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Turner (Frederick Jackson) Papers
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1: Correspondence and Documents 1877-1963

Abstract: General correspondence during Turner's life is contained in Boxes 1 through 52. Biographical and Autobiographical material is contained in Box 53. Manuscripts and Documents are in Boxes 54 through 57. Also in this series is the Turner-Hooper correspondence, which is contained in 8 boxes.

General correspondence 1879/1963

Physical Description: 60 boxes
Box 1

General correspondence (1879-1894)

Box 2

General correspondence (1895-1899)

Box 3

General correspondence (1900-1902)

Scope and Contents

Folder 28 contains two typescript letters signed from Woodrow Wilson, Princeton, New Jersey, to Frederick Jackson Turner dated 1900 March 10 (2 pages) and 1900 April 4 (3 pages).
Box 4

General correspondence (1903-1904)

Box 5

General correspondence (1905, Jan.-May)

Box 5A

General correspondence (1905, June-Dec.)

Box 6

General correspondence (1906, Jan.-Feb.)

Box 6A

General correspondence (1906, Mar.-May)

Box 7

General correspondence (1906, Apr.-Dec.)

Box 8

General correspondence (1907, Jan.-Mar)

Box 9

General correspondence (1907, Apr.-June)

Scope and Contents

Folder 51 contains typescript letter signed from Woodrow Wilson, Princeton, New Jersey, to Frederick Jackson Turner, 1907 June 17 (1 page).
Box 9A

General correspondence (1907, July-Dec.)

Box 10

General correspondence (1908, Jan.-Apr.)

Box 11

General correspondence (1908, May-Dec.)

Box 12

General correspondence (1909, Jan.-Sep.)

Box 13

General correspondence (1909, Oct.-Dec.)

Box 14

General correspondence (1910, Jan.-May)

Box 15

General correspondence (1910, June-Dec.)

Box 16

General correspondence (1911, Jan.-Dec.)

Box 17

General correspondence (1912, Jan-May)

Box 18

General correspondence (1912, June-Dec.)

Box 19

General correspondence (1913, Jan.-May)

Box 20

General correspondence (1913, June-Oct.)

Box 20A

General correspondence (1913, Nov.-Dec.)

Box 21

General correspondence (1914, (Jan.-July)

Box 22

General correspondence (1914, Aug.-Dec.)

Box 23

General correspondence (1915, Jan.-Feb.)

Box 24

General correspondence (1915, Mar.-May)

Box 25

General correspondence (1915, June-Dec.)

Box 26

General correspondence (1916, Jan.-Dec.)

Box 27

General correspondence (1917, Jan.-Dec.)

Box 28

General correspondence (1918, Jan.-Dec.)

Box 29

General correspondence (1919, Jan.-Dec.)

Box 30

General correspondence (1920, Jan.-Dec.)

Box 31

General correspondence (1921 & 1922, Jan.-Mar)

Box 31A

General correspondence (1922, Apr.-Dec.)

Box 32

General correspondence (1923, Jan.-Dec.)

Box 33

General correspondence (1924, Jan.-Dec.)

Box 34

General correspondence (1925, Jan.-Dec.)

Box 34A

General correspondence (1925, July-Dec.)

Box 35

General correspondence (1926, Jan.-June)

Box 35A

General correspondence (1926, July-Dec.)

Box 36

General correspondence (1927, Jan.-June)

Box 37

General correspondence (1927, July-Dec.)

Box 38

General correspondence (1928, Jan.-Mar.)

Box 39

General correspondence (1928, Apr.-Aug.)

Box 40

General correspondence (1928, Sep.-Dec.)

Box 41

General correspondence (1929, Jan.-Apr.)

Box 42

General correspondence (1929, May-Dec.)

Box 43

General correspondence (1930, Jan.-Feb.)

Box 44

General correspondence (1930, Mar.-June)

Box 44A

General correspondence (1930, July-Dec.)

Box 45

General correspondence (1931, Jan.-June)

Box 46

General correspondence (1931, July-Dec.)

Box 47

General correspondence (1932, Jan.-Mar.)

Box 48

General correspondence (1932, Apr.-June 10)

Box 49

General correspondence (1932, June 11-Dec.)

Box 50

General correspondence (1933, Jan.-Apr.)

Box 50A

General correspondence (1933, May-Dec.)

Box 51

General correspondence (1934, Jan.-Dec.)

Box 52

General correspondence (1935-1963)


Biographical and Autobiographical Material 1907-1933

Physical Description: 1 boxes
Box 53

Biographical and Autobiographical Material 1907-1933


Manuscripts and Documents 1877/1932

Physical Description: 4 boxes
Box 54

Manuscripts and Documents (1877-1933)

Box 55

Manuscripts and Documents (1900-1910)

Box 56

Manuscripts and Documents (1911-1926)

Box 57

Manuscripts and Documents (1927-1955)


Diaries, Ephemera, Maps, Photographs, and other material

Physical Description: 7 boxes
Box 58A

Maps. Note: There is an additional box of maps found in Series 7

Box 58B

Photographs and Cartoons

Box 58C

Photographs: May include boyhood pictures of Turner, his family, and friends, as well as pictures taken during his teaching career

Box 59

Ephemera. Note: There is an additional box of ephemera found in Series 7 (1880-1928)

Box 60

Ephemera: Fragmentary letters and newspaper clippings (1929-1947)

Box 61

Business papers, receipts, etc.

Box 62

Pocket diary pages, scrapbook kept by Turner, genealogical data, and miscellaneous sketches


Henry Holt & Company correspondence

Physical Description: 1 boxes
Box 63

Henry Holt & Company correspondence


Turner Family letters

Physical Description: 11 boxes
Box A

Turner Family letters (1862-1887, May)

Box B

Turner Family letters (1887, June-Dec.)

Box C

Turner Family letters (1888, Jan.-Sep.)

Box D

Turner Family letters (1888, Oct.-1889, July)

Box E

Turner Family letters (1889, Aug.-1893)

Box F

Turner Family letters (1894-1904)

Box G

Turner Family letters (1905-1910)

Box H

Turner Family letters (1911-1913)

Box I

Turner Family letters (1914-1921)

Box J

Turner Family letters (1922-1926)

Box K

Turner Family letters (1927-1939)


Turner-Hooper and other correspondence

Physical Description: 15 boxes
Box 1

Turner-Hooper correspondence (1910-1912)

Box 2

Turner-Hooper correspondence (1913-1914)

Box 3

Turner-Hooper correspondence (1915-1917, June)

Box 4

Turner-Hooper correspondence (1917, July-1919)

Box 5

Turner-Hooper correspondence (1920-1924)

Box 6

Turner-Hooper correspondence (1925-1926)

Box 7

Turner-Hooper correspondence (1927-1929)

Box 8

Turner-Hooper correspondence (1930-1944)

Box 9

Turner-Hooper correspondence: Typewritten copies of originals in Boxes 1-4 (1910-1918)

Box 10

Turner-Hooper correspondence: Typewritten copies of originals in Boxes 5-8 (1920-1944)

Box 11

Turner-Hooper ephemera

Box A


Box B


Box C


Box D

Rogers to End


2: Manuscript Volumes 1883-1932

Physical Description: 20 Volumes
Box 64

Volumes 1-5


TU Vol. 1

Physical Description: Red Book

TU Vol. 2 (1923-1924)

Physical Description: Blue Book

TU Vol. 3 (1 & 2): Commonplace Book (1883-1887)

Physical Description: Two paper-bound notebooks

TU Vol. 4: A.J. Turner, History of Portage [approximately 1900]-

Physical Description: Bound in hard covers

TU Vol. 5: Letters of Condolence (1932)

Physical Description: In a portfolio
Volume 6

TU Vol. 6: Collection of Syllabuses [approximately 1893]

Physical Description: Hard-cover folder
Box 65

Volumes 7-12


TU Vol. 7: Bibliography of United States


TU Vol. 8: Dictionary of American Biography

Physical Description: Bound volume

TU Vol. 9: Town and Gown Club

Physical Description: Facsimile

TU Vol. 10: Diary and Correspondence Relating to Children (1890-1893)

Physical Description: Handwritten on cheap paper

TU Vol. 11: Journal of a Camping Trip (1908)

Physical Description: Handwritten in pencil on small sheets of paper

TU Vol. 12: Household Account Book (1921-1922)

Physical Description: Written in pen
Box 66

Volumes 13-20


TU Vols. 13-18: Student Notebooks [approx. 1880s]


TU Vol. 19: Retiring Allowance correspondence

Physical Description: Letters bound in a folder

TU Vol. 20: References on the History of the West (1920 and 1922)

Physical Description: Three copies
Box 67

Volumes 21-22

Scope and Contents

Materials related to property ownership.
Box 68

Volume 23

Scope and Contents

Harvard Notes - History of West

3: File Drawers 1-22


File Drawers 1-9

Physical Description: 42 boxes
Box 1 A-E

New England, 1492-1659; Middle Colonies, 1492-1659, South, 1492-1659, the West, 1492-1659; New England, 1660-1689; Middle Colonies, 1660-1689

Box 2 A-E

South, 1660-1689; General, 1690-1763; Middle Atlantic, 1690-1763; South, 1690-1763; New England, 1690-1763

Box 3A-D

South, 1690-1763; West, 1690-1763; Far West, 1690-1763; General, 1761-1782; New England, 1764-1782; Middle Atlantic, 1764-1782

Box 4 A-E

West, 1764-1782; General, 1783-1788; New England, 1783-1788; Middle Atlantic, 1783-1788; West, 1783-1788

Box 5 A-E

General, 1789-1818

Box 6 A-E

General, 1789-1818 continued

Box 7 A-E

New England, 1789-1818; Middle Atlantic, 1789-1818; South, 1789-1818; West, 1789-1818; General, 1819-1829; New England, 1819-1829

Box 8 A-D

Middle Atlantic, 1819-1829; South, 1818-1829; Middle West, 1819-1829; Far West, 1818-1829; General, 1830-1850

Box 9 A-D

General, 1830-1850, continued


File Drawer 10

Physical Description: 4 boxes
Abstract: Lecture notes and completed lectures
Box 10 A-D

Principally important are the lecture notes and completed lectures, especially those for the History of Liberty series given at Harvard University shortly after World War I


File Drawers 11-12

Physical Description: 7 boxes
Box 11 A-D

New England, 1830-1850; Middle Atlantic, 1830-1850; South, 1830-1820; Middle West, 1830-1850; Far West, 1830-1850; General, 1851-1865

Box 12 A-C

New England, 1851-1865; Middle Atlantic, 1851-1865; South, 1851-1865; Middle West, 1851-1865; Far West, 1851-1865


File Drawer 13

Physical Description: 4 boxes
Box 13 A-D

Research notes accumulated by Turner for his never-completed biography of George Rogers Clark


File Drawers 14-15

Physical Description: 9 boxes
Box 14 A-D


Box 15 A-E



File Drawers 16-21

Physical Description: 22 boxes
Box 16 A-E

General, 1866 to present

Box 17 A-D

General, 1866 to present

Box 18 A-D

General, 1866 to present

Box 19 A-C

General, 1866 to present

Box 20 A-C

New England, 1866 to present; Middle Atlantic, 1866 to present; South, 1866 to present; Middle West, 1866 to present. The bulk to the contents are in the latter category. At rear a few miscellaneous items, including skyscraper book

Box 21 A-C

The West, 1866 to present. In this drawer materials are arranged topically, under railroads, mining, cattlemen, agrarian movements, and the like. Many of the books and articles have been annotated or underlined by Turner, with his usual red pencil. At the rear of the drawer are several folders marked "Miscellany" which contain a variety of reading notes, bibliography, etc., dealing with an earlier period


File Drawer 22

Physical Description: 3 boxes
Box 22 A-C

Lecture notes


4: File Drawers A-L

Box A 1-5

[In folders at the front of the drawer are the correspondence between the Huntington Library and Henry Holt & Co. concerning the publishing of the book, and the accounts of Merrill H. Crissey, Professor Turner's secretary.] *All Holt correspondence has been placed in TU Box 63.* Then follow drafts of the chapters, usually typed carbons heavily corrected in Turner's hand. Drafts of the introduction and some other parts of chapters are in Turner's hand. Each chapter is accompanied by a series of notes and memoranda by the editors, which admirably illustrate the problems of posthumous publication

Box B 1-5

This contains the rough data and Turner's notes for political developments during the period covered by the book. The large quantities of statistical data gathered by Professor Turner as the basis for his analysis of elections and for the maps of elections and congressional votes provide admirable evidence of the factual basis for each of his generalizations. This evidence was too voluminous to be shown in footnotes

Box C 1-5

The material contained in this drawer deals largely with the public issues of the Jackson-Tyler administrations: nullification, the tariff, the bank war, the independent treasury, foreign relations, etc. Included are many copies of documents from archives in the United States and Europe, in addition to the usual reading notes, seminar reports, offprints, etc.

Box D 1-5

Included in this drawer are materials for the later political history of the period 1830-1850. Reading notes, maps, seminar reports, offprints, documents, etc. are supplemented by a few of Turner's rough-draft chapters extending through the Polk Administration. The rear of the drawer contains materials not yet reduced to written form when death intervened, extending the story to 1850

Box E 1-3

In this drawer are various drafts of the manuscripts for the Lowell Institute Lectures that Turner delivered in Boston in 1918 on "The United States and its Sections, 1830-1850." Because many pages of the lectures were later removed to be incorporated in "the" book, most of the lectures are not complete. Enough of them remain to indicate the scope and interpretation of the subject

Box F 1-4

This is devoted to materials for the chapter of the North Central States, 1830-1850. In contains a draft of the chapter, as well as the usual notes, maps, reading materials, etc. Specific items such as the effect of glaciation, population movements, the cost of moving west, and the like, illustrate again the staggering amount of evidence that underlay each generalization in the final draft

Box G 1-5

This is also devoted exclusively to materials on the North Central States, with notes, memos, and manuscript drafts on such topics a agriculture, transportation, business, banking,and the land system. These are a number of preliminary drafts in Turner's hand of sections on canals, and other small parts of the whole

Box H 1-5

In this drawer are comparable materials dealing with the political and cultural history of the North Central States, 1830-1850

Box I 1-5

This drawer contains reading notes and similar materials for the first five chapters of the book: the introduction, the United States in 1830, and the discussions of New England, the Middle Atlantic states, and the South Atlantic states. In each case various drafts of the chapters or fragments of chapters are filed with the other notes

Box J 1-5

In this are comparable materials for the chapters on the South Central states and for Texas and the Far West. There are no drafts of chapters included, but fragments of drafts are tucked in with the other materials

Box K 1-5

This is devoted to materials on the Far West that formed a basis for the latter part of the Texas and Far West chapter. The usual reading notes, theses, pamphlets, offprints, etc. deal with such subjects as Indians, trade, settlement of Oregon, etc.

Box L 1-4

Largely compiled after Turner's death, and having little relation to the other materials in this bank of drawers, this drawer deals largely with the preparation posthumously of Turner's book of essays on Sections in American History. Included is the correspondence between the editors and Henry Holt & Co., the publishers, a folder of permissions from prior publishers of the materials, copies of each of the original essays sent to the publishers to be reproduced, and a variety of materials on sectionalism that have no connection with the book: many maps by Turner, one manuscript on sectionalism, jottings by Turner on the subject, offprints, articles, and similar materials on the subject


5: Contents of 3 x 5 Files


Drawers 1 & 2


Drawers 2 (cont.) & 3


Drawers 4 & 5


Drawers 6 & 7


Drawers 8 & 9


Drawers 10 & 11


Drawers 12 & 13


Drawers 14 & 15


Drawers 16 & 17


Drawers 18 & 19


6: Black Boxes Nos. 1-14


Box No. 1 (1-25)


Box No. 2 (26-40)


Box No. 3 (41-64)


Box No. 4 (65-83)


Box No. 5 (84-100)


Box No. 6 (101-110)


Box No. 7 (111-138)


Box No. 8 (139-159)


Box No. 9 (160-168)


Box No. 10 (169-206)


Box No. 11 (207-228)


Box No. 12 (229-249)


Box No. 13 (250-274)


Box No. 14 (275-298)


7: Miscellaneous



Physical Description: 1 boxes
Box 1

Miscellaneous maps

Box 69

Oversize map file


Turner Students' Papers

Physical Description: 5 boxes
Box 1

Turner Students' Papers

Box 2

Turner Students' Papers

Box 3

Turner Students' Papers

Box 4

Turner Students' Papers

Box 5

Turner Students' Papers


Lantern Slides

Physical Description: 15 boxes
Box 1

Lantern Slides

Box 2

Lantern Slides (1928)

Box 3

Lantern Slides

Box 4

Lantern Slides (1850-1890)

Box 5

Lantern Slides

Box 6

Lantern Slides (1920)

Box 7

Lantern Slides

Box 8

Lantern Slides

Box 9

Lantern Slides: United States Part A (1830-1850)

Box 10

Lantern Slides: United States Part B (1830-1850)

Box 11

Lantern Slides

Box 12

Lantern Slides

Box 13

Lantern Slides

Box 14

Lantern Slides

Box 15

Lantern Slides. Note: Some slides are broken



Physical Description: 1 unit(2 boxes, 1 oversize folder, and 1 volume)
Box 1


Scope and Contents

Empty cigar box. Transferred from C. Cherbosque, Jan. 1997
Box FAC 1337

Littlefield, Henry M. "Textbooks, Determinism and Turner: The Westward Movement in Secondary School, History and Geography, 1830-1960 FAC 1337

Folder Oversize 1

Voting statistics

Volume 24

Turner, Frederick Jackson, 1861-1932. The Frontier in American History HM 55672

Scope and Contents

Gift of Mrs. Homer D. Crotty

Index Cards

Box 1

Index cards: Miscellaneous Notes

Box 2

Index cards: Frontier Notes

Box 3

Index cards: Frontier Image #1

Box 4

Index cards: Frontier Image #1 and 2

Box 5

Index cards: Frontier Image #2 and Turner Chronological

Box 6

Index cards: Turner Chronological

Box 7

Index cards: Turner Chronological

Box 8

Index cards: Turner Chronological

Box 9

Index cards: Turner Chronological and Westward Expansion Reading Notes

Box 10

Index cards: Westward Expansion Reading Notes

Box 11

Index cards: Westward Expansion Reading Notes and Far Western Frontier Reading Notes

Box 12

Index cards: Far Western Frontier Reading Notes

Box 13

Index cards: Far Western Frontier Reading Notes and Lecture Notes Intellectual History Frontier History

Box 14

Index cards: Lecture Notes Intellectual History Frontier History

Box 15

Index cards: Far Western Frontier Chapters 9-14

Box 16

Index cards