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Title: John J. Stephan collection
Date (inclusive): 1932-2020
Collection Number: 86025
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Library and Archives
Language of Material: In English and Russian
Physical Description: 5 manuscript boxes, 1 oversize box, 1 phonorecord (1.6 Linear Feet)
Physical Description: 1 digital file (.001 Gigabytes)
Abstract: Photocopies of trial transcripts and other legal documents; photocopies of surveillance reports and internal memoranda and correspondence of the United States State Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation; and clippings, printed matter and photographs, relating to activities of the interwar emigre Russian fascist organizations Vserossiiskaia Fashistskaia Partiia (led by K. V. Rodzaevskii in China) and Vserossiiskaia Natsional-Revoliutsionnaia Partiia (led by A. A. Vonsiatskii in the United States). Used as research material for the book by J. J. Stephan, The Russian Fascists (New York, 1978). Includes some correspondence of Stephan.
Creator: United States. Department of State
Creator: United States. Federal Bureau of Investigation
Creator: Stephan, John J., collector
Creator: Eisenstein, Sergei, 1898-1948
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Library & Archives


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Acquisition Information

Acquired by the Hoover Institution Library & Archives in 1986.

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[Identification of item], John J. Stephan Collection, [Box no., Folder no. or title], Hoover Institution Library & Archives.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Sound recordings
Russia -- Emigration and immigration
Fascism -- United States
Fascism -- China
Vserossīĭskai͡a fashistskai͡a partīi͡a
Rodzaevskiĭ, K. V. (Konstantin Vladimirovich), 1907-1946
Vonsi͡at͡skiĭ, Anastasiĭ Andreevich, 1898-1965
Vserossīĭskai͡a nat͡sīonal-revoli͡ut͡sīonnai͡a partīi͡a

box 1, folder 1

Correspondence with the illegitimate son of Anastase Vonsiatsky dealing with the life of his father. Includes a photo of the son, death certificate of Anastase Vonsiatsky, and a photo of Japanese lover of Anastase, Fusako Nakamuro (still living - prominent writer in Japan).

General note

Anastase Vonsiatsky was Vozhd' (leader) of Russian Fascist Party, American Branch, 1933-1941. The source of the funds used by Vonsiatsky to finance his activities was his wife, Marion Ream, an heiress whose father founded 22 corporations, including Nabisco, Ream Reinsurance Co.
box 1, folder 2

Vonsiatsky's 1934 world tour

box 1, folder 3

On the world tour: goes to Harbin to meet with Konstantin Vladimirovich Rodzaevskii, Head, All-Russian Harbin Fascist Party. Tried to unite parties and failed. Rodzaevskii executed in Moscow in 1946.

box 1, folder 4

Japanese and Western material, published and unpublished, on Russian émigré activities in Manchuria 1924-1939.

Scope and Contents note

Includes Japanese Imperial Archives August 25, 1939, top secret report on White Russians in Manchuria.
box 1, folder 5

Vonsiatsky's correspondence with Edward J. Hickey, Commissioner of Connecticut State Police, offering to help put down mill strikes 1941.

box 1, folder 6

Putnam, Connecticut: Vonsiatsky's newspaper clippings from Fashist (New York Public Library has a full run.) Vonsiatsky claimed he published it underground in Moscow. 1935-1941.

box 1, folder 7

Published complaints about Vonsiatsky, in newspapers including Daily Worker and Pravda 1934-1941,

box 1, folder 8

Complaints about and investigations of Vonsiatsky including complaints to State Department

box 1, folder 9

U.S. Immigration investigates Vonsiatsky

box 1, folder 10

State/War/Justice departments' investigations 1935

box 1, folder 11

State Department investigations 1934, 1937

box 1, folder 12

FBI investigations

box 1, folder 13

FBI investigations

box 1, folder 14

1939 investigations

box 1, folder 15

Vonsiatsky's 1941 depositions registering Russian Fascist Party as a foreign agent

box 1, folder 16

Bigamy file. In 1920 he married Liuba Muromskii in Sevastopol and never divorced her. In 1922 he married Marion Ream.

box 1, folder 17

Vonsiatsky: life and activities, including Vonsiatsky's impression of Herbert Hoover Vonsiatsky and Novoe Russkoe Slovo. Includes postage stamps that Vonsiatsky had printed with his portrait to be used after he took over the Soviet Union. The Russian Bear, his restaurant. Includes copy of Horst Wessel Song with Russian words. 1932.

box 1, folder 18

British intercepts of German-Manchurian cables, code named Bermuda. Public Records Office 1941 intercepts of cables going from Harbin to Warsaw, Connecticut to Warsaw, Shanghai to Warsaw, etc. discussing topics such as how Russian fascists would divide up Russia after their victory. 1941,

box 1, folder 19

Ream family correspondence

box 1, folder 20

Offprints on Russian fascism

box 1, folder 21

Article by Oberlander on All-Russian Fascist Party and correspondence

box 1, folder 22

Correspondence of John Stephan with National Archives

box 1, folder 23

Xerox of a Hoover Library publication, Rodzaevskii's Azbuka fashisma (Harbin) and advertisements for Natsiia, theoretical journal of Rodzaevskii's Far East Russian Fascist Party, and other Russia Fascist publications 1935

box 2, folder 1

Rodzaevskii's trial depositions, Moscow, Includes material relating to Major Shun Akikusa, a Japanese intelligence officer in charge of Russian émigrés in Harbin. He was also executed in Russia.) 1946.

box 2, folder 2

Rodzaevskii's trial and execution

box 2, folder 3

Photographs (labelled on back)

box 2, folder 4

Maps of Harbin used in Professor Stephan's book, The Russian Fascists: Tragedy and Farce in Exile, (New York: Harper & Row, maps of Vonsiatsky's estate 1925-1945 1978);

box 2, folder 5

Photos not used in book, including Harbin street scene, Fascist school

box StillNegPos

Photos not used in book, including Harbin street scene, Fascist school (negatives)

box 2, folder 6

Photos; some are duplicates of previous

box 2, folder 7

Photos, including White Guard leaders in Harbin

box StillNegPos

Negatives for all folders

box 5

Russian Fascist photographs (negatives)

box 5

Unidentified negatives

box 2, folder 8

Volumes I-III of transcripts of Vonsiatsky's Hartford, CT trial, Includes index of trial. 1942.

box 2, folder 9

Volumes II of transcripts of Vonsiatsky's Hartford, CT trial, Includes index of trial.

box 2, folder 10

Volume III of transcripts of Vonsiatsky's Hartford, CT trial, Includes index of trial.

box 2, folder 11

Volumes IV-V

box 3, folder 1-2

Volume VI-VII

box 3, folder 3

Volume VIII

box 3, folder 4

Vonsiatsky's 1942 trial: newspaper accounts

box 3, folder 5

Prison file. (He was sentenced to 5 years in served 3.) Includes medical record from penitentiary, Springfield, MO. 1942;

box 3, folder 6

FBI informants. The Kurt Molzahn Case, including Alexius Pelypenko, double agent

box 3, folder 7

U.S. State Department: establishment of diplomatic relations with USSR in 1933

box 3, folder 8a-8c

Russian fascist publications from Vonsiatsky's press ca. 1935-1940

box 3, folder 9

Nazi links with Russian fascists from SS archives

box 3, folder 10

Trial of German-American Bundists and Vonsiatsky July 1942.

Scope and Contents note

(Vonsiatsky was already in prison from other trial.)
box 3, folder 11

Letter from sister of Rodzaevskii, N. Rodzavskaia, 1962, to J. Stephan; Review of J. Stephan's book by Valerii Vulkov in Oktiabr, 1993; and "Preliminary list of Russian Fascist Publications Held at the Museum of Russian Culture in San Francisco"

box 3, folder 12

Sheet music for the audio recording, May 1935

box 2

Microfilm of Russian fascist émigrés in Switzerland

record cabinet

Sound recording of the party anthem of Vserossiiskaia Natsional-Revoliutsionnaia Partiia led by A. A. Vonsiatskii 1935

General note

10-inch, 35 RPM disc. Use copy reference number: 86025_a_0006625
box 6, folder 1

Computer print out of a digital scrapbook 2020

box 4

Material not yet described

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Box 4 may not be used without permission of the Archivist.

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onsite digital

Первый Блин 2021

Physical Description: .001 Gigabytes1 digital file (.PDF)
Language of Material: Russian.

Scope and Contents

41-page retrospective created in 2021 for the 50th anniversary of the publishing of Stephan's 1971 publication "Sakhalin: a history".