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Inventory of the Business and Transportation Agency Records, 1973-1979
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Arrangement and Description


I. Secretary of Business and Transportation


1. SECRETARY'S SUBJECT FILES. 1973-79. (F3842:365-606)

Physical Description: 10½ cf

Scope and Content Note


Arranged by subject and chronologically there under, except where indicated.
Administrative and general files of the agency secretary consisting of, but not limited to incoming and outgoing correspondence, memoranda, reports, policy and position papers, meeting minutes and agenda, biographical resumes, telegrams, news releases, press clippings, legislative bill analyses, studies and speeches.

- A -


Accomplishments and Goals, 1973-1979; Aeronautics Department, 1973; Affirmative Action, 1979 - policy, goals and implementation plans arranged alphabetically by department; Age Discrimination, 1979 - comments on the impact of Federal Register HEW Age Discrimination Regulations; Agency Magazine, 1973; Agreements, Inter-Agency, 1973-1979; Agriculture and Services Agency, 1973-1978 - primarily deals with employer-employee relations; Air Resources Board, 1973-1979; Appointments, 1974-1979; Attorney General's Legal Opinions, 1973-1978;


- B -


B-1 Bomber, 1977 - impact of project closure; Boards and Commissions, 1973-1979 - lists names, position and term of office. See individual files for a particular board or commission (e.g., Air Resources Board, California Coastal Commission); Boards of Inquiry, 1976-1978 - reviews redlining complaints which Department of Savings and Loan is unable to satisfactorily resolve; Business Expansion, 1975-1977; Business Week Magazine, 1979 - centers on October 22, 1979 special supplement on California's business environment;


- C -


Cal Jobs Task Force, 1975; Cal-Vet Home Loan Program, 1975; California Coastal Commission, 1977-1979; California Highway Commission, 1977; California Fiscal Information System (CFIS), 1979 - proposed statewide program structure; California Interdepartmental Committee on Aging (CICA), 1978-1979 - draft copy of State Plan on Aging; California Toll Bridge Authority, 1971-1977; California Transportation Commission, 1978-1979; California Transportation Plan, 1975-1977 - comments of regional and local planning agencies to state plan; Capitol Beautification Project, 1974 - highway entrances from Sacramento Metropolitan Airport to the Capitol City; Carpool Program, 1973-1975; Career Opportunity Development (COD)/Work Incentive Program (WIN), 1979 - see also Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA); Century Freeway, 1977-1979; Clean Air Act, 1974-1975 - Potential impacts and suggested amendments; Collective Bargaining, 1975 - development, implementation and administration of a collective bargaining system; Common Market, 1979 - questions raised by Mexican businessmen and government officials re Governor Brown's proposal for a Canada-U.S.-Mexico Common Market; Community Reinvestment Act, 1978 - comments on implementation by the Savings and Loan Commissioner and the Superintendent of Banking; Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA) 1974-1979 - see also Career Opportunity Development (COD)/Work Incentive Program (WIN); Consumer Education Conference, 1979 - sponsored by the Business and Transportation Agency for low to moderate income potential homebuyers and existing homeowners; Critical/Major Issues, 1978;


- D -


Delegation of Authority, 1971-1979; Department Heads Memos, 1977-1979; Disabled Information, 1979; Drought Relief, 1977; Due-On-Sale-Litigation, 1979;


- E -


Economic Development Administration (EDA), 1975-1978; Electronic Data Processing (EDP), 1973; Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), 1977-1979 - Inter-Agency Task Force consisted of the Corporations Department, Banking Department and Savings and Loan Department to determine the proper regulatory and legislative approach to the technology; Emergency Plan, 1973; Employer-Employee Relations, 1977; Energy Authority Act, 1978; Energy Correspondence, 1973-1979 - assessment on effect of energy shortage on departmental operations and plan of action; Energy Planning Council, 1974; Environmental Correspondence, 1973-1977; Environmental Protection Account, 1973-1975;


- F -


Federal Highway Legislation, 1978; Federal Register, 1977-1978; Federal/State Relations, 1974 - preemption of state jurisdiction by the federal government; Finance Department, 1973-1979; Financial Institutions, 1975; Flex Time Survey, 1979; Foreign Investments, 1975; Fuel Tax Revenue, 1975;


- G -


Gasoline Crisis, 1979; Gasoline Rationing, 1974 - contingency plan; Gasoline Rationing Press Releases, 1974; Gasoline Rationing Reports, 1974; General Correspondence, 1973-1979; General Services Department, 1975, 1978-1979; Glendale Federal Savings and Loan, 1979; Governor's Program to Reduce Occupational Injuries. 1973; Governor's Office Correspondence, 1973-1978; Grievances/Appeals, 1975-1979; Grievance Procedures, 1974-1977;


- H & I -


Health and Welfare Agency, 1973-1977; Hiring Freeze, 1978-1979; Inter-Departmental Memoranda, 1973-1974; Intra Office Memoranda, 1973-1979; Inventory Tax, 1977-1978; Israel Sweet, 1979 - Progress Reports on the Mature Human Resource Projects;


- J & L -


Joint Resources/Business and Transportation Committee, 1972-1974; Labor Relations, 1979; Lawsuit-I-580, 1975; Legislation (General), 1977-1979; Legislators (General), 1973-1979; Lt. Governor's Office, 1973-1975; Lt. Governor's Energy Workshop, 1973; Local Government Reform, 1973;


- M, N & O -


Meetings (Personnel/Employment Practices), 1979; Meetings and Conferences, 1973-1974, 1977-1979; News Releases, 1973-1974; Olympics, 1977 - documents supporting bid of the City of Los Angeles to host Games of the XXIII Olympiad;


- P -


Pacific Telephone - PUC, 1978; (Governor's Office) Planning and Research, Office of, 1976-1979; Policies, 1973; Pollution Control Finance Agency, 1979; Proposition 2, 1979 - Usury Law Rate Structure; Proposition 13, 1978-1979 - contingency planning and impact of Jarvis/Gann initiative for lower property taxes; Public Utilities Commission, 1977-1979; Public Works, Department of, 1973;


- Q & R -


Quarterly Reports, 1973-1975; Redlining, 1975-78 - Fair Lending egulations; Regulatory Council, 1979 - council consisting of regulatory departmental directors which provides a forum for discussion on pending legislation and regulatory issues; Regulatory Reform, 1979; Renewable Resources Investment Fund, 1979; Rent Control/Renters Relief, 1977-1979; Reports (Legislative Requests), 1973-1977; Resources Agency, 1973-1979; Resumes, 1975; Route 2, 1978-1979 - rescinded route located in the Silver Lake - Echo Park area of Los Angeles;


- S -


Science and Technology, 1973; Senate Bill 7 Implementation, 1977 - Redlining; South Central Los Angeles Management Development Strategy, 1977-1979; Southwest Border Regional Commission, 1977 - regional commission concept authorized by formulating and executing national economic policies and programs; Speeches, 1973-1979; Speeches (Governor's), 1966, 1969, 1971-1974; State and Consumer Services Agency, 1978-1979; State Facilities, 1970-1975; State Highway Users Tax Study (aka 505 Commission), 1975, State of the State Message Materials, 1972-1974; State Personnel Board, 1975-1979; State Transportation Board, 1975-1977; Statewide Planning, 1975; Student Intern Program, 1979; Sundesert Project, 1977-1978 - proposed nuclear power plant to be built by San Diego Gas and Electric Co.; Surplus Lands, 1979; Surplus Money Investment Pool, 1975;


- T -


Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and California Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, 1975-1977; - transportation planning in the Tahoe Basin; Targeted Jobs Tax Credit (State and Federal), 1979; Task Forces, 1973-1979; Toxic/Hazardous Material, 1979 - Caltrans role in clean-up of spills; Training, General, 1979 - Caltrans Slow Learner Program;


- U, V & W -


Unitary Tax, 1977-1979 - revision of law to provide incentive for local businesses to expand and out-of-state and foreign businesses to locate in California; Universal Money Order Co., 1977-1978; Urban Development Strategy, 1977-1979; Variable rate mortgages, 1975-1979; Vested rights, 1978-1979; Washington, D.C. Representative, 1979 - search for a representative.



Physical Description: 8 cf

Scope and Content Note


Arranged alphabetically by department and chronologically within the files except where indicated.
Contains incoming and outgoing correspondence, memoranda, reports, press releases, legislative proposals and analyses, studies.

1) ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE CONTROL. 1973-79 (F3842:607-609)

Scope and Content Note

Subjects: method internal audits conducted, reappraisal of California's alcohol control policies, status and direction of department, price support programs and fair trade laws in California; crackdown on Hollywood taverns.

2) BANKING DEPARTMENT. 1973-79 (F3842:610-617)

Scope and Content Note

Subjects: concern over increased number of foreign banks and branches of banks under foreign control within California; report on Universal Money Order Co. situation; special investigative examination into the Sumitomo Bank of California; Information Practices Act; banking issues of immediate concern; transfer of BIDCO and term loan programs from Banking Department to Economic and Business Development Department; transfer of Small Business Loan Program to Office of Small Business Development.

3) CALIFORNIA HIGHWAY PATROL. 1973-79 (F3842:618-629)

Scope and Content Note

Subjects: abandoned vehicles program - interagency agreement; first women cadets graduated with the class of 1975; pilot gasohol program.


Scope and Content Note

Subjects: short-range/long-range issues; St. Mary's Gardens Elderly Project.

5) CALIFORNIA HOUSING TASK FORCE. 1978-79 (F3842:633-634)

Scope and Content Note

Created as a result of the Urban Development strategy to advise the Governor and the Legislature on policies and initiatives for California's future housing needs. Subjects include call for Ray Huffman's resignation, testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee and recommendations to the Governor and Legislature.


Scope and Content Note

Subjects: reorganization of Board; proposal for a Department of Small Business Development.

7) CORPORATIONS. 1973-79 (F3842:639-644)

Scope and Content Note

Subjects: reorganizational structure; proposed Federal Trade Commission Rule on Unfair Credit Practices; closing of San Diego office; proposal that Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) be subject to state regulation.

8) ECONOMIC & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT. 1978-79 (F3842:645-649)

Scope and Content Note

Department was created by SB 28 Statutes 1977, ch. 345. subjects: testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee re: unitary tax; transfer of BIDCO and Term Loan Programs from Banking Department to Economic and Business Development Program; Advisory Council meeting minutes and membership; Cannery Row Controversy; foreign trade zones; assessment of California-Mexico trade possibilities; impact of normalization of trade with China and goals; Executive Loan Program; economic forecasts.

(1) Office of Business Development. 1977-78 (F3842:650-651)

Scope and Content Note

Created by Executive Order B-25-77 and signed by Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. on 2/17/77. subjects: goals and functions of the department; trade possibilities with Japan.

(2) Office of Business and Industrial Development. 1978. (F3842:652)

Scope and Content Note

Subjects: examples of office's assistance to the business community; Uniroyal Plant Closure in the City of Commerce.

(3) Office of Economic Policy, Planning & Research. 1978-79. (F3842:653-654)

Scope and Content Note

Subjects: reorganization and role of office, capital gains tax analysis, consumer credit trends; California Oil Profits Tax Initiative; analysis of difficulties faced by California steel producers as a result of foreign competition.

(4) Office of International Trade. 1978 (F3842:655)

Scope and Content Note

Subjects: goals in promoting agricultural exports; Japanese-California Economic Advisory Council.

(5) Office of Local Economic Development (F3842:656)

Scope and Content Note

(Formerly Economic Development Unit in the Department of Housing and Community Development). 1978. subject: information re: OLED's Program; names of people serving on advisory council.

(6) Office of Small Business Development. 1978-79 (F3842:657-659)

Scope and Content Note

See also file labeled CAL JOBS #6). subjects: California Small Business Issues; possible conflict of interest with office; restructuring.

(7) Office of Visitor Services. 1978 (F3842:660)

Scope and Content Note

Subject: source and methodology of statistics used to measure economic impact of tourism to California.

9) FAIR LENDING, OFFICE OF. 1978-79 (F3842:661-665)

Scope and Content Note

Subjects: program description, applicability of Housing Financial Discrimination Act of 1977 to national banks; regulations and implementation.

10) HOUSING AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT. 1973-79 (F3842:666-683)

Scope and Content Note

Subjects: Grove-Shafter Housing Advisory Committee; factory-built housing, statement of position on housing moratorium; reorganization of Division of Codes and Standards; proposal to rehabilitate state-owned properties; rent control; special Task Committee to participate and assist department in developing and promulgating construction standards and regulations; mobile homes; San Diego Community Development Block Grant; Transfer to EDD's Office of Migrant Services to HCD; application for Housing and Urban Department funding for deinstitutionalization of chronically mental ill; proposed use of plastic pipes; transfer of licensing and regulation of mobile home manufacturers from Department of Motor Vehicles; Housing Element Guidelines: Municipal Housing Bonds.

11) INSURANCE. 1973-79 (F3842:684-691)

Scope and Content Note

Subjects: short-range/long-range issues; complaints from consumers; proposed changes in regulations and comments; reorganization of the surveillance and Analysis Division; Bureau of Fraudulent Claims established.

(1) Auto Insurance Fraud. 1977 (F3842:692)

Scope and Content Note

Auto insurance fraud investigation; summary of possible auto insurance fraud proposals (legislative and administrative); establishment of Insurance Fraud Unit within the Department of Justice; auto repair costs.

(2) Auto Insurance Territorial Rating System. 1977 (F3842:693)

Scope and Content Note

Newspaper clippings, reports and correspondence on the validity of the system to determine auto insurance rates.

(3) No Fault Auto Insurance. 1973-77 (F3842:694)

Scope and Content Note

Pros and cons of no fault insurance legislation.

(4) Medical Malpractice Liability Insurance. 1974-77 (F3842:695-697)

Scope and Content Note

Statewide walkout by physicians protesting malpractice rates; protest of community health clinics re: Insurance Department's decision to place Signal Insurance Company under conservatorship.

12) MOTOR VEHICLES. 1973-79 (F3842:698-703)

Scope and Content Note

Recovery from major fire damage at DMV headquaters; motor vehicle inspection program; information release policy of vehicle registration records; centralized clearinghouse for consumer complaints concerning mobile homes; pilot project on adjudication of traffic cases; fee structure analysis; Non-Resident Violator Compact - assures equal treatment for both residents and non-residents receiving traffic citations.

(1) Environmental License Plates Program. 1973-74 (F3842:704-705)

Scope and Content Note

Proposed environmental education program; applications for the California Environmental Protection Program Fund.

(2) Reflectorized License Plates. 1974 (F3842:706)

Scope and Content Note

Reflectorized licence plate study.

13) REAL ESTATE. 1973-79 (F3842:707-714)

Scope and Content Note

Complaints from consumers and how the department handled them; adoption of ethics and conduct code for real estate licensees; arguments for and against delicensure of real estate sales-persons;

14) SAVINGS AND LOAN. 1973-79 (F3842:715-721)

Scope and Content Note

Composition of Savings and Loan Association Boards of Directors; summary of fair lending complaints;

15) SOLAR ENERGY TASK FORCE. 1977 (F3842:722)

Scope and Content Note

(aka SOLAR COMMERCIALIZATION PROJECT) Predecessor of SolarCal Office. Business and Transportation Agency worked with the California Builders Council to implement solar heating; guidelines for solar energy tax credit; benefits, developments and problems with solar energy.


Scope and Content Note

Both created on May 3, 1978 by Executive Order. Tax credit guidelines for wind energy conversion systems; solar tax credit guidelines and criteria; standards and procedures certification of solar energy components and systems; solar energy demonstration project; SolarCal Action Program.


Scope and Content Note

Defines role of committee for electronic data processing consolidation. Includes minutes and implementation plan.


Scope and Content Note

Documents early stages of the CDC: funding, major priorities, long-range plan.

19) TRAFFIC SAFETY OFFICE. 1973-79 (F3842:737-740)

Scope and Content Note

Possible sanctions on California for not having implemented a periodic motor vehicle inspection program; legislative and policy direction re: mandatory motorcycle helmet; national maximum speed limit; Administrative Adjudication Pilot Project Agreement.

20) TRANSPORTATION. 1973-79 (F3842:741-761)

Scope and Content Note

Background on the origins of California's state highway program (80th anniversary - 1975); highway projects; resolutions designating Metropolitan Transportation Commission recipient of funds under Section S of the National Mass Transportation Assistance Act of 1974; overview of highway financing; feasibility studies; status reports; Transportation Development Act Delegation.

(1) Senate Bill 620. 1979 (F3842:762-763)

Scope and Content Note

Comments from local and regional planning commissions on proposed changes to Transportation Development Act; intercity bus project recommendations; alternative transportation fuels; decision process in the allocation of SB 620 funds and implementation of SB 620.

(2) Grove-Shafter Project. 1979 (F3842:764)

Scope and Content Note

Legal analysis of proposals to increase minority participation on project; new minority contractor hiring procedures.

(3) Layoffs. 1975 (F3842:765)

Scope and Content Note

Lyrics to Christmas tunes re: Caltrans layoffs; Saudia Arabia highway construction projects and agreement; letters of concern from employees and their representatives affected; department's efforts to place employees in other departments or agencies.

(4) Mass Transit. 1977 (F3842:766-767)

Scope and Content Note

Transportation Development Act Study; update of the Secretary's Rules and Regulations for the TDA; prospectus for proposed pilot study: issues posed by advanced transport systems for the southern California region.

(5) Truck Weight Load Limit. 1974 (F3842:768)

Scope and Content Note

Temporary increase load weight for trucks on the state highway system as a diesel fuel savings measure.

II. Office of Transportation Planning & Research


1. PLANNING AND RESEARCH. (F3842:769-776)

Physical Description: 8ff


Scope and Content Note


Arranged alphabetically by district. Consists of memoranda, press releases, correspondence, reports minutes and resolutions.

(1) Department of Aeronautics. 1972-73


(2) Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART). 1972


(3) San Francisco Airport Access Project. 1970-72


(4) Santa Clara Transit District. 1970-71


(5) Southern California Rapid Transit. 1972


(6) Transportation Systems Evaluation Project Advisory Committee 1969


(7) Urban Corridor Demonstration Project. 1970-71



Physical Description: 17ff

1) REGIONAL FILES. 1968, 1971-73 (F3842:777-788)

Scope and Content Note


Arranged alphabetically by region. Contains minutes, resolutions, plans and reports.

(1) Fresno County Council of Governments. 1972


(2) Metropolitan Transportation Commission. 1968, 1972-73


(3) Sacramento Regional Area Planning Commission. 1971-72


(4) San Diego Comprehensive Planning Organization. 1972


2) FEDERAL DEPARTMENT FILES. 1969-1972 (F3842:789-793)

Scope and Content Note


Arranged alphabetically by department. Contains correspondence, memoranda and news releases.

(1) Department of Transportation. 1972


(2) Federal Aviation Administration. 1970-72


(3) Federal Railroad Administration. 1969-72


(4) Urban Mass Transportation Administration. 1970-72

Scope and Content Note

Files pertain to grants awarded under the Urban Mass Transportation Administration Act of 1964. Includes Los Angeles Mayor's Transportation Advisory Committee.

3) STATE LEGISLATION. 1971-72 (F3842:794-796)

Scope and Content Note


Arranged by legislative bill number. Contains correspondence, bill analyses, news releases and memoranda. Includes H.R. 106 pertaining to the establishment of a regional transportation organization for the Los Angeles area.

4) FEDERAL LEGISLATION. 1969-73 (F3842:797-799)

Scope and Content Note


Arranged by subject and chronologically thereunder. Contains correspondence, statements, news releases, memoranda and analyses. Includes the Urban Mass Transportation Act of 1969.

5) GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE. 1972-73 (F3842:800-801)

Scope and Content Note


Arranged chronologically. Contains incoming letters from students, legislators, and city supervisors with a copy of reply.

6) OTP&R MISCELLANEOUS FILES. 1970-73 (F3842:802-808)

Scope and Content Note


Arranged alphabetically by subject and chronologically thereunder.

(1) Budget. 1972-73 FY.


(2) Personnel and Training. 1972-73


(3) Policy Planning. 1970


(4) Public Employment Program phase-out. 1973


(5) Research and Development. 1970-71


(6) William S. Weber's working papers. 1971


III. State Transportation Board


1. INDEX to resolutions (1973-78), Board Action (1973-74) and Motions (1976-77). (F3842:809)

Physical Description: 1ff

2. MEETING FILES. [1969] 1970-78. (F3842:810-896)

Physical Description: 87ff

Scope and Content Note


Arranged chronologically.
Meeting files comprise of summary minutes, agenda, resolutions, background information and transcripts. Documents the creation of the board; its endeavor to define its role and responsibilities in transportation planning; and the establishment of policy and guidelines regarding the State Transportation Plan.

3. COMMITTEE FILES. 1974-76.

Physical Description: 16ff

Scope and Content Note


Arranged alphabetically by committee and chronologically thereunder.
Files contain agenda, notice of meeting, issue memos, summary minutes, correspondence and position papers.


N.B.: No files for the Legislative and Intergovernmental Relations Committee in custody.


Scope and Content Note

Committee approved requirements, criteria and procedure for disposition of funds from the Transportation Planning and Research Account (Created by Senate Bill 325). Information on possible projects for funding include project name, objective, cost, sponsor, benefit, comments and evaluation. Other topics covered are the review of the State Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) budget, Proposition 5 Mass Transit Guideway Applications.

2) PLANNING COMMITTEE. 1974-76 (F3842:904-910)

Scope and Content Note

Committee developed guidelines for the State and Regional Transportation Plans and the planning process. Of special interest: a paper offering comparison of the organization and role of CALTRANSas compared to other state transportation departments; correspondence regarding the effect of S.B. 101 and 802 (on the creation of the San Diego Metropolitan Transit Development Board (MTDB) and the North San Diego County Transit Development Board) on funding from the Transportation Development Act (TDA) of 1971.

3) PRIVATE SECTOR COMMITTEE. 1974-76 (F3842:911)

Scope and Content Note

A series of meetings and workshops held to solicit the views, interests and concerns of the private sector about its part in transportation and transportation planning.

4) SOCIO-ECONOMIC COMMITTEE. 1974-75 (F3842:912)

Scope and Content Note

Focus of the committee centered on a state policy making transportation readily accessible to the elderly and handicapped.


Physical Description: 6ff

Scope and Content Note


Arranged chronologically.

1) SEPTEMBER 5, 1975 WORKSHOP. (F3842:913-914)

Scope and Content Note

Verbatim transcript on the timetable of the CTP for presentation to the Legislature. The workshop was held shortly after the first phase of public hearings were completed. Presentations were made by CALTRANS, Division of Transportation Planning Staff and the State Transportation Board. Discussions included programs which would permit implementation of regional plans and state-wide objectives within the regions.


Scope and Content Note

A number of briefings (142 scheduled in all) held at various locations around the state to obtain feedback from the public. Each briefing sheet lists the date of the meeting, organization hosting the meeting, names of speakers; names of organizations or individuals present and the major points raised.

3) LOS ANGELES HEARING. Nov. 23, 1976 (F3842:917-918)

Scope and Content Note

Summary of comments in support of or opposition to the policy element. Contains testimony presented at the hearing.

5. CORRESPONDENCE. 1976-77. (F3842:919-927)

Physical Description: 9ff

Scope and Content Note


Arranged chronologically.
Subjects cover position statements and comments on the October 1976 draft and February 1977 revision of the California Transportation Plan; Board's analysis of the California Highway Commission's 1977 Six-Year Highway Program; revision of the Transportation Development Act (TDA) Rules and Regulations (chap. 4 of the Public Utilities Code); funding for the Board; airline deregulation and the effect of President Carter's Energy Program on California's highway financing.