Register of the Loyd Wright Papers, 1924-1971

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Register of the Loyd Wright Papers, 1924-1971

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Loyd Wright papers,
Date (inclusive): 1924-1971
Collection number: 82071
Creator: Wright, Loyd, 1892-1974
Collection Size: 45 manuscript boxes, 1 envelope (18.9 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Speeches and writings, correspondence, testimony, reports, conference proceedings, printed matter, and photographs, relating to internal security in the United States, international law, law in the United States, and California politics.
Language: English.

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Acquired by the Hoover Institution Archives in 1982.


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Access Points

American Bar Association
International Bar Association
United States. Commission on Government Security
Internal security--United States
Law--United States
Subversive activities--United States
California--Politics and government
United States--Politics and government
International law

Biographical Note

1892 Dec. 24 Born, San Jacinto, California
1915-c. 1970 Practiced law in Los Angeles, California
1921-1936 Lecturer, School of Law, University of Southern California
1937-1938 President, Los Angeles Bar Association
1940-1941 President, State Bar of California
1942-c. 1945 Member, Alien Enemy Appeals Board
1944-1951 Chairman, California State Racing Board
1953-1954 Member, Commission on Judicial and Congressional Salaries
1954-1955 President, American Bar Association
1954-1964 President, International Bar Association
1955-1957 Chairman, Commission on Government Security
1962 Candidate, U.S. Senate
1974 Oct. 22 Died, Hemet, California

Series Description

Box 1

BIOGRAPHICAL FILE, c. 1955-1968.

Scope and Content Note

Memoranda, clipping, correspondence, list, and biographical sketches. Arranged chronologically.
Boxes 1-18


Scope and Content Note

Typescripts, printed copies, clippings, flyers, speeches and statements by others, correspondence, programs, serial issues, press releases, procedure manuals, newsletters, pamphlets, flyers, reports, notes, position statements, draft legislation, resolutions, legal briefs, printed articles, and hearing transcripts. Arranged chronologically.
Boxes 18-24


Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, reports, minutes, serial issues, memoranda, biographical sketches, by-laws, press releases, directories, speeches and statements, budgets, grant applications, draft legislation, transcripts, articles of incorporation, circulars, newsletters, printed articles, clippings, leaflets, and miscellany. Arranged alphabetically by subject.
Boxes 25-32


Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, memoranda, newsletters, printed articles, membership lists, financial material, speeches and statements, serial issues, reports, conference material, press releases, by-laws, resolutions, agenda, bulletins, and miscellany. Arranged by physical form.
Boxes 32-38

POLITICAL FILE, 1924-1969.

Scope and Content Note

Speeches and statements, circulars, draft legislation, newsletters, legal documents, pamphlets, reports, press releases, serial issues, clippings, correspondence, campaign material, lists, leaflets, memoranda, flyers, notes, itineraries, voting records, transcripts, position papers, and miscellany. Arranged alphabetically by subject.
Boxes 38-45

SUBJECT FILE, 1939-1969.

Scope and Content Note

Reports, pamphlets, correspondence, agenda, clippings, notes, newsletters, memoranda, conference material, reports, draft and final copies of legislation, pamphlets, legal documents, bulletins, hearing transcripts, lists, rules, programs, by-laws, resolutions, speeches and statements, circulars, financial charts, and miscellany. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

AUDIOVISUAL FILE, c. 1943-1958.

Scope and Content Note

Photographs of Loyd Wright and others, primarily at meetings and conferences; also includes one print of a horse race, and a negative of a certificate.

Container List


BIOGRAPHICAL FILE, c. 1955-1968.

Box 1., Folder 1

Memoranda, clipping, correspondence, list, and biographical sketches




General. Background material


General. Clippings, flyers, speeches and statements (by Barry Goldwater, Herbert Brownell, Jr., William Tompkins, Robert Welch, Dean Acheson, Thomas Dodd, Ronald Reagan, Edwin A. Walker, Carl Sandburg, and others), reports, newsletters, legal briefs, statement of principles, press releases, printed articles (by Leslie R. Groves, Joseph Ball, Ezra T. Benson, Maurice Stans, George Ball, Raymond Moley, Arthur Radford, and others), draft legislation, resolutions, notes, pamphlets, hearing transcripts, serial issues, lists, and agenda. Includes material relating to the judiciary, constitutional law, the Supreme Court, civil rights, internal security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), organized crime, communism, economics, and foreign affairs

Box 1., Folder 2


Folder 3-5


Box 2., Folder 1-5


Box 3., Folder 1-5


Box 4., Folder 1-3


Folder 4

Correspondence. Includes Clarence Manion, Louis B. Nichols, and others, 1954-1965


Undated and fragments

Folder 5


Folder 6

American Bar Association

Box 5., Folder 1-8

1940-1951. Typescripts, printed copies, correspondence, clippings, programs, and printed material

Box 6., Folder 1-11

1952-1954 Sept. 13. Typescripts, printed copies, speeches by others, printed material, and a serial issue; includes testimony prepared for the Senate Judiciary Committee

Box 7., Folder 1-9

1954 Sept. 24-1955 Feb. 8. Correspondence, typescripts, printed copies, serial issues, press releases, and printed material

Box 8., Folder 1-8

1955 Feb. 25-April 22. Typescripts, correspondence, clippings, programs, serial issues, and printed material

Box 9., Folder 1-9

1955 May-June. Typescripts, correspondence, clippings, procedure manuals, and printed material

Box 10., Folder 1-10

1955 July-1956 March. Typescripts, correspondence, serial issue, and miscellany

Box 11., Folder 1-17

1956 April-1957 Oct. 16. Typescripts, correspondence, newsletter, programs, printed material, and clippings; includes testimony before the House Post Office and Civil Service Committee

Box 12., Folder 1-10

1957 Oct. 23-1958 March 27. Typescripts, serial issues, printed material, clippings, programs, and miscellany

Box 13., Folder 1-11

1958 April 9-1959 May. Typescripts, programs, pamphlets, clippings, notes, printed material, and miscellany

Box 14., Folder 1-8

1958 Oct. 23-1959 May. Typescripts, clippings, serial issues, newsletter, draft legislation, press releases, reports, flyers, printed material, and miscellany; includes testimony before the House Post Office and Civil Service Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee

Box 15., Folder 1-11

1959 June-1960 May. Typescripts, pamphlets, correspondence, newsletters, notes, clippings, flyers, and miscellany; includes material relating to the World Court (Connally amendment)

Box 16., Folder 1-11

1960 June 3-1961 Nov. Typescripts, clippings, pamphlets, correspondence, newsletters, speeches and statements by others, and miscellany

Box 17., Folder 1-17

1961 Nov. 1-1964 Dec. Correspondence, clippings, typescripts, position statements, and printed material; primarily relates to Loyd Wright's 1962 California Republican senatorial primary campaign

Box 18., Folder 1-8

1965-1967. Typescripts, draft legislation, statements by others, newsletters, correspondence, pamphlets, flyers, and printed material; includes testimony before the House Un-American Activities Committee

Box 19., Folder 1-2

1968-1969. Legislation, correspondence, typescripts, printed material, and miscellany; includes testimony before the House Un-American Activities Committee





Box 19., Folder 3

General. Serial issues and minutes, 1954-1955



Folder 4

General, 1955-1960


Presidency, Loyd Wright's election to

Folder 5


Box 20., Folder 1-2



Meeting material

Folder 3

1955. Correspondence (including Richard M. Nixon and Earl Warren), printed material, reports, memoranda, biographical sketches, and miscellany



Folder 4

General. By-laws, press release, correspondence, program, and printed material

Box 21., Folder 1


Folder 2

1960-1966. Correspondence and programs

Folder 3-5

Membership material. Directories, reports, correspondence, memoranda, and printed material, c. 1949-1958

Box 22., Folder 1

Banking and business law. Index, serials, and correspondence, 1954-1961

Folder 2-3

Constitutional Revision, Committee on. Correspondence, by-laws, and membership lists, 1960-1962

Folder 4

Criminal justice. Report, correspondence (with William J. Donovan, Evelle Younger, Robert H. Jackson, Earl Warren, and others), printed material, speeches, press releases, memoranda, and minutes, 1953-1955



Folder 5

General. Articles of incorporation and by-laws, minutes, printed material, budgets, reports, grant applications, and memoranda, 1960-1968

Box 23., Folder 1-5

Correspondence, 1967-1968

Box 24., Folder 1-2

Meeting material, 1964-1968

Folder 3

Essay contest. Correspondence, 1955

Folder 4

Examiners. Report and correspondence, 1954-1955

Folder 5-6

Federal judiciary. Primarily correspondence; also includes reports, memoranda, draft legislation, recommendations on appointments, and transcripts, 1951-1954

Box 25., Folder 1

Memorials. Correspondence and lists, 1954-1956

Folder 2

Mental Illness and Health, Joint Commission on. Correspondence, by-laws, certificate of incorporation, and a list, 1954-1955

Folder 3

Military Justice, Committee on. Correspondence, 1954

Folder 4

Model Corporation Acts project. Report and correspondence, 1955-1958

Folder 5

Municipal law. Newsletter, circular, and a printed article, 1954-1955

Folder 6

National Association of County and Prosecuting Attorneys. Correspondence and a circular, 1955

Folder 7

National Association of Women Lawyers. Correspondence and a serial issue, 1955

Folder 8

National Conference of Lawyers and Realtors. Letter, 1954

Folder 9

New York Bar Association. Reports, serial issues, correspondence, speech, and miscellany, 1953-1957

Folder 10

Patent law. Report and correspondence, 1954

Folder 11

Peace and Law, Committee on. Reports, statement, and correspondence, 1947-1959

Folder 12

Politics. Correspondence, clippings, and a leaflet, 1953-1955

Folder 13

Postal Regulations, Special Committee on. Letter, 1954



Box 26., Folder 1-4

General. Membership lists, newsletters, printed articles, speech, financial material, serial issues, constitution, reports, conference material, press releases, and miscellany, 1953-1970

Box 27., Folder 1-3

Applications. Primarily correspondence and miscellany, 1958-1965


Correspondence and memoranda

Folder 4-6

1957-1958 June

Box 28., Folder 1-4

1958 July-1961 Dec.

Box 29., Folder 1-3



Meeting material

Folder 4

1954-1955. Correpondence, memoranda, minutes, constitution and by-laws, 1954-1956

Box 30., Folder 1-3

1956. Correspondence, newsletters, memoranda, minutes, resolutions, program, and miscellany, 1955-1956

Folder 4

1957 March. Agenda, newsletter, memoranda, minutes, and correspondence, 1957

Folder 5

1957 Nov. Reports, newsletters, agenda, and bulletins, 1957



Box 31., Folder 1

General. Printed articles, newsletters, speeches, clippings, minutes, and lists, 1957-1958

Folder 2

Correspondence and memoranda, 1957-1960

Folder 3

1960. Memoranda, correspondence, program, minutes, resolutions, and reports, 1960-1961

Folder 4

1962 Jan. Agenda, correspondence, minutes, lists, and miscellany, 1961-1962


1962 July

Folder 5

General. Printed articles, clippings, lists, reports, newsletters, serial issue, and minutes, 1962

Box 32., Folder 1

Correspondence and memoranda, 1962-1963

Folder 2

1963 May. Correspondence, agenda, rules, and reports, 1963

Folder 3

1963 July. Resolutions, reports, declaration of principles, printed articles, correspondence, pamphlet, program, and miscellany, 1961-1963

Folder 4

1963 Dec. Correspondence, 1962-1963

Folder 5

1964. Correspondence and miscellany, 1962-1964

Folder 6

1966. Printed articles, program, resolution, reports, agenda, and miscellany, 1966

Box 33., Folder 1

1968. Agenda, newsletter, schedule, and correspondence, 1968

Folder 2

1969. Agenda and miscellany, 1969

Folder 3

1970. Agenda, minutes, constitution and by-laws, 1970




General. Speeches and statements (by Harry S. Truman, Thomas Dodd, Ezra Taft Benson, Eddie Rickenbacker and others), circulars, leaflets, draft legislation, newsletters, legal documents, pamphlets, reports, press releases, serial issues, and clippings; includes material relating to foreign relations, the United Nations, internal security, economics, education, Medicare, the Congo, and Cuba

Box 33., Folder 4-5


Box 34., Folder 1-4

1958-1962 Feb.

Box 35., Folder 1-2

1962 March-1969

Folder 3

Los Angeles. Excerpts from the city charter relating to procedures for recalling the mayor, n.d.

Folder 4

Nixon, Richard M. Correspondence (with Richard Nixon, Maurice Stans, Herbert Klein and others), guest lists, campaign material, and miscellany, 1951-1969

Folder 5

Pitchess, Peter J. Correspondence and a list relating to a campaign for Los Angeles County sheriff, 1958

Folder 6

Rafferty, Max. Correspondence and campaign material relating to the 1968 California Republican senatorial primary, 1967


Republican Party

Folder 7-9

General. Correspondence (with Caspar Weinberger, and others), form letters, leaflets, memoranda, and lists; primarily relates to California Republican committees and political campaigns, 1944-1968

Box 36., Folder 1

Republican National Committee. Lists, newsletters, clippings, and a press release, 1945-1946

Folder 2

Republican National Convention. Correspondence (with Richard Nixon, Dwight Eisenhower, Thomas Kuchel, Sherman Adams, and others), press releases, circulars, flyers, and miscellany, 1956

Folder 3

Republican Associates. Newsletters, form letter, correspondence, statement of principles, and reports, 1958-1964


Senatorial campaign, California, 1962



Folder 4-5

General. Newsletters, clippings, questionnaires, campaign material, speeches and statements (by Ezra Taft Benson, Strom Thurmond, Thomas Dodd, James Utt, Ben Moreell, and others), serial issues, pamphlets, and flyers, 1961-1962

Folder 6

Campaign material. Lists, press releases, correspondence, memoranda, notes, printed material, circulars, and miscellany, 1962

Box 37., Folder 1-2

Campaign material

Folder 3

Clippings, 1962


Correspondence and memoranda. Includes Murray Chotiner, William Knowland, Ezra T. Benson, Richard Nixon, Barry Goldwater, Walter Judd, Walter Knott, Thomas Dodd, Paul McCloskey, Jr., Otis Chandler, and others

Folder 4-6

1961 Dec.-1962 April

Box 38., Folder 1-3

1962 May-Sept.

Folder 4


Folder 5

Jarvis, Howard. Speeches (by Ezra T. Benson, and Howard Jarvis), correspondence, flyers, campaign material, transcripts, and legal documents, 1924-1962

Folder 6

Kuchel, Thomas. Voting records, clippings, correspondence, broadcast transcripts, a circular, and printed material, 1953-1962

Box 39., Folder 1

Reagan, Ronald. Correspondence, memoranda, notes, and a flyer, 1962

Folder 2

Warren, Earl. Correspondence, lists, speeches, campaign material, form letters, memoranda, position papers, press releases, and notes, 1943-1953; primarily relates to the 1946 California gubernatorial campaign and judicial appointments


SUBJECT FILE, 1939-1969

Box 39., Folder 3-4

General. Reports, pamphlets, correspondence, agenda, and miscellany, 1961-1969; primarily relates to various conservative citizens organizations

Box 40., Folder 1

Alien Enemy Appeal Board. Correspondence (with the War Relocation Authority, Francis Biddle, and others), program statement, clipping, notes, miscellany, and typescript copies of statements by Japanese-American internees, 1942-1944

Folder 2-3

Aviation Project Committee, California State Reconstruction and Reemployment Commission. Newsletter, conference material, memoranda, correspondence, lists, reports, draft and final copies of legislation, pamphlets, and printed material, 1945

Folder 4

Bricker Amendment. Correspondence (with John Bricker, John Stennis, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Sherman Adams, Herbert Brownell, Jr., Walter George, and others), clippings, memoranda, and a report, 1954-1959; relates to congressional attempts to limit executive treaty-making power


California Horse Racing Board. Correspondence, memoranda, legal documents, reports, bulletins, hearing transcripts, lists, clippings, newsletters, rules, press releases, programs, and miscellany

Folder 5

1939-1945 July

Box 41., Folder 1-4

1945 Aug.-Dec.

Box 42., Folder 1-2

Commission on Judicial and Congressional Salaries. Legislation, correspondence (with Richard Nixon and others), clipping, and resolutions, 1953-1954

Folder 3

Congregational Church. Reports, by-laws, pamphlets, a printed article (with translation) relating to communism in Latin America, correspondence, and financial material, 1940-1945


Connally Amendment


General. Reports, clippings, speeches and statements, newsletters, printed articles, press releases, resolutions, and circulars; relates to the jurisdiction of the World Court

Folder 4


Box 43., Folder 1


Folder 2-4

Correspondence and memoranda. Includes Richard Nixon, Karl Mundt, Strom Thurmond, Robert Finch, and others, 1959-1961

Box 44., Folder 1

Crime. Letter, clipping and a report (by David A. Pine) relating to a government commission on crime in Washington, D.C., 1967

Folder 2

Judiciary. Primarily corrrespondence (with George Murphy, the White House, Ronald Reagan, and others), relating to appointments and meetings, 1966-1969


Loyalty-security issues

Folder 3-5

General. Correspondence (includes letters to editors, to Melvin Laird, and the White House), draft legislation, resolutions, reports, press releases, clippings, an affidavit, newsletters, legal brief, speeches and statements, and hearing transcripts, 1953-1968; includes material relating to congressional internal security committees, the Supreme Court, immigration, and foreign relations

Box 45., Folder 1

Commission on Government Security. Letter, hearing transcript (excerpts), recommendations, and a press release, 1956-1957

Folder 2

Pornography. Correspondence, legal documents, clippings, resolutions, speeches (E. Richard Barnes), memoranda, reports, newsletters, pamphlet, and press releases, 1963-1969; relates to proposed anti-pornography legislation in the California State Assembly

Folder 3

Roberts, Arch E. Correspondence, flyers, clippings, miscellany, and circulars, 1966-1967; relates to a group called the Committee for the Constitution

Folder 4

Russia. Typescript text of the Soviet constitution, n.d.

Folder 5

War Savings Committee. Correspondence (with the Treasury Department and others), financial charts, notes, memoranda, speech, and miscellany, 1942-1943


AUDIOVISUAL FILE, c. 1943-1958.

Folder 10. A-V

Photographs of Loyd Wright and others, primarily at meetings and conferences; also includes one print of a horse race, and a negative of a certificate.