Register of the Anna V.S. Mitchell Papers, 1920-1944

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Register of the Anna V.S. Mitchell Papers, 1920-1944

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Anna V.S. Mitchell Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1920-1944
Collection number: 67016
Creator: Mitchell, Anna V. S.
Collection Size: 6 manuscript boxes, 9 envelopes, 1 oversize album, 4 medals. (3.2 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Correspondence, memoranda, reports, clippings, memorabilia, and photographs, relating to World War I relief work in France, 1915-1920, and relief work with Russian refugees in Istanbul, 1921-1936.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Language: English.

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Access Points

Nansen, Fridtjof, 1861-1930.
Nansen International Office for Refugees.
International relief.
World War, 1914-1918.
World War, 1914-1918--Civilian relief.
World War, 1914-1918--France.

Biographical Note

1915-16 worked in Paris with French Institution for the Blind at Reuilly
1916-17 served in canteen for Belgians in Calais and for the French at Bar-le-Duc
1917-19 organized and directed Cantine des Deux Drapeaux at Chalon-sur-Marne under the American Red Cross
1919-20 head of Post de Secours in the region of Colonne-sur-la-Lyse Pas de Calais
1921-1936 relief work for Russian refugees in Istanbul

Container List

Original Accession

Box: 1-4.


Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, arranged alphabetically by name of corresponent.
Box 1.

Acheson, Barclay 1925, 1927, 1929 (Director, General Overseas Operations, Near East Relief)


Aktiebolaget Stockholms Patenbyra 1924


Alaeff, C. 1929-1933


Alame, Th. 1935


Aleeff, Madame


Alianoff, Serafima


American Committee on the Evacuation of Russian Youth in Exile 1924


American Committee on the Evacuation of Russian Refugees from Turkey 1930


American Consul in Constantinople 1924


American Hospital of Instanbul 1936


Anderson, Mrs.


Araxis, Miss 1929-1931


Artinoff, E. 1930


Ashby, Mrs. Corbett 1935


Astor, Lady 1935


Baker, Harry T. 1930


Barkowsky, Gregoire 1925


Battle, George Gordon 1927


Bedjitsky, Mr. 1930


Beliayeff, Olga 1932


Berestneff, Nathalie 1924


Bird, Charles S. 1924, 1935


Bjorset, B. 1929


Bogoroditsky, V. 1932


Bouimistrow, W.W. 1924-27 (President, Russian Refugee Relief Society of America, Inc.)


Bridge, Dr.


Bristol, Admiral 1924


Bristol, Mrs. 1922-23, 1925


Bullard, Mrs. 1935


Burgess, Thomas H. 1924


Butler, H.B. 1926, 1928 (Deputy Director, International Labor Office)


Caldwell, R.J. 1925-28


Charpentier, J.M. 1926


Childs, S. Lawford 1924-26 (Chief Delegate, Balkans High Commissariat for Refugees, League of Nations)


Christian Century, The 1935


Coffey, Dr. 1925


Coolidge, Mrs. 1929


Couteaux, G. 1930


Croker, Mrs. 1929


Crowdy, Dame Rachel 1927 (Secretariat, League of Nations)


Curran, Henry H. 1923 (Commissioner of Immigration, Ellis Island, N.Y.)


Cutting, R. Fulton 1927


Day, W.H. 1925 (Controller of Supplies, Near East Relief, Constantinople)




Draper, Ruth


Drummond, Sir Eric 1925, 1930 (Secretary General, League of Nations)


Duras, Victor Hugo 1930


Emergency Fund for Russian Refugees in Constantinople and the Balkan States 1923


Ermoloff, Dm. 1923


Euler, A. 1924 1924 (Delegate, Russian Zemstvos Union in Bulgaria)


Evans, P.M. 1935


Feldman, L.E. 1922-28, 1931 (Delegate, Russian Red Cross in Bulgaria)


Ferriere, Mademoiselle 1935


Fricero, Madame 1926-27

Box 2.

Galuzevski, Rostislav A. 1944


General Relief Committee, Inc. 1926


Golitzinsky, Vera 1929


Golovine, Pierre N. 1938


Gomella, Mr. 1925


Gouraud, General 1935


Le Gouverneur, Gouvernement Militaire de Paris 1935


Grayson, Admiral Cary T.


Grew, Mrs.


Grujitsky, Victor 1930


Hall, Margaret 1923


Haritma, Marietche


Hesse, P. 1925


Hoover, Herbert Clark 1927


Hoppin, Mrs. 1929


Howard, Mrs. 1924-25


Howard, Sarah G.


Huber, Max 1931-33


Hughes, Miss 1925


Huntington, Elizabeth 1935


Ignatieff, Count 1927-28


Ilowayskaya, Sophie 1937


International Migration Service 1925, 1927, 1929, 1935-36, 1941


International Red Cross 1925


International Student Service 1928 (World Student Christian Federation)


Johnson, J.F. 1927-29 (Assistant High Commissioner for Refugees, League of Nations)


Johnson, Major J. 1925-1930, 1934-35 (Chief of Refugee Service, International Labor Office, League of Nations)


Joint Foreign Committee of the Jewish Board of Deputies and the Anglo-Jewish Association 1928


Kasantzeff, N.A. 1928


Ken, W. Clark 1938


Keretoff, I. 1924


Kookharenko, S. 1930


Kousina, Madame


Kousik, V. 1928


de Lannux, Pierre 1927


Lansing, Mrs.


Leach, Henry G. 1923


League of Nations


High Commission for Refugees. Constantinople. 1924


International Labor Office. Belgrade. 1925


Lemtiaugov, N. 1927, 1929


Lichensky, Alex


Lindsay, Sir Ronald


Loomis, Henry B.


Magnusson, Leifur 1927 (Director, International Labor Office)


March, Mr. 1927


Marinkovitch, Dr. V. 1928 (Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes)


Maximoff, Mr. 1925


McCormick, Cyrus H. 1922, 1928-29


McGrath, Mr. 1924


Mihailoff, M. & T. 1927


Minister of Norway 1935


Mitchell, Clarence B. 1925, 1929-1930


Monin, Anr[UNK]e 1928


Moore, Mr. 1927


Morgan, Edwin V. 1926


Morrison, Dr. C.C. 1935


Morrow, Mrs. 1929


Nadolsky, Tata


Nansen, Dr. Fridtjof 1925, 1927-29 (High Commissioner for Refugees)


Nansen International Office for Refugees 1931, 1933, 1936-38


National Russian Students Christian Association in the U.S.A. 1924


Nebolsine, G.


Nolan, Miss 1925


Novitsky, George (President, Society of Friends of Russian Culture)


Novoye Russkoe Slove 1926


Olive, V.S. 1924


Ossipoff, Theodore 1930-31


Panoff, Mr.


Pantuckoff, Oleg I. 1928


Parycheff, Serge 1927


Payne, Judge J.B. 1922


Pelekhine, Natalie 1935


Perry, Clara E. 1929


Penshkoff, Timothy V. 1930-31

Box 3.

Peterson, Martha 1925-26


Petukhova, Nona 1930


Phocassoff, Nathalie 1929


Piaskovski, M. 1932


Pitenko-Petrowsky, E.


Poland, W.B. 1922


Popoff, Igor 1930


de Postels, Mrs. M. 1926-27


Practical Technical Cources in Sofia (Bulgaria) 1923


Ravndal, Gabriel B. 1924 (U.S. Consul in Constantinople)


Razoumovsky, B. 1930


Rijov, Nicolas 1924


Ring, Mr. & Mrs. 1924


Ringland, Arthur C. 1924


Roebling, John A. 1930-37


Ruggles, Alma 1922


Russian American Information & Service Bureau 1930


Russian Red Cross. Belgrade. 1924


Russian Red Cross Society in Novisade, Serbia. 1925


Russian Refugee Relief Society of America, Inc. 1924-28


Schebounine, M. 1934


Schlemmer, Raymond


Scott, Charles 1922 (Acting Director, Foreign Operations, ARC)


Service Social d'Aide aux Emigrants 1931


Sheltman, Constance 1925


Shishkin, Boris B. 1927-28 (President, Russian Literary Society, Columbia Univ.)


Sikorsky Manufacturing Corporation 1927


Smernoff, Tatiana (President, Russo-Bulgarian Committee of Ladies in Varna)


Smith, Lloyd


Soushtchinsky, Marie (Head nurse, Russian Red Cross in Bulgaria)


Spelt, Anna 1928


Spioung, Arcady 1929


Stcherbina, Georges


Sterladin, Alex 1925


Stokes, Anson Phelps 1922-24, 1926, 1928-30, 1934-35


Stokes, Mrs. A.P. 1922, 1930-31


Straudman, Mr.


Sturgis, Mr. 1924


Swift, Mr. 1935


Taressenkoff, K. & S.


Tcharykow, Vera 1937-38


Tetkoff, Theodore


Thomas, Albert 1926-28 (Director, International Labor Office)


Toler, Mr. 1935


Tritchel, Dr. 1922 (Chief Doctor, Russian Red Cross)


U.S. Department of Labor


General 1930


Immigration Service 1930


U.S. Protection and Indemnity, Inc. European Branch. 1927.


U.S. Secretary of State 1929


Le Vali de Constantinople 1925


Vickrey, Charles V. 1927


Vidovsky, Nicolas 1928


Walcott, Frederic 1930 (U.S. Senator)


Werner, A. 1933


Werner, Professor George 1934

Box 4.

Whiting, Mrs. Jasper 1922-23 (Chairman, Emergency Fund for Russian Refugees in Constantinople and the Balkan States)


Wilson, Florence 1925-26


Wilson, Hon. Hugh 1935


Wiren, Alexis 1929


Yanchenko, Basil J. 1927


Yerokine, Igor S. 1942


Y.M.C.A. International Committee. Practical & Technical Courses in Sofia. 1923


Yourieff, S. 1928


Youssoupoff, Prince 1925


Yurevich, Irene


Zabegailoff, I. 1936-38


Zomnovsky, P. 1925 (Delegate, Russian Red Cross in Bulgaria)



Box: 4-5.

SUBJECT FILE, 1920-1940

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, minutes of meetings, lists, etc., arranged alphabetically by subject.
Box 4.

Addresses and names


Agreement of the American Committee with the Nansen Office 1931-35


American Central Committee for Russian Relief, Inc. Annual Report 1921-22


American Committee, Constantinople. Delegates to High Commission Expense account


American Committee for Constantinople Russian Refugees


American Cooperative Committee Meeting September 26, 1929


American Red Cross. Constantinople Chapter


General 1923


Monthly Bulletin 1922- #5, 6, 9 1923- #16


American Red Cross. South Eastern Base. Supply Dept.


American Society for Relief of Russian Exiles, Inc.


Fifth report 1935-36


Awards, certificates, diplomas, passes, etc.


Bebek Orphanage


Biographic information on refugees (A-B)


Cantine feeding - survival


Central Bureau for Relief of the Evangelical Churches of Europe 1935


Chirgrin, Leonid


Constantinople Chapter




Displaced persons


Emergency Fund for Russian Refugees in Constantinople and the Balkan States




Kaparulin, Valentin


Kouzmin-Karavaeff, Madame


Nansen International Office for Refugees


"New Constitution of the USSR" 1937 by Vera Micheles Dean


Ovtchinnikoff, Monsieur

Box 5.

Pietukhova, Nona


"Le Probleme des Derniers Refugees Russes de Constantinople"


"The Refugee Problem and the League of Nations" 1938 by Michael Hansen


Russian conscripts 1931


Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Palestine


Russian Refugee Relief in Constantinople


Russian Refugee Relief Society of America, Inc. Boston Committee 1924


Russian Refugees




















Russian Relief Society of America, Inc.


Tolstoy Foundation, Inc.


Union of Russian Zemstvos 1923


Union of Russian Zemstovos Institutions in Bulgaria



Box 5.







Miscellaenous notes, documents, etc.

INCREMENT - January 1975



Box 6

American Board Mission in the Near East, 1936


Betts, Mary, n.d.


Bliss, Mildred, 1940


Deletoile, Monsieur, 1919


Florance, E. L., n.d.




Ministry of Liberated Regions, 1919


Pas-de-Calais, 1919


Fry, Miss, 1935


Gascouin, General, 1920


Gertrude, 1939


Guedroitz, O., 1935


Hockering, Ernest, 1940


Hocking, William Ernest, 1941


Hughson, Mary H., 1914


Johnson, T. F., 1936


Kerr, W. Clark, 1941


Lawrence, 1954


Morawetz, Mrs. Victor, 1951


Nollet, General, 1919


Pfaffle, Caroline, n.d.


Phillips, Tracy, 1942


Royce, Josiah, n.d.


Selevine, W., 1933


Stephens, S., 1916


Stokes, Anson Phelps, 1922




SUBJECT FILE, ca. 1919-1954

Box 6

Congratulations, tributes, thank-you's, etc.


Farwell, Mildred


Lemtiougov, Nicholas




Refugees of England, Incorporated, 1940-41


Religious poetry and songs


Rockefeller Memorial, 1922


Russian refugees in Istanbul


Tolstoy Foundation


Urgent Relief for France, 1939-1941


Watson, Forbes, "Serving 10,000 Meals a Day", undated

Box: 5-6


Scope and Content Note

Clippings, medals, memorabilia, miscellaneous notes, documents, etc.
Box 6

Notes, documents, etc.