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Bully Hill Mine Photographs Relating to the Lawrence May Family, ca. 1870-1919
BANC PIC 1982.063 -- PIC  
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:1 Bully Hill Smelter. [No.] 190.


:2 [Bully Hill Smelter, during winter.]


:3 Bully Hill Smelter.


:4 [Workers in mining area. Bully Hill Mine. Photograph by Gates & Hogle.]


:5 Bully Hill. [Mine buildings and railway.]


:6 Bully Hill. [Hillside with building and railway.]


:7 [Smelter, Bully Hill Mine.]


:8 Bully Hill Mine. Copper City. [Post card.]


:9 Gas car at Bully Hill.


:10 Property of the Shasta May Blossom Copper Mining & Smelting Co. The De LaMar [i.e. Delamar] Bully Hill Smelter. [Both locations in photo indicated by asterisks.] In Shasta County, Northern California. Now producing from $6,000 to $10,000 per day in copper-gold-silver bullion. Total for first five months' operations, $1,000,000 [Copy print.]


:11 [Bully Hill Mine works?]


:12 [No.] 395. [Smelter, Bully Hill Mine.]


:13 Bully Hill. [No.] 402.


:14 Anchor Mine. De La Mar [i.e. Delamar], Cal. [No.] 3544. [Post card.]


:15 [Unidentified stream. Winter scene.]


:16 [No.] 228. [Unidentified stream.]


:17 [No.] 407x. [Unidentified stream with bridge. Winter scene.]


:18 [No.] 245. [Falls, unidentified stream.]


:19 [No.] 269. [View of unidentified town, with mountain in distance.]


:20 Shasta Soda Springs. [No.] 289.


:21 3 hrs. by rail. [No.] 365. [Three Brothers, Yosemite Valley.]


:22 Company Picnic. Lawrence May, an engineer for the Bully Hill Mine (6th from left, rear row); Florence Mesing May (Mrs. L.) (3d lady from right, 2d row). Parents of Prof. Henry May. Pit River.


:23 5 miles from Bully Hill. [Unidentified stream.]


:24 The picnic at Pit [River?]


:25 Our mother Florence May is 3rd from left. [No.] 256. [Copy negative available.]


:26 Picnic. Lady on left, putting up hair: Mrs. Lawrence May.


:27 Lawrence May's Bungalow.


:28 Corner of living room, Bully Hill bungalow. Couples had bungalows, bachelors lived in one big bldg. with chinese [sic] chef.


:29 Miss C. and I.


:30 I with John Miles [Hanley] & Adair. John Miles Hanley (later Head of Univ. of Missouri, Rollo School of Mines).


:31 [Unidentified children.]


:32 Binks in front, John (Hanley?) behind. On the way to Monday [Flat].


:33 In front of your house.


:34 Our father Lawrence May is 2nd from left by the child.


:35 Outdoors at B [i.e. Bully] Hill. Jane is little girl. Girl on right: Elsie Jane May (sister of Prof. Henry May).]


:36 Miss Cathcart, Mother and I cooking breakfast out to Monday Flat. Bully Hill ladies having al fresco breakfast.


:37 Don't know where this R.R. was -short connecting line to where? “Our mother” is Mrs. Lawrence May with Elsie Jane May on her lap.


:38 Lawrence May in center.


:39 [Unidentified swimmers. May family?]


:40 [Boating scene. Unidentified persons. May family?]


:41 [Unidentified swimmers. May family?]


:42 Our mother & Jane. Dad one of oarsmen. Lawrence May is 2d from right. Mrs. May in middle of boat with Elsie Jane.


:43 [Lawrence May and child.]


:44 Many picnics at Bully Hill — wives of officials. Mrs Lawrence May seated on right.


:45 Just before starting for Tunnel No. 3. Our father Lawrence May is dead center in front. [No.] 2.


:46 Ditto [cf. 45]. Just before starting for Tunnel 3. Lawrence May front center. [No.] 3.


:47 [Unidentified man on horse.]


:48 [Unidentified woman at river bank.]


:49 [Unidentified woman with feathers in hair.]


:50 [Unidentified man on horse.]


:51 [Unidentified men at gathering. Cropped portion of a larger photograph.]


:52 More ladies living at Bully Hill. [Post card.]


:53 Sat. night dinner party.


:54 Couple at Bully Hill.


:55 Two mine officials. In white shirt: Mr. Delamar, owner of the smelter for whom adjacent town was named.


:56 [Unidentified man at table.]


:57 3 miles from Bully Hill.


:58 [Picnic scene.]


:59 [Unidentified swimmers at shore.]


:60 [Unidentified men on railway car.]


:61 [Unidentified women on horses. Post card.]


:62 Bully Hill Road. [Unidentified child.]


:63 [Picnic scene.]


:64 [Unidentified persons looking at book.]


:65 [Unidentified persons and dog in snow.]


:66 This picture of Prof. A.C. Lawson is the only one of its kind in captivity and is I think better than ordinary. A.C.N.


:67 [Unidentified persons in mine.]


:68 2d from left Mrs. Lawrence May.


:69 2d from right, row 2: Lawrence May.


:70 Lawrence May on horse, Tony, 2d from left.


:71 Grading for the S.V. and E.R.R [Sacramento Valley and Eastern Railroad]. [No.] 2. [Photograph by Gates and Hogle.]


:72 [Group portrait, unidentified men.]


:73 [Group portrait, unidentified men.]


:74 "Suzette" and Some of Her Chums.


:75 The Poet Lariat.


:76 Bully Hill — Elsie's House on Left.


:77 Same Bunch — on a raid.


:78.1 [Smelter, Bully Hill Mine. Affixed to front cover of album.]


:78.2 Bully Hill Smelter and Mine. [Photograph by Eastman & Rule View Co., S.F.]


:78.3 Yard Crew, Bully Hill Smelter.


:78.4 Birds Eye View of Delamar.


:78.5 Main Street, Delamar, Calif.


:78.6 Ore Train, Rising Star Mine.


:78.7 Hoist, 1200 Ft. Underground. Bully Hill Mine.


:78.8 Bully Hill Smelter, DeLaMar, Calif.


:78.9 Bully Hill Mine, Delamar, Calif.


:78.10 Birds Eye View, Bully Hill Smelter.


:78.11 Burley at Work, Bully Hill Mine.


:78.12 Station, 1200 Ft. Underground. Bully Hill Mine.


:78.13 Furnace, Bully Hill Smelter.


:78.14 Drawing of Slag, Bully Hill Smelter.


:78.15 Rising Star Mine.


:78.16 Bully Hill Mine, Delamar, Calif.


:78.17 Yards at Bully Hill Smelter.


:78.18 Birds Eye View DeLaMar.


:78.19 Ore Train, Bully Hill Mine.


:78.20 Bully Hill Smelter, DeLaMar, Calif.


:79 Bully Hill. [Booklet featuring poem "Thanksgiving Nineteen Hundred and Nine" and several photographic illustrations of Bully Hill mining community. Copy negatives of illustrations available.]