Register of the Harry D. Hubbard Papers, 1923-1950

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Register of the Harry D. Hubbard Papers, 1923-1950

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Title: Harry D. Hubbard Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1923-1950
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Harry Dorris Hubbard (1889-1970) had an active, enquiring intellect, a fluent pen, and an unlimited gift for self-promotion. He was both a huckster and a self-taught local historian of some importance, whose work was produced (and remains in) virtual obscurity.
Hubbard spent his early years in Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona, where his mother had gone to cure her tuberculosis. From age fifteen, Hubbard worked in steam laundries to help support his mother and sister. In 1909, he moved the family to California, where he entered the Mare Island Naval Electrician's Academy. Following graduation from the Academy, Hubbard served in the U.S. Navy for some years. During the First World War he was an inspector for Holt Tractor's tank engines. In 1918 he located in Stockton, Calif., where he worked first for Holt, then for Samson Seive-Grip Tractors.
In 1925 Hubbard opened a Stockton automotive electrical supplies store which he operated until 1929. During this period of his life Hubbard became interested in psychoanalysis and, through a correspondence course, earned a "doctorate" in psychoanalysis which he parleyed into a regular advice column with a Stockton newspaper. In 1930 Hubbard began teaching vocational education at Stockton High School. At about the same time, he commenced the study of economics at the College of the Pacific. In 1935 Hubbard received a B.A. from the College and took a job as a mainte-nance engineer with the U.S. Post Office. From that year until his retirement (1955) Hubbard wrote copiously and promoted his writings--in both printed and broadcast form--with indefatigable zeal.
His output included a general history of the San Joaquin county area, radio dramatizations of portions of this history, a biography of Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, a history of commerce on the San Joaquin River, a history of savings and loan institutions in California, and numerous short stories. His published works are Building the heart of an empire (1938), Vallejo (1941), and The Bobcat of Hell's Gulch (1968). Hubbard arranged for a performance of part of his Building the heart of an empire at the San Francisco International Exposition (1939-1940).

Scope and Content

The Hubbard Papers consist of notes and drafts for most of Hubbard's published and unpublished writings. His local history research is informed by a knowledge of economic factors that was unusual for the day. His papers possess additional importance in that Hubbard is probably the last historian to have interviewed Julia Weber, daughter of the founder of Stockton, Charles M. Weber III, the founder's grandson, and Louisa E. Vallejo de Emparan, the last surviving daughter of M. G. Vallejo.




-Building & Loan legislation, 1933


-Draft, pp. 1-144


-Draft, pp. 145-end








-Ch. 1, early draft [pencil]


-Ch. 1, draft pp.


-Ch. 2, early draft [pencil]


-Ch. 2, ver. 2 [contains much unpublished material]


-Ch. 3, early draft [pencil]


-Ch. 3, draft pp.


-Ch. 3 [typescript, 49 l.]


-Ch. 4, early draft pp. [pencil]


-Ch. 4, 2 copies, one w/ pencil notes [typescript]


-Ch. 4 [typescript, 75 l.]


-Ch. 5 [typescript, 57 l.]


-Ch. 6, early draft [incl. much discarded material]


-Ch. 6 [typescript, 41 l.]


-Ch. 8: "Stockton, an industrial center" [not publ.]


-Ch. 9: "Stockton & vicinity as a place to live" [not publ.]




-Anza Expedition (from Bolton's publ. transl.) [pencil, 19 l.]


-George Yount's account of Jed Smith's gold discovery, 1831 [pencil, 3 l.]


-Diary of Fray Narcisco Duran (2 versions) [typescript w/ pencil corrections, 6 l.]


-General research notes




Building the heart of an empire


-Final draft, ch 1-3 (pp.1-150)


-Final draft, ch 4-6 (pp.151-329 + bibliog.)


-Dramatization, 1939-40


-Advertising maquette








-With Meador Publishing Co., 1938-39


-Re radio dramatizations of Building the heart, 1938


-Re dramatization for Golden Gate International Expos., 1938




-Re radio dramatizations, 1939


-With agents & publicists, 1940




-With Betsy [his editor] re "A man of destiny," 1949


-With Barbara Beckett [his editor] re "A man of destiny," 1950




Personal Papers


-Automotive Eqpt. Co., Stockton, Calif.--Articles of incorp., 1920


-Tax recpts. & other financial documents, 1923-39


-COP student work, 1931-35


-Book catalog [handwritten descriptions of what collection?]




The Freethought Press Assn. Books w/ a purpose. [bibl. of freethinker lit.]:::::::::::


The Black Kitten (Official bulletin of the SF Press Club) 5:2 (Feb 1950)




History of Commerce on San Joaquin River




-"The Sacramento-San Joaquin, Ch. 1--Early Day River Transportation"


-"Earliest record of boating on the upper San Joaquin"


-"The first steamboat that ploughed the waters..."


-"Early steamboating on the Sacramento & San Joaquin Rivers"


-"Highlanders contribute to fame of San Joaquin" [West Side]


-"Central Pacific gains control of water traffic"


-"The San Joaquin below the city has been the scene of more rivalries in the carrying trade..." [2 copies]


-"Trading boats on the Sacramento River"


-"Deep water to the sea, ch. 1-3"


-"Stockton ship channel & steamboats, ch. 4"


-Draft chapters 5-9 [pencil]


-B.C. Allin. "The port of Stockton" (c1935); "The port of Stockton" & related notes


-Appendices [pencil; 8 l. + clipping]


-List of sailing ships in n. Calif., 1840s-50s [compl. from several sources]


-California Navigation & Improvement Co.--Articles of Incorp. (1889)


-U.S. House of Reps. 68th Congress, 2d Sess. "San Joaquin River & Stockton Channel," House Doc. #554, pt. 1


-Do., pt. 2


-Notes on San Joaquin River ("from Bancroft Library")


-Notes on San Joaquin River sailing ships


-Notes on San Joaquin River steamboats


Other Local History Writings


-"The California Indian"


-"Indian war on the Tule River, Calif."


-"Diamonds on the Feather River"




Building the heart of an empire




-"The arrival at Tuleburg of much-needed supplies"


-"The race between the "Chrysopolis" & the "Nevada"


-#4: "Bobcat o' Hell's Gulch"


-"The Bobcat o' Hell's Gulch"--Plot synopsis; cast




-#9: "Capt. Charles M. Weber"


-#10 [John Marsh #1]


-#11 [John Marsh #2]


-#12 [John Marsh #3]


-#13 [John Marsh #4]


-#14 [John Marsh #6 (sic)]


-#15 [John Marsh #7]


-#17 [Jack Tone #1]


-#18 [Jack Tone #2]


-#19 [Jack Tone #3]


-#20 [Jack Tone #4]


-#21 [Jack Tone #5]


-#22 [Jack Tone #6]




The Romance of the Bridges


-#1 [Ayala's discovery of SF Bay, 1775]


-#2 [Founding of San Francisco, 1776]


-#3 [Discovery of gold, 1848]


-#4 [Gold Rush SF, 1849]


-#5 [The Chinese]


-#6 [Statehood]


-#7 [Early efforts to "bridge" the Bay]


-#8 [Emperor Norton]


-#9 [The railroad comes to SF]


-#10 [20th c. plans for a span]


-#11 [lst bridges cross the Bay, 1920s]


-#7-11 [pencil draft sketches]




- [Constitutional Convention, 1787]


- [Jedidiah Smith]




Fiction & Essays


-Writing lessons [corresp. course?]


-"A great price to pay"


-"A kiss, then trouble" [aka "The eternal triangle"] [several versions]


-"A pass key talks" [sketches for several chapt.; dramatization]


-"A Santa Cruz romance"


-"A train marooned" [several versions]


-"Billy of the 'Montezuma'"






-"From 54 degrees to 32 degrees in ten minutes"


-"Holdup on Dusty Bend" [several versions]


-"Jenny makes a decision"


-"Just fishing" [2 versions]


-"Kentucky vs. California"


-"Make it a double"


-"The romance of Land's End"


-"Sky pilot Bill"


-"Torn between two propositions"


-"Tragedy stalks the bridle path"


-"Willie & Jimmy on vacation"


-"'You will never be sorry' by Francois Bardot" [2 versions]


-[Untitled story about physician named John Doe]


-[Untitled story about Stockton business being robbed]


-"Audubon Society for Stockton"


-"Biography of John Ralston" [probably autobiography]


-"My Book: History of California, written by The Kingfish" [pencil, 6 l.]


-Do. [2d version; typescript, 6 l.]


-[Reflections on Khrushchev & the Soviet Union] [several versions]


-"SF Chassis course at Stockton Ordinance Automotive School"


-"Miracle Men" [for Stockton Ordinance?]


-"On the vehicle assembly line" [2 versions]


-"What a government job means to me" [2 versions]


"Psychoanalytic" Writing (1928) [daily newspaper column]


-Head types, body types


-"The inception of crime"


-"A criminal case" [typescript & publ. version]


-"A girl & a boy" [tyepscript & publ. version]


-"Evelyn" [typescript & publ. version]


-"The machinery of justice"


-"The law" [typecript & publ. version]


-[publ. versions of several topics]


"The dual personality"




"Fortune telling"


"Institutions sacred"




"A wave of crime"


-"Character-reading Series" [submitted to Chicago Tribune, King Features Syndicate] [typescript, 7 l.; rejection notices]




Early Draft


-Ch. 1: "The Invasion"


-Ch. 2: "The lst school in California"


-Ch. 3: "Preparing three boys to become leaders"


-Ch. 4: "Father Viscaino begins his story"


-Ch. 5: "The Russians come to California"


-Ch. 9: "Chief Estanislao goes on the warpath"


-Ch. 10: "Life on the great California ranchos"


The intrepid Vallejo (rewrite no. 1)


-Ch. 4: "Father Viscaino begins his story"


-Ch. 6: "Social life in California"


-Ch. 6: "The Russians come to California"


-Ch. 7 [ink]


-Ch. 8: "The soldiers' revolt of 1829" [ink]


-Ch. 8: "Romance comes to Mariano"


-Ch. 9: "Manuel Victoria proclaims himself governor"


-Ch. 10: "The wedding"


-Ch. 11


-Ch. 12: "The Mission settlement is named Sonoma"


-Ch. 13: "Russian royalty visits California"


-Ch. 14: "Mariano Chico becomes governor"


-Ch. 15: "California becomes a free & independent nation"


-Ch. 16: "Commodore Jones takes possession..."


-Ch. 17: "Micheltorena becomes last Mexican governor"


-Ch. 18: "Culture & friendship among Californians"


-Ch. 19: "The Bear Flag Revolt"


-Ch. 20: "A city is named"


-Ch. 21: "Signing of the Guadalupe Hidalgo Peace Treaty"


-Ch. 22: "Back to Padre Viscaino"


-Ch. 23: "Setting up a state government"


-Ch. 24: "Platon Vallejo"


-Ch. 25: "The beloved name, Vallejo"


"A man of three loves"


-Preamble & Ch. 1: "The invasion"


-Ch. 2: "The lst school in California"


-Ch. 3: "Preparing three boys to become leaders"


-Ch. 4: "A new flag for California"


-Ch. 5: "The soldier's rebellion of 1829"


-Ch. 9: "Chief Estanislao goes on the warpath"


-Ch.11: "Romance comes to Mariano"


-Ch.12: "Manuel Victoria proclaims himself governor"


-Ch.13: "The wedding of Mariano G. Vallejo..."


-Ch.14: "M.G. Vallejo names his settlement Sonoma..."


-Ch.15: "Mariano Chico becomes governor"


-Ch.16: "California becomes a free and independent nation"


-Ch.17: "Alvarado becomes President of California"


-Ch.18: "Commodore Jones takes possession of California..."


-Ch.19: "Micheltorena, the last Mexican governor"


-Ch.20: "The Bear Flag Revolt"


"A Man of Destiny"


-Ch. 1: "Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo"


-Ch. 1 [version 2]


-Ch. 1 [version 3; pencil]


-Ch. 2 [2 versions; pencil]


-Ch. 2 [version 3; typescript]


-Ch. 2 [version 4; typescript & pencil]


-Ch. 2 [version 5; typescript & pencil]


-Ch. 3


-Ch. 4 [pencil]


-Ch. 4 [typescript]


-Ch. 5 [typescript & pencil]


-Ch. 5 [version 2; typescript & pencil]


-Ch. 6 [typescript & pencil]


-Ch. 7 [typescript & pencil]


-Ch. 7 [version 2; pencil]


-Ch. 8 [pencil]


-Ch. 8 [version 2; pencil]


-Ch. 9 [pencil]


-Ch.10 [typescript & pencil]


-Ch.11 [typescript & pencil]


-Ch.11 [version 2; pencil]


-Ch.12 [typescript & pencil]


-Ch.15 [pencil]


-Ch.17 [typescript & pencil]


-Appearance of characters & setting


-Deletions [?]


BOX EIGHT: "A MAN OF DESTINY"--FINAL DRAFT [All are typescript w/ pencil corrections]


-Ch. 1


-Ch. 2


-Ch. 3


-Ch. 4


-Ch. 5


-Ch. 6


-Ch. 7


-Ch. 8


-Ch. 9