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California Faces: Selections from The Bancroft Library Portrait Collection
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Adams, Ansel, 1902-1984.

Biography/Organization History

San Francisco-born photographer, known for his images of natural beauty in Yosemite and other American wilderness settings, and his activity in movements for environmental preservation.

Guest speaker - Ansel Adams of Carmel, California, at the Annual Meeting of the Friends of the Bancroft Library, University of California - Berkeley Campus. Sunday, May 14, 1967. The book under his arm is entitled: "Valley of Salt, Memories of Wine" by Louis Nusbaumer, Edited by George Koenig. :1


1930 (?) - Ansel Adams, Albert Bender, Virginia Adams. :3


Adams, Ansel Easton. :6


[Ansel Adams, left, and two other men at a worktable.] :13


Photo by N.H. (Dan) Cheatham, 1978. At Landell-Hill Big Creek Reserve Dedication, 4/29/78. Big Sur coastline. :18


Adler, Kurt Herbert, 1905-1988.

Biography/Organization History

Viennese-born conductor and General Director of the San Francisco Opera from 1957-1981.

Kurt Herbert Adler, general director of the San Francisco Opera, conducts the company's new production of Verdi's "Un Ballo in Maschera." National Public Radio member stations are broadcasting the company's entire 1977 Fall Season. :1


[Kurt Herbert Adler, autographed on the front by Adler, San Francisco 1977.] :2


Alvarado, Juan Bautista, 1809-1882.

Biography/Organization History

12th Mexican governor of California (1836-1842), a native-born Californian, who aimed at establishing a state free of Mexican rules and ties.

[No caption] :1 c. 2


Aspinwall, William Henry, 1807-1875.

Biography/Organization History

New York trader who helped found the Pacific Mail Steamship Co. in 1848 and a railway across the Isthmus of Panama, which gave him and his colleagues a monopoly on an expedient shipping route from New York to San Francisco prior to the completion of the transcontinental railroad in 1869.

Wm. H. Aspinwall, the Founder and First President of the P.M.S.S. [Pacific Mail Steamship] Co. Bradley & Rulofson, Photographers, S.F. [San Francisco] :1


Atherton, Gertrude Franklin Horn, 1857-1948.

Biography/Organization History

San Francisco-raised writer of dramatic fiction, some of which is set in California from Spanish times to the 20th century; her many works include The Californians (1898), Before the Gringo Came (1894), Julia France and Her Times (1912), The Sophisticates (1931), and Golden Gate Country (1945).

[Gertrude Atherton autograph on front, 1916] :5


Gertrude Atherton, aged 2 :7


[No caption] :11


L to R: W. Parmer Fuller, Jr., Pres. Board of Trustees, Gertrude Atherton, Dr. Robert Millikan. This picture reproduced in S.F. [San Francisco] Examiner, June 11, 1935 under heading "Mills College Jubilee" 50 yrs. "Commencement Services are attended by notables." Mrs. Atherton was given honorary degree of doctor of laws. :19


Austin, Mary Hunter, 1868-1934.

Biography/Organization History

Writer who helped establish the artists' colony in Carmel. She wrote on a variety of topics, including women, socialism, religion, and Native American culture; her works include A Woman of Genius (1912), Outland (1919), The Arrow Maker (1911), and the autobiographical Earth Horizon (1932).

[No caption] :1


Mary Austin and Diego Rivera - Cuernevaca, c. 1932. :7


Mary Austin at the Pecietente Cross at Pilar :10


[No caption] :14


Bade, William Frederic, 1871-1936.

Biography/Organization History

Professor of Old Testament literature and various languages who became an activist in the Sierra Club and an editor of books on conservationist John Muir.

[No caption] :1


Baldwin, Elias Jackson ["Lucky"], 1828-1909.

Biography/Organization History

Arrived in San Francisco in 1853, entered the hotel business, and went on to make a fortune in bricks, real estate, and the stock market. He built the San Francisco hotel and theater bearing his name and the Santa Anita Rancho in the San Gabriel Valley, with vineyards and the largest racing stable in the U.S.

Romance continued to follow Lucky Baldwin into his seventies. He was an outstanding figure in S.F. [San Francisco] in the '90s. :1


Bancroft, Hubert Howe, 1832-1918.

Biography/Organization History

Ohio-born book seller and collector who moved to California and began collecting Pacific Coast-related materials for an encyclopedia, which turned into thousands of books, manuscripts, maps, periodicals, etc.; they were centered around the history of California and the West, Mexico and Central America, Canada, and Alaska. His collections, along with his own historical writings, became The Bancroft Library, which he sold to the University of California, Berkeley in 1905.

W.J. Root, photographer :15 c. 2


Philip Bancroft, Sr., Philip Bancroft, Jr. and Hubert Howe Bancroft, about 1915 :18


The marble bust of Hubert Howe Bancroft stands near the information desk in the main reading room of the library he founded, and which this week observes its 50th anniversary on the Berkeley campus, University of California. In addition to the library's... :19


Bradley & Rulofson, photographers :23


Bandini, Juan, 1800-1859.

Biography/Organization History

Came to California in 1822 from Peru and became a social and political leader in San Diego and Los Angeles, holding various political posts.

[No caption] :1


Barrows, David P., 1873-1954.

Biography/Organization History

Professor of political science at the University of California, Berkeley, he was also an administrator and eventually president of the University from 1919 to 1923.

[No caption]


Bartlett, Washington, 1824-1887.

Biography/Organization History

Georgia-born printer who moved to California in 1849, became active in the Democratic Party, and later became mayor of San Francisco (1882-1886) and governor of California (Jan.-Sept. 1887).

Taber's State Collection of portraits of representative Californians in memoriam to be presented to the State Library, by I.W. Taber. "That the state may preserve the names and faces, and keep alive the memory of those who made it what it is."


Bartlett, William Chauncey, 1818-1907.

Biography/Organization History

Lawyer and preacher who eventually became a journalist for the San Francisco Bulletin, then an editor of the Overland Monthly. He later joined the Forest Service and wrote philosophical essays.

Bradley & Rulofson, photographers :1


Gift of Annie C. Day, Sept. 1935. Photograph by Morse. :2


Bechdolt, Frederick Ritchie, 1874-1950.

Biography/Organization History

Pennsylvania-born writer who became a newspaperman after a brief experience with the Klondike gold rush, and went on to write cowboy stories, collaborate with James Hopper on 9009 (1908), and become a member of the Carmel Bohemian colony.

[No caption] :2


Belden, Josiah, 1815-1892.

Biography/Organization History

Came to California from Connecticut with the first overland party in 1841, was named alcalde of Monterey, and later was elected the first mayor of San Jose in 1850.

Photograph by Morse :3


Taken at the house in San Jose, Mr. & Mrs. Belden & their three daughters & husbands & two grandchildren. The daughter at extreme right of picture - Mrs. Iddings - is the only one of the family living. :4


Bender, Albert Maurice, 1866-1941.

Biography/Organization History

Irish-born philanthropist and patron of the arts in San Francisco who aided artists, photographers (including Ansel Adams), musicians, printers, and rare books libraries, and was a founder of the Book Club of California.

Albert Bender - a great collector and friend of writers & artists :3


Photograph by Peter Stackpole :6


Albert M. Bender and Mirelle Piazzone, (daughter of Gottardo?) :7


Benton, Joseph Augustine, 1818-1892.

Biography/Organization History

A leading California preacher who was a missionary to outlying regions and a founder of the College of California (later the state university) and a professor at the Pacific Theological Seminary.

[No caption] :3


Bierce, Ambrose Gwinett, 1842-1914.

Biography/Organization History

Sent to San Francisco on an army assignment after his service in the Civil War, Bierce began his literary career as a writer for The Golden Era, the News Letter, and the Overland Monthly. He began to write satirical columns, prose, and verse, usually marked by sardonic humor and irony -his works include The Monk and the Hangman's Daughter (1892), Can Such Things Be? (1893), and The Devil's Dictionary (1911).

[Inscribed to Ina Lillian Peterson, Oct. 7, 1892] :2


"Wrights, Calif." :10


Bigler, John, 1805-1871.

Biography/Organization History

Printer and lawyer from Pennsylvania who became the third governor of California (1852-1856) and later a Minister to Chile.

John Bigler, Governor 1852-1858, died November 29th, 1871 :1


Billings, Warren Knox, 1893-1972.

Biography/Organization History

Associate of the Socialist labor leader Tom Mooney, who allegedly assisted him in planting a bomb that killed 10 people and injured 40 in the Preparedness Day parade in San Francisco (July 22, 1916) in order to oppose the parade's aim at asserting United States readiness to fight in World War I. He was convicted, but eventually pardoned in 1961.

Warren Billings at Folsom, Nov. 1923 :1


Black, Janet, 1878-1952?

Biography/Organization History

Wife of writer Frank Norris.

Jeannette Norris Black, widow of Frank Norris. Reproduced from Brown-tone originals by Brugeise & Eisen of S.F. [San Francisco], which were loaned by her son, Frank Preston of San Mateo


Bland, Henry Meade, 1863-1931.

Biography/Organization History

California poet who followed Ina Coolbrith as the state's Poet Laureate (1929), and went on to teach English at San Jose State Teachers College; his verse was published in Sierran Pan and Other Poems (1924).

For Dear Ina Coolbrith from Henry Meade Bland. At "Glazonwood", College Park, Cal. Nov. 23, 1907. :1


Bolton, Herbert Eugene, 1870-1953.

Biography/Organization History

Scholar of the history of the Spanish-American frontier who was a professor at the University of California, Berkeley and director of The Bancroft Library.

U. Texas, 1905 :11


Digging in the ruins of Carmel Mission - June 25, 1920 :14


[No caption] :46 copy 2


Bolton at St. Francis Hotel, December 28, 1945 :56


Bonney, Therese, 1897-1977.

Biography/Organization History

A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley who was a war correspondent, journalist, photographer, and author.

[No caption]


Bonney with Jean Auburtin, President of the Municipal Council of Paris :16


Booth, Newton, 1825-1892.

Biography/Organization History

Lawyer and contributor of writings to the Sacramento Union, Booth became the 11th governor of California (1871-1875) and later a U.S. Senator.

Gov. Booth. Bradley & Rulofson, photographers :3


Hon. Newton Booth, Gov. Calif. :4


Brannan, Samuel, 1819-1889.

Biography/Organization History

Convert to Mormonism who was charged with settling the first Mormon colony outside the U.S. Brannan landed his settlers in Yerba Buena (now San Francisco), where he established a flour mill and newspaper, and heralded the discovery of gold in San Francisco. His drinking left him ostracized from the Mormon community and he died poor and forgotten.

S. Brannan, (State Library) :1


From left to right, back to front: Samuel J. Hensley, Sam Brannan, Jacob Leese, Thomas O. Larkin, W.D.M. Howard. Photograph by Moulin Studios. :2


Brautigan, Richard, 1935-1984.

Biography/Organization History

Writer who was part of the San Francisco Beat movement, whose works include A Confederate General from Big Sur (1964), Trout Fishing in America (1970), The Abortion (1970), and The Pill versus the Springhill Mine Disaster (1968).

Breen, Patrick, ca. 1805-1868.

Biography/Organization History

Irish-born member of the ill-fated Donner Party who recorded his experiences at Donner Lake in a diary.

[No caption] :1


Brewer, William Henry, 1828-1910.

Biography/Organization History

Principal Assistant to Josiah Dwight Whitney's Geological Survey of California (1860-1864), Brewer was an acute observer of California's physical attributes and his findings contributed to the Geological Survey of California (1865).

Field Party of 1864, L-R: James T. Gardner, Richard Cotter, W.H. Brewer, Clarence King. Prof. J.D. Whitney, with the regards of Wm. H. Brewer [Original shelved: Cal. State Geological Survey:4, POR] :1


Photo by Phelps Studio, from Yale Scientific Monthly :13


Bridges, Harry, 1901-1990.

Biography/Organization History

Australian who came to California and became a union leader of the International Longshoremen's Association. He led a strike against shipowners which became a general strike (1934).

Photograph by Peter Stackpole :1


Broderick, David Colbreth, 1820-1859.

Biography/Organization History

A U.S. Senator who vehemently opposed slavery and its supporters, Broderick was challenged to a duel by one of his opponents, California Chief Justice David S. Terry, in which Broderick was mortally wounded.

From John Fay's album :2


[No caption] :3


Brower, David Ross, 1912-.

Biography/Organization History

Executive Director of the Sierra Club (1952-1969) who was considered an extremist and ousted, after which he became President of Friends of the Earth (1969) and an editor of nature books.

David R. Brower, President, Friends of the Earth :1


[No caption] :5


Brown, Edmund G., 1905-1996.

Biography/Organization History

32nd governor of California (1959-1967) who was known for what he called "responsible liberalism," which included programs for developing beaches and parks, welfare and fair employment practices plans, and governmental reorganization.

Edmund G. Brown, District Attorney :1


[No caption]


Jan Dempsey photograph :26


[No caption]


Jan Dempsey photograph


Barney Vogel photograph, San Francisco :35


[No caption]


Jan Dempsey photograph :50


George Shimmon photographer, San Francisco :53


Left to right: S. E. Shapiro, William Bramwell, Judy Conley, Edmund Brown, John Jackel :60


[No caption] :61


[Left to right]: Brown, Cameron, Engle :63


[Left to right]: Brown, Tag, Cranston :68


[No caption]


Bayview Photographers, Charles Biddle, San Francisco :101


John Le Baron [photographer], Santa Rosa, California :103


Cristof Studio, San Francisco :105


CBS Photo by Bob Clouse :111


Anderson, [photographer] Palm Springs, California :113


With Justice Mildred L. Lillie. May 6, 1959 (?) :114


Anderson, [photographer] Palm Springs, California :119


[No caption]


Life Magazine Photograph :123


San Francisco :124


[No caption]


Photograph by Larry O'Dell :139


Photograph by Larry O'Dell, San Francisco. Governor Edmund G. Brown and Council, Los Angeles, California, November 30, 1959. Front row: ... :140

Full title

Photograph by Larry O'Dell, San Francisco. Governor Edmund G. Brown and Council, Los Angeles, California, November 30, 1959. Front row: Irving Perluss, Daniel Blain, Joseph Farber, Vincent S. Dalsimer, Robert McCarthy, Edmund G. Brown, Bert Betts, Bradford Crittenden, Heman Stark, John Henning, Richard McGee. Second Row: Richard G. Tuck, Richard Rogan, Earle M. Jones, Fred Zweiback, Fred Finsley, Tom Martin, Frank Mackin, Joe Yockers, W. C. Jacobsen, William J. Murphy, Jerry Maher. Third Row: Charles W. Johnson, Clyde Barnett, DeWitt Nelson, Malcolm H. Merrill, John Sobieski, Wynne, Savage, William E. Warne, Robert B. Bradford, Harold G. Robinson.

August 29, 1966. Governor Brown, accompanied by Cal Poly's Vice President Robert C. Kramer, told news men during his visit to California State Polytechnic College, Kellog Campus, Pomona, that one of his proudest achievements was helping shape California's State College System as President of its Trustees. :141


August 29, 1966. Governor Brown, Paul Spencer, Cal Poly Vice President Robert C. Kramer. Kellog Campus, California State Polytechnic College, Pomona :142


Governor Brown with Richard M. English, A. L. Horton Junior, of English and Horton attorneys, Lynwood, California (FDR Memorial Dinner) :143


[No caption] :144


Santa Barbara Fiesta, 1959 or 1960 :145


"Oof" Brown and Grossfeld. [photograph by] Ward Sharer, April 1965 :146


Jay Arnold, Inc., Beverly Hills, California :147


"To Our Great Governor 'Pat'," Billy S. Mills, County Chairman :148


[No caption]


Capuchino High School Band, who represented California in the Presidential Inaugural Parade in January 1961 - serenading Governor Edmund G. Brown. Brown in front of the mansion, February 22, 1961. Suzy Strauss [photographer] Burlingame, California :151


[No caption]


[Artist] A. Osborne, CHP-92 February 1961 :154


[Artist] G. S. Herbert :155


Rothschild Photo, Los Angeles :157


Lena Horne :161


George Shimmon, photographer, San Francisco :171


[No caption]


Paul Mapes, Photographer, Woodland, California :181


San Francisco Mission District Party :184


San Bruno


Ralph Demeree, Richard Osborn, Air News Photos, San Francisco :202


[No caption] :203


Leading yell at Eureka airport :204


Burlingame, Blood Bank with Simonds of Building Trade Council :208


South Bay aqueduct dedication. Albert Kayo Harris, Associates Photographer, Oakland California, July 10, 1962 (?) :209


Ken McLaughlin, photographer, October 1, 1962 :215


[No caption]


Probably when Brown had just taken oath as Governor either first or second term :229


San Francisco Examiner, October 14, 1955. "At Mass - Rev. James Keller, who spoke at yesterday's "Red Mass" in Saint ... :230

Full title

San Francisco Examiner, October 14, 1955. "At Mass - Rev. James Keller, who spoke at yesterday's "Red Mass" in Saint Mary's Cathedral, with dignitaries at annual service. Left to right are California attorney General Edmund G. Brown, Bishop Merlin Guilfayle, William Ferdon, (rear), president of St. Thomas More Society, Chief Justice Philip Gibson, Rev. Keller, Rep. William Mailliard." Received from Examiner 10/16/55. (I note there is one extra on photo, who was not in paper. He is Marshall F. McComb, Justice 2nd Dist. of A, Div. 2.)

Brown, Edmund G., Jr., 1938-.

Biography/Organization History

34th governor of California (1975-1983) and son of Edmund G. Brown Sr. (32nd governor), he ran for President of the U.S. after a year as governor of California. He is known for his alternative lifestyle and his refusal to follow many conventional political procedures.

Rothschild Photo, Los Angeles [Original shelved: Brown, Edmund G., 1905-1996:157 POR] :1


Browne, John Ross, 1821-1875.

Biography/Organization History

Irish-born chronicler of his travels around the world as a reporter for the U.S. Senate and other governmental posts. His works include Etchings of a Whaling Cruise (1846), Yusef (1853), Crusoe's Island...with Sketches of Adventures in California and Washoe (1864), and A Dangerous Journey (1950).

[No caption] :1


Buckley, Christopher, 1845-1922.

Biography/Organization History

Irish-born political boss in San Francisco who controlled the local Democratic Party.

Chris Buckley, the "blind boss" whose political mechanisms were the scandal of the gay 'nineties, fled from the city before an expose in the middle of the decade. :1


Budd, James Herbert, 1851-1908.

Biography/Organization History

19th governor of California (1895-1899), who was the first governor to have graduated from the state university; while governor he created a Bureau of Highways and supported improvements in higher education.

Governor Budd - governor of California in its gayest age. Johan Hagemeyer, photographer. :1


Bufano, Beniamino, 1898-1970.

Biography/Organization History

Italian-born sculptor who lived in San Francisco, and was known for his pacifist views on World War I and his associations with Sun Yat-sen and Gandhi. His sculptures consisted largely of animals, figures representing peace, and the people who influenced him.

Johan Hagemeyer, photographer


Bufano, Beniamino & bust of Fremont Older (made about 1920). Photo taken 1935. :20


Bunnell, Lafayette Houghton, 1824-1903.

Biography/Organization History

Leader of the Mariposa Battalion (a group of white settlers sent to kill Native Americans who had tried to defend their lands from white invasion) with James Savage, he was one of the white discoverers of Yosemite Valley, as well as a Civil War surgeon and writer of Discovery of the Yosemite (1880).

Solomons-Winchell gift, 1940 :1


Burbank, Luther, 1849-1926.

Biography/Organization History

Botanist from Massachusetts who bred and cultivated new species of flowers, fruits, and vegetables; he described the results in New Creations (1893-1901) and other writings.

Luther Burbank (to the left), W. Atlee Burpee (to the right), Luther Burbank in his garden testing out cherries. :6


[No caption] :9


1915 photograph of: Thomas Edison, Luther Burbank, Henry Ford, and Harvey Firestone :11


Burgess, Gelett Frank, 1866-1951.

Biography/Organization History

Boston-born humorist who edited The Lark (1895-1897) and The Wave; his works include Goops and How to Be Them (1900), Are You a Bromide? (1906), Bayside Bohemia (1954), and the famous quatrain: "I never saw a Purple Cow / I never hope to see one / But I can tell you anyhow / I'd rather see than be one!"

[No caption]


Burnett, Peter Hardeman, 1807-1895.

Biography/Organization History

1st governor of the state of California (1849-1851), who began as a gold seeker and resumed his law practice after his term as governor, as well as being appointed a justice of the state Supreme Court and a president of the Pacific Bank in San Francisco. His writings include The Path Which Led a Protestant Lawyer to the Catholic Church (1860) and Recollections and Opinions of an Old Pioneer (1880).

Peter H. Burnett, California's First Governor - Pacific Bank :1


Park Museum :3


Carrillo, Josefa Bandini de, 1823-1896.

Biography/Organization History

[The above text is all at the series or group level. The actual item caption text is correct as-is.]

Tomado Octubre, 1867, Josefa Bandini de Carrillo, Esposa de Pedro C. Carrillo :1


Carrillo de Wilson, Ramona, 1812-1887.

Biography/Organization History

Daughter of Joaquin Victor Carrillo, wife of Romualdo Pacheco (d. 1831), and mother of the younger Romualdo Pacheco (1831-1899), governor of California. Secondly, wife of John Wilson. Also, a sister-in-law of Gen. Mariano G. Vallejo.

Additional Note

[Carrillo de Pacheco de Wilson, Ramona]

Doña Ramona Carrillo de Pacheco de Wilson, who married 2d Captain John D. Wilson, a native of Scotland :1


Carson, Christopher (Kit), 1809-1868.

Biography/Organization History

A leading mountain man of California who became a guide on Frémont's first three expeditions relating to the conquest of California, and became a brigadier general in the Civil War. He became a popular heroic figure and dictated Kit Carson's Own Story of His Life (1926).

[Kit Carson portrait, from the Frederick H. Meserve collection of photographs for the use of students and writers of history] :3


Brigadier General James H. Carleton and "Kit Carson". (Kit Carson on left, General Carleton, right). Reproduction from a group photograph in "History of New Mexico", Vol 2, p. 208, by R.E. Twitchell. (Photographic Arts Laboratories, San Francisco). :11


Castro, José, 1810-1860.

Biography/Organization History

8th Mexican governor of California (1835-1836) who was active in Alta California's political and military events, he was a military chief who defeated Pío Pico and overthrew Governor Micheltorena, and was California's military commander from 1845-1846, after which he was forced to retreat to Mexico.

Gen. Castro. Photo by Arnold, 1526 Park St., Alameda. :1


[No caption] :2


Chiles, Joseph Ballinger, 1810-1885.

Biography/Organization History

Went to California from Kentucky with the Bartleson-Bidwell Party in 1841, where he had a mill site and supplied Frémont in the Bear Flag Revolt from his Napa Valley ranchero.

Col. & Mrs. Joseph B. Chiles, gift of Mrs. James H. Rea, 6/8/56 :1


Clark, Galen, 1814-1910.

Biography/Organization History

Discovered the Mariposa Grove in Yosemite National Park and settled Wawona in 1857; at 90 he began publishing books, which included Indians of Yosemite and Big Trees of California (1907).

Galen Clark and George Fiske in Yosemite Valley. Courtesy: Celia Crocker Thompson - Lodi, California, to Margaret E. Schlichtmann, San Leandro, Calif. [Original shelved: Fiske, George:1 POR] :1


Galen Clark, Yosemite, Calif. :2


Copy of a photograph probably taken in the late 50s or early 60s. :3


Clyde, Norman, 1885-1972.

Biography/Organization History

Pennsylvania-born mountaineer who moved to California in 1911 and spent much of his time climbing in the Sierra Nevadas; he is credited with over 200 first ascents of peaks and held the speed record for climbing Mount Shasta.

[No caption]


Rick Polsdorfer, Aug. '66


Coit, Lillie Hitchcock, 1843-1929.

Biography/Organization History

Eccentric member of San Francisco's best social circles, Coit was an enthusiastic supporter of the city's volunteer firemen and a supporter of the South in the Civil War. She left San Francisco $100,000 with which to build Coit Tower (1933) as a memorial to the volunteer firemen of San Francisco.

Nov. 20th, 1862 :1


"Same size", photograph by Bradley & Rulofson :2


Colby, William Edward, 1875-1964.

Biography/Organization History

Conservationist who was a Club representative of the Sierra Club as well as its secretary from 1900-1946. He was also the first chairman of the California State Park Commission beginning in 1927.

From W.N. Tuttle's, "Rotunda Art" Gallery. :3


Beach at Coastlands, Will Colby :6


Will Colby, "Mr. Jones" & Helen Colby at Minnow's Landing, Big Sur, Calif., about 1955 :14


Will Colby - Albert Haskell at Big Sur about 1948 :17


[No caption] :21


Cole, Cornelius, 1822-1924.

Biography/Organization History

Lawyer who went west during the gold rush, helped publish the Sacramento Times, and served in Congress and the Senate in the Republican Party.

Hon. C. Cole, U.S. Senator from Calif. :1


Hon. Cornelius Cole, U.S. Senator. Photograph by William Shew. :3


Coleman, William Tell, 1824-1893.

Biography/Organization History

Kentucky-born merchant in San Francisco who became a leader of the Vigilance Committee and the second Vigilance Committee, and was one of the early developers of borax and sugar refining.

[No caption]


Colton, Walter, 1797-1851.

Biography/Organization History

Vermont-born chaplain, admiralty judge, alcalde of Monterey, and editor of journals including The Californian (1846-1847), he sponsored a schoolhouse in Colton Hall, his Monterey building that was the site of the 1849 Constitutional Convention.

[Inscribed] "Very sincerely yours, Walter Colton" :2


Conness, John, 1821-1909.

Biography/Organization History

Irish-born miner who was elected to the U.S. Senate. Conness Peak in Tuolumne County was named for him because of his work towards the establishment of the California Geological Survey.

Hon. John Conness - U.S. Senator. William Shew, photographer :1


Hon. John Conness, Cal., 1864. Silas Selleck, photographer. :2


U.S. Senator Conness of California :3


Coolbrith, Ina Donna, 1842-1928.

Biography/Organization History

Niece of Mormon Church founder Joseph Smith who, after becoming a poet, associated with Bret Harte, Joaquin Miller, Mark Twain, Ambrose Bierce, Jack London, and Isadora Duncan; she was named the state's first poet laureate and has a Sierra County peak named after her.

Ina Coolbrith as a young girl, possibly early teens. :1


Miss Coolbrith, circa 1894. :2 c. 1


Ina Coolbrith and Charles Fletcher Lummis. Lyon St., S.F. [San Francisco]. :4


Miss Coolbrith with cat, 1924. 56 Tarabal St., S.F. [San Francisco] :15


Miss Coolbrith with Mrs. Verneille de Wittwer (?), Aviatrix Lillian Gatlin (who flew to the Mother Lode Country for branches), Mrs. Genevieve Newmark and unknown woman. Taken at birthday celebration for Ina March 31, 1925. :19


Coolidge, Dane, 1873-1940.

Biography/Organization History

Massachusetts-born collector of cowboy photographs and writer of popular Western novels, including Hidden Water (1910), Gun Smoke (1928), and Gringo Gold (1939).

[No caption]


Coolidge, Mary Roberts, 1860-1945.

Biography/Organization History

Wife of writer Dane Coolidge, she helped him write The Navajo Indians (1930) and The Last of the Seris (1939).

Coolidge, M.R. Head-portrait, Coolidge, Mary Roberts. :1


[No caption]


Cooper, Sarah Brown Ingersoll, 1835-1896.

Biography/Organization History

Founded 40 allied kindergartens, some for slum children, and organized a national Woman's Congress meeting in San Francisco (1891).

[Inscribed] "Yours very gratefully, Sarah B. Cooper. Monday Morn, April 6th, 1874." :1


Corbett, James John, 1866-1933.

Biography/Organization History

Banker-turned-boxer in San Francisco who became the heavyweight boxing champion of the U.S.

James Corbett forsook a bank clerk's future in S.F. [San Francisco] to defeat John L. Sullivan, become world's heavyweight champion, ... :1

Full title

to defeat John L. Sullivan, become world's heavyweight champion, and change masculine hairdress...swarms of small boys followed him whenever he appeared in his home town in the gay days, and when he was defeated by Fitzsimmons the loyal small fry of the city boycotted Fitz, and refused to follow him.

Couts, Cave Johnson, 1821-1874.

Biography/Organization History

Tennessee-born veteran of the Mexican War who surveyed and mapped pueblo lands, started a refugee camp for people stranded on their way to the gold fields, and presided over Rancho Guajome.

Cave. J. Couts as a lieutenant of Dragoons. The portrait was probably the work of one of several daguerreotypists who followed the Army from Mexico. Frontispiece portrait. :1


Cowles, Samuel, 1823-1880.

Biography/Organization History

Ohio-born lawyer who came to California in 1852 and became County Judge of San Francisco.

Samuel Cowles about 1878. Photograph by Bradley & Rulofson :1


Samuel Cowles in '70s. Grandpa. Nanna Reanden from Mathis. Photograph by Bradley & Rulofson :2


Crabtree, Lotta, 1847-1924.

Biography/Organization History

Tutored by Lola Montez, Crabtree rose from childhood stardom to become the highest paid actress of her day; she appeared in adaptations of Dickens' fiction and in plays written especially for her.

[No caption] :3


Presented by Lucy Orr Vobroukamp of 305 Spruce Street, Alameda, Cal. through Louis A. Sanchez. Enlarged copy of photograph of Lotta Crabtree presented by her to close friend, Samuel Orr, brother-in-law of Mrs. Robert Louis Stevenson. :5


[No caption] :7


Cranston, Alan, 1914-.

Biography/Organization History

Palo Alto native who went from the real estate business to activity in Democratic politics, by which he was elected controller of the state in 1959 and U.S. Senator in 1969.

[No caption]


Dan A. Kemball, Fred Fan, Alan Cranston. Photo by Edwin Schober. :9


Cremony, John Carey, 1815-1879.

Biography/Organization History

Mexican War and Civil War veteran who later became a writer and founder of the Bohemian Club; he recounted his experiences surveying the U.S.-Mexican boundary in Life among the Apaches (1868).

Con las hernas memorias de John C. Cremony, St. Valentine's Day, 1873. Bradley & Rulofson, photographers. :1


T. Hill painting. Nov. 23/28 :2


Crosby, Elisha Oscar, 1818-1895.

Biography/Organization History

Lawyer and member of the San Francisco Committee of Vigilance.

E.O. Crosby age 68, July 1886. E. Graybiel, photographer :1


Cross, Ira Brown, 1880-1977.

Biography/Organization History

Illinois-born professor of economics at the University of California, Berkeley. He was also Secretary of the California State Industrial Accident Commission from 1913-1914 and in World War I he served on the staff of the U.S. War Shipping Board.

Dr. Ira Cross. N.B. Drury :1


Ira B. Cross - picture of portrait in Barrows Hall. Gift of I.B.C., 12/13/65 :2


D'Estrella, Theophilus Hope, 1851-1929.

Biography/Organization History

Photographer who was the first male student at the California School for the Deaf.

Theophilus d'Estrella. First pupil to enter the Institution for the Deaf in San Francisco. Gift of Mrs. Hubert Wykoff, 7/31/61. Photograph by Bushnell. :1


Dana, Richard Henry, 1815-1882.

Biography/Organization History

A sailor in his youth, Dana wrote articles such as "Cruelty to Seamen" (1839) and the account of his time at sea, Two Years Before the Mast, before he went on to become a lawyer who defended fugitive slaves.

Richard H. Dana, Jr., in 1842 :1


Dana, William Goodwin, 1797-1858.

Biography/Organization History

Went to California on a trading vessel in 1825, converted to Catholicism and married a Carrillo, and became a ranchero at Nipomo near Santa Barbara.

Don. Guillermo Goodwin Dana - (Captain William G. Dana) of San Luis Obispo :2


Davidson, George, 1825-1911.

Biography/Organization History

English-born member of the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey (1845-1895); influential in establishing astronomical observatories in the West; convinced James Lick to fund the Lick Observatory at Mt. Hamilton; President of the California Academy of Sciences; professor of geodesy and astronomy; Regent of the University of California.

[No caption] :9


Date: 1907 :17


Photograph by Morse's Studio :22


[No caption] :27


Davis, William Heath, 1822-1909.

Biography/Organization History

Hawaii-born wealthy merchant and shipowner who wedded an heiress of the Estudillo family and became a major landowner near present-day San Leandro.

[No caption] :2


Day, Sherman, 1806-1884.

Biography/Organization History

Surveyor and mining engineer who worked for the New Almaden Mine; also a California State Senator and the Surveyor General of California.

Watkins, New Almaden. Gift to U.C.L. Gary, June, 1933, Caroline Day [stereograph] :2


[No caption] :6


De Young, Charles, 1845-1880.

Biography/Organization History

Louisiana-born co-founder (with his brother, Michael Harry) of the Daily Morning Chronicle newspaper (1868), which they used to promote their political interests and which led to Charles' being shot and killed in a political squabble; his brother went on to found the De Young Art Museum in San Francisco.

Houseworth, photographer :2


[Inscribed] "To Charles Warren Stoddard from his friend, Chas. de Young." :4


Dellums, Cottrell Laurence, 1900-1989.

Biography/Organization History

Chairman of the State Fair Employment Practice Commission of California.

[No caption] :4


Kaiser shipyard, Richmond, 1943. L to R: C.L. Dellums, Spencer Jordan, Head, Negro Boiler makers local, Ben Watkins, P.R. Officer for Kaiser. :5


Denman, William, 1872-1959.

Biography/Organization History

Lawyer, judge, and Chairman of the U.S. Shipping Board.

William Denman is white-haired. Associated Press Photo. :2


Derby, George Horatio, 1823-1861.

Biography/Organization History

Mexican War veteran who became an editor for the San Diego Herald and turned it into a comic journal; thereafter he was a western humorist whose sketches appeared in San Francisco's The Pioneer.

[No caption] :2


Disney, Walter Elias, 1901-1966.

Biography/Organization History

Chicago-born creator of cartoons, who went to Hollywood in 1923, where his creation of the talking film character Mickey Mouse made him a phenomenal success in 1928. His immensely popular animated films led to the establishment of his own studio in 1940 where he eventually developed full-length films. He created Disneyland in 1955.

George H. Phillips, photographer :1


Walt Disney at home in the hills of Los Feliz. George H. Phillips, photographer :4


Dobie, Charles Caldwell, 1881-1943.

Biography/Organization History

San Francisco writer who wrote about the city in stories, novels, and nonfiction, his works include San Francisco: A Pageant (1933) and San Francisco Tales (1935).

C.C. Dobie, about 1897 or 98. Dobie Collection 1945. Photograph by Morse. :1


Imogen Cunningham, photographer :4


Dollar, Robert, 1844-1932.

Biography/Organization History

Scottish-born shipowner of San Francisco's Dollar Steamship Co., which was known for its transpacific liners bearing the names of U.S. Presidents. He became the most successful shipowner in the nation and was an enemy of unions.

Robert Dollar, 1844-1932 :13


Robert Dollar, 1844-1932. Christmas, 1928 :16


Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dollar, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Stanley Dollar, Diana Dollar, Robert Stanley [Jr.]. Mr. & Mrs. J. Harold Dollar. :18


On his 85th birthday, Captain Dollar greets Henry L. Stimson, who arrived on a Dollar liner from Manila en route to Washington to become Secretary of State. 1928. :24


Mr. Robert Dollar and President Chiang Kai Shek :33


President of China - Li Yuen Hung and wife. Capt. & Mrs. Robert Dollar (1926). :35


Zamboanga, P.I. November 3, 1930. Philippine Cutch Corporation. Mr. F.L. Zimmerman - Manager. Mr. Geo. Kerr - Prsident [sic]. Capt. Robert Dollar. Provincial Governor A.L. Alvarez. :42


Capt. & Mrs. Robert Dollar. Children - A. Melville Dollar, R. Stanley Dollar, J. Harold Dollar, Grace Dollar. :55


Dollar, Robert Stanley, 1880-1962.

Biography/Organization History

Son and heir of the shipowner Robert Dollar. He was president of the Robert Dollar Co. and Dollar Steamship Line.

Robert Stanley Dollar, 1880-1958 [1962]. Photo taken Jan. 18, 1955 :16


R. Stanley Dollar, President of The Robert Dollar Co., and Dollar Steamship Line, at his desk in his office in ... :36

Full title

R. Stanley Dollar, President of The Robert Dollar Co., and Dollar Steamship Line, at his desk in his office in San Francisco, reading message telling him that judge Matthew F. McGuire has rendered his decision in the Dollar Line case in favor of the plaintiffs, ordering the return of the stock representing 92% of the voting control of the American President Line (formerly Dollar Steamship Line) to R. Stanley Dollar and his associates.

R. Stanley Dollar & R. Stanley Dollar, Jr., watch as operator at Globe Wireless station Mussell Rock types the first message sent by Mr. Dollar to Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Sheck, re-opening the New York/San Francisco/Shanghai circuit of Globe Wireless Ltd :53


R. Stanley Dollar, (left) president of The Robert Dollar Co., Dollar Steamship Line, and Globe Wireless Ltd., accepts the key ... :57

Full title

R. Stanley Dollar, (left) president of The Robert Dollar Co., Dollar Steamship Line, and Globe Wireless Ltd., accepts the key to the new R. Stanley Dollar Building at 141 Battery Street, San Francisco, from his son, R. Stanley Dollar, Jr., vice president of the above companies. Mr. Dollar, Jr. had entire charge of converting this former garage into a modern office building with garage facilities.

L to R: Robert Stanley Dollar, 1915-, Robert Stanley Dollar, 1880-1958 [1962], Jeanne Nichols, Librarian, Capt. Robert Dollar World Trade Library, Dec. 1957. :59


Robert Stanley Dollar, Pres. of Robert Dollar Co., accepting model of the President Coolidge from George Killian, Pres. of American President Lines. August 25, 1952 :71


Mr. RSD trip to Orient, 1958. President Carlos P. Garcia, Philippines. Mr. R. Stanley Dollar. :79


Mr. Robert Stanley Dollar Arrival On Board S.S. President Wilson, Jan. 25/58. Vice Mayor Jesus Marcos Roces of Manila presenting key to City of Manila to Mr. R. Stanley Dollar. Jan 26. 1958. Photo by Philippine Herald :91


Donahue, Peter, 1822-1885.

Biography/Organization History

Went to California in 1849 and established the first government steamer on the Pacific Coast, the first locomotive made in California, the first printing press on the Pacific Coast, the first gas company for street lighting in San Francisco, and the city's first streetcar line.

Peter Donahue, Prest. Omnibus R.R.Co. Bradley & Rulofson, photographers. :1


Eng. by H.B. Hall's Sons, New York :3


Douglas, Helen Gahagan, 1900-1980.

Biography/Organization History

Actress who also served in Congress (1945-1951) as a Democrat and was defeated for the U.S. Senate (1951) by Richard M. Nixon when he accused her of being soft on communism.

Phot. by Maurice Goldberg, Hollywood :10


Joseph Marx, an Austrian composer considered to be second only to Richard Strauss. Marx worked and accompanied me when singing ... :17

Full title

Joseph Marx, an Austrian composer considered to be second only to Richard Strauss. Marx worked and accompanied me when singing his music. -during my 1937 tour. He was a member of the Austrian Congress -- I think. This gentleman, Fritz Kuba, also an Austrian, was my accompanist for the rehearsals and concert appearances of all songs other than those of Marx. -during my 1937 tour. (Helen Douglas dictated captions)

In 1955 :21


[Douglas] with Amb. Rhetts at Harbel Market, Firestone Plantation, Liberia :24


Alma College, May 1970, re:Vietnam War :28


Hearing on migratory labor, Feb. 1959. Front row: Frank P. Graham, Eleanor Roosevelt, James Mitchell, A. Philip Randolph, Douglas. Photographed at the first post-war hearing on migratory labor, Washington, D.C. - February 5 and 6, 1959. Nate Fine Photo :32


Downey, John Gately, 1826-1894.

Biography/Organization History

7th governor of California (1860-1862) who made a fortune from his Los Angeles-based drugstore business, ranching and real estate operations.

[No caption] :4


Downey, Sheridan, 1884-1961.

Biography/Organization History

Wyoming-born political leader in California who was twice elected to the U.S. Senate (1939-1950) and was a Democratic supporter of the New Deal.

V.P. Garner meets new Senators. Vice President Garner is off with a flash. He has started swearing-in newly elected U.S. ... :17

Full title

V.P. Garner meets new Senators. Vice President Garner is off with a flash. He has started swearing-in newly elected U.S. Senators. He will be busy from now until Congress opens, no doubt. L to R: Senator-elect D. Worth Clark of Idaho, Senator-elect James M. Mead, of New York, Vice-President John N. Garner, and Senator-elect, Sheridan Downey of California.

[No caption] :18


Photo by Acme Photo :44


Acme Newspictures, San Francisco Bureau. "Election Results Important to the Downeys". Atheron, Calif.- The entire family of Sheridan Downey, Democratic ... :53

Full title

Acme Newspictures, San Francisco Bureau. "Election Results Important to the Downeys". Atheron, Calif.- The entire family of Sheridan Downey, Democratic nominee for United States Senator, finds early results of Tuesday's election as broadcast by radio gratifying. Downey hoped to win over his Republican opponent, Philip Bancroft. Left to Right: Patricia (seated), Sheridan Jr., Jane, Margaret, Richard, Mrs. Downey, Mr. Downey. (39) 11-8-38

December 17, 1938. Garner meets new California Senator. Washington, D.C. - Vice-President John N. Garner (left) as he met Senator-elect Sheridan Downey of California (right), Dec. 17, upon Garner's arrival in Washington for the forthcoming session of Congress. :61


Sheridan Downey & Veronica Lake, 1942. :62


Doyle, John Thomas, 1819-1906.

Biography/Organization History

New York-born lawyer who moved to California and served as the attorney for Bishop Alemany in the Pious Fund litigation, of which he wrote a history. He was also the founder of the California Historical Society.

[No caption] :1


[Inscribed] "To my friend of forty years standing, Geo. Davidson, Nov. 26, 1894. John T. Doyle." Photograph by Morse. :2


Drake, Francis, Sir, 1540-1596.

Biography/Organization History

English-born navigator who set out to sail around the world, got stuck while looking for the Strait of Anián, and docked somewhere along the coast near San Francisco; he claimed the land for England and then continued sailing westward. His California exploits led the Spanish to more seriously consider the region for settlement.

[No caption] :8


Duncan, Isadora, 1877-1927.

Biography/Organization History

San Francisco-raised dancer who worked at Augustin Daly's New York company before she moved on to Europe to create her own style of dance and her Temple of the Dance in Athens.

(1903 by Raymond Duncan - Theatre of Dionysus, Athens) :1


Charles L. Ritzmann [stamped on back] :2


[No caption] :6


Duncan, Robert Edward, 1919-1988.

Biography/Organization History

Poet who was a Bay Area native and resident and was part of the Projectivist school of poetry, influenced by Ezra Pound; his books include Medieval Scenes (1950), Roots and Branches (1964), Heavenly City, Earthly City (1947), Bending the Bow (1969), and the plays Medea at Kolchis (1965) and Adam's Way (1966).

[No caption] :1


Durant, Henry, 1802-1875.

Biography/Organization History

Clergyman who established the Contra Costa Academy for Boys in Oakland, which eventually was merged to become the University of California; he was the first president of the University and later, the mayor of Oakland.

[No caption] :1


Henry Durant, 1st Pres. U.C. [University of California]. Wm. B. Ingersall, photographer :2


Dwinelle, John Whipple, 1816-1881.

Biography/Organization History

Lawyer who became mayor of Oakland while keeping up with his law practice; in the state legislature he wrote the bill in 1868 establishing the University of California, which has a building named after him on the Berkeley campus.

[No caption] :1


Dymally, Mervyn M., 1926-.

Biography/Organization History

Native of Trinidad who was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1981 after a career as a teacher and stints in the California state assembly, state senate, and an election in 1974 to the California lieutenant governorship. He supported greater opportunities for minority-owned businesses and better funding for minority students' education.

Mervyn M. Dymally, teacher :1


Elder, Paul, 1872-1948.

Biography/Organization History

Bookseller of San Francisco and proprietor of the Tomoyé Press, which printed books for John Henry Nash. Elder's bookshop also featured arts and crafts and was designed by Bernard Maybeck.

Photograph by Chas. Lainer :4


Photograph by Theo C. Marceau :6


[No caption] :10


Engelhardt, Zephyrin, 1851-1934.

Biography/Organization History

Franciscan missionary from Germany who worked with the Pomo Native Americans of California and compiled the vocabulary of their language; he wrote and printed historical studies, including Missions and Missionaries of California (1908-15), The Franciscans in California (1897), and The Franciscans in Arizona (1899).

Engelhardt at Mission Capistrano, 1915. Identified by Fr. Geiger (his note above). :1


Engle, Clair, 1911-1964.

Biography/Organization History

Native of Bakersfield, California, who served as district attorney of Tehama County before becoming a Democratic Congressman (1943-59) and a U.S. Senator (1958-65); Clair Engle Lake in Trinity County, CA, is named for him.

Photograph by Fabian Bachrach :2


John F. Kennedy, Clair Engle. :5


[Engle at podium, John F. Kennedy at far left] :6


At Vallejo, Oct. 6, Clair & Lu Engle with 7-yr.-old Diana Leggett :7


Peter Odegard, Engle, Kenneth Stahn :8


Estudillo, José Antonio, 1805-1852.

Biography/Organization History

Official of present San Diego and Riverside counties who was a son of the prominent soldier José Maria Estudillo and brother of José Joaquin Estudillo.

[No caption] :1


Estudillo, José Joaquin, 1800-1852.

Biography/Organization History

Alcalde of San Francisco in 1836 who was a son of the prominent soldier José Maria Estudillo and brother of José Antonio Estudillo; the town of San Leandro in California rose from his rancho and was developed by his son-in-law, William Heath Davis.

Don. Jose Joaquin Estudillo. Mrs. C.B. Foot :2


Eu, March Fong, 1927-.

Biography/Organization History

U.S. Ambassador to Micronesia, member of the California state legislature (1966-1974), former California Secretary of State, and mother of Matt Fong, who became State Treasurer of California in 1994.

[Stamped with-] "March Fong for Assembly, 5008 Foothill Blvd., Oakland, California." [Shelved in POR as "Fong, March."] :1


Evans, Herbert McLean, 1882-1971.

Biography/Organization History

Professor of Anatomy at the University of California, Berkeley from 1915-1952, Herzstein Professor of Biology, and Director of the Institute of Experimental Biology from 1930-1952; his research achievements include the discovery of Vitamin E and work on hypophyseal protein hormones.

Dr. Herbert Evans, 12/7/59. Photograph by Imogen Cunningham :1


Photograph by Imogen Cunningham :2


Everson, William, 1912-1994.

Biography/Organization History

Poet, inspired by Robinson Jeffers, who founded the Untide Press to print poetry in Waldport, Oregon, and whose own poems were marked by regional imagery and Christian spirituality; he joined the Dominican order in 1951 and became known as Brother Antoninus. His collections of poetry include A Privacy of Speech (1949), The Residual Years (1948), The Crooked Lines of God (1959), and The Hazards of Holiness (1962), and he later went on to a university teaching career.

[No caption] :41


By G. Paul Bishop :47


Brother Antoninus - Mark Lansburgh, 1956. Photo by Mark Lansburgh. :187


Poetry reading - December 5, 1956, San Francisco State College, California :188


Hal Lubin, Bill Everson, Mary, Brenda and Ham Tyler. Treesbank, Autumn, 1946. Sebastapol [Sebastopol], Calif. :191


July 1927 - Graduation from Grammar School, June 1927. Vera [left], Bill [center], Lloyd [right]. :197


Fair, James Graham, 1831-1894.

Biography/Organization History

Irish-born participant in the California Gold Rush who became a wealthy developer of the Comstock Lode in Nevada; he was a U.S. Senator from 1881-1887, and was well-known in San Francisco where he owned extensive property. The Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco was built in his honor by one of his daughters.

Houseworth & Co., photographers. No. 4219 :4


Gift of Walter L. Huber, 5/22/55. Photograph by Chas. Lainer, no. 2968. :6


Farley, James Thompson, 1829-1886.

Biography/Organization History

Native of Virginia who came to California in 1850 and was active in the state's Democratic party, becoming Speaker of the state Assembly, state Senator, and a U.S. Senator from 1879-1885.

[No caption] :1


Farquhar, Francis Peloubet, 1887-1974.

Biography/Organization History

Massachusetts native who moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and wrote about California; his works include a History of the Sierra Nevada (1965) and an edition of the journal of William H. Brewer (1930).

Francis P. Farquhar on Mt. Whitney, Sept. 5, 1930. :1


Corp. [?] O. Majors, Francis P. Farquhar. :2


Roger Walderyn [?], Francis Peloubet Farquhar, Donald H. McLaughlin, Harold Gilliam. :3


Farquhar, Stephen T.

Biography/Organization History

Longtime head of the University of California Press.

[No caption] :3


S.T. Farquhar, 1908. :5


[No caption] :6


Helen, S.T.F. [Stephen T. Farquhar]. :9


Fergusson, Harvey, 1890-1971.

Biography/Organization History

Writer from New Mexico who later relocated to Berkeley; his writings are mostly set in the Southwest, and his most famous work is the trilogy of novels, Blood of the Conquerors (1921), Wolf Song (1927), and In Those Days (1929).

[No caption] :5


Harvey Fergusson, ca. 1965 :7


These photos are [?] of Jack O'Connor & myself on a hunting trip in Sinao [?] in 1934. Other picture, this picture. Photograph by Geyer Studio :8


Ferlinghetti, Lawrence, 1919-.

Biography/Organization History

New York-born publisher and poet who was educated at the University of North Carolina, Columbia, and the Sorbonne; he opened City Lights bookshop in San Francisco and was considered a leader of the Beat movement there. He was tried and acquitted on charges of obscenity for publishing Allen Ginsberg's "Howl." His own poetry includes "A Coney Island of the Mind" (1958), "Pictures of the Gone World" (1955), and "Starting from San Francisco" (1961).

January 1961, San Francisco. Photo by A. Willis :1


By Susan Berman, 1969 :3


Univ. of Arizona, Oct. '67. :5


Tucson, Oct. '67. :7


Picture taken by: Heiner Bastian on the Transsibirian-train, Moskav-Vladiswostok, Febr. 1967. :16


Picture taken by: Heiner Bastian. "Khabarovsk" - Park. Febr. 1967 :18


L.F. at City Lights (circa 1960). Photograph by Harry Redl :24


June '69. Corso & L.F., & "Homer." Gregory Corso, Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Please credit photo, Ann Charters. :27


Gunter Kunert & L. Ferlinghetti. East Berlin - Feb. '66. The Rose of Revolution. East-Berlin, Jan. 1967 :29


Lawrence & Kerby Ferlinghetti at 706 Wisconsin St., San Francisco 7, 1959. Harry Redl, photograph. :34


Field, Charles Kellogg, 1873-1948.

Biography/Organization History

Stanford-educated writer from Vermont who wrote Four-Leaved Clover (1896), several Bohemian Club Grove Plays, and Stanford Stories (1900) with Will Irwin; he edited Sunset from 1911-1925 and was a well-known radio personality.

A group of distinguished literary men present at the 1915 Bohemian Grove Play, "Apollo," by Frank Pixley. Top Row, L. ... :1


Field, Sara Bard, 1882-1974.

Biography/Organization History

San Francisco Bay Area leader in civil liberties and feminist movements; she also wrote poems, included in Barabbas (1932) and The Pale Woman (1927).

2/27-49. Johan Hagemeyer, Camera Portraits. Portrait 8968. :4


Field, Stephen Johnson, 1816-1899.

Biography/Organization History

Served the longest term in the U.S. Supreme Court (1863-1897); he was against anti-Chinese statutes and was known as a strict constructionist.

Hon. Stephen J. Field. Thomas Houseworth & Co., photographers. No. 4230 :8


Photograph by I.W. Taber, no. 4232. :9


Hon. Stephen J. Field, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. Copyright 1890, by Napoleon Sarony. :10


Fitch, George Kenyon, 1826-1906.

Biography/Organization History

Journalist who, after coming to California in 1849, helped found the Sacramento Transcript (1850) and the Placer Times and Transcript (1851-1852); he also published the Daily Evening Bulletin (1859-1895) and the Alta California (1855-56) in San Francisco.

Editor, "S.F. [San Francisco] Bulletin." Photograph by I.W. Taber :1


Fleishhacker, Herbert, 1872-1957.

Biography/Organization History

Son of Aaron Fleishhacker and brother of Mortimer Fleishhacker; he was a San Francisco banker and an executive of the Great Western Electric Power Co. He was a donor of the Fleishhacker Zoo in San Francisco.

Photograph by Peter Stackpole.


Fleishhacker, Mortimer, 1866-1953.

Biography/Organization History

Son of Aaron Fleishhacker and brother of Herbert Fleishhacker; he was a San Francisco banker and an executive of the Great Western Electric Power Co.

Photograph by Peter Stackpole. :1


Foltz, Clara Shortridge, 1849-1934.

Biography/Organization History

Lawyer who successfully fought for Hastings College and the state bar to accept women. Her success as a lawyer was supplemented by her work as a suffragette, an editor of a daily magazine and newspaper, a force in Republican party politics, and her work for penal reform.

Gift of L.G. LaBurdette. Photograph by I.W. Taber :1


Fontana, Mark J., 1849-1922.

Biography/Organization History

Italian who came to California in 1867 and worked in the produce trade, forming the California Fruit Canners Association in 1899 and the California Packing Corp. in 1916; the latter was also known as Del Monte, the largest seller of canned fruit in the United States.

[No caption] :1


Foster, Stephen Clark, 1820-1898.

Biography/Organization History

Maine-born Yale graduate who became an interpreter for the Mormon Battalion and came to California; he was mayor of Los Angeles (1854-1856) and served in the Constitutional Convention of 1849.

Gift of J.R.K. Kautor, 10/22/57 :2


Frémont, Jessie Benton, 1824-1902.

Biography/Organization History

Daughter of Senator Thomas Hart Benton of Missouri and wife of John Charles Frémont, she helped her husband in his writing and in their struggles against perceived governmental restraints; she also wrote A Year of American Travel (1878), Far-West Sketches (1890), and The Story of the Guard (1863).

For Mr. Spencer H. Smith - Christmas 1902. Taken in New York 1876. From E. Benton Fremont. Mrs. Fremont in 1876. Gift of Francis James Dallett, 1958 :4


Mrs. Fremont :9


Frémont, John Charles, 1813-1890.

Biography/Organization History

Explorer of pre-statehood California who helped lead the Bear Flag Revolt, was a major in the Mexican War, was named California's military governor, became a U.S. Senator (1850-1851), ran for the presidency as an antislavery Republican (1856), and was a general in the Civil War.

From the collection of Leo Stashin :7


[No caption] :13


Gift of L.G. La Burdette :21


French, Nora May, 1881-1907.

Biography/Organization History

New York-born poet who lived in California beginning in her childhood; she wrote Poems (1910), and was part of the bohemian group at Carmel, where she committed suicide.

[No caption]


Friedlander, Isaac, 1833?-1878.

Biography/Organization History

German-born Californian who became rich from speculating in and milling flour; he owned vast lands for farming with William S. Chapman and cornered California's shipping to take wheat to Europe and Asia in the 1870s. He later went bankrupt.

Photograph by Bradley & Rulofson :2


Furuseth, Andrew, 1854-1938.

Biography/Organization History

Norwegian merchant mariner from 1873-1891 who settled in California and became a labor leader, working as president of the International Seaman's Union from 1908-1938.

[Inscribed] "Faithfully yours, Andrew Furuseth." :1


Coast - Seamen's Union. Gift of Ira B. Cross. :2


Jo Davidson & Andrew Furuseth. Photo by Maurice Goldberg, New York. (1929?). :6


Gage, Henry Tifft, 1852-1924.

Biography/Organization History

20th governor of California (1899-1903), who was a former lawyer and a Republican, and later became Minister to Portugal (1909-1911).

Original in State Capitol - Sacramento :1


Garnett, Porter, 1871-1951.

Biography/Organization History

San Francisco-born artist who contributed to The Lark and later became known as a woodcarver and calligrapher, as well as a producer of Bohemian Grove plays and an author of one, The Green Knight; he later taught fine printing at the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pennsylvania, where he established the Laboratory Press in 1922.

Brother Porter, circa 1875. Photograph by Bradley & Rulofson :2


[No caption] :15


Smith, Wm. H. at left. Garnett, Porter, at right. Bohemian Club. :16


Gelett Burgess, Porter Garnett, Xavier Martinez. :17


Genthe, Arnold, 1869-1942.

Biography/Organization History

German photographer who moved to San Francisco in 1895 and was known as a documentary photographer, although his photographs were also admired for their aesthetic qualities; his photographs include ones published in Pictures of Old Chinatown (1908), and a series of views of fires advancing through San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake.

"Arnold Genthe on his famous horse - Ocean Beach, San Francisco. Old Cliff House in distance." :4


Arnold Genthe, 1936. Photograph by Peter Stackpole. :5


Steichen, Genthe, Bruhl in 1936. Photograph by Peter Stackpole. :6


George, Henry, 1839-1897.

Biography/Organization History

Editor of the San Francisco Times and the San Francisco Post who was known for his theories on land and rent; he wrote Our Land and Land Policy (1871).

From daguerreotype, 1865, age 26. :1


Giannini, Amadeo Peter, 1870-1949.

Biography/Organization History

San Jose native who, from his beginnings as a clerk in a family firm and a director of a savings and loan society, opened his own bank, the Bank of Italy, in San Francisco in 1904. He acquired more branches and was a pioneer of statewide branch banking, and soon founded the Transamerica Corp. in 1928 and merged his branches under the name Bank of America, which became a vastly powerful and successful business. The Transamerica headquarters building in San Francisco is known for its unusual pyramid shape.

The late A.P. Giannini and his granddaughters, Anne (left) and Virginia (right), daughters of L.M. Giannini. ["Moulin Studios" crossed out] :6


A.P. [Giannini] pledging the bank to all-out-defense aid (Gov. Olson at table). Oct. 6, '41. A.P. & Gov. Olson. Photograph by McCurry Foto Co. :8


A.P. Giannini at S.F.-L.A. [San Francisco-Los Angeles] ball game, San Mateo, Aug. 6/39 with Wayne Reimer, Pres. 1939 S.F. Chapter Bankamerica Club. :12


Photograph by Peter Stackpole. :13


Gillett, James Norris, 1860-1937.

Biography/Organization History

22nd governor of California (1907-1911) who was a lawyer and a Republican Congressman, and who helped create California's state highway system.

Ex-Gov. Gillett Papers :1


Ex.-Gov. Gillett papers. Photograph by Bushnell :4


[No caption] :8


Ginsberg, Allen, 1926-1997.

Biography/Organization History

New Jersey-born poet associated with the Beat Movement of San Francisco; he had a long association with San Francisco's City Lights Bookstore. Works published by the Lawrence Ferlinghetti-owned bookshop include Reality Sandwiches (1963), Kaddish and Other Poems (1961), and the work which spawned an obscenity trial, "Howl" (1956).

Poet Allen Ginsberg, S.F. [San Francisco]. Photographed by Larry Keenan, Jr. :7


Poet Allen Ginsberg & Peter Orlovsky, S.F. [San Francisco]. Photographed by Larry Keenan, Jr. :8


Dharamshala, Punjab Hill Fair. Ginsberg joining in on free drumming. :12


A.G. and Central Himalaya :14


Alexei Ginzburg, Allen Ginsberg, April 8, '65. Moscow, 63. :18


Goldberg, Rube, 1883-1970.

Biography/Organization History

(Reuben Lucius Goldberg). San Francisco cartoonist whose famous characters include "Mike and Ike -They Look Alike" and "Boob McNutt." He won a Pulitzer Prize in 1948 for a cartoon about the threat of the atom bomb.

[No caption] :1


Ruben [Reuben] L. (Rube) Goldberg at his drawing board :4


[No caption] :7


Rube Goldberg, far right. Copyright by Paul Thompson. :9


Photograph by Brown Brothers :15


Gordon, Walter Arthur, 1894-1976.

Biography/Organization History

Georgia-born University of California graduate who became the first African-American to be governor of the Virgin Islands (1955-1958), and its district court judge (1958-1976).

[No caption] :1


Gordon, Elizabeth & Walter (1955) :2


[Walter] Gordon, Elizabeth, & his children :3


Graham, Margaret Collier, 1850-1910.

Biography/Organization History

Iowa native who resided in southern California and wrote local-color stories and sometimes feminist essays; her works were collected in Stories of the Foot-hills (1895) and Do They Really Respect Us? (1912).

[No caption] :1


Grayson, Andrew Jackson, 1818-1869.

Biography/Organization History

Louisiana native who served as an officer under John Charles Frémont; he then began to paint the birds of California until he moved to Mexico in 1860 to continue his ornithological work.

Grayson, Andrew Jackson (left), John Xantus (right) :3


Guerra, Pablo de la, 1819-1874.

Biography/Organization History

Member of the prominent Santa Barbara family whose founder was José Antonio Julián de la Guerra y Noriego; Pablo was a state Senator in Santa Barbara and had a rancho called El Nicasio in Marin County.

De la Guerra, Pablo. Vallejo, Salvador. Pico, Andrés. Orig. daguerreotype in possession of Mrs. McGethigan, S.F. [San Francisco]. Gift of Madie D. Brown, 5/17/56. [Original shelved: Pico, Andrés:1 POR] :1


Gwin, William McKendree, 1805-1885.

Biography/Organization History

Tennessee native who became a Congressman from Mississippi before moving to San Francisco in 1849, attending the Constitutional Convention in Monterey, and being elected as the state's first U.S. Senator (1850-1855, 1857-1861). He was a Chivalry Democrat who supported slavery; during his time in office he got a San Francisco branch of the Mint, the Mare Island Navy Yard, and worked for a transcontinental railroad, before being arrested for disloyalty to the U.S. at the outbreak of the Civil War.

Photograph by Bradley & Rulofson :3


Hagemeyer, Johan, 1884-1962.

Biography/Organization History

Horticulturist-turned-photographer whose photographs were known for their dreamy quality.

Hollingsworth's :2


[No caption] :3


Johan Hagemeyer by George, Carmel :4


[No caption] :6


3/2-1954, by Marjorie Trumbull :16


Hager, John Sharpenstein, 1818-1890.

Biography/Organization History

New Jersey lawyer who moved to California in 1849, where he became a judge, state Senator, and then a U.S. Senator from 1873-1875.

Judge Hager, 1818-90 :1


Haggin, James Ben Ali, 1821-1914.

Biography/Organization History

Kentucky-born lawyer who came to Sacramento and became involved in land ownership; he established a horse racing stable on one of his estates in Kentucky.

Photograph by Bradley & Rulofson :1


Photograph by Morse's Palace of Art, no. 12590 :2


Haight, Henry Huntly, 1825-1878.

Biography/Organization History

10th governor of California (1867-1871), elected as a Democrat. He opposed immigration of Chinese and suffrage for African-Americans and advocated free trade. He was a member of the Board of Regents of the University of California, and a San Francisco street was named for him.

Photograph by Morse :1


Hon. Henry H. Haight, Gov. Calif. :5


Haight, Sara

Biography/Organization History

Wife of Edward Tompkins, daughter of Judge Fletcher M. Haight (who for a time owned much of Carmel Valley, CA), and sister of Henry Huntley Haight (governor of California from 1867-1871). She kept a notable diary from a trip to Yosemite in 1858 where she attended the wedding of William Ralston.

Sarah H. Tompkins, Oakland, July 26th, 1881. Photograph by Taber :1


Halleck, Henry Wager, 1815-1872.

Biography/Organization History

New York-born army officer who was the Secretary of State of California, during which time he compiled the California Archives and Report on Land Titles in California (1850), in which he disputed the land claims of Mexicans. He was also a lawyer who established a legal firm in San Francisco, and served as Lincoln's Chief of Staff in the Civil War.

Genl. Halleck :2


Hammond, George Peter, 1896-1993.

Biography/Organization History

Scholar of Latin American and Western U.S. history who taught at several universities before being hired at the University of California, Berkeley, his alma mater, where he became the director of The Bancroft Library.

[No caption]


Haraszthy, Agoston, 1812-1869.

Biography/Organization History

Hungarian-born member of California's state legislature in 1852 who moved to San Francisco and held various posts in the Mint. In 1858 he established the first large vineyard in California from vines he brought from Hungary, and wrote Grape Culture, Wines and Wine-Making; with Notes Upon Agriculture and Horticulture (1862).

Standing left to right: Mariano G. Haraszthy, Agoston F. Haraszthy. Seated - Lolita Haraszthy Dowdell. Donor, Elizabeth M. Haraszthy, widow of Agoston F. Haraszthy. Donated Sept. 7-1947. :1


Harte, Bret, 1836-1902.

Biography/Organization History

Writer who wrote stories for the Golden Era and edited the Overland Monthly, where he contributed such stories as "The Luck of Roaring Camp," "The Outcasts of Poker Flat," and "Plain Language from Truthful James." His writings usually centered around California and western topics. Other writings include M'liss and Gabriel Conroy (1876).

Gift Frank H. Young, April 1939 :6


Bret Harte in 1896 :8


From The Mentor of July 15th 1916, 32 East 19th St. Office, New York City :15


Haskell, Burnette G., 1857-1907.

Biography/Organization History

Editor of Truth, the journal of the International Workingmen's Association -a radical union with secret membership; he later founded "Kaweah" in 1885, an idealistic cooperative community in what is now Sequoia National Park.

Shew's New Photographic Establishment, no. 28510 :4


Dec. 1880. To Emily, Jean Haskell, 2/61. Photograph by Thors. :10


J.J. Callahan, 2nd Editor "Enquirer," B.G. Haskell, 3rd Editor "Enquirer." May 15, 1887. Gift of Ira B. Cross, May 24, 1933 :13


Three generations, March 1895. Edward Wilder Haskell, age 75. Burnette G. Haskell, age 37 1/2. Astaroth Haskell, age 9. To Emily. Gift of Ira B. Cross, May 24, 1933. Photograph by J. W. Baker. :24


Gift of Ira B. Cross, May 24, 1933. Burnette Haskell with guns, etc. Edwin Wilda Haskell to Burnette's right, wearing top hat. Benjamin B. Haskell seated in front of Burnette. Helen Fader Jones (later Helen F.J. Robinson) seated below and to left of Edwin Wallace Haskell. Identified 2-7-61 by Oscar Berland [?] :26


Hastings, Serranus C., 1814-1893.

Biography/Organization History

The first Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court, elected by the legislature in 1849; he founded Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco.

Photograph by Rieman & Co. :2


Hayes, Benjamin Ignatius, 1815-1877.

Biography/Organization History

Los Angeles lawyer, jurist, state legislator and historian who helped write Historical Sketch of Los Angeles County (1876), and kept diaries which eventually became Pioneer Notes (1929).

Judge Benjamin Hayes, 1875. :1


Benjamin Hayes, 1849. Photograph by Parker Photographers. :2


Hayward, Alvinza, 1822-1904.

Biography/Organization History

Vermont-born miner in California during the gold rush who founded his own mine at Crown Point, acquiring over 25 million dollars worth of ore; it became California's first incorporated mine and made Hayward supposedly the richest man in California.

[No caption] :1


Hearst, George, 1820-1891.

Biography/Organization History

Missouri-born miner who came to California but struck it rich in Nevada in 1859. He had numerous mining interests in several states and Mexico, was appointed to the U.S. Senate after the death of John Miller (1886), and then served a term as a Democratic legislator of California. He was the husband of Phoebe Apperson Hearst and the father of William Randolph Hearst.

Mr. George Hearst. Mrs. Grover. Hearst family box. Photograph by Edouart & Cobb. :1


Mr. George Hearst to Mrs. Grover. Edouart's Photographic Gallery. :2


Hearst, Phoebe Apperson, 1842-1919.

Biography/Organization History

Wife of George Hearst, whose wealth allowed her to support charitable causes and education, including the financing of archaeological expeditions in Mexico, Italy, and Egypt, and the subsidization of a department of anthropology and a mining building at the University of California, Berkeley.

[No caption]


Photograph by Edouart, San Francisco :3


Photograph by Morse, San Francisco :4


Photograph by Sarony, New York :5


Photograph by Morse, San Francisco :6


With William Wallace Campbell, Thomas A. Edison, 1915 (?) :8


[No caption]


Photograph by W. & D. Downey, London :11


Signing the constitution of the Women's Board, PPIE :12


[No caption]


Miss Jane Glover, Mrs. Hearst, Mrs. Anthony :19


At Asilomar, undated :20


[No caption]


With Mrs. Anthony :24


[No caption]


L to R: W. W. Murray, Mrs. McLaughlin, Fernanda Pratt, W. R. Hearst, Jr., Phoebe A. Hearst, Mrs. Putnam Griswold, George Hearst, Harriet Bradford/ Mrs. Elbert C. Apperson, Drucilla Clay, Charles Mayer/ Miss Virginia Vassault, Annie Leavitt/ Miss J. R. Egan. :34


Dedication of Lux School Roof Playground, May 22, 1914 :35


With a group of YMCA girls at the Hacienda [Pleasanton] :36


[No caption]


Photograph by C. Parker, Washington, D. C. :46


[No caption]


Hearst, William Randolph, 1863-1951.

Biography/Organization History

The only child of George and Phoebe Apperson Hearst, he took over the San Francisco Examiner from his father in 1887 and his newspaper career extended throughout the nation with the numerous daily papers and syndicated features he developed. He owned motion picture companies and radio stations, much real estate, and continued to manage his father's mines. Known for his luxurious lifestyle, he inspired Orson Welles' film Citizen Kane (1941).

[No caption]


[No caption]


Haas-Schreiner Photo, Roof Studio, San Francisco :41


[No caption]


Left to right: Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, Hearst, Charlie Chaplin, Milicent Hearst (?) :61


With George McClelland :63


Left to right: Paul Block, Hearst, Arthur Brisbane :66


Left to right: Knox, Henry Ford, Hearst :67


Left: Clarence Shearn :68


William Wallace Campbell shaking hands with Hearst :69


[No caption]


John Apperson Hearst :80


William Randolph Hearst Junior, and "Jack" John Apperson Hearst :81


Many notables arrive in Chicago for the Republican National Convention opening in the coliseum June 7th. Left to right: Mr. Arthur Brisbang with Mr. and Mrs. William Randolph Hearst, all of New York. Copyright by The International Film Service New York :82


Herrin, William Franklin, 1854-1927.

Biography/Organization History

Oregon-born lawyer who became famous early on for getting David Neagle acquitted of murder charges in the killing Chief Justice David Terry on the grounds that federal officers are not subject to California law. In becoming chief counsel for the Southern Pacific he became a boss of state government and Republican party affairs, and later became vice president of the Southern Pacific and president of the Pacific Electric Railway.

Wm. F. Herrin in Pine St. - Keith studio about 1900 :2


Hertz, Alfred, 1872-1942.

Biography/Organization History

German musical conductor of the San Francisco symphony from 1915-1930, he was known for his interpretations of Wagner. He funded the University of California's Hertz Hall for music concerts.

Mr. Hertz at Cloyne Court. May 17th, 1942 :1


Photograph by Peter Stackpole :2


Very good. Alfred Hertz (his annotation above). Photograph by Peter Stackpole. :3


Photograph by Peter Stackpole :6


Heyneman, Julie Helen, 1868-1942.

Biography/Organization History

Artist who studied and traveled in Europe where she associated with prominent English artists and writers. She worked with California House and Kitchener Houses for disabled soldiers during World War I.

[No caption]


A. Genthe phot. Orig. Restricted. :25


Hilgard, Eugene Woldemar, 1833-1916.

Biography/Organization History

Professor of agriculture at the University of California, Berkeley from 1874-1904 who founded the Botanical Gardens there and was known for his study of the relation of soils to climate and vegetation.

[No caption]


Eugene W. Hilgard, Prof. Agriculture & Botany. Photograph by Elite Photographic Studio (Jones, Rulofson & Co.) :18


Hill, Thomas, 1829-1908.

Biography/Organization History

English artist who spent most of his life in California and painted romantic landscapes, often of Yosemite. Possibly his best-known work is "Driving the Last Spike," commissioned (but refused as historically inaccurate) by Leland Stanford.

William Ruth, Esq. Comp'ts. of Thomas Hill. Wawona, July 15, 1906 [?]. Photograph by I.W. Taber :1


Hittell, John Shertzer, 1825-1901.

Biography/Organization History

Brother of Theodore H. Hittell who came to California in 1849 to mine gold but instead became a writer for the Alta California from 1852-1880, and then began writing guidebooks for Hubert Howe Bancroft's publishing firm. His books include A History of the City of San Francisco, and Incidentally of the State of California (1878), The Resources of California (1863), and The Commerce and Industries of the Pacific Coast (1882).

John S. Hittell. T.W. Morris Call :3


Hittell, Theodore Henry, 1830-1917.

Biography/Organization History

Lawyer (brother of John Shertzer Hittell) who moved to California in 1855 and became the editor of the San Francisco Bulletin; he later wrote such works as Reminiscences of Early Days and a four-volume History of California (1885-1897).

[No caption] :1


Hoover, Herbert Clark, 1874-1964.

Biography/Organization History

First Californian (although originally from Iowa) to be elected President of the United States (1928-1932) whose early life consisted of a career as a mining engineer, and then work as the nation's Food Administrator and the Secretary of Commerce under Harding and Coolidge (1921-1928). His downfall as President was the crash of the stock market and the Great Depression which occurred within a year of his taking office, and the limited actions he took to stimulate the economy. Later in his life he headed a commission to propose better organization of the federal executive branch. His writings include American Individualism (1922) and his three-volume Memoirs (1951-1952).

Photograph by Peter Stackpole :1


Herbert Hoover [second from left] dozing at Charter Day, 193-, while Sec. of Labor Francis Perkins was speaking. Photograph by Peter Stackpole. :2


Hopkins, Mark, 1813-1878.

Biography/Organization History

Storekeeper from upstate New York who came to California during the gold rush and became wealthy by investing in and becoming treasurer of the Central Pacific Railroad. The Mark Hopkins Hotel on Nob Hill in San Francisco is named for him.

Photo of Mark Hopkins, to be returned to E.H. Miller, Jr. :3


Cabinet Portrait. I.W. Taber & Co., photo. :4


Hopper, James Marie, 1876-1956.

Biography/Organization History

French-born California writer who helped found the bohemian artist's colony at Carmel. He was a journalist who also wrote stories, such as "Caybigan" (1906) and "Coming Back with the Spitball" (1914).

James Hopper. :4


Gene Fenelon, James Hopper (Hopper in the center), Porter Garnett :5


Jimmy Hopper and Gelett Burgess with Hindu friend. Prop. Jimmy Hopper. :6


Fred Bechdolt, Jimmy Hopper, Mike Williams. 2 Col. Prop. Jimmy Hopper. :7


11/30/52. Jas.' house. Jimmy Hopper, Alice. Alice Sterling Gregory. Mrs. Kenneth Gregory Purchase, Jan. 1962. :8


Houghton, Eliza Poor Donner

Biography/Organization History

Member of the ill-fated Donner Party of pioneers to California.

Eliza Poor Donner Houghton, 1843-1922. Wright's Art and Portrait Gallery, San Jose, Cal. :1


Howard, John Galen, 1864-1931.

Biography/Organization History

Massachusetts architect who went to Berkeley in 1901 to oversee the Phoebe Apperson Hearst-sponsored plan for the University of California campus. He founded U.C. Berkeley's school of architecture, remained on the architecture faculty until 1925, and designed campus structures such as the Campanile, Sather Gate, and the Greek Theatre.

John Galen Howard, Red Cross, 1918 :8


J.G.H. en route to Delphi, 1910. :13


[No caption] :14


J.G.H., Feb. 1886. Geo. H. Hastings, photographer :19


Photograph by Pach Bros. :20


Howard, Sidney Coe, 1891-1939.

Biography/Organization History

Oakland-born dramatist whose plays explored themes of contemporary life, including The Silver Cord (1926), Ned McCobb's Daughter (1926), and the Pulitzer Prize-winning They Knew What They Wanted (1924).

[No caption] :2


Photograph by Vandamm Studio :7


Dog: Haakon - at Tiringham :20


Sidney Howard at his desk in playwrights' office. (August, 1939) :24


S.H. and Jane Brodeur (Casting Agent) in Playwrights' Co. office, summer (August?) 1939 :27


Webster [photographer?], 1909 :34


Sidney Coe Howard, January '93, 18 months. Webster Art Gallery, portraits :38


Huntington, Collis Potter, 1821-1900.

Biography/Organization History

One of the four heads of the Central Pacific and later Southern Pacific Railroad; he was in charge of all eastern business matters and became president of Southern Pacific in 1890.

Collis Potter Huntington, original? (AC 1978). :8


Hutchings, James Mason, 1820-1902.

Biography/Organization History

English writer and editor who went to California in 1849 to mine, but instead wrote a successful letter sheet entitled "The Miner's Ten Commandments." He then founded Hutchings' California Magazine, and wrote such works as In the Heart of the Sierras (1886) and Scenes of Wonder and Curiosity in California (1870).

Nevada Stage Company's stage on the Big Oak Flat Road, Tuolumne Co., California, about 1884. Mr. Keough, General Manager of company, standing at rear wheel J. M. Hutchings of Yosemite Valley, next to front seat. J. K. Barnard of Yosemite Valley, center seat. Joe Mulligan: driver. [Copy print] Gift of M. E. Schlichtmann 3/57. :1


Hyde, George, 1819-1890.

Biography/Organization History

Philadelphia lawyer who went to California in 1845 as Commodore Stockton's secretary, and also worked in Yerba Buena on land grant cases, becoming the alcalde of the town from 1847-1848. Hyde Street in San Francisco was named for him.

[No caption] :2


Indians of California

Biography/Organization History

are thought to have inhabited the region anywhere from 7,000 to 30,000 years ago. They are divided into many different tribes and speak more than 100 different language dialects, and had been brutally treated by white settlers until recently with only a very few exceptions.

Rafael Solares, a Santa Inez Chumash man, 1878. Hayward & Muzzall, photographic artists, Santa Barbara, Calif. [Original shelved BANC PIC 1989.061--PIC] :[misc. 1]


[Digger Indian] Cobb's Gallery, Mill Street, Grass Valley, [Calif. ca. 1865, Original shelved BANC PIC 1989.050:1--PIC] :[misc. 2]


[Digger Indian women] Cobb's Gallery, Mill Street, Grass Valley, [Calif. ca. 1865, Original shelved 1989.050:2--PIC] :[misc. 3]


Indian woman (Yosemite area) :5


Indian madonna (Yosemite area) :15


Indian woman (Yosemite area) :19


[?] Paul, for years known as the best Indian guide in the Yosemite Valley High Sierras - Boysen Photo :22


Mary, the well known Mono Indian of Yosemite Valley - Boysen, Photo :24


Clovis - Bill Wilson, Sept. 19, 1915 :38


Irwin, Wallace, 1875-1959.

Biography/Organization History

Journalist in San Francisco and New York who also wrote poetry, including "Nautical Lays of a Landsman" (1904), and "The Love Sonnets of a Hoodlum" (1902). He also published letters he received from Hashimura Togo on a Japanese man's perception of American society, collected in such works as Letters of a Japanese Schoolboy (1923) and Mr. Togo, Maid of All Work (1913). He was the brother of Will Irwin.

Fancy costume at artist's ball in London, 1922. :1


Irwin, Will (William Henry), 1873-1948.

Biography/Organization History

Writer and journalist in San Francisco and New York who edited The Wave and whose writings include A Reporter in Armageddon (1918), Old Chinatown (1908), How Red Is America? (1927) and The Next War: An Appeal to Commonsense (1921). His brother was Wallace Irwin.

[No caption] :2


With William Erb :3


Irwin, William, 1827-1886.

Biography/Organization History

13th governor of California (1875-1880) who published the Yreka Union before he began his political career as a Democrat in the assembly in 1861.

William Irwin, 1875 Governor 1879, died March 15, 1886 :2


Ishi, 1860?-1916.

Biography/Organization History

Last survivor of the Native American Yahi tribe who was discovered near Oroville and given a home at the University of California's Museum of Anthropology in San Francisco by Professors Thomas T. Waterman and Alfred L. Kroeber, where he was exposed to twentieth-century California culture before he died of tuberculosis.

[No caption] :7


No. 3 in series, "The Brightest Year" :9


Jacks, David, 1822-1909.

Biography/Organization History

Scottish-born owner of large holdings of real estate in California who was known for his stinginess with money; he controlled the market of the only native cheese of California -Monterey Jack, first made in 1892. A peak between Monterey and Carmel was named for him.

Photograph by I.W. Taber, no. 4362 :2


Jackson, Helen Hunt, 1830-1885.

Biography/Organization History

Writer from Amherst, Massachusetts, who wrote Mercy Philbrick's Choice (1876) with Emily Dickinson as part-model for the main character, and Verses (1870). After hearing of the mistreatment of western Native Americans by whites, she researched and wrote A Century of Dishonor (1881), and winning a commission from the U.S. Department of the Interior to work with the Native Americans of California, wrote the very popular Ramona (1884), a novel about Native American relations with the Spanish aristocracy of California and the encroaching Americans from the east.

[No caption]


Jackson, Joseph Henry, 1894-1955.

Biography/Organization History

Literary critic who was a book reviewer for the San Francisco Chronicle from 1930-1955 and editor of Sunset from 1926-1928; he also reviewed books on the radio and wrote books about California, including Bad Company (1949), Anybody's Gold (1941), and The Western Gate (1952).

Photograph by Wesley Swadley :3


Photograph by Peter Stackpole.


James, George Wharton, 1858-1923.

Biography/Organization History

English-born Methodist minister who, after being ousted from the church after a controversial divorce, became a lecturer on social issues and the western scene. His writings include Through Ramona's Country (1908), The Wonders of the Colorado Desert (1906), and In and Out of California's Missions (1905).

George Wharton James' Work Shop is a treasure - House of Books and Curios. H.M. Bland, Fruitvale, Cal., care of Joaquin Miller :1


[No caption]


Jeffers, Robinson, 1887-1962.

Biography/Organization History

Pittsburgh-born poet who settled in Carmel and devoted some of his poetry to the natural beauty of his surroundings; his collections include Tamar and Other Poems (1924), Roan Stallion (1925), The Women at Point Sur (1927), Cawdor and Other Poems (1928), and Dear Judas and Other Poems (1929).

[No caption]


Johan Hagemeyer, Camera Portraits, San Francisco :22


Johan Hegemeyer, Camera Portraits, San Francisco, 1928 :23


Johan Hagemeyer, Camera Portraits, Carmel, California :26


[No caption] :82


Bear Photo Service, February 6, 1934 :83


At Hollow Hill :84


At Tor house, 1945 :85


Arthur Stettner, [photographer] New York :86


[No caption] :87


Donnan (?) Jeffers and wife, Robinson Jeffers, Judith Anderson, Una Jeffers :89


Bear Photo Service, 1937 :90


With Albert Bender :91


With Charles Erskine Scott Wood at Hollow Hills


Home of Robinson Jeffers the Poet, Carmel by the Sea, California :94


Picnic of Jeffers family in 1934. Bear Photo Service :95


[No caption]