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Preliminary Inventory to the James Heyworth-Dunne Papers, 1860-1949
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Box: 1

3770-3774 "Notes on Egypt"

Additional Note

5 bound volumes of ms and typed notes on books and articles, all dealing with Egypt and the Middle East
Box: 2

3775-3792 "Notes on Egypt"


3775 & 3769 2 bound volumes of ms and typed notes on books and articles on Egypt and the Middle East


17 notebooks containing ms notes on various subjects, as follows

Additional Note

Partial title (from cover of notebook)

3776 "Muslim civilisation during the Abbasid Period I"


3777 "Muslim civilisation during the Abbasid Period II"


3778 "Bibliography..."


3779 "The Gulistan. 1934."


3780 (No title)


3781 "Rifaah's biography..."


3782 "Mist..."


3783 "Notes on 19th Century Egypt II"


3784 "Notes on 19th Century Egypt I"


3785 "Notes from Elyas Ayubi"


3786 "Notes from Hamont..."


3787 "Notes on Jabarti's History..."


3788 "Extracts and notes from European works in British Museum"


3789 "Statistics from Dor Bey..."


3790 "Notes on 19th Century Egypt..."


3791 "Sabry + Dor Bey"


3792 "Extracts and notes from European works in British Museum"

Box: 3

3796 S.A.A.A. Khulusy, Shi'ism and its influence on Arabic literature. SOAS, 1947. Unpublished Ph.D. Diss. (JHD ms note)

Physical Description: 287, xxvl leaves, typed, in clamp binder

3807 JHD?, The Islamic craft gild (sic), with special reference to Persia. Unpublished (JHD ms note) typescript

Physical Description: 170 loosely sewn leaves, in folder

3793 JHD ms extracts from A.A. Bevan, The Rise of the Saracens and the foundation of the Western Empire. (Cambridge Medieval History, 1913)

Physical Description: 194 leaves, bound

3795 El-Rayes, M.D. The concept of the state in Islamic political theory. Unpublished Ph.D. Diss. (JHD ms note),

Physical Description: 211 leaves, bound
Box: 4

3798 "Notes on Arabic language," ring binder


3812 Western influences in the Arabic literature of Egypt and Syria between 1820 and 1879, (by JHD?)

Physical Description: 212 leaves, typescript

3797 George Daud Shahla, The Arab conception of the ideal teacher as revealed in Arabic pedagogical literature. Unpublished MA thesis,

Physical Description: 139 leaves, typescript

3800 Ishaq Musa Husseini, The life and works of Ibn Qutayba. Unpublished Ph.D. thesis, Univ. of London, 1934,

Physical Description: 131 leaves, typescript

3799 "Notes on Arabic language," JHD ms notes,

Physical Description: +/- 50 leaves
Box: 5

University of London envelope containing numerous samples of Arabic calligraphy (photos); portion of an Arabic ms; Arabic ms letter or document; all with individual item numbers


7299 Envelope. Eight photostats of pages from I. Kratschkovsky's Die arabische Poetik im ix. Jahrhundert


3809 Envelope 1 leaf photostat of "Allocution...de Mohamed-Bey..." 1846


7298 Envelope Photostats of pages of article "Zur arabischen Übersetzung der Poetik des Aristoteles," by Martin Plessner, Orientalische Literaturzeitung, 1981


7296 Envelope Twenty-two photostats of pages from G. Bergsträsser, Koranlesung in Kairo


7297 More of same


3808 Folder. JHD ms "Notes on Egypt"


3803 Folder. JHD ms "Notes and (?) on Egypt"


3804 Folder. JHD ms "Notes on Egypt" (from books)


3805 Folder. JHD ms "Collection of proverbs in Arabic. Manuscript written out for JHD"


3806 Folder. "Articles on Semitic languages and Arabic"


3802 Folder. "Photostatic copy of extract from Browning's report to (?)..."


3801 Folder. "Pellisier's report on Egypt June 1849 - photostatic copy of B.N. Paris original - since lost - This is the only copy in existence

Box: 6

7026 Rapport de la mission spéciale en Egypte. 1920? (Great Britain. F.O) Bound


7325 Elyas Ayubi, La Question égyptienne. JHD ms note: unpublished manuscript on modern Egypt. (actually typescript; ms in part only)

Folder Envelope

"Egyptian papers of J. Heyworth Dunne," typescript


7078 JHD's "Proposal for a program of Near and Middle Eastern Studies at the George Washington University."


7079 JHD's "Modern education in Saudi Arabia". Unpublished


7080 I.Y. Kratchkovsky: "Arabic literature in the twentiety century." Unpublished


7096 "The Arab League - a general view of the Arab League during the war between the Jews and the Arabs and the position after the TRUCE," unpublished


7081 JHD: "France and Mohamed Ali: 1800-1841 ," unpublished


7083 "Egyptian government mission members in America, May 5th, 1948," Ministry of Education, General Administration of Missions


7082 JHD: "Notes on modern Arabic (principally Egyptian) literature," 1947


7318-7323 Photographs of seals? stamps? "Material collected for a study of the (?) (?) Khairat - J (?) Effendi."


7352-7364 JHD: "Notes on B.B.C." Reports by JHD on the need for, and later the effectiveness of, BBC news broadcasts to the Arab World. Includes 1 typescript of "9 transcripts of news bulletins from the B.B.C. Arabic Service when it was first begun." Also newspaper clippings on effectiveness of the broadcasts. Also includes several numbered photographed examples of Arabic calligraphy, and two photographs of Khayrat Efendi. Also 1 small map of pre-WWI Syria/Palestine


7335 "31 sheets of notes and translations (?) corrections (?) MacMahon-Sherif Hussein correspondence."

Folder Envelope

marked 7326-7333 but also containing 7334: "Certified copies of the famous MacMahon-Sherif Hussein correspondence". (Arabic)

Box: 7, Folder Folder

Miscellaneous papers on education and oriental studies in England, Russia, Egypt. Reports on SOAS

Folder Folder



4838 R.N. Broadley: Adventure in Language, (assembled from clippings)


5081 JHD: "Notes on the accusative (in Arabic) of the subject after inna and its sisters"


4998-5003 "al-Hamasah," typed


4328 JHD: "Printing and translation under Muhammad Ali of Egypt: the foundation of modern Arabic". offprint from JRAS June 1940

Folder Folder



Miscellaneous JHD papers on language education


Four JHD offprints from BSOS


4147 Small Arabic ms book, unpublished: Jamiat al-alam min kulli man lahu mayyizah aw maziyah bayna al-inam, Jam Muhammad Kamal al-Din al-Adhami


4818 Unpublished Arabic ms in pencil: Hadha marsum bad al-muluk al-Salajiqah fi ilzam ahl al-riqqah. al-Shurut al-shariyah allati haddadha, Amir al-mu minim Sayyidina Umar ibn al-Khattab ... sanat 755 ...


4951 Arabic ms: Hadhihi majmuah mabsutah min mutafarriqat min majma al-amthal al-ammiyah allati dabajha al-marhum al-Shaykh Hasan al-Alati ...

Folder Folder



4797 News clippings;


4903 Clippings; "The outlook on Egypt," typed;


5575 "Twenty-six sheets of notes and references from the Royal Archives in Cairo" (JHD ms)

Folder Folder



5211 Scrapbook clippings from Egyptian Gazette


4508 "Note de Me. Tewfiq Iscarous sur l'Histoire de l'Egypte au Moyen-Age par J.J. Marcel," typed


4444 Envelope. "Various notes written in 1939 in (?) Egypt."


4357 Special section of Manchester Guardian Commercial, April 1, 1938, on Arab world

Folder Folder



4960 Middle East map; Night club (?) programs or souvenirs?;


4157 Plan of S.S. El Nil; programs and souvenirs of Société Misr de Navigation Maritime; other miscellaneous small papers