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Guide to the G.E. Tempo Collection, 1957-1969
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Series Description


Series I: Speeches and Papers (SP)


Series II: Research Memoranda (RM)


Series III: Technical Memoranda (TM)


Series IV: TAK Files

Scope and Content Note

T. A. Kvaas numerical files, including correspondence, memos and reports dealing with issues such as naval strategy, intelligence, and security, mostly from the late 1960s.

Series V: Technical Proposals (T)


Series VI: Publications

Scope and Content Note

Includes brochures and pamphlets, with information on the history and development of TEMPO.

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Box 1

SP24 "Multidisciplinary Study of Phenomena Having Potential Application to Military Operations," by J. W. Moyer, et al. (March 31, 1959)


SP31 "Some Aspects of Astronautics and the Navy Space Program," by H. S. Aurand, Jr. (June 5, 1959)


SP34 "Preliminary Program Planning Document- SR-199 Study," by A. B. Deyarmond (June 3, 1959)


SP41 "Future Intelligence System Requirements," by R. C. Raymond (July 9, 1959)


SP44 "'Believer' Weapons Systems," by D. P. Wilkinson (August 1959)


SP45 "An Equivalent Network for Acoustical Transmissions in Sea Water," by E. L. Peterson (September 1959)


SP53 "Patterns of Economic Growth: the USSR Example," by P. R. Lever (September 1, 1959)


SP55 "Limitations on Military Technology," by H. S. Aurand, Jr. (August 19, 1959)


SP62 "Decentralization, Business Planning and the Management Information System," by R. C. Raymond (November 3, 1959)


SP64 "Report to Environmental Operation, Tempo, on Investigations Being Conducted in Europe in Marine Biology Which May Be of Interest to Tempo," by D. Davenport (October 19, 1959)


SP65 "The Role of Feedback in Information Retrieval," by K. G. Liebhold (December 14, 1959)


SP66 "Briefing on Technical Military Planning Operation for G.E. Executive Office," by G. L. Haller, et al. (December 16, 1959)


SP67 "Balance of Terror: The US and the Soviet Union," by H. S. Aurand, Jr. (April 1, 1960)


SP68 "Minutes-SR-199 Project Meeting Santa Barbara, California, 8-10 December, 1959," by A. B. Deyarmond (December 15, 1959)


SP70 "Information Handling Resources Talk to CRC," by L. G. Bishop (December 21, 1959)


SP71 "Employment of Launch Site Test Equipment for Maximum System Reliability," by W. B. Thompson (February 1, 1960)


SP73 "Future Navy Systems," by M. W. Fox, et al. (March 11, 1960)


SP74 "Derivation of Quantitative Maintainability Requirements as a Basis for Maintenance Planning," by T. B. Slattery (February 15, 1960)


SP75 "Research on Very Low Frequency Seismology," by T. A. Kvaas (February 23, 1960)


SP78 "Product Planning in General Electric," by R. C. Raymond (March 15, 1960)


SP82 "Sensitivity Coefficients Related to Injection and Guidance of Interplanetary Vehicles," by E. P. Padgett, Jr. (March 31, 1960)


SP83 "A Trip Report on Two Presentations," by G. M. Wolfe (March 23, 1960)


SP88 "On the Timing of Development Expenditures and the Retirement of Military Equipment," by A. S. Manne (May 13, 1960)


SP90 "Abstracts of the Seminars on Implications of the Life Sciences to General Electric," (May 4-6, 1960)


SP91 "On the Exact Finite Sample Distributions of Generalized Classical Linear Structural Estimators," by R. L. Basmann (July 1, 1960)


SP94 "A Conceptual and Behavioral Approach to Limited War," by D. R. Little (August 1, 1960)


SP95 "Some Properties of Kinetic Behavior," by D. Davenport (August 8, 1960)


SP99 "Fact to Face With the USSR," by E. L. Peterson (October 7, 1960)


SP101 "Long Range Planning," by Dr. R. C. Raymond (October 15, 1960)


SP103 "An Approach to the Measurement of Weapon System Mobility," by T. J. Rubin (October 1960)


SP118 "Nerves, Nets and Mnemonic Needs: A Short Study of Literature," by L. G. Bishop, et al (January 1961)


SP121 "Recent Soviet Progress in Adaptive and Optimum Control," ed. by E. L. Peterson (March 15, 1961)


SP128 "The Bionics Approach to the Design of Complex Systems," by H. P. Kramer, et al. (May 19, 1961)


SP129 "Background for Business Planning in Command and Control," by R. W. Callan May 1961


SP130 "Economic Analysis in the Selection of Space Systems," by H. P. Hatry (April 30, 1961)


SP134 "Classroom of 1970," by E. L. Harner (June 15, 1961)


SP136 "Report on the Common Carrier Telpak Plan and Its Impact to the Communications Industry," by R. J. Lorence (June 1961)


SP137 "Optimization Theory- Methods, Implications and Difficulties," by E. L. Peterson June 27-29, 1961)


SP138 "Impact of Space Communication on the Spectrum," by J. E. Hacke, Jr. (June 1961)


SP141 "Digest of Medium Size Computer Characteristics," by F. B. Thompson (August 2, 1961)


SP151 "Review Paper Scientific Objectives in Space," by J. Ise, Jr. (November 3, 1961)


SP154 "Western Political Legacies to New National Structures in Africa," by H. P. Goss (December 4, 1961)


SP159 "Water Problem of the United States," by A. B. Nadel (December 1961)


SP161 "Some System Aspects of Generating High Voltage with Charged Pellets," by W. J. Blinn (March 1962).


SP162 "Cybernation: Threat or Opportunity," by J. E. Hacke, Jr. (February 27, 1962)


SP164 "Structure for Research and Development Planning," by T. J. Rubin (April, 1962)


SP169 "Impact of Space Communication on the Spectrum with Special Reference to Aeronautical and Maritime Communication," by J. E. Hacke, Jr. (March 9, 1962)


SP173 "Angular Location, Monopulse and Resolution," by W. Hausz (May 1962)


SP174 "TEMPO Military Planning Game: Description and Discussion," by H. Hatry, et al. (May 1962)


SP198 "The Elusive Criteria in Command and Control," by G. M. Becker, (November 1962)

Box 2

SP201 "Cost Benefit Analysis as an Aid to System Selection," by H. P. Hatry (November 15, 1962)


SP209 "Guidelines for the Development of Battlefield Sensors," by J. M. Sloan (August 1962)


SP212 "Industrial Resource Allocation: Bibliography & Report of Literature Search," by J. C. Donohue (January 1963)


SP215 "Arms Control Guide," by N. J. Crum (January 30, 1963)


SP222 "Data Gatherers in Tactical Operations," by E. J. Tschupp (March 15,1963)


SP283 "Battlefield Targets in Major Land Warfare," by T. F. Van Natta (July 1964)


SP284 "TEMPO Capabilities for Conducting Limited-War Studies," by W. R. Harpster (July 1964)


SP305 "Optimum Defense Deployment: An Analysis of ABM and Civil Defense," by D. H. Taylor (November 1964)


SP314 "A View of US Strategy and Military Policy," by H. C. Huglin (January 21, 1965)


SP321 "A Dynamic Simulation of TEMPO," by M. C. Forster (February 22, 1965)



Box 2

RM57TMP3 "World Population Pressures," by C. G. McClintock (July 23, 1957)


RM57TMP7 "National Security and Military Missions," by N. Precoda (October 2, 1957)


RM57TMP10 "Report on Phase A: Material Management Study," by H. W. Karr (November 1, 1957)


RM57TMP11 "An Advanced Sonar Study," by E. L. Peterson, et al. (November 22, 1957)


RM58TMP1 "The Economics of US-USSR National Security Expenditures," by D. J. Hekhuis (January 1958)


RM58TMP4 "The Middle East Dilemma and Challenge," by H. P. Goss (February 1958)


RM58TMP10 "Human Factors Requirements of a Manned Space Vehicle," by A. B. Nadel (April 10, 1958)


RM58TMP13 "The Use of LF and VLF Radio Frequencies for Undersea Communications," by D. T. Olmstead (April 25, 1958)


RM58TMP18 "Applicability of Quantitative Analysis to Problems in Maintenance Management," by R. L. Bovaird, Jr., et al. (June 20, 1958)


RM58TMP19 "Interim Provisioning Policies for WS-107A Guidance Spares," by R. F. Fisher (June 20, 1958)


RM58TMP20 "Optimum Provisioning Policies for Repairable Spares," by C. H. Ball, et al. (June 15, 1958)


RM58TMP33 "On the Fleet Ballistic Missile System and an Intercontinental Nuclear Exchange between the U.S. and USSR," by N. Precoda (October, 1958)


RM58TMP38 "The Mobilization of Political Demands upon the American Governmental System," by C. R. Nixon (December 31, 1958)


RM58TMP42 "The Role of Communist China in International Affairs-1965-70," by F. Michael (December 31, 1958)


RM58TMP43 "Internal Energy and Ionization of Extremely Rarefied Air," by R. W. Hendrick Jr. (November 13, 1958)


RM58TMP50 "Characteristics of Optimum Inventory Policies," by R. L. Bovaird (November 10, 1958)


RM58TMP53 "Some Recent Advances in Spare Parts Logistics," by R. McIntosh (November 12, 1958)


RM58TMP54 "International Alignments: Allies, Neutrals and Adversaries: 1965-1970," by H. P. Goss (December 31, 1958)


RM58TMP63 "Frontiers of Technology: Trends in Electronics Research," by H C. Mattraw, et al. (December 31, 1958)


RM58TMP67 "Complexity Study WS-107A Ground Guidance System," by T. B. Slattery (December 31, 1958)


RM58TMP69 "Expedient and Reliable Unit Cost Estimating," by E. J. Mosbaek (December 15, 1958)


RM59TMP1 Shortage Cost Estimates for WS-107A-1 Guidance Spares," by M. Andron (January 2, 1959)


RM59TMP2 "Handbook for Applying Expedient Unit Cost Estimating," by E. J. Mosbaek (January 9, 1959)


RM59TMP6 "Report on Phase A Polaris Fire Control System Logistics Management Study," by A. J. Gradwohl, et al. (January 30, 1959)


RM59TMP7 "Geopolitical Analysis of Potential Soviet ICBM Launch Areas," by F. E. Bronner (May 18, 1959)


RM59TMP8 "The Role of Maintenance Analysis Polaris Fire Control System," by T. B. Slattery (January 30, 1959)


RM59TMP9 "Preliminary Study of Application of Advanced Structural Materials to Space Vehicles and Boost Systems," by H. Schuerch (January 31, 1959)


RM59TMP11 "Absorption and Refraction of Electromagnetic Waves in an Ionized Atmosphere," by D. H. Archer (February 13, 1959)


RM59TMP23 "The Space Environment of Communication Satellites: A Proposal for an Environmental Evaluation," by R. W. Hendrick Jr. (May 20, 1959)


RM59TMP26 "Position and Rate Errors Due to Refraction through Ionized Regions," by D. H. Archer (December 31, 1959)

Box 3

RM59TMP27 "Refraction of Electromagnetic Waves in an Absorbing Medium," by D. H. Archer (June 10, 1959)


RM59TMP30 "Shipboard Spares Provisioning Policies for Polaris Fire Control System," by A. J. Gradwahl (July 1, 1959)


RM59TMP38 "Radiobiological Problems of Manned Space Flight," by A. B. Nadel (July 31, 1959)


RM59TMP39 "Techniques for Estimating Future Force Compositions for Aircraft Weapon Systems," by H. P. Hatry (August 1959)


RM59TMP40 "Economic Analysis of Repair versus Discard Alternatives Polaris Fire Control System Components," by E. J. Mosbaek (August 20, 1959)


RM59TMP41 "Initial Investigation for Electronic Environmental Test Facility," by J. M. Sullivan (August 5, 1959)


RM59TMP43 "Feasibility of a Solid State Prelaunch Monitor," by R. B. Rice (September 1, 1959)


RM59TMP46 "Parameter Estimation Techniques for Use in Reliability-Maintainability Analyses of Re-entry Vehicle Ground Support Systems," by W. B. Thompson (December 31, 1959)


RM59TMP47 "A Method for Estimating the Maintenance Cost of Electronic Equipment," by E. Yates (September 25, 1959)


RM59TMP48 "Minimum Argotron Mirror Heights as Determined by the Geomagnetic Field," by R. W. Hendrick, Jr. (November 9, 1959)


RM59TMP50 "Auditory Noise and Vibration Problems for Manned Space Vehicles," by A. B. Nadel (October 20, 1959)


RM59TMP54 "Threat Evaluation and Action Selection for the 1965-1975 Strategic Environment," by W. Dossett et al.


RM59TMP56 "Threat Evaluation and Action Selection for the 1965-1975 Strategic Environment," by D. Hekhuis et al.


RM59TMP57 "A Systems Approach to Predicting and Measuring Polaris Fire Control System Operational Availability," by R. L. Bovaird et al (December 7, 1959)


RM59TMP58 "An Analytical Technique for Determining the Operational Availability of Complex Electronic Equipment," by R. L. Bovaird (December 11, 1959)


RM59TMP59 "Downtime Distribution for Complex Electronic Systems," by R. L. Bovaird et al. (December 15, 1959)


RM59TMP65 "A Study of Sound Velocity Variations in Selected Areas of the Pacific Ocean," by W. Allen, Jr. (November 4, 1959)


RM59TMP72 "Rationale for a Fundamental Measure of System Maintainability," by T. B. Slattery (December 31, 1959)


RM59TMP73 "Variational Problems in Space Maneuverability," by C. M. Kashmar et al (December 18, 1959)


RM59TMP80 "World Developments in Radio Astronomy," by R. Christensen (November 30, 1959)


RM60TMP8 "Interplanetary Mid-Course Guidance," by E. P. Padgett, Jr. (January 12,1960)


RM60TMP13 "Preliminary Analysis of Repair-Discard Maintenance Alternatives and Checkout Frequency for the Polaris Guidance Capsule," by W. B. Thompson (February 29, 1960)


RM60TMP18 "Optimum Module Size for Re-Entry Vehicle Test and Monitoring Equipment," by E. A. Harris (May 3, 1960)


RM60TMP19 "Survey of Problems of Soft Lunar Landing," by F. M. Clark (February 19, 1960)


RM60TMP20 "An Estimate of Radio Tracking Accuracy-1965," by L. E. Banghart (March 15, 1960)


RM60TMP23 "Missile Force Requirements for Point Targets of Uncertain Location," by D. H. Taylor (March 29, 1960)


RM60TMP37 "Analytical Concepts and Computing Techniques of Dynamic Provisioning," by A. Otchis (September 1, 1960)


RM60TMP40 "European Community Deterrence," by D. Hekhuis, et al. (November 1960)


RM60TMP43 "On the Threat Posed by Soviet Armed Forces," by N. Precoda (July 1960)


RM60TMP49 "Estimation of Military Support Activity Costs," by H. P. Hatry (August 1960)


RM60TMP52 "Saturn Launch Vehicle Reliability Study" (July 30, 1960)


RM60TMP54 "Changing Patterns of Education in Latin America," by E. L. Harner (August 1960)


RM60TMP56 "The Political Future of the Independent Nations of Africa," by H. P. Goss (August 1, 1960)


RM60TMP63 "The Social Impact of Space Activities," by A. B. Nadel (September 15, 1960)

Box 4

RM60TMP65 "On the Optimum Utilization of Correlated Data by Decision Schemes in Information Channels," by H. W. Grinnell, Jr. (October 1960)


RM60TMP70 "Concepts in Operational Support Research," by R. L. Bovaird, et al. (November 21, 1960)


RM60TMP72 "Science and Technology in Communist China," by J. A. Berberet (December 8, 1960)


RM60TMP76 "The 5.3 and 2.7µ Rotation-Vibration Bands of Nitric Oxide and Their Absorption," by G. Rohringer (October 1960)


RM60TMP77 "Estimating the Theoretical Reliability and Mean Life of Complex Systems," by G. J. Culler, et al. (December 15, 1960)


RM60TMP86 "Two Essays on Deterrence," by A. L. Burns (December 1960)


RM61TMP17 "International Law Aspects of Defending Against Ballistic Missile Submarines," by W. T. Kinsella (March 17, 1961)


RM61TMP25 "A Quasi-Metric on the Partially Ordered Set of Sigma Algebras of a Measure Space," by H. P. Kramer (March 1961)


RM61TMP29 "Selected Biologic Effects of Microwave Radiation," by A. B. Nadel (April 1961)


RM61TMP32 "Three-Dimensional Ray Trace Computer Program for Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Studies," by W. F. Dudziak (May 1, 1961)


RM61TMP33 "Computer Solution of Transient and Quasi-Equilibrium Atmospheric Deionization Equations," by W. F. Dudziak (May 1, 1961)


RM61TMP40 "Extension of Chi-Square as a Nonparametric Method in the Analysis of Experimental Data," by W. F. Dossett (May 1961)


RM61TMP41 "Thermal Conductivity of a Partially Ionized Gas," by D. H. Archer (May 1, 1961)


RM61TMP52 "Computational Methods for Optimization of Multidimensional Nonlinear Processes," by E. L. Peterson, et al. (August 1, 1961)


RM61TMP59 "Our Future Army," by H. O. Paxson (August 1961)


RM61TMP60 "Ion Orbits in Spherical Potential Drop Accelerators," by G. Rohringer(August 1961)


RM61TMP61 "Accelerator Beam Dynamics," by G. Rohringer (August 1961)


RM61TMP66 "A Computer Simulation of the Maintenance and Logistic Fynctions of the FBM Tender," by H. H. Peterson, et al. (September 30, 1961)


RM61TMP67 "Cybernetic Anthropomorphous Machines (CAMs)," by H. S. Aurand, Jr. (September 28, 1961)


RM61TMP68 "Provisioning of SSB(N) Spares for the Polaris FCS," by E. A. Harris, et al. (December 31, 1961)


RM61TMP71 "Blast Wave of Taylor Type in a Central Gravitational Field," by G. M. Schindler (October 5, 1961)


RM61TMP74 "Principles of Ion Optical Trajectory Computations," by G. Rohringer (November 1961)


RM61TMP75 "Dimensions of Decision: Project TEAS," by P. R. Merrifield (December1961)


RM61TMP80 "Naval Supply System Provisioning and Factory Production Scheduling for Polaris Fire Control and Guidance Equipment," by G. W. Summers, et al. (December 30, 1961)


RM61TMP85 "Tactical Warfare Series: A Study of the Tactical Aircraft in Future Conflict," by J. M. Sloan (December 28, 1961)


RM61TMP87 "Guidance Considerations for Low-Thrust Space Vehicles," by E. P. Padgett, Jr., et al. (December 1961)


RM61TMP89 "Information and Control Systems for Theater Warfare," by D. N. Powell (December 1961)


RMP61TMP95 "Future Navy Systems: Introduction to Political-Military Environment of Warfare," by E. J. Foote (December 31, 1961)

Box 5

RM62TMP5 "A Study of Search and Screening with Hydrofoil Vehicles," by W. T. Kinsella, et al. (January 24, 1962)


RM62TMP6 "On an Extension of Taylor's Blast Wave Solution," by G. M. Schindler (February 1962)


RM62TMP7 "Application of Some Economic Concepts to System Operational Availability," by W. J. Howard, et al. (June 1, 1962)


RM62TMP13 "Multiple Trajectory Corrections for ICBM Radio Midcourse Guidance," by W. F. Hamilton (February 1962)


RM62TMP14 "The European Economic Community, the United States, and the World Integration Pattern," by M. W. Weathers (February 1962)


RM62TMP16 "ASW Classification- Phase I," by H. P. Kramer (March 1, 1962)


RM62TMP18 "An Investigation of a Deep-Operating Variable-Depth Sonar (U)," by P. J. McDonough (February 1962)


RM62TMP26 "Provisioning of Polaris Fire Control System Spares at the Tender," by H. H. Peterson (September 20, 1962)


RM62TMP27 "The High Altitude Station," by R. S. Prickett (April 1962)


RM62TMP39 "Introduction to the Economic Theory of System Development in Operational Support," by A. S. Goldman (May 1, 1962)


RM62TMP51 "Mobility: Context, Concepts, and Application to Counter-Gurilla Warfare," by T. J. Rubin, et al. (July 1962)


RM62TMP52 "Preliminary Methods for the Evaluation of the Effects of Spares Allocations on FBM Unreadiness," by W. J. Howard et al. (Sept. 1, 1962)


RM62TMP53 "Preliminary Tables Showing the Effect of Spares Allocations on Polaris FBM System Readiness," by W. J. Howard et al. (June 25, 1962)


RM62TMP55 "The Structure and Operation of Top-Level Military Command," by R. W. Callan, et al. (September 1, 1962)


RM62TMP66 "Defense against a Space Based Laser Weapon Threat," by J. P. Rahilly (October 1, 1962)


RM62TMP70 "Organization Theory: Some Fundamental Parameters," by G. M. Becker (December 1962)


RM62TMP72 "Possible Trends in Sino-Soviet International Relations," by R. C. North (December 1962)


RM62TMP73 "An Institutional Analysis of the Communist Rule in China," by C. Hsüeh (December 1962)


RM62TMP74 "Reorganization of Higher Education in Communist China," by I. C. Y. Hsü (December 1962)


RM62TMP77 "The Economic Impact of the Rise of Communist China," by Y. Wu (December 1962)


RM62TMP78 "The Impact of the Commune on the Chinese Family," by L. J. Huang (December 1962)


RM62TMP79 "Middle School Education as a Tool of Power in Communist China," by E. L. Harper (December 1962)


RM62TMP81 "Japan and Communist China in the Next Decade," by M. B. Jansen (December 1962)


RM62TMP83 "Measuring the Reliability in Cost Analyses (Metrical)," by D. S. Fields, et al. (January 1962)


RM62TMP90 "Communist Ideology in China," by B. Schwartz (December 1962)


RM62TMP91 "Science, Technology, and Peking's Planning Problems," by J. A. Berberet (December 1962)


RM63TMP36 "Quality Assurance for Man-Rating Booster Vehicle System," by R. Ehrlich, et al. (November 1963)


RM64TMP11 "Application and Implementation of Deacon-Type Systems," by F. B. Thompson (October 1964)


RM64TMP12 "Deacon Breadboard Processing," by G. D. Gibbons, et al. (September 1964)


RM64TMP14 "Deacon Breadboard Grammar," by J. A. Craig, et al. (September 1964)


RM64TMP18 "Force Structure Research Methodology," by D. H. Taylor, et al. (February 1964)


RM64TMP50 "Public Opinion and Ballistic Missile Defense," by R. H. McMahan, Jr., et al. (September 30, 1964)


RM64TMP59 "Scanning Light Beam Production and Application," by R. W. Hendrick, Jr. (November 1964)


65TMP93 "Tempo Warfare Environment Studies," by D. W. Lueck (December 1965)


66TMP30 "Social Change in Communist China," by E. L. Harner (February 3, 1966)


66TMP32 "The City as an Information Network," by T. O. Paine (March 22, 1966)


66TMP103 "Hand-Written Character Recognition," by H. P. Kramer, et al. (December 1966)


67TMP53 "Economic Development Through Fewer Births," by S. Enke


67TMP79 "Projected International Patterns," by T. J. Rubin, et al. (September 1967)


67TMP79 "Projected International Patterns," by T. J. Rubin, et al. (September 1967)


67TMP130 "Alternative Future Alignments Open to the Anglo-American Heritage Nations," by H. C. Huglin (January 1967)


68TMP8 "Rapidly Computable Planar Metrics," by H. P. Kramer, et al. (January 1968)


68TMP26 "The Prospects for Chinese Science and Technology," by J. A. Berberet (February 1968)


68TMP80 "The Measurement of the Scientific and Technological Capabilities of Nations," by J. A. Berberet (August 1968)


68TMP88 "Aerospace, Science and Technology, the World, Environment and the Role of the United States," by H. C. Huglin (August 29, 1968)


69TMP30 "Cost-Benefit and Cost-Effectiveness Analyses: A Bibliography of Applications in the Civilian Economy," by N. J. Crum (April 11, 1969)


69TMP34 "Analysis and Forecast of United States National Security- Challenges, Strategic Concepts, and Implications 1970-1985," by W. R. Harpster, et al. (May 1, 1969)


69TMP87 "Planning Social Change," by D. W. Griesinger, et al. (November 1969)


R59TMP200 "A World in Transition" (May 1, 1960)


R60TMP27 "A General Approach to the Numerical Solution of Multi-Dimensional Non-Linear Boundary-Valued Variational Problems," by C. M. Kashmar, et al. (April 15, 1960)



Box 6

TM29 "United States Defense Posture in Central War," by R. C. Raymond (July 15, 1957)


TM35 "The Development Function," by R. L. Bovaird (November 14, 1957)


TM36 "Joint Tactical Communications," by R. L. Bovaird (November 14, 1957)


TM52 "Inquiry into Nuclear Reactor Shielding at Low Temperatures," by J. W. Moyer [1957]


TM65 "Report of 39th Annual Industrial Preparedness Meeting of the American Ordinance Association," by W. T. Kinsella (December 30, 1957)


TM71 "Economic Factors in Arctic Operations," by E. Yates (January 17, 1958)


TM74 "Nuclear Energy- Power and Propulsion," by N. Precoda (January 15, 1958)


TM81 "Logistic Support in Limited War," by N. Precoda (February 14, 1958)


TM83 "Parameters of Radio Communication," by J. E. Hacke, Jr. (January 27, 1958)


TM97 "Isotropic ICBM Swarm Inversion," by A. Gripp [1958]


TM113 "Velocity Requirements for Simple Satellite Orbits," by H. S. Aurand, Jr. [1958]


TM116 "Radar Position and Rate Errors- Transmission Through Plane- Stratified Non-Absorbing Ionized Layer," by R. W. Hendrick, Jr. (November 19, 1958)


TM117 "Satellite Detection, Early Warning, and Threat Prediction," by L. I. Kopeikin (November 20, 1958)


TM118 "Bearing Errors Due to an Ionized Region-Transmission through Spherically-Stratified Non-Absorbing Ionized Layers," by R. W. Hendrick, Jr. (November 28, 1958)


TM119 "Bearing Errors Due to an Ionized Region-Transmission through Spherically-Stratified Non-Absorbing Wedges of Ionization" by R. W. Hendrick, Jr. (November 28, 1958)


TM121 "Navigation and Control of Unmanned Solar System Vehicles," by L. Banghart (December 11, 1958)


TM122 "Thermal Conductivity of a Completely Ionized Gas," by John Lee, Jr. (December 15, 1958)


TM125 "Scientific Uses of Space Probes," by J. Ise, Jr. (January 19, 1959)


TM128 "A Follow-on Provisioning Policy to Maximize the Operational Capabilities of a Missile System," by W. B. Thompson (December 30, 1958)


TM139 "Some Additional Considerations On Satellite Coverage," by L. I. Kopeikin (March 6, 1959)


TM142 "The Reduction of Infrared Emission From a Rocket Exhaust" by R. L. Curtis (March 6, 1959)


TM147 "Preliminary Plan for Space Program," by P. Benson, et al. (April 8, 1959)


TM148 "On Limited War," by N. Precoda (April 10, 1959)


TM155 "The Radiobiological Problems of Manned Space Flight," by A. B. Nadel (June 1, 1959)


TM161 "Sensors, Computers and Actuators," by D. L. Herr (July 10, 1959)


TM163 "Guided Missile Equations and Summary of Computing Circuits for Guided Missile Equations," by D.L. Herr (July 27, 1959)


TM168 "Cost Effectiveness of Alerting Systems," by P.M. Gunther (August 6, 1959)


TM174 "Threat Evaluation and Commitment," by F. Prejean (September 14, 1959)


TM179 "Investigation of a Solid-Propellant Ducted Rocket," by R. L. Curtis (September 30, 1959)


TM180 "Electron Collision Frequency as a Function of Electron Density in the Ambient Atmosphere," by D. H. Archer (October 19, 1959)


TM181 "Electron Density as a Function of Production Rate in the Ambient Atmosphere," by D. H. Archer (October 23, 1959)


TM182 "System Selection Model for a Reconnaissance Satellite," by H. Asher et al. (October 16, 1959)


TM185 "A Method of Determining a Cumulative Average Cost Curve to Fit a Unit Cost Curve That is Non-Linear on Logarithmic Grid," by J. E. Green (October 1959)


TM186 "Dynamic Inventory Model," by E. Mosbaek, et al. (November 16, 1959)


TM187 "On the Timing of Development Expenditures and the Retirement of Military Equipment," by A. S. Manne (September 15, 1959)


TM188 "Hydrofoil- Submersible Sonar Platform Feasibility Study," by A. R. Stalb (October 30, 1959)


TM190 "Space System Power Sources," by A. R. Stalb, Jr. (November 16, 1959)


TM192 "Trip Report," by A. B. Nadel (November 30, 1959)


TM197 "Energy in the Lowest Mode of Earth Vibration and Detection of This Mode," by R. C. Raymond (January 11, 1960)


TM200 "Why Convective Mariculture Won't Feed Asia," by J. Thorson (February 18, 1960)


TM201 "Trip Report on Man-In-Space Problems," by A. B. Nadel (February 22, 1960)


TM203 "A Model Atmosphere to 2000KM," by A. P. Gripp, et al (March 15, 1960)


TM210 "Rise of the Fireball," by G. Rohringer (June 10, 1960)


TM214 "The 5.3 and 2.7µ Rotation-Vibration Bands of Nitric Oxide and Their Absorption," by G. Rohringer (August 1, 1960)


TM215 "Space Vehicle Launch Trajectories," by E. P. Padgett (August 25, 1960)


TM216 "Nuclear Detonator Debris Motion and De-ionization Rates," by R. W. Hendrick, Jr. (September 8, 1960)


TM224 "A Discrete Stochastic Model for Optimal Decision Making Via Dynamic Programming," by F. X. Remond, et al. (April 14, 1961)


TM229 "Selected Cost Factors," by E. Yates (August 10, 1961)


TM232 "An Informational Approach to the Foundations of a General Behavior Theory," by R. M. Lambert (November 22, 1961)


TM234 "Arm Chair Football," by M. C. Forster (January 4, 1962)


TM237 "An Exploration of the Relationship of List Processing Techniques and an Emerging Theory of Information," by R. L. Lambert (January 30, 1962)


TM239 "Some New Patterns in Communist China," by J. A. Berberet (July 30, 1962)


TM243 "Defense Planning and the Use of Analytical Models," by E. J. Mosbaek (November 26, 1962)



Box 7

T. A. Kvaas numerical files, including list at front, and folders with correspondence, memos and reports dealing with issues such as naval strategy, intelligence, and security, mostly from the late 1960s.



Box 7

T-05100 "Intelligence Study of Design Parameters," by Michelet (May 23, 1966)


T-05422 "Chicom Science and Technology" (February 16, 1966)


T-12505 "Optimum Systems Synthesis: A Study in Application of Dynamic Programming to Flight Control Optimization" (July 20, 1962)


T-14401A "A System Integration Engineering Approach to Village Defense as a System" (May 17, 1965)


T-14909 "IR Suppression Study," by R.S. Adderton (Case 1107)


T-17500 "Physical Security for Fixed and Mobile ICBM Systems," Vols. II and IV (January 30, 1967)


T-17500 "Physical Security for Fixed and Mobile ICBM Systems," Vol. IV (January 30, 1967)


T-21404 "Analytical Methods for Measuring Effectiveness of R & D Projects" (June 30, 1961)


T-22104 "Analysis of the Utility of Deep-Diving Submarine Operations: 1970-1980" (June 8, 1962)


T-23409 "Cost and Effectiveness Studies for the Weapons Systems Analysis Office" (September 20, 1963)


T-24311 "Evaluation of Tactical Probes in Limited Warfare," by R. S. Adderton (April 14, 1965)


T-37001 "Intelligence Collection Systems Cost-Effectiveness" (May 12, 1967)


T-42518 "An Effective Command-Staff Communications System" (November 2, 1962)


T-45410 "Village Defense and Terror Avoidance Systems," by T. A. Kvaas (August 25, 1965)


T-52419A "Tempo-Developed Techniques Applicable to SMO" (March 1962)


T-54308 "Evaluation of Jet Engine IR Radiation Suppression Tests," by R. S. Adderton (Case 1245)


T-55509 "IR Threat to V(S) TOL Aircraft in Limited War and Countersurgency," by R. S. Adderton (Case 1323)



Box 8

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Tempo General Electric: Center for Advanced Studies


Tempo Personnel Directory


Tempo Santa Barbara


Tempo: The Technical Military Planning Operation


Tempo Technical Staff


The Total Systems Approach: Long Range Planning & Interdisciplinary Studies


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