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Boxes 1-20

COMMERCE, 1964-1992

Scope and Contents note

Reports, journals, magazines, newsletters, brochures, statements of accounts, leaflets, survey, financial fact books, commemmorative edition, proposal, intelligence reports and bulletins, arranged in alphabetical order.
Box 1

Allied Investors Corp., 1971-1976


Allied Properties (H.K.), 1988


American Chamber of Commerce, 1991


Amoy Canning Corp., 1979-1983


Asian hotelkeeper and catering times, 1982


Associated Hotels, 1973-1982


Atlas Industries, 1981-1984


Bank of East Asia, 1974-1981


Cathay Securities, 1974


Cavendish Co., 1988-1989


Century City Holdings, 1986


Cheong Sun Development Co., 1981-1982


Cheung Kong, 1980-1988

Box 2

Chiap Luen Enterprises, 1976-1980


China Engineers, 1973-1978


China Entertainment and Land Investment Co., 1975-1985


China Light and Power Co., 1975-1990


China Motor Bus Co., 1979-1990

Box 3

China Provident Co., 1974-1978


China Underwriters Life and General Insurance Co., 1981


Chinese Estates, 1976-1988


Chuang's Consortium, 1990


Chuang's (Holdings), 1975-1985


Chung Wah Shipbuilding and Engineering, 1989-1990


City and Urban Properties, 1973-1976


City Resources (Asia), 1989-1990


Crocodile Garments, 1972-1986


Dairy Farm International, 1988-1989

Box 4

Eastern Asia Navigation Co., 1976-1980


Estate Finance, 1976-1985


Executive (Hong Kong), Sept. 1990


Express Finance and Investments, 1979-1980


Far East Consortium, 1988-1989


Far East Holdings International, 1989


Far East Hotels and Entertainment, 1979


First Pacific Holdings, 1987


First Pacific International, 1987


Fountain Set (Holdings), 1990


Friends of the Earth (Hong Kong), 1990-1991


Furuma Hotel Enterprises, 1985


General Bottling Co., 1972-1980


Goodyear Estates, 1979-1980


Grand Marine Holdings, 1980

Box 5

Great Eagle Co., 1975-1987


Green Island Cement Co., 1978-1987


Hang Lung Development Co., 1978-1983


Hang Seng Bank, 1974-1981


Haw Par Brothers International, 1974-1980


Henderson Land Development Co., 1987


HK-TVB Limited, 1987-1988

Box 6

Hoe Hin Pak Fah Yeow Manufactory, n.d


Holian Investments, 1988-1990


HongKong, Inc., 1990-1991


Hong Kong Accountant, 1991


Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Co., 1971-1988


Hong Kong and China Gas Co., 1973-1988


Hong Kong Association of Accounting Technicians, 1991


Hong Kong Business, 1990


Hong Kong Ferry, 1988


Hong Kong Industrialist, 1990


Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors, 1991

Box 7

Hong Kong Port Development Board, 1992


Hong Kong Productivity Council, 1990


Hong Kong Shell Inc., 1988


Hong Kong Shippers' Council, 1990


Hong Kong Telephone Co., 1974-1987


Hong Kong Tourist Association, 1990-1991


Hong Kong Trade Development Council, 1987-1990


Hongkong and Kowloon Wharf and Godown Co., 1974-1985

Box 8

Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp., 1974-1989


Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, 1974-1989


Hongkong and Whampoa Dock Co., 1970-1976

Box 9

Hongkong and Yaumati Ferry Co., 1964-1985


Hongkong Electric Co., 1971-1973


Hongkong Electric Holdings, 1976-1989


Hongkong Engineering and Construction Co., 1979


Hongkong Land Co., 1973-1988

Box 10

Hongkong Land Group, 1980-1982


Hongkong Realty and Trust Co., 1974-1989


Hongkong Telecom, 1990


Hongkong Tramways, 1970-1972


Hopewell Holdings, 1974-1987


Hutchison International, 1975-1976


Hutchison Properties, 1976


Hutchison Whampoa, 1982-1990


Hutchison-Boag, 1972-1980


Hysan Development Co., 1987


IBI Asia, 1988


Inchcape Enterprises, 1976-1981


Institute of Seatransport, 1990

Box 11

International Industries, 1983-1987


International Maritime Carriers, 1980-1989


Island Peninsula Realty and Enterprises, 1979-1984


Jardine Matheson and Co., 1975-1989


Jardine Matheson Holdings, 1984-1988


Jardine Securities Co., 1973-1983


Jardine Strategic, 1988


K. Wah Stones, 1987


Ka Wah Bank, 1980-1987


Kai Tak Land Investment Co., 1979-1980


Keng Fong Sin Kee Construction and Investment Co., 1982-1985

Box 12

Kowloon Motor Bus Co., 1966-1984


Kowloon Shangri-la Hotel, 1990


Kowloon-Canton Railway Corp., 1990


Kumagai Gumi (Hong Kong), 1988


Kwong Sang Hong, 1978-1988


Lai Sun Garment Co., 1984-1985


Lane Crawford Ltd., 1970-1988


Lap Heng Co., 1979-1987


Lee Hing Development, 1979-1987


Liu Chong Hing Investment Co., 1988

Box 13

Loan and Investment Co., 1971-1976


Local Property Co., 1979-1987


London and Pacific Insurance Company, 1988-1989


Mai Hon Enterprises, 1974-1980


Management Studies Society, 1991


Mandarin Oriental International, 1988-1989


Mass Transit Railway Corp., 1989


Melbourne Enterprises, 1983-1985


Metro-Dodwell Motors, 1975


Nan Fung Textiles Consolidated, 1979-1987


Nanyang Cotton Mill, 1974-1985


New Town Properties, 1983-1988

Box 14

New World Development Co., 1976-1989


Ocean-Land Development, 1978-1989


Orient Overseas, 1987


Orient Overseas Container, 1973-1979


Overseas Trust Bank, 1977-1983


Paul Y. Construction Co., 1979-1986


Peninsula Group Magazine, 1988


Pioneer Industries, 1983


Planning and Development, 1990

Box 15

Pokfulam Development Co., 1980-1990


Port Development Board Hong Kong, 1991


Promet Petroleum, 1984-1987


Public International Investments, 1989


Realty Development Co., 1974-1989


Regal Hotels, 1985


Safety Godown Co., 1982-1987


San Imperial Corp., 1972-1973


San Miguel Brewery Co., 1974-1989


SEA Holdings, 1989


Shui Hing Co., 1974-1981


Shun Tak Enterprises Corp., 1988

Box 16

Sincere Co., 1975-1989


Sincere Insurance and Investment, 1978-1979


Sing Tao Newspapers, 1983-1984


Singapore Hong Kong Properties Investment, 1972-1973


South Sea Textile Manufacturing Company Ltd., 1973-1984


Southern Pacific Properties, 1973


Stelux Holdings, 1987


Sun Co., 1975-1979


Sun Hung Kai and Co., 1983-1988


Sun Hung Kai Properties, 1973-1989

Box 17

Sun Hung Kai Securities, 1978-1986


Swire Group, 1991


Swire Pacific, 1973-1989


Swire Properties, 1977-1980


Tai Cheung Properties, 1975-1982


Target Financial Service, 1990


Target Intelligence Report, 1990

Box 18

Taxation Institute of Hong Kong, 1990


Textile Alliance, 1975-1977


Trafalgar Housing, 1984-1989


Union Bank of Hong Kong, 1979-1989


Unison Knitting Factory, 1990


Wah Kwong Properties, 1974-1987


Wah Kwong Shipping and Investment Co.(Hong Kong), 1974-1982


Wardley Ltd., 1988


Wharf Ltd., 1988-1989


Wheelock Marden and Co., 1974-1980


Wheelock Maritime International, 1974-1976

Box 19

Wing Hung Kee Investment Co., 1980


Wing Lung Bank, 1988-1989


Wing On (Holdings)., 1981


Wing On Co., 1974-1988


Wing On Life, 1974-1979


Wing Tai Development Co., 1979-1987


Winsor Industrial Corp., 1975-1984


World International, 1980-1984


Yangtzekiang Garment Manufacturing Co., 1988

Box 20

Zung Fu, 1975-1988

Box 20


Scope and Contents note

Citizenship registration application and guide, leaflet, information kit, draft Hong Kong Order and press release. Includes material written in Chinese.

British nationality selection scheme


Form BN (HK) 1


General guide to the British nationality selection scheme, 1990


Hong Kong is our home, 1989


Hong Kong Order, 1984 and 1986

Boxes 20-22

EDUCATION, 1927-1993

Scope and Contents note

Bulletins, newsletters, newspapers, memoranda, magazines, prospectus, research report, advertisement, journal, college manual, yearbook, university calendar, career guide and report on education. Some of these materials are partly in Chinese.
Box 20

Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1986-1991


Chu Hai College, 1987-1989


City Polytechnic of Hong Kong, 1984-1991


Hong Kong advanced level examination, 1990


Hong Kong Baptist College research report, 1989-1990


Hong Kong Education Department, 1990


Hong Kong Institute of Language in Education, 1988-1989


Hong Kong Polytechnic School, 1991

Box 21

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 1987-1992


Journal of the Hong Kong Tertiary Institution


English Writing Competition, 1989-1990


Lingnan College, 1989-1991


St. Clare's Girls' School, 1927-1990


St. Stephen's Girls' College, 1988-1990

Box 22

Dialogue, 1989


Hiso, 1984


Hong Kong Education Department, 1988-1989


Hong Kong University convocation, 1986-1990


Hong Kong University Students' Union, 1987-1990


Hong Kong University 80th anniversary, 1992-1993


University of Hong Kong, 1986-1987


University of Hong Kong, 1988-1992


Witman Digest, 1991


Zhongshan University, n.d

Box 23

GENERAL FILE, 1982-1991

Scope and Contents note

Leaflets, brochures, news summary, sports publication, prospectus for the performing arts, souvenirs, speech, magazine, journals, newsletters, reports, summary of editorials, newspapers, forecast of visitors, legislative council questions, information regarding the relationship between the central government and the local entities, clippings, and materials about the government information services and the House of Commons. Parts of these materials are in Chinese.

City news, 1991


Daily summary of newspapers by London office, 1988-1989


Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, 1986-1987


Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival international races, 1985-1987


Hong Kong Government Information Services, 1988-1990


Hong Kong Journalists Association, 1990-1991


Hong Kong Library Association, 1988


Hong Kong Monitor, 1989-1990


Hong Kong Postmaster General, 1989-1990


Hong Kong Profile, 1982


Hong Kong Sports Institute, 1991


Hong Lok Yuen news, 1991


Miscellaneous press clippings


Opinion, 1988


Upbeat, 1990-1991


Urban Services Department, 1988-1989


Young Reporter, 1990-1991

Box 23


Scope and Contents note

Bulletins, consumer price index, report, official publications and newspapers.

Building Prosperity, 1989


Consumer price indexes, 1982-1988


Hong Kong China I, 1991


Hong Kong Economics Society, 1990-1991


Hong Kong Economic survey, 1989-1990


Hong Kong Institute of Economic Science, 1989-1990


Office of the Commissioner of Insurance, 1990-1992

Boxes 24-26


Scope and Contents note

Newsletters, government lists, map, daily press summaries, electoral ordinances, membership application, brochures, bulletins, reference papers, magazine and official records of Hong Kong urban council.
Box 24

Basic Law, 1988-1989


China for Affirmative Action, 1988-1992


Daily press summary, 1986

Box 25

Daily press summary, 1986-1987

Box 26

Daily press summary, 1988-1989


Chinese press summary, 1988-1990


Government Airport Core Programme (ACP)


Great Britain, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, 1987-1990


Guide to the Legislative Council elections, 1985


Hong Kong civil and miscellaneous lists, 1988


Hong Kong Democratic Foundation, 1990


Hong Kong district board electoral boundaries map


Hong Kong electoral provisions ordinance, n.d


Hong Kong Foundation, 1990-1991


Hong Kong Urban Council, 1973-1974


Legislative Council behind the scences, 1987


Office of the Executive and Legislative Councils, 1988-1990


Political Science Association, 1991


The Friends of Hong Kong committee, 1992


United Democrats of Hong Kong, 1990


White papers, 1988-1991

Box 27


Scope and Contents note

Newsletters and reports.

Against child abuse, 1988-1989


Birthright Society, 1987-1989


Caritas, Hong Kong, 1989-1990


Central Registry of Drug Abuse, 1981-1990


Christian Family Service Center, 1990


Christian Service News, 1990


Family Planning Association of Hong Kong, 1989


Hong Kong Association for the Mentally Handicapped, 1990


Hong Kong Coroners Report, 1989


Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association, 1990


Hong Kong Housing Authority, 1985


Hong Kong Journal of Gerontology, 1990


Hong Kong Journal of Mental Health, 1989


Hong Kong PHAB Association, 1988-1990


Hong Kong Social Security Appeal Board, 1985-1986


Methodist Epworth Village Community Center, 1988-1989


Pamphlet on Community Services, n.d


Society for the rehabilitation of offenders, 1989-1990

Box 27


Scope and Contents note

Leaflets, proceedings and newsletters.

Hong Kong Christian Industrial Committee, 1981-1983


News, views and comments on labour matters, 1983


Sha Tin District Board, 1988-1989


Tsuen Wan District Board report, 1983-1984

Box 27


Scope and Contents note

Newspapers and reports.

Director of Legal Aid, 1990-1991


Hong Kong, Criminal and Law Enforcement Injuries Compensation Boards, 1989


Royal Hong Kong Police, 1990-1991

Box 28

RELIGION, 1990-1991

Scope and Contents note

Bulletins, newspapers and pamphlets.

Chinese Coordination Center of World Evangelism, 1991


Diocesan Echo: The Diocese of Hong Kong and Macao, 1990-1991


Hong Kong Catholic Church Directory, 1990-1991


Hong Kong Islamic Youth Association, 1990


Hong Kong Muslim Herald, 1990-1991


Sunday Examiner: Catholic news of the week, 1990

Box 29


Scope and Contents note

Bulletins and daily quotations.

Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, 1987-1991

Box 30

TECHNOLOGY, 1989-1991

Scope and Contents note

Brochures, journal, leaflets, newsletter, news weekly, and reports.

AMP Products Pacific, 1989-1990


Computerworld, 1990


Datacom News, 1990


Daya Bay, 1989


Education Technology, 1991


Guangdong Nuclear Power Station, 1989-1990


Hong Kong Engineer, 1990


Quality and Certification, 1991

Boxes 30-31



Reports and newspapers

Boxes 32-118

Rest of collection not yet described