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Register of the Bastian (Bob) Cartoon Collection, 1967-1992
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1.1-Clippings – Biographical, memorial, and works


1.2-Miscellaneous papers – photograph, award, art exhibits, cartoon list


1.3- The Best of Bastian KQED, 1969 forward by Robert Bastian


1.4- Souvenir Book of San Francisco: Simplified Touring Map and More Than 120 Photographs , published by Smith Novelty Co.


1.5-"I Wanna Say Some Things about Bob Bastian" KQED-TV. Memorial tribute to Bastian, September 1970. VHS video


1.6- “Bob Bastian LMS Art Show” Probably Beverly Bastian Meyers describing some of Bastian’s work, 992. VHS video


BOX TWO: CARTOONS (Drawer 13), Folder 1. Itemized drawings:


California Water Plan


California Water Plan Fiscal Crisis


Let me do the Worrying -- you just sign the check!


MWD Contract


Nuclear Power Project, California Water Plan


Bolinas Lagoon


Assessment Problems


Civil Rights Bill


Caution T.V. Debates Ahead


"I said let there be blight, and there was blight!"


Old with-holding tax rotgut


1964 Campaign finish line


air force and army


LBJ and Westmoreland


Czechoslovakia (Communist hammer and Sickle)


"The sky is falling, isn't it, Coaky- Loaky?" "No -- Sorry, Mulfy- Wulfy"


Dumke and UC Berkley bear


Community Service, Liberal Education, Advanced Research, and Professional Training


Pornography Furor


No on 14; US Supreme Court


Czech crisis raining on Mexico Olympics


Thanksgiving dinner


Let's win this war in Vietnam and get out




Uncle Sam on a bike


U.S. Bureau of the MINT Employees Entrance


J. Edgar Hoover and Sen. McCarthy as toads


LBJ and Sen. Stennis ready for combat


GOP heading the wrong way


Ye Hawke's Rooste


BOX TWO: CARTOONS (Drawer 13), Folder 2. Itemized drawings:


U.S. baseball team and rejected member


Polls say Brown slips in South


State division of highways and Shelley looking in bars


Old With-holding Tax Rotgut; drunkard under table


King on a throne


Navy's Treasure Island Fire Fighting School


Alabama men in gas masks; "...and I protected three of 'em"


"I did't get through to them sir"


Whitton, Bradford, and Womak taking "king" to guillotine


Old With-holding Tax Rotgut and man in tuxedo with car


Brown for Governor


Sea serpent


Legislature carrying BART out of burning window


Giant deficit on scale


Yes on Prop. 16


State Administration Mental Health "Economy"


Governor Reagan strangling Medi-Cal


Medi-Cal with knives in back


Welcome to Bohemian Grove


State division of highways and Crystal springs road plan with opposition


City income tax plan about to execute S.F.




Giant baseball


San Mateo bridge and state division of highways plan


Western Freeway Alternate Plan


The Panhandle Freeway


Embarcadero Freeway and Rip van California Highway Commission


S.F. and Embarcadero freeway and Clay Washington Ramps and Political Pressure


Motorcycle; "It wants to give a pint of gas for Vietnam"


flying general


BOX TWO: CARTOONS (Drawer 13), Folder 3. Itemized drawings:


Bay Area Counties, Present Regional Authority, and Future Problems


IRS, politics, and the Sierra Club


AFL running from Prop 17 Frankenstein


Self-cartoon: "When the cartoonist’s away, the politicos will play."


"How to Make Gold Out of Paper by C. DeGaulle"


Murderer's Row: Federal, state, local taxes vs. tax payer


Goldwater on GOP nomination, party unity: "Killed 'em both with one shot!"


Social Security scares doctor


Nixon to voter: "I’m the new me, but are you the new you?"


Mayor Daley: "Chicago, Chicago, A Wonderful Town"


Impeach Earl Warren


LBJ, hawks, and public opinion


Burns Committee vs. Kerr Reply


Selling an attack on the UC: "That thing was rotten yesterday!"


BOX TWO: CARTOONS (Drawer 13), Folder 4. Itemized drawings:


The New Trojan Horse (color)


Box 2: Cartoons (Drawer 13), Folder 5: From Best of Bastian


Box 2: Cartoons (Drawer 13), Folder 6: Flight Travel & Drug Issue Cartoons (9)


Box 2: Cartoons (Drawer 13), Folder 7: BART Plan & Economy (20)


Box 2: Cartoons (Drawer 13), Folder 8: Individuals (29)


Box 2: Cartoons (Drawer 13), Folder 9: Political, Social, Moral Problems (13)


Box 2: Cartoons (Drawer 13), Folder 10: San Jose topics & San Francisco topics (10)


Box 2: Cartoons (Drawer 13), Folder 11: Miscellaneous - Women's Rights, Taxes, etc. (30)


Box 2: Cartoons (Drawer 13), Folder 12: California Ballot Measures (13)


Box 2: Cartoons (Drawer 13), Folder 13: SF Mayor, Joseph L. Alioto (5)


Box 2: Cartoons (Drawer 13), Folder 14: Max Rafferty; Education & School (7)


Box 2: Cartoons (Drawer 13), Folder 15: International Issues (32)


Box 2: Cartoons (Drawer 13), Folder 16: Racial Discrimination Cartoons; U.S. Military (8)


Box 2: Cartoons (Drawer 13), Folder 17: Taxes; Postal Service (6)


Box 2: Cartoons (Drawer 13), Folder 18: Richard Nixon (10)


Box 2: Cartoons (Drawer 13), Folder 19: Uncaptioned Cartoons (8)


Box 2: Cartoons (Drawer 13), Folder 20: Uncategorized Bastian (20)