papers (wife of J.J.M.)

Box-folder (4,7)

Montgomery, John J., "Soaring Flight," MS, read at the Aeronautical Congress, Chicago, 1893. This copy was typed from the original by Regina Montgomery, and contains some typographical errors. Also, two or three pages are missing at the end. Includes a statement by A.D. Spearman, S.J. and a portion of an unidentified newspaper clipping. Typescript, 48 pp.

Box-folder (4,8)

Montgomery, Regina Cleary, Ave, Victoria!, Sunset Press Publishing Co., Chicago, 1924.

Box-folder (4,9)

14 letters written by David D. Tarpey to Regina Montgomery, 1948-1952, during her stay at Agnews State [mental] Hospital. Probably given to the Santa Clara Archives through Fr. David M. Daze, S.J.


Two letters received with the Tarpey letters, apparently never mailed:

Box-folder (4,10)

[Montgomery], Regina, to Mrs. Homer Johnson, May 12, 1956, 3 pp.[Montgomery], Regina to Mrs. R.E. White, Ascension Thursday, n.d., 1 p. (Written on paper towel).

Box-folder (4,11)

[Montgomery, Regina?], Statement re: Funk and Wagnall's definition of "flight" as proof that J.J.M.'s flight was first, referring also to his honorary membership in the National Aeronautic Association and other groups, n.d., 2 pp.


Folder titled: "Montgomery's Facts. Lougheed's Patents," includes:


Bagley, Harry B., "California's First Flier, " The Sacramento Bee, Nov. 16, 1940, p. 3; Chase, Richard L., "True Father of Planes'[sic] Forgotten," n.d.


Copy of Victor Lougheed's patent No. 1,470,017.


Cabot, Godfrey L. to Regina C. Montgomery, Jan. 24, 1925, 1 p.


Incomplete, undated letter from Regina Montgomery to an unidentified party.


Montgomery, Mrs. John J. to Mr. Lester D. Gardner, Jan. 1, 1940, 2 pp.


Wilson, Robert C. to Mrs. Regina Cleary Montgomery, June 12, 1950, 1 p.


Montgomery, Regina C. to Rev. David M. Daze, S.J., May 28, 1954, 3 pp.


Other documents:


Anon., "J. Montgomery's Exhibits Donated To Varsi Library," (newsclipping), [1944-46?].


Montgomery, Regina Cleary, "Easter 1949," poem, April 17, 1949, 1 p.


Invitation to the Dedication of Montgomery Field, San Diego, May 21, 1950.


[Montgomery, Regina C.?],Statement from Court Case, lauds Montgomery, 1p


Holy Cross Cemetery address card.


Richard J. Montgomery Papers (brother of J.J.M.) 1863-1932

Additional Note

Many of the court exhibits were in this collection, also. Items in his collections have been marked with a property stamp.
Box-folder (10,2)

Advertisement for Auction of Central Oakland Residence Lots, apparently organized by Richard J. Montgomery, to be held Aug. 20, 1904.

Box-folder (4,12)

Stokes, E.B. to Richard Montgomery, Dec. 18, 1911, 2 pp.


Couts, C.T. to Richard Montgomery, Oct. 19, 1918, 1 p.

Box-folder (4,12)

Montgomery, Richard J. to Harry F. Stabler, May 28, 1921, 17 pp.

Box-folder (4,13)

Montgomery, John J., "Soaring Flight," [1893-4?], 4 pp., incomplete copy. (Includes Chanute and Lougheed notations. Original is in the Smithsonian.)

Box-folder (4,13)

Unidentified Court Exhibit, three articles from the S.F. Examiner re Maloney's April 29, 1905 flight.

Box-folder (4,14)

Redman, L.A., Professor Montgomery's Discoveries in Celestial Mechanics, San Francisco: Pernau-Walsh Printing Co., 1919.

Box-folder (4,14)

Deposition of Lander A. Redman in case No. 33852.


Zach Montgomery Papers (father of J.J.M.) 1825-1900

Additional Note

Zach Montgomery, father of JJM, was a lawyer, journalist, and a staunch Catholic. The collection of his "papers" in the SCU Archives consists of his family genealogy as compiled by Mark Montgomery in 1985 (Archives acc# 985-044), printed materials and one letter used as a court exhibit. Except as indicated, his papers are in Box 4, folder 15. For a biography of him see Shanahan, J.J., F.S.C. "Thesis on Zachariah Montgomery" UC Berkeley, 1955 (Archives Micro #37).
* See also: Shanahan, J.J., F.S.C. "Thesis on Zachariah Montgomery" (Microfilm, # 37), UC Berkeley, 1955

Biographical Material, genealogy compiled by Mark Montgomery (1985), -news clippings


Montgomery, Zach, Manual of Advice to Clients in Criminal Cases, 1872, 12 pp.

Box-folder (9,2)

[Montgomery, Zach], to R.J. Montgomery, Aug.6, 1885, 1 p.


Zach Montgomery's address to the California Convention Committee on Education as printed in the Morning Call Supplement, Nov. 29, 1878.


"The Choctaw Indians and the Missouri, Kansas and Texas R'y Co.," Opinion of Assistant Attorney General [Zachary] Montgomery. Sept. 1885, 22 pp


Speech on the State of the Union, Feb. 11, 1861.


Montgomery, Zach, Opinion as Assistant Attorney General, Sept. 1885, 22 pp.


"The Defender's Editor Interviewed by a Mirror Reporter," The Family Defender's Magazine, Vol.1, No 1 (Jan 1881), 548-557.


Marshall T.J. Garlinger Papers

Box-folder (4,17)

Garlinger, Marshall T.J., "John Joseph Montgomery's Invention of the Heavier-Than-Air Flying Machine," a script for the Radio Program "Tales of California," broadcast Nov. 22, 1936 on KGO Radio, San Jose.


Newspaper advertisement for above radio show in The San Jose Mercury Herald, Nov. 22, 1936.


Garlinger, Marshall T.J., speech for homecoming activities [1937?], delivered to the Alumni Association, 2 pp.


Program for Annual Alumni Homecoming and Banquet, June 13, 1937.


Booklet, "It's Fun to be Intelligent," distributed by the Department of Adult Education, San Jose Public Schools, 193637, (see page 3 for a description of the patent class.)


Three announcements concerning the above patent class at San Jose High School, 1936, and possible class notes, Dec. 9, 1936, 4 pp.


S.J. News article re: Garlinger death, Feb. 26, 1969.


(4,18-25) Winsor Josselyn Papers

Additional Note

Some of her published articles are listed in the inventory of journal articles in the collection.
Box-folder (4,18)



Correspondence between Josselyn and James P. and Rita G. Montgomery, 1939-1940, and 1944-1947, and 1962. Includes list of items forwarded to J.P. Montgomery by Josselyn (3 pp) June 27, 1944, and [Josselyn, Winsor] to [J.P. Montgomery], "Answers requested for use in John Joseph Montgomery Biography," Nov. 24, 1946 (2 pp.). A letter from Rita G. Montgomery to Winsor Josselyn, Jan. 3, 1947 (1 p.) contains an enclosure (3 pp.) of notes dictated by J.P. Montgomery.


Correspondence between Josselyn and Howard Waldorf, 1944.


Correspondence between Robert C. Wilson and J.P. Montgomery, 1944.


Jane, Mary and Margaret correspondence with Winsor Josselyn.


Miss Jane Eleanor Montgomery and [Mary C. Montgomery] name card.


Montgomery, Mary and Jane to Mr. and Mrs. Josselyn, n.d., card.


Montgomery, Margaret H. to Josselyn, July 11, 1930, 1 p.


Josselyn to the Misses Montgomery, April 14, 1934, 1 p.


Montgomery, Mary to Josselyn, May 23, 1934, 1 p.


"A few notes and anecdotes told by John J. Montgomery" recalled by Jane E. Montgomery, received by Winsor Josselyn March 24, 1946, 2 pp.


Montgomery, Mary E. et. al. to Josselyn, Nov. 17, 1946, 1 p.


enclosure: "Corrections," 1 p.


Montgomery, Jane E. to Josselyn, Dec. 24, 1946, 1 p.


enclosure: "A few items about John Montgomery," 1 p.


Josselyn to Jane Montgomery, Jan. 3, 1947, 1 p. enclosure: "Incidents relative to Mother's trip across the Plains in 1849, as she recalled them," 2 pp.


Montgomery, Jane E. to Josselyn, Sept 17, 1948, 1 p. enclosure: Josselyn, Winsor and Merle to Regina Montgomery, Aug. 28, 1948, 1 p.


Montgomery, Jane E. to Mr. Josselyn, Jan. 16, 1949 [1950], 1 p.


Josselyn to Jane Montgomery, Jan. 20, 1950, 1 p.


Correspondence between Josselyn and Regina Cleary Montgomery, 1941, 1946-1947, 1950.

Box-folder (4,21)

Correspondence between Josselyn and Richard J. Montgomery, 1930-1931 [1939?]


Robert C. Wilson Correspondence. Correspondence between Josselyn and Bob Wilson, 1940, 1944, 1946, 1953. Included in letter of March 15, 1946, is a brief Josselyn biography.

Box-folder (4,23)

Miscellaneous Correspondence and Writings.: "Mother" to Winsor [Josselyn], [c. March 15, 1930], 2 pp. and envelope.


O'Donnell, Bill to J.R. Brokenshire, April 26, 1930, 1 p. and envelope.


Josselyn, Winsor to Mrs. A.M. Page, Feb. 17, 1939, 1 p.


Page, A.M. Gibson to W. Jossllyn [sic], Feb. 22, [1938-39?], 1 p. and envelope.


Wilson, Clinton M.D. to Winsor Josseleyn [sic], May 24, 1940, 1 p.


Josselyn, Winsor to Reg [Clampett], June 19, 1940, 1 p.


Josselyn, Winsor to Byron Morgan, Feb. 11, 1946, 1 p.


Boland, Edward R.A. (S.J.) to Josselyn, March 29, 1946, 1 p.


Hurst, Irminna to Josselyn, April 1, 1946, 1 p. plus Josselyn note re: letter.


Josselyn to Commander Scott, April 5, 1946, 1 p.


Josselyn to Rudolph, Louis, S.J. (president of SCU) June 10, 1940, 1 p.


Josselyn to Father Edward R.A. Boland, S.J., April 17, 1946, 1 p.


Josselyn to E.R.A. Boland, S.J., April 17, 1946, 1 p.


Josselyn, Winsor to Whom it May Concern, (book contract), [July 15, 1946], 1 p. and duplicate. Notes on contract, 2 pp.


Josselyn, "Memo on Montgomery Biography and Poole," March 13, 1946, 1 p. (Also, Anon., "Notes on the Margin," S.F. Chronicle, March 12, 1946.)


Josselyn notes re: book publication, March 12, 19, 1946, 2 pp.


Josselyn, Winsor, Autobiography, Aug. 30, 1946, 2 pp.


Boland, E.R.A. to Winsor Josselyn, April 9, 1946, postcard.


Creel, George to Josselyn, Nov. 9, 1947, 1 p.


Garber, Paul Edward to Josselyn, June 18, 1948, 2 pp.


Josselyn to Don Driese, May 14, 1954, 1 p.


Correspondence with Spearman, Arthur D., 1959-1960 (4 items)


Della Maggiore, Sam P. to Josselyn, Nov. 6, 1961, 1 p.


Josselyn to President, Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce, Feb. 24, 1962


Research Notes re Montgomery and family history

Additional Note

"Montgomery Family Round Table," 1946; notes of Sept. 30, 1946, April 8, 1940, and other unidentified and undated notes; interview with James Montgomery, Nov. 23, 1939, "mostly about himself"; notes on Marriage and Home [of Montgomery]; notes made at Santa Clara, 1939 and 1940; notes from conversation with Regina Cleary March 21, 1946 re: death of J.J.M. and personal characteristics; notes of "Early Days, especially Otay," April 8, 1939.

Drawings and Sketches


Map of Otay Mesa Area, June 4, 1939, 1 p.


Drawing of the "Santa Clara," not to scale, Aug. 1948, 1 p., 2 duplicates.


Fred Keip Papers

Additional Note

Nov. 18, 1959 Mr. Keip donated his papers and two copies of "The Aeroplane," 1905 (See JOHN J. MONTGOMERY PAPERS) to the SCU Archives. Included in Mr. Keip's papers are some papers of Roy Knabenshue made the first point to point balloon dirigible flight in Capt. Baldwin's D.B. Arrow, at the St. Louis Fair. See also: Keip, Fred et al. Interview with Arthur D. Spearman, S.J. [1962?] Audio tape, two reels.
Box-folder (5,1)

Anon., "Los Angeles Attacked from Airship," Popular Mechanics (Feb. 1909), 151-2.


Knabenshue, Roy to F.D. Keip [sic], May 12, 1937, 1 p.


Keip, F.B. to Willard D. Morgan, Oct. 11, 1937, 2 pp.


Keip, F.B. to Mr. Roy Knabenshue, Oct. 11, 1938, 1 p.


Knabenshue, Roy, to Mr. F.B. Keip, Oct. 18, 1938, 1 p.


enclosure: newspaper clippings (two) of Oct. 28, 1934 re: Knabenshue


Knabenshue, Roy, to Mr. F.B. Keip, June 29, 1945, 1 p.


Keip, F.B. to Mr. Roy Knabenshue, July 16, 1945, 1 p.


Barret, Dick to Father Spearman, March 25, 1960, re Knabenshue photo, 1p


Keip, Fred B. to Father Spearman, March 27, 1960, 1 p.


Three newsclippings re Knabenshue, two from April 1956, one from March 1960.

Box-folder (5,2)

Keip Correspondence with Paul Edward Garber and the Smithsonian.


Keip, F.B. to Paul Edward Garber, Feb. 3, 1947, 2 pp.


Garber, Paul Edw. to [Fred Keip], [1947], card


Program, Presentation of the Wright Brothers' 1903 Aeroplane to the Smithsonian, Dec. 17, 1948.


Report on the National Air Museum, 1948, see page 130 re: Montgomery Photo Collection.


Garber, Paul Edward to Fred B. Keip, May 1949, 1 p.


Garber, Paul Edward to F.B. Keip, Oct. 3, 1949, 1 p.


Garber to [F.B. Keip], 1957, 1 p.


Keip, Fred B. to Prof. Paul Garber, March 10, 1961, 1 p.

Box-folder (5,3)

Miscellaneous Keip Papers


Morgan, Willard D. to F.B. Keip, Sept. 25, 1937, 1 p.


Morgan, Willard D. to F.B. Keip, Nov. 3, 1937, 1 p.


Vierra, Ynez S. to Mr. William Wellman, April 21, 1946, 1 p.


Program for Montgomery Commemorative Exercises, April 29, 1946, which Keip chaired.


Graf, J.E. to F.B. Keip, May 6, 1948, 1 p. (Copy of Keip's reply written by him on same page.)


Goodwin, Claire V. to F.B. Keip, May 21, 1948, 1 p.


Also: Guest List for the Kingsford-Smith Luncheon and Presentation of the Wiseman and Diamond Planes to the Smithsonian Institution, May 31, 1948, and program.


Copy of speech delivered by Gen. E.K. Smart at above function.


Tusch, C.A., "Mother," to F.B. Keip, June 6, 1948, card.


Cornelius Reinhardt papers (donated 1958)

Box-folder (5,4-5)

Twelve journal or newspaper articles re: J.J.M.




Undated, unwritten postcard of a race between a motor boat and hydro-aeroplane.


Two sheets of Reinhardt Bros. Letterhead, 189.


Bruch, Edward B. to Whom It May Concern, Sept. 16, 1902, 1 p., letter of recommendation.


Wheeler, Charles S. to Cornelius Reinhardt, Esq., March 17, 1910, 2 pp.


Paxton, [S.S.T.?], to Reinhardt, May 8, 1912, postcard.


Anderson, A.L. to C. Reinhardt, Sept. 18, 1918, 1 p.


Anderson, A.L. to Whom it May Concern, Sept. 18, 1918, 1 p.


Josselyn, Winsor to Cornelius Reinhardt, June 10, 1940, 1 p.


Rheinhardt, Cornelius [sic] to William Wellman, March 8, 1946, 1p.


Shoop, Clarence A. to Cornelius Reinhardt, March 13, 1946, 1 p.


Davies, Homer to Cornelius Reinhardt, April 4, 1946, 1 p.


Keip, F.B. to Cornelius Reinhardt, April 18, 1946, 1 p.


Garber, Paul E. to Cornelius Reinhardt, Feb. 18, 1947, 2 pp.


Garber, Paul Edward to Cornelius Reinhardt, May 20, 1948, 1 p.


Davies, Mrs. Ben to Cornelius Reinhard [sic], Nov. 28,1950, postcard.


Margaret, Bob, and Nick to Hienie Rhinehardt [sic], July 15, 1954, postcard.


Reinhardt, Cornelius to Whom it May Concern, Oct. 31, 1957, 5 pp.


Pearl I. Young Papers

Box-folder (5,6-7)

Papers consist of bibliographies and research materials on early flight.


"Material on John Joseph Montgomery," 1950, 15 pp.


"Bibliography of Items about Octave Chanute, 1832-1910," 1961, 12 pp.


"Bibliography of Louis Pierre Mouillard," 1961, 12 pp.


Chanute-Mouillard Correspondence, April 16, 1890 to May 20, 1897, 20 pp.


Montgomery-Chanute Correspondence, Oct. 24, 1893, to July 10, 1906, 39 pp.


Research materials on aviation history

Additional Note

These materials may have been collected by A.D. Spearman, S.J.

Journal articles

Box-folder (2,1-2)

"An Aerial Voyage," Harper's New Monthly Magazine (Sept. 1850), 499-504.


"Flying-Machine with Ventilator-Like Planes," Popular Mechanics, (Aug.1909), 190.


"French Aeronaut Wins $10,000 Prize," Popular Mechanics (March 1908), 176.


"The Late Charles Green," The Illustrated London News (April 16, 1870), 401. (10)


"Lilienthal's Theory of Flying," Review of Reviews (Dec. 1894).


Advertisement, "'My Air-Ships' by Alberto Santos-Dumont," The World's Work, (April 1904).


"A New Aerostat," Harper's Weekly (Oct. 27, 1883).


"The Pleasures and Perils of Ballooning," Harper's Weekly (Dec. 1851), 96-102.


"Sailing in the Air-History of Aeronautics," Harper's Weekly (Sept. 1850), 168-73.


Baldwin and Knabenshue, "Will We Ever Fly?" Men & Women Nov. 1905, 15 (9)


Carter, C. F., "The Flying Machine is Here," The Scrap Book (July 1907), 17-26.


Cummings, Arthur Mark, "The Uselessness of Flying-Machines," The North American Review (Jan. 1891), 118-20.


Dugmore, A. Radclyffe, "A Night Flight of the Wright Aeroplane," The World's Work (Nov. 1908).


Guy, George H., "Real Navigation of the Air," Review of Reviews (Sept. 1908), 783-4.


Langley, S. P., "The Possibility of Mechanical Flight," Century (Sept. 1891), 783-4.


Kampeffert, Waldemar, "Why Flying Machines Fly," Harper's Weekly (April 1911), 677-83.


Maxim, Hiram S., "Aerial Navigation," Century (Oct. 1891), 829-36.


Melrose, Frances, "Chanute's `Katydid' Did It," Rocky Mountain News, (March 8, 1982), 8.


Moore, Clara B., "Aerial Navigation," The Arena (Aug. 1894), 386-95.


Painleve, Paul, "L'Aviation," Motor (1897), 99-104.


Post, Augustus, "The New Sport of Flying," Country Life in America (April 1910), 702, 746+


Wright, Orville and Wilbur, "Specifications of the Wright Patent, filed March 23rd 1903," Aero Digest (Dec. 1928), 1111-2.


Newspaper Clippings

Additional Note

Clipping file is organized chronologically. See also Box 9 for a clipping scrapbook, 4 pp plus a 1905 article from Men & Women by Baldwin and Knabenshue.
Box-folder (3,1)


Box-folder (3,2)


Box-folder (3,3)


Box-folder (3,4)


Box-folder (3,5)


Box-folder (3,6)


Box-folder (3,7)


Box-folder (3,8)


Box-folder (3,9)


Box-folder (3,10)


Box-folder (3,11)


Box-folder (3,12)


Box-folder (3,13)


Box-folder (3,14)



Records of the Experimental Aircraft Association, 1970-1976.

Additional Note

John J.Montgomery Chapter #338
Box-folder (5,8-10)

By-Laws of the Association, 1970.


"The Evergreen Flyer" [newsletter] 1970-1976:


Vol. 1, #3-10, 12, 13


Vol. 2, #2.


Vol. 4, #7-12.


Vol. 5, #1-12.


Vol. 6, #1-12.


Vol. 7, #1, 4.


Richard Campi papers

Additional Note

Campi, an engineer at Lockheed Corp., was instrumental in the reconstruction of a Montgomery glider about 1961. His papers in the Montgomery collection relate to this. See also the papers of Arthur D. Spearman, S.J., with whom he collaborated. In 1986 the Archives acquired an additional Campi manuscript describing Montgomery's glider design and copies of Montgomery-Chanute letters. These papers are in box 4, folders 16 and 16A.
Box-folder (4,16-16A)

Campi, Richard, "Phases of Montgomery's Aeronautical Work in California," 5 pp. (incomplete), plus 8 pp. Of calculations and diagrams, Dec. 29, 1961.


Campi, Richard, "offhand" sketches of 1911 plane details, n.d., 5 pp. See also the Richard Campi papers.


Archives acc# 986-028:


Campi, R.B. "How Scientific were the early pioneers?" Typescript, 5 pages. Jan 14, 1984.


John Montgomery- Octave Chanute correspondence. 27 items, Xerox.

Box-folder (5,13)

Mention and Tribute

Additional Note

Since his death, Montgomery has been memorialized in many ways. This portion of the collection contains programs, souvenirs, and other memorabilia from events commemorating him. Items are listed chronologically after the first folder.
Undated materials:
  • Santa Clara stamped envelope crediting Montgomery for Santa Clara University's role in National Air Mail Week.
  • Envelope of the John J. Montgomery Memorial Committee of the San Diego Junior Chamber of Commerce, three copies.
  • Montgomery Day Parking Tag, six copies. Anon. speech lauding Montgomery, n.d.

California State Historical Landmark at Evergreen

Box-folder (5,24)

Forbes, Catham H. to Sam P. Della Maggiore, Aug. 4, 1966, 2 pp.


California Historical Landmarkers Advisory Committee Agenda for Aug. 4, 1966.


Meeting of the California Historical Landmarks Advisory Committee minutes for Aug. 5, 1966, 2 pp.


Glover, Donald S. to Sam P. Della Maggiore, Oct. 27, Oct. 27, 1967 re: Air Force Participation in the Oct. 31, 1967 J.J.M. Day.


Invitation dedication of the Historical Monument dedication at Evergreen, Oct. 31, 1967 and copy of the inscription on the plaque of the monument.


Preliminary Inventory of the Historical Landmarks in Santa Clara County. (Includes map and listing of Montgomery Hill.)

Box-folder (5,25)

Program, J.J.M. Day, Oct. 31, 1968, Montgomery Hill, Evergreen.


Chronological collection, 1911-1978



Box-folder (5,14)

Resolution of the "Aero Club of California," Oct. 31, 1911, 2 pp.


Resolution No. 17408 of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors re the naming of an aviation field after Montgomery, Dec. 1, 1919.


Excerpt from a Santa Clara University publication re Montgomery and the College of Engineering, n.d., 2 pp.

Box-folder (10,6)

Honorary Membership Certificate of the National Aeronautic Association of USA, awarded to Montgomery Jan. 14, 1925.



Box-folder (5,15)

Commemoration of the 50th anniversary of flight, March 18, 1934: invitation (2), program (8), copy of Clifford, Daniel P. (S.J.), "The Cross Against the Sky," by Daniel P. Clifford, S.J., a poem read at the commemoration.

Box-folder (5,16)

Program from Engineers' Day at the University of Santa Clara, April 25, 1934 and April 11, 1935.



Box-folder (5,17)

Synopsis, "Gallant Journey," Columbia Studios, [1946?], 2 pp.


Program for the Santa Clara Commemorative Exercises marking the dedication of the campus monument, April 29, 1946, 7 1/2 copies.

Box-folder (5,18)

Montgomery monument dedication and other ceremonies in San Diego, May 20-21, 1950: ribbon for "Guest"; program (3); Certificate of Appreciation (sample) awarded by the San Ysidro Business and Professional Women's Club, re the above ceremonies.

Box-folder (5,19)

Beck, Peter A. to Santa Clara College, March 22, 1957, re the establishment of a Montgomery museum in the Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, with enclosed letter of Bob Wilson to Peter A. Beck, March 18, 1957, 2 pp.



Box-folder (10,3)

Senate Resolution No. 37, "Relating to the 50th Anniversary of the Death of John J. Montgomery," March 15, 1960. 2 copies

Box-folder (5,19)

California Senate Daily Journal, March 15, 1960, re: the Fiftieth Anniversary of Montgomery' Death, pp. 213-14.


Program for the Dedication of the Sullivan Engineering Center, April 29, 1961.

Box-folder (5,20)

Agenda for a meeting of the San Jose Chamber of Commerce, John J. Montgomery Observance Committee, Oct. 26, 1961.


Program, San Jose Chamber of Commerce John J. Montgomery Commemorative Ceremonies, Nov. 11, 1961.


Spearman, A.D. (S.J.) to Gary Larsen, memo re: "Early Birds" [engineering students who attend classes before work] to be invited to the Nov. 11, 1961 Commemorative Ceremonies.


Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce Membership Newsletter, Nov./Dec. 1961, 7 pp.


"A Resolution Commemorating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Death of John J. Montgomery, A Pioneer in the Field of Aviation," adopted by the Santa Clara City Council, Nov. 9, 1961.


Program for the Montgomery Commemoration at Evergreen, Nov. 11, 1961, 2 copies.

Box-folder (10,6)

Poster advertising the Montgomery Commemoration at Evergreen, Nov. 11, 1961.



Box-folder (5-21)

"Peace for the Skyways," Aug. 5, 1962 Montgomery Memorial, San Diego, sponsored by the San Ysidro Business and Professional Women's Club. Program.


Montgomery Memorial Dinner, held Feb. 22, 1962 at the University of Santa Clara. Invitation with enclosed memo of Ed Hart to members of Montgomery Memorial Committee, Jan. 31, 1962.


Minutes, Committee for Cultural Progress [Montgomery Memorial Committee], Feb. 9, 1962.


Address List for invitations to the 1962 Montgomery Memorial Dinner, dated Feb. 1, 1962, 5 pp.


"The Cultural Link," [John J. Montgomery Newsletter], Feb. 1962, 4 pp.


California Museum of Science and Industry Newsletter, 1962, mentioning Montgomery exhibit.


Souvenir of Montgomery Exhibit, California Museum of Science and Industry, July 19-Sept. 23, 1962, 2 copies.


Nieman, Richard E. to Assemblyman William F. Stanton, Jr., Aug. 28, 1963, listing "resolutions passed and adopted by the California State Senate and the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors," 2 pp.

Box-folder (5,22)

Invitation to the June 27, 1963 meeting of the California Historical Society, at which Don Driese spoke on Montgomery.


Proclamation of Gene Burgess, Mayor of Santa Clara, Oct. 1, 1963 of Oct. 31, 1963 as ' "Montgomery Day."


Proclamation of Joseph L. Pace, Vice Mayor of San Jose, Oct. 21, 1963, of Oct. 31, 1963 as "Montgomery Day."


Program and speech delivered by Arthur Dunning Spearman, S.J., "A Memorial to John J. Montgomery- Air Pioneer 1858-1911," (2 copies) at commemorative ceremonies, San Jose, October 31, 1963.


Stanton, William F. to Richard E. Nieman, Nov. 4, 1963 with enclosed statement of Governor Edmund G. Brown.

Box-folder (10,6)

Poster advertising plane rides at Montgomery Airport, May 24, [1964?].


Aviation Hall of Fame Award, presented to J.J.M. Dec. 17, 1964.

Box-folder (5,23)

Invitation to the Friends of the Oakland Public Library's Presentation, "Wings over the Bay Area-Past and Present," April 20, 1967.


Program, Second Aerospace Mechanics Symposium, University of Santa Clara, May 4-5, 1967.


Program, "Peace for the Skyways," Aug. 27, 1967, San Diego, sponsored by the San Ysidro Business and Professional Women's Club.



Box-folder (5,25)

Santa Clara News Release, April 14, 1970 r: the April 25 J.J.M. Commemorative Ceremonies on campus.


Audio tape of J.J. Montgomery Commemoration held April 25, 1970 at Santa Clara University.


"Peace for the Skyways," Aug. 23, 1970, San Diego, sponsored by the San Ysidro Business and Professional Women's Club. Program and notes of William Brotherton for a speech at the ceremonies, 4 pp.

Box-folder (10,6)

"Resolution of Commendation. Proclamation Declaring April 29, 1970 as John J. Montgomery Day." Passed and adopted by the Board of Supervisors of the County of Santa Clara...April 14,1970.

Box-folder (5,26)

"Peace for the Skyways," Aug. 22, 1971, San Diego, San Ysidro Business and Professional Women's Club. Program.


Proclamation declaring April 29, 1970, John Joseph Montgomery Day, passed by the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors April 14, 1970.


San Jose Municipal Airport Flight Schedule for August, 1972, featuring J.J.M.


December 1974 Calendar Page featuring J.J.M., Smith and McKay Printing Co.


Invitation to the reception at the opening of Evergreen Valley College, Sept. 6, 1975.

Box-folder (5,27)

Program for Bicentennial Hoopla, Jan. 18, 1976 in Palo Alto. Program and poem "John J. Montgomery 1858-1911, California Aviation Pioneer," read by Bill Martin Haas at the Hoopla.


Invitation for the Official Dedication Ceremony of the J.J.M. Monument at Evergreen College, March 25, 1976.


Program for the John J. Montgomery Centennial Celebration, J.J.M.


Elementary School, Chula Vista, May 27, 1976.


"Youth on the Wing," a pamphlet re: the J.J.M. Youth Glider Program, n.d.


Program for John J. Montgomery Commemoration 28 Oct. 1978, Evergreen College, San Jose.

Box-folder (5,28)

Invitation and program, "John Joseph Montgomery 1883 Glider." An international historic mechanical engineering landmark designated by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. May 11,1996, at Hiller Aircraft Museum and Santa Clara University.


Exhibit materials and artifacts

Additional Note

Two inventories of Montgomery exhibition materials," including artifacts, film, and print sources, were compiled in 1975. These are:
Box-folder (1,4)

[Haas, Catherine Joy, compiler.] "Exhibit Resources- John J. Montgomery." Aug. 8, 1975. Inventory of all Montgomery materials in SCU Archives collection. Includes contemporary location.


Spearman, A.D., S.J. "Photographic Wraparounds on masonite." Inventory of 21 exhibit plates and labels on JJM. Typed by C.J. Hass from tape recording by Spearman, Aug. 12, 1975.

Box-folder (5,12)

Description of "The Evergreen" as reconstructed by Lockheed, donated to the University of Santa Clara Nov. 11, 1961,7 pp.


(41M21-99) Anonymous reconstruction notes for 1911 plane.


(4IM21-99) Goodwin, Garland 0., Working Plans for 1883 Aircraft.


(4IS44-Box 9) Bean, Art. Plans for reconstruction of 1905 glider with changes.


(4IM21-99) Spurgeon, J.R. John J. Montgomery 1905 hang glider, 1973. 2pp.


Audio-visual materials


Audio tape of J.J. Montgomery Commemoration held April 25, 1970 at Santa Clara University.


(4IM21-97) Lockheed film, "Aviation Pioneer Montgomery Honored Half Century After Death," Color Silent, 3:44 min.


(4IM21-97) "60 Years of Flight," Toronto, Robert Lawrence Productions. KNTV (San Jose) also holds film called "60 Years of Flight in the Santa Clara Valley" [noted 1992]


(41M21-97) "History of Flight," Walt Disney Productions, Black-and-White with Sound, ca. 1 hour.


(41M21-97) "Gallant Journey," Columbia Pictures, 1946, Color with Sound.


(4IM21-95) Fr. Spearman interviews with Fred Keip et. al. c.1962, two reels.


(41M21.95) Tape of J.J. Montgomery Commemoration held April 25, 1970 at Santa Clara University.


Gallant Journey Materials

Additional Note

See also SCU news release of September 4, 1946 re "Gallant Journey" and the Byron Morgan Papers, SCU Archives acc# 988-036.
Box-folder (5,17)

Synopsis, "Gallant Journey," Columbia Studios, [1946?], 2 pp.

Box-folder (10,1)

Gallant Journey. Starring Glenn Ford and Janet Blair, with Charles Ruggles, Henry Travers, Jimmy Lloyd. Original screenplay by Byron Morgan and William Wellman. 1946. 2 reels, 16 mm. (Acc# 976-015). VHS videotape made from film. 70 min.


Advertising posters (2) for Gallant Journey. Color, 26" x 40", framed. (Acc# 976-015.


Advertising posters (6) of numbered set, #3-#8. Color, 11" x 14".


Movie stills, black and white (Montgomery Photo Collection)


Columbia Pictures Pressbook containing photos, articles; still photographs.


Life, August 26, 1946. Cover and p. 9 (advertisement for Gallant Journey) only.


"Glenn Ford." Screen Guide. July, 1946. Pp. 34-3. Ford starred as John Montgomery in Gallant Journey.


"Mister Bobby Sox" [Glenn Ford]. Movie Stars Parade, August 1946, p. 22.


"Inside Stuff" [including photo of Janet Blair and Glenn Ford on Gallant Journey set]. Photoplay June 1946, p. 21.