Inventory of the Assembly Health Committe, Public Health Committee and Health and Welfare Committee Records, 1953-1977

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Inventory of the Assembly Health Committee, Public Heath Committee, and Health and Welfare Committee Records, 1953-1977

Inventory: LP166

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Assembly Health Committee, Public Heath Committee, and Health and Welfare Committee Records,
Date (inclusive): 1953-1977
Inventory: LP166
Creator: Assembly Health Committee, Assembly Public Heath Committee, Assembly Health and Welfare Committee
Repository: California State Archives
Sacramento, California
Language: English.

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Arrangement and Description

Folder LP166:1-104

1. Subject Files.

Scope and Content Note

Letters received; copies of letters sent; memoranda; legislative proposals, including analyses, amendments, position statements; legislative hearings, including agendas, transcripts, statements and testimony; reports submitted or assigned to pursuant to statutory requirements and/or for informational purposes; Legislative Council opinions; press releases; newspaper clippings; and general background information and data as used or collected by the committee in its various capacities. Arrangement alphabetical by subject with specific subject information added where pertinent.
Folder LP166:1

ACUPUNCTURE: general 1972-73

Physical Description: (1ff).
Folder LP166:2

ABORTION: general 1971-74

Physical Description: (1ff).
Folder LP166:3

BLOOD BANKS: legislative measures to outlaw the use of paid donors as a means of controlling hepatitus 1971-74

Physical Description: (1ff).
Folder LP166:4

CAL-MED: Proposals to establish a comprehensive state health care services program 1965-67

Physical Description: (1ff).
Folder LP166:5-5a

CANCER: general 1958-74

Physical Description: (2ff).
Folder LP166:6-7

CHILD HEALTH: children's health care services program

Physical Description: (2ff).
Folder LP166:8-9

CHILDREN AND YOUTH, ASSEMBLY SYMPOSIUM ON SERVICES TO: includes agenda, proceedings, reports of findings and legislative recommendations 1973-74

Physical Description: (2ff).
Folder LP166:10

CLINICAL LABORATORIES: regulation of 1969-74

Physical Description: (1ff).
Folder LP166:11

DENTAL HEALTH: general 1966-76

Physical Description: (1ff).
Folder LP166:12-14

DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES: mentally retarded services and programs 1971-76

Physical Description: (3ff).
Folder LP166:15-17

DRUGS AND DRUG ABUSE: narcotic addict rehabilitation and drug prevention programs; prescription pricing; and annual report of Drug Abuse Information Project and Research Advisory Panel relative to research on the effects of marijuana and hallucinogenic drugs and the monitoring of methadone maintenance programs 1958-76

Physical Description: (3ff).
Folder LP166:18-25

EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES: development of statewide policy and plan for; paramedic programs; and ambulance personnel training 1966-75

Physical Description: (8ff).
Folder LP166:26

ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH: environmental conditions and impact on public health 1971-72

Physical Description: (1ff).
Folder LP166:27

EPILEPSY: general 1974,77

Physical Description: (1ff).
Folder LP166:28

FAMILY PLANNING: general 1964-72

Physical Description: (1ff).
Folder LP166:29

FLOURIDATION: general 1968-72

Physical Description: (1ff).
Folder LP166:30

FUNERAL PRACTICES: general 1965-72

Physical Description: (1ff).
Folder LP166:31

HEALING ARTS BOARDS: proposed transfer of healing arts licensing boards to the Department of Health from the Department of Consumer Affairs 1976-77

Physical Description: (1ff).
Folder LP166:32-33

HEALTH CARE COSTS: problems of spiraling medical costs 1967-72

Physical Description: (2ff).
Folder LP166:34-37

HEALTH DEPARTMENT: reorganization; and proposed relocation of offices to Sacramento from Berkeley 1968-74

Physical Description: (4ff).
Folder LP166:38-43

HEALTH INSURANCE DISCLOSURE ACT: AB 3250 (1974) relating to standard disclosures on benefits, limitations, etc. on health insurance plans offered for sale in California 1969-74

Physical Description: (6ff).
Folder LP166:44

HEALTH MAINTENANCE ORGANIZATION (HMO): proposals for establishing a California HMO plan 1972-74

Physical Description: (1ff).
Folder LP166:45-54

HEALTH PLANNING: development of a statewide comprehensive health organization to deal with long range health needs, priorities, directions and proper location and placement of health care facilities 1967-74

Physical Description: (10ff).
Folder LP166:55-58

HOSPITALS: general 1955-77

Physical Description: (4ff).
Folder LP166:59

INTERMEDIATE CARE: regulation of nursing homes 1970-72

Physical Description: (1ff).
Folder LP166:60

LICENSURE: proposed consolidation and simplification of state licensing functions within the Human Relations Agency 1969-72

Physical Description: (1ff).
Folder LP166:61-63

MANPOWER: problems of health manpower shortages and licensing of foreign medical graduates 1968-76

Physical Description: (3ff).
Folder LP166:64

MEASLES: general 1966-69

Physical Description: (1ff).
Folder LP166:65-72

MEDI-CAL: administration, operations, and costs of 1965-77

Physical Description: (17ff).
Folder LP166:73-79

MEDI-CAL: administration, operations, and costs of (17ff). Con't from Box 4 1965-77

Folder LP166:80

MEDICAL EDUCATION: location of medical schools and need of on-campus teaching hospitals 1970,72

Physical Description: (1ff).
Folder LP166:81-82

MEDICAL EXAMINERS, BOARD OF: proposed transfer to Department of Health 1975-76

Physical Description: (2ff).
Folder LP166:83

MENINGITIS: investigation of outbreak at Ft. Ord 1964-65

Physical Description: (1ff).
Folder LP166:84


Physical Description: (1ff).
Folder LP166:85-85a

NURSING-REGISTERED: general 1961-73

Physical Description: (2ff).
Folder LP166:86

NURSING-VOCATIONAL: general 1969-72

Physical Description: (1ff).
Folder LP166:87

NURSING HOMES: general 1961-72

Physical Description: (1ff).
Folder LP166:88

OPTOMETRY: general 1955-72

Physical Description: (1ff).
Folder LP166:89

PESTICIDES: effect on public health 1960-69

Physical Description: (1ff).
Folder LP166:90

PHARMACY: general 1955-71

Physical Description: (1ff).
Folder LP166:91

PHYSICIANS: licensing and regulation of; malpractice insurance problems; and physician shortages 1953-76

Physical Description: (1ff).
Folder LP166:92-93

PHYSICIAN'S ASSISTANTS: enactment, implementation and reaction to program to offset shortages of physicians 1969-74

Physical Description: (2ff).
Folder LP166:94

PODIATRY: general 1973,76

Physical Description: (1ff).
Folder LP166:95

POLIO: general 1955,62

Physical Description: (1ff).
Folder LP166:96-99

PREPAID HEALTH PLANS: administration of program operations; and quality of car under

Physical Description: (5ff).
Folder LP166:100

RADIATION: general 1958-76

Physical Description: (1ff).
Folder LP166:101

SICKLE CELL ANEMIA: general 1971-77

Physical Description: (1ff).
Folder LP166:102

U.C. IRVINE: state support of and conflict with reimbursements for services provided county medical indigents 1976-77

Physical Description: (1ff).
Folder LP166:103

VENERAL DISEASES: general 1961-71

Physical Description: (1ff).
Folder LP166:104

WELFARE REFORM ACT OF 1971: SB 796, enabling legislation 1971-72

Physical Description: (1ff).