Register of the Locke-Hammond Family Papers, 1831-1925

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Register of the Locke-Hammond Family Papers, 1831-1925

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Locke-Hammond Family Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1831-1925
Collection number: Mss110
Creator: Marcella Thorp Emerick, Kay Thorp and Nancy Hammond
Extent: 24 linear ft.7 online Delia Locke diaries 1855-1879
Repository: University of the Pacific. Library. Holt-Atherton Department of Special Collections
Stockton, CA 95211
Abstract: The Locke-Hammond Family Papers contain: general and business correspondence of Dean Jewett Locke (1849-1887); his journals (1849-1883); the journals of his wife, Delia (1855-1922); records of the Locke Ranch (1855-1899); records of the Locke & Co. store (1861-1890); and various other materials.
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Access Points

personal name

Locke, Dean Jewett (1823-1887)
Locke, Delia Marcella Hammond (1836-1924)
Locke, Horace M.
Locke family
Demangeot, Horace C.
Demangeot, Hannah Locke
Thorp, James
Hammond, J.A.
Hammond, George
Hammond family

corporate name

Locke and Company (Lockeford, Calif.)
Mokelumne River Navigation Company
Lockeford Bridge Company


Agriculture -California -San Joaquin County
Merchants -California -San Joaquin County
Women teachers -California -Lockeford
Chinese -California -San Joaquin County
Steam-navigation -California -San Joaquin County
Bridges -California -San Joaquin County
Lockeford (Calif.) -Social life and customs
Lockeford (Calif.) -Social conditions
Lockeford (Calif.) -History -Sources
Physicians -California -San Joaquin County
Women -Societies and clubs -California -Lockeford
Education -California -San Joaquin County


The Lockes were a pioneer California family and founders of the San Joaquin County town of Lockeford (1855). Dean Jewett Locke (1823-1887) graduated from Harvard Medical College (1849) and, in that year, traveled overland to California with the Boston-Newton Joint Stock Association. He established a ranch on the Mokelumne River with his brothers Elmer and George (1851). Returning east to visit his family, Dr. Locke married Delia Marcella Hammond (1855). They returned to California with Locke's father, Luther, who was later Postmaster of Lockeford. Delia Hammond Locke's sister, Susan, came to Lockeford as a school teacher (1858). She married George S. Locke, Dean Jewett Locke's brother. Delia Hammond Locke kept diaries throughout her life that detail events in Lockeford (1855-1922). Locke-Hammond family members were active in civic, mercantile and religious affairs of the town they founded. D.J. Locke was a physician, bridge operator, store owner, rancher and briefly a steam ship owner. His wife and sister-in-law taught school and were active in temperance and religious organizations. D.J. Locke and his wife had thirteen children. Many of them remained in Lockeford, married and continued to contribute to the life of the town. One of their daughters, Hannah, married a Demangeot. Another, Theresa, married a Thorp. Both of these families remained in Lockeford and contributed to the life of the town well into the twentieth century.

Scope and Content

The Locke-Hammond Family Papers contain: general and business correspondence of Dean Jewett Locke (1849-1887); his journals (1849-1883); the journals of his wife, Delia (1855-1922); records of the Locke Ranch (1855-1899); records of the Locke & Co. store (1861-1890); records of the Mokelumne River Navigation Company (1862); papers of Theresa Thorp Locke (1894-1905); records of the Lockeford School District (1853-1882); papers of Dr. Horace C. Locke; papers of the Demangeot family; and, a miscellany of books from the Locke library. The Locke Papers also contain records of various Lockeford churches and organizations, incl. : the Lockeford Congregational Church (1868-1924); the Lockeford Union League (1863-1868); the Mokelumne River Ladies' Sewing Circle (1857-1893); and, the Union Protective Society (1867-1869). The collection also contains many Locke-Hammond family photographs and J.A. Hammond's local weather observation papers (1926-1987).




BOX 2: FAMILY CORRESPONDENCE (1870-1879). Includes 17 letters from Hannah (Sturdevant Hammond) Geffroy (Delia Locke's sister) to Delia Locke written mostly from Delano, Bakersfield, Sand Creek, Visalia, Brooklyn, East Oakland, and Abington (Mass.). Circa 1879. Also Thomas Bush Geffroy reminiscences of California around 1850.








BOX 5: D.J.LOCKE PAPERS (1843-1858)


5.1: Biographical data (1843-1848)


5.2: Physicians' Logs (1855-1865)


5.3: Diaries & Accounts (1843-1858)


5.4: Marriage Memento (1855)


5.5: Dedication Historical Sketch of D.J. Locke by son W. W. Locke (1936)


5.6: Copies of Letters of Recommendation for D. J. Locke (1847-1848)


5.7: The Far-Westerner, Oct. 1976 with article by Marcella Thorp Emerick




BOX 7: DELIA HAMMOND LOCKE PAPERS---JOURNALS, v1-6 (1855-1879): digitized and transcribed online for keyword searching




8.1: Journals, v7-8 (1875-1884)


8.2: Misc. Accts. (1889-1895)


8.3: Misc. Logs (1867-1885)








11.1: Journals, v14-15 (10/11-3/18)


11.2: Diaries (1922-1923)


11.3: Horace M. Locke Diaries (1878-1881)


11.4: Hannah Locke Diary (1884 & 1887)


11.5: John C. Demangeot Diary (1895)


11.6: Marcella Emerick Diary (1945)




12.1: Journals (1894, 1899-1905)


12.2: Highland School Scty. Notebook (1897)


12.3: My Ladye’s “At Home” Booke






BOX 15: RANCH RECORDS: 1904-1933














20b.1: Dean J. Locke's Massachusetts passport, 1849


20b.2: "H.G. Demangeot," n.d. [wooden & rubber handstamp]


20b.3: Eunice Locke's herbarium, 1882. [pressed flowers]


20b.4: Weinstock, Lubin & Co., Sacramento CA. You save on these specially priced shoes," n.d. [c1905] [illus. flyer]


20b.5: Hannah Holden's Lifetime Membership Certificate for her $20 donation to the American Tract Society, 1853.








23.1: Mokelumne River Navigation Co. Records (1862)


23.2: Lockeford Union League Records (1863-1868)


23.3: Lockeford Bridge Co. Records




24.1: Mokelumne River Ladies' Sewing Circle Record Book (1857-1893)


24.2: Mokelumne River Ladies' Sewing Circle By-Laws


24.3: Mokelumne River Ladies' Sewing Circle Correspondence


24.4: Mutual Protective Society Ledger & Financial Secretary (1867)


24.5: Union League Correspondence (1864)


24.6: Union League Grand Council Communications (1863-1864)


24.7: Union Protective Society Minute Book (1867-1869)


24.8: Union Protective Society Miscellany (1867)


24.9: Staples School House


24.10: Christmas Tree Festival Corresp. (1858)


24.11: Bartholomew's Primary School Drawing Cards, 1874. [10]


24.12: "Admit one to lecture by Rev. S.C. Patterson at Locke's Hall, Lockeford, Cal. [ticket]


24.13: "Stage door, private” [paper cut-out]


24.14: "The Blessed Eucharist is the greatest work..." [Xmas card]


24.15: Ryde's Cream Calf Meal, Chicago. Percy & the calf, by Bill [illus. adv. flyer]


24.16: "This heart has healing powers" [leather heart]


24.17: "Birthday greeting, Robert Zimmerman, 1887-1904"


24.18: baby's bootie [yellow w/ lt. blue stitching]


24.19: Monarch Pump Co., SF [business card]


24.20: Maguire & Shotton, Albany NY. The Albany Volt & Ammeters [adv. blotter]


24.21: California Federation of Women's Club. Program: 14th Annual Convention, Alameda District. Berkeley, 1915.


24.22: Do. Program: 15th Annual Convention, Alameda District. Lodi, 1916.


24.23: My mother-in-law & my whole family take Hood's Sarsaparilla , n.d. [c1885] [inscr. "Miss Theresa Locke"]


24.24: Official Score Card: Season of 1885 [baseball scorecard from Boston-New York game w/ clipping]


24.25: Hymns new & old, for sale by the American Tract Society, c1887. [illus. adv. brochure]


24.26: Env. addressed to "His Excellency Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States of America...,"


24.27: Ludington Novelty Co. Rules for playing Crokinole, n.d.


24.28: "Mr. D.M. Locke in account w/ W.C. Dema fine groceries..." [unused acct. bk.]


24.29: God's Service Flag, n.d. [bible verse on card]


24.30: "The A.T. Cross Stylographic Pen," n.d. [illus. adv. flyer]


24.31: Thomas A. Edison, Inc. Information & directions for setting up or renewing Edison Primary Cells, n.d. [c1890]


24.32: E. Butterick & Co. Ladies' Bathing Costume, n.d. [c1890]


24.33: Keep the World War won: Meter-Liter-Gram in World Trade & World War, n.d.


24.34: Valentine card [inscr. "Gertrude from Naomi, Feb. 14, 1910"]


24.35: "Report of a pupil in the State Normal School for the two weeks ending ......, 187..." [2]


24.36: Herrick Johnson. Should Prohibition be made a political issue? ,1886.


24.37: World War I bread & sugar voucher for US troops in France


24.38: Holden Drug Co., Stockton, film mailing wrappers [2] & env.


24.39: Unidentified hand-drawn map of sectioned land by a river


24.40: Kimball-Upson & Co., Sacramento CA. Automobile Record Book, 1916.


24.41: California Navigation & Improvement Co. shipping recpts. book, 1890s.


24.42: Lanigan Agricultural Society: competition entry tickets & prize coupons, n. d. [8]


BOX 25: Miscellany #3


25.1: Penmanship Notebooks [4]


25.2: Prospectus of the Mokelumne Ditch and Irrigation Company and the Preliminary Report of H.S. Craven, Civil Engineer, 1877.


25.3: The Road Law of the State of California as Amended in 1883, and Now in Force, 1883.


25.4: Abstract of the Records of the County of San Joaquin, California affecting the title to…D.J. Locke Estate, 1858-1923. Owner Luther J. Locke.


25.5: Newspaper Clippings


25.6: Lockeford History


25.7: Mokelumne Light Dragoons Bond, 1864


25.8: Misc. Ads, Scraps, Fragments, Flyers & Printed Materials, Physicians Papers, and Genealogy.




26.1-Road Law: Comprising all acts concerning roads in San Joaquin County. Stockton: Independent Office, 1868.


26.2-Report of District School Trustees, Lockeford District, 1873.


26.3-Constitution & By-Laws of Lockeford Civic Center, 1914. [2]


26.4-Horace M. Locke, M.D., Mokelumne Hill, Cal. Papers: 3 practice penmanship schoolbooks, 1876


26.5-Horace M. Locke, M.D., Mokelumne Hill, Cal. Papers: Stencil of Dr. Locke's name [cardboard]


26.6-Horace M. Locke, M.D., Mokelumne Hill, Cal. Papers: Urinalysis forms, unused [2]


26.7-Horace M. Locke, M.D., Mokelumne Hill, Cal. Papers:"Statement of Account" forms, unused [2]


26.8-Horace M. Locke, M.D., Mokelumne Hill, Cal. Papers: printed billing envelopes [2]


26.9-Horace M. Locke, M.D., Mokelumne Hill, Cal. Papers: Env. addressed to Dr. HML from Masschusetts State Almshouse, 1886


26.10-Horace M. Locke, M.D., Mokelumne Hill, Cal. Papers:"Ayer's Cathartic Pills," 1883. [color litho from pill box]


26.11-Horace M. Locke, M.D., Mokelumne Hill, Cal. Papers: New York Pharmacal Assn. Lactopeptine Elixir w/ gentian & chlor. of iron, n.d.


26.12-Horace M. Locke, M.D., Mokelumne Hill, Cal. Papers: Hawley syringe, latest and best, n.d. [adv. flyer]


26.13-Horace M. Locke, M.D., Mokelumne Hill, Cal. Papers: I.B. Seeley & Co., Philadelphia. Form letter advertising 1887 catalog of trusses.


26.14-Horace M. Locke, M.D., Mokelumne Hill, Cal. Papers: Caswell, Massey & Co. 1885 price list.


26.15-Horace M. Locke, M.D., Mokelumne Hill, Cal. Papers: Lindstrom Smith Co., Chicago. White Cross Electric Vibrator: Directions for treatment, 1916.


26.16-Horace M. Locke, M.D., Mokelumne Hill, Cal. Papers: The Centaur Almanac & Cookbook, 1886.


26.17-Horace M. Locke, M.D., Mokelumne Hill, Cal. Papers: Harold A. Hayes. Examination for asthma or hay-fever, n.d. [adv. flyer]


26.18-Horace M. Locke, M.D., Mokelumne Hill, Cal. Papers: John Buchanan, M.D. & R.R. Russell, M.D., New York. Important to physicians, n.d. [adv. flyer for Ozone Paste treatment for cancer]


26.19-Horace M. Locke, M.D., Mokelumne Hill, Cal. Papers: Presley Blakiston, Philadelphia. Catalogue no. 3: Classified list of medical, dental & scientific books, n.d.


26.20-Horace M. Locke, M.D., Mokelumne Hill, Cal. Papers: John Wyeth & Brother. To Physicians, 1878. [adv. flyer for Beef, Wine & Iron tonic]


26.21-Horace M. Locke, M.D., Mokelumne Hill, Cal. Papers: George A. Smith & Co., Boston. Hartnack Microscopes, n.d.


26.22-Lockeford Congregational Church Papers: Lockeford Congregational Church. Sunday School account book, 1910.


26.23-Lockeford Congregational Church Papers:"Personal Account of `Christian Soldiers' of Congregational Sunday School...," 1910.


26.24-Lockeford Congregational Church Papers:"Band of Hope" Minutes, 1881-88.


26.25-Demangeot Family Papers: Hannah Locke Demangeot


a-US Treas. Dept. War Risk Insurance certif. for H.C. Demangeot, 1917 [incl. env.]


b-Doctor bill, 1919


c-Corresp. re War Risk Insurance on H.C. Demangeot, 1919 [4 items & env.]


26.26-Demangeot Family Papers: H. Celeste Demangeot


a-John C. Demangeot dedication "To my son, H. Celeste Demangeot, April 19, 1906"


b-HCD Letter of Promotion to 6th grade, 1909


c-Certificate of Promotion to Senior Dept., Lockeford Congregational Church Sabbath School, 1914


d-Letter to HCD from "Alma" from Hawaii, 1915 [incl. photo & env.]


e-Subscription letter from Radio Bulletin, 1917


f-Notebook, n.d.


g-Doctor bill, 1919


26.27-Demangeot Family Papers: Horace C. Demangeot


a-Business correspondence (1913-1919) [15 items]


b-Membership Certificate, American School of Correspondence, 1914


c-Acct. bk. for misc. supplies, 1915-16


d-Examination Certificate from American School of Correspondence in Mechanical Drawing, 1916


e-Acct. bk. for "cost of telephone & wireless," 1916-17, (20)


f-US Army Notice to Appear for Physical Exam, 1917


g-Insurance policies, 1917 [2], 1919


h-Bill from Travel Club of America, 1918


i-Union Safe Deposit Bank wallet & passbook [3 items]


j-Bills from Electric & Machine Equipment Co., 1919/20 [20 items]


k-"H.C. Demangeot to D.M. Locke," n.d. [bill for tools]


l-Promissory Note to W.P. Moore, 1919


m-War Risk Insurance form


n-Class E Leave form, Allied Expeditionary Force, France, May 1919


o-Farmer's Pocket Ledger


p-Bank Stmt. w/ checks, Lompoc Valley Bank [14 items]


26.28-James Thorp, Agent, Firemen's Insurance Co., French Camp Papers: Forms, envelopes, rate book, policy book, etc., c1912


26.29-Other Papers: Woman Suffrage


a-Lila Day Monroe. The Gee-Gee's Mother Goose, 1902.


b-Hon. Henry W. Blair, New Hampshire. Woman Suffrage: Speech of ... in the Senate of the United States, Dec. 8, 1886. [incl. env. w/ pencil notes criticizing speech]


26.30-Other Papers: World War I pornographic poetry & sketches [N.B. THIS SEXUALLY EXPLICIT MATERIAL MAY BE OFFENSIVE TO MANY PERSONS]


a-"Your application for an armistice has been received..."


b-"A bride's first night"


c-"Here the thunder of the guns..."


d-"The rookie cry" and other poems on YMCA stationery [11 items]


e-"Lost, one brown horse..."


f-"The stenographer's confession" [5 l.]


26.31-Other Papers: Unidentified corresp., c1915 [3 items]


26.32-Other Papers: Unidentified diary of young boy, 1916


BOX 27: OVERSIZE MATERIALS [boxed on oversize shelves]


27.1-Lodi & Lockeford Congregational Churches, etc.:16 blueprints


a-Detail of overhead construction req. to install rolling wood partitions in Lodi Congregational Church, 1915


b-Rolling wood partitions for Lodi Congregational Church, 1915


c-Do., Lockeford Congregational Church, 1916


d-Detail, Do., 1916


e-Partial plan, unident. city [Lockeford?] by R.P. Barbour


f-South end of unident. dwelling


g-Ralph Parker. Floor plan of unident. dwelling


h-Do. Front & rear elevations of unident. dwelling


i-"Floor plan of bungalow to be constructed by J.D. Parker"


j-R. Parker, Lockeford. Foundation plan


k-Plans for unident. cabinetry


l-Plans for unident. doors, gables, cornices, porch


m-The Ballard Plannery Architects, Spokane. "C 704" [4 drawings incl. elevations & floor plans]


27.2-Photo of William Willard Locke [in map case]


27.3-Panoramic photograph of Panama-Pacific Exposition, 1915 w/ photograph of E.K. Wood Lumber Co. exhibit at said Expo [in map case]


27.4-"C.H. Ward, General Agent, SF" [Firemen's Insurance Agent's Acct. Bk. of J.E. Thorp; contains record of policies sold to Castoria Grange for Grange Hall, French Camp & to W.H. Smith for hay in barn on W.H. Briggs Ranch, so. of French Camp on Mossdale Rd., 1910]




a-Brockton [MA] Daily Enterprise (9-7,14,30-86)


b-Boston Daily Globe (9-26,29-86)


c-Boston Evening Traveller (10-9-86)


d-San Jose Mercury (10-10-86)


e-The Pony Express (2/60-12/61)


f-The Daily Report [Stockton CA] (3, 1901)


g-Haverhill [MA] Weekly Bulletin (1, 1893)


h-Stockton Daily Independent (5, 1917)


i-Calaveras Citizen (February 22, 1896)






b-"Mother's Jewels"




a-Certificate of Appreciation for Weather Observations (1926-67)


b-Souvenir Viewbook of the Panama Pacific International Exposition, 1915.




a-Oversize photo, Hammond Family




28.1-Notice! Dr. D.J. Locke, having returned from a tour of the Atlantic States..., 1855. [7 copies adv. flyer announcing DJLs intention to practice medicine]


28.2-Daily journal of grocery store accts., Lockeford, 1864


28.3-Day Book, D.J. Locke, Lockeford, 1868


28.4-Deeds for Right of Way through DJL lands to San Joaquin & Sierra Nevada Railway, 1882. [3 items]


28.5-Bank Account Book




29.1-Grace Church of Lockeford, history & photos, 2 file folders.


29.2-Grace Church Minutes Book


29.3-Mary Martin Circle, Grace Church, 1950-1972.


29.4-Congregational, Federated & Methodist Minutes.


29.5-Church Memorabilia. [incl: The Little Folks Paper, Jesse H. Leonard, Albany N.Y., 1887.]


29.6-Lockeford Congregational Church. Sunday School Account Book, 1910.


29.7-Personal Account of "Christian Soldiers' of Congregational Sunday School ...," 1910.


29.8-"Band of Hope" Minutes, 1887-88.




30.1- Rainfall Data, Temperature & Precipitation records, 1926-1987. Annual recaps and daily records.


30.2- Correspondence & papers.


30.3- Weather, December 1930. Western Nature Study, Vol 1. No. 4, State College, San Jose, Cal.


30.4- Weather Data, Summary for 1961-1962. Delta Branch, State of California Dept. of Water Resources.


30.5- Weather Conditions in California, State of California Dept. of Water Resources, Bulletin No. 120-69; Bulletin No. 120-70; Bulletin No. 120-71.




31.1: Daily Journal, 1862 [probably Horace Hammond]. Contains 1871-93 account records.


31.2: Account Book, 1888 B.F. Foster, Deputy County Assessor. Also contains journal 1906, H. C. Hammond, and 1909 Myrtle Hammond.


31.3: VIDEO RECORDING: Interview of Delia M. Thorp Emerick by Peggy Ward Engh. Conducted in Lockeford, February 28, 1997


31.4: CLIPPINGS: Scrapbook, 1855-1890


31.5: Printed ephemera, small misc.


31.6: “The Spirit of John Willard Thorp” from memories compiled and edited by Marcella Thorp Emmerick


31.7: Marcella Locke Emerick notebook-“Remembrance of Our Nineteenth-Century Grandmother Delia M. Locke”


31.8: Daily Journal/ Account Book, George Hammond, 1860.


31.9: Certificate, Army of the Tennessee, James L. Smith, Iowa Infantry.


31.10: S. Hammond Journal, Jan. 1, 1869-May 16, 1874.


31.11: SCHOOL RELATED: [including “Clothing” by Marcella Thorp 7th Grade & School Journal, John Hammond, 1866]


31.12: FAMILY PAPERS/GENEALOGY: Photocopies of Coil Family Bible showing family records, George Hammond funeral notice, List of Descendants, Locke & Hammond Family Genealogy prepared by Nancy Hammond, Pedigree Chart, Myrtle Hammond's writing sample, etc.




-Deed, Ebenezer Shaw to George Hammond, Apr. 12, 1839


- Deed, Ebenezer Shaw to Susannah Hammond, Oct. 8, 1860


- Will, Hannah Hammond, July 13, 1864


- Deed, D. J. Locke to Susannah Hammond, July 24, 1867


- Deed, George Hammond to Roland Hammond, Mar. 16, 1869


- Deed, Roland Hammond to George Hammond, July 16, 1874


- Note, R.G. Hammond payable to George Hammond, Jan. 1, 1901


- Deed, Hannah Locke Demangeot to Grace Church, September 29, 1937


- Will, Theresa L. Thorp, March 12, 1948


- William Locke Correspondence, Executor to Estate Delia Locke


- Will, Delia M. Locke, October 26, 1917


- Superior Court papers, Jessie Locke, 1980


- Superior Court papers, John Willard Thorp, 1993


- Mortgage, J. M. Arnest to D. J. Locke, 1879


- Receipt of Ordnance and Ordnance Stores, 1867




- Politician's cards (5 items)


- Post Cards


- War Loan brochure


- Fabric Scraps (1 labeled Lucy Hammond Wedding Dress)


- Postal Envelopes, empty (7 items)


- Photocopies The Well Sweep , with inscription


- Card from Uncle Josiah S. Hammond


- Ida Parker, remembrance


- George Hammond, remembrance


- James Hammond & H. M. Locke, misc.


- Address/Appointment Books


- Hannah Locke autograph book, 1880-84, 1898 [Notes on family marriages]


- Pamphlet. The articles of Belief and Covenant of the North Church in Abington with a List of the Members ; Boston, 1842


31.15: MEMORABILIA: Book Covers


31.16: MEMORABILIA: Baby Book of John Willard & Delia Marcella Thorp, Wedding Book of Marcella Thorp & Arden Emerick Jr., Wedding Book of James Thorp & Theresa Locke


31.17: CLIPPINGS: Articles on Lockeford


31.18: CLIPPINGS: Obits & People [including: Eunice Hammond, James M. Hammond, Howard Clapp Locke, Dr. George Locke, Lt. Arden W. Emerick, Rev. S. V. Blakeslee, Laura E. Smith, James E. Thorp, Marcella Thorp, Walter Gordon, Donald S. Lock, John Thorp, Neil Locke, Eva M. Locke, D.J. Lock, Luther Locke, James A. Hammond, Bailey Fairchild, Jack Smith, J. E. Thorp, Robert J. Anderson, Chester Locke, Rev. John Francis Hooper, Rev. John Rankin, Henry B. Norton, Lilla Jory, Marie Locke, Alma Locke Cooke, Joseph Putman, Wallace H. Lock, Grace Locke MacPherson, James Coil, Nell Holzberger, John C. Hammond, Alice H. Petch, Amy Gordon, Stella May Baggs, Delia Hammond Locke, Weldon B. Cooke, Elmer W. Smith, etc.]


31.19: CLIPPINGS: Misc.




32.1: Adams, R. L.. The Farm Labor Situation in California . University of California, College of Agriculture, Agricultural Experiment Station: Berkeley, 1917.


32.2: The American Kindergarten Magazine . New York, 1882.


32.3: Biennial report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction of the State of California . Sacramento, 1877 & 1879.


32.4: Boston University Year Book . Boston, 1883


32.5: The Congregational Yearbook, 1886. Issued, under the sanction of the National Council of the Congregational Churches of the United States, by its publishing committee, and containing the general statistics of those churches for the last previous year; An alphabetical list of the congregational ministers, and of the officers and students of congregational theological seminaries; the annual record of change; the vital statistics of congregational ministers deceased in 1885; statements of the national co-operative societies; the national and state organizations of churches; and other miscellaneous information . Congregational Publishing Society: Boston, 1886.


32.6: Dixon, Joseph & de Ong, E. Ralph. Control of the Pocket Gopher in California. University of California, College of Agriculture, Agricultural Experiment Station: Berkeley, 1917.


32.7: Hayes, F. M. Infectious Abortion in Cows . University of California, College of Agriculture, Agricultural Experiment Station: Berkeley, 1917.


32.8: The Mail’s Pictorial Annual for 1887 . Stockton, California.


32.9: The Mammoth Cyclopaedia. Volume I, embracing history, biography, natural science, travels, manners and customs, vegetation, invention and discovery, mining, the sea, familiar science, law, statistics, etc., etc. The Leisure Hour Library, F. M. Lupton, New York, Oct. 5, 1889.


32.10: The Mammoth Cyclopaedia. Volume II, embracing agriculture, horticulture, live stock raising, poultry keeping, bee keeping, dairy farming, fertilizers, rural architecture, farm implements, household management, domestic affairs, cookery, ladies fancy work, floriculture, medical matters etc., etc. The Leisure Hour Library, F. M. Lupton: New York, October 12, 1889.


32.11: The Mammoth Cyclopaedia. Volume III, containing a history of the Civil War in America, by Captain George B. Herbert; A sketch of the Grand Army of the Republic; also a collection of anecdotes of the rebellion. The Leisure Hour Library, F. M. Lupton: New York, October 26, 1889.


32.12: Mead, Elwood. Progress Report of the Production and Distribution of Milk. University of California, College of Agriculture, Agricultural Experiment Station: Berkeley, 1917.


32.13: The Medical Bulletin: a monthly journal of medicine and surgery. Philadelphia, 1884.


32.14: Needlecraft. Augusta, 1916.


32.15: Newell, Rev. D.: The Christian Family Magazine, or Parents’ and Children’s Annual. Vol. II: D. Newell: New York, 1843.


32.16: Personality Magazine. Arthur J. Fisher: Boston, 1915.


32.17: Peters, William A. The Mammoth Cyclopaedia. Volume IV, containing the Lives of the Presidents of the United States, also the early history of America. The Leisure Hour Library, F. M. Lupton: New York, October 26, 1889.


32.18: The proposed Constitution reviewed in an address to the reformers of California. 1879. [Workingmen's Party propaganda]


32.19: The Publishing Committee of the Mass. S.S. Society. The Congregational Visiter for Parents, church-members and Sabbath school teachers. Massachusetts Sabbath School Society: Boston: 1844.


32.20: Radio Service Bulletin. Washington D.C., 1915-1920.


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34.4: Holy Bible, leather bound, leather covers [with brass corners , lock and fittings] detached, undated, title page missing. Bible had belonged to “George L. Thompson, ...presented during year 1880 for attendance at S. School, by his teacher Delia M. Locke” [Note in cover]


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BOX 35: PHOTOGRAPHS: DAGUERREOTYPES, TINTYPES, ETC. (1850-1860) [chiefly portraits of Locke & Hammond family members]




36.1: Women and Men (Identified & Unidentified)


36.2: Theresa Locke Thorp


36.3: Delia & D.J. Locke


36.4: People in wagons/carriages


36.5: Pascoe Family


36.6: Locke Children


36.7: Marcella & John Willard Thorp


36.8: Boston-Newton Party Landmark


36.9: Group Photos


36.10: Photo Albums


36.11: Miscellaneous Photos




37.1: Locke Family History Materials


37.2: D.J. Locke


37.3: Unidentified


37.4: Portraits of family


37.5: Copy prints & negs.


37.6: Lockeford Schools


37.7: Lockeford bldgs. & activities


37.8: 20th c. photos


37.9: Misc. Locke family ports.


37.10: Copies of Louis Locke photos (Locke Family)




38.1: "Mary Bartlett Hammond's Book" [4.5 x 5.5; brown]


38.2: [apparently a Locke album w/ Bartletts in back]


38.3: Locke Family album, 1880s [maroon; 8 x 10]


38.4: Bartlett Family album, Boston [brown; 4.75 x 6]


38.5: Hammond Family album, 1860s [brown; 5.5 x 8]




39.1: "Dear Mother & Father, Please accept from your daughter, LLL" [album, chiefly Hammonds; maroon w/ flowers]


39.2: Post Cards


39.3: Box of 13 encased tintypes


39.4: Loose photographs




40.1: Homes: Shaw Homestead, Abington, MA; Benjamin Hammond's home, Carver, MA; George Hammond's home, North Abington, MA


40.2: Lumber Yard: Security Lumber Company, LTD. n.d.


40.3: Lockeford and Lodi Schools, 1894-1908


40.4: Lockeford Activities: Lockeford Women's Christian Temperance Union; Lockeford Brass Band; Lockeford baseball team, ca 1911 (2)


40.5: Jim A. Hammond Camp Kearney (WWI): Jim Hammond and group of men at Camp Kearney, 1918; Camp Kearney, 1918; 155 mm Navy Rifle, 1918


40.6: D. J. Locke Family Home (Lockeford, CA)


40.7: Interiors


40.8: Acme Dairy (Stockton, CA)


40.9: Churches (Lockeford, CA)


40.10: Lockeford, California


40.11: Locke Property-Barn


40.12: Unidentified Buildings/Locations


40.13: Negatives