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Guide to the Kate Felton Elkins Collection, 1775-1927
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Volume 1 (Vol.)

DRAMATIC - bound leather book containing autograph and signed letters by 19th and early 20th century theater personalities and others. Also contains old playbills, printed articles, prints and photographs.


note complete - see attachment
Page 1

1. Elkins, Felton Broomhall, 1889-


to Mrs. K. F. Neilson, Sept. 30, 1925with cover.

Physical Description: T.L.S.
Page 14

2. Garrick, David, 1716-1779


A.L., fragment, n.d.

Page 17

3. Corri, Domenico


to Mr. Peake, Nov. 28, 1807.

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Page 19

4. Kemble, Charles, 1775-1854 Goodwin, William N.


Signatures on articles of agreement, Sept. 3, 1822.

Page 28

5. Ravel, Gabriel


to Mr. Sefton, Oct. 9, 1847.

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Page 29

6. Smith, Solomon Franklin, 1801-1869


to Carey and Hart, Sept. 17 1845.

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Page 32

7. Booth, Edwin, 1833-1893 Autograph.

Page 33

8. Bishop, Charles B.


Signature on articles of agreement with H.C. Jarrett and H.D. Palmer, March 26, 1875.

Page 34

9. Barrett, Lawrence, 1837- Autograph.

Page 37

10. Bishop, Charles B.


Signature on articles of agreement with Rich and Stetson, Dec. 10, 1874.

Page 40

11. McCullough, John E., 1832- Autograph.

Page 41

12. Forrest, Edwin, 1806-1872


to H.H. Clements, Feb. 14, 1855.

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Page 45

13. Keene, [Laura?] Autograph.

Page 47

14. Covent, Byron


Telegram to E.A. Sothern

Page 50

15. Jefferson, Joseph Autograph. on a card

Page 52

16. Irving, (John) Henry (B.), 1838-1905


to unknown [Aug.] 30, 1893.

Physical Description: A.N.S.
Page 57

17. Modjeska, Helena, ca. 1843- Autograph.

Page 58

18. Drew, John Autograph.

Page 58

19. Rehan, Ada Autograph

Page 70

20. Neilson, Lilian Adelaide, 1850-1880 Autograph theater pass

Page 73

21. Cressy, John D.


to Directors of the American Theater

Physical Description: ALS
Page 32

22. Patti, Carlotta and Joseph Hermanns Autographs.

Page 33

23. P[atti], A[delina], 1843-1919


to Dear friend, Aug. 31.

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Page 87

24. Jefferson, Joseph Autograph.

Page 87

25. Booth, Edwin Autograph.

Page 88

26. Sothern, E.A. Autograph.

Page 90

27. Kendal, W. H. Autograph.

Page 90

28. Kendal, Madge Autograph

Page 91

29. Tree, Sir Herbert Beerbohm


to R.W. Welch, Nov. 26, 1903.

Physical Description: T.L.S.
Page 91

30. Langtry, Lillie Autograph.

Page 92

31. Walsh, Blanche Autograph.

Page 92

32. Irving, Isabel Autograph

Page 92

33. Allen, Viola Autograph

Page 93

34. Burgess, Neil, 1846-1910


to Friend Francis

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Page 94

35. Forbes-Robertson, Johnston, 1853-1937


to Thomas D. Osborne, March 5, 1916.

Physical Description: T.L.S.
Page 95

36. Forbes-Robertson, Gertrude


to Dear Sir, Nov. 22, 1909.

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Page 96

37. Adams, Maude, 1872-


to [Edward] Freiberger, May 15, 1897.

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Page 97

38. Barrie, Sir James Mathew, 1860-1937


to?, Dec. 11.

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Page 99

39. James, Louis and? Warde Autographs.

Page 99

40. Loftus, Cecilia, 1876-


to Miss Welch, July 1907.

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Page 99

41. Irwin, May, 1862-


to George Leon Varney, Sept. 16, 1900.

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Page 101

42. Elliott, Maxine Autographed photo.

Page 102

43. Marlowe, Julia, 1870-


to Mr. Carr, May 10, 1910and cvr.

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Page 103

44. Mantell, R.B. Autograph.

Page 103

45. Trevelyan, Hilda, 1880


to Mrs. Caley, Oct. 10, 1906.

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Page 103

46. [Kelcey], Herbert Autograph.

Page 104

47. Erskine, James Autograph.

Page 104

48. Salvini, Thomas Autograph.

Page 105

49. Wright, Haidee, 1868-


to Dr. Waddell.

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Page 105

50. Thompson, Lydia Autograph.

Page 106 & 107

51. Schildkraut, Joseph, 1895-


to [John] Howell, June 29, 1923with cvr.

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Page 108

52. Housman, Lawrence, 1867-


to Dear Carr, Sept. 23, 1902.

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Page 108

53. MacKaye, Percy, 1875-


to [Lewis] Lesley, Jan. 15, 1915.

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Page 109

54. Winter, William, 1886.

Physical Description: Poem
Page 110, 111

55. Matthews, James Brander, 1852-1929


to Mr. Palmer, Sept. 20, 1890.

Physical Description: A.L.S.

June 1914.

Physical Description: A.N.S.
Page 112

56. Hamburg, Mark


to Mrs. Bishop, Sept. 13

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Page 113

57. Harvey, Sir John Martin, 1863-1944


to H. C. Hilgate, Sept. 25, 1908.

Physical Description: T.L.S.
Page 115

58. Alexander, Sir George, 1858-1918


to Miss Waddell, [Feb. 6, 1906]and cvr.

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Page 121

59. Granville-Barker, Harley, 1877-


to [Richard] Bennett, Apr. 9

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Page 123

60. Belasco, David, 1859-1931


to Felton Elkins, May 22, 1925.

Physical Description: T.L.S.
Page 125

61. Brieux, [Eugéne], 1858-1932


in French to [Richard Bennett], May 6, 1917

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Page 126, 129

62. Bates, Blanche (Mrs. George Creel), 1873-1941


to Felton Elkins, 1921 & n.d.,one cvr.

Physical Description: 4 A.L.S.
Page 130

63. [Bennett, Richard?], 1872-1944


to Felton Elkins, [Mar., 23 1920],signed Dick, with cover.

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Page 131

64. Bennett, Richard, 1872-1944


to Felton Elkins, Nov. 18, 1919

Physical Description: T.L.S.
Page 132

65. Cobb, Irvin S., 1876-1944


to Felton Elkins, May 22

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Page 133

66. Copeland, C. T.


fragment, n.d.

Physical Description: T.L.S.,
Page 134, 135

67. Chambers, Charles Hadden, 1860-1921


to Felton Elkins, [Nov., 1919-n.d.]

Physical Description: 3 A.L.S.
Page 136

68. du Maurier, Sir Gerald, 1873-1934


to F. Elkins, Jun. 15,with cover.

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Page 137

69. Drew, John, 1853-1927


to F. Elkins, Oct. 28, 1913.

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Page 140-143

70. Galsworthy, John, 1867-1933


to F. Elkins, Mar. 24, [1912], Jun. 29, 1912with cover, Apr. 13, 1912.

Physical Description: 3 A.L.S.
Page 144, 145

71. Hopwood, Avery, 1882-1928


to F. Elkins, n.d.

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Page 147

72. Marbury, Elizabeth


to F. Elkins, [Apr. 11, 1925]

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Page 148, Page 149

73. Miller, Henry


Telegram to F. Elkins, Mar. 17, 1923


[to F. Elkins, n.d.

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Othertype VERY LARGE BOX, Page 150-151

74. Maude, Cyril, 1862-


T.N.S. and 4 to F. Elkins, n.d.

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Page 152-157

75. O'Neill, Eugene, 1888-


to F. Elkins, 1919, 1924 and n.d.

Physical Description: 3 A.L.S. L.S. and 2
Physical Description: one cover.
Page 159

76. Roosevelt, Theodore Autograph

Page 160-165

77. Sheldon, Edward Brewster, 1886-1946


2 and 5 tels (1 holograph) to F. Elkins. n.d., 1918, 1923 and [1915],2 signed Ned

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Page 160

78. Tempest, [Marie]


Tel. to F. Elkins, Sept. 27, 1921

Page 167

79. Titherade, Madge


to F. Elkins, Apr. 19

Physical Description: A.L.S.
Page 171

80. Alcazar Theatre Program, 1903with signatures of players

Page 180

81. Panteleieff, Max

Physical Description: holograph copy of program
Page 181

82. Panteleieff, Consuelo Closs

Physical Description: signed photo
Page 181

83. Panteleieff, Mary


to F. Elkins, [1926],not mounted.

Physical Description: 2 A.L.S.
Volume 2 (Vol.)



1. First Editions signed by Elsie B. Stone.

Physical Description: Typed poem

2. Ray Lyman Wilbur to Mrs. Kate Felton Nielson.

Physical Description: T.L.S.

3. Nathan Van Patten to Mrs. Kate Felton Nielson.

Physical Description: T.L.S.

4. O. W. Holmes to Mr. Sanborn.

Physical Description: Typed copy

5. Henry W. Longfellow to unknown.

Physical Description: Typed copy
Volume 3 (Vol.)


Scope and Content Note

Art gallery program, clippings on performers, ballet programs, copies of Symphony Society Bulletin (N.Y.) for San Francisco seasons, 1919-27, and New York and Philadelphia season 1922-23.
Volume 4 (Vol.)


Scope and Content Note

Both stage and film productions for San Francisco seasons, 1919-21 and 1923-24 and New York season, 1922-23.
Volume 5 (Vol.), Page p. 30


Scope and Content Note

Clippings, photos, concert, theater and opera programs from New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D. C., San Francisco, Menlo Park, Chicago, Boston, Syracuse, Buffalo, St. Louis, Frankfurt a. M., Paris, London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Brighton. A.N.S. from E. N. Palmer (Emma Nevada) to Mrs. Elkins, n.d. (ca. 1885),

Fe 125 Kate Felton Elkins Collection

Scope and Content Note

Scrapbooks on musical, theatrical and literary subjects

ML 410 F 757 1. Dramatics - bound leather book containing autograph letters or signed letters by many persons in the theater in the 19th and early 20th century Also old playbills, prints, printed articles, and photographs.

Scope and Content Note

(for item by item of letters & autographs - draft of list of contents for Fe 124)

PN 2226 S43 4. Scrapbook of Theater Programs 1919-1924for both stage and film productions


ML 40 A 1 S 43 3. Scrapbook of Concert and Opera Programs 1919-1927,art gallery program clips on performers, ballet programs copies of symphony Society Bulletin, N.Y. etc.


P N 771 E 44 2. Collection of Clippings concerning People and Things Literary (and miscellany signed)


1. First Editions by Elsie B. Stene

Physical Description: Typed poem

2. Ray Lyman Wilbur to Mrs. Kate Felton Neilson

Physical Description: TLS

3. Natuan Van Patten to Kate Felton Nielson

Physical Description: T.L.S.

4. O.W. Holmes to Mr. Sanborn

Physical Description: typed copy

5. Henry W. Long Fellow to?

Physical Description: typed copy

PN2226 T37 f 5. Theatre Programme Book



Page p. 3

Elizabeth - print from a painting by Isaac Oliver

Page p. 4

Elizabeth portrait proof print before letters by W. T. Walker 1791

Page p. 5

Francis Bacon French print. Several Paris chez E. Desrochers

Page p. 7

The Room in Which Shakspeare Was Born. print. T. G. Flowers. Edinburgh. pub by E. Adams

Page p. 8

Ben jonson. print & biographical sketch [Hontueret?] [pint.].; Audinet, sculp; pub by Harrison & [?] May 1, 1794

Page p. 9

Ben Jonson. Engraved by E. Scriven from a picture in the possession of Mr. Knight. pub. by Charles Knight

Page p. 10

Abraham Cowley. Mary Beale pint. ; R. Godfrey s. pub Nov. 1, 1776by F. Blyth.

Page p. 11

Colley Cibber. [1767]Vanloo pinx J. S. Miller Sc.

Page p. 12

Theatre Royal, Covent Garden broadside Feb 13, 1790.The Dramatist etc

Page 13

Margaret Woffington as Sir Harry Wildair. Wm. Hogarth, pinxt, N.Y. Photogravure Co.

Page 14

Mr. Garrick as Periauder. Roberts del., Wilsosculp.

Page p. 15

Page from Stars of the Stage (pp.21 & 22) re: Garrick

Page p. 16

Theatre Royal. broadside July 30, 1807,Tobin's The Curfew etc.

Page p. 21

Charles Kemble page from a book with portrait and biographical sketch


Fanny Kemble painted by T. Sally, engraved by J. Cheney

Page p. 22

Theatre Royal, Hay-Market, broadside June 28, 1831 As You Like It etc.

Page p. 23

Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. broadside May 15, 1837,Mme. Schroeder Devrient Fidelio etc.

Page p. 24

Theatre Royal, Liverpool broadside Mar. 23, 1841,Wallach in Pizarro etc.

Page p. 25

Sir Walter Scott, Bart, Sir T. Lawrence piuxt., J. Horsburgh sculpt., pub. Gebbie & Barrie.

Page p. 27

Theatre-Royal Liverpool broadside Mar. 31, 1841Wallask in Rent Day etc.

Page p. 28

Gabriel Ravel

Physical Description: clipping w/portrait
Page p. 30

Edwin Booth as Hamlet p. from a book w/portrait

Page p. 31

Edwin Thomas Booth page from book w/biographical sketch & 3 illustrations

Page p. 32

Edwin Books portrait with facsimile signature John Wilson & Co. Publrs. N.Y.

Page p. 34

Lawrence Barrett

Physical Description: clip. biographical
Page p. 35

Lawrence Barrett as Count Lauciotto page from book

Page p. 40

John E. McCullough

Physical Description: photograph
Page p. 41

John E. McCullough

Physical Description: biographical clip
Page p. 45

Mrs Keane

Physical Description: photograph

Charles Keane

Physical Description: photograph
Page p. 46

Fords Theatre copy of broadside for Apr 14, 1865 Our American Cousin Lincoln

Page p. 46

E. A. Southern as Lord Dundreary in Our America Cousin illustrated article.

Page p. 47

[E. A. Southern]

Physical Description: photograph
Page p. 49

Fanny Davenport

Physical Description: photo

Mrs. Bishop

Physical Description: photo

Mrs. Bowers

Physical Description: photo
Page p. 50

Joseph Jefferson as Rip Van Winckle

Physical Description: illustrated dip
Page p. 51

Joseph Jefferson as Newman Noggs, engraved by R.G. Tietze from photo formerly owned by John Broughan, lent by Peter [Gilecy?]

Physical Description: [copy of engraving]
Page p. 52

Henry Irving as Hamlet

Physical Description: Illus'd clip
Page p. 53

Henry Irving big sketch for Stars of the Stage


Mrs. G. H. Gilbert big sketch for Stars of the Stage

Page p. 54

Ellen Terry big. clip co/photo as Letitia Hardy

Page p. 55

Miss Ellen Terry as Partia

Physical Description: clip, illus.
Page p. 57

Madam Modjeslca as Queen Mary

Physical Description: clip a biographical clip
Page p. 58

[John Drew? & Ada Rehan?]

Physical Description: photo
Page p. 59

Ada Rehan as Katharina

Physical Description: clip

John Drew as Patrucio

Physical Description: clip
Page p. 68

Arch Street Theatre, Philadelphia.

Physical Description: clipped illus.
Page p. 69

Wheatley's Arch St. Theatre broadside July 2 `56 Gold etc.

Page p. 70

Miss Neilson as Juliet

Page p. 71

Lilean Adelaide Neilson photo on sheet music cover

Page p. 74

Dramatic Affairs clip from The Californian Sept. 21, 1867

Page p. 75

The Californian clips Dramatic Mention 3/18/63 Amusements Musical 6/9 1866

Page p. 76

Private Dispatches song words pub. by Bell & Company, S.F.

Page p. 77

Kole Oil Tommy Song Words pub. by T.C. Boyd. S.F.


Ben Bolt Song words pub. by Bell & Company

Page 78

Lotta M. Crabtree

Physical Description: photo
Page 79


Physical Description: Illus. clip
Page p. 81

Annie Pixley as M'liss

Physical Description: illus. clip
Page p. 83

Adelena Patti

Physical Description: photo
Page p. 85

Interieur du Théâtre de la Scala à Milan Sidole dess, gravé par L. Cherbuin ed. - Ferd. Astoria et File, Milan

Page p. 86

Mlle. Georges. colored reproductions of drawing by J. Champagne

Page p. 87

The Great Excitement Galup by Piette Laroche. ad poster or cover of sheet music

Page p. 94

Johnston Forbes-Robertson

Physical Description: photo
Page p. 96

Maude Adams

Physical Description: photo
Page p. 97

Maude Adams

Physical Description: signed photo

Maude Adams, signed photo ; Maude Adams. ribbon of the Legion of Honor which she wore in a play

Page p. 101

Maxime Elliott

Physical Description: signed photo
Page p. 159

Theodore Roosevelt

Physical Description: photo
Page p. 169

Empire Theatre, N. Y. June 9-14, 1924program She Steeps to Conquer

Page P. 171

Alcazar Theatre, S.F. May 18-31, 1903signed program of Heartsease

Page P. 172

[Ruta Chatterton?] - announcement of performance

Page P. 173

Columbia Theatre, S.F. program Sept. 27, 30, 1927Ruta Chatterton presents Into the Sunlight w/ Henry Miller, Blanche Bates, etc.

Page P. 174

Columbia Theatre, clips re: above from Bulletin & Journal

Page P. 175

Greenwich Village Theatre program A.W.O.L.

Page P. 176

Mariarden, Peterborough, N.H. program The Imperfect 36

Page P. 179

California Theatre 1863Free Public Library. Bush St. above Kearney. Photo enlargement