Bully Hill Mine Photographs Relating to the Lawrence May Family, ca. 1870-1919

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Bully Hill Mine Photographs Relating to the Lawrence May Family, ca. 1870-1919

BANC PIC 1982.063 -- PIC

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: Bully Hill Mine Photographs Relating to the Lawrence May Family,
Date: ca. 1870-1919
Collection Number: BANC PIC 1982.063 -- PIC
Creator: May family
Extent: 77 loose photographs, various sizes; 20 photographs compiled in album, 19 x 26 cm.; various ephemera. 81 digital objects
Repository: The Bancroft Library. University of California, Berkeley.
Berkeley, California 94720-6000
Languages Represented: English

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Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

The Bully Hill Mine Photographs Relating to the Lawrence May Family collection was received as a gift from Marjorie May, via her brother Henry May (both children of Lawrence May), in 1982.

Scope and Content

The Bully Hill Mine Photographs collection--consisting of 77 loose prints, 1 album and various ephemera spanning circa 1870 to circa 1919--documents the Bully Hill Mine and Delamar community of Shasta County, California. In addition to photographs of the smelter facilities and other buildings and yards related to the operations of the Bully Hill Mine--primarily a copper mine--the collection includes photographs of the town of Delamar and surrounding lands, local railways, other mining facilities, the Pit River area and many unidentified waterways, the town of Shasta Soda Springs, and Yosemite Valley. A large portion of the collection features members of the May family and other Delamar inhabitants and Bully Hill Mine workers. Especially prominent in the photographs are Lawrence May, a Bully Hill Mine engineer, and his wife Florence Mesing May. Scenes of Picnics, swimming outings, horseback riding, and other leisure events and social gatherings, as well as several group portraits of community members, are also included.
The collection also contains a small untitled album of 20 photographs of the Bully Hill and Rising Star Mine areas and the community of Delamar, as well as a ribbon-bound booklet, Bully Hill, which includes the text of a poem, "Thanksgiving Nineteen Hundred and Nine," by the "Poet Lariat," and several photographic illustrations of the people and dwellings of the Bully Hill community.
A photograph of geologist Andrew C. Lawson is also included (no. 66).
Other miscellaneous material includes a description of the Bully Hill Mine photocopied from Lewis E. Aubury's 1908 The Copper Resources of California, a photocopied portion of a 1939 map of Shasta County mineral deposits, and a note compiled from several sources on the history of the Bully Hill Mine.

Container Listing


:1 Bully Hill Smelter. [No.] 190.


:2 [Bully Hill Smelter, during winter.]


:3 Bully Hill Smelter.


:4 [Workers in mining area. Bully Hill Mine. Photograph by Gates & Hogle.]


:5 Bully Hill. [Mine buildings and railway.]


:6 Bully Hill. [Hillside with building and railway.]


:7 [Smelter, Bully Hill Mine.]


:8 Bully Hill Mine. Copper City. [Post card.]


:9 Gas car at Bully Hill.


:10 Property of the Shasta May Blossom Copper Mining & Smelting Co. The De LaMar [i.e. Delamar] Bully Hill Smelter. [Both locations in photo indicated by asterisks.] In Shasta County, Northern California. Now producing from $6,000 to $10,000 per day in copper-gold-silver bullion. Total for first five months' operations, $1,000,000 [Copy print.]


:11 [Bully Hill Mine works?]


:12 [No.] 395. [Smelter, Bully Hill Mine.]


:13 Bully Hill. [No.] 402.


:14 Anchor Mine. De La Mar [i.e. Delamar], Cal. [No.] 3544. [Post card.]


:15 [Unidentified stream. Winter scene.]


:16 [No.] 228. [Unidentified stream.]


:17 [No.] 407x. [Unidentified stream with bridge. Winter scene.]


:18 [No.] 245. [Falls, unidentified stream.]


:19 [No.] 269. [View of unidentified town, with mountain in distance.]


:20 Shasta Soda Springs. [No.] 289.


:21 3 hrs. by rail. [No.] 365. [Three Brothers, Yosemite Valley.]


:22 Company Picnic. Lawrence May, an engineer for the Bully Hill Mine (6th from left, rear row); Florence Mesing May (Mrs. L.) (3d lady from right, 2d row). Parents of Prof. Henry May. Pit River.


:23 5 miles from Bully Hill. [Unidentified stream.]


:24 The picnic at Pit [River?]


:25 Our mother Florence May is 3rd from left. [No.] 256. [Copy negative available.]


:26 Picnic. Lady on left, putting up hair: Mrs. Lawrence May.


:27 Lawrence May's Bungalow.


:28 Corner of living room, Bully Hill bungalow. Couples had bungalows, bachelors lived in one big bldg. with chinese [sic] chef.


:29 Miss C. and I.


:30 I with John Miles [Hanley] & Adair. John Miles Hanley (later Head of Univ. of Missouri, Rollo School of Mines).


:31 [Unidentified children.]


:32 Binks in front, John (Hanley?) behind. On the way to Monday [Flat].


:33 In front of your house.


:34 Our father Lawrence May is 2nd from left by the child.


:35 Outdoors at B [i.e. Bully] Hill. Jane is little girl. Girl on right: Elsie Jane May (sister of Prof. Henry May).]


:36 Miss Cathcart, Mother and I cooking breakfast out to Monday Flat. Bully Hill ladies having al fresco breakfast.


:37 Don't know where this R.R. was -short connecting line to where? “Our mother” is Mrs. Lawrence May with Elsie Jane May on her lap.


:38 Lawrence May in center.


:39 [Unidentified swimmers. May family?]


:40 [Boating scene. Unidentified persons. May family?]


:41 [Unidentified swimmers. May family?]


:42 Our mother & Jane. Dad one of oarsmen. Lawrence May is 2d from right. Mrs. May in middle of boat with Elsie Jane.


:43 [Lawrence May and child.]


:44 Many picnics at Bully Hill — wives of officials. Mrs Lawrence May seated on right.


:45 Just before starting for Tunnel No. 3. Our father Lawrence May is dead center in front. [No.] 2.


:46 Ditto [cf. 45]. Just before starting for Tunnel 3. Lawrence May front center. [No.] 3.


:47 [Unidentified man on horse.]


:48 [Unidentified woman at river bank.]


:49 [Unidentified woman with feathers in hair.]


:50 [Unidentified man on horse.]


:51 [Unidentified men at gathering. Cropped portion of a larger photograph.]


:52 More ladies living at Bully Hill. [Post card.]


:53 Sat. night dinner party.


:54 Couple at Bully Hill.


:55 Two mine officials. In white shirt: Mr. Delamar, owner of the smelter for whom adjacent town was named.


:56 [Unidentified man at table.]


:57 3 miles from Bully Hill.


:58 [Picnic scene.]


:59 [Unidentified swimmers at shore.]


:60 [Unidentified men on railway car.]


:61 [Unidentified women on horses. Post card.]


:62 Bully Hill Road. [Unidentified child.]


:63 [Picnic scene.]


:64 [Unidentified persons looking at book.]


:65 [Unidentified persons and dog in snow.]


:66 This picture of Prof. A.C. Lawson is the only one of its kind in captivity and is I think better than ordinary. A.C.N.


:67 [Unidentified persons in mine.]


:68 2d from left Mrs. Lawrence May.


:69 2d from right, row 2: Lawrence May.


:70 Lawrence May on horse, Tony, 2d from left.


:71 Grading for the S.V. and E.R.R [Sacramento Valley and Eastern Railroad]. [No.] 2. [Photograph by Gates and Hogle.]


:72 [Group portrait, unidentified men.]


:73 [Group portrait, unidentified men.]


:74 "Suzette" and Some of Her Chums.


:75 The Poet Lariat.


:76 Bully Hill — Elsie's House on Left.


:77 Same Bunch — on a raid.


:78.1 [Smelter, Bully Hill Mine. Affixed to front cover of album.]


:78.2 Bully Hill Smelter and Mine. [Photograph by Eastman & Rule View Co., S.F.]


:78.3 Yard Crew, Bully Hill Smelter.


:78.4 Birds Eye View of Delamar.


:78.5 Main Street, Delamar, Calif.


:78.6 Ore Train, Rising Star Mine.


:78.7 Hoist, 1200 Ft. Underground. Bully Hill Mine.


:78.8 Bully Hill Smelter, DeLaMar, Calif.


:78.9 Bully Hill Mine, Delamar, Calif.


:78.10 Birds Eye View, Bully Hill Smelter.


:78.11 Burley at Work, Bully Hill Mine.


:78.12 Station, 1200 Ft. Underground. Bully Hill Mine.


:78.13 Furnace, Bully Hill Smelter.


:78.14 Drawing of Slag, Bully Hill Smelter.


:78.15 Rising Star Mine.


:78.16 Bully Hill Mine, Delamar, Calif.


:78.17 Yards at Bully Hill Smelter.


:78.18 Birds Eye View DeLaMar.


:78.19 Ore Train, Bully Hill Mine.


:78.20 Bully Hill Smelter, DeLaMar, Calif.


:79 Bully Hill. [Booklet featuring poem "Thanksgiving Nineteen Hundred and Nine" and several photographic illustrations of Bully Hill mining community. Copy negatives of illustrations available.]