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Register of the Iosif Konstantinovich Okulich Papers, 1894-1949
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General Physical Description note: Box 1

Scope and Contents note

Personal papers, autobiographical essay, bibliography of works, educational and service records, identity documents, family correspondence and offprints of published articles by son, Vladimir J. Okulich. Arranged alphabetically by physical form

DIARIES, 1918-1930.

General Physical Description note: Box 1

Scope and Contents note

Bulk of entries from 1918 and 1919, but contains entries and clippings up to 1930


General Physical Description note: Box 1

Scope and Contents note

Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent


General Physical Description note: Boxes 1-2

Scope and Contents note

Drafts and printed copies of articles, brochures, and books, arranged chronologically by title

SUBJECT FILE, 1918-1948.

General Physical Description note: Boxes 2-4

Scope and Contents note

Clippings, correspondence, memoranda, legal documents (contracts, powers of attorney, etc.), reports, and other material collected or produced by Okulich, primarily in the course of his official activities as representative of various governments and organizations during 1918-1922, as well as on Cossack resettlement in Canada (to 1946), arranged alphabetically by subject

PHOTOGRAPHS, 1894-1938.

General Physical Description note: Box 5

Scope and Contents note

Album and individual photographs of Okulich and others

SCRAPBOOKS, 1917-1949.

General Physical Description note: Boxes 5-7

Scope and Contents note

Large-format scrapbooks containing pasted-in personal and service papers (documents, photographs, etc.) and newspaper columns, arranged alphabetically by physical form of contents and chronologically within

Biographical File, 1894-1949.

General note

Box 1, Folder 1

Articles about or mentioning Okulich

Folder 2

Autobiographical essay

Folder 3




Folder 4

Konstantinov, Petr Filaretovich, 1948

Folder 5

Morozova, Olga, Includes letter of Vladimir Okulitch to same 1940.

Folder 6

Okulich, George, 1926 December 20

Folder 7

Okulitch, Vladimir, 1926-1930 and undated

Folder 8

Curriculum vitae

Folder 9

Educational records, 1894

Folder 10

Financial records

Folder 11

Materials collected by P. F. Konstantinov. Includes correspondence with Okulich family members

Folder 12

Official documents. Includes diplomatic passport, identity papers, letters of recommendation, powers of attorney and other records supporting Okulich in his official representative capacities, [1918]-1930

Folder 13

Service record, 1911

Folder 14

Subject file - Okulitch, Vladimir J. (son). Articles and offprints, 1937-1948

Folder 15



Diaries, 1918-1930.

Box 1, Folder 16

Includes some entries and clipping from 1929-1930


Correspondence, 1924-1949.

General note

Box 1, Folder 17


Folder 18

Unidentified, 1935-1946

Folder 19

Arsenii, Archbishop, Includes letter from Rev. Antonii (Vasil'ev) 1939.

Folder 20

Balakshin, A., 1948

Folder 21

Bensin, Basil M., See also SUBJECT FILE/Russkoe sel'sko-khoziastvennoe obshchestvo 1946.

Folder 22

Bogdanovich, V., 1939

Folder 23

Bologov, G. K., 1946-1947

Folder 24

Butenko, Vasilii Feodorovich, 1937-1939

Folder 25

Chavchavadze, Paul, Prince, 1942

Folder 26

Chazov, Sergei Stepanovich, 1948

Folder 27

Condrashoff, S., 1947

Folder 28

Conry, Joseph A., 1939-1940

Folder 29

Ditchev, P., 1934

Folder 30

Emel'ianov, Ivan Vasil'evich, See also SUBJECT FILE 1939.

Folder 31

Fallenberg, Nikolai Fedorovich, 1947

Folder 32

Frankfurt, Solomon L'vovich, 1940-1947

Folder 33

Grot, Elena Petrovna, 1947

Folder 34

Guins, George C., See also SCRAPBOOKS 1942-1946.

Folder 35

Haensel, Paul, See also SCRAPBOOKS 1946-1947.

Folder 36

Iankovets [Jankauskas?], P., 1931-1939

Folder 37

Ignat'ev, Pavel Nikolaevich, Count, 1935-1942

Folder 38

Karinskii, N., 1947

Folder 39

Konstantinov, Petr Filaretovich, See also SUBJECT FILE/Russkoe sel'sko-khoziastvennoe obshchestvo and SCRAPBOOKS 1946-1949.

Folder 40

Krutovskii, Vladimir Mikhailovich, 1924-1936

Folder 41

Lavrent'ev, Konstantin Ivanovich, 1938-1939

Folder 42

Mel'gunov, Sergei Petrovich, 1948

Folder 43

Mel'nikov, Nikolai Mikhailovich, 1925

Folder 44

Mollov, Ianaki S., 1934

Folder 45

Novikov, Viktor Kirillovich, 1946-1947

Folder 46

Pistohlkorz, Eugen von, 1946

Folder 47

Rogozinskaia, V., 1940

Folder 48

Sedakov, Boris Vasil'evich, 1938

Folder 49

Seiatel' [periodical], 1948

Folder 50

Serebrennikov, Ivan Innokent'evich, 1938-1939

Folder 51

Shendrikov, I., See also SUBJECT FILE 1948.

Folder 52

Sirotkin, Vasilii Vasil'evich, 1938-1940

Folder 53

Sokharev, V., 1938-1940

Folder 54

Struve, Petr Berngardovich, 1925

Folder 55

Winterstein, Ernest Ivanovich, 1939-1940

Folder 56

Zaitsev, Pavel Ivanovich, 1948-1949

Folder 57

Zarotschenzeff, Mikhail Trofimovich, 1939

Folder 58

Zarubezhnyi soiuz russkikh voennykh invalidov, 1930-1940


Speeches And Writings, 1906-1948.

General note



Box 1, Folder 59


Folder 60

Newspaper columns, 1921-1939

Folder 61

"Chistye sorta i uluchshennye sorta, vyvedennye selektsiei iz russkikh pshenits," Holograph n.d.

Folder 62

"O svobodie soviesti v Sov. Rossii," Typescript (fragment) n.d.

Folder 63

Etude sur la fabrication du beurre en Sibérie occidentale, Milano, Printed copy. Introduction contains Okulich's signature as likely compiler 1906.

Box 2, Folder 1

Sel'sko-khoziaistvennyi kredit v Bolgarii, St. Petersburg, Printed copy 1911.

Folder 2

Liesnoe khoziaistvo i torgovlia liesom v Bolgarii i Serbii, Printed copy 1914.

Folder 3

Sovremennye politiko-ekonomicheskie voprosy Sibiri, Printed copy 1917.

Folder 4

Zaprosy vnieshnei torgovli Sibiri, Printed copy 1918.

Folder 5

"Agriculture in Siberia," World Agriculture, Autumn. Printed copy 1921

Folder 6

Vysshee sel'sko-khoziaistvennoe obrazovanie v S. Amerike, Praga, Printed copy 1922.

Folder 7

"Sibirskii Dal'nii Vostok i liesnaia torgovlia Tikhago okeana," Trudy pervago s"ezda russkikh dieiatelei sel'skago khoziaistva, 1924. Printed copy. For Czech translation, entitled Sibirsky Dalny Vychod a lesni obchod Ticheho Oceanu, Praga, see SCRAPBOOKS/General/"Materialy I. K. Okulicha" 1924,

Folder 8

"General A. N. Pepeliaev," Kazach'i dumy, Typescript 1924 February 15.

Folder 9-10

"Molochnoe delo," 1928. Holograph and typescript. Includes background notes, clippings and illustrations. Also includes printed material from second edition, Molochnoe delo: Rukovodstvo dlia sel'skih khoziaev, St. Petersburg, and correspondence regarding proposed publication, 1933 1914,

Folder 11

"Ob ustroenii Sibiri," Vol'naia Sibir', 1930. Includes article under same title from an unidentified periodical, Printed copy 1931 August 31.

Folder 12

"Vzaimootnoshenie Sibiri k Rossii [sic]," Vestnik Obshchestva Sibiriakov v Chekhoslovatskoi respublike, Printed copy 1931 August 1.

Folder 13

"Vivat Akademia: Proekt organizatsii Akademii sel'sko-khoziaistvennoi promyshlennosti v Sibiri," Holograph and typescript 1940 August.

Folder 14

"Karpatskaia Rus'," Russkii natsional'nyi kalendar', Printed copy 1945.

Folder 15

"General A. I. Denikin i evrei," Typescript 1946 May 10.

Folder 16

"Griadushchee budushchee," Obshchekazachii zhurnal, Printed copy 1947.

Folder 17

"Ispytaniia emigranta," Russkaia zhizn', 1947. Typescript (missing first page), and printed copy 1931 December 1,

Folder 18

"Krepostnoe krest'anstvo," Russkii natsional'nyi kalendar', Printed copy 1947.

Folder 19

"Uspeshnaia sovetskaia rabota," Russkii natsional'nyi kalendar', Printed copy 1948.

Folder 20

"Zakat nauki v Sov. Soiuze," Typescript 1948 November 10.

Folder 21

"Muki bolgarskogo naroda, II," Russkaia zhizn', Typescript 1948 December 26.


Subject File, 1918-1948

Box 2, Folder 22


Folder 23


Folder 24

Cossacks. "Pereselenie kazakov," Includes correspondence and printed matter relating to Okulich's activities in assisting the emigration of Cossacks from China and Europe (primarily Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia) to Canada 1923-1946.

Box 3, Folder 1

Denikin, Anton Ivanovich

Folder 2

Krivoshein, A. V.

Folder 3

Merkulov, Spiridon D.

Folder 4-8

Russia (Territory under White Armies, Consists of correspondence, clippings and printed matter produced or collected in the course of activities as financial representative of the All-Russian Government (Omsk) and as representative of Priamur Government in the U.S., 1919-1922. Includes correspondence with A. G. Sobolev regarding conditions in the Russian Far East and the activities of the Priamur government, 1920-1922, V. L. Burtsev, A. V. Krivoshein, A. A. Bublikov, I. G. Znamenskii, S. A. Ughet, B. A. Bakhmeteff and others 1918-1920).


Russkoe sel'sko-khoziaistvennoe obshchestvo. Consists mainly of correspondence

Box 4, Folder 1

Bensin, Basil M., Includes related correspondence, notably with I. V. Emel'ianov and P. F. Konstantinov, as well as a typed draft of Bensin's "K istorii vozniknoveniia i razvitii nauki agroekologii," 1939 1939-1940.

Folder 2

Konstantinov, Petr Filaretovich, Includes related correspondence with other figures connected with the above organization 1937-1942.

Folder 3

Soiuz Sibirskikh kreditnykh soiuzov. Includes correspondence and official documents, 1920

Folder 4-8

Soiuz sibirskikh maslodel'nykh artelei (subsequently Siberian Agricultural Union). Consists of correspondence, clippings, instructions, legal documents, financial records and other materials relating to the activities of the Soiuz sibirskikh maslodel'nykh artelei (Union of Siberian Creamery Associations) and to Okulich as its representative abroad, Includes materials relating to Okulich's activities in London and France in 1918 and in the United States up to 1924 (liquidation of Boston office of the Siberian Agricultural Union), as well as materials on the Civil War in Russia. Also includes correspondence with I. V. Emel'ianov, A. A. Balakshin, A. N. Chmutin, I. N. and S. N. Shendrikov and others 1918-1924.

Folder 9

Sovet upolnomochennykh organizatsii Avtonomnoi Sibiri. Correspondence, 1930-1936

Folder 10



Photographs, 1894-1938

Box 5, Folder 1

Two photographs of Okulich and one group photograph of the members of the Russkii sel'sko-khoziaistvennyi soiuz, 1938

Folder 2

Photo album, entitled "Upravlenie gosudarstvennymi imushchestvami Eniseiskoi gubernii, g.," consisting of photographs of people and places connected with Okulich's government service 1910


Scrapbooks, 1917-1949.

General note

This series contains a variety of material from each of the above series, pasted into scrapbooks with little regard for order. Some scrapbooks, composed entirely of newspaper clippings, proceed in a generally accurate chronological progression, which is reflected in the order followed below, but most include clippings from earlier or later periods (roughly from 1921). May also include articles by others about Okulich or mentioning him, as well as background clippings

Newspaper columns

Box 5, Folder 3


Folder 4


Box 6, Folder 1

Includes photograph of the Okulich summer house in Finland, 1915, and a letter to George C. Guins, 1942 1935-1944.

Folder 2


Folder 3


Folder 4



Personal materials, including photographs, correspondence, official documents, biographical materials and writings by or about Okulich


General - "Materialy I. K. Okulicha"

Box 7, Folder 1

Subtitled "K poezdke I. K. Okulich goda." Consists of map of Murman region and photographs detailing Okulich's visit to the area 1914

Folder 2

Includes his Sibirsky Dalny Vychod a lesni obchod Ticheho Oceanu, Prague, typed autobiographical essay and biographies of children, power of attorney from eastern Russian Cossack hosts and Union of Agronomists and Cooperative Workers of Siberia, 1919, correspondence with A. V. Kolchak, 1919, V. L. Burtsev, 1921, Baroness M. D. Vrangel, 1933, and a large number of his newspaper columns, c. 1940s 1924,

Folder 3

Includes correspondence, notably with Paul Haensel, D. P. Prianishnikov, 1932-1947, identity papers and service documents, articles by or about Okulich 1937-1938,

Folder 4

Konstantinov, P. F., "Petrovka i petrovtsy," Russkaia zhizn', 1945 December 27-29