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Inventory of lantern Slides of Mining Activities and Scenes in Alaska and The Yukon [graphic], ca. 1915
BANC PIC 1982.060--LAN  
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item 1.

Steam thawing

item 2.

The Yukon at Dawson, April 1915

item 3.

Ground after thawing with hot water

item 4.

After the dynamiting

item 5.

Hot water thawing lay out

item 6.

Ready to start thawing

item 7.

Hot water thawing

item 8.

Payne's drill -- bet? hot water thawing point

item 9.

40 ft. pointer. Hot water thawing

item 10.

Steam thawing

item 11.

New and old thawing points

item 12.

Pot holes after thawing with steam

item 13.

Pot holes after thawing with steam

item 14.

Hot water thawing lay out

item 15.

40 ft. points--hot water thawing

item 16.

Intricate problems in water rights

item 17.

Preserving water rights at great expense

item 18.

Ground sluicing #4. Burning the moss

item 19.

Gound sluicing #3. Getting into deeper cover

item 20.

Gound sluicing #5. Starting the cross ditches

item 21.

Ground sluicing #7. Down to bedrock

item 22.

Ground sluicing #8. Breaking up frozen chunks

item 23.

Ground sluicing #9. Undercutting the face

item 24.

Ground sluicing #10. Undercutting the face

item 25.

Ground sluicing #11. Ready for dredging

item 26.

Ground sluicing #12. Keeping the lower ditch clear

item 27.

Sluice gate

item 28.

Dredging in winter-Klondyke valley

item 29.

17 cu. ft. dredge bucket and pin

item 30.

#1 dredge making a sharp turn on Hunker Cr. (cracked)

item 31.

#2 dredge as she sunk

item 32.

#2 dredge after pumping out the pond

item 33.

Raising #2 dredge

item 34.

Raising #2 dredge

item 35.

Raising #2 dredge

item 36.

#4 dredge

item 37.

Bonanza creek after dredging

item 38.

Excavating the dredge pit

item 39.

Hydraulicking, Lovett Gulch

item 40.

Hydraulicking, Lovett Gulch

item 41.

Hydraulicking, Trail Gulch

item 42.

Dredging & hydraulicking, looking up Bonanza Creek

item 43.

White Gravel Channel, hydraulicking on Bonanza Creek

item 44.

Brush rip-rap to confine hydraulic tailings

item 45.

Hydraulic tailings and cribbing where Lovett Gulch empties into Bonanza Creek

item 46.

Arctic goldbearing gravel

item 47.

Barrette Mine

item 48.

Expensive flumes for gold washing, Dominion Creek

item 49.

Miner's cabin and rocker, Last Chance Creek

item 50.

Barrette Mine

item 51.

Washing the cocoanut fiber mats

item 52.

Taking up the cocoanut fiber mats from the riffles

item 53.

Taking out the black sand

item 54.

Portable woodsaw

item 55.

Emergency repair barge, No. Fk Ditch

item 56.

Worn bucket line, to be re-lipped

item 57.

Payne's anvil

item 58.

Totem poles at Alert Bay

item 59.

Totem poles at Alert Bay (cracked)

item 60.

Inside an igloo, Lower Yukon

item 61.

Indian fish whee, lower Yukon

item 62.

Unloading wood, Klondyke mines RR

item 63.

Dynamiting the glacier

item 64.

Intake at No. Fork in winter

item 65.

Woodchopper, Alaska (Lower Yukon)

item 66.

Moosehide, Y.T.

item 67.

The third beach level at Nome

item 68.

Capitol Bldg, Dawson, Y.T.

item 69.

Midnight view up the Yukon from the Dome back of Dawson

item 70.

Circle, Alaska, and U.S. wireless station

item 71.

Juneau, Capitol of Alaska

item 72.

Ft. Wm. H. Seward, Haines, Alaska

item 73.

Deposit of Volcanic ash, Upper Yukon

item 74.

The glacier at 6 below

item 75.

Shooting the rapids in Miles Canyon (cracked)

item 76.

White Horse Canyon, Upper 30 mile River

item 77.

Quartz, Y.T.

item 78.

Barnes Tunnel, Lovett Hill

item 79.

Jura-cretacepis formation. Lower Yukon

item 80.

Lake Bennett

item 81.

Farthest North U.S. Pub. School, Alaska

item 82.

Icebergs below Taku glacier

item 83.

Close view of Niggerheads (plant), Muskeag Swamp, Upper Yukon

item 84.

Caribou feeding

item 85.

Caribou feeding

item 86.

Ox team, Guadalajara

item 87.


item 88.

Approaching the tableland of Central Mexico