Finding Aid to the James D. Phelan Photograph Albums, 1902-1929

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Finding Aid to the James D. Phelan Photograph Albums, 1902-1929

Collection number: BANC PIC 1932.001--ALB

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: James D. Phelan photograph albums
Date: 1902-1929
Collection Number: BANC PIC 1932.001--ALB
Collector: James Duval Phelan
Extent: 21 albums (ca. 6000 photographic prints, postcards, and ephemeral souvenirs); various sizes 1335 digital objects
Repository: The Bancroft Library.
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-6000
Phone: (510) 642-6481
Fax: (510) 642-7589
Languages Represented: Collection materials are in English

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Digital representations of selected original pictorial materials are available in the list of materials below. Digital image files were prepared from selected Library originals by the Library Photographic Service. Library originals were copied onto 35mm color transparency film; the film was scanned and transferred to Kodak Photo CD (by Custom Process); and the Photo CD files were color-corrected and saved in JFIF (JPEG) format for use as viewing files.
Selected items were digitized or re-digitized at a later date.

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Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

Transferred from the James D. Phelan papers, BANC MSS C-B 800.


James Duval Phelan was born in San Francisco, April 20, 1861, and was intimately associated throughout the greater part of his life with the political, business and cultural history of the city. His father, James Phelan, was an Irish immigrant who came to California in the gold rush and made a fortune in trade, banking, insurance, and real estate. Young Phelan attended San Francisco schools, was graduated from St. Ignatius College in 1881 and studied law at the University of California. After graduation he traveled abroad for a year and a half, studying municipal governments and writing articles on his observations for various magazines and San Francisco newspapers. Influenced by his father, he gave up his early aspirations to become a lawyer or a writer and turned to a business career, first as his father's partner, and then, in 1892, as his successor in the banking business and as manager of the considerable estate which he had inherited.
Politics quickly claimed Phelan's attention, and he became actively involved in the battle for civic reform. In the mid-nineties San Francisco was one of the most notoriously boss-ridden, corrupt cities in the country. The reform Democrats, in 1896, nominated Phelan for the office of mayor. With virtually no previous political experience, campaigning for an end to corruption and for home rule and civic service reform, he was elected, and twice re-elected. He successfully led the campaign for the adoption of a new city charter, despite the opposition of the party machines, and worked for municipal ownership of public utilities, public improvements, and beautification of the city. He concluded his term of office in 1902 and refused to run a fourth time.
The San Francisco fire of 1906 called Phelan back into public service. He was chosen president of the Relief and Red Cross Funds, a corporation, and it was to him, personally, that President Theodore Roosevelt sent the $10,000,000 collected for the relief of the fire sufferers. He took an active part, too, with Rudolph Spreckels and Fremont Older, in the graft prosecutions that followed the fire.
In 1912 he actively campaigned for Woodrow Wilson, and in 1914, he entered the race for the U.S. Senate on the Democratic ticket. He won and became the first California Democrat to sit in the Senate since 1897. Before he entered office he was sent on a diplomatic mission to Santo Domingo by the State Department, under authority form President Woodrow Wilson, to investigate charges of unfitness for office brought against the U.S. minister to the Dominican Republic. In 1920 Phelan ran for reelection but was defeated in the Harding landslide. He did not completely retire from political life, however. Serving as one of the California delegates to the 1924 Democratic national convention, he placed William G. McAdoo's name in nomination for the presidency of the United States, and he contributed frequently to the Democratic Party coffers.
After leaving the Senate, Phelan returned to San Francisco and devoted time largely to his business enterprises and to civic betterment work. Well known as a patron of the arts, he generously helped artists and writers and served as California's unofficial host, entertaining distinguished celebrities at his spacious country estate, Villa Montalvo, in the Santa Clara Valley, near Saratoga. He traveled extensively, too, and contributed frequently to magazines, writing on a wide range of topics. In 1923 he published Travel and Comment, an account of this trip around the world in 1921-22.
As one of San Francisco's most prominent citizens, Phelan was signally honored on many occasions. He served as vice president of the California Commission to the Chicago Exposition, 1893; regent of the University of California; trustee of the San Francisco Public Library; president of the Adornment Association; president of the Art Association; president of the Playground Commission; thrice president of the Bohemian Club; and president of the Hall Association of the Native Sons of the Golden West.
Phelan never married, though he attempted to propose once. The floor of the hack in which he was kneeling gave way, and left him chasing after the hack while the young woman sat inside and laughed. He was humiliated, and the young woman, whose name is unknown, left for Europe from the Ferry Building in San Francisco, apparently either turning down Phelan, or never getting to hear the proposal.
Phelan died at his estate, Villa Montalvo, on August 7, 1930, after an illness of three months.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of 21 photograph albums containing more than 6000 photographic prints, postcards, and ephemeral items collected by James Duval Phelan between the years 1902 and 1929. The albums, numbered 82 through 102, were originally part of Phelan's papers. Volumes 1-81 remain with his papers (BANC MSS C-B 800).
General descriptions for each album follow in the Album Descriptions. However, caption lists were prepared for only ten albums in this finding aid. These albums focus on Phelan's California activities, especially at his estate Villa Montalvo in Saratoga, California. The remaining albums are devoted to Phelan's travels in Europe between 1902 and 1926 and a trip to the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in 1904.
Many of the California photographs are of scenes at Phelan's Montalvo estate in Saratoga, California where Phelan entertained many writers and celebrities over the years. People featured in the albums include Helen Wills, Povla Frijsh, George Sterling, Charles Erskine Scott Wood, Henry Meade Bland, Roland Hayes, Maude Fay, Edwin Markham, Fannie Hurst, Al Smith, Haig Patigian, Key Pittman, Benjamin Ide Wheeler, William Randolph Hearst, John McCormack, Lawrence Tibbett, Jack and Charmian London, Joaquin Miller, Charles Warren Stoddard, Gertrude Atherton, Elsie Janis, Tito Schipa, David Starr Jordan, Ina Claire, and Fremont Older. Since Phelan never married, the "Mrs. Phelan" referred to in many of the captions in the albums is likely his mother.
Other places in California featured include the Bohemian Grove, Napa, Berryessa Farm, Santa Cruz, Yosemite, San Simeon, Carmel, the Sierras, and the Spreckels estate Sobre Vista. Volume 95 includes photographs of Phelan's penthouse in San Francisco from 1925-1926. Volume 101 includes views of the Phelan Ranch in Chico, California (1919-1923), and volume 102 is devoted to the Central Sierra water project (1918).
Most of the photographers are not identified. Some albums include the work of Gabriel Moulin of San Francisco and Charles Ellis Johnson of San Jose. Some photographs are captioned. These captions are reproduced in the container list. Descriptive captions are supplied in brackets for uncaptioned photographs. Many of the individuals in these uncaptioned photographs have not been identified.

Album Descriptions

Note: Volumes 1-81 remain in the manuscripts collection (BANC MSS C-B 800). Volumes marked * have a complete container list available.
    Volume 82
    Snapshots of European trip. 1902.
    Volume 83
    Snapshots and postcards of European trip and trip to St. Louis for Louisiana Purchase Exposition. 1904.
    Volume 84
    Snapshots and postcards of European trip. 1905.
    Volume 85*
    Snapshots of travels abroad and in California. Ca. 1908-1909. 304 items. Scenes at Carmel (including George Sterling and Gertrude Atherton) and scenes at the Spreckels estate, Sobre Vista.
    Volume 86*
    Snapshots and postcards in California and abroad. Ca. 1910. 82 items.
    Volumes 87-88
    Snapshots and postcards of European trip. 1910.
    Volumes 89-90
    Snapshots and postcards of European trip. 1913.
    Volumes 91-92
    Snapshots and postcards of around-the-world trip. 1921-1922.
    Volume 93
    Snapshots, postcards, programs, calling cards, etc. from trip to Europe. 1924.
    Volume 94*
    Snapshots of scenes and people at Santa Cruz, Montalvo, Yosemite, San Simeon, and Bohemian Grove. 1923-1925. 481 items. Some earlier pictures are pasted in at the end of the volume. Includes William R. Hearst, John McCormack, Lawrence Tibbett, George Sterling, Jack London, Joaquin Miller and Charles Warren Stoddard.
    Volume 95*
    Snapshots of Montalvo, the penthouse atop the Phelan Building, and Bohemian Grove. 1925-1926. 55 items. Includes photographs of Pueblo Indian chiefs at Montalvo in November 1925.
    Volume 96*
    Snapshots and photographs of scenes and people at Montalvo, Bohemian Grove, Napa, Berryessa Farm and Chico. 1921-1922. 369 items. Includes Maude Fay, George Sterling, Edwin Markham, Fannie Hurst, Al Smith, Haig Patigian, Key Pittman and Benjamin Ide Wheeler.
    Volume 97*
    Snapshots of scenes and people at Montalvo. 1923-1926. 324 items. Includes Helen Wills, Povla Frijsh, George Sterling, Charles Erskine Scott Wood, Henry Meade Bland and Roland Hayes.
    Volume 98
    Snapshots, postcards, programs, etc. of European trip. 1926. Includes autographed photograph of Benito Mussolini, two sketches by Helen Wills, and photographs of Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks.
    Volume 99*
    Snapshots of scenes and people at Bohemian Grove and Montalvo. 1926-1927. 330 items. Includes Key Pittman, George Sterling, Elsie Janis, Helen Wills, Tito Schipa, Edwin Markham, David Starr Jordan, Ina Claire, Charmian London, Fremont Older and Gertrude Atherton.
    Volume 100*
    Photographs and snapshots of scenes and people at Bohemian Grove and Montalvo. 1927-1929. 395 items. Includes Haig Patigian, Lawrence Tibbett, Nicholas Longworth, Joseph Redding, Edwin Markham, Marie Beale, Helen Wills, and Henry Meade Bland. Also includes postcards of paintings by Ossip de Perelma.
    Volume 101*
    Ranch photographs, including views of the Phelan Ranch at Chico. 1919-1923. 238 items.
    Volume 102*
    Central Sierra Water Project photographs. 1918. 55 items.

Container Listing


Volume 85


[Woman sculptor at work] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:001--ALB


[Sculpture] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:002--ALB


[View from ship] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:003--ALB


[Women on ship] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:004--ALB


[Phelan and men on ship] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:005--ALB


[Passengers on ship] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:006--ALB


[Two men and a woman] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:007--ALB


[Two women on ship] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:008--ALB


[Two women and a man] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:009--ALB


[Cars outside of shop] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:010--ALB


[People and cars] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:011--ALB


[Man and woman in park?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:012--ALB


[People by pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:013--ALB


[People by cars] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:014--ALB


[Woman] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:015--ALB


[Man and woman] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:016--ALB


[Men at stables] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:017--ALB


[Phelan, and Mrs. Phelan] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:018--ALB


[Women in car] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:019--ALB


[Women at pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:020--ALB


[Mr. Kahli Lannon ? and women on ship] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:021--ALB


[People in car] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:022--ALB


[Women at pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:023--ALB


[Woman] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:024--ALB


En route, Slagger Leap [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:025--ALB


[Woman] Slagger Leap [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:026--ALB


[Men at car] Slagger Leap [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:027--ALB


[People in car] Slagger Leap [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:028--ALB


[Phelan and people in cars] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:029--ALB


[People in cars] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:030--ALB


[Phelan and people in cars] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:031--ALB


... [People and car in front of building] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:032--ALB


[People in car, and children] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:033--ALB


Santa Inez BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:034--ALB


[Mission] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:035--ALB


[Woman] Venice Calif. [California] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:036--ALB


[Group portrait] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:037--ALB


Redondo BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:038--ALB


[Church ?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:039--ALB


[People in car] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:040--ALB


[People in car and mission] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:041--ALB


[Large group portrait] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:042--ALB


[Getting a shoe shine] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:043--ALB


[Group portrait] Webster St. BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:044--ALB


Highland Spring BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:045--ALB


[Phelan] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:046--ALB


[Two women] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:047--ALB


Clear Lake BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:048--ALB


Santa Rosa BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:049--ALB


Soda Spring BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:050--ALB


[Portrait] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:051--ALB


Burlingame [Woman in riding habit?]


Burlingame [Woman in riding habit?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:052--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:053--ALB


[Woman] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:054--ALB


First accident [car on sandy roadside]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:055--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:056--ALB


First accident [car on sandy roadside] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:057--ALB


First accident [car on sandy roadside] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:058--ALB


First accident [car on sandy roadside] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:059--ALB


Royal ... Hotel Fa. [Florida] Palm Beach BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:060--ALB


Palm Beach Fa. [Florida] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:061--ALB


Golf at Palm Beach BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:062--ALB


Royal ... Palm Beach BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:063--ALB


Royal ... BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:064--ALB


[Women in rickshaws ?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:065--ALB


Georgia [Children at train] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:066--ALB


Georgia ... [two women] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:067--ALB


Georgia [Children on train tracks] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:068--ALB


[Two women and man] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:069--ALB


Georgia [people on front of train] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:070--ALB


[Trees] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:071--ALB


Royal Grove, Miami Fa. [Florida] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:072--ALB


Miami Fa. [Florida. Two women] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:073--ALB


Miami Fa. [Florida] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:074--ALB


Palatka Fa. [Florida] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:075--ALB


... [People on train] Atlanta, Ga. [Georgia] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:076--ALB


[Two women by the water] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:077--ALB


St. Augustine, Fa. [Florida] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:078--ALB


On ... River, Fa. [Florida] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:079--ALB


[Woman on train ?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:080--ALB


... Fa. [Florida]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:081--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:082--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:083--ALB


[House] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:084--ALB


[Women on dirt road] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:085--ALB


[Women on stairs] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:086--ALB


[Woman in swim suit at pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:087--ALB


[Woman at pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:088--ALB


[Road] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:089--ALB


Sobre Vista [?]


[Garden fountain,] Sobre Vista BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:090--ALB


[Garden stairs leading up to building,] Sobre Vista. BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:091--ALB


[Garden fountain with boy in background,] Sobre Vista BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:092--ALB


[Boy in garden near fountain,] Sobre Vista. BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:093--ALB


[Woman at pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:094--ALB


"Buzzy" BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:095--ALB


[Women on stairs]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:096--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:097--ALB


[Women in carriage] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:098--ALB


[Woman and dogs]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:099--ALB


[Woman and dogs] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:100--ALB


[Man by pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:101--ALB


[Woman and child] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:102--ALB


[Woman in bathing suit] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:103--ALB


[Men and dogs] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:104--ALB


[People at mine] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:105--ALB


Ocean shore


Ocean shore BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:106--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:107--ALB


[Phelan in group portrait with Princess Alice] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:108--ALB


"Princess Alice" BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:109--ALB


[Princess Alice and man] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:110--ALB


[Phelan in group portrait with Princess Alice] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:111--ALB


[Princess Alice and man] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:112--ALB


Mr. and Mrs. Longworth BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:113--ALB


[Two women on the stairs] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:114--ALB


... [and] Mrs. Longworth, San Juan BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:115--ALB


... [and] Mrs. Longworth, San Juan BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:116--ALB


"Le'sprit du place", Mounted infantry BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:117--ALB


[Postcard] Monumento "Miguel Grau", Callao BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:118--ALB


[Postcard] Armada Peruana. Crucero - "Almirante Grau" BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:119--ALB


[Three boys on lawn] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:120--ALB


[Child and dog on lawn] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:121--ALB


[Three boys] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:122--ALB


[The Levis place ?]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:123--ALB


[The Levis place ?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:124--ALB


[The Levis place ?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:125--ALB


[The Levis place ?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:126--ALB


Mrs. Levis [?] home, Bakersfield BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:127--ALB


[People outdoors] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:128--ALB


[Men walking on a plank] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:129--ALB


[Oil wells ?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:130--ALB


[Oil well ?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:131--ALB


[People at oil well ?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:132--ALB


[Oil well ?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:133--ALB




BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:134--ALB


[Sketch] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:135--ALB


[Sketch] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:136--ALB


[Sketch] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:137--ALB


[Man on beach] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:138--ALB


[Man indoors with rifle] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:139--ALB


[Man on beach] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:140--ALB


[Carriage in front of building] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:141--ALB


Del Monte BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:142--ALB


[Horse and carriage] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:143--ALB


[Woman with bicycle] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:144--ALB


[Woman by ocean] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:145--ALB


[Woman with bicycle] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:146--ALB


[Woman in a chair, indoors] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:147--ALB


[Two women] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:148--ALB


[Cows in field] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:149--ALB


[Man posing] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:150--ALB


[Man on beach] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:151--ALB


[Woman at beach] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:152--ALB


[Woman and dog] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:153--ALB


[Women on horses] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:154--ALB


[Girl at beach] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:155--ALB


[Little girl and rocking horse] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:156--ALB


[Woman on bicycle] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:157--ALB


[Woman] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:158--ALB


Manhattanville [? Women on rock pile] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:159--ALB


Manhattanville [? Women on rock pile] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:160--ALB


Manhattanville [? Women in bicycle formation] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:161--ALB


Manhattanville [? Women with horse] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:162--ALB


Manhattanville [? People with horse] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:163--ALB


Manhattanville [? Woman on lawn] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:164--ALB


Manhattanville [? Man and woman in costume] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:165--ALB


Manhattanville [? People in costume] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:166--ALB


[Two women on a bench] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:167--ALB


[Two women in costume]


[Two women in costume] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:168--ALB


[Two women in costume] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:169--ALB


[Two women in costume] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:170--ALB




BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:171--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:172--ALB


Waterloo BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:173--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:174--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:175--ALB


Waterloo BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:176--ALB


[Ship] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:177--ALB


[Man outside Au Quartier-Central de Wellington] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:178--ALB


[Phelan] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:179--ALB


[Untitled] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:180--ALB


[Man with horse] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:181--ALB


[View of building from above] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:182--ALB


[Franz Schubert monument] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:183--ALB


[Beethoven monument] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:184--ALB


[Monument] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:185--ALB


[Church ?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:186--ALB


[Woman with horse] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:187--ALB


[Woman outdoors] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:188--ALB


[Trees in snow]


[Trees in snow] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:189--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:190--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:191--ALB


[Pensionat Sarre Coeur ? Building in snow] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:192--ALB


[Building in snow] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:193--ALB


[Road in snow]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:194--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:195--ALB


[Trees in snow] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:196--ALB


[Building] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:197--ALB


[Trees in snow]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:198--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:199--ALB


[Bridge ? in forest] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:200--ALB




BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:201--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:202--ALB


[Building in snow] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:203--ALB


[Woman at beach with dogs] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:204--ALB


[Dogs swimming] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:205--ALB


[Woman at beach] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:206--ALB


[Dog at beach] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:207--ALB


[Woman and dogs at beach] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:208--ALB


[Woman and dog at beach] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:209--ALB


[Dogs at beach]


[Dogs at beach] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:210--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:211--ALB


Geneveve Reilly, Geneoa BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:212--ALB


[Two women] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:213--ALB


[Woman] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:214--ALB




BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:215--ALB


[Women] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:216--ALB


Henley Rigatta [?]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:217--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:218--ALB


[Yosemite 1908?]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:219--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:220--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:221--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:222--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:223--ALB




[Building] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:224--ALB


[Building] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:225--ALB


[Half Dome, Yosemite, 1908?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:226--ALB


[Women] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:227--ALB


[Yosemite, 1908?]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:228--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:229--ALB


[Woman on rocks, Yosemite, 1908?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:230--ALB


[Woman on tree stump, Yosemite, 1908?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:231--ALB


[Woman, at Yosemite, 1908?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:232--ALB


[Phelan and 2 women, Yosemite, 1908?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:233--ALB


[Phelan, Yosemite, 1908?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:234--ALB


[Woman on horseback, Yosemite, 1908?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:235--ALB


[Phelan on horseback, Yosemite, 1908?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:236--ALB


Yosemite, 1908 [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:237--ALB


Mr. Stinson [?], Mrs. Smith, Luxor [?], March 5 [?] 1908 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:238--ALB


[Number not used] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:239--ALB


Burlingame, May 19, 1909 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:240--ALB


[Residence] Mrs. Folgers, May 16, Hazelwood Hills BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:241--ALB


Pool at Mrs. Folgers


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:242--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:243--ALB


Gus Spreckels BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:244--ALB


Hazelwood Hills, May 16, 09 [1909, Claus A. Spreckels ("Gus" Spreckels) and unidentified woman] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:245--ALB


Baby Jane Cooper, March 1909 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:246--ALB


Baby Jane Cooper, March 1909


Baby Jane Cooper, March 1909 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:247--ALB


Baby Jane Cooper, March 1909 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:248--ALB


Baby Jane Cooper, March 1909 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:249--ALB


Baby Jane Cooper, March 1909 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:250--ALB


Mrs. Reddway and Josephine ... on their balcony in Paris BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:251--ALB



Leaving Lakepoint ... BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:252--ALB


Anita, Mr. Green [?] or... BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:253--ALB


On way to Bartlett Springs BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:254--ALB


View of Clear Lake on way to Bartlett Springs BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:255--ALB


Brown house. Clear Lake BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:256--ALB


... Brown house, Clear Lake


... Brown house, Clear Lake BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:257--ALB


... Brown house, Clear Lake BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:258--ALB


Coming from Bartlett Springs BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:259--ALB


'Hold up' returning from Bartlett Springs BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:260--ALB


Anita BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:261--ALB


Swim my pool, June, ... and Howard S. [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:262--ALB


[Phelan and others] ... Sobre Vista BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:263--ALB


Sobre Vista, July 12, 1909 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:264--ALB


Sobre Vista BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:265--ALB


... 'Sobre Vista' BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:266--ALB


Anita, July, 1909. Clear Lake BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:267--ALB


The Benvenue, Lake Port BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:268--ALB


Indian Rancheria, Genoa Ranch, Middletown Lake [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:269--ALB


Indian Rancheria, Genoa Ranch, Middletown Lake [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:270--ALB


Indian Rancheria, Genoa Ranch, Middletown Lake [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:271--ALB


["Hold up" returning from Bartlett Springs] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:272--ALB


Before swim BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:273--ALB


... Clear Lake [Phelan and woman] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:274--ALB


[Women with umbrellas] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:275--ALB


... Mrs. Spreckels, Sobre Vista BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:276--ALB


Howard Spreckels BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:277--ALB


[People at Sobre Vista] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:278--ALB


Mrs. Atherton, Carmel by the Sea, 1909 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:279--ALB


Mrs. Atherton and George Sterling, Carmel by the Sea BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:280--ALB


Mrs. Atherton and Mr. Sterling BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:281--ALB


Mrs. [?], cottage, Carmel by the Sea BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:282--ALB


[Phelan by car] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:283--ALB


Our first break down leaving Redding en route to [?] Aug [August] 1909 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:284--ALB


Bad road near Kelso ... [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:285--ALB


A bit of road [?] Trinity Center BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:286--ALB


Teddy bear, Trinity Center BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:287--ALB


Ferry, ... River, Wash [Washington] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:288--ALB


Geneveve and Teddy BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:289--ALB


Hotel Trinity Center BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:290--ALB


'The Bend', Charles Wheeler's house BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:291--ALB


Shasta Springs BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:292--ALB


Hotel Portland BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:293--ALB


Crossing Columbia River BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:294--ALB


Vancouver... [?], Gen [Geneveve] ... BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:295--ALB


... Geneveve ... BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:296--ALB


Geneveve, ... [?], Mrs. Henry, Mrs. Phelan BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:297--ALB


California, 1909 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:298--ALB


... Forestry [?] 1909 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:299--ALB


[Buildings] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:300--ALB


[Child in bathtub] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:301--ALB


Mr. Murray's catch, Catalina ... 1909, Albacore BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:302--ALB


Geneveve. Taken by Mr. Murray. Del Monte [?] Nov [November] 1909 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:303--ALB


J. D. Phelan, taken by Mr. Murray, Del Monte [?], Nov [November] 1909 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 85:304--ALB


Volume 86


Ruth and Hon. Gleason Hawke [?], April 1910 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:001--ALB


Ruth and Hon. Gleason Hawke [?] Florence, Apr. 1910 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:002--ALB


Fiesale. Marcus [?] car - and J.D.P. [?] Apr. 1910 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:003--ALB


Venice May 1910


Venice May 1910 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:004--ALB


Venice May 1910 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:005--ALB




Tivoli BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:006--ALB


Tivoli BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:007--ALB


... Villa, April 1910 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:008--ALB


Venice, May 10 - 1910, Ruth, Mrs. [?] Hawke BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:009--ALB


J.D.P. St. Peters [?] April 29 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:010--ALB


Ruth Mrs. [?] Hawke, Mrs. Chadwick [?], Venice, May 12, 1910 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:011--ALB


[Phelan] Venice May 12 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:012--ALB


Mrs. Redding [?] and Josephine, ... 1910 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:013--ALB


Mrs. Redding [?] and Josephine, ... 1910 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:014--ALB


[Postcard, Rochers de Naye] June 5th 1910. ... Rochers de Naye BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:015--ALB


January 1910, Paris [Postcard, La Bourboule] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:016--ALB


Mollie Phelan leaving for the Tours [?] June 12, 1910 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:017--ALB


Hazelwood Hills BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:018--ALB


Mrs. Folger


Mrs. Folger BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:019--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:020--ALB


Mr. Folger BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:021--ALB


Dinard BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:022--ALB


Jack [and] Dinard BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:023--ALB


Mr. Folger, Jack, [and] Dinard BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:024--ALB


[House] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:025--ALB


Judge and Mrs. Cooper and Jane Burlingame, March 1910


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:026--ALB


Judge and Mrs. Cooper and Jane Burlingame, March 1910 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:027--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:028--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:029--ALB


Judge and Mrs. Cooper and Jane Burlingame, March 1910 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:030--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:031--ALB


Judge and Mrs. Cooper and Jane Burlingame, March 1910 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:032--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:033--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:034--ALB


Jane Cooper, Ella, Jim Yung - S. Francisco, [San Francisco] June 1910 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:035--ALB


Jane Cooper, S F [San Francisco] 1910 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:041--ALB


Genevieve [?] and [Phelan] ... [Hampton Court, June 1910] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:042--ALB


Hampton Court, June 1910, ? Carolan [?], Genevieve [?] George [?] and Rudolph BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:043--ALB


Genevieve [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:044--ALB


My house in Fall of 1903 to Spring 1904. Villa Bassompierre, [?] 6 miles from Tours BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:045--ALB


[Colored postcard] Oregon Lumber Co., Baker City, Oregon BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:046--ALB


[Colored Postcard, Stalyctite Basi, Grand Canyon, Arizona] [?] July 11, 1910 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:047--ALB


Genevieve Haro [?], Mr. M. P. Grace [?], Battle Abbey, Suisex, July 26, 1910 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:048--ALB


Hurlingame [?] Club, July 1910 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:049--ALB


Rudolf - Molly [?] and Genevieve, July 1910 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:050--ALB


[Portable changing rooms at the ocean]


[Portable changing rooms at the ocean] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:051--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:052--ALB


[People on golf course] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:053--ALB


[Sea view] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:054--ALB


[People on golf course] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:055--ALB


[Golf course] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:056--ALB


[Men on golf course] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:057--ALB


[Sailing ship] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:058--ALB


[Phelan and woman on ship] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:059--ALB


[Man and woman on ship] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:060--ALB


[Three women] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:061--ALB


[Phelan in group portrait] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:062--ALB


Eaton College BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:063--ALB


At St. Germain Aug [August] 10 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:064--ALB


[Phelan in group portrait] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:065--ALB


[Phelan at White Hart Hotel] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:066--ALB


[Grounds] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:067--ALB


[Woman near brick structure] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:068--ALB


The author of "Elegy in a country grave yard". The Gray's ... "All that beauty, all that wealth..." BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:069--ALB


Kathryn McCann [?] Aug [August] 9, 1910. [Colored postcard Chiesa inferiore dl. S. Francesco interno] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:070--ALB


... 1909... in summer of 1906 [?] [Colored postcard, Le Havre] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:071--ALB


Yosemite, ... Martin BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:072--ALB


Walter Murlin [?] [Postcard, Paris, Les Inondation] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:073--ALB


Dovoney [?] 1908 [?] Granada BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:074--ALB


[Phelan in captain's clothes] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:075--ALB


Inn, Aug [August] 29, 1910. [Postcard, Versailles] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:076--ALB


Aug [August] 20, 1910. Trianon Palace BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:077--ALB


Aug [August] 10, Genevieve and Edith BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:078--ALB


[Colored postcard. High School, Red Bluff, California] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:079--ALB


[Colored postcard, Memorial Public Library, Red Bluff, California] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:080--ALB


[Colored postcard. Tuscan Springs, near Red Bluff, California] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:081--ALB


[Postcard. Mt. Vernon Hot Springs] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 86:082--ALB


Volume 94


[Newspaper clipping] Commemorating Longfellow BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:001--ALB


[Newspaper clipping] Let's Know Some Trees, by Charles H. Shinn BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:002--ALB


[Newspaper clipping] Junipero Serra BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:003--ALB


[Newspaper clipping, Mission] 1895, destroyed BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:004--ALB


Santa Cruz, June 1923


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:005--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:006--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:007--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:008--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:009--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:010--ALB


[Phelan in Santa Cruz, June 1923] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:011--ALB


[Phelan outdoors] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:012--ALB


[View of property and trees] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:013--ALB


[View of gates and topiary] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:014--ALB


[Gazebo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:015--ALB


[Woman, at gazebo?] June 1923 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:016--ALB


[Gazebo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:017--ALB


[Pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:018--ALB


[Montalvo?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:019--ALB


[Newspaper clipping, image of woman] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:020--ALB


... June '23 [1923] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:021--ALB


Three Graces BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:022--ALB


... June '23 [1923] [People by pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:023--ALB


4 Graces BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:024--ALB


[People in pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:025--ALB


[Women floating in pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:026--ALB


Also 3 Graces [statue] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:027--ALB


[Girl posing] June '23 [1923] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:028--ALB


[Statue of the Three Graces] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:029--ALB


[Children on horse] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:030--ALB


[Girl] June 1923 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:031--ALB


[Children on horse] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:032--ALB


[Phelan in group portrait at Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:033--ALB


[Phelan and woman with sculpture] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:034--ALB


[Children on horse] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:035--ALB


[People posing] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:036--ALB


[People with sculpture] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:037--ALB


[Woman] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:038--ALB


[Man and woman on stairs] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:039--ALB


[Woman and girl at Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:040--ALB


[Phelan with people and dog] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:041--ALB


[Woman by sculpture] Nan BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:042--ALB


[Three men in uniform and woman] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:043--ALB


C. K. Field [Charles Kellog Field] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:044--ALB


Jane Cooper BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:045--ALB


[C. K. Field and others at Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:046--ALB


Grizzly Giant, Mariposa Big Tree, Wawona, Cal. [California] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:047--ALB


Gen. Sherman Tree [Sequoia National Forest] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:048--ALB


Parker Group BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:049--ALB

Additional Note

Photographer: Eddy

[Sierra mountains?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:050--ALB


Bear and cub, Grant Forest BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:051--ALB


The Auto Log, Giant Forest [Sequoia National Forest] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:052--ALB


[Half Dome, Yosemite] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:053--ALB


[Yosemite] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:054--ALB


Over hanging rock on Yosemite Falls, from Glacier BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:055--ALB


[Carriage on dirt road, Yosemite ?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:056--ALB


Wawona Hotel and annexes, Wawona, Cal. [California] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:057--ALB


Kalana Rock and Hetch Hetchy Lake, Yosemite National BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:058--ALB



[Two women] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:059--ALB


[Baby in toy car] S Cruz [ Santa Cruz], July 1924 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:060--ALB


Glacier Point Hotel, Yosemite National Park BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:061--ALB


[Baby on horse] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:062--ALB


Hetch Hetchy Lake from the Narrows, Yosemite National Park BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:063--ALB


Kalana Rock, Hetch Hetchy Lake, Yosemite BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:064--ALB


Hetch Hetchy Lake from the Narrows, Yosemite National Park


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:065--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:066--ALB


Hetch Hetchy Dam, spillway and lake BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:067--ALB


[Phelan at Moro Rock, Sequoia National Park] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:068--ALB


[Group portrait by large tree] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:069--ALB


[Blurred photograph] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:070--ALB


[View of mountains and trees] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:071--ALB


[Women by Theodore Roosevelt tree] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:072--ALB


[Bear] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:073--ALB


... Roosevelt tree BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:074--ALB


Sequoia Park, June 1926 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:075--ALB


[Woman on rock] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:076--ALB


[Blurred photograph of bear?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:077--ALB


[Blurred photograph of trees]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:078--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:079--ALB


[Bear in park] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:080--ALB


[Women by rock] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:081--ALB


[Blurred photograph of bear] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:082--ALB


Wawona Tree, Mariposa Grove ... Wawona Hotel BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:083--ALB


Roosevelt tree, Sequoia Park BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:084--ALB


[Blurred photograph] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:085--ALB


Our cabin, Sequoia Natl. Park, Grant Forest, June '23 [1923] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:086--ALB


[Woman at cabin]


[Woman at cabin] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:087--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:088--ALB


[Phelan at cabin] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:089--ALB


[Man at cabin] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:090--ALB


[Woman in rocking chair by cabin] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:091--ALB


[Cabins and man in distance] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:092--ALB


[Woman sitting near cabin] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:093--ALB


[People at cabin] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:094--ALB


[Phelan and woman at cabin] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:095--ALB


[Woman resting under umbrella] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:096--ALB


[Woman reading under umbrella] June 1923


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:097--ALB


[Woman reading under umbrella] June 1923 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:098--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:099--ALB


[Closeup of woman under umbrella] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:100--ALB


[Six dogs at Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:101--ALB


[Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:102--ALB


[Woman at cabin] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:103--ALB


[Cabin] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:104--ALB


Wayne Ralph [?] Hetch Hetchy '23 [1923] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:105--ALB


[People at cabin]


[People at cabin] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:106--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:107--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:108--ALB


Hetch Hetchy, June 1923 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:109--ALB


[Man posing] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:110--ALB


[Car] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:111--ALB


[O'Shaughnessy Dam] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:112--ALB


[Phelan in group portrait at O'Shaughnessy Dam] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:113--ALB


[Women at O'Shaughnessy Dam] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:114--ALB


[Man at O'Shaughnessy Dam] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:115--ALB


[People in boat] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:116--ALB


Moro Rock, Sequoia Nat. [National] Park BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:117--ALB


J.D.P. [Phelan] and [?] Rankin BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:118--ALB


[Moro Rock, Sequoia National Park] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:119--ALB


Christening Alice P. Doyle July [?] '23 [1923] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:120--ALB


Dominga Aug. '23 [ August 1923] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:121--ALB


[Christening Alice P. Doyle, July ? 1923] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:122--ALB


[Dominga August 1923] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:123--ALB


W. R. Hearst, San Simeon, below Casa del Mar. Casa del Sol to left, July '23 [1923] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:124--ALB


[El Questa Encantada]


Casa del Mar BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:125--ALB


[El Questa Encantada] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:126--ALB


Casa del Monte BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:127--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:128--ALB


[El Questa Encantada] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:129--ALB


Mrs. W. R. Hearst [Millicent Hearst], San Simeon, July '23 [1923] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:130--ALB


[El Questa Encantada]


Casa del Sol BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:131--ALB


Casa del Sol BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:132--ALB


July '23 [ 1923], Montalvo BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:133--ALB


[Statue at Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:134--ALB


[Montalvo?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:135--ALB


[Phelan's dog with puppies] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:136--ALB


[Puppies] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:137--ALB


[Phelan's dog with puppies] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:138--ALB


[Man outdoors] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:139--ALB


[Man and woman near crude cabin] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:140--ALB


[Woman by tent] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:141--ALB


[Phelan with Mrs. Phelan and child] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:142--ALB


Alice Doyle, Aug [August] 1923 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:143--ALB


[Nurse with baby Alice Doyle] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:144--ALB


[?] Aug. '23 [August 1923]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:145--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:146--ALB


Mrs. Caroline [?] Donohue, Aug. '23 [August 1923] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:147--ALB


Margaret Aughn (Mrs. Howard Hull [?]) Aug. '23 [August 1923] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:148--ALB


July '23 [1923], Genevieve Barron and party, Hawaii BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:149--ALB


[People with cowboy] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:150--ALB


[Girl] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:150--ALB




BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:151--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:152--ALB


[People surfing]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:153--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:154--ALB


[Woman surfing] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:155--ALB


[People surfing] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:156--ALB


[Newspaper clipping] Last photograph of President Harding leaving ... BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:157--ALB


[Newspaper clipping] Aug. 5, '23, [August 5, 1923] Funeral, SF [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:158--ALB


[Newspaper clipping of Phelan with others in top hats - funeral?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:159--ALB


[Newspaper clipping, family from funeral?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:160--ALB


[Newspaper clipping, portrait] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:161--ALB


[People in bathing suits] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:162--ALB


Rolo Peters (Romeo), Em (Juliet) BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:163--ALB


[Em in the sun] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:164--ALB


[Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:165--ALB


[Em] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:166--ALB


[Em and Rolo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:167--ALB


[People by the pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:168--ALB


[Group portrait] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:169--ALB


[People by the pool]


[People by the pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:170--ALB


[People by the pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:171--ALB


[Man in robe by the pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:172--ALB


[Man and two women] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:173--ALB


[Phelan and others by the pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:174--ALB


[Woman in car] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:175--ALB


[Phelan and woman with dog] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:176--ALB


[Woman on steps] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:177--ALB


Cowboy BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:178--ALB


[People in car] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:179--ALB


Mrs. A. Potter BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:180--ALB


Mrs. C. Chapman, Mrs. G. Hearst BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:181--ALB


[Mr. and Mrs.] G. Hearst, Mr. and Mrs. C. Chapman, July '23 [1923] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:182--ALB


Mrs. A. Potter BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:183--ALB


[Girl on table] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:184--ALB


[Girl on sculpture] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:185--ALB


[Girl on table] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:186--ALB


[Phelan at pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:187--ALB


[Phelan dancing by pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:188--ALB


[Phelan and woman by pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:189--ALB


[People at pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:190--ALB


[Phelan, girl, and dogs] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:191--ALB


[Woman and two children] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:192--ALB


[Children] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:193--ALB


[People at pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:194--ALB


[Young man at pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:195--ALB


[Young man at pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:196--ALB


[Guitar players and others] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:197--ALB


[Guitar players] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:198--ALB


Montalvo, July 1923 [Guitar players] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:199--ALB


[Guitar players and Phelan in sombrero] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:200--ALB


Mary Pickford, and ... [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:201--ALB


John McCormick BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:202--ALB


[Phelan, John McCormick and others] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:203--ALB


[Newspaper clipping of sculpture] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:204--ALB


[Program] William Gwin, Jr., Accompanied by Miss Helen McClory BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:205--ALB


John McCormick


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:206--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:207--ALB


[Newspaper clipping] James D. Phelan Entertains English BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:208--ALB



[Young man at pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:209--ALB


[Pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:210--ALB


[Girl on horse] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:211--ALB


[Girl on lawn] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:212--ALB


[Archer] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:213--ALB


[Child in pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:214--ALB


[Children at pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:215--ALB


[Phelan doing archery] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:216--ALB


[Girl on horse] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:217--ALB


[Girl] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:218--ALB


[Man looking in cage] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:219--ALB


[Girl in pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:220--ALB


[Girl diving into pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:221--ALB


[Girl on lawn] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:222--ALB


Sam Kahananeopu [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:223--ALB


[Woman with puppies] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:224--ALB


Alice Doyle BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:225--ALB


[Phelan, and Alice Doyle?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:226--ALB


[Phelan, unidentified man, and Alice Doyle?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:227--ALB


Our P. P., Fr. [Father] Maher, Myself, Billy age 3, Walter age 2, Josie, Nurse BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:228--ALB


[Women on swing] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:229--ALB


Mrs. Potter [?], Mrs. C. H. Henderson [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:230--ALB


[Mrs. Potter ? and Mrs. C. H. Henderson ?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:231--ALB


[Newspaper clipping] The Legion's Distinguished Guest from Poland BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:232--ALB


[Baby] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:233--ALB


[Women in swing] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:234--ALB


Nov. ... 1923 [November 1923] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:235--ALB


[Phelan and woman] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:236--ALB


[Man, woman and baby at Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:237--ALB


[Baby by statue in Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:238--ALB


[Two women and babies in car] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:239--ALB


Mme. Frish, [and ?], Feby '24 [February 1924] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:240--ALB


[Phelan] Feby 11, 1924 [February 11, 1924] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:241--ALB


[Phelan and] "Boz", Feby 10, 1924 [February 10, 1924] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:242--ALB


Mrs. Potter [? ] and M. Davis BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:243--ALB


C. L, W. L. [?], Mrs. Potter [?] C.O.M., M. Davis BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:244--ALB


[Statue by gazebo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:245--ALB


Feby 10, 1924 [ February 10, 1924] [portrait] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:246--ALB


[Woman in garden] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:247--ALB


[Woman in gazebo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:248--ALB


[Woman in garden] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:249--ALB


[Phelan and others with dog] Nov. [?] 1924 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:250--ALB


[Phelan at pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:251--ALB


[Postcard] Redwood Terrace Gardens, Brookdale Lodge, Brookdale, California BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:252--ALB


Sep. 1924 [September 1924], Phelan in pool BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:253--ALB


[Women by fountain] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:254--ALB


Arthur Vincent, Sep. 1924 [September 1924] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:255--ALB


[Newspaper Clipping] Newlyweds Guests of Senator Phelan BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:256--ALB


Nov. '24 [November 1924], Mr. and Mrs. Chapman BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:257--ALB


[Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burke, and dogs at Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:258--ALB


Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burke ... BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:259--ALB


[Phelan and Mrs. Burke with dogs, at Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:260--ALB


[Phelan with dog]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:261--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:262--ALB


[Phelan with dog] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:263--ALB


Chapman, ... Pringle [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:264--ALB


Nov. '24 [November 1924], Mrs. Garcean [?], Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Gray [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:265--ALB


[Phelan with woman, and dogs] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:266--ALB


[Dog at Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:267--ALB


[Women and dog] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:268--ALB


[Dog] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:269--ALB


[Group portrait] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:270--ALB


[Dogs in gazebo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:271--ALB


[Figurine] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:272--ALB


[Gazebo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:273--ALB


Salon [?] 1924 ... BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:274--ALB


[Figurine] Lady of Richardson [?] ... BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:275--ALB


[Statue] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:276--ALB


[Figurine] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:277--ALB


[Bench] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:278--ALB


[Group portrait at Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:279--ALB


[Gazebo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:280--ALB


Mr. and Mrs. [?] Field ... BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:281--ALB


[Women in gazebo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:282--ALB


[Women outdoors] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:283--ALB


[Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:284--ALB


Palo Alto, Post Soldiers Day [?] 1924 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:285--ALB


[Archery at Montalvo]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:286--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:287--ALB


[Man in uniform with others] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:288--ALB


[Montalvo theater] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:289--ALB


Annie [?] Laurie BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:290--ALB


[Montalvo theater]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:291--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:292--ALB


[People at tent]


[People at tent] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:293--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:294--ALB


[People at tent] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:294--ALB


[Newspaper clipping] Mr. Phelan Host to Royal Guests BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:295--ALB


[Phelan and others at gazebo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:296--ALB


[Group portrait at gazebo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:297--ALB


[Postcard] View from County Bridge, Monte Rio, Cal. [California] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:298--ALB


[Mountain scene] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:299--ALB


[Postcard] View from Sandy Beach, Monte Rio, Cal. [California] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:300--ALB


C. K. Field [Charles Kellog Field] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:301--ALB


... [?] Hall, 75 Ann. [Anniversary] constitution, Monterey, Oct. '24 [October 1924] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:302--ALB


Their last battle. Two buck deer get horns hopelessly locked and die from starvation and exhaustion. BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:303--ALB

Additional Note

Photographer: $PC.H. Underwood

San Juan Capistrano, Oct. '24 [October 1924] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:304--ALB


[Theater outdoors] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:305--ALB


[Theater at Montalvo]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:306--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:307--ALB


[Tent at Montalvo]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:308--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:309--ALB


[People outdoors] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:310--ALB


[Phelan with people outdoors] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:311--ALB


[Picnic] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:312--ALB


[People outdoors] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:313--ALB


[Woman with fishing poles?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:314--ALB


[Woman reading] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:315--ALB


[Women in woods] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:316--ALB


McCloud County Creek, Aug. '24 [August 1924] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:317--ALB


... Creek [Phelan with fishing gear] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:318--ALB


Phelan Ranch, Aug.' 24 [August 1924] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:319--ALB


[Women in woods] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:320--ALB


Mr. and Mrs. Charles Green BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:321--ALB


[McCloud County Club] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:322--ALB


[Phelan and man outdoors] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:323--ALB


[McCloud County Club] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:324--ALB


McCloud County Club, Aug. '24 [August 1924] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:325--ALB


[Woman and car] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:326--ALB


[Women and car with sign reading "Coolidge"] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:327--ALB


[People in woods] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:328--ALB


[McCloud County Club] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:329--ALB


[Woman at McCloud County Club] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:330--ALB


[McCloud County Club] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:331--ALB


[Car in front of McCloud County Club] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:332--ALB


[People in front of McCloud County Club] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:333--ALB


[Phelan in front of McCloud County Club] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:334--ALB


[Gold Dredger, Oro Co., Chico, August 1924]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:335--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:336--ALB


[Gold Dredger, Oro Co., Chico, August 1924] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:337--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:338--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:339--ALB


J.D.P. [Phelan], R. Hays Smith, [and ?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:340--ALB


Mayor Kendrick, J. D. P. [Phelan], Count [?] Nelson, J. D. [John Downey] Harvey, Bohemian Jinks BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:341--ALB


Mrs. Garcia, [November?] 1924 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:342--ALB


Mrs. Chapman, Nov. [November] 1924 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:343--ALB


[Bohemian Grove?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:344--ALB


Xmas, Cliveden England, '25 [1925] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:345--ALB


[Magazine page from International Studio on the Chinese Bodhisattvas] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:346--ALB


[Plaque] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:347--ALB


... Camp, Bohemian Jinks, 1924 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:348--ALB


[Phelan at Bohemian Grove]


[Phelan at Bohemian Grove] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:349--ALB


[Phelan at Bohemian Grove] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:350--ALB


[Bohemian Grove?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:351--ALB


[Performance, at Bohemian Grove?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:352--ALB


[Large gathering at Bohemian Grove] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:353--ALB


[Bohemian Jinks] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:354--ALB


Armsby [?] Camp, B. [Bohemian] club, 1924 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:355--ALB


[Children] 2150 Washington St. BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:356--ALB


[Children] Feby 25 [February 1925] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:357--ALB


[Children] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:358--ALB


Duchess ... [Lily] Feby 25 [February 1925] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:359--ALB


Mrs. Arthur Brown, [and ?] Feby 25 [February 1925] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:360--ALB


Duchess Lily BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:361--ALB


[Phelan and women at Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:362--ALB


[Woman] Feby 25 [February 1925] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:363--ALB


[Woman] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:364--ALB


[Phelan and man by statue] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:365--ALB


[Hand-made Christmas card] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:366--ALB


[Phelan and man by statue] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:367--ALB


[Man by statue] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:368--ALB


[Man and dog at Number 2150, Washington Street?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:369--ALB


[Phelan's San Francisco penthouse]


[Phelan's San Francisco penthouse] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:370--ALB


[Phelan's San Francisco penthouse] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:371--ALB


[Phelan's San Francisco penthouse] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:372--ALB


[Man by statue] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:373--ALB


[Family portrait of ?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:374--ALB


[Phelan and dog] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:375--ALB


[Illustration of Bret Harte Line] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:376--ALB


[Map] California's Ideal Tour BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:377--ALB


[Colored postcard] The Priest Hill Grade, California BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:378--ALB


[Postcard] Near Feather River Inn BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:378--ALB


[Postcard] Feather River Inn Chalets On Line Western Pacific BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:379--ALB


[Postcard] Downieville, Calif., July 22, '25 [1925] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:380--ALB


[Postcard] "The Pool" Feather River Inn BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:381--ALB


[Postcard] Entrance to Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, Cal. [California] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:382--ALB


[Colored postcard] Mono Lake, California BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:383--ALB


[Postcard] Feather River Inn Chalets BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:384--ALB


[Colored postcard] Hetch Hetchy, California BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:385--ALB


[Colored postcard] Tioga Road near Warren Fork BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:386--ALB


[Yosemite Valley and Camp Curry] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:387--ALB


[Map. Feather River County?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:388--ALB


A Night in Bagdad, Low Jinks - 1925 - C. C. Norris - Sire [Illustration] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:389--ALB


Bohemian Grove, 1925, August BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:390--ALB


[Three men. Bohemian Grove?]


[Three men. Bohemian Grove?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:391--ALB


[Three men. Bohemian Grove?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:392--ALB


J. D. P. [Phelan] 1925, B. C. BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:393--ALB


[Woods] 1925 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:394--ALB


[Production at Bohemian Grove] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:395--ALB


[Bohemian Grove] 1925


[Bohemian Grove] 1925 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:396--ALB


[Bohemian Grove] 1925 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:397--ALB


[Bohemian Grove] 1925 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:398--ALB


Grove play, "Wings", B. [Bohemian] Club, 1925 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:399--ALB


[Wings production, Bohemian Grove, 1925]


[Wings production, Bohemian Grove, 1925] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:400--ALB


[Wings production, Bohemian Grove, 1925] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:401--ALB


[Wings production, Bohemian Grove, 1925] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:402--ALB


[Wings production, Bohemian Grove, 1925] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:403--ALB


[Wings production, Bohemian Grove, 1925] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:404--ALB


[Phelan and ?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:405--ALB


Moulin [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:406--ALB


Dr. Rupert Blue BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:407--ALB


[Portrait of ?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:408--ALB


Geo. [ George] Sterling BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:409--ALB


Maybeck BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:410--ALB


Bohemian Grove, 1925 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:411--ALB


[Bohemian Grove?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:412--ALB


B. G. [ Bohemian Grove] 1925 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:413--ALB


[Phelan in group portrait] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:414--ALB


C. S. Cushing [? and ?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:415--ALB


[Two men by sign reading "Impotence"] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:416--ALB


[Three men] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:417--ALB


Clay Greene BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:418--ALB


[Three men] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:419--ALB


Church of Our Lady of Sorrows, Santa Barbara Quake, 6-29-25 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:420--ALB


Old Mission, Santa. Barbara Quake, 6-29-25


Old Mission, Santa. Barbara Quake, 6-29-25 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:421--ALB


Old Mission, Santa. Barbara Quake, 6-29-25 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:422--ALB


[Church of Our Lady of Sorrows, Santa Barbara Quake, 6-29-25] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:423--ALB


[Colored postcard] Mission Santa Barbara, Built 1786, Santa Barbara, California BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:424--ALB


[Buildings with earthquake damage, Santa Barbara] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:425--ALB


... June 29, Aug. 22, '25 [ August 22, 1925], Santa Barbara BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:426--ALB


[Phelan and dog] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:427--ALB


[Phelan, Mrs. Phelan, and dogs] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:428--ALB


[Hotel Californian, destroyed] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:429--ALB


L [Lawrence] Tibbett, Aug. 30, '25 [August 30, 1925] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:430--ALB


[Phelan and man by pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:431--ALB


[Puppies] Sept. [September], 1925 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:432--ALB


[Portrait] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:433--ALB


[Phelan and man in pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:434--ALB


[Pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:435--ALB


[Phelan in group portrait] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:436--ALB


[Newspaper clipping, woman in bathing suit] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:437--ALB


[Newspaper clipping] Fay Lanphier wins Great Honor BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:438--ALB


[Newspaper clipping] Queen of California BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:439--ALB


[Newspaper clipping, Fay Lanphier] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:440--ALB


[Large group portrait] "Villa Montalvo," Saratoga Calif., Santa Clara Co., July 12 - 1925 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:441--ALB


[Program] Programme, Song Recital by Povla Frisjh BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:442--ALB


[Program] Song Recital by Lawrence Tibbett BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:443--ALB


[Group portrait] "Villa Montalvo," Saratoga Santa Clara Co. Cal., [California] July 12, 1925 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:444--ALB


Villa Montalvo, Saratoga Santa Clara Co. Calif., July 12, 1925


Villa Montalvo, Saratoga Santa Clara Co. Calif., July 12, 1925 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:445--ALB


Villa Montalvo, Saratoga Santa Clara Co. Calif., July 12, 1925 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:446--ALB


[Phelan with military personnel]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:447--ALB


[Phelan with military personnel] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:448--ALB


Mrs. F. Funston [group portrait of people in formal dress] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:449--ALB


[People in formal dress] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:450--ALB


Villa Montalvo, Saratoga Santa Clara Co. Calif., July 12 -1925 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:451--ALB


Parade. Lt. Byson J. Connell [?], Pilot ... Sep. [ September] 24, 1925 S. F. [ San Francisco] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:452--ALB


[Lincoln statue] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:453--ALB


Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, Calif. [deer] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:454--ALB


[Lincoln statue] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:455--ALB


[Group portrait of women with Joaquin Miller] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:456--ALB


[Teacher at his desk] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:457--ALB


[Joaquin Miller ] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:458--ALB


[Painting of Robert Louis Stevenson] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:459--ALB


[Joaquin Miller and woman outdoors] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:460--ALB


Chas. [Charles] Warren Stoddard BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:461--ALB


Jack London BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:462--ALB


[George Sterling] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:463--ALB


[Man with baby] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:464--ALB


[Portrait of man] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:465--ALB


[Joaquin Miller] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:466--ALB


[Phelan, 1926] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:467--ALB


Palm Springs, January 12, 1926 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:468--ALB


[Golfing, Palm Springs, 1926]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:469--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:470--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:471--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:472--ALB


[Phelan and others, Palm Springs, 1926] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:473--ALB


[Phelan, golfing, Palm Springs, 1926] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:474--ALB


[View of grounds from above, Palm Springs, 1926] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:475--ALB


Palm Springs, January 1926 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:476--ALB


[Phelan and others, Palm Springs, 1926] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:477--ALB


[Phelan and others, Palm Springs?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:478--ALB


Parade, Commander John Rogers ... S.F. [ San Francisco], Sep. '25 [ September 1925] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:479--ALB


[Newspaper clipping, Phelan and military personnel] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:480--ALB


[Illustration] Seeing Paris BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 94:481--ALB


Volume 95


[Map showing Villa Montalvo in Santa Clara County] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:001--ALB


[Montalvo estate] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:002--ALB


[View across lawns of estate] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:003--ALB

Additional Note

Photographer: Gabriel Moulin, San Francisco



BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:004--ALB


[Gazebo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:005--ALB


[Gazebo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:006--ALB


[View from gazebo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:007--ALB


Senator Phelan entertains the Notre Dame Foot Ball Team at his beautiful home "Montalvo" in the Santa Clara Valley, January 4, 1925 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:008--ALB

Additional Note

Photographer: Charles Ellis Johnson, San Jose

Senator Phelan entertaining the Notre Dame Foot Ball boys at his beautiful home "Montalvo" in the Santa Clara Valley, January 4, 1925 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:009--ALB

Additional Note

Photographer: Charles Ellis Johnson, San Jose

Merril [?], Schafer, Pratt, Boswell, Ziegemeir, Jayer [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:010--ALB

Additional Note

Photographer: Charles Ellis Johnson, San Jose

[Phelan and military personnel] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:011--ALB


[Groups dining in the gazebo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:012--ALB

Additional Note

Photographer: Gabriel Moulin, San Francisco

[Outdoor concert]

Additional Note

Photographer: Gabriel Moulin, San Francisco

[Outdoor concert] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:013--ALB


[Outdoor concert] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:014--ALB


[Portrait under tent canopy] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:015--ALB


[Group portrait] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:016--ALB


Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, Santa Clara Co. [ County], California, July 12, 1925 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:017--ALB


"Villa Montalvo," Saratoga Calif., Santa Clara Co.[ County], July 12, 1925 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:018--ALB


"Villa Montalvo," Saratoga, California, November 1, 1925 [Pueblo Native American chiefs] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:019--ALB


"Villa Montalvo," Saratoga, California, November 1, 1925 [group dining]


"Villa Montalvo," Saratoga, California, November 1, 1925 [group dining] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:020--ALB


"Villa Montalvo," Saratoga, California, November 1, 1925 [group dining] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:021--ALB


"Villa Montalvo," Saratoga, California, November 1, 1925 [group portrait] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:022--ALB


"Villa Montalvo," Saratoga, California, November 1, 1925 [Phelan with Native Americans] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:023--ALB


[Phelan with native Americans] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:024--ALB


[Phelan in Bohemian Grove ?] 1925 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:025--ALB


Grove play "Wings," ... Thompson, Bohemian Club... 1925 Spider web, central figure moving in the air. BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:026--ALB


[View from Phelan's penthouse. Call building in background] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:027--ALB


[View of Call building from Phelan's penthouse] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:028--ALB


[Newspaper clipping] Californians Prepare For Battle. The political triangle in California. Left, Senator Shortridge. Above, right, Senator Johnson and, below, ex-Senator Phelan BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:029--ALB


[Newspaper clipping of building] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:030--ALB


Residence of Senator J. D. Phelan, Saratoga, California BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:031--ALB


Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, California


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:032--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:033--ALB


[Deer] ... Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, California BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:034--ALB


Jubilee, 1926 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:035--ALB


Helen Wills, "Montalvo," December 1925 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:036--ALB


[Helen Wills, Phelan, and others at tennis court] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:037--ALB


[Helen Wills] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:038--ALB


Mrs. C. B. Henderson [and Phelan] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:039--ALB


Princess Bibesco, 1926 [and Phelan] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:040--ALB


[Colored newspaper clipping, building] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:041--ALB


[Hand-colored photograph, building] APS BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:042--ALB


June 29, 1925, Santa Barbara Mission ... BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:043--ALB


[Children in pool, Phelan Park, Santa Cruz] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:044--ALB


[Children on horse. Phelan Park ?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:045--ALB


Phelan Park, Santa Cruz, June 1926, new tank BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:046--ALB


[Man and children in pool, Phelan Park] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:047--ALB


Reeves ? 1926 [Painter painting portrait of Phelan] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:048--ALB


Reeves Pirex ? March 1926 [Painting portrait of Phelan] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:049--ALB


[Portrait of Phelan] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:050--ALB


[Phelan and men on ship ?] Aug. 28, '26 [ August 28, 1926] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:051--ALB




BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:052--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:053--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:054--ALB


[Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 95:055--ALB


Volume 96


[Mrs. Phelan] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:001--ALB


School Children's Day ... [Montalvo?] June 1921 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:002--ALB


[April 13, 1921] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:003--ALB


April 13, 1921 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:004--ALB


[People by pool]


[People by pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:005--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:006--ALB


[Phelan, with children on horse] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:007--ALB


[Phelan and man on lawn at Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:008--ALB


[People by pool]


[People by pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:009--ALB


[People by pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:010--ALB


[Jane Cooper with horses] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:011--ALB


[Jane Cooper and Phelan with parrot] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:012--ALB


[Woman with parrot] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:013--ALB


Jane and Anita Cooper BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:014--ALB


[Phelan and woman by pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:015--ALB


1921 [Women in bathing suits] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:016--ALB


[Jane Cooper and boy on horses] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:017--ALB


... Mary Martin [Group portrait] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:018--ALB


[Double exposure] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:019--ALB


Navy lunch, Sep [September] 1921 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:020--ALB


[Phelan and others in bathing suits at pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:021--ALB


[Woman on porch] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:022--ALB


[Man and woman on porch] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:023--ALB


Service men, May 1921 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:024--ALB


...Picnic [Girl on lawn, holding out her skirts] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:025--ALB


[People on lawn]


[People on lawn] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:026--ALB


[People on lawn] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:027--ALB


Base ... [?] July [?] [19] 21 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:028--ALB


[Women sitting under umbrella] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:029--ALB


[People on lawn] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:030--ALB


[Women sitting under umbrella] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:031--ALB


[Men on lawn] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:032--ALB


[Montalvo pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:033--ALB


[Group portrait] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:034--ALB


[Deer at Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:035--ALB


[People sitting outside] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:036--ALB


[Group of men] June 20, [1920?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:037--ALB


[People sitting under umbrella] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:038--ALB


Hobson BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:039--ALB


June 20, [1920?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:040--ALB


[Phelan in group portrait with men] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:041--ALB


[Military men at Montalvo]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:042--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:043--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:044--ALB


31 - 34th [?] Regiment ... BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:045--ALB


[Military men at Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:046--ALB


[Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:047--ALB


[Large gathering] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:048--ALB


Mrs. Young ... Mrs. Wharton [?] [and others] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:049--ALB


June '21 [1921], Eleanor [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:050--ALB


June 16, '21 [1921]. School party [Phelan] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:051--ALB


Mrs. Hamilton [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:052--ALB


[Group portrait] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:053--ALB


[Phelan and two men at Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:054--ALB


... Napa, July 30, '21 [1921] [Group portrait] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:055--ALB


[Man near cave] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:056--ALB


Petrified forest, Noel [?] July, '21 [1921] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:057--ALB


"... Old Bohemia" 1921 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:058--ALB


[Car] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:059--ALB


[Mansion] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:060--ALB


Stephen [?] Clark at Berryessa BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:061--ALB


Berryessa Farm, July 21, '21 [1921] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:062--ALB


Berryessa Farm house BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:063--ALB


[Group portrait] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:064--ALB


Mrs. Pope [?] Lurlene Eddy [?] ... Sep. '21 [September 1921] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:065--ALB


Admiral Eberle, Sep. '21 [September 1921] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:066--ALB


Jane Cooper BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:067--ALB


Mrs. Scorss [?] Dr. Marco, Peter ... BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:068--ALB


Jane [and Phelan, by pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:069--ALB


Jane Cooper, 1921 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:070--ALB


[Jane Cooper and boy on horses] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:071--ALB


Chico, July 31, '31 [1921] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:072--ALB


Doyle and Hubbard BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:073--ALB


Rice Camp BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:074--ALB


Dougy Murphy, Ranch Supt. [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:075--ALB


[Phelan and others at barn] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:076--ALB


[Woman on stairs] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:077--ALB


[People on patio] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:078--ALB


Mrs. F. Russel BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:079--ALB


[Mrs. F. Russel] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:080--ALB


[Group portrait] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:081--ALB


[Phelan] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:082--ALB


Florence Russel BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:083--ALB


Aug. [August] 6, 1921 B. G. [Bohemian Grove] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:084--ALB


[Production at Bohemian Grove] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:085--ALB


Carmel, Highland [?], Aug. '21 [August 1921] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:086--ALB


Rischel's study BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:087--ALB


[Stone house, Carmel?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:088--ALB


Chas Rischel, artist, Monterey, Aug. '21 [August 1921] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:089--ALB


Patigian and Field [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:090--ALB


Where Junipero died BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:091--ALB


[Phelan in large group] Aug. 28, '21 [August 28, 1921] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:092--ALB


[Woman feeding deer] Aug. 28, '21 [August 28, 1921] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:093--ALB


[Phelan in large group, August 28, 1921] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:094--ALB


Pebble Beach, Aug. 15, 21 [August 15, 1921] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:095--ALB


[Two women on a porch] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:096--ALB


[Three women and Jane Cooper on porch] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:097--ALB


Carmel Mission, Aug. '21 [August 1921] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:098--ALB


B. G. [Bohemian Grove] Aug. [August] 6, 1921 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:099--ALB


[Phelan and Mrs. Phelan] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:100--ALB


Gladys Sullivan [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:101--ALB


Count John De Salio [?], Mrs. Beale [?], Sep. '22 [September 1922] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:102--ALB


[Woman with umbrella] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:103--ALB


Jane Cooper, Sep. [September] 1922 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:104--ALB


[Phelan and group dining] Sep. [September] 1922 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:105--ALB


Mr. and Mrs. Rosseler [?] Sept. '22 [September 1922] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:106--ALB


Pattigan and Field BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:107--ALB


Maude Fay BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:108--ALB


... Harry Howland BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:109--ALB


[Maude Fay] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:110--ALB


[Maude Fay and others on porch] Aug. 28, '21 [August 28, 1921] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:111--ALB


[Group portrait] Sep. [September] 1921 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:112--ALB


[Harry Howland and ?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:113--ALB


Admiral Eberle BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:114--ALB


[Woman dining outdoors] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:115--ALB


Mrs. and Miss Wright [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:116--ALB


General Wright [?], Mrs. A. C. Spreckels, W. Harry [?], Mr. and Mrs. Richard BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:117--ALB


[Miss Wright ? and dog] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:118--ALB


[Miss Wright?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:119--ALB


[Miss Wright and deer] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:120--ALB


[Deer] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:121--ALB


[Miss Wright ? feeding deer] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:122--ALB


[Military men by sculpture at Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:123--ALB


[Deer] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:124--ALB


[Phelan, and Alice Lucha?] April 21, '21 [1921] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:125--ALB


[Alice Lucha? in dance costume] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:126--ALB


Alice Lucha ?


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:127--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:128--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:129--ALB


[Alice Lucha? in dance costume] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:130--ALB


[Woman on lawn] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:131--ALB


[View of vineyards and estate] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:132--ALB


[Dogs] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:133--ALB


Lunch. Edwin Markham, April 29, '21 [1921] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:134--ALB


[W. Narreu Jr. Ormsby] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:135--ALB


[Two girls with deer] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:136--ALB


W. Narreu [?] Jr. Ormsby BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:137--ALB


Murphy, Abill and Florence [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:138--ALB


Sertz [?] children BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:139--ALB


? Murphy children BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:140--ALB


May [?] 1921 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:141--ALB


[Group portrait] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:142--ALB


? Noble-Sherman at Saratoga [?] May 14, '21 [1921] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:143--ALB


San Jose, May 1921, Dedication... BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:144--ALB


[Girl in costume] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:145--ALB


[People at pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:146--ALB


[Group portrait] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:147--ALB


Alice Lucha BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:148--ALB


Senator Saulisbury, Pittman, Gerry, Beckhan, Vice Pr. [President] Marshall, Senator Robinson, Representative Riordan [?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:149--ALB


Senator King, [Phelan] [?], Pittman, July 4, [?] 1920 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:150--ALB


Lt. [?] Derby, Mrs. Wallace [?] Admiral Twining BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:151--ALB


... Hector Amerza [?] ... BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:152--ALB


[Phelan in group portrait] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:153--ALB


[People in pool]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:154--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:155--ALB


[Jane Cooper at fountain] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:156--ALB


[Jane Cooper by pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:157--ALB


[Jane Cooper with woman] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:158--ALB


July 4, '20 [1920] [Group dining] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:159--ALB


Ch. [Charles] Norris, Fannie Hurst, Mrs. Norris, Mrs. Atherton BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:160--ALB


Albert Johnson ... [and others] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:161--ALB


[Phelan and two women] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:162--ALB


Senator Gerry, Saulisbury. Pittman, Beckman, [?] Fay, Vice Pre. [President] Marshall, Senator King, Morgan O'Brien, Senator Robison, Senator [?], Cong. Riordan, Gov. [Governor] Dunne, Phelan BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:163--ALB


July 4, 1920 [Group portrait with Phelan] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:164--ALB


[Woman] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:165--ALB


[Woman at doorway] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:166--ALB


[Woman at Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:167--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:167--ALB


[Woman at Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:168--ALB


B. G. [Bohemian Grove] July '20 [1920] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:169--ALB


Benj. [Benjamin] Ide Wheeler BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:170--ALB


Jane Cooper BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:171--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:171--ALB


Jane Cooper BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:172--ALB


Jane Cooper BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:173--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:174--ALB


[People on lawn at Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:175--ALB


Secy [Secretary] Bainbridge Colby [at Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:176--ALB


[Man at fountain] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:177--ALB


[People at fountain] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:178--ALB


Fannie Hurst BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:179--ALB


[People near pool]


[People near pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:180--ALB


[People near pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:181--ALB


[People on steps] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:182--ALB


Anita Cooper and Ambassador Pezet, Peru [at Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:183--ALB


[People feeding deer at Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:184--ALB


Mrs. Horn BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:185--ALB


[Mrs. Horn with deer] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:186--ALB


[Phelan with military personnel] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:187--ALB


[Phelan in group portrait] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:188--ALB


[Group portrait at fountain] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:189--ALB


[Group portrait at Montalvo stage] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:190--ALB


Governor Smith, N. Y. [New York], July 20 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:191--ALB


[Group portrait at Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:192--ALB


[Group portrait at Montalvo stage]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:193--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:194--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:195--ALB


[Group portrait at fountain] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:196--ALB


[People in pool]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:197--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:198--ALB


[People at pool]


[People at pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:199--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:200--ALB


[Group portrait] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:201--ALB


Ambassador Mathian [?], Chili, Admiral Rodman BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:202--ALB


[Phelan in group portrait] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:203--ALB


[Group portrait] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:204--ALB


[Mrs. Kemp at pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:205--ALB


[Phelan and Mrs. Kemp in pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:206--ALB


Mrs. Kemp BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:207--ALB


June 20, '20 [1920] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:208--ALB


[Mrs. Kemp] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:209--ALB


[Man on stairs; school party, June 1921] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:210--ALB


[School party, June 1921]


[School party, June 1921] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:211--ALB


[School party, June 1921] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:212--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:213--ALB


[Boy Scouts Troop 29, May 16 [?] 1921]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:214--ALB


[Boy Scouts Troop 29, May 16 [?] 1921] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:215--ALB


[Boy Scouts Troop 29, May 16 [?] 1921] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:216--ALB


[Boy Scouts Troop 29, May 16 [?] 1921] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:217--ALB


[Boy Scouts Troop 29, May 16 [?] 1921] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:218--ALB


[Boy Scouts Troop 29, May 16 [?] 1921]


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:219--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:220--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:221--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:222--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:223--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:224--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:225--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:226--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:227--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:228--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:229--ALB


[Boy Scouts Troop 29, May 16 [?] 1921] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:230--ALB


[Girl dancing, for Boy Scouts Troop?] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:231--ALB


[Dominga] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:232--ALB


Dominga BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:233--ALB


[House] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:234--ALB


[Dominga] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:235--ALB


Ben Dobbins, Calif. Rodeo, Salinas, California, July 1920 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:236--ALB


[Dominga] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:237--ALB


[Two men and a woman] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:238--ALB


[Dominga] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:239--ALB


[Two men and a woman] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:240--ALB


[Dominga] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:241--ALB


[Man with little girl] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:242--ALB


[Woman with little girl] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:243--ALB


Dominga, June 1921 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:244--ALB


[Woman on horse] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:245--ALB


[Three women on lawn] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:246--ALB


[People dining at Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:247--ALB


[Woman by statue] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:248--ALB


July 1921 [?] ... S. Grant Jr., Mrs. Beale BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:249--ALB


[People in pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:250--ALB


Mr. [and] Mrs. Peter Kyne, July 21 [1921] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:251--ALB


School children, June 1921


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:252--ALB


School children, June 1921 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:253--ALB


School children, June 1921 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:254--ALB


Livermore Rodeo, July 2, '21 [1921] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:255--ALB


[Girl and] Mrs. Kyne, with deer BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:256--ALB


[Rodeo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:257--ALB


[Woman at Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:258--ALB


[Two women] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:259--ALB


[Phelan with woman] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:260--ALB


Livermore, July 2, '21 [1921] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:261--ALB


[Livermore, July 2, 1921] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:262--ALB


[Woman with dogs] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:263--ALB


[Statue in pond] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:264--ALB


[Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:265--ALB




BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:266--ALB


BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:267--ALB


Eamon De Valera, Unveiling statue of Robert Emmet, G. G. [Golden Gate] Park S. F., Cal. [San Francisco, California] July 20, 1919 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:268--ALB


... Prest [President] S. [Santa] Clara ... BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:269--ALB


[Phelan, Mrs. Phelan, and others] Sep. [September] 1922 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:270--ALB


[Woman at pool] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:271--ALB


[Phelan] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:272--ALB


[Phelan and woman with dogs] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:273--ALB


[Puppies] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:274--ALB


Sep. [September] 1922, R. P. Hobson and Jr., Harry Miller BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:275--ALB


Hobson and son BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:276--ALB


C. Champman, 1921 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:276--ALB


[Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:277--ALB


[Woman] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:278--ALB


[Woman] 1921 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:279--ALB


[Woman] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:280--ALB


[Puppies] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:281--ALB


[House] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:282--ALB


[Mother dog and puppies] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:283--ALB


[Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:284--ALB


[People by pool] Sep. [September] 1922 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:285--ALB


[People dining outdoors] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:286--ALB


[Phelan and woman at Montalvo] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:287--ALB


[Puppies at window] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:288--ALB


[Puppies and mother dog] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:289--ALB


[Two men at automobile] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:290--ALB


1922 [Man and woman at automobile] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:291--ALB


[Man, woman, and dogs] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:292--ALB


[Man and woman] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:293--ALB


[Man with parrot] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:294--ALB


[Man and woman on steps] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:295--ALB


[Woman with parrot] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:296--ALB


[Man and woman on bench] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:297--ALB


[Dogs on lawn] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:298--ALB


[Mrs. Phelan in group portrait] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:299--ALB


[Landscape] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:300--ALB


[Mountain] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:301--ALB


[Dogs] BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:302--ALB


Maude Fay ... July 13, 1922 BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:303--ALB


Capt. Powers ... BANC PIC 1932.001 Vol. 96:304--ALB