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Register of the S. I. Hayakawa papers
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S. 312


S. 521


S. 1329


S. 1330


S. 1331


S. 1803


S. 2055


S. 2101


S. 2191


S. 2750


S. 2907


Dr. Cooper


Charters and commemorations


Federal charter, S. 195




National Ag Day


Vietnam Vets


Women's History Week


Memorial, S. 941




S. Res. 100, Rosenthal


S. Res. 566, Clavell


Special projects, Shela Denton

Boxes 155-157

Judicial selection process


Judicial nomination process 1981


Judiciary: California nominations


Judicial selection


US attorneys


US marshals


Carbons, all issues

Box 158

Postal service and civil service


Big Brothers/Big Sisters


Keeler Post Office


Nine Digit Zip Code


Mark Twain commemorative stamp


Civil service - members tax deduction and salaries


Pay raises




S. 25, G.I. Bill (cosponsor)


S. 468, Health care for former POWs


S.J. Res. 123, "National Disabled Veterans Week"

Box 159

S.J. Res. 124, Taps at Vietnam Veterans Memorial


S.J. Res. 359, "National Disabled Veterans"


S.J. Res. 207, "National Purple Heart Week"


Administrator of the Veterans Administration


Everett Alvarez, Jr., Deputy Administrator of the VA


Burial benefits


Bob Hope VA Hospital


VA Medical Center, Martinez, California


VA Hospital police officers


Nimmo, Robert, VA administrator


Polish Legion of American War Veterans


Rider, A. J.


Sasway, Benjamin, Selective Service registration


Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund


Vietnam veterans

Box 160

Defense issues


Selective Service and educational benefits


Selective Service


China Lake, California, contracting out


Small business, FEMA


Bay Venture Management


Capital Formation Act


Cardenas confirmation hearing

Box 161

Commerce Business Daily


Competition, government


Hearing, LA 8/81


Hearing #3


Contracting out


Cushman Electronics, San Jose

Box 162

Enterprise zone hearings


Farm Workers, United (UFW)

Box 163

FEMA, Anaheim fire 4/82


Hsu, Ronald, construction


Hamilton Air Force Base


Innovation bill, S. 881


Love Creek disaster 1/82

Box 164

Oakland open meeting 8/79


Olympic Sales, Ravel


Pollution Control Bond Program


Procurement Conference, LA 5/82

Box 165

Procurement Reform Act


Rohr Industries, San Diego


Sanders, James C., nomination


Saucedo, Ray, small business loan


Swain confirmation hearing


Small Business Advisory Committee


Small Business Town Meeting, San Jose 2/80


Sullivan Company, late payments


Town meeting #3

Box 166

Small Business hearings agenda


SBA Authorization hearings 3/21 & 2/26/1979


Small Business Auto Dealers (Chrysler)


Small Business Comm/Capital Formation hearings 5/22/79


Capital Formation/White House Conference follow-up hearings 3/3-5, 1980


Communications monopoly


Economic concentration in newspaper


Independent Local Newspaper Act of S. 555 1979,


Darvon hearings 2/1, 2, 5/79


Full Committee 2/8/79


Economic Policy hearings 10/23/79, 11/6/79


FTC Franchise Small Business 7/17/79


Japanese non-tariff trade barriers


Multilateral trade negotiations


Committee progress and proposals


SBA size standards


Solar bill, S. 2224


Over enforcement of tax delinquency cases


National Women's Business Enterprise

Box 167

Correspondence files




Action - J.R. Lewis


Advisory, honorary memberships accepted and declined







Box 168



American Sovereignty Protection Act


Anniversaries, birthdays






Asawa Lanier, Ruth


Auburn Dam








Correspondence files, A-G

Box 169

Correspondence files, H-Z




Bilingual ballots


Bilingual education


Bakke case


Baltic States




Big Sur

Box 170

Bilingual ballots






Birthday 1978


Black Muslims


Blacks & labor unions


Blue copy unfiled






Breeder reactors


Brown, W. F. Jimmy


Brzezinski, Zbigniew


Budget Committee

Box 171



California candidates


California Congressmen


California Republicans


California drought


California staff




Campaign literature


Carter, President




Cherry Blossom Festival


Child Care Development



Box 172

Christmas cards





Box 173

Column mailing list


Committee assignments


Common Cause


Common Situs






Conference on Senator's papers




Congressional Record




Connally, John


Consumer Coop Bank


Contracts, Cabinet, White House


Convention II


Cooper, Elmer


Criminal justice






Dance, Joe Jeff


Daruma Doll ceremony




Drop ins


Drug abuse


East Asia

Box 174



Election 80/82


El Salvador




Endorsements, Refs. granted and denied

Box 175



Environment & the economy


Ethics Committee




English, official language



Box 176







FM Special


Fonda, Jane, and Tom Hayden


Food stamps


Foreign policy


Foreign relations


Dear old friends


Future contacts


Gann, Paul


Gas rationing


Gifts & contributions


Gifts to SIH


Government pamphlets


Graves, Betsy


Group of Ten




Gun control


Guyer, Georgia Anne

Box 177

Hamilton AFB


Hanafi, Muslims




Hayakawa, Fred


Hayakawa, Mrs.


Hayakawa, Ruth


Health Care


Hoover Institution


Hoover Presidential Library


Hubbs Sea World




Hayakawa, Senator


US Capitol Historical Society






Japan 1977

Box 178



Senate Service




Staff parties, birthday 1980




Thank you




Trip schedules 1977


VIP letters


Votes missed 1977


Voting record


Illegal aliens


Ill. Inst. of Tech.



Box 179

Inaugural gala


Income tax


Index - SIH


Interesting mail


Introduction letters


Iranian crisis


Ireland, Northern








Japan and the Orient


Japanese government officials


Japanese businesses

Box 180

Japan-US trade


Japanese American relocation letters




Jazz newsletters, letters, etc.






Judicial Selection Committee


Judicial appointments


Kennedy, Ted


Klausen, A. E.



Box 181

Ladies of Song


Lake Berryessa


Lance, Bert








Limitation of terms of office


Lincoln Institute




Longest Walk, The


Los Angeles




Manuscripts returned


Media manipulation



Box 182



Metric system




Mineral King


Minimum wage


Movie industry


Middle East issues


National Endowment for the Arts


Neutron bomb


New York


Nuclear energy


Oceanic Society




Orange Coast National Park



Box 183



Panama Canal









Box 184

"Political Animal"






Press - SIH


Presidio, Letterman, et al.


Reagan, President


Reader's Digest




Reclamation Act







Box 185



Redwoods - National Park


Refugees & Indochinese refugees




Remnant Review - Gary North




Republican Party


Republican Policy Committee


Requests - books, autographs






Ross, Ida Jane


Roth - Kemp




Russian dissidents



Box 186









Semantics - Linguistics


Senate Steering Committee




Apricots, Artichokes, Poppy Seeds

Box 187



Small business


Social Security








Speed 55 MPH


Sponsorship & patron requests

Box 188



Superintendents Office




Staff - party (July 14)


Employee lists


State Department


Sweeney Ridge





Box 189

Tam of the Month


Tap dancing




Taxes, income




TCB thank you letters


Thank yous






Clippings, articles







Tire, Pac. Coast Dealers Conf.






Tuna - porpoise

Box 190

Tuition tax credit




Transition 1980


Turner, Ted


Urban minority statistics


Vicar of Bray


Voting/election polls


Warnke, Paul C.


Washington, D.C.






Watt, James


Watts Towers

Box 191



West vs. East


West Point


White House








White House - Carter


Young, Andrew


Youth unemployment


Inaugural gala and party




Agricultural producers


Army Reserves

Box 192

College and High School students


Coffee Prices






Heroin addiction


Hayakawa inaugural gala and party


Lake Tahoe


Inter-American relations


Labor Department


Gay Federation




Marijuana law


Panama Canal








Supreme Court


Small business


South Africa








Undocumented aliens


US/UK treaty


Youth unemployment

Box 193

Subject files








Committees: Rules Committee


Gay Federation


Photographs - Far East trip 1980


Small business



Box 194

Group of Ten






















Press conferences


Report to Congress on a visit to Southern Africa

Box 195


Box 196



Dianetics - Announcements


Palm Desert, California


Acknowledged constituency mail

Box 197





Processing the "Auditor"


Astounding science fiction




Greenfield, Naomi 1953-1954

Box 198





Church of Scientology





Box 199


Box 200














Box 201

SIH Personal files


Accuracy in media


Advisory Committee




Affirmative Action


American Enterprise Institute


Asian Americans


Joan Baez




Black Republicans


Governor Brown






California Fed. & State Officials


California gas shortage


Cambodia - Vietnam


Campaign funds

Box 202







Chinese Americans


Clean Slate Theory




Clippings xeroxed






















Mike Curb


Election results







Box 203



President Ford




Government regulations


Hayakawa - negative


Tippi Hedren


HIP Program




Human rights






Institute for Cont. Studies






Irving Kristol



Box 204

Mass transit












New conservatism


Pacific Legal Foundation






Press releases


Proposition 13








Push for Excellence






Ronald Reagan







Box 205

Republican Campaign 1980








Policy Committee


Senatorial Committee


Senate Admin. Organization


Senate Comm.



Box 206





State Department


Steering Committee


Taxes & tax reduction




Teachers - teaching




United Farm Workers










Voter registration


White House

Box 207



Photo album




Daily schedule

Box 208

Photographs 1977, 1979


Africa notebook

Box 209

U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry


Full Committee Hearings


95th Congress 1977-1978

Box 210

VIP letters


Senate Desk History


SIH columns (index)

Box 211

SIH press speeches, Vol. II 1977-1978,

Box 212

SIH press speeches, Vol. III 1978-1980,

Box 213

Africa notebooks

Box 214

SIH press releases 1977-1978

Box 214A

SIH press releases 1979-1980

Box 215

Press releases 1981-1982


Press advisories


Interviews 1982

Box 216

Press conferences 1978-1980

Box 217

Press highlights 1978-1980

Box 218

Press highlights 1981


Testimony 1978-1982


Published articles 1976-1982

Box 219

Press interviews 1978-1979


Town meeting 1979

Box 220-222

Press background


Advisory Committees - Yorks, Harvey

Box 223

Press tapes - audio


Campaign, Debate, SIH ad Tunney on KNBC. Also, statements by Tunney on his legislative work 1976,


Campaign, Speech, Union City Chamber of Commerce 1976,




Interview, autobiographical material


Interview, with Brian Benson, SIH discusses semantics and politics


TV audio, both sides of tape 1/5-6/77,


interview, Arthur Asa Bergam, radio show 2/77,


speech, World Food 3/20/77,


Press tapes - audio


speech, Japanese-American Dinner, Beverly Hills 3/25/77,


Interview, KOCE-TV, Jim Cooper 4/5/77,


speech, Sandy Calhoun luncheon, "First 100 Days," San Francisco 4/11/77,


speech, Northern California Academy for General Dentistry, San Francisco 4/13/77,


speech, Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America, San Francisco 4/14/77,


speech, Antelope Valley Board of Trade, Lancaster 4/15/77,


speech, Republican Leadership Conference, Los Angeles 4/16/77,


statement in response to Carter Energy Plan 4/21/77,


Freedom Award, Order of Lafayette Annual Meeting 4/29/77,


statement, California's Forgotten Victims Week, State District Attorney's Association 4/29/77,


speech, National Press Club 5/4/77,


speech, Farm Credit Banks of Sacramento 5/6/77,


speech, New England Mutual Life Insurance Company 5/7/77,


speech and opening remarks, Japanese American Citizens League dinner 5/18/77,


speech, Wine Institute Board of Directors meeting 6/13/77,


interview with Lois Daniel, Senior Power magazine 6/29/77,


interview with staff member, SIH discusses his mother for a weekly column 6/29/77,


press conference, B-1 bomber 6/30/77,


interview with Hal Cessna, Cox Broadcasting 6/30/77,


statement, reaction to Carter Panama Canal position 7/22/77,


press conference, Washington, D.C. 7/28/77,


testimony, Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Separation of Powers, re: Panama Canal 7/29/77,


interview on KNX, re: ethics 8/11/77,


press conference, re: Panama Canal, San Francisco 8/19/77,


statement, re: Bert Lance 9/6/77,


testimony, Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Subcommittee on Parks and Recreation, re: Redwoods 9/7/77,


speech, Panama Canal, press conference, Helms and Hayakawa 9/10/77,


speech, Mt. Olive Baptist Church 9/11/77,


press conference, re: tax cuts 9/12/77,


interview with Radio News West, re: Reclamation Act Proposals 9/20/77,


testimony, Subcommittee on Parks and Recreation, re: Endangered Wilderness Act 9/20/77,


speech, Cheltenham Five-Star Forum, Wyncote, PA 9/27/77,


speech, Commonwealth Club, re: SALT II 11/4/77,


speech, California Federation of Republican Women, Fresno; 11/4/77, San Francisco Commonwealth Club, re: SALT 10/12/77,


speech, JACL Annual District Conference, Fresno 11/21/77,


speech, Constituency Council, Pasadena 11/19/77,


phone interview, Tahoe News, John Gonzales 11/21/77,


interview, WGBH (Public TV) 12/5/77,


press conference, re: California Advisory Committees 12/5/77,


interview with Japanese reporters, Yomiuri Shimbun 12/9/77,


press conference, re: B-1 bomber 12/14/77,


press conference, re: B-1 bomber 12/15/77,


press conference, San Francisco, before trip to Japan 1/4/78,


press conference, Andrews Air Force Base on return from USSR 1/11/78,


press conference, re: trip to USSR 1/12/78,


press conference, re: trip to Japan 1/17/78,


interview with Orvin L. Wilhite, Chief, Division of Agriculture, Bureau of Census 1/18/78,


press conference, Washington, D.C. 1/23/78,


press conference, Forum on Regulation 1/24/78,


Actuality, Redwoods 1/25/78,


interview, Chicago Tribune, quality of speeches in Senate 1/25/78,


testimony, re: Panama Canal 1/31/78,


speech, re: Panama Canal 1/31/78,


floor statement, B-1 bomber 2/1/78,


speech, response to House of Repesentatives, passage of Redwoods Bill 2/9/78,


interview, Jim Gannon of Wall Street Journal 2/10/78,


speech, United Fruit Growers Association, Los Angeles 2/15/78,

Box 224

Forum, Hayakawa and Moynihan at American Association of School Administrators meeting 2/20/78,


speech, Labor Policy Association meeting 2/25/78,


speech, Union League club of New York City 3/78,


interview, Cinesell Nipponese Network, re: US/Japanese economy 3/1/78,


testimony, Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs 3/1/78,


panel discussion, Competency Testing, National Institute of Education 3/2/78,


interview with Shirley Elder, US Magazine 3/2/78,


speech, International Management and Development Institute, Japanese/US trade 3/7/78,


speech, international economics 3/7/78,


interview by telephone, Airway Magazine with Milt Rockmore 3/7/78,


Actuality, re: increasing teenage unemployment 3/8/78,


testimony, Subcommittee on Constitution of the Senate, Judiciary Committee 3/14/78,


interview, re: limitation on elective terms of office 3/15/78,


floor speech, re: Panama Canal 3/16/78,


speech, National Association of Realtors 3/12/78,


press conference 3/20/78,


testimony of Ray Marshall, Human Resources Committee 3/22/78,


interview with Valerie Strauss, Jack Anderson's Radio Show 3/23/78,


speech, California High School students 3/29/78,


speech and press conference, Jewish Federation 3/30/78,


Actuality, re: Panama Canal 4/78,


interview with Sue Mathis, re: Panama Canal vote 4/78,


interview, CWA of California; speech, South Pasadena Junior High School 4/4/78,


testimony, Public Works Appropriation Subcommittee 4/5/78,


statement, Budget Committee Mark-up (2 tapes) 4/7/78,


speech, California Bankers Association Delegation 4/11/78,


statement, re: land reclamation and subsidies, Energy and Natural Resources Committee 4/12/78,


speech to students 4/13/78,


press conference, Panama Canal 4/14/78,


Actuality, re: foreign relations decisions made after Panama Canal vote 4/18/78,


Actuality, Jarvis-Gann 4/18/78,


floor statement, re: labor reform 4/18/78,


press conference with California Press 4/24/78,


speech, re: two party system, San Jose Junior High 4/25/78,


conference, "Asia - A Market for US Business" 4/25/78,


interview with Hal Cessna, Cox Broadcasting 4/26/78,


speech, Winters, California Retired Persons 4/26/78,


speech, NBRG Conference 6/78,


testimony, re: mineral king 4/28/78,


interview with Marty Salditch 5/78,


testimony, re: illegal aliens, Subcommittee on the Constitution 5/3/78,


floor filibuster, re: labor reform 5/17/78,


press conference, Jarvis-Gann Initiative 5/18/78,


interview with Mike Certhbert, WGMS, re: free enterprise 5/18/78,


speech, Republican Women Forum Luncheon 5/18/78,


interview with Ken Breck, Congregate Housing for the Elderly 5/18/78,


press conference, re: trip to Africa 5/24/78,


press conference; press conference, re: trip to Africa 5/24/78,


press conference, re: trip to Africa 6/8/78,


testimony, re: teenage pregnancy, Committee on Human Resources 6/14/78,


press conference, Howard Jarvis 6/19/78,


speech, Foreign Policy Association of South Africa, Mayflower Hotel 6/21/78,


interview with Bob Duke, Scripps-Howard 6/23/78,


press conference, re: Bakke Decision 6/28/78,


interview with Rita Kemply, Dossier magazine 6/28/78,


speech, Soroptimist International Biennial Convention 7/3/78,


speech, Voice of Agriculture 7/6/78,


meeting with ERA Lobbyists 7/10/78,


interview with Ruth Thompson, re: South Africa 7/12/78,


Actuality, re: Andrew Young 7/14/78,


interview with Mort Young, Hearst newspapers 7/13/78,

Box 225

press conference with Bishop Muzorewa of Rhodesia 7/18/78,


press conference, general discussion (2 tapes) 7/20/78,


interview, re: Japanese internment, Cox Broadcasting 7/25/78,


interview, William Raspberry of MTGW 7/27/78,


interview, Barbara Walters, ABC 8/2/78,


interview with Leroy Aarons, People magazine 8/2/78,


interview with Henry Rosen, re: accuracy in media 8/4/78,


speech, Los Angeles Chinatown Lions 8/5/78,


press conference with Senator Packwood, re: race and tuition tax credit 8/8/78,


speech, interns from UCLA, Berkeley, and Stanford 8/8/78,


floor statement, re: D.C. voting rights 8/18/78,


floor statement, re: D.C. voting rights 8/22/78,


press conference (2 tapes) 8/24/78,


interview, Cox Broadcasting 8/25/78,


Actuality, re: D.C. voting rights 8/25/78,


speech, California Association of Realtors, Los Angeles 8/26/78,


interview, re: Japanese trade talks, Japan TV 9/8/78,


speech, Republican Finance Committee Fundraiser of Missouri (2 tapes) 9/9/78,


interview along with Senator Chaffee, re: Tax Cut Blitz, WGIL 9/20/78,


interview with Ed Nichold, San Diego Union 9/21/78,


press conference, State Department briefing 9/22/78,


press conference, re: Transafrica 9/22/78,


speech, Republican Eagles, Palm Springs 9/23/78,


press conference, Congressional Black Caucus 9/26/78,


editorial, WCBS, re: D.C. voting rights 9/27/78,


press conference, California 9/28/78,


press conference, California 10/78,


interview with Abe Anel Shimbuh 10/2/78,


press conference with 5 Senators, re: Rhodesia (2 copies) 10/2/78,


press conference, re: Rhodesia 10/5/78,


interview, Canadian TV 10/5/78,


speech, California Community College administration 10/5/78,


joint press conference, re: wage/price controls 10/5/78,


interview with Jim Martin 10/8/78,


press conference, Ian Smith and Reverend Sithole 10/9/78,


interview with SDF (German TV) 10/9/78,


interview, Rhodesian TV 10/10/78,


press conference, California 10/12/78,


interview, US News and World Report 10/12/78,


Muzorewa/Chiran address Senate staff 10/17/78,


speech, Automotive Parts Rebuilders Association; speech, African Institute of CPAs 10/23/78,


speech, National Foundry Association 11/3/78,


Japanese Chamber of Commerce 11/9/78,


speech, San Bernardino Chamber of Commerce 11/10/78,


speech, Riverside, California 11/10/78,


speech, National Association of Independent Insurers 11/14/78,


speech, Nova High School, Redding, California 11/29/78,


speech, Riverside Chamber of Commerce 11/29/78,


speech, Shasta College, Redding, California 11/29/78,


speech, Yolo County Constitutional Council 11/30/78,


questions and answers, Sacramento State 12/1/78,


questions and answers, San Francisco State 12/1/78,


speech, Kennedy High School, Sacramento 12/1/78,


speech, Hiram Johnson High School Sacramento 12/1/78,


questions and answers, San Francisco State; speech, El Dorado County Constituency Council 12/2/78,


Larry Pascal (SIH District Representative), Youth Program Seminar 12/2/78,

Box 226



Tom Pettit, NBC News, Intro to new Senators; "Play It Again, Sam"' SF student demonstration; Senate Committee; Office Shot; Reception Shot 3/31/77,


speech at Turlock, CA; Political process and linguistics; Japan trip, refers to 1976 elections 2/16/78,


press conference, Washington, letter to Carter (impossible to suport foreign policy on bipartisan basis: Ian Smith, neutron bomb, Ethiopia, SALT, Panama Canal) 4/14/78,


interview with Hal Cessna, Cox Broadcasting, "Our Man in the Capital," Washington, D.C. (Panama Canal, taxes, previews Africa trip) 4/26/78,


briefing for colleagues, Africa trip of May 24 - June 7, 1978, Washington, D.C. 6/16/78,


interview, Barbara Walters for ABC News, Washington, D.C. 8/29/78,


press conference, Senator Hayakawa with Ian Smith, Washington, D.C. 10/9/78,


Post African trip, message to Fresno Constituency on African trip, May 24/June 7, 1978 1978,

Box 227

Press tapes - audio


speech, California Western Law School, Press conference California 12/5/78,


speech, University of San Diego 12/6/78,


speech, San Diego High School; speech Chula Vista Chamber of Commerce; interview, San Diego Union editorial board; speech, Beverly Hills High School 12/6/78,


speech, Azusa Pacific College, re: two party system; speech, Beverly Hills High School 12/7/78,


interview, Mike O'Connor of KTVU-TV, Oakland; press interview, San Francisco 12/12/78,


speech, re: trade deficit and recognition of China 12/13/78,


press conference, Fresno; speech, Las Lomas High School 12/14/78,


questions and answers, California State, Bakersfield, Youth Advisory Council; speech re: D. C. voting rights, Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce 12/15/78,


press conference, re: China 12/16/78,


speech, Orange County World Affairs Council 12/18/78,


speech, Novato Chamber of Commerce, re: China; interview with Mike O'Connor, re: Japanese reparations 12/19/78,


interview, KTVU-TV, re: recognition of China 12/20/78,


- no date 1979


Statement, Rhodesian Resolution


Interview, re: gas shortage, SALT, Rhodesia


Meeting with Constituents, re: Westlands


Press Conference, re: Social Security and Rhodesia


Speech, re: Reclamation Act, illegal aliens


Hearings, Foreign Relations Committee, re: Rhodesian elections


Interview, re: gas shortage, Rhodesia


interview, CBS, re: Japanese reparations 1/3/79,


press conference 1/12/79,


interview with Grace Marie Arnett, Copley News 1/19/79,


interview, KGO Radio Call In Show 1/22/79,


interview with Joe Templetom, ABC News 1/26/79,


speech, Traverse City Chamber of Commerce 1/26,79,


press release, re: Patty Hearst 1/29/79,


interview with Hal Cessna, Cox Broadcasting, re: Foreign Relations Committee lunch with China's Vice Premier Teng Xhiaoping 1/30/79,


interview, re: Teng Xhiaoping 2/79,


press conference, California 2/1/79,


interview with Ron Duhl, San Rafael Independent Journal 2/6/79,


press conference 2/8/79,


press conference, re: land reclamation 2/8/79,


actuality, Family Farm Liberation Act of 1979 2/8/79,


meeting with 4 California farmers on Parity (Tractor Group); interview wth David Hoffman, San Jose Mercury 2/9/79,


interview, KNBC 2/13/79,


speech, South Bay Commonwealth Club, press conference after speech 2/15/79,


speech, Republican State Central Committee, Sacramento 2/17/79,


interview with Richard Deystle, Voice of America, re: Africa 2/23/79,


press conference with George McGovern, re: Rhodesia 2/28/79,


Foreign Relations Committee, Rhodesia Resolution 3/5/79,


interview with Peter Wilshire, London Sunday Times, re: Rhodesia Resolution 3/9/79,


interview with David Frost, re: Rhodesia; speech, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy students, Dirksen Office Building 3/13/79,


interview, National Newspapers Association 3/15/79,


speech, re: health, Sohio 3/17/79,


interview, Voice of Ameirca re: Africa 3/20/79,


press conference, California Radio and TV 3/21/79,


town meeting, SIH, McGovern, Andrew Young, Kennedy Center; testimony, Energy and Natural Resources Committee 3/22/79,


Press conference, California Press in SIH office 3/28/79,


interview with Russell Baris, Harvard Review 3/29/79,


floor statement, re: Rhodesian Resolution 4/79,


radio call in, J. Eason Show, KGO 4/17/79,


press conference 4/20/79,


Side 1: Interview with Jerry Rankin, Santa Barbara Press; Side 2: Speech, Channel City Club, re: gasoline, actuality, re: gasoline; interview with Ellen Home 5/79,


Keynote speech, Central Washington University 5/6/79,


speech, U.S. Chamber of Commerce luncheon 5/7/79,


press conference, JACL 5/9/79,


interview with Jimi Ogunlafa, Africa Report 5/15/79,


speech, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, re: Rhodesia; actuality, re: gasoline 5/17/79,


speech, San Diego, World Affairs Council interview with Jerry Rankin, Santa Barbara Press, re: Illegal Alien Proposal 5/31/79,

Box 228

Alan Hayakawa on WRC Washington Radio Show on Senator as Washingtonian Magazine's listing of SIH as worst Senator 1/82,


interview with Owen Spann, KGO radio on various subjects 1/2/92,


actuality on Disaster Assistance for San Francisco area 1/11/82,


actuality on meeting with Japanese officials on trade 1/12/82,


interviews: reaction to State of the Union speech; KRON/Audio on withdrawal piece (from campaign?) 1/26/82,


actuality on Dizier's release 1/28/82,


in-House briefing on foreign relations including Poland, El Salvador, Korea, grain 2/82,


interview with Sheila Caudle of Gannett on various topics 2/3/82,


interview: wrapup on budget with Leo Rennert, McClatchy 2/10/82,


interview with reporters on US/PRC enconomic cooperation 2/25/82,


Senate Republican Conference Operation Airwaves on Caribbean Basin Initiative 3/82,


interview with China Times newspaper on Taiwan 3/2/82,


floor statement on Harrison Williams 3/9/82,


interview with Rich Indenfuth of ABC on POWs and MIAs 3/19/82,


statement on meeting with Japanese Foreign Minister on Japan/US trade 3/23/82,


interview with KPIX San Francisco Editorial on various topics 3/24/82,


actuality from Operation Uplink on Enterprise Zones 3/26/82,


interview with Cable News Network on El Salvador and Taiwan 3/27/82,


interview with Dick Hall of McClatchy News on food stanps and guest worker 3/29/82,


testimony on Aging Subcommittee (Labor) on Older Americans Employment 4/1/82,


comments on meeting on Taiwan arms 4/12/82,


interview wth KCET/LA, "Congressional Report"; interview with Don Shannon of LA Times; actuality on trade imbalance between US and Japan 4/16/82,


speech to the Washington Junior League at Press Club (biographical) 4/20/82,


interview with Otto Kreiser on bilingual education 4/21/82,


testimony on Bilingual Education Improvement Act; actuality on Bilingual Education Improvement Act 4/23/82,


actuality on Administrative Request on PRC laws and congressional consultation 4/26/82,


actuality on Disaster Assistance to Anaheim area 4/28/82,


actuality on Operation Uplikn on Voting Rights Act Extension and Bilingual Ballotsi 4/30/82,


interview with Bill Cooper of KPPC Pasadena 5/5/82,


interview on "Take Two" Cable News Network; interview with Hal Cessna on various subjects 5/18,82,


testimony an actuality on S.J. Res. 93 on small business contracts 5/19/82,


Operation Airways on labor (SIH 4th on tape) 5/82,


interview with Jeffrey St. John of Washington Times on immigration 5/24/82,


actuality on Grape Standards legislation 6/17/82,


interview with John Dedmond of States News on various subjects 6/21/82,


Operation Uplink of Senate Republic Conference on Work Incentive Act; Operation Airwaves on small business 6/82,


statement and actuality on Secretary of State Shultz hearings; statement and questions for Shultz at confirmation hearing 7/13/82,


interview with Howard Lesser of Voice of America on Africa trip 7/20/82,


interview with Hal Cessna of Cox Broadcasting on Alaska Oil proposal and tax reform 7/27/82,


interview with Asian Wall Street Journal on Alaska Oil Proposal and Taiwan 7/28/82,


actuality on House Passage of Solomon Amendment (Selective Service and Federal education assistance) 7/29/82,


interview with Jeffrey St. John on Africa trip 8/2/82,


statement and actuality on Support of Balance Budget Amendment 8/4/82,


statement and actuality on withholding on dividend and interest income 8/6/82,


interview with Cable News Network on PRC/Taiwan Communique 8/18/82,


actuality on US troops to Lebanon 8/20/82,


Senate Republican Conference Agriculture Forum on Immigration Bill 9/82,


actuality on vote to support Reagan on Spending Bill 9/10/82,


statement for presentation of Tam of the Month to Rose Varga 9/13/82,


statement after Lebanon Massacre news report 9/20/82,


Senate Republic Conference Operation Crossroads Africa with delegates 9/22/82,

Box 229


Box 230



Russian trip with Senator Baker, clips include Belgium/NATO 1/4-1/11/79,


press event, National Mime Week with Red Skelton, Washington, D.C. 3/29/79,


TV program, oil decontrol/Rhodesia/California Politics 1980, Washington, D.C. 5/17/79,


Public Affairs Broadcast tape produced by Tippi Hedren on Cambodia, Senator Hayakawa on camera approx. 1:00 on Cambodian culture being destroyed plus approx. :20 voice over, "Cambodia, The Final Act?" 8/6/80,


PSA, tax benefits for the elderly 1980,


interview, NBC Today Show: English Language Amendment, Washington, D.C. 4/28/81,


editorial response: English Language Amendment, Washington, D.C. 7/7/81,


campaign prepping tape (two tapes): Medfly/Abortion/Small Business/Washington, D.C. 7/11/81,


taped intro for PBS program on Soviet invasion of Afghanistan 7/31/81,


PSA, military academies, San Francisco, CA 10/5/81,


PSA, disabled veterans, San Francisco, CA 10/7/81,


PSA, Fourth of July, Washington, D.C. 6/21/81,

Box 231

Press audio cassettes 7/81-12/81


Color slides

Box 232

Press audio tapes - Weekly Radio Programs


mailbag #1 6/27/79,


mailbag #2 7/10/79,


mailbag #3 7/17/79,


mailbag #4 7/26/79,


mailbag #5 10/24/79,


mailbag #6 10/31/79,


mailbag #7 11/15/79,


mailbag #8 11/29/79,


mailbag #9 12/7/79,


mailbag #10 12/13/79,


mailbag #11 12/18/79,


mailbag #12 1/29/80,


mailbag #13 2/22/80,


mailbag #14 2/28/80,


mailbag #15 3/12/80,


mailbag #16 3/25/80,


mailbag #17 4/30/80,


mailbag #18 (Senior Citizen interns) 5/16/80,


mailbag #19 (inflation/10c gas tax/inflation) 5/22/80,


mailbag #20 (6-day mail delivery/15% interest tax/SBA) 6/5/80,


Radio Show #21 (Clark/union dues) 6/12/80,


Radio Show #22 (Social Security payments to convicts) 6/20/80,


Radio Show #23 (Fourth of July message) 6/25/80,


Radio Show #24 (Vietnam War Memorial) 7/1/80,


Radio Show #25 (Women in politics) 7/24/80,


Radio Show #26 (Our failing welfare system) 7/31/80,


Radio Show #27 (Iranian dissidents/American Sovereignty Protection Act) 8/7/80,


Radio Show #28 (Deportation of Iranian dissidents) 8/21/80,


Radio Show #29, (55 mile speed limit) 8/27/80,


Radio Show #30 (Arthritis/Dimethyl Sulfoxide/ DMSO) 9/19/80,


Radio Show #31 (sale of nuclear fuel) 9/25/80,


Radio Show #32 (First in an eight part series on small business) 10/3/80,


Radio Show #33 (Second in series on small business) 10/10/80,


Radio Show #34 (Third in series on small business, increase in SS) 10/16/80,


Radio Show #35 (Fourth in series on small business: Regulatory Reform) 10/23/80,


Radio Show #36 (Fifth in series on small business: solar energy) 10/30/80,


Radio Show #37 (Sixth in series on small business: federal spending/inflation) 11/6/80,


Radio Show #38 (Seventh in series on small business: reduction in federal paper work) 11/13/80,


Radio Show #39 (Eighth in series on small business: youth differential) 11/20/80,


Radio Show #40 (Federal election voting hours) 12/4/80,


Radio Show #41 (First in series of six on education) 12/11/80,


Radio Show #42 (Second in series on education: goals of education) 12/18/80,


Radio Show #43 (Third in series on education: decline in basic learning) 12/25/80,


Radio Show #44 (Fourth in series on education: television a deterrent to education) 1/1/81,


Radio Show #45 (Fifth in series on education: busing) 1/8/81,


Radio Show #46 (Sixth in series on education: government interference) 1/15/81,

Box 233

Press tapes - audio


Keynote speech, Central Washington University 5/6/79,


speech, US Chamber of Commerce luncheon 5/7/79,


press conference, JACL 5/9/79,


interview with Jimi Ogunlafa, African report 5/15/79,


speech, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, re: Rhodesia, actuality, re: gasoline 5/17/79,


commencement address, Pepperdine Law School 5/19/79,


speech, San Diego World Affairs Council; interview with Jerry Rankin, Santa Barbara Press, re: Illegal Alien Proposal 5/31/79,


interview at White House, re: Rhodesia 6/79,


speech, Virginia Bar Association 6/23/79,


floor statement, re: food stamps 6/26/79,


interview, San Jose 6/30/79,


speech, Laguna Niguel Rotary Club; interview, Palos Verdes TV 7/3/79,


interview, AM San Francisco; interview with Owen Spann, KGO radio 7/5/79,


interview with Hal Cessna, Cox Broadcasting 7/10/79,


press conference, California Press (2 tapes) 7/12/79,


interview with Laura Yule, KIEX TV, re: CETA; interview, KRCR-TV, Redding 8/8/79,


speech, town meeting in Santa Cruz 8/13/79,


interview, KNTV San Jose, re: oil decontrol 8/17/79,


interviews, KPIX and KRON 8/20/79,


Q and A, KCBS 8/31/79,


speech, San Rafael Rotary Club 9/20/79,


interview, National Public Radio 10/25/79,


interview with Diane Kiesel, CA public TV, re: draft registration 12/10/79,


interview with Rowland Post, KRON TV 12/31/79,


press conference, San Francisco 1/21/80,


press conference, re: refugees 1/22/80,


actuality, re: Canada and US diplomats 1/30/80,


press conference, CRA 2/4/80,


Reagan Rally 2/5/80,


Republican Platform Hearings re: undocumented workers 2/15/80,


press conference, Washington 2/27/80,


interview: general 3/80,


interview with New West magazine 3/2/80,


hearings re: Solar Commercialization Act (2 tapes) 3/3/80,


interview: American Sovereignty Act 3/11/80,


floor statement re: American Sovereignty Protection Act 3/19/80,


Advisory Committee discussion re: agriculture/immigration and American Sovereignty Protection Act 3/21/80,


press conference and speech - JACL 3/22/80,


speech at Health Industry Manufacturers Association, Palm Springs 3/29/80,


interview with WRC TC, Washington, re: Iran 4/1/80,


Iran Express 4/2/80,


interview with Sacramento Union 4/15/80,


press conference re: Iran; press conference, California Office (2 tapes) 4/16/80,


editorial response for KABC 4/17/80,


actuality, Big Sur 5/5/80,


National Republic Platform Hearing re: knowledge elite; actuality re: Bug Sur 5/8/80,


interview with KRON re: ride sharing 5/16/80,


interview with McLean magazine 5/21/80,


interview for Sunday Profile magazine of Valley News; interview with Orange County Register 5/24/80,


speech at Harbor Lawn Memorial Park 5/26/80,


statement on Secretary of State Muskie 5/80,


testimony at Select Commission on Refugees hearing 6/9/80,


interview for Radio Show re: small business 10/2/80,


interview for KCBS-SF re: Presidential Debates 10/28/80,


interview with Sacramento Union 11/17/80,


- Interview for radio re: foreign relations 1980

Box 234

Videotape "Hayakawa Today"


Press photos

Box 235

Press photos

Box 236



SIH visits Lawrence Livermore Laboratory 11/8/76,


Stanislaus State College students 1/2/77,




Swearing In with Senators Curtis and Thurmond


Casual photo


Danuma Doll Press Conference


Republican Conference


Swearing In


Swearing In with VP Rockefeller


Swearing In with SIH family


Dunuma Doll




Mr. Blackistone, florist, for Heart Association






Eugene Mannila, Alice Saathoff, friends


Dorothy Chagenovich, Naval Supply Woman of the Year


A. Philip Bray, winner, E. A. Lawrence Award for Energy 1/14/77,


Roger Mudd TV show 1/16/77,




CA Youth Inaugural Delegation (Josh Wilson)


George Merrick, President Rockwell International Space Division




Gerald Ford


President Carter State of the Union Address


Congressman Lagomarsino with Filmore HS students


Inaugural Ceremony for President Carter 1/20/77,


Peter Gottheiner, National Home Care Inc. of SF 1/21/77,




SIH ID photo


Grant C. Pinney and Robert Murphy




Donald and David Jackson, San Joaquin farmers


Stan Doyka


Scheduling Secretary Steve Vaccariello


SIH photos


Candid SIH office photos


Major John Vernon, Vietnam vet from Redwood City, CA 2/1/77,


US Senate Youth Program delegate Michael Miller 2/2/77,




Ambassador Punch Coomanaswamy of Singapore


Presidential classroom delegates


Breakfast for CA Republican Delegation 2/4/77,




Ralph Millikin, Pres. CA Med. Assn., Dr. Cohn, Chairman, Council; Al Pross, CA Med. Assn. and Dr. Joe Takamine, Chairman, Cal-Pac


Walgreen Drugs representatives


National School Board Association members


Presidential classroom delegates 2/10/77,


Asst. Secretary of State Dannell St. Claire after SIH delivers Washington Farewell Address 2/21/77,


Presidential classroom delegates 2/24/77,


Warren Christopher, nominee, Dept. Secretary of State 2/25/77,


Presidential classroom delegates 3/3/77,


National League of Cities Convention delegates 3/7/77,




Science Service Award winner John Belleveau


Gene Prat and Elvira Orly


Sen. and Mr. Robert Brouse, Shaklee Corp. 3/16/77,




Stanford Sloan fellows


Congressman Fred Schwengel, Pres., Cap. Historical Society




Teacher of the Year Mrs. Myrna Lenora Lee (2 photos)




San Diego Chapter Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge


Boy of the Year CA finalists Richard Forslund, Frank Garduno, Director Charles Conley


John Komperds, Contra Costa County Dinner


Boy Scout Troop 39, Santa Venetia, CA; St. Mary's students, San Jose; Newport Harbor HS students; Whittier Union HS students 4/5/77,




Hugh McDonald, Teamsters, S.D.; I.M. Ryam, President, REMCO


Dr. David Olch, Beverly Hills


Joint Session of Congress 4/20/77,


John Kunst family 4/29/77,

Box 237

USC students Mike Mikasa, Chuck Wilcox, Mark Harris 5/12/77,




Mr. Arlo Sorenson, J. E. Greene, Sherry Hutchinson, Whittier Corp.


Prime Contractor of the Year Mr. Bernard Katz


Redwood Loggers Rally 5/24/77,


Intern Maureen Patty 5/25/77,




Mr. and Mrs. James den Eykel and daughter Britt


Masar Tsuyama, Pres. CA First Bank, & Mrs. Mike Masaoka


H. A. Applegate, Exec. Director DECA & Becky Klub


Peter Shor, winner 6th USA math olympiad and parents 6/7/77,


Richard Keller, Atty., Board of Trustees, Ohlone College 6/9/77,




Page David Tulanian


Marcella Whitmore of Arcadia, SIH worker


Spelling champions Melinda Lilly and Jane Labib


Brig. Gen. A. P. McMillan and Marines 6/17/77,


SIH and Laxalt staffers re: Lake Tahoe Project 6/20/77,


Congressman Pickle, Gold Pickle Award 6/24/77,


Senators Hayakawa, Chafee and Schweiker 7/77,




Buck Fawcett, Fran. Simpson, CA Beef Cattle Feeders


Sunny Mojonnier, Pres. So. CA Nisei Farmers League


FFA members Mark Hoag and Gary Sauza 7/22/77,


School principals Patrick Baker, Rudi Medina, Dolores Luhns, Delores Parkers 7/25/77,




Marion McDowell, staff


Interns Joel Curtis, John Spees, Betsy Graves, Tracy Morgan, Tammy Thompson, Jim Selth


Teachers Flo Anne Keith


Allene Zangene, staff


Former Congressman Roger Zion 8/1/77,


SIH in Ashville, NC 9/11/77,


Ruth Braley, Jan Hedlund, Michele Laxalt at Bloomingdale's for African Museum of Art 9/17/77,


Special Olympics 9/19/77,


CA Supervisors 9/21/77,


Bruce Jenner, Sandy O'Hara (staff) 10/14/77,


Senator Humphrey 10/25/77,


David Harmer 10/27/77,


Hearings 11/77,




Intern Dan Ichinaga


California women in agriculture




SIH passport photo


Gene Prat passport photo


Intern Alyssa Popeil, Page Louise Ichinose, Scheduling Secretary Steve Vaccariello 12/9/77,


Deborah Graham, staff 12/14/77,


Mr. Herbert Turner, Assoc. Bldg. & Contractors 1/20/78,




SIH in tam


California farmers


Apricot producers in California (Jack Hestilow, Ivan Bays, Ralph Watters, Lauren Campbell) 1/23/78,


Alliance of Metal Working Industries 1/24/78,


Chicano "dropout" students 1/25/78,


CA Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors (w/Gene Prat and Dr. Backer) 1/30/78,


Presidential classroom 1/31/78,


SIH speaking 2/78,


Senator Cranston w/Senate Youth Program Winners 2/1/78,


Francine Malone and IWY Group 2/2/78,


Mr. Kazarian, Dr. Merenda, Walter Clark & Assoc. 2/3/78,


Assn. of Community Colleges 2/6/78,




Gene Prat & Harry Kubo, San Joaquin Nisei Farmers League banquet


Assemblymen Carman, Perrino, Waters


Senator Stall, San Joaquin Nisei Farmers League banquet


Justin Dart 2/21/78,




Dean Rider


Delphine Cannon and Mr. Cannon




Eileen Hamm, June Duran, Ingelborg Pattee / McGraw-Hill


Members, Community Health Assn. (S. Sylvester Lee, Louis Garcia, Donald Fink, Harold Hambrich, Dorothy Reno, Geraldine Branch, Charles Debose, Gabriel Arce)




Presidential classroom


Gene Prat, Harry Kubo


Mary Goedde, Yoshio Inadomi, Harry Kubo, Sam Minami


Randy Gruber, staff aide


San Minami


Yoshio Inadomi


Harry Kubo, President, Nisei Farmers League


Staff picture (listing enclosed)

Box 238



Gene Prat & Councilman Lawrence Pegram of San Jose


Gene Prat and Ernie Cobine


Orange County Consortium of Cities w/Grace, Betty, Gene 3/9/78,


CA elected county officials 3/13/78,


Norma Gater/Morgan Vail, Lodi Unified School District 3/22/78,




Caroline and Edie Thompson (intern)


Brock Spore, Dorothy Saunder, grandmother and grandson


Frank Laurie, Mrs. Jean Hill 3/27/78,


William L. Dick at D.C. reception 4/4/78,


San Diego Chamber of Commerce (John Murphy & Lee Grissom) 4/5/78,


Freedom Foundation Essay Winners - Pacific Palisades High (Melana Luke, Karen Beard, Louise Fusfeld, Sherrill Kahn, Dayna Adams, and April Cline) 4/10/78,




Kim Bower, Republican page


Brian Lee, Explorer Scout and Kim Krause, friend


President Carter 4/15/78,




President Carter


President Carter, Admiral Rickover, Zbigniew Brzezinski




"Business Roundtable" Malcolm Lovell, Jr., Richard Schubert, William Kolberg, Lewis Foy


Lewis Foy, Chairman of Bethlehem Steel Corporation


Tim Leighton, intern


James Bloom, Morgan Graschel


Basil Williams III, John Greenwalt, Ted Higgins, Howard March, Michael Golub, students


Brian Hooker, Page and Tom Murphy, intern 4/24/78,


Secretarial staff (list attached) 4/27/78,




SF County Supervisor Quentin Kopp


SF Chamber of Commerce




Intern Mike Bendorf


Intern Debbie Kanarek


Intern Doug Tom


Intern Ernie Riffenburgh 5/9/78,




Staff aid Glenn Rochkind


MS Society Father of the Year, Dr. Phillip Itkoff




Intern Alan Forst


Dellums' page Anthony Thompson


Gene Prat, Jack Goldberger, Secretary-Treasurer, Newspaper and Periodical Drivers and Helpers 5/17/78,


Tilman O'Bryant, staff assistant, Urban Affiars 6/9/78,


Lyle Meek family 6/13/78,


Rod Pulley, Executive Director, Housing Authority of Santa Cruz 6/15/78,




Alfago Clark, staff aid


Blair Tyler, Trudy Powers' friend


Frank Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Naylor, Gene Prat 6/27/78,


SIH at Stockton Waterloo Activity 7/5/78,


Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Levy 7/12/78,


Senators Long and Matsunaga w/Japanese Diet headed by Chairman Shiro Nakano 7/13/78,


Waler Raheb 7/16/78,




Richard Rashman, CA Republican League


Geoffrey Gibbs, Gary De Pew, Tom Moore - Boys Nation


Senators Heinz & Garn, Bishop Abel Muzorewa and aides 7/18/78,




Dayna Carrall and two Swedish exchange students


Yvonne Fink, 4H citizenship


Anne Moore's sister, Jane Halliburton




Francis Troppe, Steve McCormick, Patrick Jewell


Meredith, Lauren Preston and Kay Merrill


CA Social Studies Teachers Patricia Flaherty, Pamela O'Brien, Shelly Hawkeswood




Intern Doug Lee


Intern Ben Haddad


Intern Richard Flannery


Intern Arsen Malkasian


Jill Elisofon, Mark Bronson, Lee Bronson, Mrs. Smith for Bronson Collection - Zaire Art/African Art Musieum


Mrs. Mitzo Tsujimoto and daughter


San Diego Councilman Bill Lowery, George Gordon, Bill Harrington 7/27/78,




Intern Karen Davis


Summer interns




Intern Nancy Friedman


Wallace Campbell of CARE (friend of SIH)


James Ware, Republican candidate for Controller


Intern Tammy Thompson


Inter Drew Fransen


Intern Graham Walker


A. L. Buffington, President, Diamond/Sunsweet, Inc. 8/7/78,




Ronald K. Okejire, JACL/So. CA Representative


Intern Baird Straughan




Intern David Ritchie


Staff aid Terry Hinch


House page Petina Kaplan


Intern Melinda Wolfe




L.A. Judge Ricks


Intern Tim Bobbitt


Intern Karen Hirayama


Richard Flannery, parents, sister and aunt


Fred Ryan, Congressman Dornan's office


Dr. Earl Jones, (VP/SF State) and family 8/14/78,

Box 239



Mr. & Mrs. T. W. Anderson and family


Chery Ann Wong


Anne Moore's in-laws, Mr. & Mrs. Hubert Moore




Intern Kevin Keane


Republican Conference


Intern Susan Cole




Gene Prat


Page Michael Montgomery


Intern Dan Ichinaga 8/24/78,


Staff aide Ronnie Doherty and parents 8/26/78,


Constituent Diana Feldman; scuba diving at San Diego Sea World 8/78,


NFIB President Wilson Johnson 9/13/78,


Gerald R. Ford, International Investors Forum 9/16/78,


President Carter, P.M. Begin, President Sadat 9/18/78,




President Sadat


Gordana Swanson, Mayor Pro-tem, Rolling Hills, CA


President Sadat


United Youth Society - Daniel Schultz, Kenny Baker, Manny Perez, Salvador Ruiz, Bobby Lays, Steve Content, Richard Susman, Brad Parish 9/25/78,


Rhodesian press conference Fall 1978,


SIH interview 10/5/78,




Prime Minister Ian Smith, Reverend Sithole


Senator Garn meeting w/Prime Minister Ian Smith


Senator Goldwater, Prime Minister Ian Smith


P.M. Ian Smith, Reverend Sithole at press conference




P.M. Ian Smith, Reverend Sithole, Senator Goldwater


P.M. Ian Smith, Reverend Sithole, Senators Weicker and Garn


Senator Heinz and P.M. Ian Smith


P.M. Ian Smith, Senators Garn and Chafee


P.M. Ian Smith, Reverend Sithole


Senator Wallop and Reverend Sithole


P.M. Ian Smith, Senator Wallop


P.M. Ian Smith, Senator Sparkman, Reverend Sithole


P.M. Ian Smith, Reverend Sithole en route to L.A.


Latin Businessmen's Association, L.A., CA 10/27/78,




State Senator William Campbell


Republican 96th Senatorial Congress




Susan Alvarado


Barbara Andrews




Linda Manske, staff


Gene Prat and Linda Manske, staff


Jeff Marston, staff (2 photos)




Senators Hayakawa and Stevens with Jeff Marston and Wayne Schley


SIH w/Senator Stevens and Gene Prat


Students from Serra Padre H.S.


Joint Session of Congress 1/23/79,


Ruby Smith 1/25/79,


Travers City, Michigan 1/26/79,


Luncheon for Chinese Delegation 1/30/79,


Small Business Committee hearings 2/1/79,


Ingrid Avedo and Helen Schvenka 2/2/79,


CA Avocado Growers 2/9/79,


Far West Ski Association 2/12/79,


CA Congressmen - Grisham, Matsui, Thomas Dannemeyer, Fazio 3/8/79,


CA interns from UCLA 3/9/79,


Senators Jepsen and Durenberger 3/12/79,


Dr. Garrity, President Central Washington University 3/13/79,


Dunn Valdez 3/14/79,


Carried Friend and Steve Kelmar, staff 3/21/79,

Box 240



California School Officials Russell Mathews, Tim Williams, Stanley Won


Explorer Scouts George Wagenseller, Anthony Newcomb, Sam Arroyo, Paul Harrison, Barry Hoiser


Red Skelton and Gene Prat 4/6/79,


Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Wineroth and family 4/9/79,




Students of Rancho Palos Verdes, Miralista H.S.


6 Newport Harbor H.S. students


8 Whittier H.S. students


Vallecito School, San Rafael, CA students


Freedom Foundation member of Santa Ana




June Taylor, staff


Senator Thurmond and Duncan Howard family


Mr. & Mrs. Roos 4/12/79,




Todd Dreadgill


Rabii Judah Glasner


Israel Rosales


S.F. Chamber of Commerce 4/30/79,




Chuck Yob and Hank Fuhs


Bill Combs, Mayor of Moraga and Richard Scott, President CA Chamber




Central Washington University


Bret Weiss




Paul Shimada staff


Carrie McCauley


Leitkia Chen


Jeannine Saunders


Chrissie Sacino




Mayor Kleiner of Lancaster and Councilmen, member of Board of Trade from Lancaster, CA


Patricia Parks, Laurie Baker, Gene Prat


Jewish Federation Council Community Relations Committee 5/17/79,




Intern Mark Perkins


Intern Carol Sarian


Mr. & Mrs. Knapp, Margaret Reihlmann, and Danny Murray


Intern Chuck Barson


Dr. Larry Murphy, Arlington, VA


Francine Malone, staff, brother Garrett


Gene Prat, Barb Bacci, staff


Senate pages 6/6/79,




Senate page




Mr. & Mrs. Hunter Land 6/15/79,




Joanne McCollough


Laura Jettson


Phil Proulx


Jim Blackwood, staff


Tom Burlich


Mike Burliss


Mr. & Mrs. Brown and Sally Brown 6/20/79,


Dr. Christian Barnard 6/27/79,


Schlemesons 7/10/79,


The Fletchers 7/11/79,


Keith Coplen, Gene Prat, Laurie Baker 7/23/79,




The Bellwethers of Garden Grove


Gene Prat, Keith Coplen from Burbank


Alex Kwon, intern


Intern Rico Gonzales


Intern Missy Moore


Intern Charlie Petritis


Intern Megan Welsh


Inter Cally Sutter




Senate pages


Father Burbank




Intern Ellen McKissock


Anne Moore and Ellen McKissock




Intern Cathryne Bray


Weicker page


Intern Janet Fekete


Intern Brian Kidney


Ted Cramer


Anne Moore, staff


Suzanne Ploughman, staff


Intern Lauren Wander


Dennis Parobek (staff) and wife


Carla and Chris Vohelpohl


Black Businessmen's Association from L.A. 9/27/79,




Members of National Restaurant Association


Ted Balesteri and Robert Power


National Restaurant Association


Author Joseph Wambaugh 10/18/79,




John Kresse, staff


Intern Hugh Orosco


Jerry Partane, staff


Don Galbraith


Steve and Brian Kelmar, staff 11/2/79,


Linda Jenks, staff, and family 11/5/79,




National Conference of Negro Women


The Kelmars


David Jenks (intern)


Joseph Scott and Bob Bush


Claudia Conroy, staff


Intern Stephanie Prince (2 photographs)


Intern Suzanne Woods


Don Walsh of USC Institute of Oceanography 11/19/79,




The Louie Vanduzers


Sandra Smoley, County Supervisor, 3rd District, Sacramento




Senator Cranston, Judge Hufstedler, Secretary Department of Education


Gloria Blum, constituent


Grace Hussie, staff


Al Rose 11/28/79,




Page Mark Hitchcock


Page Mark Russo


The Nebekers


Interns David Jenks and Suzanne Woods


Barb Bacci, staff


Intern Dennis Parobek


Peggy Haberstroh, staff


Intern Diane Van Hammor


Intern Gigi Dufort


Intern Tom Schwartz


Carol Gambrel


Howard Bobren, Jim Tishler 11/30/79,

Box 241



Liz Nord


Tom Cort


Senate Foreign Relations Committee 1/80,


Prime Minister Thatcher 1/17/80,


Senator Heinz re: Pittsburgh Super Bowl victory 1/24/80,




Intern Lynn Sonntag


Intern John Gordon (2 photographs)


Intern Missy Benson (2 photographs)


Intern Lisa Scott


Intern Lisa Friehl (2 photographs)


Intern Gail Nunn (2 photographs)


Anne Moore and Lynn Sonntag


Intern Jeff Buncke


Intern Lance McLean


Mayor Corica of Alameda (2 photographs)


Intern Lisa Nicholas (2 photographs)


Intern Blake Brydon (2 photographs)


Intern Lance McLean


Members of Assn. of Independent Colleges and Universities 1/31/80,


Steven Gamble and son Dana 2/5/80,




Hearst Youth Foundation delegates


Francine Malone


CA State Student Assn.


Senator Wallop 2/8/80,


Judge Rolph, Mr. Downer 2/20/80,


President of Kenya 2/21/80,


Haberstroh family 2/22/80,




President Saxon of U. CA system


Young Jewish leaders of United Jewish Appeal


Volunteer Roland Springborn 3/13/80,


Jewish Federation of L.A. 3/19/80,


Lumber Merchants Assn. 3/20/80,


Mayor Kathie Wright, Councilman Gallegly, City Manager Lin Koester 3/26/80,




Mystery H.S.


Members CA School Boards




SIH in constituent T-shirt


Tippi Hedren


Matthew Eagleson


Mr. Godi and CA Assn of Realtors 4/1/80,




Newport Harbor H.S.


Steve Brummel and Mr. & Mrs. Bourriague




Attorney General Deukmejian


Assn. Builders and Contractors




Big Sur Group


Reception for SIH's mother


Dr. & Mrs. Bjonerud


New Covenant Christian H.S. of Palo Alto




CA Ag. Leadership lunch (2 photographs)


John Crossland


San Diego Chamber of Commerce




Assemblyman Bruce Young


Laurie Baker, Gene Prat, Barb Bacci




Meadow Oaks School from Calabasas


L.A. Bar Assn.


David Anderson, William Griffith, of GTE


Staff and interns


The Parks, Patty White 4/30/80,


Members Sacramento Chamber of Commerce 5/5/80,


W. Chambers, Sr. Intern 5/8/80,


SIH mother 5/12/80,




Colonel Little John of Herlon, CA 13


Mike Scavo from Lone Pine




Steve Rinehart, attorney


Dan O'Hara


Sr. Interns from CA 5/15/80,


Senior Citizens from Oakland 5/16/80,




Tom Curtis, Bruce Curtis, Andrew Marin


Jack Brewer

Box 242



Birgit Noh from Germany


Summer helper John Stinmetz


Janice Englehart, Patrick Ryan, pages


The Loquaci's


Page John Gordon and mother


Juvenile Diabetes group


Chris and Larry Groves, staff


Intern Charles Huckelberry, Congresman Panetta




Potomac Boat Club


Harriet Bell, Thurmond page






Melissa Schukler, and mother


Mrs. Sebastiani


Members CA Washington Workshop 6/18/80,




Duncan Hunter


Senator Hatch Intern Ken Wallentine




Mary Goedde and friends


Ambassador Okawara of Japan




Quynh Thai, our page


Edith Jones, SIH volunteer in S. D.




Dr. Guerra


Wilfred Simendinger


Cecil Green


Bob White


Bill Kennedy


CA Contract Cities Assn.


David Metcalf


Councilwoman Faye Dunlap and husband


Roy Paul


Carol Tanaka, William McCann


Mike Montgomery


Don Schafer 6/25/80,


Paul Fadelli and family 6/26/80,




Todd Glanz, intern


Intern Robert Kwong


Intern Alan Nichols


Marikay Shaw


George Brazier


Rick Schwabacher


Intern Erin Wright


Intern Kathy Mullen


Intern Mary Avshagouni


Marian Hopkins and family


Dr. Kim, Dr. Backer


Intern Melanie Hartounian


Sharon Bukowski


Suzanne and Tim Kelly 7/1/80,




Lawrence Spector of Big Sur


Youth Science Camp Winners


Herman Miller, oldest vet of Spanish American War 7/21/80,




Intern Liz Holmes


The Kipps


CA Assn. Winegrape Growers


Jim Brulte




Washington Workshop


Boys Nation delegates


Intern Kevin Early


Pam Carson 7/27/80,


George Bush 7/29/80,




SIH in baseball outfit


Gene Prat, Janice Barbieri, Laurie Baker




Indian Youth


Intern Ron Jacob




The Kwongs


The Effrons


Chinese Welfare Council




Intern Bill Williams


Senate pages


Richard Sandifer, staff


Brian Maxwel, staff


Various Senate pages


Mike Gervais


Jill Lindstrom 8/26/80,


SIH and Cranston 8/27/80,


Mike Montgomery 8/80,


Charles Julian 9/4/80,


Richard Hirschfeld and Dr. Backer 9/5/80,




Mayor Larry Bagley of Oceanside


Jerry Partian


Rod Holmgren


John Briscoe and Nicholas Gismond


Ernest Nankos 9/9/80,




Intern Charles Butt


Intern Nancy Carson


Intern Cari Cooper


Intern Brian Colburn


Anne Moore, staff


Pat Okura


Intern Matt Stankey


Jerry Jackson of GEICO


Kenneth Harrel and family


Ken Zuck




Kitchenaires from Eureka


Wilson Johnson of NFIB




Perry Galloway


Jon Mong


Vicki Bie




Thelma Osborn


Telephone Pioneers of America


Mrs. John Sandoval and Mrs. Harry Collins




Lee Tarbet, Intern


L.A. City College Robert Farrell


Senator Montoya


David and Carol Hwang


Black Business Assn. of L.A. 9/29/80,

Box 243

National Associated Businessmen, Inc. 10/1/80,


Rols Kravlik family 10/2/80,


Page Sam Fairley 11/12/80,


Ray Bennett, VP 20th Century Fox 11/13/80,




Jim Josoff and Big Sur Group


CA County Supervisors


Toastmasters International




Victor Levy, President FTD


Wally Amos, "Famous Amos"


Republican Caucus 12/2/80,




Peggy Haberstroh and Don Maag, Jr. of Norris Industries


Andy Walquist, Senator Warner's AA


Lori Sonken, Cheryl Orpen


Cheryl Orpen and parents 12/16/80,


Republican Caucus 12/80,




Hirschhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden (SIH & Warren)


Co-op Bank of S.F.


Rev. Ray Mossholder 1/19/81,




Staff interns


Intern Amy Burland


Keith Coplen, staff, and Scott Adair, intern


Inter Christine Ingate




Howard Sitton of Big Sur


Mary Carpenter of Encino




St. Mary's College students


Bill Anton


Tado Ishikawa of Asia Foundation 1/29/81,




CA School Board


George Nicholson, VP CBS, Miriam Burre of same




Hearst delegates


Steve Kelmar, staff


Intern Susan Saransky


Mystery students


Senator Heflin 2/19/81,




CA State Student Assn.


Frances Compton, CA Community College Trustee




Intern Maria Draper


Intern Michelle Chauvin


Staff Tom Wilkinson


Intern Erin Riley


Senator Hatch page Jennens


Walt Furen, staff


Intern James Rule


Mary Goedde, staff


Former Congressman Pat Hillings 2/26/81,


Country Supervisors of CA 3/9/81,


BART officials 3/10/81,


SBA Michael Cardenas 3/11/81,


Iran rally 3/12/81,


Big Sur 3/18/81,


Takeo Foundation 3/19/81,


Bob Ferris, Bill Walsh 3/20/81,


Cherry Blossom Princess Anne Long 3/23/81,




Atlantic Richfield Civic Action Program


Twyla Thompson, Yolo County Supervisor


Judge Green 3/27/81,


Oakland Chamber of Commerce 3/31/81,


Intern photos 4/81,


Parents Who Care 4/1/81,




CA Medical Assn.


Giles Welsh of Malibu




Kerry Wilhite, 4-H Rep.


Jay Van Andel, Amway Chairman


UPS Executives 4/8/81,


L.A. Area School Field Studies 4/81,


Interns 5/81,

Box 244



S.D. County Officials


CA Building Association




Woodward Kingman, Crocker Bank


Charles Huggins, Sees Candy


Senior interns 5/20/81,


Chancellor Helmut Schmidt 5/27/81,


Contract Sheet w/Senator Laxalt 5/81,


Tours for Teens 6/15/81,




Intern Greg Houstanic


Frank Chuman, Patrick Olawa of L.A.




Norman Livermore


DOD Sec. Caspar Weinberger


Interns 7/81,




Jr. Statesmen and Santa Barbara Chamber


President Reagan and reception for new CA Congressmen




Urban League


Black Mayors Director J. S. Alexander


South Korean Parliament tea


Boy Scout Jamboree Troop 722 7/23/81,


Boy Scouts 7/28/81,




Eureka Rotary Club


Spring Dinner Dance


Stanley Diamond, staff


Lemore Naval Station 9/11/81,


Mayor Harold Hockett of Ridgecrest, CA 9/16/81,




John Van de Water, Chairman of NLRB


Al Gilliland, President Gil Industries of San Jose


King Juan Carlos 10/14/81,


David McCoskey 11/4/81,




James Watt, Secretary of the Interior


King Hussein of Jordan


Soule Group of Walnut Creek 11/13/81,


Center for Strategic Studies lunch honoring Dr. Chin 11/18/81,


White House Congressional Christmas Party 12/81,


White House Conference on Aging 12/2/81,


Shirley Brinker, CA Farmer 12/8/81,


Steering Committee, luncheon 12/9/81,


Congressman Jerry Lewis 12/10/81,




Anna Chennault and Senator Hatch


Senator Metzenbaum


Hearst Youth Foundation 2/3/82,


David Courson 2/8/82,


CA County Supervisors, William Taft H.S. students, Page Marietta, Herbert Kurit of McDonald's 2/23/82,


Paul Vallely 2/25/82,


University of Wisconsin alumni 3/82,


CA League of Cities 3/1/82,


Diane May, staff, and John Nelson, intern 3/3/82,




Congressman Wayne Grisham


Dan Roundtree, Congressman Goldwater intern


Sister Welding of L.A. 3/11/82,


El Dorado H.S. students 4/8/82,




Jay Noonan


Steve Sasholin




Francis Ravel, Mike Haynes of S.B. Ctte 4/22/82,




Pages, interns


Richard Siegel, friend of Jeff Marston's


Lisa Nichols, Jim Brulte (staff)


Evans School students 4/26/82,


Fallbrook H.S. 5/3/82,


College students 5/5/82,


Richard Sandifer (staff) and mom 5/6/82,


Senior Citizen interns 5/20/82,


President Lubota 5/13/82,




Senator Helms/Ted Turner luncheon


Donald Smith, Richard Sandifer's friend

Box 245



Margaret Pool, intern


Antelope Valley Board of Trade


Xerox Contest winners


National Energy Education Day recipients 6/17/82,


Congressman Moorehead's office interns 6/17/82,


Marian Hopkins and brother 6/23/82,


National Youth Science Camp winners 7/21/82,


William Way 7/23/82,


Interns 7/26/82,


South Korean Delegation 7/27/82,




Boys Nation delegates


Korean graduate students


Linnea Bohn, page


Branan Allison, Ray Hill, Mr. & Mrs. Fairbairn 8/3/82,


Katy Graves 8/4/82,


Paul Miller, page 8/10/82,


Pages, interns 8/19/82,


Small Business hearing 9/16/82,




President Marcos




Mystery student groups


Presiding hours record for SIH


Lobbyists seen


County files






Contra Costa


El Dorado
















Los Angeles







Box 246











Palo Alto








San Bernardino


San Diego


San Francisco


San Joaquin


San Jose


San Luis Obispo


San Mateo


Santa Ana


Santa Barbara


Santa Clara


Santa Cruz

























Box 247

Scheduling information and schedules 1978-1979


Trips 1977-1980


Orient trip 1977


Africa trip 1978


Alaska trip 1978


Interparliamentary Symposium, Tokyo 1978


Russia, Brussels, Rome 1979


Korea trip 1979


Taiwan trip 1980










California appointments 1979



Box 248



Accepts 1979


Accepts 1980


Media invitations 1979


Political invitations 1978-1979


Appointments, accepts 1982


Travel & Expenses/Engagements/Functions 1979-1982


Expense request letters 1979-1980


Republican Convention 7/12/80


"Tom Brown Dinner," Pittsburgh, PA 11/10/80


Travel schedule/reimbursement October-December 1981


Chicago Mercantile Exchange Tour & Luncheon 12/3/81


California Republican State Convention, Palm Springs 10/1/81


Travel schedule January 4-19, 1982


Pacific Union College Lecture, "Pluralism," 1/18/82


Republican State Convention, Monterey; SNAK/PAC Convention, Las Vegas 1/29-2/2/82


Sacramento/San Diego/Los Angeles trip 2/11-2/21/82


Interview with KCET-TV, Guest Workers 3/5/82


Jr. State - USC, Los Angeles/Western Regional Conference YAF 3/6/82


Easter Recess 4/2-4/12/82


May trips to California & April 30th, 1982


National Nutritional Foods Association Convention, New Orleans 7/24/82


July & August trip schedule 1982


SIH address Peace Corps Convention, Washington, D.C. 9/20/82


Republican Fundraiser & Presentation of President Reagan's letter to Mrs. Adler, Clearwater, Florida 9/24/82


September & October 1982


November & December 1982


SIH travel airfares October 1981-December 1982

Box 249

Mobile office files December 1978-December 1981

Box 250



January-June 1978


July-December 1978

Box 251

January-December 1979


January-June 1980


July-December 1980

Boxes 252-254

Office operations


Mass mailings, telegrams, memoranda, etc.

Box 255

Appointment book 1982


Special projects

Boxes 256-257

Special projects

Box 258

Weekly Legislative Reports


January-August 1977


September-December 1977

Box 259

February-April 1978


May-July 1978


August-September 1978


Daily Legislative Reports January-August 1978

Box 260

Press columns 1977-1982

Box 261

Press videotapes

Box 262

Grace/Archival 1978-1980

Box 263

Grace/Archival 1978-1980

Box 264

Photographs & Plaques




Assorted cartoons

Box 265

San Diego Union cartoon 1977


Letter from President Reagan 1982


Denver Post cartoon 1979


Washington's Farewell Address

Boxes 266-310

U.S. Senate Correspondence Management System Office File

Boxes 266-269

Computer Management Office


Microfilm tapes 1-88; Document Numbers 7046422001-8096441029

Boxes 270-273

Microfilm tapes 89-173; Document Numbers 809643007-83105211002

Boxes 274-277

Microfilm tapes 174-261; Document Numbers 8310581001-9226523446

Boxes 278-281

Microfilm tapes 262-342; Document Numbers 92274531001-0162643111

Boxes 282-285

Microfilm tapes 343-433; Docuemnt Numbers 0163331001-1152453162

Boxes 286-289

Microfilm tapes 434-522; Document Numbers 115243162-2040663362

Boxes 290-293

Name Report 77 (2 tapes)


Name Report 78 (7 tapes)


Name Report 79 (10 tapes)


Name Report 80 (11 tapes)


Name Report 81 (11 tapes)


Name Report 82 (6 tapes)


Library 79 (2 tapes)


Library 80 (3 tapes)


California files



Box 294-297



Buck files, (18) 1979-1981


Tapes, constituent correspondence



Box 298-301



California Cases 1977-1979

Box 302

Profession Codes Index


Agency Codes


Computer Management Reference Guide

Box 305




Box 305

Cartoons 1968, undated




Paper mache head (use copies only)


Original located in Box 303 restricted; use copies available in Box 305.

Plaques (use copies only)


Originals located in Box 306 restricted; use copies available in Box 305.
Box 307

Material not yet described.

Box 308

Administrative files, office management



Box 308

Reimbursement 10% Account 1981


Reimbursement (4 part vouchers) 1981


Reimbursement 10% Account 1980

Box 309

Reimbursement (4 part) (Feb. 27-)


Reimbursement (Jan 28)


Reimbursement Part One (Jan 1)

Box 310

Reimbursement 1977-1979


Senator's travel reimbursement 1981


Travel reimbursement July 1-December 31, 1981


Travel reimbursement January 1-June 30, 1981

Boxes 311-406

San Francisco and Other California District Offices File

Boxes 311-326

Fresno Office

Boxes 327-329

Orange County Office


Advisory Committees










Child Care


Federal Selection


Health Issues




Natural Resources


Reports of Sub-Committee on Energy


Potential Advisory Committee members

Box 330-331



Law Enforcement






International Trade Advisory Committee


Small Business Committee


Health Systems


Computer print-out

Box 332-334

Campaign 1976




Werbel invoices


Reider event


Republican Congressional boosters


Primary donors letter


RSCCC Convention


Dr. Richard


Doug Hallett


Dill A. Swanson


Murphy Fund


Contra Costa




Bob Fry




Bob Fry mailer


Jack Diepenbrock


SIH - Federated Women's Clubs




Postage due bills

Box 335-337

Campaign 1982


S.I. Hayakawa contributors


Finance 1982




Hemming Morse


Speech to Republican Convention


Political brochures


Campaign receipts


Campaign letters


Campaign expenditures


Larry Labovitz correspondence

Box 602

Financial records

Box 338-339

Correspondence 1982


Bill and document requests


Senior Internship Program


SIH thank you letters


Hispanic Council


Franked mail reports


Tam of the Month Awards


Staff memos


Referrals to D.C.


Referrals to S.F.


Case work


Bruce Case


Sherry Gaver


Berenda Dutt




Josette Bonte


City of Santa Ana


Mono Lake


Sally Hashimoto


Jacobson Case


Ultrasystems Inc.



Box 340-342

Special Projects


U.S. Marshall


Southern District California


Northern District California


Eastern District California


Central District California


Federal Judges


Southern District California


Northern District California


Eastern District California


Central District California


U.S. Attorney


Southern District California


Northern District California


Eastern District California


Central District California


Judiciary Advisory Committee


Federal appointments






Orange Coast National Park


Big Sur


D.C. Housing Survey 1982


Beach Erosion Control


Seal Beach


Project Smile


Military Housing


Peripheral Canal


Laguna Oil Lease


Federal Lands Policy


Long Beach Airport/Army Reserve


Jepson Family Protection Act

Box 343-345

California expenses 1980-1981

Box 346-347



Cassette tapes of SIH speeches


Miscellaneous Orange County


Orange County Airport


Orange County Volunteer letter


Upper Newport Bay


Orange County Constituency Council


Space Shuttle Landing


Orange County Urban Park


Intern Program


Interns and volunteers for Orange County Office

Box 348-350

General office operations 1980


Office casework


Office Managers Reports






Vacation/Sick leave reports


Field Work Reports


TV equipment


Requests for appointments




California tours


Press releases


Constituency Council


Hispanic Program


Minority Program


Youth Program

Box 351

Office Management 1977


Office Managers Report


Casework reports


Constituent Program


Black Constituent Program


Youth Program




M.T.S.T. Operation


Franked mail reports


Intern Program


Requests for appointments


Mail count


Plaque from California Young Americans for Freedom

Box 352-353

Field Reports 1978




Notes on office visits


Panama Canal


Reports to Gene Prat, Adm. Asst.

Box 354-356

Office Management 1978


Field reports


Office Managers Reports


Casework reports


California tours and press releases


Mail counts


Office operations


Space and office furniture

Box 357-359

Office Operations 1979


Field work


Minority Program


Constituency Program


Youth Program


Hispanic Committee


Advisory Committees




California tours


Office Managers Reports


Mobile Office Operations

Box 360-362

Office Operations 1979


Office Operations 1982

Box 363

Office Management 1982




Field work


Air Traffic Controllers Strike


Advisory Committees


Constituency Councils


Minority Program


Tom Harris


Brooks Baldwin Case



Box 364-388

San Diego Office

Box 389

San Francisco Office



Box 390

Video program


Christmas card list


Constituents Program County files




Contra Costa




Los Angeles/Orange




Monterey/Santa Cruz






San Francisco


San Diego


San Luis Obispo/Ventura/Santa Barbara

Box 391

San Mateo


Santa Clara




Constituents Program Procedures


Constituents Program - general information


Rubber stamps for Youth Program (use copies only)


Originals located in Box 642 restricted; use copies available in Box 391.

Student letters/answers


Missing Children Act


Disasters in Delta


Wilderness Bill


Peripheral Canal




Oil leases


Handicap issues


Washington internships

Box 392

Guest Worker Bill




FEMA - Lou Polumbo resignation


Communications Act


Defense issues


Budget issues


Agriculture issues


Three Month Report mailings


Black Ministers Program


San Francisco Internship Program


Mailing list updates


January Constituents Council Meeting


July Constituents Council Meeting


November Constituents Council Meeting


Newsletter May 1981


Youth Meeting announcements

Box 393

Youth questionnaire


Questionnaire analysis


Hayakawa Youth Tour


Miscellaneous youth groups


Senate Youth Program (Hearst Foundation)


Northrop Programs


National Youth Advisory Campaign


4-H Youth Program


Statehouse Conference on Children and Youth


SIH on KABC (tape)

Box 394

Hayakawa Youth Constituents Program, County files


Los Angeles




































San Francisco


San Diego




San Bernardino

Box 395







Santa Cruz


Santa Clara


Santa Barbara


San Mateo


San Luis Obispo


San Joaquin

Box 396

Youth for Understanding Program


Junior Statesman Program


Youth questionnaires


Change/Add address




Questionnaire tabulations


HYCP sample mailings


Sally Campbell (employee lnformation)


SIH youth photos


Federal Emergency Management Agency


Field reports

Box 397

Republican Convention, Monterey


Washington Intern information


January Constituents Council Meeting


December Constituents Council Meeting


Aviation (proposed advisory council)


SJR 72


SJR 72 (State Senate bill)


Olive growers labor crisis


Manufactured housing issues


Delta floods

Box 398-399

Hayakawa photographs


Hayakawa awards


Intergovernmental Management Training Seminar information


Youth information sheets for HYCP


HYCP Youth Conference


HYCP Youth Opinions on the Draft


HYCP Monthly Reports


Olympics 1984


HYCP press


HYCP weekly column mailing to high schools


Hayakawa Youth Tour 1978


Constituent Council Meetings


Cattlemen's Association/Livestock Brand Conference


Delta Task Force


McClellan Air Force Base information


Nassan Tandekwire (SIH assistance)


Sample youth mailings


Sacramento field work


Weekly column mailing list


Tam of the Month information


Taiwan: Trade Mission




Reports to Phyllis Steiner


HYCP questionnaire, revised


Recipe: SIH Sukiyaki Caccatore


Vietnam: POW/MIAs

Box 400



Peripheral Canal and Group Water


Special projects, general information


Blue Bird Canyon


Media Project - Port Huenema


Polynesian Pacific peoples


Past projects

Box 401

Polynesian Center (Palos Verdes peninsula Slide South Coast Air Quality Management)


Special projects past


Federal Workshop


All Mission Housing Authority


Bar-Bote Fish Ranch


Canejo Valley School District


Chemehuevi Post Office


Forum regulations


City of Garden Grove


Geronthological Research Project


Long Beach Unified School Native American Program


City of Long Beach


Postal problem


523 West 6th Street, Los Angeles



Box 402



Long Beach Weather Station


Los Angeles Federal Correctional Center


Indian Center of Los Angeles, CETA funding


Military Talent Bank


Ombe - One stop shops proposal


Hilda Sharpless Manor - HUD Project


Sports Village


United Parcel Service


Tahoe bills

Box 403

Tahoe news articles


Tahoe Regional Planning Agency


Tahoe Sewer Treatment


Project Water


Youth - Bureau of Indian Affairs


Bureau of Indian Affairs - Los Angeles


Port Hueneme

Box 404

Projects description


Health aspects


Environmental data


Grant offer


Eda correspondence


Leters of support


Robo letters (tapes)


Constituency Council

Box 405





Tape 4






Tape I










Tape II

Box 405

Mini Constituency Council additions 6/13/79


Constituency Council Tape I


Constituency Council - Return to Pam 8/25/78


I Belong to Sue


Tape No. 91G/V Urban Beautification - Contract and transmittal letter


Eagle Scout Award


Coop Agreement Resolution for JAK