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Henrietta Hill Swope Papers: Finding Aid
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Collection Contents

Box 1

Correspondence, Manuscripts, Notes, and Bibliographies




American Institute of Physics


Astronomical Journal


Baade, Johanna "Muschi" Bohlmann


Baade, Wilhelm Heinrich Walter


Bok, Bart Jan


Bowen, Ira Sprague


Bretz, Marianne C.


Gascoigne, Sidney Charles Bartholomew


Heckmann, Otto


Hoag, Art


Joy, Alfred Harrison


Kinman, T. D.




Minkowski, Rudolph Leo Bernhard


Newell, E. B.


Oort, Jan Hendrik


Plaut, Lukas


Popular Astronomy


Royal Astronomical Society


Schilt, Jan


Schwarzschild, Martin




Manuscripts, Notes, and Bibliographies


Classical Cepheids within 12° of the Galactic Center, by H. H. Swope (ca. 1939).


Variable Stars Towards the Galactic Nucleus, by H. H. Swope. Unpublished, presented at Puebla, Mexico, Feb. 26, 1942.


A Study of the Magnitudes and Colors of the Globular Cluster NGC6397, by H. H. Swope & Irving Greenbaum. Published in Astronomical Journal 57 (1952): 83.


The Palomar Survey of Variables in M31 (First Results), by Walter Baade & H. H. Swope. Presented at the American Astronomical Society meeting, Princeton, New Jersey, Apr. 6, 1955.


The Draco System, by H. H. Swope. Presented at a colloquium, May, 1958.


Variables in the Andromeda Galaxy -- Fields I and III, by Walter Baade & H. H. Swope. Published in Astronomical Journal 70 (1965): 212.


Three Weeks of Symposia, by Bart Jan Bok (1953).


Future of Milky Way Research, part of the thesis, "A Variable Star Survey in an Intermediate Latitude Field -- M.W.F. 376," by Walter J. Miller, S.J., May 1, 1943.


Notes on Cepheids [including some by Otto Struve?].


Notes on the ellipsoidal distribution of light [by James Hopwood Jeans?].


Bibliography of the Magellanic Clouds, Jan. 20, 1948.


Bibliography of H. H. Swope.


Walter Baade's Papers -- list.


Astronomical Working Papers

Box 2

Variable stars; Globular clusters; Milky Way


Variable stars -- Cepheids & notes.


Variable stars -- Galactic Cepheids.


Variable stars -- Galactic Cepheids & reddening.


Variable stars -- Magellanic Clouds' Cepheids.


Variable stars -- Rotation of the apsides.


Variable stars -- Spurious periods.


Globular clusters.


Milky Way -- Miscellaneous.


Milky Way Fields -- Charts.


Milky Way Field 187 -- C (1943).


Milky Way Field 187 -- AK Sco.


Milky Way Field 187 -- BH Sco & Var C39


Milky Way Field 187 -- Excerpts.


Milky Way Field 187 -- EZ Oph & Var. 85.

Box 3

Milky Way Field 187; M31 Field I


Milky Way Field 187 -- Irregular variables.


Milky Way Field 187 -- Photographs, etc.


Milky Way Field 187 -- Sequence; Star chart of Henry Draper stars.


Milky Way Field 187 -- Variables on SB plates.


Milky Way Field 187 -- YY Sgr.


M31 -- Cepheids, absolute and phase.


M31 -- Charts.


M31 -- "Odds and ends."


M31 -- Period-luminosity curve (Fields I-IV).


M31 -- Photometric scale in Fields I and III.


M31 -- Variable star light curves.


M31 Field I.

Box 4

M31 Field I-Field III


M31 Field I -- Amorphous field, south preceding nucleus.


M31 Field I -- Estimates and comparisons.


M31 Field I -- Light curves and graphs.


M31 Field I -- Magnitudes.


M31 Field II.


M31 Field III.

Box 5

M31 Field III-Field IV


M31 Field III -- Quadrant I, south following.


M31 Field III -- Quadrant II, south preceding.


M31 Field III -- Quadrant III, north following.


M31 Field III -- Quadrant IV, north preceding.


M31 Field III -- Summary and traces of quadrants; Running graphs; Mean light curve computations.


M31 Field IV -- B field corrections.


M31 Field IV -- B and V magnitudes.


M31 Field IV -- Color-magnitude diagram.


M31 Field IV -- Converting to intensities and back to magnitudes of mean I.


M31 Field IV -- Eclipsing binaries I.


M31 Field IV -- Eclipsing binaries II.


M31 Field IV -- Irregular variables.


M31 Field IV -- Irregular variables working sheets.

Box 6

M31 Field IV; Draco system


M31 Field IV -- Luminosity.


M31 Field IV -- Magnitudes.


M31 Field IV -- Miscellaneous.


M31 Field IV -- Paper.


M31 Field IV -- Period-luminosity relation.


M31 Field IV -- Photoelectric results.


M31 Field IV -- Plate material.


M31 Field IV -- Population II variables.


M31 Field IV -- Pseudo-cepheids.


M31 Field IV -- UBV results.


M31 Field IV -- Variable plots.


M31 Field IV -- Variables with photovisual l.c.


M31 Field IV -- Working sheets.


Draco system -- Arp: Period-luminosity relation for giants and gap stars.


Draco system -- Baade's material.


Draco system -- Color-magnitude chart.


Draco system -- Comparison to globular clusters, mostly in color-magnitude diagrams; Statistics.


Draco system -- Comparison to globular clusters in period frequency and spectra.


Draco system -- Composite color curves of variables.


Draco system -- Conversion of magnitudes to intensities and back.


Draco system -- Corresctions to plates for color-magnitude diagram.

Box 7

Draco system


Draco system -- Luminosity.


Draco system -- Magnitudes, 1957.


Draco system -- Magnitudes (Wallenquists's work).


Draco system -- Miscellanea.


Draco system -- Outer ring variables.


Draco system -- Paper; pertinent material.


Draco system -- Photovisual (V) and color index for variables.


Draco system -- Plate material and discovery record.


Draco system -- Revised magnitudes, 1959; Standard sequence.


Draco system -- Special variables (V134, V157).


Draco system -- Table for converting scale to magnitude.


Draco system -- Variables.


Draco system -- Variable V123.


Leo II system.

Box 8



Charts -- Information regarding IBM cards (in Box 10).


Charts -- Light curves for Type II cepheids.


Plates -- Baade's plate material.


Plates -- Baade's taken with the 48" Schmidt.


Plates -- On loan.


General -- Aids to find periods of cluster-type variables from running graphs.


General -- Combined light of two stars.


General -- Corrections to heliocentric time for Milky Way fields.


General -- Corrections for 200" radial distortions.


General -- Galactic charts of Right Ascension and declination.


General -- Intensities and magnitudes.


General -- International Astronomical Union (miscellaneous information).


General -- Julian Day tables.


General -- Photographs [Milky Way fields and solar eclipses].


General -- Photometers and blink comparators.


General -- Sensitivity curves of filters for Ross corrector.


General -- Wedge.



Box 9

Articles; Miscellaneous periodicals


Articles by Henrietta H. Swope (and co-authors).


Articles by others.


Miscellaneous journals and bulletins.

Box 10

IBM Cards

Oversize Folder



M31 Field IV. Reddening in M31 by method of Arp.